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KST Sublet Agreement PDF (2)

Sublet Information
The Ontario Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) allows a tenant to sublet their leased space with the consent of the Landlord. A
sublet of a leased space has taken place if the tenant requests that the Landlord agrees to allow the tenant to give
permission to another person to occupy their lease space for a period of time within the lease term
 During the term of a sub-tenancy, the Landlord (King Street Towers) maintains all rights and
responsibilities as they pertain to the original tenant and will hold the original tenant responsible for any
breaches of the tenant’s obligations
 The original tenant may not charge a subtenant an amount for rent that is higher than the lawful rent (the
amount the tenant is required to pay the Landlord as per the lease agreement)
o The sublet will pay you directly; we recommend getting a last month’s rent deposit from
them and/or setting up a payment agreement. You will continue to pay the landlord for
your monthly rent regardless of what your sublet pays you.
 Only tenants who are current on payment of rent and other charges will be granted permission to sublease
The following outlines the steps a tenant must take to obtain approval from King Street Towers to sublet the leased space:
1. Find a subtenant who is willing to occupy your lease for a period of time within your lease term.
2. Inform your roommates of your intention to sublet.
- If you are on a group lease, all leaseholders will need to sign the “Sublet Signature Form” to indicate they
approve of the subtenant
- If you are on an individual lease, it is important to sublet to someone who meets the criteria of your unit’s
dynamic. (ie. Prospect is a female in an all-female unit, the prospect has a pet, etc.)
If you are subletting to a person who is different from your unit dynamic, all leaseholders must sign the “Sublet
Signature form” to indicate they approve of the prospective subtenant
3. Please submit these completed forms to the main office:
a. Sublet agreement
b. Schedule A with the subtenants contact information
- The Schedule A is where you indicate any extra conditions you may have (i.e. no pets allowed, rent must be
paid to you on the first, etc)
c. A copy of the subtenants government-issued ID
d. Signed Sublet Signature form (if applicable)
4. Once you receive approval from the Landlord, surrender building access privileges for the duration of the sublease
and arrange move-in times, key exchange, and room inspection as this will not be facilitated by the office
Sublet Agreement
This agreement is for room
in unit
at King Street Towers between:
; hereinafter called the “Tenant”; the leaseholder for the room listed
(Tenant name)
above and
; hereinafter called the “Sub-Tenant”.
(Sub-tenant name)
Whereas the Tenant is a signatory to a certain Lease Agreement for the room Listed above between the Tenant and the
Landlord; hereinafter referred to as the “Tenancy Agreement”.
This agreement details the temporary occupancy of the Sub-Tenant in the premises listed above that is currently rented by
the Tenant.
1. The Sub-Tenant’s tenancy shall commence on
and shall be complete and
(Sub-tenancy start date)
ended no later than
. This ending date CANNOT exceed the ending date of the
(Sub-tenancy end date)
Tenancy Agreement.
2. The Sub-Tenant shall pay to the Tenant the sum of
_ per month. Please note, it is illegal for
(Monthly rent amount)
the Tenant to charge the Sub-Tenant more than the monthly rental price indicated in the Tenancy Agreement.
3. The Sub-Tenant shall abide by all terms and conditions in the Tenancy Agreement as if they were the signatories
4. The Sub-Tenant must be approved by the Landlord for this agreement to be binding and valid. The Sub-Tenant must
meet the guidelines outlined in the Sublet Information Form.
5. The Tenant shall remain, at all times, responsible to the Landlord for the rent and any other fees related to the
Tenancy Agreement and responsible to the Landlord for any damages/repairs that are a result of the Sub-Tenant.
The Sub-Tenant are responsible to the Tenant.
6. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to communicate any relevant correspondence from the Landlord to the SubTenant. This includes notice of entry’s, updates, policy changes, etc.
7. Special conditions that are to apply to this agreement are noted “Schedule A” Page 2 of this document
This agreement signed this date,
Sub-tenant photo ID attached
Sub-Tenant Signature: __________________________________
Tenant Signature: ______________________________________
Landlord Signature: _____________________________________
A signed copy of the Sublet Agreement must be submitted and approved by Management a minimum of 7 business days
prior to the start of the sublet agreement
Management will not provide access to a unit/bedroom without a Sublet Agreement on file. If the Tenant has not completed
the check-in process with Management, the Sub-Tenant is not permitted to complete the check-in process, including the unit
inspection without the written consent of the Tenant
First name: _________________________ Last Name: __________________________
Cell phone number: ___________________________________
Email Address: ______________________________________