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Order Placed: July 2, 2023
Amazon.com order number: 113-3731660-2207437
Order Total: $35.75
Shipped on July 5, 2023
Items Ordered
1 of: 3-Pack iPhone Charger【Apple MFi Certified 】 Fast Phone Charger USB Fast
Cable Compatible with iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/13/13Pro/12/12 Pro/11
Sold by: Uppger (seller profile)
Supplied by: Uppger (seller profile)
Condition: New
1 of: BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black, DCM600B
Sold by: Amazon.com Services LLC
Supplied by: Other
Condition: New
Shipping Address:
Terran Moodie
7950 NW 77TH ST STE 3 # JM226913
MEDLEY, FL 33195-2137
United States
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FREE Shipping
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Visa | Last digits: 4310
Billing address
Terran Moodie
11 Cactus Way, Kingston 6
Kingston, St Andrew 00000
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Item(s) Subtotal: $35.75
Shipping & Handling: $8.38
Free Shipping: -$8.38
----Total before tax: $35.75
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
----Grand Total:$35.75
Visa ending in 4310: July 5, 2023:$35.75
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