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New Updated HPE0-V27 Exam Questions

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HP HPE0-V27 Exam
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1.You are presenting a new HPE Simplivity solution to a potential customer. They want to see the easy
management and integration into other HPE management options.
Which tool can you or your customer use?
A. HPE SAN Desing Reference Guide
B. HPE Demostration Portal
C. HPE Product Bulletin
D. HPE Assessment Foundry
Answer: B
The HPE Demonstration Portal is a resource that allows you or your customer to see how HPE SimpliVity
solutions work, including their management and integration into other HPE management options. It
provides a hands-on experience to showcase the features and capabilities of HPE products and solutions.
This portal is often used for demonstrations and educational purposes.
2.You customer needs a solution for a small VMWare cluster. They have limited staff and need a single
solution that provides ease of management, scalability, and recovery capabilities.
What solution should you recommend?
A. HPE Simplivity
B. HPE Nimble
C. HPE Alletra
Answer: A
HPE SimpliVity is a hyperconverged infrastructure solution that offers ease of management, scalability,
and robust data recovery capabilities. It combines compute, storage, and virtualization resources into a
single, integrated platform, making it ideal for small VMware clusters with limited staff. SimpliVity's built-in
data deduplication, compression, and backup capabilities simplify management and reduce the total cost
of ownership, making it a strong choice for such scenarios.
3.A customer is looking for a Storage solution that meets their requirement of a 3-2-1 data protection
architecture. They are already using Veeam to protect their workloads.
Which HPE solution should you propose to address this requirement?
A. HPE GreenLake Central
B. HPE Data Services Cloud Console
C. HPE Alletra Peer Persistence
D. HPE Cloud Volumes Backup
Answer: D
HPE Cloud Volumes Backup can help meet the customer's requirement for a 3-2-1 data protection
architecture when they are already using Veeam for workload protection. Cloud Volumes Backup offers
cloud-native backup and disaster recovery capabilities, enabling customers to efficiently protect their data
in the cloud. It integrates with Veeam, allowing for seamless data protection and ensuring data
redundancy as part of the 3-2-1 strategy.
4.What diferentiated business value does HPE GreenLake provide to a customer that a traditional capital
outlay purchasing model does not?
A. Elimitate recurring costs
B. Reduce accounts payable balance
C. Improve liquidity
D. Increased overprovisioning
Answer: C
HPE GreenLake provides improved liquidity to customers compared to a traditional capital outlay
purchasing model. With GreenLake, customers can consume IT resources on a pay-as-you-go basis,
avoiding the large upfront capital expenditures associated with traditional purchases. This pay-per-use
model allows customers to allocate their financial resources more efficiently, improve cash flow, and have
greater flexibility to invest in other areas of their business. It aligns IT spending with actual usage and
needs, enhancing financial liquidity.
5.Your customer needs assistance updating their database infraestructura with a modern solution that will
grow with their needs and free up their IT staff to focus on value addedd activities.
Which of the following benefits would the customer receive by choosing HPE GreenLake for database?
A. Cost savings with a community cloud operating model that supports sharing resources with other
B. Time savings with a fully managed VDI solution hosted in their choice of AWS or Azure
C. Order prioritization with delivery and provisioning of new capacity in 7 days or fewer.
D. Offload monitoring and modifying databeses with HPE GreenLake management services.
Answer: D.
Choosing HPE GreenLake for database solutions would allow the customer to offload the tasks of
monitoring and modifying databases to HPE GreenLake management services. This means that their IT
staff can focus on more value-added activities while HPE takes care of the day-to-day management and
maintenance of their database infrastructure. It offers a managed service approach, freeing up the
customer's resources for strategic and business-critical activities.
6.Your need to include non GreenLake enabled ISVs in a customer solution.
Whit whorn should you engage if you need help with this solution?
A. HPE Pointnext advisory services
B. HPE ProLiant product management
C. HPE Pointnext operational services
D. HPE Complete product management
Answer: A
HPE Pointnext advisory services are the right resource to engage when you need help with a solution that
includes non-GreenLake enabled ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). They can provide guidance and
consulting to design and implement a solution that integrates various components, including
non-GreenLake ISVs, to meet the customer's requirements and objectives. These advisory services focus
on architectural design, best practices, and optimizing the solution for the customer's specific needs.
7.Compared to OCA, which additional datacenter charasteristic is required to configure a solution in
A. KW per rack
B. Country
C. Input voltaje
D. Input phase
Answer: B
Compared to OCA (Online Configuration and Assembly), an additional datacenter characteristic required
to configure a solution in SSET (HPE Sales Configurator for Enterprise) is the "Country." The specific
country in which the datacenter is located can impact various aspects of the solution, including regulatory
compliance, power requirements, and environmental conditions. Therefore, specifying the country is
necessary for accurately configuring the solution to meet local regulations and conditions.
8.Your customer would like to add a backup component to the HPE GreenLake solution that you are
preparing for them. Their main requirements are cost-optimized backups, long term data retention, and
operational simplicity.
What component should you add to their solution?
A. HPE Backup and Recovery Service
B. HPE cloud Bank Storage
C. Commvault
D. Zerto
Answer: A
HPE Backup and Recovery Service es una solución integral de respaldo que incluye opciones de
almacenamiento en la nube, como Cloud Bank Storage, y proporciona capacidades completas de
respaldo y recuperación, lo que lo hace más adecuado para cumplir con los requisitos de respaldo,
retención a largo plazo y simplicidad operativa. Por lo tanto, la respuesta "a) HPE Backup and Recovery
Service" sigue siendo la opción más adecuada en este contexto.
9.Your customer needs a petabyte scale, geo-dispersed object Storage Platform. Which Alliance solution
will meet their requirement?
A. HPE Solutions for Scality ARTESCA
B. HPE Solutions for Qumulo
C. HPE Solutions for Scality RING
D. HPE Solutions for Cohesity
Answer: C
Scality RING es una solución diseñada para manejar implementaciones de almacenamiento de objetos a
gran escala, incluyendo petabytes de datos, y ofrece características adecuadas para esta capacidad de
10.When should a customer be offered an HPE GreenLake Cloud Service trial?
A. When the customer wants to evaluate a high performance, large scale power-user VDI cluster in the
public cloud.
B. When the customer wants to evaluate 24/7 support for their misión critical workloads residing in a
colocated datacenter
C. When the customer wants to experience Platform as a Service (PaaS) that is inclusive of technologt,
Support, metering and management.
D. When the customer wants to experience next generation technology not yet released for public
Answer: C
HPE GreenLake Cloud Service trials are typically offered when the customer wants to experience a
Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that encompasses technology, support, metering, and management.
This allows the customer to get a hands-on experience of how HPE GreenLake Cloud Services work and
how they can benefit their specific needs. It provides the opportunity for the customer to evaluate the
service comprehensively before making a commitment.
11.Your client needs a departmental Storage array to host a VDI workload at a remote office. The
nerworking infraestructura is limited and the client has decided to connect the ESXi host servers with
12Gbps SAS.
Which HOE Storage product will meet their requirements?
A. HPE Alletra 9060
B. HPE Nimble AF20
C. HPE MSA 2062
D. HPE Alletra 6030
Answer: C
The HPE MSA 2062 is a suitable choice to meet the client's requirements for a departmental storage
array to host a VDI workload at a remote office with limited networking infrastructure. It supports 12Gbps
SAS connectivity, which aligns with the client's decision to connect the ESXi host servers using this
interface. The MSA series is known for its affordability and simplicity, making it a good fit for remote office
deployments. El resto de los equipos solo se conectar por Ethernet o FC
12.Your customer has asked for various UEFI BIOS settings to be preconfigured at the Factory in their
new servers.
How do you submit the requested for these changes to HPE?
A. Add the required settings in the Customer Intent Document.
B. Add the required settings in the Order Checklist.
C. Export the configuration to an XML file, open in Word and add required settings.
D. Export the configuration to an OCA file, open in Word and add required settings.
Answer: A