Urban AG Academy 2012
Julius T. Moody USDA Agricultural Program Liaison
Lincoln University of Jefferson City, Missouri
Student Recruitment, Outreach
Research Assistance & Cultural
USDA/1890 National Scholars Program
USDA Office Advocacy & Outreach
USDA/1890 National Scholars Program
– The program was established in 1992.
– It is a partnership initiative between USDA and the 1890
Land-Grant Universities to award four year scholarships
to students to study agriculture, food, or natural
resource sciences and related majors at one of the
eighteen 1890 universities.
USDA/1890 National Scholars Program
The eighteen 1890 Historically Black Land-Grant
Universities are as follows:
Alabama A&M University
Alcorn State University, Mississippi
Delaware State University
Florida A&M University
Fort Valley State University, Georgia
Kentucky State University
Langston University, Oklahoma
 Lincoln University, Missouri
North Carolina A&T State University
Prairie View A&M University, Texas
South Carolina State University
Southern University, Louisiana
Tennessee State University
Tuskegee University, Alabama
University of Arkansas Pine Bluff
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Virginia State University
West Virginia State University
Lincoln University
Academic Programs
- Animal Science
- Plant & Soil Science
- Natural Resources (Wildlife Damage Mgmt.)
 Agribusiness
 Environmental Science
Lincoln University
Cooperative Extension
Animal Science – Small Ruminant
Small Farm Program
Youth and Family Programs
Community Development
USDA Most Selected Majors
Snapshot of Majors of USDA/1890 National Scholars (1993-2011)
No. of Students
Computer Science/ Technology
Engineering (Ag, Civil, Computer)
Ag Business Management
Ag Economics
Biology/ Biological Sciences
Animal Science/ Pre-Vet
Plant/Soil Science/ Plant
Nutrition/ Food Science/ Dietetics
Agriculture/ Ag Science
Environmental Science
USDA Most Selected Majors
Snapshot of Majors of USDA/1890 National Scholars (1993-2011)
No. of Students
Natural Resource Management
Agricultural Education
Fish and Wildlife
Wildlife Management
Total number of students*
•Does not include students who
resigned or were terminated from the
Explore Outreach Opportunities
 Liaison to small limited resource farmers for
needed research to effectively provide
technology transfer in the area of small –
scale alternative agriculture.
 Work closely with USDA agencies and
university with capacity building grants
Liaison with Groups & Individuals
Lincoln Univ. hosts conferences & Ag
Discovery Program at university farm
Lincoln Univ. hosts 2012 MO Minority
Farm conference at Carver Farm
Activity: LU Program Liaison Coordinated LU Winter 2012 MO Minority Farmers
Outcome/Impact: On March 2 – 3, 2012, Mr. Julius T. Moody, USDA 1890 Program
Liaison, coordinated LU winter 2012 MO Minority Farmers conference. The objective of
the conference was to assure that minority and socially disadvantaged farmers have
opportunities to successfully acquire, own, operate, and retain farms and equitably
participate in USDA programs. Many of the participating farmers agreed to a follow up
meeting to form a cooperative program. One of the objectives is to join southern farmers
with northern farmers via commerce in supplying fresh vegetables. The cooperative has
been organized by Reverend Dr. Al Sampson. Reverend Sampson stated that
collaborating with Wal-Mart is not an option.
Approximate Minority & Small LTD Resource Farmers in attendance - 60 farmers.
USDA/1890 Scholars assisted with the registration, planning and logistics for the event.
Final Budget –We provided room for the participants at the Jefferson City, MO Capitol
Plaza Hotel. We reimbursed the farmers for conference travel mileage at $.37/mile.
According to LU accounting we spent $19,025.00
Lincoln Univ. hosts 2012 MO Minority
Farm conference follow up meeting
Lincoln Univ. hosts 2012 MO Minority
Farm conference follow up urban projects
Julius Moody
AgrAbility Success story on KCUR Radio...
Julius….the farmer you referred to us that lives on the Missouri side of the state but works on
the KS side, is now receiving services from the Kansas AgrAbility Project. Please see
message below from Keri Ebert, KS AgrAbility Project as well as check on the podcast
regarding your farmer!
Take care and best regards.
Karen Funkenbusch University of Missouri-Extension 1.800.995.8503
This link is to a radio piece about Joe Jennings, who owns the farm where John Drew works. Their work is
inspiring. I think we may end up with 3 AgrAbility customers Thanks for the referral. Based on the initial site assessment, we've got our work cut out for us, but there is
a tremendous opportunity to help some awesome people.
Joe Jennings' J-14 Enterprises Inc.
Reuben Fields – Des Moines/Altoona area : ongoing project with Easter Seals.
Visit this link for the full story: http://publicbroadcasting.net/kcur/news/content/1103862.html
Outreach Healthy Initiative Tailgating
Tailgating Food Swaps
 Nachos for Grilled or Fresh Vegetables: Pop
for Bottled Water:
 Pork Bratwurst for Turkey Brats: It’s a
difference of 450 calories and 37 grams of fat for
the pork, versus 160 calories and 9 grams of fat
for the turkey.
 Burgers for Chicken Sandwiches: a 6 oz. angus
beef patty yields 500 calories and 43 grams of fat,
whereas a 6 oz. grilled chicken breast yields 281
calories at 6 grams of fat.
LU MANRRS Outreach Spring Football
Camp Healthy Initiative Tail gating
LU MANRRS Community Service Projects
Joplin Tornado Clean-Up
Minority Landowners Magazine
Winner 2011
Kyria Virshelle - St. Louis, Missouri
From Beauty Queen to Garden Guru, Kyria Virshelle (former Miss Black USA), established
the St. Louis based Hip-Hop Health Initiative. The program serves as an educational
initiative assisting at-risk youth and their families to adopt healthy lifestyles. Keeping in
harmony with First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" health initiative, she broke
ground on 4 of 26 Let’s Move LOTS of Food, including the reestablishment of an
abandoned historic orchard on the city’s north side. This garden initiative is designed to
revitalize negative vacant lots into positive urban garden sources and landscapes, where
community residents can have direct access to nutrient rich foods to further promote
healthier diets. The underutilized urban land now serves as learning laboratories of
agriculture and productive mini farmers markets that provide residents with their own
fresh, organically grown fruits, vegetables and herbs that they have planted, cultivated
and harvested.
Selected by Lincoln University Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related
Sciences, Cachetta Potts, President - Jefferson City, Missouri
Minority Landowners Magazine
Winner 2011
Minority Landowners Magazine
Nominations 2012
Aquaculture Projects - Prawns
& Striped Bass
GWC Heirloom Seed Saving Bank
Rev. Al Sampson
Lincoln U MANRRS Regional Chapter
of the year 2012
Hi Julius,
I think your chapter improved tremendously from last year. Although you did not place in the top three, you
were among the top five finalists. We usually hold on announcing the Regional Winners til the
Conference to add to the surprise, however, you chapter is the regional winner.
I have attached a copy of your scores. You and your chapter should feel validated. There was a lot of
stiff competition this year, especially with chapters that have a history with entering the contest and
winning it.
Ebony Y. Webber
Chief Officer of Operations/
Program Chair
MANRRS National Office
c/o USDA Forest Service
1720 Peachtree Road, NW, Suite 776S
Atlanta, GA 30309
Ofc: (404) 347-2975
Fax: (404) 892-9405
E-mail: [email protected]
2012 Morrill Act
Sesquicentennial Ceremony
Felena Cooley LU
2012 Morrill Act
Sesquicentennial Ceremony
End of Presentation
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Lincoln University – Jefferson City MO