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Module 11: Advanced Body
Language Tactics
t’s a fact that 90 percent of communication is
revealed through a person’s actions…their
body language. That means that only 10 percent of what’s
coming out of your mouth really matters. In effect, two guys
could say the same thing to a girl, but give off completely
different messages to her.
SonicSeduction™ is designed to teach you how to become a prize to
women, and how to do it fast. However, if you can’t grasp the basic
concepts of strong and confident body language, your efforts will be all for
Talk is cheap, and at the end of the day, it’s your actions that women will
remember you for.
Module 11
Think about it this way: Imagine you’re attending a weekly budget
meeting for the corporation you work for. What would you think if your
CEO came into the room with his body slouched and head down?
What if (when telling the group that sales need to increase) his voice was
stuttering, and he neglected to make eye contact with anyone? Would that
make you want to get on the phone and secure some accounts? Odds are
you wouldn’t be fazed by his request at all.
On the other hand, imagine that this CEO carried himself tall and proud.
His voice was so profound that it demanded respect, and he wasn’t shy
about staring dead at you when talking about the slumping sales.
If I were to guess, you’d take his message with the utmost seriousness,
fearful for your job security, among other things. This boss of yours meant
business, and he really didn’t have to say a word to indicate that.
Module 11
This example illustrates that the same message can mean two entirely
different things, depending on how it’s delivered. The same holds true for
seducing women.
If you’re a nervous wreck when approaching a woman, how is she going to
take anything you say seriously? If you don’t value yourself as a prize, why
on earth would she?
It’s true that if you don’t sincerely feel confident mentally, you’re going to
have a hard time acting that way, but true confidence is something that
grows with you.
In the meanwhile, you must study the basics of confident body language,
and make a conscious effort to apply them to your everyday behavior. If you
do, you’ll not only score in the bedroom, but in life as well.
Let’s get started!
Module 11
Body Language 101: The Best Way to Carry Yourself
Find someone you trust who knows you well, and ask them how you tend to
carry yourself in public. The reason you should ask a trusted buddy is
because very often, we tend to have a blurred image of ourselves and how
we appear to others. The truth may shock you.
If this friend of yours says you tend to slouch, hold your head down, and
appear shy overall, you’ve got some homework to do, and it’s time to start
working on the basics of confident body language. This includes
maintaining a tall frame, proud chest, and overall relaxed demeanor. Try to
be conscious of your posture, and if you catch yourself hunching over,
immediately fix it.
A good trick to help you stand tall is to start breathing through
your stomach instead of your chest, as it forces your frame
upwards. This instantly will give you an extra 4 1/2 inches above your
measured height.
Module 11
But if you improve anything at all, you must improve your eye contact
with others.
Lowered or shy eyes indicate a weak and subordinate status. On the other
hand, if you can make and lock eye contact with others, you will appear as
the confident man you are.
Try staring at the bridge of the person’s nose if you’re having trouble with
this. They won’t be able to tell the difference. Once you’ve mastered the
basics of good body language, you’ll be ready to move on to the physical
aspect of seduction. Read on...
The SonicSeduction™ “Give and Take” Technique
This technique involves flirting with a woman (giving), and suddenly
removing your interest away from her (taking). If this sounds like teasing,
you’re exactly right…and it drives women crazy!
Module 11
Consider all the “nice guys” you know (that guy may even be you). They
give and give to women, only to get rejected in the end. If their intentions
are genuinely good, why on earth do they always finish last?
The answer is simple… they don’t present a challenge.
There’s a universal economic theory called the Law of Scarcity. It states
that a product’s value increases as its availability decreases. In short, the
harder something is to obtain, the more important and expensive it
While this law illustrates the concept of supply and demand for goods and
services, it’s easily transferable to human relationships, and this is where
the Give and Take technique comes in.
Here’s the deal. You can’t shower a woman with affection. The more
available you are, the less valuable you become.
Module 11
On the other hand, you’re never going to get laid if you don’t put in some
effort towards seduction. The key is to show interest in a woman, get her
excited, and take your affection away from her. By maintaining this
cycle of give and take, you’re increasing your value in her eyes. Before you
know it, she’ll be chasing you.
So, how do you use body language to “give and take”? Read on…
How to “Give” Via Body Language
This is exactly what it sounds like – showing your sexual interest through
your actions.
Don’t get the wrong idea about this. I am by no means indicating that you
should pour yourself all over a woman. Indicating too much interest
through your actions would be the same as not providing a challenge at all.
Module 11
Never, under any circumstance, are you to commit yourself to
her 100 percent. That is not the idea behind the Give and Take
A man who is a prize to be won needs to qualify a woman, and determine if
she suits him, not the other way around. By “giving” her your physical
attention, you’re simply indicating that you might be interested in her.
When all is said and done, she should be left feeling somewhat uncertain
about your feelings towards her.
So what’s the right amount of “giving” body language? First off,
remember that most people have a two-foot perimeter around their bodies
that they consider personal space.
While you may desire to enter this perimeter of hers, don’t. If you do,
you’ll come off as a needy guy who’s seeking her attention, which is not the
message you want to get across.
Module 11
Besides, how is she going to desire you when you’re so readily available to
her? This is an excellent rule-of-thumb to follow for when you’re uncertain
of your actions.
What you should do is maintain an open and relaxed posture when around
her. Keep your chest broad and head high. Uncross your arms, and if
you’re clueless as to what to do with your hands, try your pockets or belt
Your eyes are the key in this situation, as they’ll not only indicate your
interest, but also your “evaluation” of her. Don’t be afraid if she catches you
looking at her…that’s a good thing.
Now that you know how to portray the “Give” part of the technique, how
about the “Take” part? Turn the page…
Module 11
How to “Take” Via Body Language
Think about any time you felt intimidated by a girl (she was qualifying
What did she act like? If I were to guess, I’d say her arms were crossed, and
she wasn’t too quick to laugh at all your jokes. One minute, you had her
undivided attention, and the next, she was looking somewhere else.
Throughout all of this, her stance was tall and confident.
After all, she’s was the prize to be won, not the other way around.
The next time you meet a girl you’d like to have sex with, keep this concept
in your mind. Once you’ve sufficiently “given” her enough of your
affection, suddenly take it away from her. This can be accomplished by
crossing your arms, directing your attention elsewhere, or excusing yourself
from the conversation entirely.
Module 11
But how do you know when it’s time to “take” away from her? It’s
simple…read her body language.
If you’ve done a good job of “giving,” she’ll increase her eye contact with
you, smile at almost everything you say, and direct her entire frame in your
direction. She may even start sharing stories about her self to keep the
conversation going. It’s like I said in the beginning of this module… actions
speak louder than words.
SonicSeduction™ Expression Teaser Technique
If you really want to drive women nuts, learn how to tease them through
your expressions. This goes beyond the Give and Take technique (which
involves two separate actions) because it sends mixed signals in a single
Turn the page to find out how this technique works…
Module 11
impressions of her through your face, and it works wonders for
enhancing sexual tension and attraction.
For example, let’s say you’re talking to a girl for the first time, and she’s
discussing a particular topic.
A good way to tease her would be to turn your body and head slightly away
from her, and at the same time give her a look which indicates you’re
not quite sure about what she’s saying. All the while, maintain a smile
on your face to counteract the uncertain look in your eyes.
This will leave her feeling contradicted – and slightly confused. Mixed
feelings are known to stir up powerful emotions and creating sexual tension
– exactly what the Sonic Seducer wants to invoke in every woman.
Module 11
The Touch-Tease Technique
Most men touch women in a way that indicates neediness, and as a result,
they get rejected. But touch can be a powerful thing, if you know what
you’re doing.
This patented SonicSeduction™ technique will show you the correct way
to tease a woman through touch…and straight into your bed.
So what’s the best way to touch a woman and not appear as though you’re
pursuing her? First off, steer away from touching parts of her that
indicate obvious sexual attraction (i.e. – the butt, hips, thighs, etc.) In
fact, the best place to initiate physical contact is through her hands.
For an example on how to do this, turn the page…
Module 11
Ask the girl if she’s any good at thumb wrestling. To increase her interest in
your question, taunt her a little by saying that she looks like she has weak
thumbs (or something similar to rev her up).
When she rises to your challenge, show your approval of her by high-fiving
her, and let the games begin. Consider this approach the “give” of your
physical interaction with her.
Your next step will be to “take” away your physical attention from her. If
you win the thumb-wrestling competition, try slightly pushing her hand
away, and tell her (teasingly) that you don’t have losers as friends.
Judge her reaction for a bit, and then “give” her a consoling hug to let her
know you were just kidding.
This technique works like a charm, but why? Read on…
Module 11
With the Touch-Tease Technique, you’re not coming off as needy
at all. In fact, you’re only increasing your value in her eyes by selectively
choosing when and how you touch her. Before you know it, she’ll want your
hands all over her.
Module 11
With the Touch-Tease Technique, you’re not coming off as needy
at all. In fact, you’re only increasing your value in her eyes by selectively
choosing when and how you touch her. Before you know it, she’ll want your
hands all over her.
communication is how you deliver your message
through body language.
Never neglect the basics of strong body language: tall posture, proud chest,
and direct eye contact. A strong, confident pose coupled with eye contact
can mean the difference between getting laid and being rejected.
When seducing a woman, use your actions to incorporate the Give and
Take technique. Never forget that you’re a prize to be won, and as such, you
must qualify her to determine whether or not she suits your style.
Module 11
To illustrate this, be selective when “giving” your attention to
her, and “take” it away once you determine you have her
Increase your value in her eyes by becoming a scarce commodity that she
must get her hands on!
Once you’ve decided that she’s good enough for you, she’ll get her chance
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