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Self Discipline - Neuroscience

Truly self-discipline people are not bored, unhappy or suffering from any kind of depravation.
Self-discipline is your ability to systematically and progressively work toward a goal until you reached it.
In every field of endeavor, millions of talents of men and women with special talents are wasting away contributing little to their own success for the good of mankind.
The greatest cause of failure is self-discipline.
Children are naturally self-discipline. Children believed everything is possible. Children dont say I cant do it. Children say I want to do it.
Two Revolutionary Discovery of Neuroscience
1. Our behavior is governed by images of achievement.
2. How the human brain forms visuals and sensory images and how these images effects our emotions.
How much we eventually achieved in life, may all boil down to one simple ingredient. The quality of the models we choose to emulate.
The journey of a thousands miles only begins with a step.
10 Common
1. Strong and well-defined sense of purpose.
- Know what he/she wants.
2. He and she seeks out positive role models. Often called mentors.
3. Strength of his imagination.
- Those who lack self-discipline also lack vision, they have only the vaguest images of goals they might, maybe, someday want to achieve. These people are quite capable of creating rich sensory visions but unfortunately, they tend to apply those to scenarios of failures rather than sucess. 4. A positive sensitive sensory orientations.
- A failure generates failure.
5. Deep believe that they will achieve. Self-assurance.
6. Plan and organize.
7. Ability to acquire essential knowledge and skills to put their game plan to work.
8. Patience.
9. Persistence.
10. The ability to experience pleasure while working towards the vision.
Motivational. External rewards do not increase individual commitement. Most people adapt to them quickly. Soon expecting bonuses as a matter of course.
Motivational fear. Brings resentment and burnt out.
Self-discipline is an acquired characteristic.
Without modelling, learning and achievement are not possible.
Two ways to find mentors;
1) Indirectly - Books, videos
Media potrayals
2) Directly - Face to face, daily
Personal acquiantances
Look for a mentor who has learn not to waste time who has learn to master the art of joggling a heavy schedule while staying calm and full control.
You dont have to be perfect to succeed
Bunker Bean. Napoeleon.
Statement of purpose
Sensory goal statement
3 Elements
- Must be result oriented
- Time specific
- Measureable - crietion and complete
I want to be fit and healthy
I want to run a Marathon under 3.5 Hrs
I want to be a data analyst
Sensory Orientations / Sensory Vision Worksheet
Vision of achievement
- Find photographs of vision
- Boston marathon, winners
- Runners world
Make a listing of advantages and rewards and benefits
- Boost self confidence
- Respected
- Sleep better
- Feel stronger
Review statement of purpose:
1) First thing in the morning
2) Listen to Recording
3) Pause and imagine sensory goal
4) At night, review the day
5) Listen to recording
Micronesian, Piolog
Theodore Roosevelt
Dreams are a dimes of dozens. Everybody got dreams. ITs their execution that counts.
- Planning is a way to look at the whole picture and parts that make up the whole.
- Time and patience
- Ideas takes concetrated work to come to fruition. Details.
- Trial and error process.
Visual Network Planning
4 Basic Elements
- Activity Box
- Linking of Activiities
- Reference Number
- Duration