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The Myth of Canada

The Myth Of Canada
In 1866 there was a delegation from Canada that went to England, and they took with them, what we
know today as the Quebec Resolutions. It was actually called the Kingdom of Canada Bill and the head of
the delegation was someone called John A. Macdonald and he had a meeting with Lord Carnarvin, who
was part of the English Parliament and He gave Lord Carnarvin the Kingdom of Canada Bill, Carnarvin
gave it to his counter-part Lord Thrain, and Lord Thrain cherry-picked his way thru the Kingdom of
Canada Bill to make it look like he was going to pass the Kingdom of Canada Bill and put a front page on
what would later become the British North America Act (BNA Act) that was passed thru the house of
Lords and then removed when it was passed thru the house of commons.
And when they removed the front page of the BNA Act, it automatically became what we know today as
Letters Patent. And Letters Patent are created for the Governor General to take back to Canada, and He
becomes the Corporation Sole, or the right hand of the monarch, to run Canada, so in effect – a dictator.
The BNA Act, as it was passed thru the parliament of the UK in 1867, was never presented to John a.
Macdonald with his delegation to take back to Canada, but was given to the Governor General at the
court of St. James by Queen Victoria and the Governor General took these as his personal property went
to Canada, and set up the central legislature for the united colony. So, essentially, the BNA Act took the
4 provinces Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and made them one colony as the
dominion of Canada. And if you look at the interpretations act of 1889, a dominion is a colony, as they
defined it.
And so, this is all well and good. The reason they did this is because the UK government backed the
wrong players in the war of northern aggression in the United States. They actually helped the
confederacy. They sank a bunch of union ships, and did a lot of damage to the union and were in
negotiations at the time of this going thru with the US, and in 1867, they didn’t want to lose Canada. So
the Empire decided that the ONLY way they could keep Canada was to make it a united colony rather
than many individual colonies. They were also in negotiations with the Hudson’s Bay Company, and
Hudson’s Bay Company had land that extended from Hudson’s Bay to as far west as Vancouver island
and from the Arctic Circle, all the way down to what we know today as the 49th parallel.
They were negotiating with Hudson’s Bay while they were creating the BNA Act/Letters Patent to take
over what is known as Rupert’s Land and they came to that in 1868 with Rupert’s Land Act. They created
the deed of surrender, actually allowed for the Dominion of Canada then to go ahead and create
Provinces across from Ontario all the way out to British Columbia. And so they did.
In 1870, we saw the Manitoba Act Create the Province of Manitoba. In 1871, the British Columbia Union
was created, and they were absorbed into the Dominion of Canada. Then in 1905, because they had run
out of time, they decided to create Alberta and Saskatchewan, but that’s another story in itself. It was
done, NOT with the BNA Act, but by other means.
And so, the dominion now ran from sea to shining sea…Atlantic to Pacific, and they now controlled the
land. They wound up having to do the treaty of Washington in 1871 and had to pay several 10’s of
millions of dollars in compensation to the United States. They negotiated various pieces of land that
would be given to the United States. For Example, the San Juan Islands and Point Roberts in BC were
part of the treaty of Washington.
We now have the Dominion of Canada in its entirety, from sea to shining sea and the BNA Act/Letters
Patent which created this, and if you read the BNA Act, and understand that it isn’t a constitution,
because it constitutes nothing, other than giving the Governor General absolute control over the
dominion. He can either work with the parliament that he creates or create law on his own,
independent of parliament. It states very clearly in the BNA Act that he can do this.
First page of the BNA Act, (now removed) “By reason of request by the colonies, for a Federal
Government, it is expedient therefore that they have laws and regulations to guide them…” If that front
page had stayed on the BNA Act, The Act would’ve been given to John A. Macdonald for Canada to
confederate. It was removed, and hence became Letters Patent. Further down, and you’ll see why it was
So in Section 9, on “Declaration of Executive Power” it states, “Executive Power and Authority over
Canada is herby declared to continue and vested in the Queen.” Applications of provisions referring to
the Governor General, Section 10, “…The provisions of this act, referring to the Governor General,
extend and apply to the Governor General for the time being of Canada or other chief executive or
administrator, for the time being carried on the Government of Canada on behalf of, or in the name of
the Queen, by whatever title he is designated…” Section 12: “…All Powers under Acts to be executed by
the Governor General with advice of the Privy Council or alone. All Power, Authority and functions which
under any act of Parliament of Great Briton or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Briton
and Ireland or the legislature of upper and lower Canada are at the union, vested in or exercisable by
the respective Governors, or Lieutenant Governors of those Provinces with the advice or with the advice
and consent of those respective executive councils thereof or in conjunction with those councils, or with
any number of members thereof…” It goes on, but I’ll cut to the chase…”…Vested in, or exercisable by
the Governor General with the advice and consent of the Queen’s Privy council or any members thereof
or individually as the case requires…subject nevertheless, except with respect of such as exists under
acts of parliament of Great Briton or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Briton and
So, the “parliament” of Canada has no power over the Governor General, but rather, the Governor
General Creates the Parliament of Canada. He can act alone.
This is anything but a constitution.
There are 147 clauses within this document, and 10 of them have been repealed by the Statutes Law
Revision Act of 1893 and what’s very interesting about that is that the Statutes Law Revision Act
removed the enacting clause and more importantly, it repealed section 2 and section 2 reads: “…The
application of provisions referring to the Queen. The provisions of this Act referring to Her Majesty, The
Queen, extend also to the heirs and successors of Her Majesty, Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom
of Great Britian and Ireland…” That has been removed.
So when you go back down to the “Executive Powers Declaration”, with the removal of section 2, the
Queen they’re talking about is Queen Victoria ONLY. And upon her death in 1901, the BNA Act, as
Letters Patent, died with her.
With the Repeal of Section 2 from the BNA Act, leaving no successors to Queen Victoria, and upon her
death in January 22, 1901, Canada ceased to be.
Nonetheless, “Canada” signed the Halibut Treaty with the United States without involving the UK. So
they knew they were already free, but they didn’t want to tell “We the People”, because if they did, they
would then lose all their power. Because the power is now vested in us, “We the People” who now have
the ability to seat a de-jour government, replacing the de-facto government we currently are suffering
We’ve had this ability to do this for over 120 years, but we’ve done nothing because we were never told,
and in fact, this info has been hidden from us.
So they went ahead and had “imperial conferences” starting in 1907, 1923, etc…to figure out how they
could maintain their power, sadly, with us, none the wiser. The key one was in 1926. There was a
gentleman back then called Russell Roger Smith who had a group of people called the “Native Sons of
Canada” They had a committee meeting and the minutes from that meeting were written down. At that
time, Russell Roger Smith and Mackenzie King, at the time he was Prime Minister, were friends. And
King looked on Russell Roger Smith as his “constitutional guy”, because Russell Roger Smith was an
astute academic, especially in regards to constitutions. That’s why they were friends in that respect.
Russell had the PM’s ear.
In September of 1926, after the Native Son’s committee meeting, he took the minutes and gave them to
Mackenzie King, who then took them to the secret Imperial Conference in Oct-Nov in the UK and they
actually incorporated them into the Balfour Declaration (Jewish State) in 1926. The Document itself was
brought into the 1930 Imperial Conference and incorporated to be used as the foundation of the Statute
of Westminster created by the UK Parliament in 1931.this was very interesting, because between 1901
and 1931 the so-called Canadian Government was busy stealing all the resources of the Canadian
They Created an Act, with the help of the UK Parliament called the BNA Act 1930, and created a bunch
of other acts underneath that Act at the Canadian parliament level called the Resource Transfer Acts
1930 where they basically took all the resources from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba as well
as the water and placed them under the control of Ottawa.
How nice of them
So, in 1931, they figured the Statute of Westminster would just help them continue on, but they didn’t
realize that the Native Son’s of Canada minutes would be looked at by the UK Parliament, and
incorporated into the Statute of Westminster that actually allowed Canada and the People of Canada to
become Sovereign. Because under the dominion, the Court (the Crown in Chancery) held all land in
allodium for and on behalf of the British Empire. The Statute of Westminster freed the Dominion of
Canada, ended it publicly, and gave the land to all the people, (We, then, have Eminent Domain) so that
the People could confederate a Federal authority.
Well Ottawa had a fit, because that work, between 1901 and 1930 was gone. Undone. IF they told the
people. So, they simply pretended that “…the Dominion lives on…” leaving one to be able to truthfully
ask: Oh…really? So, where and who is the Governor General and where is his/her Letters Patent from
the Court In Chancery? The only answer they’ve had to this question has been “…the Dominion lives
Still wonder why truth means nothing in court? They prefer lies because the whole thing is founded on a
This was done as pure theft, straight up. This was, and is, fraud and theft. On a very large scale, perhaps,
but nothing more.
They, to this day maintain control over all the ground assets here in Canada. And they do that in cooperation with their sub-corporations across Canada and that’s why you have provincial leaders who
would never entertain seating a De-jour Government. Why? Because, they would lose their power to
We the People. If you look at section 109 of the BNA Act, it’s a very interesting little clause…”…All lands
minerals mines and royalties belonging to the several provinces of Canada…” This was written at the
time of the union. So when the union dissolved upon Queen Victoria’s Death in 1901, and very publicly
at the Statute of Westminster, “…All lands minerals mines and royalties belonging to the several
provinces of Canada…” went back to the possession of We the People, in Allodium. But G-d Forbid any
politician should make their constituents aware of this…after all, who would then pay their salaries?
After all, if we owned the oil or the gas in the ground, the water, the gold, the jewels the trees, all the
plants and minerals – oh yeah – WE DO!!
We don’t need taxes with billions of dollars and perhaps trillions of dollars of resources in the land that
belong to who? Not the de-facto government, but to we the People. And they have Nothing proving
otherwise. Without the De-facto Government, the world bank has determined that in Canada, every
individual, based on the material wealth of the land mass, is worth $1,000,000 per year, every year.
We would have no homeless, we would have no poor, we would have an open society, and no greedy
politicians, because we will have done away with them by setting up our own constitutional
Is this not worth knowing and acting upon?
Canada did not confederate, and does not have a constitution. As a matter of fact, in 1982, if one
actually comprehends what was created there, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is nothing more than
the incorporation Documents for the maritime incorporation of a ship. And the Constitution Act 1982 is
simply the BNA Act, under a new name, and Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s attempt to undo what Queen
Victoria’s death and the Statute of Westminster did. But Queen Elisabeth the 2nd prevented that by the
use of Article 59, s. 23 which is a language law that Quebec will never consent to. So, Canada is NOT a
country, has never been, and has yet to be…which is why the politicians, and the courts and the police
run rough shod over everyone. But with this knowledge in the hands of everyone, we could change this
What happens when we unseat the de-facto and seat de-jour? All of the agreements “Canada” has
signed with the UN, NATO, the WEF, IMF…EVERYTHING becomes null and void. All the debt is owed to
we the people, and guess what happens to “Canada’s” 1.1 trillion dollar debt to the world bank? Why,
that is the debt of the PMO, and the Minister of Finance, in this case Trudeau and Freeland…they’d
better start running, ‘cause a LOT of folks will want to have a talk with them.
There needs be no divorce where there has never been a marriage.
Now, let’s talk about Eminent Domain. In Canada, the claim is: “…In Canada, all land is owned by the
Crown and administered by the government. Private land owners are not owners at all, but mere tenants…”
They also claim that, because of this, “…there is no defense against Eminent Domain…”
So, we know that Eminent Domain is derived from title to the land. So, does “Canada” actually have title
to the land? The answer is a resounding no. For example, the land under the Ottawa parliament
buildings is owned by the province of Ontario, for which the Federal authority pays a fee of 2.7 billion
dollars a year in rent. So, no Eminent Domain there.
The “Queen of Canada” was created in 1952 and was given land by the unlawful, illegal Canadian
government and said”…I want you to create the Royal Styles and Titles Act for me, so I can make a
proclamation…” The intention was to proclaim herself the Queen of Canada and “Canada” was to give
her the land, so she had “Canadian” land under her feet as a sovereign does. Only problem? “Canada”
gave her title to land that “Canada” didn’t have title to. Therefore, The Queen doesn’t have Eminent
Canada, as the government/corporation that it is, has no land under its feet, (no title) so where is the
Eminent Domain? There isn’t any. According to the Canadian Interpretations Act, “…Canada, for
greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada;
(Canada)…” No land under their feet – no Eminent Domain. Only a sovereign government can claim to
have Eminent Domain
Eminent Domain is a very important concept. It means, “…the unrestricted ownership of land,
independent of all action from without, and paramount over all action from within. The right to exercise
the power of Eminent Domain is inherent in sovereignty, necessary to it and inseparable from it... from
the very nature of society of organized government, this right must belong to the state…it is part of the
sovereign power of any nation. It exists apart from any constitutional recognition, and existed prior to
I conclude with this: “…You say, we are a constitutional Monarchy…You say, Canada is a sovereign
country…” I say two words: Eminent Domain – Please provide proof of it…I’ll wait…
Ronald Reagan said, the 9 most dangerous words in the world are: “…Hi, I’m from the Government, and
I’m here to help…”