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Science notes - light and eye

Science Learning
1┊Light 💡
Light travels in 300,300 km/s. Light is wave and particles.
What is the role of the light?
- Help us to see things around us.
- Helps the plants to make food
- A source of energy
- Keeps our body warm
🌟The Properties of Light 🌟
⌦ Light travels in a straight line.
⌦ Reflection: Light bounces on reflective objects.
⌦ Refraction: The changing of light, speed, and direction.
⌦ Transmission: Light passing through an object.
⌦ Shadow
⌦ Absorption of Light
Light is all the colours in the rainbow.
Questions & Answer:
1. Why is that pen red?
Because the red pen absorbs all the colors except the color
2. What about BLACK?
Black absorbs all the colors (opposite of white).
2┊Parts of Eye
Name of the part
- Iris
- Pupil
- Sclera
- Lens
- Retina
- Optic nerve
- Aqueous
- Vitreous
Function !
Give colour to the eye, maintain the amount of the
light, adjust the size of our pupil.
Receive the light
Protect our eye ball
Collect the light & refract the light, focus on a object
at some/various distance.
The place where the image is formed.
Rods cell = distinguish the object
Cones cell = distinguish the color
Send the signal to the brain
Control the pressure & gives nutrition to the eye.
Maintain our eye shape
- Ciliary
- Cornea
- Color blind
Types of lens:
- Concave
- Convex
3┊Eye Disease 👁
A. Cataract
╰┈➤ Causes: diabetes, overweight, smoking, age related,
wrong eye surgery, genetics
Symptoms: cloudy vision, colours faded, lights seem too
Treatment: surgery, eye glasses,
B. Nearsighted eye disease
╰┈➤ Causes: genetics, use eyes for close up work, diabetes
Symptoms: eye strain, faraway objects looks very blurry,
Treatment: wear eye glasses, wear contact lens
C. Glaucoma
╰┈➤ Causes: diabetes, over 60 years old
Symptoms: blurry vision, blind spot
Treatment: laser therapy, surgery
D. Lazy Eye
╰┈➤ Causes: strabismus, genetics, refractive error
Symptoms: vision loss, eye don’t work together
Treatment: surgery, wear special glasses
E. Colour Blindness
╰┈➤ Causes: genetic, injury to the retina, eye injured by laser
Symptoms: hard to differentiate colours
Treatment: Cannot be treated, but can be help