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Trip Report Summary
• The purpose of this presentation is to provide you with an outline for
constructing a report that you can use for informing management
and your colleagues about your experience of and the benefits of
attending the 2013 Out & Equal Workplace Summit. It contains
metrics about Summit participants and information about speakers
and content.
• The outline also suggests areas of participation that you might want
to highlight, where applicable. You should feel free to use and adapt
this report as needed for your company/organization.
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About Out & Equal
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization
headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. Out & Equal champions safe and equitable
workplaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. The organization
advocates building and strengthening successful organizations that value all employees,
customers and communities. For additional information, visit
Mission Statement
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates educates and empowers organizations, human
resources professionals, employee resource groups and individual employees through
programs and services that result in equitable policies, opportunities, practices, and
benefits in the workplace regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or
Workplace Summit
The purpose of the Summit is to bring together LGBT employees, allies, human
resources and diversity professionals, employee resource group leaders, executives and
organizational leaders, and others who are working toward creating safe and equitable
work environments for all.
The Summit was supported by 98 Sponsors including presenting sponsors; Thomson
Reuters, The Walt Disney Company and IBM.
Total Attendance at Summit: 2232!
Sexual Orientation
Gender Identity
Responded: 76.51%
Gay: 37.08%
Lesbian: 13.01%
Bisexual: 3.02%
Heterosexual: 18.23%
Asexual: 0.09%
Responded: 79.16%
Female: 29.48%
Male: 44.46%
Transgender/Transsexual: 1.26%
Gender Non-Conforming: 0.68%
Other: 0.50%
States Represented: 41
Countries Represented: 27
Responded: 77.27%
African American: 4.95%
Native American, American Indian, First Nation: 0.14%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 3.65%
Latino/Latina, Hispanic: 8.87%
Multi Ethnic: 2.39%
Annual Income
White: 56.62%
Greater than 200K: 6.21%
Other: 1.71%
150-199K: 4.46%
100-149K: 14.63%
65-99K: 16.79%
Less than 64K: 9.32%
Rather Not Say: 43.20%
Companies with the Largest Summit Attendee
Presence by number of attendees:
Percentage of
total attendance
Wells Fargo
Bank Of America
Ernst & Young
Thomson Reuters
Higher Education
Percentage of
total attendees
The Summit provided a number of benefits for [your company]
employees, including:
Significant Visibility for [your company] to other leading corporations—
including key business partners—and their LGBT employees
An opportunity to showcase our commitment to and leadership in LGBT
inclusion as an employer and service and/or products provider of choice
A variety of learning and professional development experiences to advance
diversity inclusion and employee leadership skills
The Summit’s three plenary sessions featured keynote speakers, whose
discussions were complemented by featured panels and workshops populated
by executives and leaders taking on the latest workplace issues and trends.
On Monday, October 28, 2013, 6 full-day leadership seminars provided a more
intense learning opportunity for participants.
Additionally, industry leaders and experts offered information on priority topics
during the 12 Featured Panels and 6 Global Series Sessions, spread over the
4-day conference. Our Newcomer’s Orientation was attended by 270 people!
Our company/organization was represented during these programs by…
[highlight if you or a colleague was featured on stage, on a featured panel or
facilitating a seminar. Similarly, note here if your organization sponsored a
plenary session or featured panel.]
Each of the 100 workshops offered insights into lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and ally issues in today’s ever-changing workplace environment.
Workshops were designated as introductory, intermediate, or advanced and
were targeted toward HR/Diversity professionals, Executives/Management,
ERG leadership, or the general audience.
Different workshop tracks allowed attendees to focus on specific topics,
including: Allies, Policy & Benefits, Global Perspectives, Beyond LGBT
Diversity, Personal & Professional Development, Strategic Planning, Coaching
& Mentoring, Organizational Excellence, Case Studies, Diversity & Community,
and Changing Workplace Climates.
[Representatives from our company/organization attended XX different
workshops on topics ranging from ABCDEF to UVWXYZ.]
2013 Summit App
This year, we were excited to unveil details of
our official Summit App developed by us in
association with one of our presenting
sponsors, Thomson Reuters.
The App ensured that Summit attendees could
easily plan their schedule and navigate the
Minneapolis Convention Center that much
more simply.
The App was powered by Thomson Reuters'
Convene software and we thank Thomson
Reuters for working with us to make this free
service available to attendees.
[If you created your own Summit Schedule
using the App, consider sharing this with your
Outie Awards
The Summit is also the venue for the prominent Out & Equal Workplace Awards,
known as “the Outies,” recognizing individuals and organizations that are leaders in
advancing equality for LGBT employees in workplaces around the world.
The 2013 Outie Award Winners
LGBT ERG of the Year: Target’s LGBTA Business Council and
Lockheed Martin’s PRIDE
Regional Affiliate of the Year: Seattle
Workplace Excellence Award: The Dow Chemical Company
Selisse Berry Leadership Award: Kevin Jones
Champion Award: Cathy Bessant (Bank of America)
2013 Out & Equal
Workplace Summit
Programming Highlights
Selisse Berry
Founder & CEO,
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates
"I'm so grateful for the opportunity to come together every
year to be inspired to continue this important work toward full
equality... together!"
"Until every executive office and cubicle and factory floor
around the world has true equality and inclusion... we still
have work to do."
Selisse Berry is Founder & CEO of Out & Equal Workplace
Advocates. Under her leadership, the organization has grown
significantly with expansion of the annual Workplace Summit
and the expansion of programs and global initiatives.
Selisse is a frequent speaker on workplace equality and has
spoken across the United States and also abroad. Selisse is
the editor of Out & Equal at Work: From Closet to Corner
Office, Out & Equal’s new anthology celebrating executive
trailblazers who have transformed the workplace for LGBT
people. Selisse and her wife, Cynthia Martin, were married in
July 2007, and legally married in 2008.
Robert Hanson
CEO, American Eagle Outfitters
Robert Hanson is currently the Chief Executive Officer of
American Eagle Outfitters, effective January 30, 2012.
He was appointed Global Brand President for Levi Strauss
in 2010, and was a member of the company’s worldwide
leadership team, which sets the company’s global strategic
direction. He was previously the president of Levi Strauss
North America since 2008. In this capacity, he was
responsible for leading the company’s businesses in the
United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.
Janet Mock
Writer and Activist
Janet Mock is a writer, activist and the founder of the
#Girlslikeus project. Her memoir, Redefining Realness: My
Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More, will
be published in 2014 by Atria Books/Simon & Schuster.
While working as an editor at, Janet opened
up about her life as a young trans woman in Marie Claire in
2011, which sparked her work as an activist who uses
media to expand our idea of womanhood and hold the
LGBT movement accountable to all trans and queer folk,
specifically those from low-income and/or people of color
Elaine Kaplan
Acting Director, Office of Personnel Management
Elaine Kaplan is Acting Director of the Office of Personnel
Management (OPM). She began her legal career in the
Solicitor’s Office of the U.S. Department of Labor and most
recently she served as Senior Deputy General Counsel for
the National Treasury Employees Union.
In 1998, Kaplan was appointed by President Bill Clinton to
serve as the head of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.
Kaplan will soon be moving on from OPM as she was
nominated by President Obama and recently confirmed by
the Senate to be a U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge.
Tabatha Coffey
Television Personality, Hairstylist
An Australian hairstylist, salon owner, and television
personality, Tabatha first appeared in front of US audiences
as a contestant on the reality television show Shear
Genius. She was subsequently given her own television
show, Tabatha Takes Over, which airs on the US cable
television network Bravo.
Drawing on her years of hands-on experience, Tabatha
now travels the country for her show as she helps
struggling business owners turn around their lives and
businesses. An out lesbian, she proves that her
professional instincts transcend the realm of beauty.
Kathy Najimy
Actress and Entertainer
Kathy Najimy is known for her memorable performances in
over 25 films and several TV projects. She recently filmed
a Tyler Perry project and was seen in The Guilt Trip with
Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. Najimy debuts in 2013
on the entire last season of The Big C as Laura Linney’s
character’s therapist. For TV she voiced “Peggy Hill” (14
seasons) on the Emmy Award-winning Fox hit King of the
Hill, for which she received an Annie and 2 WIN Awards.
Kate Clinton
Kate Clinton is a faith-based, tax-paying, America-loving
political humorist and family entertainer who still believes
that humor gets us through peacetime, wartime and
scoundrel time. This year she celebrates her 30th
Anniversary of performance. Kate brings her new show
The GLEE Party nationwide. This year her 9th comedy
collection Lady HAHA has been released.
Thelma Houston
R&B Artist
After 45 years of performing, 23 albums and a Grammy,
music legend and icon Ms. Thelma Houston continues to
celebrate her long and outstanding career and shows no
signs of slowing down!
With Motown Records, Thelma claimed the top of the Pop,
R&B and Dance charts with her high-powered rendition of
"Don't Leave Me This Way". That Gold Record classic gave
Thelma the distinction of being the first solo female artist at
Motown to win the Grammy Award for "Best R&B Female
Vocal Performance."
Steve Grand
Songwriter, Recording Artist
Steve Grand has been writing music since the age of
eleven, and dreaming about recording and performing for
as long as he can remember. Yet, only recently, did he
decide that he was “ready” to take his shot at building a
career as an artist.
The release of his first original song and music video, “AllAmerican Boy” on YouTube on July 2, 2013, was an
overnight success, accumulating more than 1.5 million
views in the first two weeks!
One Voice Mixed Chorus
This choir unites gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people
and straight allies in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul
to build community by raising their voices in song.
Songwriter and recording artist Caleb released his first
album, "Caleb" on January 29, 2013, highlighted by an
appearance on the FOX morning show and a feature article
in Newsday, New York.
Maud Hixson Jazz Quartet
Maud Hixson is a singer of classic jazz and popular
songs of the 20th century, based in St. Paul, Minnesota.
She became a full-time musician after being presented
as “Best New Voice” at the KBEM Winter Jazz Fest in
Minneapolis in 2003, and now works with a variety of
Featured Sessions
The Post-DOMA Era: The Great News for Companies and Employees!
Moderator: Elizabeth Birch, Elizabeth Birch Company
Panelists: Kirsten E MacPherson, Boeing; Jeffrey Gorczynski, Citi; Steve Wasik, Aon Hewitt.
Since 1996, progressive companies have tried to mitigate the impact of
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in search of benefits equality for LGBT
families. The Supreme Court took the first steps to end DOMA but new
challenges now face LGBT employees and companies. Our panel looked at
the impact DOMA has had, what companies have been doing, what changes
are on the horizon and what the next steps are.
Featured Sessions
LGBT Equality Intersects with Corporate Public Policy Aims:
When Interests Converge
Moderator: Bob Witeck, Witeck Communications
Panelists: Diego Sanchez, PFLAG; Michael Wascom, American Airlines; TJ Maloney, Marriott.
A decade ago, corporations remained mostly silent on LGBT public policy.
Community leaders and LGBT policy experts brought litigation and legislation
on issues in the economic sphere, the marketplace and the workplace. Today,
business executives and lobbyists recognize their interests match or parallel
those of LGBT advocates on key issues. This timely discussion shared the
views, experience, best practices and pitfalls/challenges of public affairs
Featured Sessions
The A to Z on Bisexuality: Bi Experts Speak Out
Moderator: Robyn Ochs Panelists: Heidi Bruins Green, Ellyn Ruthstrom,
Denise Penn, Faith Cheltenham, Lauren B Beach.
This workshop showcased luminaries of the bisexual community. Facilitated
by Robyn Ochs, editor of Getting Bi and acclaimed international expert on bi
topics, this was a conversation about the state of the bisexual movement and
the influences on it from the workplace and popular culture.
Featured Sessions
Coming Out in Prime Time: Seeing Through the Transgender Lens
Panelists: Zoey Tur, Jamison Green
For many, the personal journey of identifying as transgender is series of
"coming out" moments. It starts with yourself, then your families/friends and
finally, on the job. Zoey Tur shared her story, as she revealed in June 2013
her decision to live openly as a transgender female with gender identity
disorder (GID). Formerly Bob Tur, one of LA's most famous helicopter
reporters, Zoey talked about her journey and decision to share her life in the
public eye.
Featured Sessions
The Importance of Allies to LGBT Inclusive Workplaces –
Sponsored by HP
Moderator: Joanne Sprague, Friend Factor, Re-Founder and CEO
Panelists: Amy Hanneman, HP; Tammy Mangum, Bank of America; Mike
Fanning, MassMutual.
The progress on LGBT-inclusive policies and practices in the workplace over
the past decade has been remarkable. The successes that we have seen
have only been possible thanks to the support of allies to the lesbian, gay,
bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. This panel - of allies and
LGBT leaders - explored how enlisting the support of allies remains a vital
strategy to LGBT workplace equality.
Featured Sessions
Uncovering Talent
Moderator: Christie Smith, Managing Director for the Deloitte University
Leadership Center for Inclusion.
Many decades after the formal inclusion of women and minorities in the
workplace, second-generation barriers to full inclusion endure. NYU School of
Law Professor, Kenji Yoshino, and Deloitte University Leadership Center for
Inclusion Managing Principal, Christie Smith, Deloitte LLP, have co-authored
a white paper, "Uncovering Talent," that offers a new approach to achieving
inclusion. The authors focused on the issue of "covering" - the process
through which individuals downplay their differences, often at great cost to
their sense of self, to be included the workplace.
Featured Sessions
Discovering Strength in our Diversity:
Voices of Latino/Latina/Hispanic LGBT/Allies
Moderator: Ana Duarte McCarthy, Citi.
Panelists: Michael Lopez, Alcoa.
Diversity initiatives have provided the space for employees and
Employee/Business Resource Groups to come together and develop
innovation and creativity for the workplace. Our panel talked about the
experience of Latino/a and Hispanic employees who identify as LGBT or
allies and the other issues, concerns, cultural barriers and strengths that
these employees bring to the workplace.
Featured Sessions
Paving the Intersection of LGBT and Disability Issues
Moderators: Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown Consulting; Tari Hartman Squire,
EINSOF Communications.
Panelists: Deb Dagit, Geri Jewell, Kathy Martinez, Betsy Dixon.
Deb Dagit opened the session framing the issues around disability in the
workplace. Our panel of experts created more than a strategy for D&I. They
explored differences such as there being less traction in
establishing/engaging disability ERGs compared to LGBT ERGs. They
explored common issues as “ambassadors” of corporate, public and
entertainment sectors who self-identify as both LGBT and persons with
disabilities. Issues include self-disclosure; passing; power & pride; naming,
framing /claiming differences; bringing your whole self to work; leveraging
privilege; hierarchy of identification and marginalization, creating distance
between groups for the sake of social change, self and collective identity.
Featured Sessions
Breaking Ground: LGBT Religiosity and Bias in the Workplace
Moderator: Mark Fowler, Tanenbaum Center for Inter-religious
Panelists: Deborah Dagit, Deb Dagit Diversity; Karyn Likerman, Citi; Melvin
Rosado, Merck & Co.
Workplaces around the globe are familiar with the conflicts that typically arise
between religious and LGBT identities in the workplace. The assumption is
that the religious employee and the LGBT employees are inherently different,
and that conflict is inevitable. This panel of experts unpacked this
assumption, and presented findings from two separate ground-breaking
studies to illustrate that issues of religion, sexual orientation, gender identity
and experiences of religious bias and conflict in the workplace are far more
Featured Sessions
Deciphering the Rules for Taxation of Benefits for Same-Sex
Moderator: Brian Silva, Marriage Equality USA. Panelists: Todd Soloman,
Brian Tiemann (McDermott Will & Emery).
LGBT individuals on average pay over $1,000 in annual federal income taxes
on benefits for same-sex spouses/partners - taxes that same-sex spouses in
certain states and unmarried same-sex partners may continue to pay even
after the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA. This workshop provided a
practical overview of complex federal/state tax laws that require this unequal
treatment to illustrate how the taxable amount of benefit coverage is
calculated and whether benefits are taxable in the state where you
Featured Sessions
A Dream Not Yet Realized: ENDA Passage
Moderator: Mara Keisling (NCTE)
Panelists: Deena Fidas (HRC) Patsy Doerr (Thomson Reuters) Ian
Thompson(ACLU) and Pat Baillie (Out & Equal)
There are still no federal protections for LGBT employees. The panel
highlighted what you can do to move LGBT workplace equality from a dream
to a reality.
Featured Sessions
It Starts at the Top: Successful Executive Sponsors
Moderator: Kevin Jones
Panelists: Howard Ungerleider, Executive Vice President – Advanced
Materials, The Dow Chemical Company; Jim Wilkinson, Executive Vice
President – Communications PepsiCo; Matt O’Grady, Executive Vice
President – Local Media, Nielsen.
The role of an Executive Sponsor is critical to the success of an
Employee/Business Resource Group. As Sponsor, they can leverage their
personal brand, relationships, and resources to enhance the visibility and
credibility of the ERG/BRG. They act as a business mentor and champion
that translates into both the opportunity – and the responsibility – to learn,
support, and make a true difference. In their role, they encourage people to
focus on how to engage others and improve communication, enhance the
members’ leadership qualities and develop partnerships while helping to
overcome barriers. This panel included the perspective of executive and HR
sponsors for corporate LGBT ERG/BRGs, and shared their experiences as to
what makes the role of executive sponsor successful and rewarding.
Global Series
Sponsored by IBM
Power of LGBT in the Growth Markets
Panelists: Silvy Vluggen and Tony Tenicela (IBM).
Implementing culturally sensitive LGBT programs in the world's fastest growing
economies can be challenging for multinational corporations. In many growth markets,
barriers, such as a penal code criminalizing gay relationships and non-supportive
legislation, are unfortunately still a reality today. Long recognized as the global leader
for implementing LGBT programs and policies, IBM is committed to providing a safe,
open and inclusive working environment for its over 440,000 employees worldwide.
This workshop presented best practices and lessons learned on how IBM has
addressed the LGBT community from a workplace and marketplace perspective in key
growth markets, such as China, India, ASEAN, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
Global Series
Sponsored by IBM
Virtual ERGs - Connect Your Global Membership Using Social Media
Panelists: Cariad Eccleston, Gustavo Casals, Hussein Sadiq, Tiffany Cochran (All
Thomson Reuters).
With ERG members spread across locations around the world, how do you keep
everyone connected and engaged? Global ERG leaders from Thomson Reuters Pride
at Work held an informative discussion about creating a virtual network. Real-world
examples were presented from LGBT professionals in the United States, United
Kingdom, India, Japan, The Philippines and Argentina about the importance of
connecting and supporting colleagues through social media. The workshop also
included an analysis of Thomson Reuters best practices and practical steps you can
take to grow a virtual ERG to improve employee engagement, grow membership,
cultivate diverse perspectives and ideas and encourage culture change around the
Global Series
Sponsored by IBM
Global Firms, Global Needs: Trends and Opportunities for the LGBT Community
Panelists: Nathanial Pelczar and Keith Reams (Deloitte).
This presentation discussed the unique needs of global services companies, and
associated trends, opportunities, and challenges that impact LGBT employees.
Immigration, and immigration policies' impact on the LGBT community and the
companies that hire LGBT community members, were discussed. The evolution of
policies that impact the LGBT community, and hiring practices of large organizations
were also discussed. This interactive presentation, which included audience
participation by way of polls and open-ended questions posed to the audience, drew
on the overseas workplace experiences of the presenters and enlightened the
audience about policies that impact them and their ability to work abroad.
Global Series
Sponsored by IBM
Exploring LGBT Opportunities in India
Panelists: Amanda Yik, Senior Programme Manager, Community Business; Tony
Tenicela, IBM.
Despite growing awareness in India of the link between diversity and enhanced
business performance, sexual orientation and gender identity has largely been
overlooked. Considered a subject not appropriate in the workplace and shrouded in
taboo/stigma, companies - local and international, have steered away from including
LGBT on their corporate diversity agenda. Change is happening (with legislation and a
more visible LGBT community) - all across Asia, Leading companies are part of
achieving greater acceptance, equality and creating a safe/open environment for their
LGBT employees. Based on research and partnerships, Community Business shared
key LGBT issues in India. On this panel were corporate representatives from pioneers
in India's LGBT inclusion.
Global Series
Sponsored by IBM
Starting Over: A World View as a Refugee
Panelists: Neil Grungras, Tiela Chalmers (Both Organization for Refuge, Asylum &
Imagine living in a country where by law, you could be killed or sent to jail just for being
LGBT. How would you be able to find and keep a job and take care of your family? For
many, they leave their homes and start over. NGO's such as the Organization Refugee
Asylum and Migration (ORAM) work within this paradox of persecution-where secrecy
is crucial for safety, but protection requires revealing identity. ORAM influences
institutional changes that help create a more responsive climate and humane policies
for refugees on their complex path to safety. The panel discussed the global issues for
LGBT and discussed how corporately and individually we can work for change.
Global Series
Sponsored by IBM
From Russia, With or Without Love
Moderator: Sean Livingston, Vice-President, Client Advisor JP Morgan Chase.
Panelists: Michael Guest, Senior Advisor, Council for Global Equality | Former US
Ambassador to Romania; Innokenty Grekov, Program Associate, Human Rights First;
Mary Garrity, Director - Technology Alliances, IBM.
Russia’s new law, which bans the promotion of any “nontraditional” sexual activity, has
caused a global discussion on sexual orientation and gender identity. The 2014 Sochi
Winter Olympics in a few months warns LGBT athletes, coaches and spectators that
they will not be welcome if they are “out” at the Olympics. Russia reports that they
don’t ban homosexuality and the law would not apply to visitors but it is unclear how
the law will be applied. What is the situation in Russia and what should we know?
What has been the response in the media to the new law and businesses around the
issues and the Olympics? What should sponsors consider? Our panel looked at the
options and issues and shared their insights.
Special Session
An evening with Robbie Kaplan
We held a special session in which LGBT
pioneer and attorney Roberta “Robbie”
Kaplan shared her insights on the DOMA
ruling by the United States Supreme Court
and how this will affect LGBT employees.
Robbie, who represented Edith “Edie”
Windsor in this landmark case, also
addressed questions from the audience.
Roundtable Sessions
Our Roundtable discussions with presenter(s) are listed:
• Agriculture Sector Panel – Bill Hendrix, Dow/Gerrit Segers, Monsanto
• Allies – Joanne Sprague, Friend Factor
• Bisexual – Heidi Green, Advisory Council
• Disability – EIN SOF Tari Hartman Squire/Geri Jewell
• ERG/BRG - Erik Kudrna
• Faith – Terry Hildebrandt/Jean-Marie Navetta
• Global – Tony Talbot, Out & Equal
• Government – Gautam Raghavan, The White House, Public Engagement
• People of Color – Kirsten Macpherson/Robbie Gregg, Advisory Council
• Regional Affiliate – Andrea Shorter, Out & Equal
• Research – Pat Baillie, Out & Equal
• Transgender – Michelle Smith/Deb Drew, Advisory Council
Programs Summary
Workshops total: The Summit included 100 workshops, including a film screening,
6 global series panels, and 12 featured panels.
Note: Out & Equal will have the final information for HR Continuing Education
Credit from HRCI by Friday, Nov 8 – with the list of courses and details being
posted on our website, contact Pat Baillie for the event code for your reports.
And watch out for virtual summit starting in January 2014 with some of the highest
rated workshops being brought to you via webinar!
Leadership Seminars: 6 Leadership Seminars were held on Monday
Presenters: There were a total of 316 presenters at this year’s
Out & Equal Workplace Summit
Exhibitors: A total of 86 exhibitors were on display in the Exhibit Hall
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