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Welcome Class!
Welcome Class!
Hinduism is one of the oldest religions
in the world, dating back thousands of
years. It started in ancient India, where
people followed a variety of beliefs and
practices. Over time, these beliefs and
practices combined to form what we
now call Hinduism.
Hinduism doesn't have a single founder or a
specific starting point; it's a rich tapestry
woven together by the beliefs, practices, and
wisdom of ancient people and thinkers over
thousands of years. It's a flexible and diverse
religion that has evolved and continues to
adapt to different times and places.
Hindus believe in many gods and
goddesses who have different powers
and traits. Some are creators, some
protect, and some bring change.
Hindus believe that when a person dies,
their soul is reborn into a new body. This
cycle continues, and how you live
affects your next life.
Hindus believe that every action has a
consequence. Good actions lead to
good outcomes, and bad actions lead to
problems in this life or the next.
Hindus believe in doing what's right and
fair in their lives, following their duties
and responsibilities.
The ultimate goal is to break free from
the cycle of rebirth and unite with a
higher, peaceful power.
Hindus believe in a supreme power
called Brahman that's present in
everything - in people, animals, and
even inanimate things.
Hindus believe that everyone has an
eternal soul called Atman, which is a
part of Brahman. The goal is to realize
this and achieve peace.
Hindus practice yoga and meditation to
calm the mind, find inner peace, and
connect with the divine.
Hindus believe in respecting and living
in harmony with nature, as they see it as
a divine creation.
Hindus believe in treating all living
creatures with kindness and care.
Create your own ideal society. Explain
how people interact to each other.
Explain then