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Thursday, January 9, 2014
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Ms. Rena Clark
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• Small Business Training Forum, January 17-18, 2014 in
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• NCMA World Congress, July 27-30, 2014 at the Gaylord
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NCMA Pentagon Chapter 2013
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• Feb 13 - Pentagon Chapter Breakfast Webinar “Complexity of Pricing in
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201 12th St. S, Suite 800, Arlington, VA 22202 Cost: $10 CLP: 1.5
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Chapter Officers & Volunteers!
Rena Clark, President
Angela Deren, President-Elect
Ruta Haile, Secretary
Declan Jarry, Secretary-Elect
Marcia Van Camp, Treasurer
Khia Baylor-Davis - Treasurer-Elect
Rita Baker, VP – Membership
Kowanna Parran, VP – Technology
Maureen Soldano, VP – Education
Aaron Giachetti, VP – Communications
James Mitchell, CFCM, CPCM, Fellow, VP – Programs
Keisha Simmons, Grants Chair
Lisa Grant Tillman, Elections Chair
Arron Fowlkes, Awards Chair
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Tonight’s Featured Speaker:
Mr. Mark Gazillo
Acting Director
Washington Headquarters Services
Office of Small Business Programs
Tonight’s Topic:
Advocacy and Small Business
Responsibilities in the Federal
**Earn: 2 CPE / 2 CLP / .2 CEU**
Office of Small Business Programs
Washington Headquarters Services (WHS)
Mr. Mark Gazillo
Acting Director, Office of Small Business Programs
The Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) plays a key role
in planning, organizing and directing the small business program
for Washington Headquarters Services (WHS). The OSBP
Director is responsible for overseeing the Government’s policy to
place a fair proportion of its acquisitions across all small
business categories, and for ensuring that small businesses
subcontractors at all tiers.
The OSBP serves as the advocate for small business while
providing procurement guidance and assistance to WHS
contract specialists in all areas of contracting and the small
business program. The goal is to assist acquisition team
members by recommending the most advantageous contracting
approach that will not only maximize small business participation
but also contribute to making sound judgments and decisions
OSBP Key Areas of Responsibility
Serve as Principal Advisor to the Director of WHS on Small
Principal Advisor to the Head of Contracting Activity (HCA)
on Small Business
Serve as Advisor to WHS Customers on Small Business and
Procurement Planning
Serve as Advisor to WHS Contracting Officers and Contract
Specialists on the Small Business Program, Federal
Regulations, Market Research, and Acquisition Planning
OSBP Key Areas of Responsibility
Provide formal Small Business Coordination and Execution of
Department of Defense DD-Form 2579
Provide Guidance & Assistance in Strategic Market Research
Planning for WHS and WHS Customers
Provide Guidance & Assistance in Tactical Market Research
Planning for all Customer Needs & Requirements
OSBP Key Areas of Responsibility
Conduct Small Business Outreach – Attend & Conduct
Outreach Events, Conferences, Webinars, & Matchmaking Events
Small Business Advocacy - Promote & balance small business
programs that are consistent with both the Small Business Act and
WHS’s Mission
Small Business Counseling – Know and understand small
business capabilities, interests and needs and communicate WHS
requirements to small businesses. Assist small businesses in
understanding the acquisition & procurement process
OSBP Key Areas of Responsibility
Provide Training to Contracting Officers , Contract Specialists
and Customers in Small Business Programs & Regulations
Monitor and Report on Small Business Goals and
Small Business Subcontracting Plan Review and Coordination
OSBP Key Areas of Responsibility
Serve as liaison with Small Business Administration (SBA) &
Other Government Agencies
Small Business Policy/Guidance Development and
DoD Office of Small Business Programs Support
OBSB - Before and After
Procurement Process Overview
Customer determines need
Acquisition planning and market research
 Perform Market Research – Identify potential sources from:
 Previous purchases/acquisitions
 Directories, Internet searches, trade magazines, telephone surveys,
 Publicize Sources Sought; Request for Information if necessary
Requirements identified – Performance Work Statement (PWS) completed
Independent Government Cost Estimate completed & Funding secured
Are Small Businesses capable of performing the work at a fair market price?
 If yes, set-aside requirement for small business
 If no, make available for full & open competition
Prepare solicitation – RFP/RFQ
Receive offers -proposals/quotes
Evaluate offers, Negotiations & Award contract
Contract Administration, Modifications, Completion
Mr. Mark Gazillo
Washington Headquarters Services
Acting Director, Office of Small Business Programs
[email protected]
(703) 545-0542
More than Goals - Delivering Mission Success
through Small Business Solutions

NCMA Pentagon January Dinner Meeting 1.9.14