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ALD Prep Lession 2

ALD Prep Lession 2
Health Work Play / Love Dashboard
1. Write a few sentences about how it’s going in each of the four areas.
Work –
I think work is going well in the sense that the work that I have is maybe the best job I ever had, and
I’m performing well. I think as a student it is difficult to find a job you’re really passionate about, so
this is not the case yet. I continued working at my internship company, and I enjoy the people I work
with. However, I don’t really want an office job after studying, so in that sense it feels like something
you have to do to get money.
Play –
I feel like I have less opportunity now to “play”, as work and the thesis are a lot. Even when I have
spare time it is difficult to really relax due to the stress of everything. Also, maybe because of the time
of the year and the stress I do less fun stuff with friends during the week. I would love to plan
everything more efficient to be able to do something fun every day and also feel like I have time for
myself. I think I can work on this.
Love –
I get a lot of love from my friends, which is nice, but I am missing affection with someone. I have been
going on some dates, but I don’t really like dating and I would love to just skip that part and really
commit to a relationship with someone. I feel like I should make more time for love and put myself out
there. Also, I want to hang out and make more time for friends, as I’m sometimes to tired and its easy
to just go home. So, I feel like I can improve on this part.
Health –
My health has been better than the past few years, since I quit smoking. I have quit smoking cigs and
weed now for around 2 months and I already feel some difference. However, I have been drinking way
more and also eating, so I feel like I have gained some weight. This weight gain is not bad because I
was very skinny, but it still needs some getting used to. I have tried to go to the gym when I quit
smoking, but I still want to make a more structured working out schedule, so then my health would be
really the best it can be.
2. Mark where you are (0 to Full) on each gauge.
3. Ask yourself if there’s a design problem you’d like to tackle in any of these areas.
I would like to work on all areas. For now, Play and Love are the most important. I think these areas
also go hand in hand. I would love to make more time for friends and do stuff I really enjoy doing. A
lot of the stuff I associate with Play, is also part of Love. I want to make more time for friends and also
would really like to find a loved one to share my life with. I also want to start working out more to
really feel better in terms of health and mind. Eventually, I also would like to do something I love for
work and not just do it because it is necessary to work and earn money. It is difficult to do all this now
because I am still a student, so I have to make my life work around the obligation of studying in the
4. Now ask yourself if your “problem” is a gravity problem.
I think the problem is that it is expected of me to study and get a bachelors and masters degree. I feel
sometimes forced to do a bachelors and masters here. This is why I cannot completely live the life I
want, and make time for things I enjoy. However, I am also doing the bachelors and masters for myself,
and am just waiting to enjoy life more after I finish. I think that after studying I will have more freedom
and can make the life I want for myself.
Workview Reflection
• Why work?
Working is a part of being human, because the world we live in everything costs money. I would work
now mostly for the money. But eventually I want to do something I love. I think that once you do work
in something you love it will give you also fulfilment and a sense of joy.
• What’s work for?
Work, for me, is now mostly I think to make money. It can also be to develop skills and have a sense of
fulfilment or purpose. It can be to gain knowledge or to develop something new or just keep yourself
busy. I think and hope that purpose of my work will change.
• What does work mean?
Work means doing a job for which you either get paid or not. It means putting effort into something. I
think doing a project just for your own happiness or curiosity is also working.
• How does it relate to the individual, others, society?
It relates to everyone. For me, I want to do work to help others, but also work together with people. I
want to do something meaningful for the world.
• What defines good or worthwhile work?
For me it defines a few things. Good work would be doing something that I love and that I look forward
to doing. It also means doing something that is good for the world, either nature or people. I think for
me this goes hand in hand.
• What does money have to do with it?
Currently, a lot. I think now when I’m working also during studying, I am just doing this to make money.
Unfortunately, without money you can’t do anything in the Netherlands (probably also not in the rest
of the world). But getting some money for your work in some way is necessary to live.
• What do experience, growth, and fulfilment have to do with it?
I think those things have a lot to do with it for most people. Even though I am not really enjoying my
work a lot now, I still feel like I am gaining a lot of experience and growing as a person. I think once you
really do something you love, you will get a lot of fulfilment out of it.
Lifeview Reflection
• Why are we here?
I actually really hate this question. I think for me I don’t see any other reason that we are here apart
from science and just biology. I think we are not here for anything. We are just here because we were
• What is the meaning or purpose of life?
There is no purpose to life. You can make from your life what you want and you can give it your own
meaning. For me, I want to enjoy my life and be happy. I think that too many people are to busy with
working to earn enough money to go into retirement, but I think that if you work now to be able to
enjoy the end of your life, life will just pass without having lived it.
• What is the relationship between the individual and others?
I think that most people will not have a happy and full life without others. For me, I get the most
happiness out of being with others and talking to other people. I think that relationships with other
people are probably the most important thing in life.
• Where do family, country, and the rest of the world fit in?
Family is something that you are a part of when you are born. They shape you into the person that you
are and they are a part of your life no matter what. I think the country where you are born also is a big
part of who you become and what view you have on life. The rest of the world plays a part because
you are all connected, now even more than ever, through social media and you hear a lot about other
countries in the news.
• What is good, and what is evil?
This is a difficult question. I think there is no black and white of good and evil. I think it is good if you
just have good intentions and try to do your best. I think it is evil if you do something to purposely hurt
others or do not care about other (human)beings.
• Is there a higher power, God, or something transcendent, and if so, what impact does this have on
your life?
• What is the role of joy, sorrow, justice, injustice, love, peace, and strife in life?
All these emotions are part of your life and they make you who you are. I think what you experience is
important for learning about yourself and about life in general.
Workview and Lifeview
1. Write a short reflection about your Workview. This should take about thirty minutes. Shoot for about
250 words—less than a page of typed writing.
After thinking about it and rereading my answers to the questions, I think my view on this subject has
changed a lot over the years. I think I used to think more that I want a real career and work super hard
to make money and get an office job. Now I think there is so much more to life than working at some
random company to make money. I want to do something good for the world and enjoy my work, but
I also think that whatever I want to do is such a small part of the world. I sometimes think that I just
want to do nothing and live somewhere on an island and just live the basic primitive life like it was
thousands of years ago. I do think that it is good to work on yourself and learn new skills. Also, there
are a lot of jobs in the world that are necessary and that some people don’t want to do, like
volunteering or looking out for animals or the less fortunate. So, in that sense you can make a huge
difference by working. I think it sucks that the most common reason for working now is just to make
some money. Life is so expensive, and you need money for everything. Even to just live a basic life and
not die you need money, but also if you want to do anything fun. I would really want to get to a point
that I don’t have to work for money and just work to enjoy it and make a difference. Also, I would like
to live in a country or a community where having a lot of money doesn’t really matter. I think the
Netherlands is just very expensive and you need a lot of money and to really work hard to be able to
live and enjoy yourself here.
2. Write a short reflection about your Lifeview. This should also take no more than thirty minutes and
be 250 words or so.
After reflecting and re-reading these questions, I have to say that I don’t like these types of questions
and this spiritual nonsense. I think it is good to realise that relationships with others are important and
that different aspects of life shape who you are and how you view the world. I don’t like to talk about
the meaning of life and “why we are here” because I really feel like there is no purpose and we are not
here for a reason. I do think that we should make the most of our life and reflect on what we can make
of it and how we can be the best version of ourselves. I think you should just try to be kind to others,
try to view life from different perspectives and do your best. I do not believe in any religion or higher
power or anything in that sense. I actually kind of hate religion in some sense because it brings forward
a lot of hate. Apart from that I also find it hard to believe that people can really believe in something
like this, as I believe in science. I think I can work on myself in that sense to just try to accept it and not
be so negative about it.
3. Read over your Lifeview and Workview, and answer each of these questions:
a. Where do your views on work and life complement one another?
I think they compliment each other because I think it is important to do something you love for work,
but also to love others around you. In that sense I just want to help the world and its people and be
kind to others give love. I also think you should live in the now and just try to enjoy life apart from
b. Where do they clash?
I think it does not really clash a lot if I read it back.
c. Does one drive the other? How?
I think now work drives life because there are a lot of things that you have to do as a student. I also
think life drives work because you will stay where your life is and find work there.
Advanced Leadership Development
Weekly feedback, reflection and peer assessment forms
The forms should be included in your portfolio.
Feedback form Lesson 2
Each group member briefly presents their dashboard, workview and lifeview. Then discuss this in the
group. Ask for support, feedback. Write your teammates comments in the form below. Also reflect
on their comments: do you agree, or not and what are you going to do with the comments?
Note: each week’s feedback should be at least one page long and should be detailed and specific.
Feedback from my peers
Workview reflection
Lifeview reflection
Answers on the questions
(should be at least one page)
My reflection
Workview reflection
Lifeview reflection
My answers on the questions
on page 40 (see course book)
(should be at least one page)
Peer assessment form Lesson 2
Explain each group members contribution and what you learned from them this week. Include the
names of your group members. (should be at least 1 page)