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Crystal Structure Visualization Gypsum

Gypsum is mined worldwide in places like Europe, Asia, and North America. The uses of
this crystal span many industries, from use in construction to fertilizer additives, dating back
millennia in human history to the ancient Egyptians in 7000 BC. An interesting modern-day use
of gypsum is in brewing beer and wine, as it controls the final flavor and clarity of the beverage.
Chemical Formula: CaH₄O₆S
Name of Crystal Structure / Mineral: Gypsum
Space Group: C 2/c
Crystal Class & Bravais Lattice Type: Base-centered Monoclinic
Lattice Parameters & Interaxial Angles:
Lattice Parameters:
● a = 10.47 Å
● b = 15.15 Å
● c = 6.51 Å
Interaxial Angles:
● 𝛂 = 90°
● 𝛃 = 151.55°
● 𝛄 = 90°
Figure 1. Gypsum Ore
Ca - Red
O - White
S - White
Figure 2. 2x2 Polyhedra View
Figure 3. 2x2 Space Filling View
Figure 4. Unit Cell
Figure 5. Structure Menu