The Dogs of Bark Avenue
By Cache Lubanski
Meet Idgie
Idgie is a very sweet, loving,
obedient, and gentle dog. She
always enjoys going on walks,
and getting a good head scratch.
She’ll shake for a treat any
chance she gets. She walks very
well on a leash, and is always
happy to meet new dogs. Idgie is
a wonderful customer greeter
when she’s out in the lobby, and
she is very patient with everyone,
even when the puppies try and
lick her face.
Meet Freda
Freda is a sweet, loving, loyal, and
playful girl. She loves being in the
playroom with the other dogs. She can
make friends with just about anyone!
Freda is very charming; she has
mastered the art of the puppy dog face.
There is no doubt that Freda absolutely
loves going on walks, and she usually
walks very well on a leash. But she’s
still learning that even though she’s
excited, she doesn’t have to pull when
she see’s new dogs. Freda can win her
way into anyone's heart! Its hard to
imagine Bark Avenue with out her..
Meet Ella
Ella is a sweet, and slobbery gentle
giant. She loves getting a good
scratch or playing a game of fetch.
Even though she’s big, Ella is
gentle with dogs big and small!
She loves to go on walks and
stretch her legs with her sister Zoe.
Sometimes she forgets that she
isn’t a small lap dog, so you may
find her trying to lean on you every
once in a while. Ella may be a little
shy at first but once you give her a
nice scratch on the back she’ll stay
by your side forever!
Meet Zoe
Zoe is a sweet, calm
Great Dane. She loves
treats, and walks. Meeting
new people is her favorite
thing on the walks with
her sister. She isn’t always
too fond of the puppies
that try and give her lots
of kisses, but a scratch on
the head will always make
it up to her.
Meet Henry
Henry is a playful, energetic and
outgoing dog. He is the “Top Dog”
in the pack, and I think he knows it!
Henry loves to be the center of
attention so he can entertain the
others. His favorite trick is jumping
over the gate before a walk. He
loves going on walks to get rid of
his energy, plus he likes smelling all
the trees too. Henry walks well on a
leash, and is still learning that dogs
outside Bark Avenue can still be his
friends too. He is just a funny,
goofy, and charismatic dog.
Meet Sydney
Loving, sweet, and funny, Sydney is
shy at first but once she warms up to
you, she’ll never leave your side. She
loves playing ball, and having a treat
before her walk. Sydney always
enjoys going on walks, and is
beginning to understand that she
doesn’t have to bark at the dogs that
walk past. I love seeing how much
progress she has made since she first
arrived at Bark Avenue! Sydney is a
wonderful, and goofy dog, and she’s a
great pack member!
Meet Millie
Millie is energetic, playful, and
outgoing. She loves to play with
her puppy friends all day. Her
favorite game to play is fetch.
Sometimes she can be a little
troublemaker, but she really just
loves having fun! Millie likes
going on walks, but mostly
because she gets to meet new
dogs. She will always sit for a
treat, and she will thank you in
Meet Ginger
Sweet, loving, loyal, and goofy.
Ginger is a very outgoing
puppy. She loves to give kisses,
and run around in the playroom.
Fetch is her favorite game.
Ginger is always playful and
keeps all the dogs energized. A
good belly scratch is her
weakness. She always loves
going on walks mostly because
she gets lots compliments on her
cute puppy face!
Meet Tiki
Crazy! You always know when
Tiki and his sister Stormy are in
the building! But behind all of the
barks is a sweet dog. He absolutely
loves playing fetch, he would do it
all day if he could. He likes going
on walks with his sister. Despite
his craziness, Tiki and Stormy
always walks well on a leash, and
they’re always up for meeting new
dogs. And just like the others, he’ll
never say no to a treat! Tiki and his
sister are truly a dynamic duo.
Meet Stormy
Just like Tiki, Stormy is a crazy
dog! But underneath she is a
very loving girl. She loves to
just hang out with all the other
dogs in the playroom. Stormy
loves being with her brother on
walks. Sometimes Tiki and
Stormy are so occupied with
each other that they don’t even
notice the other dogs that walk
by them. But all together
Stormy is a sweet, and crazy
Meet Hobbs
Hobbs is a fun, loving, and
adorable puppy. He always
likes to make people happy, and
play games with the others. He
loves fetch, and just hanging
out with all the dogs. Hobbs
enjoys his walks, and loves
meeting new people with their
dogs. Give him a nice head
scratch and you’ll become his
new best friend!
Meet Sammy
Sweet, brave, and shy. But
don’t doubt her, she is a big
dog in a small body and she
isn’t afraid to keep some of
the big dogs in line. She loves
going on walks with Leo, she
even shares her treats with
him. Sammy will show you
that even though she’s small,
she can keep up with the big
Meet Leo
Leo is cute, sweet, and
charismatic. He loves to go on
walks with his sister Sammy. He’s
always happy to greet new people,
and their dogs. His under bite
might just be his most adorable
feature. Leo likes to play ball
every now and again, but mostly
he loves to prance around the
playroom with his head held high.
And when it’s time for his walk,
he will never forget to grab a treat
on the way out.
Meet Maya
Maya is just full of love! She has
the ability to make anybody feel
loved. She is very social so on
walks she will always go up to
everyone and say hello. Maya will
always be happy if you give her a
back scratch. She just loves being
with people, and people love
being with her! If you’re having a
bad day, make sure you get your
daily dose of Maya because she
will always brighten your day.
Meet Walter
Walter is a crazy, go lucky, bouncy
dog. He’ll always jump up and get your
attention. On walks Walter loves to say
hello to the other dogs, and smell all
the bushes that he can. Walter and
Millie are partners in crime. When
those two troublemakers are together
you never know what to expect! But
behind all the antics, Walter really just
loves having fun. The one thing you
will never forget about him is his bark.
You’ll always know Walter is in the
room because when he barks… you
won’t miss it!
Meet Hoover
Calm, cute, and sweet.
Hoover likes to just hang
out in the dog beds
outside the playroom. He
may seem a little slow but
don’t be fooled… he and
his dad go on 3 mile
walks every day. When
he’s not walking, you will
find him fast asleep on his
favorite dog bed.
Meet Spirit
Loving, cute, and sweet. Spirit
is a very people oriented dog.
She is always so sweet to all
the people she meets on her
walks. Spirit loves to be
scratched, especially behind
her ears. Puppy kisses aren’t
always her favorite so she
always lets us know when
she’s ready to come out of the
playroom and have a rest.
Meet Bandit
Bandit is a sweet, goofy, and
social boy. He loves to chase
balls, and play tug of war. Bandit
also loves going on walks and
making friends with the new dogs
he meets. He is a very sweet boy
and loves to make all the dogs in
the playroom feel welcome. He is
kind to everyone he meets. Bandit
will always sit nice for a treat, and
will greet everyone with a
wagging tail.
Meet Gypsy
Gypsy is a very funny, and
goofy boy. He is very playful,
and loves to run with the other
dogs. Fetch is his all-time
favorite. Sometimes he gets so
consumed in chasing the ball
that he forgets where he’s
going and runs into a wall. He
always has his tongue out of
the side of his mouth which
tells the other dogs he’s ready
to have fun!
Meet Calvin
There is never a day where
Calvin is in the playroom
without a ball in his mouth.
He loves to just lay on the
playroom floor and chew on
a ball. And if you do get the
ball out of his mouth, he’s
always ready for a game of
fetch. Calvin also loves to
carry sticks in his mouth
during his walk.
Meet Zoe
Zoe is a big dog in a little body. She
is always happy to meet new
people, and dogs. And even though
she is small, if she thinks one of the
dogs has crossed the line she will
always let them know! Zoe loves to
be held. Her other favorite activity
is sun bathing in the playroom.
Courage is her middle name! She is
never afraid to make sure the other
dogs know she isn’t a toy. But
underneath all the attitude she is
just a wonderful, and sweet girl.
Meet Bailey
Bailey is an adorable, and shy
dog. When she warms up to you
she’ll teach you that she loves to
be pet. Bailey is very sensitive
but she just wants to make
people happy, even if she’s shy
around them. She is a little
anxious when he meets new
dogs, but she is still kind to
them. Bailey is just a very sweet,
and sensitive girl who wants to
make people happy!
Meet Lulu
Lulu is a cute ball of energy!
She will gladly run in circles
around the playroom as long as
you let her. Lulu absolutely
loves all the dogs and greets
them with wet kisses. She is
always happy to go on walks
because she makes friends with
everyone she meets. Lulu
definitely brings a new level of
energy to Bark Avenue which is
why she is so loveable!
Meet Duke
In summary, a big sweetheart.
Duke absolutely loves being with
the other dogs! Duke is always
happy playing fetch, or just
hanging out. He loves playing keep
away with his friend Lulu! Duke is
a very charming boy and he will
always greet people with a
wagging tail. He makes lots of
friends on walks, dog and human.
Duke may give off the tough guy
look but he is really just a sweet
teddy bear.
Meet Chloe
Chloe is a shy, quiet, nice, and
observant dog. She mostly just
likes to hang out by herself in
the playroom. But she is still
friendly to the other dogs, she’ll
even kindly decline their offer
to play ball with them. On
walks Chloe likes to smell all
the bushes, and walk through
the grass. She is a little shy
when she meets new dogs but
she’ll always be a good sport
about it.
Meet Fred
Fred is a very cute, sweet, wellbehaved dog. Just like any dog,
Fred loves food so it’s no
surprise he’ll always sit nice for
a treat. He will never say no to
a head scratch unless its lunch
time, then his priority is 100%
food based. Fred loves to see
other dogs on walks, and he is
always a very good on his
walks. He is a very lovely boy
and he’s a great pack member!
Those are only a few of all the
amazing dogs here at Bark Avenue.
Each dog is unique and they all bring
something special to the group. I am
so happy that I have gotten to hang
out so many of them for the past few
months. They are all truly special!
The End

The Dogs of Bark Avenue