District 2
VNA’s Government Relations Program
Linda Ault, Commissioner on
Government Relations
James Pickral, Lobbyist
• Provide an overview of the VNA’s
mission/vision and strategic plan as it
relates to government relations
• Describe specific legislative advocacy
efforts from the 2010 General Assembly
• Describe opportunities for nurses to
influence health care policy during the
2010 General Assembly
Promote advocacy and education for
Registered Nurses to advance
professional practice and influence the
delivery of quality healthcare
VNA is the recognized leader and voice
promoting the nursing profession and
collaborating with others to meet the
healthcare needs of all persons in the
Goal #1: Legislative Advocacy
• Enhance recognition of the nursing
• Ensure a positive legislative and
regulatory climate for nursing practice
Policy Examples
Statutes, laws, programs
Reimbursement methodology
Regs/rules (BON)
Judicial decisions
Private sector effort
Choice of a health plan
Policy Change
• Issue fatigue
• Mind set to problem solve
• Takes time to probe underlying
assumptions and values dictating policy
How do we create strategies and
advocate for policy change?
Grass roots
Leading Policy Change
– change can be difficult for all
– this work is highly complex, the time horizon
for success is very long
Health Care Reform
• ANA’s work/VNA’s work
• Roles
• Resources
Public Policy Agenda
• Priorities
• How we determine
• Timeline
Determining Legislative Priorities
(Submitted by VNA or filed by
member of the General Assembly)
Legislation submitted to VNA’s
legislative committee for review.
Legislation reviewed by legislative
Directly lobby members of the General
Assembly in support or opposition.
Testify before committees. Activate
grass- roots network as necessary.
Passive endorsement of, or opposition
to, legislation. No active lobbying.
Voice support or opposition before
committees as deemed appropriate.
Weekly conference calls with VNA to
give updates on legislative efforts.
Weekly legislative reports for
dissemination by VNA.
Final report at the conclusion of
Track progress of legislation through
the process.
Legislative Timeline
• November, December
– Identify and make contact with new members
of the House of Delegates
• January – session begins
• February
– Legislative Day
– Cross-over
– Maintain advocacy as necessary
Legislative Timeline
• March
– General Assembly adjourns
– Planning begins for 2011
• April, May, June, July
– Begin planning PAC giving, fundraisers, and
• August, September, October
– Begin VNA review of legislation
How a Bill Becomes a Law
• Handout
• Nursing shortage
• Education
• Barriers to practice – NP’s
Other Areas
• Not just legislative
• Regulatory and educational efforts as well
Continuing education/Continued
• Nurses are only health profession without
CE requirement
• Being considered by Board of Health
• AARP grant
Impact of Election Results
• What does it mean for nursing?
Any Emerging Issues?
• Mandatory OT?
• BSN in 10?
• NEW issues – not trends and cycles
Twenty dollars a month can buy …
a) 5 Grande Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Lattes
b) Half of a tank of gasoline
c) Membership in the Association that
represents Nursing in the
Commonwealth and a subscription to the
American Nurse Today
Contact Information
Virginia Nurses Association
7113 Three Chopt Road, Suite 204
Richmond, Va. 23226
Executive Director: Susan Motley
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-868-6877

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