Meeting Agenda and ComSocSCV Backgrounder

IEEE Communications Society
Santa Clara Valley (SCV)
Fiber Deployments for Broadband Wired and
Wireless Access
Sponsored by SK Telecom & TI
February 13, 2013
Today’s Program
sponsored by
Thank you, SK Telecom!
Auditorium facilities
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Thank you, TI!
Today’s Program:
Fiber Deployments for Broadband Wired and
Wireless Access
Program Organizer:
Rajeev Krishnamoorthy, Vice Chair
Session Chair:
Rajeev Krishnamoorthy, Vice Chair
6:30 - 7:00pm
7:00 - 7:05pm
7:05 - 7:10pm
7:10 - 7:35pm
7:35 - 8:00pm
8:00 - 8:30pm
8:30 - 8:45pm
Networking session and Refreshments. Enjoy!
Opening Remarks
Session Chair’s Introduction
Talk by Milo Medin, Google
Talk by John Georges, Vodafone
Panel discussion and Q&A
Appreciation and adjournment
Any Job Openings?
Please raise your hand if you have a job
opening or consulting / contract
opportunity… leave biz cards!
Highlights from 2012
Joint ComSoc SCV / CAS Workshop
Sept 29, 2012
Next Generation Circuit & Systems,
Communication & Sensor Technologies in
Mobile Devices
@Santa Clara Univ. campus
Was a huge success! Some slides posted on
Comsoc website
We hope to repeat our workshop’s success in 2013!
Highlights from 2012
IEEE ComSoc SCV recognized as
in North America
@Regional Chapter Chairs Conference (RCCC)
Held in conjunction
Globecom 2012, Anaheim, CA
We hope to repeat our chapter’s success in 2013!
Highlights from 2012
Our chapter is the MOST active Comsoc chapter in NA!
Workshops - Joint workshop with IEEE Circuits and Systems
Industry visits - Deutsche Telekom (DT) T-Labs Briefing
Talks and panel sessions on
- Mobile Patent Wars
- Optical Transport Networks (OTN)
- Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)
- Software Defined Networking (SDN)
- Mobile Backhaul
- Spectrum Sharing and Frequency Reuse
- Linearizing Wireless Broadband Power Amplifiers
- Indoor and Urban Location Determination
- Home energy management
ComSoc SCV Coming Attractions
March 13, 2013 Event
WiFi Interworking with Carrier Networks
Victor Shtrom
Co-founder & Chief Wireless Architect
Ruckus Wireless
Bill McFarland
VP Technology
Qualcomm Atheros
IEEE ComSoc-SCV Chapter
• Promote all aspects of communications &
network technologies- LAN, MAN, WAN
• Education: seminars, lectures, panel
sessions, joint meetings+ tech workshops,
member interaction and networking for
meeting attendees, soft skills workshops
• New technologies, research, markets,
business opportunities, applications,
telecom policy and regulation
• Goal: Empower our members to improve!
2013 Chapter Officers
Sanjay Kasturia, Ph.D
Co-Vice Chair
Sameer Herlekar, Ph.D
Entropic Communications
Co-Vice Chair
Rajeev Krishnamoorthy, Ph.D, Scintera
Secretary/Operations Manager
MP Divakar, Ph.D, Concurrent Analysis
Saurabh Sureka, Ph.D
Wireless Programs Director
Narasimha Chari
CTO, ABB Wireless
Optical Networks
Navid Ghazisaidi, Ph.D, Huawei
Chairman Emeritus
Alan Weissberger, Sc.D
Web Master
Daniel Wong, Ph.D, Singapore
Cellular Infrastructure
Firouz Behnamfar, PhD
Shoba Krishnan, Ph.D, SCU
 Seeking VP of Marketing
 Seeking qualified, capable & committed volunteers
IEEE ComSoc-SCV Milestones in 2012
9 Technical meetings + 1 Workshop + 2
Alliances: TiE-SV, NATEA, SVC Wireless,
SIPA, other non profits
Elevate prospective IEEE Sr. Members
Announce job openings/consulting
Discussion email list (IEEE members)
LinkedIn, FB page, Twitter account
2013 is shaping up to be a great one!
ComSoc-SCV Social Networking
1. ComSocSCV Discussion List: available to all IEEE
members (not just ComSoc members)
-->Subject matter includes meeting previews and
discussions + opinions about relevant telecom and
networking topics of interest to our members
-->Sign up instructions at:
2. ComSocSCV& GCN Facebook (Alan J Weissberger)
3. ComSocSCV LinkedIn Group (MP Divakar)
4. Follow us on Twitter: @ieeecomsocscv
4. Global ComSoc Community web site:
– Blogs on communications technology/ markets
5. Industry tours: Sprint M2M Center, Burlingame, CA
On LinkedIn This Month…
1. 2013 Predictions for the mobile industry from Silicon
Valley VCs: Enterprise Mobility, the IoT, Intel to be
acquired? (Mike Demler)
2. Vint Cerf: Internet competition has "evaporated" since
dial-up (Narasimha Chari)
3. America has plenty of wireless spectrum -- we just need
a new way to allocate it (Narasimha Chari)
4. Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012–
2017 (MP Divakar)
4. White space spectrum: What it is, and what it isn’t... (MP
5. Just published: Trends in Cloud Data Center, Networking
& Mobile Apps- from the Server Design Summit (Alan
We Need Your Help !
• Volunteers Welcome and Appreciated for 2013!
-Organize and chair monthly technical meetings
-Help promote IEEE and participate at SCV ExCom
-Publicity, alliances, refreshments, other logistics
-Participate in monthly planning lunch/dinner meetings
-Recruit corporate sponsors for workshops and seminar
• Participation in Discussion list: All IEEE & TiE
members are eligible to join for free!
• Event Notification list (all welcome to join)
>>>Sign up instructions:
Is IEEE ComSoc (Global) Serving the
Needs of its Community?
Global: conferences, publications, 2 web
sites, GCN, webinars, seminars, email lists
Regional: conferences and meetings
ComSocSCV: technical meetings, web site,
events with Alliance partners, Sprint M2M
tour, socials, FB, LI, Discussion group
What areas of improvement would you
suggest? Standards? Education? R & D?
Strategic Planning? PR/ Market Awareness?
Please Turn Off / Silence
Your Mobile Phone
(The Telco’s already know where you are!)
Thank You!