Fraternal History
 “Ancient Order of United Workmen” was founded
by John Upchurch, October 27, 1868
 Introduced a Lodge System to provide
opportunities for social interaction, lessons in
brotherhood and upright living, and insurance
protection for members and dependents
Fraternal Benefit Societies were
established by and for people who had
a common bond or background
5 Categories of Common Bonds in
Today’s Fraternal Benefit Societies
Physical Condition
The Common Bond of
Fraternal Benefit Societies
is Defined by Three Elements
Fraternal Purpose
Group Identity
Group Activity
Fraternal Purpose
“There must be a purpose of a fraternal
benefit society directed toward improvement
of lives of members that goes beyond the
mere offering of insurance coverage.”
Fraternal Benefit Societies Today
 Over 90 Fraternal Benefit Societies in the
U.S. and Canada
 70 are members of the American Fraternal
Alliance (AFA)
Fraternal Benefit Societies
 Represent nearly 10.5 million individuals
 Volunteer more than 92.5 million hours of
community service.
 Contribute more than $414 million to charitable
programs supporting community service projects.
NAFIC History
In February of 1937, the Fraternal Field
Managers Section of the National Fraternal
Congress of America created the Fraternal
Insurance Counselor (FIC) course of study.
By the end of that year, 113 agents had
graduated from the course.
NAFIC History
In 1950, the FFMA organized the
National Association of Fraternal
Insurance Counselors. There were four
primary purposes for the NAFIC.
NAFIC Purposes
 To enable members to exchange ideas
pertaining to fraternal field work.
 To promote educational activities for the benefit
of members and other fraternal field workers.
 To cooperate with the FFMA in improving the
Fraternal Sales Training Program.
 To work for the betterment of the Fraternal
NAFIC History
 In 1983, the FFMA introduced an
Advanced Fraternal Sales Designation.
 In 1985 this became known as the
Fraternal Insurance Counsellor
Fellow (FICF) designation.
Member Benefits
“The FIC Perspective”
Free and Discounted Online CE
Virtual Sales Assistant Library
Annual Convention
State Chapter Meetings
Code of Ethics
Member Benefits
 Awards for Recognition of
Production and Quality Service
 Personal Prestige
 Approved MDRT Association
Code of Ethics
Preamble: As a fraternal life underwriter, I
will maintain the utmost professional
standards toward my members and at the
same time maintain a position of trust and
loyalty to my Society.
Mission Statement
Serve Fraternal Insurance Agents
who have achieved the
Fraternal Insurance Counselor designation (FIC)
and the Fraternal Insurance Counselor Fellow
Designation (FICF).
The NAFIC shall promote professionalism
through continuing education;
award the FIC for
Quality Production and Persistency;
help develop, maintain and financially
support state chapters;
Pursue increased membership;
encourage all to live by the
Fraternal Doctrine of belief in God,
family and country,
as well as belief in service to humanity.
 Created in 2012 as a 501(c)3 Charitable
 The Mission of the Foundation predates
its existence through the work of NAFIC
 Organizations that have been supported
 Boys Town which received $18,500 in 2010.
 Childplace Inc. receiving $23,000 in 2011.
 The Playmakers received $21,600 in 2012
 The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism
receive $20,395 in 2013
 The 2014 Charity – The Wounded Warrior
Project - will receive over $22,500

Fraternal Insurance Counsellor Fellow