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Final Project

Marketing Plan – JCD Technology
Luis J. Dominguez
Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Metro Orlando Campus
Dr. Damaris Ramos
December 9th, 2022
Marketing Plan – JCD Technology
In an executive summary, we will be explaining the concept that we have taken for the
development of a high-level application for smartphones. The analysis and research done for the
company's success will lead us to develop objectives and situations, a mission, and a vision that
we must take into account for the company's success. This is important to develop an analysis
that helps to see and study the current market, the threats, and opportunities that could affect the
product that we want to launch as a company, and at the same time the strategies to be developed
in a competitive market. Also, it is important to take action and put into practice the strategy
designed according to the budget that we have for said analysis, and at the same time to work to
establish controls of the utmost importance to achieve the success established during the
planning. All services and strategies will be offered to attract clients and investors to the
company and make an exhaustive analysis to carry out the established objectives and situations.
The team of the Formacio institute (2021) helps us to see the objectives and situations
that will help to undertake objectives that help the company to make itself known. Among these
objectives, we can mention integrating the technology of a personalized service so that clients
have ease when creating or establishing work schedules. This will promote interaction between
people through technology, and thus be able to successfully integrate our technology into our
clients. One of the biggest concerns today is cyber security; For this reason, it will prevent any
situation that could endanger the data of any person in general, and thus achieve interaction
between people safely. The analysis of these objectives and situations that we could find will not
help to develop and establish a better vision and mission for the company.
There is a difference between the mission and vision of a company, but these are two
completely different concepts, and the development of both will help us better in the current
market situation. The mission of this company is to work as a team to offer a personalized
service to each of our clients, providing the best technology according to their needs, and at the
same time providing a tool that provides personalized service to facilitate appointments for
clients. The vision will center on a shared commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to the
unwavering quality of our technology available to all, and thus be able to provide excellent
service and continuous development of a great experience in the service offered. After a current
study in the market about such a product (Eira, 2022), we found that most of the applications are
focused on health, many of the applications are complicated to use, the current services are
expensive, and this service is more commonly used by large companies thus forgetting small
businesses. The mission of this company will be the reason for being, but the vision will focus on
where this company is headed, what are its medium and long-term goals according to market
analysis, and studying the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats of the company.
To succeed in any business, it is important to have a good analysis and strategy to help a
good business venture. One of the best analyzes used by companies is the SWOT analysis, which
is an acronym that represents the study of the Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Threats
of a company, or simply a person, this type of analysis is applied to any situation, and this
analyzes and studies the current and future potential of the company (Riquelme Leiva, 2022). In
the company’s internal factors, we find strengths such as that we are in a growing market, and
the focus on small businesses; The weaknesses that could be seen today are finding programmers
and errors in the programming system. Among the external factors in this analysis, we will find
growth opportunities from new small businesses and expansion and rapid growth of technology.
The threats will be new and current competitors in this area and the loss of key employees. This
analysis is timely in all scenarios, thus allowing the development of another approach or path to
the future of the company, and improving its departments and structures respectively, effectively
using necessary strategies in the market for its proper development, and the emergence
company’s optimum.
Marketing strategies are a requirement for every company in its activities, and this helps
build fame by creating business opportunities and establishing the order and planning necessary
to achieve objectives (Myers, 2021). The first part of this strategy is the study of the competition,
and thus be able to do what the competition would never do; advertising is essential for success,
so media such as TV, radio, and digital platforms will be used. Something important is selling a
service more than a product, and this will not help to know how to better help customers by
adjusting prices, making promotions, and personalized treatment. Finally, digital marketing is
one of the most important tools, so it will be used to promote the company on platforms such as
Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Marketing strategies aim to give visibility to brands, their
products, and services, in search engines through paid ads and thus carry out an action program.
A marketing action plan is a strategic roadmap that companies use to organize, execute,
and track their marketing strategy over a set period. When the company begins to take action in
this plan, it must be specific and well defined, measurable with indicators that can track its
progress, achievable and realistic with resources, relevant to be aligned with the other objectives,
and timely date of completion. ending. Listing each step to follow, helps to prioritize tasks and
set deadlines to achieve each proposed objective. We cannot start until we make sure that all the
resources are in our hands; this is crucial to complete the tasks and having a better vision of the
action plan. Planning will help prepare the company for the obstacles ahead and stay on track,
and with an effective action plan, you can increase your productivity and stick to the budget set
by the company.
In the marketing budget plan, the financial resources that exist for the efforts dedicated to
advertising, campaigns, communication strategies, and other tactics related to the marketing
department of a company are assigned, and thus be able to avoid loss of money and opportunity.
According to business advisor Malika Kazim (2022), 70% should go to activities with proven
results for your business, 20% to efforts that could be effective, but are not so safe, and 10% to
new and unproven activities. We can mention that the key points for a good budget would be to
define the business strategy and marketing plan, determine the current investment, measure the
effectiveness of expenses, optimize efforts, and provide follow-up and guidance. This is
important not to have an exact budget because many unexpected expenses can affect us if we do
not have the money. A budget can help better control finances and achieve the company’s goals
more easily by having good control.
In conclusion, a great marketing plan strengthens team alignment, improves organization,
and keeps all of your marketing activities on track. Key indicators are providing objective
evidence of progress toward achieving the desired result and measuring what you intend to
measure to help inform better decision-making. A comparison should be offered that assesses the
degree of performance change over time to be able to track efficiency, effectiveness, quality,
timeliness, governance, compliance, behaviors, economics, the performance of the project, the
performance of the staff, or the use of resources. The development of this plan will help us to be
able to describe all the necessary activities so that all the marketing objectives, in the short and
long term, are measurable and achievable. It is not only about luck or destiny when we are
starting a business, a marketing plan describes all the necessary steps to reach the desired goal.
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