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January Book Project Parent Signature

January Book Project: Cereal Box Book Report
Name: __________________
Due Date: Tuesday, Jan. 31
During the month of January you will select and read a realistic fiction book at home.
(The minutes read will also count towards your reading minutes on your reading log.)
When you have finished reading the book, you will complete the Cereal Box Book
Report and present it to the class on Tuesday, January 31.
Keep the book in your backpack or planner so you can talk about it with Mrs. Peterson.
Please have your parent sign below after they have read about this project. You will
keep this direction form and the planning sheets in your planner.
1. Select a realistic fiction chapter book and show it to Mrs. Peterson. The book
should be at your reading level (not too easy or too difficult).
2. After reading your book, find a cereal box to bring to school.
3. On the top of the box, fill out the form with the title and author of your book.
4. Make a creative book cover on the front of the cereal box that includes the title
of the book. Also draw or attach a picture of a character, event, or setting of the
book. Be as creative as possible and use limited premade pictures. Paper cutouts and hand drawn pictures work the best.
5. Use the Setting and Character Outlines to put on the right and left sides of your
cereal box.
6. Finally, use the Summary sheet to put on the back of the cereal box.
(There is an Organizer for Summarizing to help you organize your thoughts.)
Bonus: Cereal boxes often include a prize. Your prize must be something the
main character could have used in the book or something that reminds you of the main
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