Iván - R Basics Workshop

R basics workshop
J. Sebastián Tello
Iván Jiménez
Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development
Missouri Botanical Garden
We: instructors and TA
J. Sebastián Tello
Missouri Botanical Garden – Assistant Scientist
Iván Jiménez
Missouri Botanical Garden – Associate Scientist
John Hodge
University of Missouri, St. Louis – Graduate
You: Participants
Eli Baskir - Saint Louis Zoo - Research Technician
Rachel Becknell - University of Missouri – St. Louis, REU student
Natalie Breakfield - NewLeaf Symbiotics – Senior Research Scientist
Victoria Brown - Kennerly - Webster University – Assistant Professor
Monica Carlsen - University of Missouri – St. Louis – PostDoc
Sharina Carter - Washington University – Post-bachelor, part-time student
Amy Clippinger - Washington University – Graduate Student
Nicolás Correa-Pascuas - University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras – REU student
Rachel DiDonato Tinsley - NewLeaf Symbiotics – Researcher
Benjamin Durrington - Hillsdale College – REU student
Kerstin Edberg - Saint Louis University – Graduate Student
Cassandra Kitchen - Saint Louis University – REU student
Heritiana Ranarivelo - University of Missouri – St. Louis – Graduate Student
Carol Iskiwitch - Washington University – Research Assistant
Katryna M. Kibler - Antioch University new England - Graduate Student
Jason Knouft - Saint Louis University - Associate Professor
Camile Lugarini - University of Missouri – St. Louis - Graduate student
Richard Mayden - Saint Louis University – Professor
Qian Nie - Saint Louis University – Graduate Student
You: Participants
Rosa del C. Ortiz - Missouri Botanical Garden – Researcher
Anni Poetzl - Arizona State University – REU student
Jill Preston - University of Vermont - Assistant Professor
Chelsea Pretz - Harris-Stowe State University – REU student
Mary Lai Preuss - Webster University - Assistant Professor
Robert E. Ricklefs – University of Missouri – St. Louis – Curators' Professor of Biology
Renée Rioux - NewLeaf Symbiotics - Senior Research Scientist
Megan Ruffley - Miami University – REU student
Kristina Sakers - Washington University - Graduate Student
Chris Shaffer - Washington University - Instructor
Craig Smith - Washington University - Biology Lecturer
Joel Swift - University of Central Missouri – REU student
Dilys Vela - Washington University – Graduate Student
Daniel Warren - Saint Louis University - Assistant Professor
Richard Zander - Missouri Botanical Garden - Research Associate
Xingguo Zheng - Washington University - Graduate Student
• To teach the basic knowledge necessary to use
R independently, thus helping participants
initiate their own process of learning the
specific tools needed for their research.
• 3 days, 2 sessions each day: 8:00 am to noon
and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
• Limited Wifi access (if any…), no internet cable
• Website: http://rbasicsworkshop.weebly.com/
General contents
Day 1
1. Introduction – Iván
2. Functions and arguments – Sebastián
3. Objects – Sebastián
4. Opening and saving files – Sebastián
Day 2
5. Data generation – Iván
6. Operators – Iván
7. Manipulating data and objects in R – Iván
8. Graphics in R – Iván
Day 3
9. Flow control – loops and conditionals – Sebastián
10. Vectorization – Sebastián
11. Writing your own functions – Iván
1. Introduction
What is R?
R is a language and environment for statistical
computing and graphics. Environment = planned and
coherent system of flexible tools (“An Introduction to
R” by R Core Team).
R can be used for: data manipulation, data analysis,
creating graphs, designing and running computer
R is extended by thousands of packages described in
CRAN Task Views at: http://cran.wustl.edu/
How to get R
• From www.r-project.org. R is a GNU project.
Three windows in R
Exersice 1: a first session in R
• Objective: experiencing R
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