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Act 3

Act 3 Scene 1
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern report that they did
not find out what was wrong with Hamlet. Claudius
thanks them. Claudius and Polonius set their plan in
motion. Ophelia speaks with Hamlet, and he does
not prove Polonius’s point. Claudius becomes
nervous and says that there is something else is
troubling Hamlet and decides to send him to
England. Polonius insists that he is in love with
Ophelia and suggests that Gertrude speak with her
son to find out the truth. If that doesn’t work then
Claudius should send Hamlet to England.
Hamlet’s soliloquy (“To Be or Not to Be”) is a speech
about life and death. He talks about the advantages
and disadvantages of life and death. He states that
most people chose life because they fear the
unknown. He says that if he commits suicide, then
he will be tormented in hell.
Scene 2
The play happens during this scene. Hamlet tells
Horatio his plan and asks Horatio to watch Claudius
and see if he reacts. The play starts and it begins
with the Player Queen and Player King talking to
each other before the Player King goes to sleep. The
play is not only referring to what Claudius did, but
also his mom remarrying once his dad died. When
the player is poisoned, Claudius jumps up, demands
that the lights are turned on and hastily leaves the
Scene 3
Claudius asks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to go
with Hamlet to England on business. Polonius tells
Claudius that Hamlet will go and speak with his
mom. He plans to spy on their conversation. When
everyone leaves, Claudius attempts to pray and ask
for forgiveness for his sins because he is feeling
guilty. However, he is unable to pray because his
thoughts are everywhere. While he is kneeling,
Hamlet comes and thinks that this is the best time
to kill him. He decides not to because he believes
that Claudius is praying. He does not want Claudius
to go to heaven because his father was not able to
ask for forgiveness. This will not be revenge.
Scene 4
Hamlet goes and speaks to his mom. His mom gets
scared and yells out for help. Polonius does the
same and Hamlet stabs the curtain thinking that
Claudius is behind the curtain. He does not regret
killing Polonius. He continues talking to his mother
and accusing her of killing his father. His father
appears and tells him to remember the plan, only
harm his uncle, not his mother. His mother thinks
he has really gone mad. He tells his mother to ask
for forgiveness, to stay away from Claudius, and to
tell him that he has really gone mad not that he is