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Paranormal Psych Powerpoint

Most Haunted - A Ghost Captured on Film?
Most Haunted - A Ghost Captured on Film?
What Parapsychology is Not
What Parapsychology is Not
Time-Traveling Celebrity Vampires?
Time-Traveling Celebrity Vampires?
Time-Traveling Celebrity
Celebrity Vampires?
What Sources of Information/Knowledge Do We Use to Form Our
Beliefs About the World? To What Extent Can We Trust These
Sources of Information/Knowledge?
Sources of Our Knowledge of
the World Around Us
1. Authority Figures & Experts
2. Media (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Tabloids)
3. Popular Literature
4. Observations of the World Around Us
5. Instinct (Innate Behavior in Response to a Stimulus)
6. Common Sense (Native Good Judgment)
7. Belief (Opinion or Conviction Believed to Be Truthful)
8. Serendipity (Accidental Discovery of Something Valuable)
9. Rationalism (Logical Reasoning & Healthy Skepticism)
10. Testimony (Statement Based on Personal Experience/Belief)
Sources of Our Knowledge of
the World Around Us (cont.)
11. Introspection (Examine One’s Own Thoughts/Experiences)
12. Memory (Retain and Recall of Past Events)
13. Tenacity (Belief Resulting from Continued Presentation)
14. Intuition (Gut Feelings Without Rational Justification)
15. Attributions (Inferences About Cause of Observed Behavior)
16. Faith (Belief Not Based on Proof/Material Evidence)
Inspiration (Blind Flash of Genius)
Insight (Understanding a Specific Cause and Effect)
19. Sensation (Information Received Through the Senses)
20. Perception (Interpretation of Sensory Information)
Do Paranormal Phenomena Originate in the Brain or
Do They Originate in the External Environment?
Sources of Our Knowledge of
the World Around Us (cont.)
21. Personal Experiences/Significant Life Events
22. Societal Rules and Norms For Behavior
23. Academic Literature (Journals; Scholarly Writings)
Illusory Correlations (Superstitious Behavior)
25. Pseudoscience (“False Science”)
26. Science
Empiricism (Learning Through Direct Observation or
Experience, and Replication of Those Experiences)
How Have Significant Life Events Throughout History Influenced
Belief in the Paranormal and Reports of Paranormal Phenomena?
Spirit Photography
The Civil War
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Rudyard Kipling (En-dor Poem)
The Spanish Flu Epidemic - 1918
9/11 Terrorist Attack
They lost their loved ones to Covid.
Then they heard from them again
By John Blake, CNN
The “Sheep-Goat” Dichotomy
ESP possible under given
experimental conditions
ESP exists as a genuine
Gertrude Schmeidler
Experimental Psychologist
PhD-Harvard University
Professor-City University
Reject existence of ESP
as genuine phenomenon
The “Believer-Skeptic” Dichotomy
Unexplainable vs. Unexplained
Possibility vs. Probability
Anecdotes vs. Evidence
To those who believe, no proof is needed and to those who
do not believe, no amount of proof is good enough
Categories of “Paranormal Belief”
Pseudo-Skeptics +
Pseudo-Skeptics -