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Roboticos, androisicos e inteligencia artificia

Androids, and
By Fernando Mojica
Not so long ago, androids, robots, and AIs
were only fantasy inventions that could only
be found in science fiction movies and
comic books. But these days, technological
innovation is progressing at a breakneck
pace, bringing these entities composed of
nuts, bolts, cables, and microchips closer
and closer. Now I will show you a little bit of
these great inventions.
What is a Robot?
A robot is a programmable machine capable of
performing various functions or complex tasks,
manipulating objects, and automatically performing
operations, including different types of movements,
in response to its environment.
Robot’s Characteristics
• Movement
• Information capture
• Autonomy
• Degrees of freedom
• Energy
What is an Android?
Android is the term used to refer to those robots that
imitate, to a certain extent, the appearance and
behavior of humans. Therefore, not all robots can be
considered androids.
Android’s Characteristics
Mimic human conduct
Helpful for theories
Disguised people
Most are bipedal
What is AI?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of
algorithms proposed with the purpose of creating
machines that have the same capabilities as the
human being. A technology that is still distant and
mysterious to us, but that for a few years has been
present in our day to day at all hours.
AI’s Characteristics
• Planning
• Imprecise knowledge
• Reasoning
• Communication
• Perception
• Symbolic Processing
• Non-algorithmic
Some Movies and Videogames about this topic that I recommend
I, Robot (2004)
Ex-Machina (2014)
Detroit: Become
Human (2018)
Blade Runner
2001: A space
odyssey (1968)
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