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AM Pillar Step 0-1 Workshop (2)

Course Title:
Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Pillar steps 0-1
How can I register for this course?
Click on this link to the Supply Chain Academy Calendar and find the course
Click on ‘Sign Up Here’ and complete the registration form
General information:
The online training has been created for our AM colleagues that would like to build their capability to effectively
implement the steps 0-1 of the AM Pillar route.
Following the route, the learner will work through the main activities of AM Pillar Step 0 and Step 1.
Step 0 main activities: Build basic capabilities
1. To build pillar’s 3-year strategy, with clear objectives.
2. Embed the Pillar into department routine and Shop floor principles.
3. To know Standards, to follow and adhere to them.
4. To established AM systems.
Step 1 main activities: Restore & maintain basic conditions
1. Develop Autonomous & Planned Maintenance (A&PM) Team Steps 0-3 Pilot
2. Execute Roll out of A&PM Team Steps 0-3 across Packaging Operations
3. Optimise Daily Control System and Morning on the Shop Floor
4. Initiate the attack on Mean Time Between x (x is various factors from stop, assist etc)
5. Attack specific planned losses (e.g., product changeover)
The online training consists of presentations, demos and interviews and is developed by the Global Production teams.
There will be a kick-off meeting for each wave to share the details of the training course and what is expected of
This online training is available for all colleagues across the globe. Expert coaches from the regions will facilitate training
waves with a maximum of 40 participants per wave (distributed across regions).
The planning is to have 1 wave per quarter. Each wave will host approx. 40 participants.
SC Competencies:
Production Managerial: Packaging
Production Operational:Packaging
Training audience:
All colleagues in operations (brewing, packaging), but also for colleagues in Engineering and Quality that work closely
with AM.
Program Manager:
Adam Spencer
 Who are the coaches for these types of sessions?
Coaches will be AM Pillar experts from the region.
Each participant will be assigned to a coach who will help the participant on:
• Will help define learning objective together with participant
• Gives feedback on the assignments and challenges of the participants they are coaching
• Build a community for easy connection in the future
• Are Subject Matter Expert of the training topic
• Agree with the participant the frequency and duration of the coaching sessions.
Training cost:
What will be the training fee for the participants?
Training Location:
Where will the training be held?
In this case it concerns a guided Blended Online session.
Making use of the MyLearning platform, with live coaching sessions on planned moments.
Training Assignment:
What is expected of the participant during the training (e.g., project...)
The online training includes several assignments through which the participant will put the content they learn into
practice in their brewery.
Training Preparation:
What is expected from the participant in advance to be properly prepared in advance?
Please complete the e-learning: General introduction to TPM:
Also, we recommend planning weekly slots in your agenda (1.5-2 hours) to ensure you can commit to the work
expected from the course and to make sure you can get the best value out of the course and the available coaching