Tau Beta Sigma Membership Education

Tau Beta Sigma
Membership Education
Spring 2011
Upsilon Class
Session 3
Today’s Outline
National History
Theta Xi History
The Podium
The National Shrine
TBS History
1937 – Wava Banes discusses
formation of a National Band
1939 – Texas Tech University
women found a local
organization “Tau Beta Sigma”
World War II
TBS History
1943 – Tech girls petition
Grand Council of KKY to
become a part of National
Revision of Fraternity’s
Constitution impossible under
wartime conditions
Suggested to incorporate as its
own national organization
TBS History
1945 – Problems encountered
with Texas State corporation
Executive Secretary of KKY
invited to help
Fewer obstacles in the State of
TBS History
Jan 1946 - Women of Texas Tech
surrender plans to Oklahoma State
March 26, 1946 – charter granted to Tau
Beta Sigma
1947 – Voted to accept TBS as “sister
organization” KKY Fraternity
1953 1st Piece (Ballet for Band) premiere
1969 1st Outstanding Service to Music
Award presented to Barbara Buehlman
TBS History
1969- National Shrine Established
1971 – Silver Anniversary of TBS
celebrated at National Convention
(concert march commissioned)
1970s – women first allowed to
participate in bands at Iowa State
1977 – TBS becomes coed; formed
debts of the sorority eliminated
1980s – policy on hazing
TBS History
1991 – KKY and TBS:
Stillwater Station
purchased to serve as
National Headquarters
1995 – 50th anniversary of
TBS celebrated
Wava Banes
Born 1920 – Cleveland, Oklahoma
Graduated with a Bachelor’s
Degree - Texas Tech major in
Band Music
1940 – Texas - First teaching
opportunity – vocal music, band,
track, and basketball
1941 – Married H. Jack Turner, Jr. a
charter member of Alpha
Omicron KKY chapter
Wava Banes
Also worked as a band director, and in a
music store
Married Reese Henry in 1981.
1971 attended National Convention
Attended each National Convention
Moved to Midway, Utah in 1997
Wava Banes
“Wava plans to be active in
Tau Beta Sigma until she joins
the Great Sorority in the Sky!!
Through the years, Wava has
enjoyed rafting, camping,
skiing, golfing, traveling and
other fun activities.”
The National Shrine
May 10, 1969 9, a monument recognizing the founding of
Tau Beta Sigma at Texas Tech University was unveiled
adjacent to the front steps of the Music Building on the
Texas Tech campus in Lubbock, Texas.
Theta Xi History
TO: Tau Beta Sigma National Council,
Board of Trustees, Midwest District
Counselor and Officers
FROM: David E. Solomon, Executive Director
RE: Chapter Installation
DATE: March 21, 1994
It is my pleasure to inform you that the colony at Iowa State
University was installed on March 19, 1994, by Gretchen Buchen,
National Vice‐President for Colonization and Membership, as
the Theta Xi Chapter, number 206, of Tau Beta Sigma.
Theta Xi History
Established: March 19, 1994
Colonized: November 1992
Advising Chapter: University of Kansas
Founding Members: of Theta Xi
Anne Arthur, Amy Stipe, Mark Doak,
Eileen Taylor, Marci Heins, Jennifer
Webster, and Nikki Sosalla
Founding Sponsor: Roger Cichy
Theta Xi History
Sponsoring Chapter: Kansas University, Zeta
Colonization Process: Colonization is the
expansion of the Sorority to colleges and
universities across the country that do not
currently have chapters of Tau Beta Sigma.
Sometimes colonization takes place on a
campus that has never been affiliated with the
Sorority. The colonization period is a
probationary time during which at least (5)
dedicated band students work together to
obtain active chapter status. This group is
referred to as a colony.
Theta Xi History
Herbert was found just in time for the April ‘99 District
Convention that was held at Iowa State. Herbert was found
by LeAnna Heath in an airport gift shop.
The Podium
Official publication of KKY and TBS
Published twice a year
Since 1947, grown to “the show-window of the college band
Reaches 8,000 subscribers
The Podium
TBS Links
The Affirmation
The Affirmation Recording
Guide to Membership Education
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