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Syllabus BU111

Fall 2019
Sofy Carayannopoulos
Room LH4046
Sections: A, B, C, D
Office Hours: Thurs, 9:30-10:30 am
Leanne Hagarty
Room LH4072
Sections: E
Office Hours: Tues and Thurs, 10:00 - 11:00 am
David Swanston
Room LH2040
Section: P1, P2
Office Hours: Tue/Thur, 4:00-5:00 pm or by appt.
Librarian: Matt Rohweder, Office: L3-312B, email: mrohweder@wlu.ca, Appointments times
Course, assignment info &
Peer evaluations
Assignment submission
Paper: LH3025; Electronic: MyLearningSpace
Twitter handle
Teaching assistants
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Course objectives
Required materials
Expectations, Procedures and Policies
Student Evaluation (lists assignments & due dates)
Student Privacy
Additional Resources
Weekly schedule and lab requirements:
Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6,
Week 7, Week 8, Week 9, Week 10, Week 11, Week 12
Student Evaluation:
Your mark will consist of the evaluation mechanisms described below. Note the due dates and
times below because missed deadlines will result in severe mark penalties
2 marks – Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing Your Sources
Due Friday, September 27th BEFORE 1 pm
22 marks – Consulting case
▪ 12 marks - Individual Write-up Hand-In
Due BEFORE 1 p.m. on Thursday, October 31stt
6 marks (+1 bonus for the group that advances to semi-finals) – Group Presentation*
Mandatory question and answer session on September 27th, 2:30-4 p.m.
Presentations made during week of November 11th –November 15th
Slides due BEFORE 1 p.m. Nov. 10th ; peer evaluations due by Nov. 15th
BBA students only: Semi-finals on November 15th and finals on November 16th
4 marks – Individual presentation quality
22 marks - New Venture Project
4 marks – Preliminary Report*
Due BEFORE 1 pm on Friday, October 4th; peer evaluations due October 6th
12 marks – Final Report*
Due BEFORE 1 pm on Monday, November 25th; peer evaluations due November 27th
▪ 6 marks – Group presentation*
Presentations made in Lab #11 (your TA will assign presentation order)
Slides Due BEFORE 1 p.m. on Sun., December 1st; peer evaluations due December 6th
10 marks – Lab Participation (4 marks preparation, 6 marks contribution)
- Preparation will be calculated using actual grade achieved on quizzes plus other work
- If you are uncertain about a deadline please confirm with your TA
Midterm Exam**: 20 Marks: Friday, October 11th, 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Final Exam**:
24 Marks: Date determined by Examinations Office
Total 100*** Marks
See next page for explanations, rules and guidelines
Group assignments also require peer evaluations. See Course Schedule for due dates.
Students must pass at least one exam to receive a passing grade in the course.
*** BONUS MARK OPPORTUNITIES: You can earn up to 3.5 bonus marks that will be added to
your overall grade. The opportunities to do so are:
Earn .25 marks for each non-exam review S.I. session you attend, to a maximum of
1.5 bonus marks. Go to S.I. website for schedule (accessible through chatbot also)
Earn up to 1 bonus mark by doing up to four bonus quizzes which you complete on
the Pearson website. The amount of bonus earned will be the average percentage of
marks earned on the quizzes. See course website for instructions.
Earn .50 bonus marks with either or both of these two options:
Attend the Lazaridis International Case Conference education and networking
sessions on Tuesday, October 15th. The event begins at 10 am. You must
submit a summary of the event to MyLS before 5 pm on Tuesday, October 15th.
This should consist of summarizing one key takeaway (three to four sentences)
from each of the speakers (10 am to 12 noon) and the threat or opportunity or
changes business must make as a result. You must also list the company and a
key takeway from one of the booths.
Attend a library seminar on BU111-specific library research. You must
complete the work assigned by the librarian to receive this mark.
Seating is limited at both of the above. Register at laurierbiz.com early to secure a
seat. No extra accommodations or substitute bonus mark opportunities will be
created if you are not available for sessions or able to secure a seat.
If you register for a seat at one of the above events and you do not attend you will
not only forfeit the opportunity to earn any 0.50 bonus marks but will also be
assessed 0.50 deduction from your overall course grade for lack of professionalism
***A penalty of up to 10% will be applied to your final grade for lack of professionalism. Lack
of professionalism can include but is not limited to:
- registering for a limited seating event and not attending
- being absent from semi-finals of the case competition or in some way taking actions
that hinder the performance of your peers
- disrespectful or offensive behaviour towards peers, teaching assistants or instructors
Weekly Schedule:
The lecture topics, related and expected readings and lab assignments for each week are
described below. You are expected to have the indicated readings and/or lab assignments
prepared or at least attempted PRIOR to attending lectures and labs. All materials needed to
prepare for labs each week, i.e. readings, cases, exercises, are in the lab manual unless
otherwise indicated.
Note that any quizzes that are indicated as lab preparation must be completed BEFORE your
weekly lab that week or you will receive a zero on the quiz and that component of lab
preparation for that week.
Week 1
Lecture Topics:
▪ Course Introduction
▪ Course Model, Environmental Analysis Models
▪ Lab Manual: Codes of Conduct
▪ Textbook: Chapters 1 and 2
Required tasks (execute IN THIS ORDER):
1. Go to www.laurierbiz.com to register for a lab
BBA students: Lab registration begins on Tues. Sept. 10th at 7 a.m.
Non-BBA students: Lab registration begins on Wed. Sept. 11th at 7 a.m.
2. After registering for a lab, complete the BU111 Student Survey
(www.laurierbiz.com/survey) BY 4 PM, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH.
3. Register with Pearson for access to required quizzes and resources
o Registration instructions and other details provided on laurierbiz.com
o Technical assistance with Pearson registration and resources is available on
Thursday, September 12th, 10:00 am-12:30 in LH3025
Begin completing Avoiding Plagiarism Assignment. Instructions are on laurierbiz.com website
Week 2
Lecture Topics:
Environmental Analysis Models
Textbook: Chapters 1 and 2
Porter’s Five Forces reading on laurierbiz.com
Required task:
Register for Pearson if you have not yet done so
Prepare for Lab #1:
Read: An Introduction to the Case Method
Review: Case Analysis & Write-Up: Summary Checklist ; Case Analysis Summary Sheet
Prepare prior to lab:
o Complete “Introduction to Case Method?” quiz on Pearson (see instructions
posted on laurierbiz.com for details on how to access Pearson lab quizzes)
o Practice case analysis using Joe’s Java case.
o Answer Joe’s Java case preparation questions in lab manual and bring to lab
Complete BU111 Student Survey (www.laurierbiz.com/survey) prior to lab if you have
not already done so
FOUNDATIONAL STUDY HABITS. Receive .25 bonus marks for each non-exam review
session you attend.
Week 3
Lecture Topics:
Understanding Entrepreneurship
Textbook: Chapter 3
Prepare for Lab #2:
▪ Read:
o Finding and Using Data
o Principles of Good Slide Design
o Approach to Team Work in BU111
o Team Charter (to be completed after the lab and uploaded to MyLS along with a team social
o Team Requirements & Disciplinary Procedure
o Peer Evaluation Rubric
o Become familiar with library databases, conduct research.
o Using research, prepare ONE slide recommending a course of action for Joe’s Java. Put
citations for your research sources in the notes page as well as a few bullet points of what
you intend to say. Put your name in the footer of the slide.
o Submit the slide to My Learning Space dropbox BY MIDNIGHT ON THE SUNDAY prior to
your lab. See lab manual for instructions and requirements.
BBA students only: CPA Consulting sessions – Go to laurierbiz.com and register for a session to
discuss your NV idea with a CPA consultant on October 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing Your Sources DUE BEFORE 1 PM on Friday, September
27th. Details and instructions on laurierbiz.com
Week 4
Lecture Topics:
Understanding Entrepreneurship
Textbook: Chapter 4
Prepare for Lab #3:
o The Informal Report Format
o “High Tech Bar Top” case
o Analyze “High Tech Bar Top” case
o Practice communicating your analysis and solution for High Tech Bar Top by filling in
the “Informal Report Structure” form
Think about how you will apply the informal report format for your NV
proposal – what key features will be the same? What will the sections and
high information headings be?
o Submit Team Charter to MyLS prior to lab with all team members signatures
September 27th– Mandatory Case assignment question and answer session –
LH1001. See laurierbiz.com for room registration and attendance details.
After lab #3 and before you submit peer evaluations for your New Venture Proposal:
Read “Delivering & Receiving Effective Feedback”. When completing your peer evaluations you
must provide constructive and objective feedback that justifies the grades you are assigning. It is
NOT acceptable to: a) simply say “good work” or b) deduct marks without explaining the reason
for the deduction. Therefore:
1. If the student is performing well in all areas of the rubric then give one statement for
each parameter that justifies your grade, i.e. “attended all meetings on time”,
“completed all work by deadlines and at the quality expected”
2. If you are assigning less than a 4/4 on any item you must explain as objectively as
possible why, ie. “attended only 2 of 3 meetings”, “attended all meetings but arrived
late for 2/3 of meetings”
If you do not provide constructive feedback you will face a mark penalty for not completing
peer evaluations.
Week 5
Lecture Topics:
Technology Factors
Textbook: Chapter 2
Lab Manual: Technology readings
Prepare for Lab #4:
▪ Read:
Porter’s Five Forces reading on laurierbiz.com
o Create one review question (a question you believe might be seen on the midterm) for
each topic we have covered in the course to date, ie. Critical success factors, Porter’s
Five Forces, Diamond-E, and two questions for entrepreneurship
Review your lecture notes. Bring them to the lab with you.
New Venture Proposal due in hardcopy to ASSIGNMENT DROP BOXES at LH3025
and MyLS BEFORE 1 pm on Friday, October 4th. Details and instructions on
Peer Evaluations due BEFORE 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 6th.
REMINDER: You will need a few days for the Pearson tutor to provide you with
feedback so that you can properly revise your case and complete the requirements
for this assignment. USE YOUR READING WEEK WISELY.
Week 6
Lecture Topics:
Technology Factors and Economic Factors – Canadian Financial System, Investment
Textbook: Chapter 2
Lab Manual: Technology readings
Prepare for Lab #5:
Complete Informal Report Format Quiz (Lab #5) on Pearson. Refer to the “Informal Report
with Errors” in this section of the lab manual while doing the quiz.
Analyze WIN Sports Manufacturing
Apply your knowledge of the informal report format by drafting the high information
headings you would use for WIN and a couple of points you would make under each
Week 7
Lecture Topics:
Economic Factors – Canadian Financial System, Investment Instruments
Textbook: Chapter 5
Lab Manual: Stocks, Bonds and Other Financial Products (located in Lab #7 content)
Prepare for Lab #6:
Read “Creating and Delivering a Great Presentation” in the lab manual
Review “Principles of Good Slide Design” in lab 2 content of the lab manual
Complete Pearson Lab 6 Quiz “Slides and presentations” which covers ALL of the above
presentation content
Individual Case due in hardcopy to ASSIGNMENT DROP BOXES at LH3025 and
MyLS BEFORE 1 pm on October 31st. Details and instructions posted on
Watch your e-mail ON October 31st for consulting case group assignment
information. Group case presentations are in labs during November 11th – 13th.
BBA STUDENTS ONLY: Semifinal and final presentations will take place on
November 15th and 16th. Make sure you are available for both days for the entire
time indicated – if your group advances to semifinals you must attend the finals
to receive your bonus mark
Week 8
Lecture Topics:
Economic Factors – Time Value of Money
Textbook: Chapter 5
Lab Manual: Time Value of Money
Prepare for Lab #7:
Complete Investment Instruments Lab 7 Quiz on Pearson
Prepare solutions to Lab Preparation Investment Problems found in Lab 7 content of lab
manual. Your TA will be looking for effort, not correct answers. Make your best attempt at
solving the problems and bring your solutions to lab so that you can maximize your learning
Review, print and bring a copy of your new venture proposal with you to the lab. Be prepared
to critique and discuss it with other students in the lab. [Note: this activity was originally
scheduled for Lab #6]
Week 9
Lecture Topics:
Economic Factors – Time Value of Money
Prepare for Lab #8:
▪ Group case presentations will be taking place during this lab.
Submit an electronic copy of your executive summary to MyLS by 1 pm on
Sunday, November 10th.
Submit a copy of your presentation slides to MyLS by 1 pm on Sunday,
November 10th.
Peer evaluations are due BEFORE 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 15th
BBA STUDENTS ONLY: Semi-final and final presentations will take place on
November 15th (1:00 pm to 5:30 pm) and 16th (1:00 pm to 5:00 pm). Make sure
you are available for both days for the times indicated – if your group advances
to semi-finals you must attend both the semis and finals to receive your bonus
Week 10
Lecture Topics:
Social Factors – Demographics, Ethics, Stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility
Textbook: Chapter 4
Lab Manual:
o Two Thirds of Everything
o Boomers and Other Cohorts
o Canadian Demographics – Government Data
Prepare for Lab #9:
Complete Lab Preparation Time Value of Money Questions found in Lab 9 content of the
lab manual
Complete Time Value of Money Lab 9 Quiz on Pearson
Valuable resource: Extra time value practice questions on the Pearson website
Week 11
Lecture Topics:
Political Factors
▪ Textbook: Chapters 6 (LO1), 7 (LO1), 8
Prepare for Lab #10:
Complete Lab Preparation Time Value of Money Questions found in Lab 10 of the lab
manual content
Complete Lab 10 Quiz on Pearson
Review all time value and investment instruments materials and use this lab to obtain
New Venture Final Report due in hard copy at LH3025 and MyLS BEFORE 1 pm
on Monday, November 25th. (Details and instructions on laurierbiz.com).
Final Report Peer Evaluations due BEFORE 11:59 p.m. on Wed., November 27th.
New Venture presentation slides must be submitted on MyLS no later than 1 pm
on Sunday, December 1st (Details and instructions on laurierbiz.com)
Week 12
Lecture Topics:
Political Factors
Prepare for Lab #11:
New Venture Project Presentations
Complete New Venture Presentation Peer Evaluations BEFORE 11:59 p.m. on
Friday, Dec. 6th
Course Objectives:
Business 111 is designed to provide the introductory business student with the following:
A basic overview to the external business environment and how it affects managerial
decision making. The concepts advanced in the course will provide a foundation that will
be further developed in Business 121 and senior business courses.
The development of business communication and teamwork skills.
Instruction and practice in using research resources and properly citing them.
A basic business vocabulary.
Through active participation in labs, students may develop many interpersonal and
managerial skills required for success in the workplace.
A clear understanding of the academic, behavioural, and ethical standards expected of
students studying business at Wilfrid Laurier University. These standards will prepare
students for similar expectations that will be encountered in the workplace.
Required Materials:
Business 111 Lab Manual, Thirty-fourth Edition: Captus Press, 2019.
Business Essentials, Ninth Canadian Edition: Ronald J Ebert: Pearson Publishing (book and
resources will be automatically provided to you through MyLS)
iClicker remote (make sure to register your clicker on My Learning Space)
In Business 111 three approaches to learning are used:
Readings and Pearson online resources – Your text(s) will provide you with an overview of the
topics covered in the course lectures. Notes on content not addressed in class are not required
unless you are specifically informed otherwise. The Pearson website has many quizzes designed
to help you review course material and prepare for exams.
Lectures Slides of the lectures will be available prior to each lecture. These will assist you in
identifying the important aspects of the lecture, and taking organized and complete lecture
notes. The lecturer will assume that students have obtained a copy of and reviewed these slides
prior to each lecture. Because the slide contents are neither complete nor thorough, failure to
attend lectures and take detailed lecture notes will result in diminished performance on
examinations. Exams will be based primarily on lecture materials.
Weekly Labs: Each student is required to register in a weekly lab where smaller groups of
students (30) meet with a senior business student, acting as the Teaching Assistant or lab leader.
Labs provide students with the opportunity to apply and enhance their knowledge, develop many
of the skill sets required of practising managers and obtain extra help with material covered in
lectures. They will also provide an opportunity to earn grades as explained next.
Your participation grade out of 10 marks is earned in your weekly lab. This grade will be based
on your level of preparation and quality of participation in labs. A participation rubric is included
in your lab manual and your TA will also discuss participation expectations. You can only earn
participation marks in your registered lab.
Preparation will be calculated as a percentage out of 4 marks based on performance on quizzes
and assessment of other work.
Because so much learning and application takes place in the lab, attendance at labs is
COMPULSORY! Attendance marks are dealt with as follows:
You are allowed one unvalidated absence from labs, and you are allowed to make up one
An unvalidated absence means you: a) cannot provide documentation proving that
the absence was unavoidable, i.e. a doctor's note, and b) you did not attend a
"make up lab" during the same week. You will receive a mark of zero (0) on all
assignments if you have more than one unvalidated absence from
labs. Assignments are worth 55 marks in the course.
You may "make up" one missed lab per term so that it does not count as an
unvalidated absence. You must attend a different lab during that academic week
(see laurierbiz.com for a lab schedule list). To prove that you made up a lab you
must print a copy of the Lab Make Up Form (posted on laurierbiz.com) and take it
with you to the substitute lab. The TA of that lab will sign and forward it to your TA.
If you are absent due to a serious and unavoidable reason, i.e. serious illness or medical
emergency, e-mail your TA to notify him/her of the absence as soon as possible and copy
your professor. Bring the documentation, i.e. doctor’s note, to your professor as soon as
possible. It is best to make up missed labs whenever possible.
Participation marks will be lost for each lab that is missed, regardless of whether the
absence is unvalidated or if the lab was made up.
Three lates count as one lab absence.
Labs begin on Monday, September 16th.
Registration will be done online at
www.laurierbiz.com. More information will be provided in the first lecture.
Important Notes Regarding Procedures and Expectations:
1. In order to achieve a passing grade the student must demonstrate that he/she can describe
and apply concepts and theories without the assistance of peers or instructors. To
demonstrate this ability, the student must pass either the midterm or the final exam. Failing
both exams will result in an automatic failure in the course.
2. The university and the instructors of this course have strict policies regarding academic
misconduct. University expectations are outlined in the university calendar. The course
Codes of Conduct are on the front pages of the Lab Manual.
3. All work submitted to BU111 must be your own, original work. Any sources used must be
properly cited to avoid an academic misconduct due to plagiarism. Any work that is found
to have been plagiarised will result in mark penalties, and potentially an F in the course,
as well as having the incident noted on his/her record at the University. This video outlines
what to do to ensure you do not accidentally commit plagiarism:
4. All work submitted for marking must be submitted both electronically to
mylearningspace.com and in hard copy to the TA office, by the due date AND TIME. Any
work not submitted on time will receive a late penalty of up to 100% on the assignment.
5. Group work is an important component of your education and business skill development.
It is the responsibility of the student to actively seek meaningful participation in group
activities and tasks. Any student not demonstrating commitment to contribute equally in
a group exercise may be “fired” from his/her group by the other members, according to
the procedure outlined in the lab manual, and will receive a 0 on the group exercise.
6. There is no deferred midterm for BU 111. In the case of illness or unforeseeable and
unavoidable conflicts, you must provide documentation to be approved by your Instructor.
Students should discuss midterm conflicts with the Instructor as soon as they are aware of
them. In the case of illness, this documentation must be on the Verification of Illness
form supplied on laurierbiz.com – no other documentation will be accepted. This
documentation must be obtained on the day before or the day of the illness, and should
indicate that the doctor confirms that you were too ill to write the exam. Those students
not writing the regular midterm exam will be required to write a final exam worth 44
percent of their overall mark which may be cumulative in terms of course content.
7. Final exam deferrals are arranged through the SBE petitions committee. This committee
does not look favourably on petitions for final exam deferrals due to travel commitments –
do not book any travel plans until you see the final exam timetable!
Student Privacy:
During the course, it may be necessary to divulge students’ names, ID numbers, or other personal
information to other members of the class. Every reasonable effort will be made to keep the
personal information of the student private and secure. The following measures have been put
in place to balance the requirements of the course with the need to protect personal information:
Exams and assignments will only be released to the student who submitted them. If a
student is uncomfortable with their name being called in class, he or she should contact the
instructor and TA the day before the assignment is to be returned.
3. Marks will only be released through our online marks website. They will only be discussed in
person with the student, after valid identification has been provided.
4. The individual circumstances or performance of a student will not be discussed before,
during or after class. A student wishing to review their performance or discuss personal
circumstances affecting their performance should make an appointment to speak to the
instructor privately in her office. Because the TA office is a shared workspace, if the student
wishes to have a private discussion with a TA, arrangements must be made with the TA in
5. Group work is a necessary component of this course. This will involve disclosure of some
personal information to other class members in order to assign topics, arrange groups,
submit, evaluate and return work. Enrolment in the course is deemed to be consent to such
necessary disclosure.
6. Class participation is a vital component of this course. This may involve the use of class lists,
name tags, etc. If a student is uncomfortable with his or her name being disclosed in these
formats, he or she should bring this matter to the attention of the instructor during the first
week of class so that alternate arrangements can be made.
7. The professor will only respond to student email sent from the student’s WLU or UW
account. Students should not contact the instructor from any other email (i.e. hotmail).
8. Peer evaluations will be used in this course. These evaluations will be held in confidence and
will only be disclosed to the student whose mark is affected. Such disclosure will be in an
aggregate form. Individual peer evaluations will not be disclosed. If this is unacceptable to
the student, prior alternate arrangements must be made with the instructor.
9. The record of the student’s progress throughout the course will be maintained by the
instructor for a period of one year after completion of the course.
10. Sign in sheets will be used to record attendance at the midterm. If a student does not wish
to sign the sheet, he or she should bring this fact to the attention of the proctor before the
start of the exam.
If a student is concerned or needs to make special arrangements to accommodate specific privacy
issues, he or she must bring these matters to the attention of the instructor within the first week
of classes so that reasonable accommodations can be made or an alternate course can be
selected by the student.
Additional Resources
Writing Centre has walk in writing assistance.
Supplemental Instruction (SI) – This course is SI-supported. Each week, your SI
Learning Assistant will facilitate learning groups where you will review the course
content and prepare for exams. SI does not replace lectures or labs; however, it
can significantly enhance your academic performance. For more information, visit
the website at www.wlu.ca/study.
Students enrolled full time in the School of Business and Economics are
PRISMRESOURCES Members. PRISM offers resources to our members, including
exclusive access to computer labs, unlimited training courses and much more. To
read about all of the benefits of being a PRISM member, please visit
www.prismresources.ca/benefits, or speak with a Customer Service
Representative at our Help Desk.
NOTE: Students with disabilities or special needs are advised to contact Laurier’s Accessible Learning Centre for
information regarding its services and resources. Students are encouraged to review the University
Undergraduate Calendar for information regarding all services available on campus. If you are unsure what
resources are appropriate for you or require any assistance with any type of academic issues, contact the Central
Academic Advising Office at http://www.wlu.ca/academicadvising.