TOPIC: Present Sandwiches Attractively
LO 3. Present a variety of sandwiches
3.1 Present sandwiches attractively
Background Information for Learners
Portion Sandwiches and its Ingredients
Portion Control is necessary to proportionate the weight, scoop and slice of food items, like ham and
roasted beef. Other ingredients can be portion control, by slicing the meat thinly and correctly. You will
need a good meat slicer and a scale to weigh your meat.
For sandwich fillings you can use scoops and make sure it does not exceed the scoop edges. The
scoop is made so you can proportionately apportion the amount of food, no more or no less.
Sliced items are portioned by count and by weight. If portioning is by count, take care to slice to the
proper thickness. If done by weight, each portion can be placed on squares of waxed paper or stacked in a
Creative sandwich preparation
Sandwiches should be attractively served on plates for individual serving or on platters for multiple
serving. The plate or platters can be decorated with suitable ingredients to enhance the overall presentation.
Attractive presentation makes a garnish tray more appealing so you should learn the techniques for creating a
balanced, colorful and appetizing buffet arrangement. Garnishes that complement sandwiches such as a variety of
olives, peppers and pickles add color and texture to the tray. Arranging a bed of greens offers a festive and inviting
cold tray presentation for any kind of event.
Spread leaf lettuce on a tray, decorate the tray edges with the top curly part of the leaves the base of the
leaves point toward the center of the tray. This creates a decorative bed for the sandwiches and garnishes.
Spear the center of each sandwiches with a long toothpick if the sandwiches are layered, such as club
sandwiches or slices of submarine sandwiches. The pick keeps the sandwich together on the tray and
makes them neater for guests to select, so the sandwich won’t fall apart when someone picks it up.
Arrange the sandwiches by the filling, with the contents exposed to make sandwich selection more
obvious. - Sandwich quarters should be arranged with cut edge of the sandwich pointing up at the
Arrange finger sandwiches in a spiral, or setting up the sandwiches in rows in the tray, with a row of
garnishes between each row of sandwiches.
Place vegetarian sandwiches on a separate tray from sandwich made with meat products. -Handle food
picks carefully. Remove food picks before giving sandwiches to children or impaired adult.
Plate pinwheel sandwiches in a circular design on a platter with the pin wheel filling facing upward to
show off the colors of the ingredients.
Sample sandwich presentations: