A statewide newsletter for Citizens of Georgia Power and Company Management
November 2012
State President’s
Annual Meeting – November 10
Ashley Koby
Charter Members Recognized
Wow! I can hardly believe this year is almost over. The
Annual Meeting in Macon this past weekend was awesome!
We had a total attendance of 340 to celebrate our Fiftieth
Anniversary. We would have had many, many more but we
had one state board member, ten chapter presidents, and
fourteen delegates on storm duty in the NE. In addition, we
had delegates who could not attend because they had to
hold down the fort for those who were away. A special
thanks to all of our employees who helped with this massive
effort. And thanks to everyone who took care of things back
We had nineteen past state presidents in attendance and it’s
always good to be around this group of established leaders.
Their dedication and loyalty made the organization what it
is today. It’s not too long before I’ll be an “official” member
of the PSP Club. They sort of let me hang out with them this
year. They even let me in the group picture!
I look forward to supporting Josh Stallings next year as he
leads our efforts. Josh is a very honorable, dedicated and
TALL leader.
Margaret Cagle, Faye Gray, June Hemby, Eugenie Rogers
Four of the five charter members identified during the
year were able to attend and be recognized. These
ladies have been active members of Women/Citizens for
fifty years! Congratulations!
•Margaret Cagle belongs to the Augusta Chapter. She
was a charter member in 1962 in Rome. She served as
State President in 1981/82.
Thanks to Paul Bowers and all of the executives and
•Faye Gray of the Tallulah Falls Chapter is a charter
managers who attended the meeting and continue to support
member of that chapter and active since 1962.
our efforts.
Thanks to this year’s state board with whom it has been an
honor to serve. Most of all, thanks to each of YOU. This is
your organization and I have been honored to represent you
during our celebration of “Lighting Up Lives for Fifty Years.”
Best wishes for a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
•June Hemby of the H L Thomas chapter is a charter
member. She was Waycross Charter President in 1962.
•Eugenie Rogers of the Tifton Chapter has been a
member of that chapter since 1962.
•Jackie Whitehead, also of Tifton, was not able to
attend. She began in Waycross prior to moving to Tifton.
Executive Support Greatly Appreciated
State President Ashley Koby and the State Board thanked
executives who took time from their busy schedules to
attend the business meeting on Saturday morning. Those
•Paul Bowers – President & CEO
•Ronnie Labrato – EVP, CFO and Treasurer
•Anthony Wilson – EVP, Customer Service & Operations
•Mike Anderson – SVP Charitable Giving
•Tom Bishop – SVP General Counsel
•Walter Dukes – SVP Metro Regions
•John Pemberton, SVP Power Generation
•Moanica Caston – Diversity & Inclusion Vice President
•Lenn Chandler – Northeast Region Vice President
•Mike Clanton – Land Vice President
•Truitt Eavenson – East Region Vice President
•Cathy Hill – Coastal Region Vice President
•Gerald Johnson – Customer Service Vice President
•Anne Kaiser – Northwest Region Vice President
•Jacki Lowe – West Region Vice President
•Terri Lupo – South Region Vice President
•Greg Roberts – Pricing & Planning Vice President
•Ron Shipman – Environmental Affairs Vice President
•Thomas Wicker – Central Region Vice President
•James Wynn – Corporate Service Vice President
•Many plant, area and corporate managers who are
chapter sponsors were also in attendance. They were
recognized during the Chapter Relationship Chair reports.
Ashley Koby, Karen Bowers, Paul Bowers
Company Executives
congratulated chapters
on their successful
Mamie K. Taylor
Service Award
The Mamie K. Taylor Service Award is given to recognize
chapter members who best exemplify the ideals of the
organization. The Award is named in honor of Mamie K.
Taylor who was the founder of Women of Georgia Power.
Congratulations to the 2012 winners!
Sidney Johnson
Staci Prickett
Jayson Summers
Brenda Wolfe
Bill Powell
Annabelle Beasley
April Hale
Vickie Adcock
Ryan Walls
Verlon Quessenberry
Gail Ward
Customer Care Center
Farrah Brewster
Charlie Scarbrough
Amy Anderson
Forest Park
Terry Bloodworth
Allison Zafft
General Office
Debbie Blackwell
Tony Chow
H L Thomas
Jon Balkcom
Heart of GA/Macon
Karla Worthy
Rebecca Cason
Jefferson Street
Annetta Fugate
Regina Adkins
Metro South
Tosha Morell
Metro West
Cherrise Benham
Milledgeville/Plant Branch
Jan Womack
North Fulton Area
Jennifer Simon
Northwest Mountain
Jimmy Thompson
Plant Bowen
Drew Blankenship
Plant Hammond
Rachel Scogin
Plant Scherer
Krystal Reeves
Plant Vogtle
Cecilia Dykes
Plant Wansley
George Walker
Plant Yates
Dempsey Long
Bob Clark
Ryan Poole
Savannah Generation
Angela Noles
South Cobb
Kay Farner
Gail Johnson
Tallulah Falls
Barry Brookshire
Carla Cole
Mike Thomas
Tiffany Thomas
Pat Taylor
Diedra Sims
Relay For Life
Presented By
Executive Vice
Anthony Wilson
This year we had 42 teams, 1120 participants, and raised
First Place
Plant Bowen
Second Place
Customer Care
Third Place
Plant Scherer
Fourth Place
Fifth Place
CARES Awards Presented
Membership Awards
State First Vice President Josh Stallings recognized the
State Second Vice President Krista Pierce recognized the
top three chapters with the largest increase in service
top three chapters with the largest increase in membership
hours reported over the previous year. The winners were: since last year. She also recognized the largest chapters.
Largest Chapters
Customer Care Center
General Office
Metro South
Forest Park
Increase in Membership
First Place - $300 - Cartersville
First Place – Plant Hammond
Second Place - $200 – Plant Hatch
Second Place – Gainesville
Third Place - $100 – Plant Hammond
Third Place –
Plant Scherer
Two Chapters – Forest Park and Metro South
were recognized for having posted over 5000 hours!
CARES goal for this year is 70,000
As of October 31, we had posted 65,448
Remember to post hours through the
end of the year. Help us meet our goal!
Total Number of Paid Members Oct. 31
Some of the General Office Hosts
This year our teams at 13 locations raised
First Place
Plant Hammond
Second Place
Plant Wansley
Milledgeville/Plant Branch
Third Place
Plant Bowen
Host Chapters were General Office,
Heart of Georgia/Macon,
Milledgeville/Plant Branch,
Delegates from the
Heart of GA/Macon Host Chapter
Central Region Vice President Thomas Wicker
issued the official welcome.
(Front row, left to right) Mary Norris, Cheryl Davis, Josh Stallings, Krista Pierce, Allison Dickson
(Middle) Peggy Grubb, Leah Burch, Zann Hayes, Daundra Fletcher, Amy Anderson, Lisa Stone, Edie Scales, Sherri King,
Rachel Bailey (Back) Gerardo Morales, Ashley Koby, Todd McCawley, Chris D’Andrea, Shane Ammons
2013 State Board
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Recording Secretary
Corresponding Secretary
Assistant Treasurer
Chapter Relationship I
Chapter Relationship II
Chapter Relationship III
Chapter Relationship IV
Educational Loan Fund
Electric Kids
Family House
Leadership Development
Special Events
Special Projects
State Coordinator
Past State President
Jason Manley,
Division Manager of
Mississippi Power,
installed the 2013
State Officers
Past State Presidents Gloria Mize and Peggy Grubb
assisted with the installation using a “movie” theme for
2013.Here State 2nd V.P. Cheryl Davis is dressed up as a
talent scout (looking for members!)
State Presidents In Attendance For Fiftieth Anniversary
Seated (left to right): Mary Ann Beckham, Lucy Harris, Ashley Koby, Delores Lindsey, Margaret Cagle, Carolyn Wynens
Standing (left to right): Suellen Waddell, Bill Maddox, Angela Gillis, Gloria Mize, Donice Wood, Jason Manley,
Zann Hayes, Margaret Logan, Frances McClung, Angie Barnette, Anne Dodson, Eva Suggs,
Peggy Grubb, Mamie Mobley
Past State Presidents’ Friday Night
On Friday night, the
past state presidents
got together for
dinner “on their own”.
A great time was
had by all.
Special thanks to the State Office for their hard work on a
successful meeting. (left to right) Zann Hayes, Peggy
Grubb, Edie Scales, Sherri King
The State Board took
an opportunity to
thank Robert Purcell
of the H L Thomas
Chapter for his work
at the Family House.
Robert and Wanda Purcell
(left to right)
Mary Ann Beckham
Peggy Grubb
Margaret Cagle
(left to right)
Angela Gillis
Peggy Grubb
Margaret Logan
More Scenes From Annual Meeting
Rome Chapter Raises $3677 for
Shrine Club’s Transportation Program
Plant Vogtle Chapter Supports
United Way With Fundraising
The 6TH Annual PowerSHOT Sporting Clays Tournament
of the Rome Chapter to benefit the Rome Shrine Clubs
Past Presidents Transportation Program was a success
and raised $3677! This will help fund the gas and other
expenses needed to transport needy children for medical
care. Bob Clark chaired the project.
Christine Johnson of the Plant Vogtle Chapter presented
Sonya Hughey, units 3 & 4 Human Resources, a check
for $2065 for United Way. The money was raised from a
chili cook-off, selling hot dogs, sausage dogs and Chickfil-A biscuits and sandwiches.
Clayton Chapter
Ten members of the Clayton Chapter manned the
Habersham Central High School concession stand for their
Homecoming game on Friday October 12. Shown left to
right: Sharon Goodson, Flint McCullough, Brent Edwards,
Mike Van Winkle and Tommy Jordan
South Cobb Chapter Donates $2500
To Educational Loan Fund
Milledgeville/Plant Branch
The Milledgeville/Plant Branch chapter presented a
$500 check to Putnam County Middle School to assist
them with various projects. PCMS assists with the
“Get Into Energy” camps conducted by Plant Branch
which are held in June for rising 8th graders. Pictured
left to right are Alicia Meadows, Jan Womack, CGP
officers, Susan Usry, Principal and Fanicia Harris,
Assistant Principal.
Northwest Mountain Chapter
The new South Cobb Chapter and their
sponsor Tony Tramonte, Plant McDonough
Manager, secured a $2500 donation to the
Educational Loan Fund from site rental for
a movie. In lieu of rental, Mr. Tramonte
requested a donation to ELF. Thanks to him
and the chapter for thinking of our charity.
Tallulah Falls Chapter
Supports North Georgia Hydro’s
Annual Barbecue
Members of the Tallulah Falls Chapter volunteered 191 hours
working on preparation and the actual event on October 20.
Members conducted games, assembled goodie bags, cooked
and handled clean-up for the annual event. Below are the
comments from the plant manager:
“I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude
to all the members of the Tallulah Falls Chapter, Citizens of
Georgia Power, for their valuable contribution to our annual
BBQ. Your participation and assistance was instrumental
in making this the best event in my memory. The spirit of
cooperation and genuine caring were the fuel that ignited
all of our employees to participate. You are all truly
“Citizens Wherever You Serve” and we are all better for
your efforts. The employees of North Georgia Hydro thank
you and I thank you!”
Barry Brookshire, Plant Manager
Members of the Northwest Mountain Chapter spent
two weekends volunteering at the Annual Apple
Festival in Ellijay. The attendance this year was
around 60,000. The chapter distributed 4,000 CFL’s
along with Energy Efficiency literature.
General Office – Chili Cook-Off
Plant Bowen’s
CAN Hunger Drive
For the October meeting, the General Office Chapter held the
First Annual Chili Cook-Off at Corporate Headquarters on
October 24. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day, and over 130
employees enjoyed the event held outside in the pavilion.
There were twelve entries. Judges for the event were:
Mike Anderson, Sr. Vice President, Charitable Giving
Moanica Caston, Diversity & Inclusion Vice President
Mike Clanton, Land Vice President
The admission ticket entitled you to a varsity hotdog, tasting
of as many chilies as you liked, chips, cookie, and drink. All
proceeds will be donated to the Lighthouse Retreat which
provides summer beach outings for children with cancer and
their families. Past State President Angela Gillis (Ms. Red
Hot Chili Pepper) served as the Mistress of Ceremonies.
Plant Bowen kicked off their
CAN Hunger Drive on Oct. 31.
The drive will last through
Nov. 16. On the first day, they
collected $700 in cash along
with a large box of canned
“The CAN”
North Fulton Area Chapter
Mike Clanton judges
People’s Choice Award was
won by John Frost – shown
with Angela
Third Place Winner
Zac Williams
First Place
Jennifer Swann-Moody
with Angela
As part of the World Hunger Month, the North Fulton
Area Chapter collected over 130 lbs of food to help
CAN HUNGER! Brian Kenady and William Canady
delivered a barrel of supplies to the North Fulton
Community Charities in Roswell and Chris D'Andrea
delivered a box full of supplies to the Community
Assistance Center in Sandy Springs. North Fulton
Community Charities is a leader in North Fulton
offering assistance to over 5,000 families annually.
The Community Assistance Center responds to
requests for emergency assistance from neighbors in
need and provides assistance to individuals and
families in the North Fulton area. Both charities were
very pleased and thankful for the generosity shown by
the North Fulton Area Chapter!
Gwinnett Chapter Collects 2194
Pounds of Food as they work to
“CAN” Hunger
28 volunteers from the Gwinnett Chapter worked a total of
86 hours to collect 2194 pounds of food for their donation to
Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry, a food co-op which
serves the Lawrenceville and Dacula areas. Four events
were held by the chapter, two food drives at the Kroger at
River Exchange, employee food drives at the Duluth and
Lawrenceville offices, and a Can Hunger service project held
in conjunction with the October 16 membership meeting.
The Lawrenceville Co-Op is very appreciative of Georgia
Power’s support and donations.
Plant Hatch Chapter Supports the
Shriners’ Hospital for Children
Milledgeville/Plant Branch Chapter
Supports Plant Branch for the
Renew Our Rivers Project
Members of the Milledgeville/Plant Branch Chapter
joined Plant Branch employees for the Renew Our
Rivers project on October 17. The chapter purchased
and provided T-shirts for all participants and the local
Ambassadors chapter cooked lunch. The group also
had participation from middle school students of John
Milledge Academy. There were 125 volunteers.
Heart of GA/Macon Collected
2821 Lbs. for CAN Hunger
The Heart of Ga/Macon Chapter coordinated a
friendly competition among departments which will
benefit the local food bank by collecting 2821 pounds
of canned food (some shown below).
Tonia Williams of the Plant Hatch Chapter presents a
check for $2500 from the chapter’s matching funds to
Potentate Mike Stanley for the Shriners’ Hospital for