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Soc 231 final assignment

Jacob Abi Issa
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SOC231 Final Assignment:
1) – A norm is an expected way of behaving; they are the behaviors
that are considered normal in a certain community.
- A value is a belief about the way something should be. They are
beliefs, attitudes, and opinions about what is important to us.
Values help us to decide what is right or wrong.
- Let’s take the example of a funeral as a social situation:
Wearing black in funerals is the norm, and it has been a thing for
many years now to a point where it became the standard; and
wearing colorful clothes to a funeral is considered rude and
culturally inappropriate.
As for values, some people value helping the deceased’s family
as much as they can and stay with them throughout the entire
process. While other people just offer their condolences and
In a way, societal norms also reflect values for example wearing
black in funerals and after someone close’s death reflects
solidarity and loyalty to his relatives and the people close to him.
2) -Culture: Culture refers to the sum total of social life. It includes
language, beliefs, customs, norms etc… It is a set of norms held by a
group of people who live in the same place, share nationality,
ethnicity, or beliefs. Culture is dynamic and changes and differs
from generation to generation.
– Subculture: A subculture is when people inside a larger
community or culture adopt new ways of life. People in these
subcultures have different values and beliefs which differ from the
popular culture. This subculture coexists within the larger culture.
Lebanon is known for his cultural diversity. It is home to many
ethnicities and religions. Who will bring their values, norms and
traditions and will influence and be influenced by the place they are
in. Let’s take for example Armenians and Druze in Lebanon who are
minorities and are considered subcultural. These minorities will be
influenced by the Lebanese culture but will also have different
norms, values, traditions etc... These subcultures coexist and
interact with the entire community.