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What’s your name ?
How many universities have you research ?
How many universities have you applied ?
Which university are you going to ?
Why did you choose this university? Why this University?
Where is your university located ?
Why you choose this state/city ?
How you will you manage your accommodation ?
Why did you choose this program / How you will be
benefited by this program ?
What's your course credit?
How many courses/ credits you will take in your first
semester ?
Why study in USA ?
Why don't you continue your education in your home
What’s your course curriculum ?
Who is your course coordinator ?
Do you have siblings ?
Do you have relatives in USA ?
Did you travel to any other countries?
Why didn’t you travel ?
Did you complete any proficiency exams?
Who paid your SEVIS Fees ?
Which Airport you’re going ?
Do you have intention to stay/live USA ?
Why I Approve your visa?
If I approve your visa, then what will you do?
Why don’t you apply for Canada, Australia & any other
What is i-20?
 The I-20 form is a certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant
What is SEVIS?
 SEVIS is a web-based system that tracks information for
non-immigrant students.
What is the full-form of SEVIS?
 The full form SEVIS is The Student and Exchange Visitor
Information System.
What is a DS-160 form?
 The DS-160 is Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form.
How did your fill-up DS-160 Form?
 I went through a website, which is travel.state.gov, and
filled out all the required information there.
How did you find these universities ?
How did you apply to these universities ?
Your background program EEE, but you’ve applied for
different department which is MBA, why ?
What are changes have you made since last interview ?
What’s your future plan ?
Currently what are you doing/ What do you do for living?
Who will pay your tuition Fees ? Who is your Sponsor ?
What does your Father do ?
What are the responsibilities of your father's work ?
What does your mother do ?
F-2 (Questions and Answers)
(Q-1) Why are you going to USA / What is your purpose to travel to USA??
Ans: I want to go to USA to accompany my wife, as she is going there for her study. I want to be
her mental support since it is her first-time long journey from home, and I want to make sure
she is fine and sound with her accommodation and new environment.
(Q-2) How long would you like to stay in USA?
Ans: My intention is to stay there for 8 to 10 weeks; I just want to make sure that she would be
fine with the academic and living environment there.
(Q-3) Who will take care of your business / job if you go to USA?
Ans: I will assign my partner/colleague and manager to look after my work on behalf of me
during my stay in USA. Moreover, I will be able to be in touch with my office regularly.
(Q-4) Why are not you sponsoring your wife?
Ans: Actually, we both are capable to sponsor my wife, but as she is the only daughter of her
family so her parent decided to sponsor her and I am also ready to support if she needs
(Q-5) Who will bear your expenses / who will be your sponsor?
Ans: I myself will be my sponsor, I will bear all the expenses by myself while staying in USA.
(Q-6) Will you stay in USA?
Ans: No, not at all, I have my own establishment in my country, I will come back after she is
settled down there, because I have to take care of my work.
Why you are not sponsoring your wife?
As my father in law is my wife's 1st official guardian that's why he is sponsoring. Moreover I am
also financial capable enough for supporting her.
Why your father is sponsoring you not your husband?
As my father is my 1st legal guardian & he is financially capable enough for bearing my all
expenses. That's why my father is sponsoring me
F2 Visa
What is the purpose of your visit to USA?
I want to go with my husband to give him moral and
mental support and to be with him for some days
Why you did not apply with your Husband?
We tried to get the appointment together but we did not
get the appointment slot together.
How long you have been married with him?
We got married in 2020 and It has been 2 years.
Who is your sponsor ?
Do you have any children ?
No we have no children.
How long you will stay in the USA?
I will stay there for about 4 to 6 weeks.
Which university is your husband going to ?
Which program ?
Did you travel to any other country?
No (if Yes I have visited ........ countries)
Why did you choose this university?
I choose this university because I am impressed by the faculty members and facilities they
provide for my Computer Science course. From this course I will gain skills in several
programming environments and software applications through laboratories and classroom
assignments. They have on campus living accommodation which is a very important facilities for
me as an international student, and their Student faculty ratio is 17:1 so it will be easier to get
the best output from the classroom. Moreover, the certificate value of Arkansas State
University will be highly valuable in my country. That is why I chose this university.
Why Bay Atlantic?
Specially I choose bay Atlantic University for their extra ordinary course Criteria basis. They are
providing capstone project as their core course which will increase my critical analysis,
empirical investigation, decision making skills. That will actually enhance my opportunities in
management and supervisory position in corporate working sector. Besides that, Bay Atlantic
has Master Networking Club, where they connect professionals to students. From this clubs I
will improves my practical corporate knowledge. That's why I choose BAU.
-I choose Bay Atlantic University for my MBA program. Bay Atlantic University is well known for
MBA. In this course i will be specialized in Brand Management, Marketing management and
managing innovation which will help me to reach my future goal and grab me the better
position.More the University has small classes which will help me to learn better. The student
facultry ratio 10:1 that's why i choose bay Atlantic University.
Why did you choose this program ?
-Bay Atlantic university is renowned for their technical programs. Their teaching style is unique,
they support with intellectual foundations, experience-driven knowledge, and problem-solving
skills. I found my desire Information System program there, and this course is uniquely
designed in Bay Atlantic University which fascinated me, because Computer Science in my
country emphasize on other topics whereas I need to specialize on Computer Forensics which
will help me to work in my desired field as my ultimate future goal is to start up my own IT firm
in my country. Overall, the course module and Introduction to Data Science, Computer
Network, Cyber Security, Programming and some other unique courses which I won't get
together in our education system. Moreover, Bay Atlantic university is well known for their
program and their classrooms are small and their student faculty ratio is 10:1 so I can learn
easily. These are some reasons I choose this university.
-I choose this program considering my career. This course Will help me to gain vast knowledge
about management With outstanding course modules like as brand management, marketing
management and marketing innovation which will help me to grab the better position in the
future. That's why i choose this program.
-I will be benefited by this program after completing my course i will be specialized in brand
management, marketing management and marketing innovation which will help me to gran
the better position in my future.
Why USA ?
-I choose USA because their education system is better than any other country . Degrees
provided by US universities are outstanding and highly evaluated in my country. Their course
curriculum is unique and better than other countries. If i complete my course from an US
institution it will add an extra value on my profile which will be much beneficial for my future
- I choose usa for my study purpose. Usa is the best destination for higher study. They have
advanced education system which helps a students learn easily. They provide practical,
therorical and reasearch based knowledge which helps me self confident to boost my career.
Moreover the value of certificate from any institutions in usa highly valuable and recognised in
my home country. That's why i choose usa.
Why USA?
USA are well known for providing high quality education through a balanced, tried and tested
curriculum. The US education system is informed by cutting-edge research, which helps develop
students into critical thinkers with well-rounded social emotional skills.
Why BAU, why not other?
Actually I have applied 2 universities. Which is BAU & Trinity Washington University. Both of
them accepted me. besides this I choose BAU because of their (why Bay Atlantic Answer)
How you will manage your accommodation?
My university has affiliation with the local apartments. so after getting the study permit I will
contact my university about that and they will help me to find my accommodation.
How did you find this University?
I found this university through a webinar which is conducted by IDP Bangladesh. After heard
this university name from IDP, I researched on google and found lots of positive review about
this university. Than i made my mind to apply this university.
How did you applied?
First of all send my all academic documents to the university after they accepted my
application i shared my father's bank statement and then received I20 after that i paid my
embassy fee and got my appointment date in embassy finally I paid my SAVIS fee 350$ and
filled out DS160 form an now waiting for study permit.
What is your future goal ?
-After completing this course I will rejoin my company in management section. After few years,
I hope to move into a leadership position in the company by growing my knowledge about that
-My future goal is to give back to my countries economy by leading a department of any
reputed company in Bangladesh. In order to achieve this, a higher education is essential in any
Bangladeshi company. I have seen my colleagues holding leadership positions while holding a
foreign higher education certificate. A north American degree would be a cherry on top of the
cake for my professional career.
What is i20?
The I-20 form is a certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student.
What is SEVIS & what is the extend of SEVIS?
SEVIS full meaning is The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. It's a Web-based
system that tracks information for non-immigrant students.
What is a DS-160 form?
The DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form.
My mother is my sponsor who is working as Assistant General Manager in the incepta
pharmaceutical ltd. She completed her honors and master's in Pharmacy from Dhaka
University. The total monthly income from her salary and house rent more than 7 lacs. She has
saved more than 1 core for my higher study purpose. We have an apartment in Dhanmondi
where we are staying now and we also have 7 storied building in my home town
My father is a business man, he has hotel business
My father monitoring his employees and take major decision for his business related.15. After
completing this course i will rejoin my company in the management section . After few years i
hope to move into a leadership position in the company by growing my knowledge.
No, sir. Actually I'm so busy for my study. So i Didn't get any time to travel any country.
yes , my parents travel Saudi Arabia, india singapore, south Korea for hajj and vacation purpose
Yes, I'm working as a Quality control analysts in the beximco pharmaceutical Ltd.
I'm working as a quality control analysts where i provide training to others analysts for
Laboratory procedure. I'm not only responsible for validating and maintaining the Laboratory
but also responsible to appropriate administrative support to HR and admin as well as sales and
marketing Department. I'm also responsible for quality testing of raw materia and finished
Why ESL program why not main program?
It's a mandatory program for international students in arkansas state university. From this
program I will be able to develop my skills and profeciny in English which will help me to
understand the classes better and communicate with the people.