Fundraising Options - Burnaby Central Secondary School

Fundraising Options
Desserts & More
Make 20-30% on orders
Great idea around holidays
Phone 778-895-8558
[email protected]
Boston Pizza
• Operation Education and Celebrity
Server Events
• Sign up for Operation Education and
anytime a family, student, or staff eat at
the Boston Pizza you are signed up with
during the school year, we earn 10%
back at the end of the school year.
• Celebrity Server Events donate a portion
of the event sales back to the school
with the students/staff/parents helping as
servers for that event.
Flying Wedge Pizza
Contact for Options:
[email protected]
Purdy’s: Bars, Lollipops, & Catalogue
Contact Purdy’s Fundraising Team:
[email protected]
Free shipping to most areas in BC and Alberta
Minimum order of $475 (no minimum for Christmas
Catalogue programs)
Giants Hockey Group Ticket Nights
Minimum Ticket order: 100 tickets;
additional tickets are sold in blocks of 50.
Tickets are sold to school for $11. You
charge $15 - $17 per ticket (must charge
a minimum of $15)
Purchase tickets well in advance of your
group date to allow time to sell tickets.
Contact Alexis Demmery at 604-718-7479
to order tickets. No refunds on tickets!
Kibooco: Create Custom T-shirts & More
 PAC signs up for a Kibooco account
and you receive a link to your
fundraiser page
 Students design custom T-shirts and
Notebooks for
 $5 for each T-shirt and $4 for a
notebook go to the PAC
 Direct home shipping and payment
made directly per order to Kibooco so
PAC doesn’t have any administration
St. John Ambulance: First Aid/Emergency
St. John Ambulance offers the sale of first aid
and emergency kits of all kinds via their Safety
360 catalogue.
Over 25% of profits go to the group/organization
Visit to submit a
Request Form for more information
Heather Allen is the Burnaby Branch Manager:
604-294-1980; [email protected]
Trans-Continental Textile Recycling
Schedule the Clothing Drive
Advertise the event using their turnkey kit
Collect the clothes
Paid on a scaled weight, on a per pound basis. The more
you collect the more you earn. Examples: collected
pounds 7,848/earned $1,826; collected 4,343/earned $955
Cheques are issued within 24 hours of a Monday-Friday
collection date
Contact: Jim Maedel at 604-351-1309 or
[email protected]
Canadian Diabetes Clothing in a Bag
Team up with the Canadian Diabetes
Association and your money’s in the bag!!
The Canadian Diabetes Association is a Not For-Profit organization
that helps Canadian diabetics through charitable donations.
The Canadian Diabetes Association would like to introduce you to
fun and easy way to raise funds for your school AND help the
Diabetes Association at the same time.
Our “Money In the Bag” program, is a simple. Gather clothing from
your closet and from friends or family, and we will not only come
and pick it up, but we will pay you for them! You not only raise
money for your school, team or organization, you will be helping
Canadian Diabetes Association to fund programs, treatments and
ultimately a cure!
To learn more about this quick, easy and fun way to raise money for
your team, school or organization please contact me
at 604-468-4745 ext. 222 or toll free at 1-800-505-5525 from
anywhere in British Columbia.
1-150 BAGS = $2 PER BAG
151-300 = $2.50 PER BAG
301+ = $3.00 PER BAG
SaveAround Fundraising Coupon Book
The coupon book sells for $25
The school earns 50% profit for every book sold ($12.50)
Books are sold on consignment, so no money upfront.
You pay only for what you sell and return unsold books
Joan Belgrave Stewart
[email protected]
Metrozen Performance Wellness
Contact Fayme: [email protected]/
By Donation Class
Yoga Party
Student Event
the parents / students could enjoy
a class (we suggest a Hatha or
Flow so the class would be
accessible to all) and make what
ever size donation they feel good
length of event is fairly flexible, 75
minutes+ is a good time frame to
consider. The 'party' could include
healthy snacks and drinks, and a
sampling or two of different types of
classes we offer at MetroZen.
Yoga Marathon event - the
student body would need to be
involved to work with Zen Services
to design or decide the yoga
classes that would be included.
MetroZen does have a fixed cost to
provide the party which would need
to be paid for by the PAC, the cost is
dependent upon the options chosen
for food/drink, time length, and how
many yoga samples are included.
When it comes right down to it,
the nature of the fundraiser can
really be up to you (the PAC) - we
can put together many different
options based on what interests
- there is a minor fixed cost to this
option for the infrastructure that
goes along with providing a class
(i.e. the instructor) which we
would ask to be covered by the
Other Ideas
Pub Nights with silent auction and 50/50 tickets
Carnival or Casino Night
Haunted House
Movie Theatre Rental (ticket proceeds go to school;
note ticket prices have to cover cost of rental plus
profit desired)
Merchandise sales; such as keep-a-coins, books,
bracelets, flowers, manure, etc.
PAC Secretary is a Resource