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1. Black ship - Idiom
2. Phantom of Delight – Metaphor
3. Tinkle 3x – Onomatopoeia
4. Tatlong tuldok na suno sunod Ellipses
5. Naghihiwalay sa mga salita Kuwit
6. Pangatnig na nagbubukod –
7. Largest desert – Antartica pagwala
8. Ang paksa ay ibinigay bago
magsimula ang talumpati Impromptu
9. Term of Marcelo H. Del Pilar to
friars – Frailocracia
10. Arena Theater – Severino
11. Released by plants at night –
Carbon dioxide
12. Sala Theater – Roger Nate Crane
or Naty Crane Rogers
13. Shape of a brick – Rectangle
14. Hair - like structure – Cilia
15. Finger - like structure – Villi
16. Flap – like structure – Epiglottis
17. Whip – like structure – Flagella
18. Novels in letters – Epistolary
19. Birthplace of Rizal – Calamba,
20. Penicillin discoverer - Alexander
21. Author of Doctrina Christiana –
Fray Juan de Plasencia
22. Light travels fastest – Air
23. Law of Bicameralism – Jones Law
24. Pagbabagong anyo ng bayan –
25. Permutation 9 P9 – 362, 880
26. Absolute mean – 14.35 or 14.5
27. Agreement between Legazpi
and Datu Sikatuna – Blood Compact
( Sandugo )
28. Oldest religion in Asia –
29. Ikinamatay ni Donya Pia –
Matinding Hirap sa pagkabinat /
Matinding lagnat
30. Love feelings – is more qualitative
31. Panimula, kaligiran ng pag-aaral at
konseptwal framework ay nasa
Kabanata I
32. Gulf – is a sea partly enclosed by
33. Zone – is the surface between
tropic of cancer and arctic cancer
34. Combine chitins and glycols – is
a feature of fungi
35. Sergio Osmeña – is the speaker of
the Philippines Assembly
36. Aquilino Pimentel – is the father
of Local Government Code
37. Erroneous Data – is not related to
ethics in research
38. City States – is a single political
39. Salubong ang kilay ay galit
40. Talumpati – ay binibigkas sa harap
ng madla
41. Leeches – facilitate anticoagulation
42. Pedro Pelaez – led the native
secular clergy
43. Opposite sides are equal in a
44. Government of England is a
Constitutional Monarchy
45. Douglas McArthur – is the Field
Marshall of the Philippines Army
46. Veto Power – is the power to set
aside a certain grant
47. Philippines lies at the Pacific Ring
of Fire
48. Storm in Atlantic region is called
49. Thin structure in cell is called
50. Metalloids – display properties of
both metals and non-metals
51. Bright green – in a flame test
indicate the presence of boron
52. Phylogenetics describes the
Evolutionary sequence of organisms
53. Microbial culture – allows
microorganisms to multiply in medium
54. The Philippines is much hotter than
Canada because the Philippines
Receives sun rays closer to vertical
55. I enjoy painting but I would not
like doing it all my life
56. an ABASE means: Denoted
57. an AMORPITOUS means:
58. Persiflage – is to praise glowingly
59. A basketball player has DEXTERITY:
Manual Skill
60. Task oriented software that lets the
user create, edit, format, store, and
print the graphics in one document:
Word Processing
61. Income Tax – is the principal kind
of tax that directly affects the Filipino
62. Jones prefers fries and sundaes
– shows that culture is learned in a
foreign context
63. Jones says Po and Ho to elders
– shows that cultured is learned in a
Filipino context
64. Bagoong smells because molecules
from bagoong spread in the air
65. Leaves with green color look green
in the sunlight because they reflect
green light
66. Illustrations / maps are called
67. Example of unicellular organisms is
68. Crops / foods – agriculture
69. Two word lack correlation: Prodigy
– offspring
70. Dr Jose Rizal’s execution was the
greatest blunder committed by Spanish
authorities because it made him a
martyr of freedom
71. Basal o di – kongkreto –
72. Home / Computers used at write
letters, filed records and picture,
assignment, send social messages, play
games, etc
73. What elements of the economy
need to be balanced so that government
can pay foreign and domestic debts?
74. The father of the family was not
75. Folkdance from Mexico except
76. Because native surnames proved to
be confusing and crude to Spanish
77. Everything seems to be all right
78. In the 19th century the new middle
class spring. The leaders of the
propaganda which sowed seeds to the
79. Survival – reproduction is
80. Christianity – greatest
81. Smallest particle: Atom
82. Spanish educational degree of 1863
provides high school / secondary
83. Volume – is the softness or
loudness of sounds
84. Pitch – is the highness or lowness
of sounds
85. All the necessary material and
equipment were delivered this morning
86. Socratic method is question and
87. Iron is ferromagnetic
88. Christianity – is the Spanish
greatest legacy
89. Gamot – payak
90. Residence Certificate – cedula
during Spanish occupation
91. Budabil – is a play NOT from the
Spanish Era
92. The Philippines National Anthem is
composed by Juan Felipe
Spanish – Philippines National Anthem
93. The real activity of science is the
interpretation of observations and
Kasingkahulugan: Pag-unlad
Kasalungat: Pagbagsak
95. Acta de Tejeros – rejected
Aguinaldo as president
96. To show phonological awareness
skill in segmenting student say the
word and they say the syllable or sound
97. Hindi tugma ang: Bulaklak –
98. Francisco Dagohoy – is the leader
of the longest revolt
99. Vibrio Cholera is comma –
slapped bacteria
100. Folklore – is the philosophy of
our folks during the Pre-Hispanic days
101. Because the production of fossil
fuels, petroleum and coal will run out I
the near future, is called non –
renewable resources
102. Two words lack correlation:
formally – conventionally
103. Check and Balance – is the
principle behind the power given the
legislature to impeach the president for
the loss of public trust
104. To show phonological awareness
skill in blending student say the sounds
individually then say them fast while the
teacher combine blocks and letters.
105. Gestures – culturally de fires
Habit – people communicate
106. Two words lack correlation :
Formerly – Here to fore
107. Paglustay – ang katiwaliang
ginagawa ng opisyal ng gobyerno na
paggamit ng pera ng bayan para sa
pansariling kapakanan
108. Sodium chloride in water is an
example of solid – liquid solution
109. Nakatiwangwang – lupa – inaano
- basura