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Hello everyone,
I'm Hasibur Rahman & last 3 digits of my Id is 358. Today, I’m going to
tell you a short story and title of the story is [your chosen topic]. Let's
get started and learn something cool together.
1.Describing a Friend:
In a crowded city of Dhaka, there lived an enthusiastic,jolly boy named
Rafi.he is one my best friend.With his radiant smile and laughter, he
could turn any gloomy day into a burst of sunshine. His loyalty and
compassion created a bond that was unbreakable, making him the true
heart of our circle.
2. Beach Day with Friends:
Picture this: a blazing sun hung high in the sky, casting a golden glow
upon the sandy shores. On a hot summer day like this, we went to Cox's
Bazar.There we rode beach bikes along the shore, feeling the sand
beneath our wheels. As the day turned to evening, the sky became
beautiful with colours like orange and pink. The sea looked shiny and
bright. When the sun went down, it got cooler, and we knew we would
always remember this day at the beach with the pretty sunset.
3. Cricket Game Crowd:
Once upon a time, we went to watch a thrilling cricket game. The
stadium was full of people, all wearing colourful jerseys and cheering
loudly. The noise was like thunder, and flags waved in the air. It felt like
everyone was part of a big team, even if they didn't know each other.
When our team scored, the cheers were so loud that you could feel the
excitement in your bones.
4. Halloween Costume:
I remember one Halloween when my friend wore the coolest costume. It
was dark and mysterious, like a wizard from a story. With a long cloak
and a pointy hat, they looked like they could cast spells. Everyone at the
party was amazed by how spooky and awesome it was.
5. Favourite Actor or Actress:
My favourite actor is Kevin hart. He's in lots of movies, and he can be
funny or serious. Whenever he's on the screen, I can't help but watch.
His acting is so good that it feels like he's right there with you, telling a
6. Experience of Reading Harry Potter Book:
Reading Harry Potter was like stepping into a magic world. The words
were like a spell that made everything come alive. I could imagine flying
on broomsticks and meeting magical creatures. It was like going on an
adventure without leaving my room.
7. Typical Spring Day of Dhaka:
Dhaka in spring is like a garden. Flowers bloom everywhere, and the air
smells sweet. People fly kites and have picnics in the park. It's a happy
time when the world wakes up from winter and gets ready for sunny
8. Favourite Song:
My favourite song is called ‘friend’. When I listen to it, I feel happy and
calm. The melody is like a hug, and the words are like a story that I can
sing along to. It's a song that always makes me smile.
9. Experience of Recent Math Test:
The math test was a challenge, like a puzzle to solve. At first, I was
worried, but I tried my best. Slowly, the answers started coming, and it
felt like a victory with each one. Even though it was tough, I learned that
hard work pays off.
10.Your Most Difficult Time Once, during the admission test period, I faced my most challenging
time. The days were filled with stress and endless studying. The
questions seemed like a maze, and my confidence wavered. But I
persevered, finding strength in determination. With each solved
problem, I gained a sense of accomplishment.I realized that even in the
midst of difficulty, I could overcome it.