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Close your eyes and remember each time you thought your body was not good enough to be
showed off. Can you tell me each time you craved a burger or a bar of chocolate, yet refused to
have it because summers on the way and your summer body must be on fleek? Today, in order
to be perceived as beautiful or attractive, young ladies and men must conform to some
unattainable standards of beauty such as hourglass figure, small waist, and a flat belly. As a result,
they often rely on fad diets to achieve such results. Do you have any idea about fad diets?
I’ll explain fad diets, how society indirectly forces the young generation to go on fad diets
followed by their effects on one’s mental and physical health.
There are lots of reasons to lose weight, but this should not be at a cost either to your health,
or your relationship with food. A fad diet plan promotes quick weight loss ( for example when
you see an ad that says “ how to lose 10 kg in a month”), without taking into effect the nutrients
your body needs, and theyre not well researched. Some of these plans eliminate foods that
contain necessary nutrients that your body needs to maintain good health such as grains or
include high-fats or low carbs or high protein diets. Other diets claim that certain hormones are
the reason for your weight gain, suggesting food that changes body chemistry which is not true.
Others market certain herbs and tea brands, claiming that they burn all the belly fat after eating
a large pizza or a burger. However, such chemicals lead water loss in the body and that’s why we
see the number on the scale is decreased within 2 days. These are the types of diets that are
sponsored by celebrities and bloggers on social media on daily basis that influence young
generation. All fad diets have one thing in common: they lead to a temporary solution to what
for many people is a lifelong problem. Once the diet is stopped (bcz most ppl become fed up with
the rules and limits), the person regains all the weight he lost along with additional weight since
they do not focus on lifestyle modification which keeps the weight stable. The weight that is lost
is often lean muscle and fluid loss instead of body fat.