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Description of my job ; Tjeerd Boerenland

Description of my job ; Tjeerd Boerenland
I work at a volvo trucks dealership as a mechanic. I am still in school so therefore I’m not
working full time and still am in training. I work every Saturday from 8AM till 2PM or later if
the work is not finished yet. Aside from the Saturdays I try to work 1 or 2 days during the
week. During the day I have a lot of different tasks. I do a lot of regular maintenance. For
example changing light bulbs, doing an oil change or changing a tire. Besides those tasks I
often get coupled with another coworker to learn new skills. For example diagnosing an
electrical problem, taking a differential apart or installing new hardware on trucks. Recently I
passed my trucking drivers license so therefore I often get tasked with picking up or
delivering trucks.