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Evidence for Evolution Video and Worksheet

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Evidence for Evolution
What is the Evidence for Evolution? (Stated Clearly): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIEoO5KdPvg
The theory of Biological Evolution claims that:
1. All living things on earth are related and have evolved from a common
2. The evolution of living things is powered by natural processes.
Cetaceans (see-tay-shuns) include whales, dolphins and porpoises. Scientists claim that they
evolved from an ancient 4 legged land mammal (warm blooded animal). This claim comes
from many lines of e____________ (facts of claim indicating whether a belief is true).
Comparative anatomy is the study of differences and similarities between living things.
Whales look like giant fish, but a closer inspection of their anatomy shows that:
1. They have placenta just like land mammals.
2. They feed milk to their young, just like mammals do.
3. They are w________ blooded (rare for fish).
4. They do not have gills; they have two fully developed lungs and breathe air.
5. Whales also have h_____ like mammals.
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E_________________ is the study of how creatures develop before being born or hatching
from an egg. Label the similar features between the dolphin and human embryo:
In humans, the leg buds grow to become legs and whales, they grow for a while but then stop.
THINK: The whale leg bud does not grow because ________________________________.
Early on, the fetus has 2 nostril grooves, just like puppies or h___________. Then it moves to
the top of the head and fuse together, becoming a blowhole.
Other evidence include f______ records, showing similarities between s___________ (bones).
The evidence suggests that whales may have walked a long time ago, therefore they must have
e__________ from land creatures!