Anja Leefeldt - University of Delaware

Anja Leefeldt, Instructor, Dietetic Internship Program – BHAN
LaVonne Sumler, Sponsored Programs Assistant – PT
Elaine Young, Office Coordinator – PT
Ellen Wruble, Director, DPT Program (eff. 1/16/2011) – PT
Carol Breeze, Professional/Laboratory Coordinator – MEDT
Jillian Trabulsi, Assistant Professor, Medical Nutrition – BHAN
Debbie Hrivnak, Staff Assistant, UG/Grad Clinical Coordination - NUR
Susan Ruggiero, Assistant, Nurse Managed Health Center - NUR
Lalitha Kambhamettu, Nurse Managed Health Center - NUR
Carine Sakr, Nurse Managed Health Center - NUR
Suzanne Milbourne, The Children’s Study - NUR
An undergraduate scholarship has
been established in honor of Keith
Handling, long-time athletics trainer
and associate professor in the
Department of Kinesiology and
Applied Physiology.
Programs In Development:
Concentration in Pre-Medical Studies within the
Health Behavior Science major
Interdisciplinary PhD in Biomedical Sciences
Buz Swanik received the
Distinguished Alumnus Award
from his alma mater, the
University of Pittsburgh’s School
of Health and Rehabilitation
Minor in Public Health
has been launched.
Established summer 2010
as a collaboration
between CHS and School
of Urban Affairs and Public
Carlton Brown received an Award of
Excellence for his book, A Guide to
Oncology Symptom Management, in the
22nd annual APEX Awards for Publication
Excellence, sponsored by Writing That
Works. As President of the Oncology
Nursing Society, he also presented
testimony to the FDA regarding opioid
risk evaluation and mitigation strategy
(REMS) on July 23, 2010. He was also
designated one of the top 10 most
influential nursing professors on a blog
called “Mister Medicine.”
Bethany Hall-Long was the recipient of the
“State Award for Nurse Practitioner Advocate”
during the American Academy of Nurse
Practitioners’ annual conference in June.
The UD-CHOP site of the National Children’s
Study received additional NIH funding (one of
30 sites in USA) for Formative Studies with
teenage mothers and nonresidential fathers.
HANDLS data is available for those interested at:
BIOMS Program Among Top Doctoral Programs in U.S.
•Assessment carried out by National
Research Council, takes into account ~ 20
variables, from faculty productivity to
graduate placement.
•Measures based on data from 5,000
programs at 212 universities, spanning 62
•Program won high scores for research
activity based on average number of
publications by faculty, average number of
citations of those publications, percent of
faculty with grants, and faculty awards.
Mary Ann McLane named
“Alumni of the Year” for
Neumann University to be
recognized at their
Homecoming on October 16.
Nurse Managed Health Center launched
• Allen Prettyman and staff have seen
over 60 clients.
• More than ten UD departments have
contracted for NHMC occupational
health services which include respiratory
physicals and screening exams,
phlebotomy/lab work, spirometry, EKG,
vision screening, Dept of Transportation
exams, and acute injury treatment.
• Evelyn Hayes, Dr. Lalitha Kambhamettu
and Dr. Carine Sakr complete the
healthcare team.
• Located on UD campus in collaboration
with Christiana Care Health System.
Nancy Getchell received a UD
Global Partnership Award to
develop a relationship between
the University of Otago School of
Physical Education in New
Zealand and Departments of
Undergraduate nursing students secured 5 of 54 positions
in the nurse extern program at the Children’s Hospital of
Philadelphia. Of the 600 applicants to this program, UD
accounted for the most students hired from one
institution. Two of these individuals were the speakers
during their graduation ceremony.
Janice Selekman received the “Delaware Excellence in Nursing
Practice” Award for the category of Nurse Educator.
Erlinda Wheeler was a finalist in the same category.
Virtua Health, Inc. (a four-hospital system in
New Jersey) is a new Medical Technology affiliate.
Carolee Polek will receive “The
Pennsylvania State University Shirley
Novosel Award for Outstanding Nursing
Alumni” during a November 1st
ceremony at Penn State. She was also
nominated, interviewed and selected to
be a Stakeholder for the American
Cancer Society, Extramural Grants
Section, for a 2 year term. She is one of
39 individuals to be selected in the U.S.
Canine partners help kids with autism
spectrum disorder step up the pace
• Collaboration between faculty in
Department of Behavioral Health and
Nutrition (Iva Obrusnikova and Janice
Bibik) and School of Education (Al Cavalier)
• Partnership with community organization
PAWS for People
• Supported by seed funding from University
of Delaware Research Foundation
• Aimed at collecting preliminary data to
serve as basis for NIH proposal
Additional Updates:
• Nursing’s MSN program (NP, CNS, HSAD) is booming with 61
admissions to the various MSN programs this fall.
• Medical Technology is completing its self-study for
reaccreditation by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical
Laboratory Sciences.
• Martha Callahan (PT) was promoted to Sr. Administrative
• PT retirements effective 12/31/2010: Paul Mettler & Irene
Slobodan Jaric was awarded two grants:
2010-2012 – Evaluation of novel tests of
neuromuscular function (R21AR06065).
NIH-NIAMS, $420,750
2010-2011 – Brian Gain Program (Support
of higher education in developing
countries), World University Service,
Austrian Center, $9,500
• Amy Cowperthwait (NUR), Tara Manal (PT), Laura Schmitt (PT) and Allan
Carlsen (Theatre) received $5,000 from the Marmot Foundation to
springboard the Standardized Patient Program.
• Theatre students serve as standardized patients for nursing and PT
• Enables students to learn how to manage the unexpected without
compromising standard of care required with actual patients
Michelle Parent awarded
$95,000 from Fraunhofer USA
Center for Molecular
Biotechnology for a collaborative
project investigating a novel
vaccine against Yersinia pestis.
Paula Klemm, Erlinda Wheeler and the SON received
$36,608 in HRSA Nurse Traineeship Monies to
support Masters students.
Diabetes Study
• Raelene Maser (MEDT) and Dr. James Lenhard
• Evaluating effectiveness of new treatment for nerve
dysfunction, or diabetic neuropathy
• Research is being conducted at Diabetes and
Metabolic Research Center in Christiana Care
Research Institute
• Supported by Delaware INBRE grant P20 RR01647210, sponsored by National Center for Research
Resources, National Institutes of Health
UD and Nemours partner on
bone disorder study
• Researchers: Chris Modlesky
(KAAP), Michael Bober M.D.
• Funded by Osteogenesis
Imperfecta Foundation
• Two-year study exploring the use
of an FDA-approved vibration
platform to build bone in children
with OI
Judy Herrman received $10,000 from
the AAUW Community Action Grants
to provide a program called "Safe
Dates for Young Mothers," a dating
violence prevention curriculum for
teens who are pregnant or
parenting. She also conducted focus
groups with women involved in the
"Healthy Beginnings" program at
CCHS--presenting findings to the
multidisciplinary teams associated
with women's health.
Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff was the recipient of University of
Delaware International Research Award for the project,
“Merging Delaware and Italian Chronic Care Research”
($3000) and the first Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic
Foundation Distinguished Scholar in Nursing Award for
outstanding achievement in improving the lives of people
living with Parkinson’s disease ($1,000). Her regional
research was featured in UDaily.
Kathy Riley-Lawless and Diane Rudolphi organized the first
School of Nursing Welcome Back Social and Activities Fair on
August 18th.
Geared toward freshmen, the event also included faculty and
upperclassmen who manned booths representing
ROTC/Armed Forces, Christian Nursing Fellowship, Lori's
Hands, Student Nurses Organization, and Beta Xi Chapter of
Sigma Theta Tau International, Men in Nursing organization
and the Minority Student Nurses Association.
UD joins consortium focused on geriatric health
• UD now a member of Eastern
Pennsylvania-Delaware Geriatric
Education Center (EPaD GEC).
• Enabled by $250,000 grant from U.S.
Department of Health and Human
• Established in 2005, consortium works
collaboratively with community
organizations and agencies to offer
interprofessional education and
training to enhance healthcare for the