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Genesis Reading Log
1. God Speaks Creation
- What is it the beginning of exactly? The beginning of the time or the beginning of
mankind’s time or creation’s time?
- I noticed for the first time that it says “Let us” like not let me or I. I guess I always just
glossed over it before. It means the Trinity when it says us obviously but I just never paid
attention to that.
2. Womanhood begins
- I just thought about whenever it says the heavens and the Earth, heaven means space,
doesn’t it? I always just thought it meant that He created Heaven but it would have
already been there so they are just calling space the heavens
- Why did God create Eve from Adam’s rib instead of just speaking her into existence?
- Did Eve look different at first since she wasn’t supposed to have pain during childbirth
yet? What if it was a different process? Or I guess it was probably the same but it just
wouldn’t hurt
3. The Beginning of Sin
- What did the serpent look like before he was cursed to crawl on his belly? Did he have
legs or just kind of scooted upright?
- What kind of skin did He use to make garments for Adam and Eve?
- It says that it is part of the curse that your husband will rule over you does that mean it
was supposed to be equal before the curse?
- Is that why modern medicine always has consequences for childbirth? Like you can get
an epidural but it causes back pain when you are older?
4. The first family
- How did they know what to do? Was it natural to them or did God have to tell them?
- What was the mark put on Cain?
- Why did Cain build a city if he was supposed to be a restless wanderer?
- Why did Lamech get 2 wives?
- How’d they even get bronze and iron? V.22 I looked up how to get bronze and I am still
5. The First Family Tree
- What if God named mankind bears and bears mankind and then it would be like people
aren’t having enough bears anymore! Lol v.2
- I wonder if their all-natural diet helped them live so long too v.5
- I wonder what they looked like after 900 years on Earth you know? Like did they stay
younger longer or just keep getting older and older and look even more wrinkly and old
than old people today
- These people are waiting so long to have children. They are not teen parents at all, but
also I guess if you live to be 900 then 100 is young.
- Why was around 900 the length that people lived? Did they keep track of how old they
6. The Flood prequel
- Who were the sons of God who created the Nephilim? V.2
- What does it mean in those days and the days afterward? V.4
7. The Flood Happens
- How did Noah gather all the animals and bring them into the ark?
- How did the animals behave during the flood, and how did they survive for so long in the
8. The Flood Ends
- Why did he choose a raven at first and then switch to a dove? V. 6-7
- Why does God like the smell of burnt offerings? V.21
9. The Flood Epilogue
- If the Earth is filled do we still have to multiply? Bc billions of people live here and I do
not want to have kids I just want to adopt.
- So don’t eat raw meat? V.4
10. The Descendants of Noah
- Why does it clarify so specifically in this chapter but then in previous ones just be like oh
and they had a bunch of other children
- How did they choose names?
The light red chapters are an introduction period. This is the beginning as the first chapter
states. It is like when you first have a baby, there are the first steps, the first word, but there are
also the first time they hit someone, the first time they get in trouble, the first time they hurt you.
This section is a myriad of different beginnings, rebeginnigs, and firsts.
11. The beginning of language
- Why did they use brick instead of stone? V.3
- Why were these girls some if not the only ones mentioned in the lineages? V.29
12. The Journey of Abram
- Did Egypt have more food or something? V.10
- Why did he do that like its so weird that he did that v.19
- I like that God protected her from anything happening to her and kept getting them sick
and stuff since it wasn’t her choice and she was following her husband’s lead
13. Abram and Lot separate
- Why does it just randomly mention other people were staying there? What does that
mean for what is going on? V.7
- When did they start living in houses instead of tents? v.18
14. Abram saves Lot
- Why did they rebel like what was the king doing? V.4
- Allied with who I thought they just rebelled against that guy? v.5
15. God’s promise to Abram
- Why did he cut them in half and also why not the birds? V.10
- What was the darkness that came over him? v.12
16. Ishmael is born
- It is so sad that hagar had to just sleep with him once and then never again, how lonely
an experience to have to go through when sex is supposed to be the gift of making love
- Why do people care so much about their descendants being multiplied? V.10
17. Rebirth of Abram’s family
- Is that still true for today? What if they weren’t circumcised? V.14
- Abraham laughed too so why is only Sarah scolded for it? V.17
18. Sarah laughs and Abraham Saves
- What is a seah? V.6
- Why did He decide not to hide it from Abraham after all? v.17
19. Lot is Saved Again
- Why would he offer his daughters? V.8
- Wdym that is why its called that? Why is it called zoar? v.22
20. Abraham Lies Again
- Was she really that pretty? Did kings do that to every pretty woman or what? What about
like their daughters? V.2
- How long was it that she was there if it was long enough to notice no one was having
kids? v.18
21. Isaac is Born
- Why a party on the day he was weaned and not born? V.8
- Did hagar not learn from the first time she disliked sarah? v.9
22. Isaac almost sacrificed
- What about Ishmael? V.2
- Why did Abraham need to know about that? v.20
23. Sarah dies
- Did they like keep paper deeds or was it just word of mouth? V.17
- What was he the prince of? v.6
24. Rebekah Introduced
- How did one servant take 10 camels? V.10
- Did he pierce her nose right then and there? v.29
25. Abraham’s story ends, his son’s story continues
- He just forgot about Sarah? That is sad tbh also how young was she that it is seen as
normal for her to have all these children when her husband is like 100? v.1
- He had more sons with concubines?? For what? v.6
The blue section is the story of Abraham, starting when he was still just Abram. There are many
repeating minor characters but I think that for the majority it focuses on his life, the promises
God made to him, and his family.
26. Isaac Lies like his father
- Do people with pretty wives get killed alot or something? V.7
- What did he go to the king for? v.1
27. Rebekah and Isaac cheat
- I was wondering how did he not know by the different voices? V.22
- Why did he give him such a terrible blessing dang I mean Jacob is the one that lied v.39
28. Jacob’s Journey
- Why did he bless him again after saying he couldn’t bless easau? V.1
- Why did Esau have so many wives? v.9
29. Jacob’s story on arrival
- I did not know women were shepherds tbh I thought it was for the men v.9
- What does delicate eyes mean? v.17
30. Jacob and Rachel and Leah
- Why do they keep having their servants sleep with their husbands? I don’t like it. V.3 v.9
- What does branches have to do with sheep mating? v.38
31. Jacob Leaves
- Why would Rachel do that, it makes me so upset that Jacob loved her more even though
she was problematic the whole time v.19
- Why is it okay for other people to have more wives but not him? v.50
32. Jacob becomes Isreal
- Why did he ask his name and why did he ask why he asked his name? V.29
- Why so many female and so few male? v.14
33. Jacob and Esau reunite
- If he wasn’t going to attack him why did he bring so many men? V.1
- So did Jacob never go to seir? v.17
34. The fate of Jacob’s daughter
- Did he love her or did he rape her? Those are not terms that go together v.2-3
- Why did no one call him by his new name? V.7
35. Jacob and God and death
- Why did they have foreign gods in the first place? V. 2
- It was her last dying act to name him so why did he change it that is rude v.18
36. Esau’s family
- Do all these names have meanings?
- Why did it talk about Edom?
37. Joseph’s prequel
- Why do they go back and forth between calling him Isreal or Jacob?
- Why did he even tell them the next dream if they hated the first one? v.9
38. The Story of Judah
- Was Judah raising them wrong that they all kept being put to death? V.7
- Did age not matter in marriage there? V.14
- Was it not sinful to sleep with a prostitute? v.16
This section I separated because I felt like it these were chapters of a book. The first chapter
was all the prequels before the second told the story of Abraham, and the third chapter tells the
story of Jacob. He is also a descendant of Abraham being the son of Isaac. This section starts
out speaking about Isaac but I feel like that is more of an introduction to begin telling Jacob’s
story. Jacob’s section also ends by introducing the next chapter or main character, Joseph.
39. The accusation of Joseph
- What did well-built look like in that time period?
- What did a prisoner being in charge of the prison look like?
40. Joseph the dream interpreter
- Do people in the Bible not have dreams every night? V.5
- What is a cupbearer?
41. Joseph interprets a bigger dream
- Once again do they not have dreams all the time? Bc I do v.1
- What did the magicians do regularly like every day? V.8
42. Joseph reunited with family
- Where was the governor in the leadership distribution? V.6
- Why did his dreams make him think they were spies? V.9
43. Joseph and his little brother reunited
- Did they survive off only grain? Like what about fruits and vegetables? V.2
- Why was it bad for them to eat together? V.32
44. Joseph frames his brothers
- Why do they ride donkeys and not horses? V.3
- Why are they just repeating everything that just happened? v.18
45. Joseph and his family reconciled
- Why did he tell them that? V.24
- Father to pharoah? v.8
46. Jacob’s family moves to Egypt
- Where was Dinah? V.15
- Why would he want them to answer that if it was detestable? v.34
47. Jacob settles his family in
- What kind of special ability? V.6
- Why didn’t they just give it for free if they had so much and the people had so little? v.20
48. Isreal gives his blessing to Joseph’s sons
- Why did he not bury her with the other family? V.7
- Why are the old people’s eyes always just failing completely? v.10
49. Isreal blesses his own sons and dies
- Aren't all of his son's brothers? V.5
- This is because at that time it was seen as attractive to have striking dark eyes I think
- Is he blessing them or just prophesying?
- What does that even mean for his life? V.21
50. The end of Joseph’s story
- I thought they went with him v.16
- Why couldn’t they leave the land? v.25
The light purple is the fourth “chapter” I felt like that focused almost exclusively on the story of
Joseph. It speaks many times of Jacob and his family but they are minor characters in this
section compared to the triumphs that Joseph has in leading Egypt, leading his family, and
leading his own heart to forgiveness.
Significant Reoccurences
Words : blessing, bless - God blesses many people throughout the book, and many people
bless each other and their sons; Genesis 1:22, 28, Genesis 2:3, Genesis 9:1, 26 Genesis
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10-14; 30:27-30; 31:55; 32:26-29; 33:9, 11; 35:9-12, 15; 39:5, Genesis 47:7-10, 23-25
Covenant - the covenants in this book are very important to the message in Genesis,
some of these times are like when God promised not to flood the earth again and the one God
makes with Abraham; Genesis 6:18, Genesis 9:9-17, Genesis 15:18-21, Genesis 17:2-21,
Genesis 21:27-32, Genesis 26:26-31, Genesis 31:43-55, Genesis 32:22-32, Genesis 50:24-26
Land - Many times the story focuses on land like when Abraham and Lot split land, or
the Garden of Eden; Genesis 1:9 Genesis 2:11 Genesis 3:17 Genesis 4:2 Genesis 6:1 Genesis
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30:25 Genesis 30:38 Genesis 30:41 Genesis 31:3 Genesis 31:21
Themes :
forgiveness and reconciliation - Genesis 45:15, Genesis 33:4, Genesis 50:17, Genesis 45:5
Jacob and Esau forgive each other, Joseph forgives his brothers, God forgives everyone
hundreds of times
Characters : God - Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-25, Genesis 3:1-24, and throughout the book of
Eve - Genesis 2:18-25, Genesis 3:1-24, and throughout the book of Genesis.
Adam - Genesis 1:26-31, Genesis 2:1-25, Genesis 3:1-24, and throughout the
book of Genesis.
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