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Hard Times Create Strong Men

does it mean
to bear
nin the modern
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What does it mean to be a man in the modern world? This book is the Man
Bible on money, sex, religion, and politics: what has worked in the past
and what didn't work based on proven history and results—not on feelings.
Hard Times Create Strong Men
©2018 by Stefan Aarnio
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Bloody are the pages of history.
Zeitgeist: A Spirit of the Times
Why I Had to Write This Book
The Millennial Problem
At the Risk of Being Hated for Laying Down a Dose of Cold Brutal Truth
Why This Book is Not About Strong People or Strong Women
Chapter 1 Hard Times Create Strong Men
Chapter 2 A Man’s Purpose Is His Work; You are Not a Unique and
Beautiful Snowflake
Chapter 3 Making the Leap from Good to Great
Chapter 4 Good Men Are Not Nice Men
Chapter 5 Attack of the Man-Boys
Chapter 6 The Invention of the Teenager and De-Evolution into “Emerging
Chapter 7 Men Solve Problems; Video Games Solve Men
Chapter 8 Be Strong but Flexible, Bend Instead of Breaking
Chapter 9 What Does it Mean to Be a Man? Jack and the Beanstalk
Chapter 10 Great Expectations
11 What Women Want
Chapter 12 How to Live Your Purpose and Give Women What They Really
Chapter 13 What Men Want in Women
Chapter 14 Fun Women versus Marriageable Women
Chapter 15 On Selecting a Woman
Chapter 16 Hypergamy
Chapter 17 Why Manipulation and Pickup Artistry Never Work in the
Long Run
Chapter 18 Rampant Homosexuality
Chapter 19 How Do You Choose a Gender from 63 Genders? What Roles
Do We Play?
Chapter 20 The Destruction of Men and the Family
Chapter 21 Pornography
Chapter 22 Religion from a Functional Perspective
Chapter 23 New God—Money, the Economic Genocide of the Middle Class
Chapter 24 Native American Genocide
Chapter 25 New God—“Science” and Worthless Academia
Chapter 26 New God—Atheism: Killing the Sacred Cows
Chapter 27 In the Land of the Blind
Chapter 28 Masculine versus Feminine Political Power
Chapter 29 The World Belongs to Warrior Cultures
Extinction: The Obsolescence of Men
A History of Violence
Barbarians at the Gates
The Empire Strikes First
Why “Shithole” Countries are Indeed “Shitholes”
Should Our Civilization Go 500 Years Backwards?
Women and the Fall of Man
Story of My Father: It’s Never Too Late for Redemption
Hard Times Permissions
“The path to paradise begins in hell.”
“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the
desire to beat others.”
this book without ego.
It’s not about me; it was never about me.
What does it mean to be a man? Possibly one of the most important
questions a man can ask, but it is one of the least answered. I asked myself
this very question at several key junctures in my life, and, as most men do,
I struggled to find the answer. This book cross-examines that vital
question and sets forth my answers to that and other hard questions and
brutal realities that men need to ask themselves to survive and be men.
I, like every man, have had problems in my life. I have solved some of
these problems, but I still grapple with others. It is through the struggle to
find solutions that I am able to examine myself and my life and finally
answer the question, what does it mean to be a man?
This book started as a blog entitled Weak Men Create Hard Times, Hard
Times Create Strong Men. It was a big hit as far as my blogs go, and it got
people talking. Nearly one year later, in a moment of frustration while
trying to deal with a group of young men who were acting like boys, I sat
down to write out my thoughts on being a man. My goal was to teach those
young men and to show them how to succeed in life. The problems these
young men struggle with today are the same ones I faced when I was a
very young man.
As I discovered, there is no instruction manual or bible on how to be a
man, and there are a million ideas on what it takes to be a man. In his book
The Way of Men, Jack Donovan offers one perspective on becoming a man:
For decades, people have been talking about a “crisis” of
masculinity. Our leaders have created a world in spite of men, a
world that refuses to accept who men are and doesn’t care what
they want. Our world asks men to change “for the better,” but
offers men less of value to them than their fathers and
grandfathers had. The voices who speak for the future say that
men must abandon their old way and find a new way. But what is
that way and where does it lead?
I write this book out of brotherly love for the young men out there who
struggle because their fathers weren’t willing, able, or present to help
them answer the question, what does it mean to be a man?
Let this book serve as a guidepost and a sort of “man bible” or “father in a
box” that will deliver a series of lessons that have helped me become a
stronger man as I grew up and entered the cruel realities of the world of
men. The lessons in this book cover four categories: money, sex, religion,
and politics. These are the big four offensive topics that you aren’t
supposed to talk about at the dinner table. We will also weave in
conversations about the zeitgeist of the present time and how modern
attitudes and trends shape and mold the idea of what it means to be a man
in today’s world.
I write this book as it were a brutally honest conversation that a father
would have with his son, away from the women and away from people
who force political correctness for power and control.
This book is raw, real, and offensive, and it should threaten and challenge
you. After all, being a man and facing the frontiers of survival—both
literally and figuratively—is threatening. If something in this book
threatens you, then work through my argument rationally. I have done my
best to back up my arguments with examples from history that have
worked, and I contrasted them with examples from history that have not
At the end of the day, being a man is a functional task: things either work
or they don’t. Everything I give you in this book works in a practical
sense, and I back it up with working examples from history. I offer only
results here—no feelings—so buckle up and please don’t cry if I hurt your
I dedicate this
you find your
heart is heavy
book to Tyler, Andrew, and my father D. Aarle Aarnio. May
path to becoming the strong men that the world needs. My
with emotion to give you this manual on how to be a man.
the delivery systems of this information have been
destroyed over the years by cultural shifts, men of power,
political correctness, women, and feminism. May this book serve as the
father you never had to guide you to becoming a Strong Man.
I also dedicate this book to young males everywhere—boys, men, strong
men, weak men—males of all types who wonder what a man is and who
challenge modern ideas that purport to answer that question. This is an
increasingly difficult question to answer in the modern world. Today,
people can effectively switch genders in the morning by changing clothes,
hair, and makeup or can even choose a different gender before
kindergarten. This is confusing, and I feel your frustration and confusion.
If you have a penis and testicles, you are probably a man or are at least a
male; you are explicitly not a woman. As Chuck Palahniuk said in Fight
Club, “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken!”
Why are we confused as men? Shouldn’t being a man be simple
and fundamental?
If “how to be a man” seems confusing, it is because there are
many groups with a vested interest in what it means to be a man.
Men of wealth and power have always wanted men to believe
that being a man was about obedience and duty or that manhood
can be attained by wealth and power through established
channels. Religious men have always wanted to make manhood
about spiritual or moral righteousness and that becoming a man
could be achieved through mastery of the self, self-denial, selfsacrifice or evangelism. Merchants, and men with something to
sell, have always wanted men to believe that masculinity could
be bought or improved by buying what they have to sell.
In a united
between the
“how to be
tribe with a well-defined identity, there is harmony
interests of male groups, and answering the question
a man” is simple. In a large, sprawling super tribe
of cosmopolitan,
with unlimited choices of unique identities,
answering the question “how to be a man” is unclear. The ways
of the rich and powerful men are mixed with the ways of gurus,
ideologies, religions, and co-mingled with macho trinkets that
“how to be a man” can mean anything, everything or nothing at
all. Add to this concoction the suggestions and “improvements”
by women and the question of “how to be a man” becomes an
unreadable map to a junkyard of ideals.
The Way of Men is the way of that gang”’
I wrote this book for you, young man, to help you sort out all the problems
that come with being a Strong Man in today’s modern society and to guide
you in how to be a leader whom the world craves.
“The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.”
Just as this book is for men and about men, it is specifically not about
women. If I mention women, it is only to define a man in relation to a
woman so that we can flesh out what a man truly is. Men and women are
two halves of a whole, so it makes sense to examine them together, but
this is not a book about women.
I do not intend to exclude women as an audience from this book; women
just simply are not the focus. Women have expressed interest in this book
and will buy it for their men.
want men, not other women,
partners. I empathize with female emotions from this perspective because
I want a woman, not another man, as my partner. There 1s a polarity in the
opposite gender; there is an attraction. Women want men, and men want
women. They want the otherness, not the sameness. This is even true for
homosexual couples where the masculine energy and feminine energy still
exist between
or two
is endlessly
This book is written by me, a man, for other men struggling with the idea
of masculinity and manhood. As a female you are certainly welcome to
read this book, but I want you to know that it is not designed for you and
may not contain the messages you want to read. So, I have warned you.
Please don’t send me hate mail. I mean you no harm. My goal, and the
primary focus of this book, is to enhance men. Ladies, buy this book for
your men. Give it to a man who you wish would be stronger and better
defined in his life. Or read it for yourself. You don’t need to learn how to
be a man, but perhaps defining what a man 1s will give you a better idea of
what you want. Men as a group are caught in a junkyard of ideals and need
lots of help right now to sort out the mess. Please offer this book to the
men in your life.
“If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will
happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly
harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance
who is harmed.”
— MI
av —~
“We are much beholden to Machiavelli and others,
that write what men do, and not what they ought to
A Spirit of the Times
zeit: geist
'tsit, Gist,
'zit, Gist/
the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by
the ideas and beliefs of the time.
Do not read this book if you are easily offended!
Burn this book instead!
This Book is Rated R for Relevant
Political correctness tells us that nothing is more important than
the way people feel. If something offends us, if it hurts our
feelings, if it makes us feel that we have been treated unfairly, it
is to be shunned and snuffed out from the public discourse. We
believe this because we are trying to love one another. Because
the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and we are afraid:
afraid of not accomplishing our goals or seizing our dreams,
afraid of death. We want to construct an artificial world around
us ... that will shield us from these negative and unnecessary
parts of life, but in doing so, we leave ourselves unprepared for
the realities of the world. When the realities of life hit, they are
that much more surprising, that much more brutal, and that
much more devastating.
Gene Simmons, On Power
This book discusses money, sex, religion, and politics—major topics that
are offensive to large groups of people because they challenge popular
core belief systems fed to us by major sources like schools, parents, and
churches. Many of us have belief systems that we never really chose but
rather just inherited without thinking for ourselves.
My views may not be popular, but they are grounded in the reality of what
works and what doesn’t work. The ideas and arguments in this book are
backed up by experts and reinforced by examples from the past. I use
history to highlight times when humanity functioned well and also times
when society fell apart and led to violence and extinction. This book will
deliver the truth about how to create Strong Men.
“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater,
nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes
the responsibility of thinking.”
Too many people would rather be popular than discuss the truth. This book
contains unpopular viewpoints that go against the narrative of current
society. The Strong Men of the past created good times for us, but the
current good times have created weak men. We now live in a time of weak
men with weak bodies, weak minds, weak spirits, weak attitudes, weak
emotions, weak activity, and most of all weak philosophy.
“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape
finding oneselfin the ranks of the insane.”
I developed this book from a philosophy of strength and from the
independence of men throughout history who were strong and who faced
oblivion on the frontiers of survival.
is no more time left for weakness or weak men; it is time to bring
Strong Men and a Strong Man mentality. If we leave society in the
of weak men, we in the Western world will cease to exist just as all
empires of the world have fallen when in the custody of weak men.
When the empire falls, the tribe becomes extinct. Historically, good times
created weak men, and weak men succumbed to hard times.
Today, hard times are coming. History repeats itself on an eighty-year
social cycle from good times to hard times, and at the time of writing we
are at the end of the cycle. This is explained later in this book. Men will be
forced to become strong once more. Do not be offended by this book;
rather, open your mind to the counter viewpoints inside and allow them to
challenge society’s popular narrative. What is popular certainly is not
always right, and what is right is not always popular.
“Reject the basic assumptions of civilization.’
If this book offends you, good.
Offense taken to the truth laid down in these pages means that something
you believe is based on weakness.
This book is based on a philosophy of stoicism and strength from a time
when men were strong, admired by women, feared by their enemies, and
respected by their families.
Today we have the opposite—men are weak, disrespected by women,
laughed at by their enemies, and paid little respect by their children. The
weak men of today deserve little respect as they drift from job to job and
never actually take responsibility for their lives and problems.
Some of us have neither book smarts nor street smarts and are
simply not very bright. Period. It’s harsh, but it’s true. Some
people out there are stupid—accept it. But regardless of where
you are on Mother Nature’s intelligence scale, you need to do
what all animals in the wild do: adapt. Take your weaknesses as
realities and acknowledge them, find your strengths, and find a
way. Recognize that your situation is unfair and then get over it.
Succeed anyway.
This book rather painfully rips off the politically correct Band-Aids that
society has placed over fragile, bleeding wounds of weakness. When we
expose bleeding wounds to the air, they clot, form scabs, and eventually
heal into scar tissue. Through pain and exposure to the ways that things
naturally are, we can heal those wounds in ways that the artificial
bandages of society cannot.
To attempt to heal our wounds, the words on these pages will specifically
focus on men. Men have been left out of important conversations in
modern Western society in favor of women and women’s rights. Several of
the ideological patterns that are destroying today’s men, and the strength
of our society can be traced back as far as the 1960s, when the women’s
movement began in earnest. If you want a conversation on women, this is
the wrong book for you. There are a glut of books on women stored in the
dark basements of most libraries and universities that you can read
instead. If you want to read about women or women’s studies, just go to
the universities of the world. They will welcome you with open arms, offer
you a comprehensive degree on the subject, and expose you to a huge
selection of work.
“You have power over your mind—not outside events. Realize this, and you
will find strength.”
“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would
have said faster horses.”
“Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with
interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness—
all of them due to the offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil.”
mean” was the message my staff gave me.
I am the founder, owner, and proprietor of a real estate company.
During one weekly staff meeting, I gazed in disbelief at my eight full-time
staff members sitting around my board room table rebelling against my
leadership. I had been away from the office for an extended period of time
and returned to discover that the inmates had taken over the prison!
“You’re mean,” one of them repeated.
The children were ganging up on Dad; I was Dad.
I had been out of the country for more than thirty days and had left the
office alone. I fasted for 18 days in the jungle of Costa Rica, subsisting on
pure water—no food, no supplements, no vitamins, no drugs—and came
home to a small mutiny started by my employees.
“You’re mean,” they whined as I sat at the head of the table and listened.
That morning, two of my female staff showed up more than one hour and
forty minutes late for their jobs in customer service. The office hours are
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The young women in question took the
liberty of showing up at the office at 10:40 and 10:45 respectively that
morning and didn’t even blink at the fact that they were late. In another
office, they would have been fired. I had been away for so long that the
culture of the office had begun to unravel.
One of my young salesmen, a 21-year-old man, made zero sales calls the
day before. He told me he didn’t like me, and he got emotional at the
boardroom table, telling me that I made him feel like “a piece of shit”
while he turned red and had a temper tantrum like a baby. He, in fact, was
acting like a piece of shit and desperately needed a spanking.
My manager—my young COO—had not conducted the 11:00 a.m. team
meeting where the team reviews the daily stats in over a month. We had an
open discussion later that morning about why. During our meeting, he told
me he didn’t like me, that I was mean, and that he didn’t like working
there anymore.
My young staff consisted of mostly millennials—an entitled, weak, babied
generation of kids who never want to grow up or do any real work. Fuck
me. Ironically, I know this generation all too well. I am a millennial.
Over the next two days, I had to do six hours of one-on-one bomb defusal
—listening, debugging, and cleaning out all the dog shit that these young
men had in their brains.
“You’re mean,” they protested again.
I countered with, “You four young people should be fired for your bad
I didn’t fire anyone; instead, I listened to the protests and the complaints.
In the world of work and business, you have to do your job. You may not
like your job or your boss, or even the company you work for, but you
have bills to pay, so you must do your work.
Work is the purpose of a man, and I had to have a “how to be a man”
conversation with these young men to straighten them out and get them on
the path to productivity.
Such is the challenge of a small company. You can’t fire everyone when
they act badly; it’s too expensive. So instead I listened to them and their
complaints, and something became very apparent to me.
None of these young men have real fathers to teach them how to be a man.
Even my own father failed to teach me that most basic lesson because his
father was a drunk who beat him. The lesson was missing from his own
growing-up experience.
I sat at my boardroom table, one-on-one, having the “how to be a man and
do your work conversation” with my young millennial men who were, in
fact, still boys.
What the fuck? | thought to myself. This man-boy-never-growing-up
weakness is an epidemic, a pandemic, a disease that is plaguing our young
people today. During my meetings, I heard an entire laundry list of
emotional, shitty excuses coming from their mouths:
1) I don’t love it here.
2) I don’t love selling this.
3) I don’t believe in this.
4) I want to go traveling.
5) I want to be a business owner of my own one day.
6) This isn’t my dream.
7) This doesn’t make me happy.
8) You make me feel like shit.
9) I don’t like you.
10) You’re mean to me.
11) I don’t want to do myjob.
12) I would rather do another job in the company that I find to be
more interesting.
13) The work you want me to do is not what I want to do.
The list goes on and on, but I will save your eyeballs from reading it;
reading their emotional excuses is a waste of your time.
Where is this nonsense coming from? These young
men. They are smart, good looking, well dressed,
cream of the crop for their age. Yet they still think
when faced with the challenges of real work, their
discomforts of living life as a man.
I hired are good
speak well—the
say this bullshit
purpose, and the
“Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a
contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is
wrong. ”
I spent hours lecturing the young men, interviewing them, and trying to
find the contradictions in their thinking. There were several. After having
a lecture from me on how to be a man and do your work to gain the trust of
your women and your tribe of other men, the message sank in. It was as
though I had activated some of the original software in the male’s brain. I
spoke to them, and they listened and understood. The definition of how to
be a man was clear for them, and they immediately made the right
changes. No one had ever activated the software for them before.
In the days that followed, the young men showed up to work, the bitching
and whining stopped, and they adjusted their attitudes. Best of all, they
became productive! They thanked me for listening to them and said that I
straightened them out and pointed them in the right direction; their own
fathers had failed to teach them how to be men.
I realized in that moment that this is not a local problem, but rather a
massive problem across the entire Western world. We have multiple
generations of men raised by women who never learned how to be a man.
“The problem with this generation is there are not enough black eyes.
Mommy or the teachers are always stepping in and fighting the battles for
the boy. You need to let them fight it out in the school yard and learn for
I normally write books on business, sales, negotiation, real estate, and
making money because that 1s what I have learned by virtue of being a
man. I entered the world with nothing and had to learn to survive on the
modern frontier of survival in work, money, negotiations, and business.
But I am going to step into the “how to be a man” niche briefly because I
believe that the young men of today are rotten, not necessarily by choice,
but rather because they are steeped in mental and philosophical poison that
ruins their minds. This systematic poisoning of the minds of our young
men originates from
1) the school system.
2) the universities.
3) the bullshit media telling them to chase their happiness and dreams
—mostly a false idea that will stop them from really succeeding
in life (1’ll explain why later).
4) women and their mommies asking them to be more like women than
like men. This often makes women unhappy in the long run
because at some point they find out that they want real men,
strong men, and not the badly behaved girls that they have
created by inadvertently trying to make their men into another
5) an absence of real men or dads in the lives of young men to mentor
them and show them how being a man actually works.
6) the Care Bear society we live in where everyone is a racist, sexist,
or homophobe if you speak out against any of the doublespeak,
nonsense, or cultural subversion taking place in the Western
7) feminism, which has destroyed both men and women as a
functioning and reciprocating complementary unit in the last 70
years. Now we have nonfunctioning relationships between men
and women,
and this is a result of the social subversion
8) a plethora of other poisons that are systematically wiping real men,
strong men, off the face of the earth in the Western world and
making strong men into an endangered species.
This eradication of strong men is bad in so many ways. It makes our
society weak, our workers weak, our philosophy weak, and heaven forbid
if these little girlie-boy Starbucks barista type men with their beards and
scarves and fake glasses ever had to fight a war to defend our freedom and
our way of life ... we would be so screwed!
It’s time to call out some of the problems that are destroying the stock of
men in our Western world. Surprisingly, women have embraced the idea of
this book more than men, because women after all want strong men, not
some losers they have to support who live in their mother’s basement
playing video games and masturbating into oblivion.
“Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas.”
My messages in this book will be offensive to several groups of people,
and they will be unpopular with the narrative of today’s media and
political agenda, but please stick with me.
I do not aim to hurt your feelings or harm you (the fact that I should have
to type that fucking nonsense into my book is a testament to the weakness
that we have become). I simply want to lay the issues out on the table, put
together a framework for what a man is, and restore the idea of what it
takes to be a real man and a strong man at that. Not a man forced into a
female framework or anything artificial that our society has wrongfully
placed upon men.
If your reaction to this book is “you’re mean,” then give your head a shake
and look at the results in your life: do you have all the things you want?
The freedom you want? The life you want? Or did you settle for less?
If the answer to any of those questions 1s no, then keep reading! If you feel
like there is more to be had out of life, that you can be happier, that you
can be stronger, and that you can get better results, then keep reading! This
book is for you!
Every time you walk out your door and expect the world to cater to your
fragile feelings and subtle, sensitive ideas about right and wrong, you rob
yourself of power. It's a jungle out there. Being idealistic is fine, but being
prepared is more useful and will allow you to navigate the world and use
reality to your advantage, instead of being “oppressed” by it.
My employees emoting to me
‘you’re mean” is fucking nonsense and
If my company was bigger, the whiney babies who say “you’re mean”
would get the real-world rebuttal—“you’re fired.”
I’m not their friend; I’m their employer and their boss. Work isn’t always
fun, so suck it up—snow/flake!
This is the reality of life and the reality of work as it stands, and we have
to deal with it— as men, not as little boys or little girls or children. When
the Titanic famously sank in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic in
April 1912, the women and children—the little boys and little girls—got
the lifeboats. The men were expected to stay behind and go down with the
ship. There has been a clear division in history between men, who had to
do the hard, brutal, and dangerous work of life, and women and children,
who were in a sheltered, separate category. Over the decades, the line
between these two divisions has grown blurred, and now men routinely
inhabit the protected, more delicate category. It is time for men to leave
that area to the women and the children and move back into the category
of men—where they belong!
We are men, and we have to take charge as men and be the leaders who are
missing from our society before our own proverbial boat sinks, just like
the Titanic.
“You better work, bitch.”
“Ifa man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind.”
am a millennial, born in 1986. By definition, the millennial generation
|fest in the early 1980s and ends around the 2000s. Millennials are also
sometimes referred to as echo boomers because they are the “echo” of
the baby boomers by representing a second surge in population.
Another name for the millennial generation is the Peter Pan generation or
the boomerang generation because millennials have had a hard time
growing up like Peter Pan and navigating the rites of passage of adulthood,
so they return home to their parents like boomerangs.
We have reached a point in the history of the Western world where it is
more challenging than ever to be a man. In fact, we live in an environment
that is openly hostile to men. Men have fewer rights than ever. Men—
specifically white, Christian men—used to be a majority in America and
are now a minority. White Christian men are currently treated worse than
minority groups, who have recently seized tremendous power in the media
and government. Both the media and the government have made it their
agenda to pander to minorities as the lowest bidder for votes and
popularity in exchange for political power. Votes are always being sold for
the lowest price possible, and politicians and the media will buy votes
from whomever they can sell to. Such is the bottom-feeding nature of a
democratic political system.
This book is not filled with popular opinion. You can turn on the sewer
pipe of television and popular media and get that bottom-feeding message
on tap 24/7—you don’t need me for that. My goal with this book is to give
you the counter argument to the sewer sludge oozing out of the mouths of
the popular media that is prevalent in the political agendas of today. Most
of the content in this book is counter to what they teach you in school or in
the universities. They shovel pure horse-shit philosophy, communism,
socialism, collectivism, and general garbage into the minds of today’s
youth—ideas riddled with feelings and emotional arguments that are not
grounded in reality. As the old wisdom says, “garbage in, garbage out.” I
only wish that were true. In reality, it’s “garbage in, garbage multiplies!”
We are experiencing a multigenerational multiplication of garbage, and it
is time for a major cleanup.
I am
to deliver
but pure
logic, and
practical advice to young men to fix the “tire fire” issues that continue to
burn our civilizations, societies, families, established religions, militaries,
young men, and countries to the ground.
“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny
individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”
The greatest generation, the World War II generation, was born in the
1920s. By the time they were 10 years old, they were living in the Great
Depression, a hard time that created strong men. After the Depression,
these strong men fought in Europe in the 1940s, storming the beaches of
Normandy. Wounded or not, they returned home to build a house with their
bare hands, have several children, raise a family, and work at a job they
may or may not have loved for 40 years until retirement. They married
early and stayed married; there was no option for divorce, and they dealt
with their problems as they arose.
The men did their work, the hard times created strong men, and there was
no question of happiness or backpacking around Europe after high school
to “find yourself.” There were no safe spaces in universities or gender
neutralization of men and women. Men were men and women were
women; there were only two options. The World War II generation lived
through hard times, sacrificed, and gave everything they could, and
America and other Western countries became strong out of the hard times.
“The U.S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of
Of course, the poem reads: Strong men create good times, good times
create weak men, weak men create hard times, hard times create strong
Today I am 31, I am a millennial, and I run a business. I hire young men
who cannot find their footing in life. Young men—boys, really—walk into
my office looking for work. Rather than taking up the required work, they
tell me about their feelings and their dreams. This is weak.Good times
have created weak men.
We have enjoyed so much comfort and surplus in the Western world after
World War I. The postwar era gave way to the baby boomer generation—
the richest and most prosperous generation in Western history—and
weakness crept in like a cancerous tumor that must be painfully removed.
The great economic times of the past century fostered weakness in the
baby boomers. This weakness was compounded by Generation X, and now
it is really rearing its ugly head in my generation: the millennials. Thus,
the millennial problem.
A man these days is no longer a man. He is confused, raised by women,
and explicitly not raised by other men. Divorce rates hover around 50%
for modern marriages, removing fathers from half of the families and
leaving boys without a strong male influence. Mom usually gets the kids
and Dad gets removed, but he gets to pay the child support.
Many millennial men do not have fathers at all, and learning “how to be a
man” is an endeavor that is no longer taught anywhere. In fact, this
important skill 1s swept under the rug in the schools of today. We have
reached a boiling point where four-year-old boys can now choose to
become girls. How can a four-year-old determine his identity? I would
argue that he cannot. Why not wait to make a sex identity decision until
you are an adult? How can you know your identity when you are four years
This is madness.
The politically correct dialogue and narrative of society has created such
weakness in young men that they are now nothing like the strong men
from successful previous generations.
I do not say that esoterically. Millennials are on track to have worse lives
than their parents, with lower wages, lower home ownership, lower
marriage rates, and lower birth rates. The American dream that the
boomers enjoyed will not look anything like the scraps left for the
millennial generation. This is not progress, but rather is a move backward
—we are going backward right now.
Young men of today are somewhat avoidant of women. Many no longer
desire to get married to a woman, leaving an entire generation of women
family-less and childless and forced into the workforce to do tasks that are
far less sacred and important than motherhood.
Instead, these women are “empowered” and are statistically devoid of
family or children and meaningful relationships with a man. Women are
more empowered than ever, but statistics prove that women are more
unhappy than ever without a husband and a family. What is the most
satisfying job for women in the modern world? Out of all professions,
still find being a housewife to be the most satisfying
(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3634473/The-job-makeshappiest-Housewife-Survey-finds-stay-home-mothers-satisfiedprofession.html). The traditional biological roles of men and women have
been a source of happiness and meaning throughout history for both sexes.
In the last 70 years, we have started to improvise with the roles of men and
women. The results are ugly.
Twelve ugly and uncomfortable side effects of our 70-year
improvisation experiment:
1) Divorce in the Western world has climbed to rates of around 50% in
most Western countries, including those in North America and
Europe. The USA is hovering around 53% while other European
Birth rates are down, under 2.1 or 2.2 children per family. In
Canada, where I live, the birth rate is currently 1.2 children per
family. We subsidize our deficit of children and population with
people from non-Western countries. This will have its own side
effects because these immigrants
from _ countries
Westerners would not want to live in (Syria, Nigeria, Congo,
Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.). These immigrants come from
incompatible cultures; they come here and have eight children
and literally outbreed the declining Western population. Their
cultures could overtake our culture at some point. This is not
xenophobia; it’s math. Eight children are more than 1.2. In fact,
if those numbers persist, we will be extinct, and our Western
culture will cease to exist. By merely having 1.2 children per
family, Westerners do not even statistically replace the two
parents who created the child.
Unlike centuries past, women now have careers and one or two jobs
to make ends meet. They get paid less than men, and some
employers argue that they pay women less because they work
less (due to raising children and managing families). As an
employer, I can verify that this is somewhat true. Women
typically get paid less because they have to take a little more
time off for family, whereas men do not typically take any time
off and will put in more overtime. Women also gravitate to
support roles with less economic upside, whereas men end up
with dangerous and riskier jobs with higher economic upside.
Women, when saddled with the masculine responsibilities of careers
and money, must sacrifice becoming mothers and having
families. This has been measured as a decrease in happiness in
(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article2381647/Stay-home-mothers-happiest- Women-dont-returnwork-suffer-feelings-boredom-worthlessness.html).
Biologically, women want families and children to be happy; this
is a fundamental biological and sacred need.
Women who work in corporate jobs at companies like Google are
encouraged to freeze their eggs to have children in their 40s
instead of their 20s so they can advance their careers. This is
now a new corporate perk of companies like Google, Apple and
Facebook who encourage women to defer having families when
they are young in favor of working like a man for the Man.
Female pregnancy at 40 has now overtaken teen pregnancy in the
UK, which is biologically strange when compared to human
recorded history. Is this an upgrade? Is this better? I’m not
6) If a man’s family dissolves through divorce (as over half do), he has
virtually no power in the court systems over divorce, family, sex,
and children. In fact, men and women are supposed to be “equal”
today, but when it comes to legal power in the arenas above, men
have nothing at all and virtually no rights.
7) We have reached a point in the Western world where, if a woman
even suggests that she was sexually assaulted or “raped” by a
man, then the man has no recourse. I use the quotes around the
word “rape” because there is real rape, where a woman is
attacked and forced to have violent sex with a man—which is
horrible and psychotic and the worst crime a man could ever
commit towards a woman—and then there are unsubstantiated,
damaging, and untrue claims of “rape.” In war, men are killed,
and women are raped. Those are certainly two of the darkest
things that humans can do to one another. However, we are in a
“me too” culture now where every single woman has a “me too”
story. Some are true, and some are psychologically constructed
in the mind and imagined. There is also the challenge of consent
generally around sex and the danger of a woman changing her
mind after the fact. This is called buyer’s remorse—you bought
an item, and after the fact you feel like you shouldn’t have
bought it. This is confusing to men because, if a woman
experiences buyer’s remorse, she can claim “rape,” and the man
has no power to defend himself and can have his life ruined with
no recourse.
Another confusing case with “rape” is where a woman doesn’t
explicitly say no to sex, but maybe never really said yes. She can
claim that she was “raped,” and that poor man’s life is over. He
suffers a character assassination, even if he’s not guilty, and he
will likely go to jail. The power is so skewed that some men
have just said “fuck it” and have unplugged from dating all
together in favor of pornography and video games with no
downside or risk of becoming accidental rapists.
8) Ultimately, the strange reversal or homogenization of gender roles
has created a new set of problems. The biggest one is that men
don’t need women anymore. Young men are opting out of the
woman/man love equation to become video game or porno
addicts because they don’t want to deal with the pain and wrath
of a woman. This has crept into American society and is a major
problem in Asia right now, where government policies of female
infanticide have created a surplus of men and a deficit of
women. The other side of the equation is if a man is feeling a
little bit gay or bisexual, hell just say “fuck it” and become fullblown gay. Then he can play around in boy-land forever, having
lots of sex with other men and never having to put the man—
woman-—family equation together. He gets to avoid the
responsibilities of being a man. Also, being gay today is almost
an upgrade over being a straight male. There is a lot of social
power and special attention given to the homosexual group—it’s
“cool” in today’s pop culture.
9) Some men opt out of Western women by flying to countries that are
literally 70 years behind America culturally, specifically Asia
and Eastern Europe, including Russia. You could call the women
“mail order brides.” Or you could call it men seeking relief from
the fattest, most opinionated, most expensive, most man-hating,
most offensive, most entitled women in the world—that is, those
women found in the United States of America, Canada, and parts
of Europe. Men get almost no respect from these “empowered”
women, and I have noticed another subset of men who have said
“fuck it” to that part of the man—woman equation and have
looked to countries with traditional man—woman roles for wives
so that they can have a traditional family and just get some basic
respect. This is sad; these women in the Western world need and
want men,
strong men, to be with them, but the culture and
strange reversal of power in the Western world are driving some
men to import better options.
10) To further the point above, a growing trend in sophisticated
civilized countries is for men to marry their sex dolls (joking
aside, this is real). Some men in Japan have said “fuck it” to the
man—woman equation. They claim that women are too cruel, and
they would rather marry their sex dolls that they parade around
in wheel chairs, dress up however they like, that stay skinny
forever, and that don’t talk back. You may think this sounds sick
or weird. I think it’s unmanly to opt out of women all together,
but at the same time I understand the lack of power men have
today in marriage, sex, children, and divorce, and | think there is
a certain rationality to “marrying a sex doll” that could never
hurt you.
11) In the future, these sex dolls will become more lifelike and will be
seeded with artificial intelligence. I can imagine a time when
there will be a reversal of the man—woman power structure in
that a man can buy one of these sex dolls for $12,000. It would
serve the emotional support a man would need, give him all the
sex he wants, and be another way for men to say “fuck it” to the
man—woman equation. This will be a major problem and could
single-handedly destroy Western civilization as birthrates that
are already negative would plummet close to zero. I don’t think
a sex doll is really the answer that these men crave, or what
women want, but it’s becoming a real functional option in
today’s world.
12) In my own parents’ marriage, my mother made significantly more
money than my father and resented him for it. Our family had
the gender reversal of power where my mother was responsible
for masculine roles such as work and making money, and my
father was in a feminine role almost like a “stay-at-home dad.”
This tragically ended because of the massive disrespect that my
mother felt toward my father. The gender reversal was a
breeding ground of resentment and did not fulfill my mother’s
biological needs. Since then, several of my friends and family
unnecessary in most cases. I believe that the primary cause for
the rise in divorce rates is that men and women are no longer
complementary reciprocals. They are no longer two opposite
halves of a whole. Instead, they are both the same half, neither
needing the other. There has been a huge push in the popular
narrative of society to make men and women equal, and I think
this is generally wrong and a ridiculous idea.
When men and women are “equal” and don’t need each other,
then there is no reason to be together. If you have two heads who
always agree, you don’t need one of them. The ancient, sacred
ideals of familial roles that sprung from various religions and
that worked historically have been cannibalized by feminism and
equality over the last seventy years. The idea that men and
women are equal is preposterous, and it clearly does not bring
real value to the Western world. In fact, I would say it’s
somewhat responsible for the decline of families, which make up
the basic social fabric of a society.
The functional and correct idea, as outlined in several ancient
religions, is that men and women are complementary and
reciprocal. Men—real men—have special talents they can bring
to the table to enhance the lives of women.
Likewise, women,
with their own sacred energies and life-giving abilities, have an
entirely exclusive set of special attributes that they bring to the
table. For us as modern humans to try to reverse biology,
equalize it artificially with drugs, and homogenize it is
somewhat backward and perhaps evil. With divorce rates over
50%, I can say that whatever we are doing currently is not
working well for families, happiness, raising children, and the
general fabric of society, which I believe to be in decline right
There are not many “real” men left. What we have is a generation of weak
men, raised by women, with no fathers.
These weak men are the beard-wearing, toque-wearing,
Starbucks barista men who cannot find meaningful work.
The women of today crave men to date and marry one day to live out their
feminine and biological purposes of having children and raising a family,
but when they go into the dating marketplace to find a man, they find
weak, unmanly men who run away from their problems, cry, need safe
spaces, do not have any economic power, do not have real careers, do not
have father role models, avoid commitment, avoid responsibility, have no
religion or spiritual guidance at all, are more educated than ever, and are
more useless than ever. These men can’t work with their hands or build
anything, hunt or fish, they can’t sell or do business, they can’t lead, and
they don’t follow either.
Women want real men; they don’t want men who resemble women. The
men we have today, I would argue, classify more as women than as men. I
will define “what it means to be a man” throughout this book and the
problems with being a man today.
In the last week, I had to have the “how to be a man talk” with several
young men in my office. In reality, their fathers should have had the talk
with them, but their fathers are incompetent or gone, so I have to “be the
dad.”’I have, out of necessity, had to teach the young men about work, their
responsibilities in life, and that work is not always fun and will not always
serve their esoteric “dreams” or “happiness.”Is there hope? Can we reverse
the trends that are slowly destroying our society?
Yes, we can absolutely return to times of strong men, but it will be a
painful return filled with hardship and perhaps a struggle for the survival
of Western civilization. The weak men of today will bring hard times, and
the hard times will create strong men again.
All things move in cycles. Today we are in a cycle of weakness, but
hardship will bring strength, courage, and manliness back.
The sad part is that only pain and suffering will bring back the strong men,
and no one knows the kind of darkness that we will have to endure to have
such men again.
I write this book for all men out there, weak or strong, to find their footing
in the world and bring great value to themselves, their women, and their
families. You have greatness inside of you, and by asking yourself, “what
does it mean to be a man?” you can unlock the leadership that both men
and women crave in today’s world.
Don’t talk about the change; be the change and be the leader of men. But
first you must follow the rules ...
“Dont fight a battle ifyou don’t gain anything by winning.”
write this book with great risk of peril and hatred towards the ideas in
Luis book. Several of the ideas in this book are threatening to the
reigning popular belief systems in the current Western world. However,
what is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular.
“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has
decided not to see.”’
Right and wrong can be simplified to their basic tenets. If something is
right and everyone did it, the world would be a better place. The converse
is true as well—if something is wrong and everyone did it, the world
would fall apart.
In this book I will discuss right and wrong as per those definitions above.
We live in a world of extreme tolerance today, and extreme tolerance is
weakness. Tolerant societies throughout history are violently murdered by
intolerant societies that are strong in their moral beliefs, values, and code.
We live in a time when everyone has a voice through the internet and
social media, and some of these voices scream so loudly that you cannot
hear any reason coming through the constant noise. Arguments are made
today on the basis of emotions and feelings instead of reason and sound
logic. People are judged as good or bad based on how the masses feel
about their ideas instead of on pure rational thought.
in a world
it is blasphemous,
homophobic, or any other number of labels to identify real problems in
our Western world. We cannot even say certain words or criticize certain
groups of people without getting hit with a label as a racist, sexist,
homophobic, or other hate label.
I assure you that there is no hate in this book, and I do not wish to be hated
by others. What I will do is examine some of the problems in the Western
world in a rational way, from a philosophical standpoint and removed from
There was a time in ancient Greece when the warriors were philosophers,
so the warriors were smart. Likewise, the philosophers were also warriors,
so your philosophers were tough. Today our warriors are dumb, and our
philosophers are wimps. This book will study the nature of man and how
he was meant to live, meant to be respected, and meant to fit into a
functioning world.
Why We Need This Book and Strong Men More than Ever
We live in a world today where the weak men, women, boys, children, and
everything but strong men have taken over the power in society. In fact, to
be a strong man these days is to walk on eggshells for fear of offending a
group of minorities that has become an overwhelming majority. This
strange shift in the balance of power has caused a gap in leadership and a
hole that only a strong man can fill.
Missing today are the good fathers who once presided over stable families.
Fathers are important for raising good girls into good women and good
boys into strong men.
Missing today are the strong men who lead their communities, churches,
sports teams, cub scouts, and other groups that need to be led by men to be
examples for young men to follow.
Missing today are the strong men who become mentors, fathers, business
leaders, coaches, philanthropists,
serve as guideposts for others to follow.
and role models,
and who
The world craves leadership from strong men in so many ways. But
instead of filling the need with strong men, we settle for weak effeminate
men, cowards, men who look and sound good but have no substance,
posers, fakes, and other imposters who look like men but act like boys.
The Case for Donald Trump as a Zeitgeist and Strong Men
Throughout History
In 2016 Americans elected Donald J. Trump to be president of the United
States. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a zeitgeist—a sign of the
times—and he fills the need for a strong man and a strong leader. But
many people criticize him for his actions as a strong man and leader, and
that criticism deafens the media to all the good things he does as a leader.
Trump is an embodiment of the clash between the unpopular work a strong
man must do to protect his tribe, as he always has done throughout history,
and the popular narrative of the media and the weakness in society that
attacks the general idea of having a strong man in charge. For the first
time in my life, there is a major clash between the leader who plays the
role of father to a very sick and screwed-up country and the role of the
popular media, which is playing the role of the teenager or badly behaved
In most strong man countries that respect their leaders, like China or
Russia, the people are disciplined by their “father.” In short, the badly
and other media
be shot, disciplined, jailed,
hanged, tortured, or “publicly spanked” like an errant child. There are no
spankings in America anymore, and the children have overtaken the father
in power.
Trump is a highly competent president. No American leader has been
more effective based on actions, business success, and real tangible
results. However, we do not value our leaders based on their actions and
results; we now value leaders based on their words and how we were made
to feel about their words.
Trump has succeeded in several major endeavors in life, whereas weak
leaders like former president Obama speak pleasing words but have no
tangible success to add weight to the soothing words he speaks. Actions
versus words is part of the clash between weakness and strength with the
popular narrative in society. The popular media violently attacks the
character and idea of a strong man every day as being racist, homophobic,
sexist, xenophobic, or Islamophobic. These attacking words are somewhat
baseless claims but nonetheless are the fundamental slings and arrows
used to destroy the idea that a strong man can govern and rule by getting
the necessary work done and solving the real problems at hand.
This same “weak man—favored” media is the same media that tore down
the president hopeful and strong man John Kerry. Kerry was a proven war
hero, but the media transformed him into a baby killer. The media also
took George W. Bush, a proven coward who stayed home partying during
the Vietnam War, and made him into an acceptable weak man. In countries
like China, Russia, and other non—Western powers, reporters and badly
behaved media who would criticize their strong leaders would simply be
assassinated, and the media channels would be nationalized. I’m surprised
the same thing has not happened in America—yet. America is still the
land of the free and home of the brave, but government agendas such as
the Patriot Act, where the government can label anyone as a terrorist and
throw him in jail for any reason as “national security,” can enforce a
regime of tyranny in the blink of an eye; during hard times, it could
happen sooner than you think through martial law.
Donald Trump is a modern strong man, and he is publicly attacked,
criticized, and even hated because of his success and his strength.
Objectively, I believe it is wrong to ever criticize success.
If you criticize success, what does that make you? How can you ever take
control of your life and become a success yourself if you criticize and hate
The answer is that you will never be successful if you criticize those who
“The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.’
You can never solve a problem you do not own. Trump is a proven success
and a modern strong man who is hated by the popular narrative because he
is aself-made billionaire.
is explicitly not sexist. Trump Tower, his flagship building, was the
first skyscraper to be project managed by a woman.
isa father of 5 impressive, civilized, effective children. His daughter
Ivanka is very impressive and runs his empire and her own.
Prior to becoming president, the public billionaire and celebrity
Donald Trump was not portrayed as a womanizer. When the media
tried to dig dirt on him for being a womanizer and sexist, all they
could find was some locker room talk from 2005 on a concealed
audiotape on a tour bus. If he was as bad as they said he is, there
would be an abundance of verifiable proof that he was sexually
abusing and assaulting women. The claims that came forward after he
became president were proven to be underwhelming for a man with
so much fame, wealth, and power.
Trump is not a racist. Champion African-American boxer Floyd
Mayweather supported that idea in a radio interview. “Racism still
exists. You never heard anything about Donald Trump being racist
until he ran for president” (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-0915/floyd-mayweather-defends-donald-trump-locker-roomtalk/8948942). Mayweather, a strong man himself, stated that Trump
was never a racist, homophobe, or sexist until he became president.
He was a popular public television personality and self-made
billionaire, but the negative claims never came out until the media
engineered a plot to destroy him.
is a decent husband for a man with so much power, wealth, fame, and
status (yes, he cheated on his first wife, and divorced his second wife,
but he still holds it together on his third marriage).
owns approximately 500 companies. He is criticized for some
corporate bankruptcies that he was able to maneuver through and a
of failed business
Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, and Trump Casinos, but this is a
handful of failures when compared to his successes. Considering 99%
of businesses fail in the first 10 years of operation, Trump has a very
high success rate in business.
employs more than 10,000 employees and is not racist or sexist in his
hiring practices. Several positions of power in the Trump
organization are filled by women and minorities.
has a multibillion dollar net worth.
owns some of the finest real estate in the world.
speaks out against his enemies and real problems that are happening
in the United States, even though his views may be unpopular with
the social narrative.
is not a homophobe. Somehow, the press has classified Trump as a
homophobe or “gay hater,” but I have never seen him actually do or
say anything that would classify him as such.
is a master of the media (able to command $2 billion of free media in
the election).
single-handedly cleaned out all other professional lifetime politicians
in the Republican race of the election.
has no prior history in politics, but dominated the 2016 election
supposedly has a very high IQ of 155. I would say, based on results in
his life, this claim may be true.
seeks solutions that are common sense, such as eliminating sixteen
regulations for every new one passed and simplifying the US tax code
back to the size it was in 1960 and 1970, which makes practical sense.
has not resorted to violence or assassination of members of the media
who are against him or nationalized the media outlets who criticize
him in unfair ways. Vladimir Putin in Russia assassinates all
reporters who are against him and controls the media with an iron
fist. It’s violent, it’s effective, and it’s a little bit gangster, but Putin
doesn’t mess around. I find it amazing that Trump does not exercise
his power for violence, and that is admirable, but his passivity
towards getting violent with the media gains him no respect with the
popular narrative in the media, which makes the popular idea that he
is bad or doing a bad job. There are statistics and results to show that
he is, in fact, doing good things, especially economically for the
country, and this is important for a country that is in as much trouble
as America is currently in.
I would argue that any strong man in Trump’s position as the president of
the United States in the modern world would face the exact same
criticism, hatred, and accusations of being a racist, homophobe, and sexist
from the popular media narrative simply because Trump is calling out and
identifying real problems that are destroying the country. We live in such a
world now where we cannot even identify problems with words for fear of
being racist, sexist, and homophobic. I will likely be attacked and called
racist, sexist, and homophobic for even suggesting some of the ideas in
this book. This book is threatening and dangerous, especially to the
popular media and the narrative of society.
Aurelius, Julius Caesar, Alexander the
General George S. Patton, Napoleon,
Attila the Hun, Moses, Aristotle, and
cold-blooded mass killers, some were
Great, Vercingetorix, Charlemagne,
Winston Churchill, Genghis Khan,
Socrates. Some of these men were
loved, and some were hated, but
they all were incredibility strong and led their groups through both good
and bad times.
You can love him or hate him, but Donald Trump is strong. When the weak
world wants a soft message from “mommy” like Hillary Clinton or Barack
Obama to sugarcoat the basic problems around finance, social issues,
illegal immigration, and enemies of the country, Donald Trump is the
voice of “dad.” He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; instead, he tells
you the truth. Dad says, “Stop partying and be home at 11 p.m.” The
teenager narrative of the American media and society says, “Fuck you,
Dad. I’m coming home whenever I want.” Thus, the problem with the
message from “dad.” The entire country has no dads and no spankings for
bad behavior.
Here’s the truth about the America that craved strong leadership in 2017
and needed a strong leader to take over:
1) The nation has more national debt than ever with no hope of paying
it off.
2) America is involved in unofficial, illegal wars with more than 7
Muslim countries. The wars are dragging on and on forever and
wasting the treasury.
3) The country lacks high quality, value-added manufacturing jobs and
instead has an abundance of low quality service jobs that slowly
destroy the middle class.
4) Trump banned people from 7 Muslim countries that the United
States 1s involved in illegal wars with from entering the country.
People said the ban was “racist,” but look at history. America did
not take anyone from Germany during WWII—not even Jewish
refugees. America is acting as per normal. It is not out of
America’s normal historical behavior to disallow the entry of
people from countries they are at war with.
5) The country has a massive trade deficit to several countries,
primarily China.
6) Terror groups are rampant and expanding around the world.
7) America has a fake and weak currency that could collapse at any
time if China and Russia make a deal to trade oil in non-US
dollars—this is a major threat to America’s power base.
8) Inflation in the United States is beginning to spiral out of control.
9) The American middle class is rapidly shrinking.
10) The US has a hollowed-out interior of the country with “no jobs” in
the once mighty industrial Steel Belt, which is now called the
Rust Belt. People in the Rust Belt have been getting screwed for
the last 40 years by the government, and they are pissed off and
11) America has rampant unemployment. The official number at the
time of writing according to Google was 4.1% in the United
States, but the statistics are manipulated to remove workers who
have been out of work too long. The real official number is
estimated much higher, somewhere at 30% to 42%, but it’s
almost impossible to determine. A huge portion of the United
States lives on food stamps.
12) The gold reserves are empty.
13) The nation has increasing violence and political dissent.
14) American society has increasingly polarized population and
viewpoints, some of which are breaching upon Nazism, and
others are full-blown Communist, which could lead to civil war.
15) Another American civil war is realistic and possible.
16) America garners little respect on the world stage.
The world is entering a hard time, and in hard times we crave strong
leaders. This is shown throughout history time and time again. In World
War II, there were Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Eisenhower, Rommel, Zhukov,
de Gaulle, and other legendary strong men who led their tribes to victory
or defeat.
In our good times, we tend to elect weak leaders with no substance.
America had George W. Bush, a weak leader, followed by Barack Obama,
another weak leader with no substance, followed by a strong leader,
Donald Trump. In Canada, we currently have Justin Trudeau, a girlie man
weak leader with no substance whatsoever. In Canada we are usually 4 to 8
years behind the United States politically, so we will have a strong leader
next to match Trump, Putin, and other strong leaders around the world as
we enter hard times.
The cover of this book is a painting by Thomas Cole called “The Course of
Empire—Destruction.” The painting is the fourth painting of a series of
five that illustrates the rise and fall of an empire. Violently across the
cover of this book, you can see the brutality of the fall of Rome. Rome was
once an intolerant nation of strong philosophers and strong warriors. It
was a nation of strong men, born out of war. As I describe Rome, it sounds
like modern-day America.
Born strong in war, intolerant, strong
philosophy, strong warriors but with such prosperity, America is growing
When Rome became tolerant and weak, the philosophy became weak, the
men became weak, and the warriors became weak. In fact, many legendary
Roman armies were replaced by foreign mercenaries, which is also
happening in America today. The Roman Empire divided itself into an
eastern section and a western section. Each side robbed the treasury to hire
mercenaries like the Huns to terrorize the opposite side of the empire. The
Huns were barbaric and so good at killing and extortion that they were
awarded a piece of land that is known today as Hungary.
“Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and
you can foresee the future too.”
Eventually, Rome fell to the Germanic tribes of barbarians who were
strong men; they invaded and conquered the Roman men who had become
weak, tolerant, and unprincipled. The Germanic tribes were pissed off
about the horrible taxes that the Roman Empire imposed on them, similar
to the way that the English imposed high taxes on the American colonies.
High taxes lead to revolt. The cover of this book is a violent image as a
reminder of a once great strong society like Rome—advanced in medicine,
philosophy, the arts, and other faculties of higher thinking that eventually
degraded into “bread and circuses” made of unprincipled people who were
binge-eating gluttons and lived for Roman sex orgies. Obsessed with
pleasure and feelings over reason, this group of sophisticated, civilized
people—the greatest empire ever known at the time—was sacked by a
group of Strong Men from the north. The invaders were barbarians, named
after the sounds of their harsh language that sounded like “bar-bar-bar” on
Roman ears. The fall of Rome plunged Europe into a nearly 1,000-year
economic depression. Half the population of Europe died from famine,
plague, violence, and darkness—the Dark Ages. This continued until
nearly 1600, when the world was introduced to the printing press, Martin
Luther, and the Renaissance.
It was
religion, after all, that united the
broken tribes of a fallen Rome into the Roman Catholic Empire and
facilitated a return to the fundamentals and principles that made that
civilization great.
There is great danger in becoming weak like Rome. We could create the
next dark age and go backwards in civilization if we allow weakness to
take over. It has happened before in history, and it could happen again. The
question is, will we choose to be weak or strong?
“Unfairness, hardship, asymmetry: these are sources of pressure, and
pressure turns coal into diamonds. This is a concept that, sadly, we seem to
be on the verge offorgetting in this country (USA). The more
compassionate we become, the more we cater to one another '’sfeelings,
and the more we attempt to make life easier for the less fortunate—though
these are all worthy endeavors—the more we forget that these utopian
ideals are not the natural order of things. The further we manage to get
from the feral reality of natural selection and competition, the less
prepared we are to face the realities of our world. Nature may be cruel,
but this is neither right nor wrong, Nature simply is, and we must be aware
of and prepared for this fact in our quest to gain power.”
Democracy usually only lasts 200 to 250 years until the people realize that
they can vote themselves prizes from the treasury, and weakness takes
over strength.
“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only
exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public
treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising
the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the
loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a
Just as strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak
men create hard times, and hard times create strong men. Society has
cycles and transitions from bondage to abundance and right back to
bondage once more. We are heading back towards a time of bondage, and
weakness in our society is creating a need for dependency and bondage.
This is not a forward-moving part of the historical cycle; rather, we are
moving backward.
“The historical cycle seems to be: From bondage to spiritual faith; from
spiritual faith to courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to
abundance, from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to apathy,
from apathy to dependency; and from dependency back to bondage once
I write this book for you today to slow or reverse the process back into
bondage. I’m a strong believer in freedom, but unfortunately freedom is
never free. We do need to examine the weak philosophy of our society and
how it has created these weak men and what we can do to return to
strength and freedom instead of succumbing to apathy, dependency, and
bondage. Too many people have fought and died throughout history for
freedom, and we simply cannot squander such a precious gift that has been
bought and paid for with the blood of our forefathers.
“A wise man ought always to follow the paths beaten
by great men, and to imitate those who have been
supreme, so that ifhis ability does not equal theirs, at
least it will savor of
here are dump trucks of books filling our libraries and bookstores
female empowerment and empowerment of minorities. I had
some criticism online when I unveiled the title and cover of this book
as well as a short description of the main focus—Strong Men. The
criticism came from certain women asking, “What about strong women?”
or why not make the title “strong people’? Those comments are precisely
why this book must be about only men, and Strong Men at that.
There is too much narrative in our social fabric right now about women,
female empowerment, and a myriad of other social devices empowering
minorities into majority power. Today, it seems that whoever screams the
loudest gets the best service from the media and the government (who are
generally weak men and women) begging, bartering, lying, cheating, and
stealing for votes and popularity at the lowest wholesale price. The media
and the government are weak and will drive the race to the lowest common
denominator, which generally is not pretty, not intelligent, and not
something that will move our civilization ahead into a better place.
is not
the aim
of this book;
in fact, political
correctness is part of our dysfunction. Political correctness is degrading
and dissolving society like a strong acid eating away at hard metal or
bone. It’s time to throw away the political correctness and to see things for
what they truly are with rational eyes and not emotional hearts. Sure,
compassion and sympathy are virtues, but to have too much of anything is
poison, and weakness that is not needed right now.
Women are doing fine; in fact, they are getting more powerful every day,
especially in the Western world. In some cases, women are too powerful,
such as when it comes to divorce law, common
law, and anything to do
with children or sex. The people who have lost too much ground in the last
70 years are men, specifically strong men who were previously the leaders
of families, militaries, churches, homes, businesses, and other groups of
people. Those men are nearly extinct today in a philosophical sense
because it is anathema and almost evil to be a proud strong man these
Strong men are not popular or favored right now, much like you might
dislike your dad when he says, “Don’t drink and drive.” But if you do
drink and drive, crash your car, and spend the night in jail, you love your
dad when he comes to bail you out and take you home for a hot shower and
hot breakfast.
When times get hard, you don’t want Mom; you don’t want some pussy
man-child who can’t even bail you out; you don’t want a safe space, or a
cry space, or a counselor. You want Dad to come rescue you. Strong men
will be very much needed and very much wanted when our weakness
unveils the hard situations we have created for ourselves in the near future.
You will want Dad again, not Mom.
Remember that in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, it was the strong
woodsman who saved the little girl from the big bad wolf hiding in
Grandma’s bed wearing Grandma’s pajamas. The wolf was a killer, and he
literally ate Grandma for breakfast with his sharp teeth, claws, and jaws.
The strong man chopped that wolf up with an axe and saved the little girl.
It was not a woman or Little Red Riding Hood’s younger sister or Mom
who rushed in to save the little girl. It was not a Starbucks barista boy
wearing a scarf, a toque, a beard, and fake glasses to look smarter and
older. It was a strong man, a woodsman with an axe, who saved the girl
and chopped the wolf up into lunch meat. When things get tough, you want
the strong woodsman to come save you because he’s likely the only one
who is ready and willing to do the dangerous and life-threatening work
that ensures your survival.
“Someone is sitting in the shade
today because someone planted
a tree a long time ago.”
On June 6, 1944, America led the largest land-sea invasion in history to
storm the beaches of Normandy in France and take back Europe from
Hitler and the unstoppable Nazi war machine.
Young men—15, 16, and 17—too young to fight, but lied about their ages
to defend their country—crammed 36 at a time into rickety Higgins boats
made of wood and metal to fight an uphill battle against seasoned Nazi
war veterans who had blitzkrieged across Europe and had violently
brought Europe to its knees.
The young men were scared, and some vomited before the front door of
the Higgins boat would open and display the beach of death ahead. Their
guns were wrapped in plastic to keep the gunpowder dry so they could still
swim through the water and onto dry land and fire a bullet when the time
Some of the boats exploded on water mines before reaching the shore,
killing the young men inside, some boats were riddled with machine gun
fire before landing, tearing up the young men into a bloody box of death.
Other boats would be strafed by Nazi planes while the bullets pierced
through their bodies and sunk the boat, drowning them all inside. Some
boats would reach the shore, where scores and scores of young men were
mutilated by Nazi machine gun fire.
Still, the young Allied men had to press on, they had to move forward,
they had to storm the beaches and kill their enemies, or they knew that
eventually the Nazis would storm their Allied beaches and kill them. It
was “us” or “them.” Two hundred and nine thousand Allied men died that
day taking the beach, and they didn’t stop when their best friend was
gunned down. They didn’t stop when the rest of the platoon was lit on fire
by a flamethrower. They didn’t stop when their boat couldn’t land and they
had to swim to shore; they stopped at nothing less than victory.
I read a short poem online, and it read:
Hard times
Strong men
Good times
Weak men
create strong men,
create good times,
create weak men,
create hard times.
G. Michael Hopf
The poem struck me as [| read it as though it were mana from the mouth of
God or divine truth. Truth lasts throughout history; truth lasts the test of
time. Lies and deceit fall away, but the truth always remains.
This poem represents the circle of life, the cycles of history—what goes
up must come down. The rise and fall of empires, the rise and fall of men,
the rise and fall of power, which eventually gives way to weakness. The
words are visceral, you can feel them in your guts, and even just the phrase
“Hard Times Create Strong Men” appeals to anyone and everyone who has
ever faced a hard time and had to be strong.
Unfortunately, as I write these words, I believe that we are living in the
“weak men create hard times” part of the cycle.
“A nation is born a stoic and dies an epicurean. ’
Strength and success are born out of stoic values.
The stoics elaborated a detailed taxonomy of virtue, dividing virtue into
four main types: wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation.
To have wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation is to be strong enough
where one will defer his or her own happiness and pleasure for virtue.
To the stoics, virtue was more important than happiness in life.
In contrast, Epicurean values stem from Epicurus. He believed that what
he called “pleasure” was the greatest good, but that the way to attain such
pleasure was to live modestly, to gain knowledge of the workings of the
world, and to limit one’s desires. This would lead one to attain a state of
tranquility (ataraxia) and freedom from fear as well as an absence of
bodily pain (aponia). The combination of these two states constitutes
happiness in its highest form ... Epicureanism is a form of hedonism
When pleasure, personal happiness, limited desire, modest living,
knowledge without action, tranquility, absence of bodily pain, and
hedonism take over, a weak man is born.
As a millennial, I can say that my generation is certainly Epicurean in
nature. We are indeed living in a time of weak men who create hard times.
Today’s young man between 20 and 30 drowns in pleasure through video
games and pornography. He will not have a serious or real relationship
with a woman to make a family or bear children until late in life, or
perhaps ever. Our birth rates are down, and costs of living are high, so
traditional families are in decline. Today’s young man puts his personal
happiness first, above all else. He has limited desire and ambition and, in
effect, must live modestly. He is the most educated that a young man has
ever been in history, but he takes little action to use his education to reach
his potential in life. He has an absence of bodily pain, and we now have
“safe spaces” and “cry spaces” on campuses to validate our generation’s
weak emotional fortitude.
“He is free to evade reality, he is free to unfocus his mind and
stumble blindly down any road he pleases, but not free to avoid the
abyss he refuses to see.”
My grandmother’s generation (born in 1920s) lived through the Great
Depression, fought in World War II, built a house and a family, and went
on to be one of the most successful, virtuous, happy, and wealthy
generations in history.
Men of 18 years of age stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day in
World War II with bullets flying past their faces. These men brutally killed
Nazis in close-quarters combat with rifles, pistols, bayonets, shovels,
helmets, and sometimes with their bare hands in the name of service and
freedom to their families. In contrast, today’s 18-year-old kids need “cry
spaces” because their feelings are hurt.
Where did all the strong men go?
“We dont have a great war in our generation, or a great
depression, but we do, we have a great war of the spirit. We have a
great revolution against the culture. The great depression is our
lives. We have a spiritual depression.”
I’m not saying all millennials are weak. To be weak is to choose to be
weak. There are strong millennials out there who go against the grain and
work harder than ever to ignore the pleasures and distractions of modern
You determine your level of strength and your own level of greatness.
I am sad to say that we live in a time of weak men, and we will plunge into
a very dark, very hard time ahead of us.
This dark time of hardship will galvanize men and women to become
strong, like my grandmother, who became strong living through the
Depression and World War II, while other weak men and women simply
won’t survive.
Strength and greatness are choices; do not be tempted by pleasure and the
distractions of weak men and women.
If you want to be strong, it is time to rise up; this is your time to seize
everything you have ever wanted. Such rampant weakness has created a
huge gap in the market for you to fill, but it can only be filled by strength.
When You Are Living Your Purpose
When you are living your purpose,
morning without an alarm.
you get up early in the
You stay up late, focused, without getting tired.
You never tire from your purpose or get bored with it.
Your purpose is an obsession.
You forget to eat, forget to drink water, forget everything else.
Fear doesn't stop you,
become relentless ...
doesn’t tempt you and you
People who are not living their purpose say “slow down,” “take
a break,” “have a little fun,” “take a vacation.” They don't
understand that your purpose makes you happy, and that to you,
every day is Saturday.
Time is no matter and it never matters what day it is.
Screw the TGIF clock-punching mentality;
everything you ever wanted in life!
You only get one shot in this life; don't waste it living someone
else's dream.
Live your purpose; there is no other way ...
Stefan Aarnio
“The way a man penetrates the world should be the same way he
penetrates his woman: not merely for personal gain or pleasure,
but to magnify love, openness, and depth.”
n his bestselling book Fight Club, which became a hit movie in the '90s,
Chuck Palahniuk is credited with being one of the first to use the word
“snowflake” to describe the modern man: “You are not special. You’re
not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic
matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re
all singing, all dancing crap of the world.” The modern man has been a
generation of men, raised by women and by television.
Palahniuk goes on to say: “I see in the fight club the strongest and
smartest men who’ve ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see
squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting
tables, slaves with white collars; advertising has us chasing cars and
clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the
middle children of the history man, no purpose or place; we have no great
war, no great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great
depression is our lives, we’ve been all raised by television to believe that
one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we
won’t, and we’re slowly learning that fact, and we’re very, very pissed
Why the lies? Why did we buy the lies that TV and our overprotective
mothers sold us? In the old days, in warrior culture, in the agrarian age, or
in the tribes, there were groups of women and groups of men. In these
cultures, men and women were honest with who they were and what they
were. Typically, in these old cultures, the children were raised by women
until they were 12 or so, and then the boys would be taken from their
mothers to be raised by groups of men. If it was a warrior culture, the boys
learned to fight. If it was a farming culture, they learned to farm. In a
tribal culture, they learned to hunt and fish. In essence, they learned to be
men from their fathers and the group of other men who made up the
masculine side of the equation in such a society.
If a man had an incompetent father, then an uncle, a friend of the father, or
another man would raise and mentor the boy. The word mentor has been
nearly eradicated from society by virtue of the modern industrial school
system that has a “one teacher to many students” structure. Teaching
young kids is an assembly line, but the mass production model doesn’t
work as well for creating strong men as the old holistic mentorship style.
There are no mentors anymore with modern state-run education taking
over. In ancient Greece, every boy had a mentor, and he would have to do
whatever his mentor wanted. Severus was mentor to Marcus Aurelius, the
greatest Roman emperor of all time, who learned the lessons passed down
by Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers of all time. In mentorship,
sometimes the boy would have to sexually service his mentor to pay for
his mentorship. Nothing in this life is free.
Mentorship was common in several warrior cultures, along with
homosexuality. The Samurai had a culture of mentorship with young boys
and men. The Spartans had it, and even the medieval knights and crusaders
had squires. This has been common throughout history.
Modern schools have destroyed the master/apprentice relationship that
survived throughout history. Mentors and mentees, masters and
apprentices, the immersion of your work and your knowledge to transfer
real knowledge and information from one generation to the next.
In the industrial age, we tried to violate the mentor-mentee relationship
and tried to cram all the young boys and girls into factory assembly lines
called schools. The young people no longer had mentors, and when the
divorces hit and the families started dissolving, child-rearing became the
responsibility of the state. This is ugly, because the state can impose its
philosophy and will over the population, which creates a lack of
counterbalance to the state. Strong homes, strong families are the basic
unit of society, and the strength of the basic unit allows a family to make
its own decisions, independent of the whims of the state.
The educational institutions have been serving Marxist, communist
philosophy and communist propaganda. They have taken religion and
families out of schools along with nearly everything that this successful
society has been built on. As KGB defector Yuri Beznemov observed,
“Marxist-Leninist ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least
three generations of American students without being challenged, or
counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism.”
Most of the old useful life lessons have been removed from the schools,
and the school system and have been replaced with impractical subjects
such as sexuality and gender studies.
They don’t teach commerce,
business, money,
freedom, how to have a
family, how to be married, or anything useful to an individual person.
Instead, we get communist philosophy and harebrain ideas, where
subjectivity overtakes objectivity, and the greater good is more important
than the individual. This is all backwards from the philosophy upon which
our great Western society, and especially American culture, was built.
America became successful by being a bastion of freedom and a beacon of
hope around the world. The freedom, hope, and, most importantly,
philosophical and religious freedom that made America great are now
getting choked
out by claims
of “racist,” “sexist,”
whatever other labels the popular narrative is using.
In the old days, if your father was a blacksmith and you wanted to be a
cobbler (a shoe maker), you lived with the cobbler and learned your trade.
Your father, the blacksmith,
took on another boy who wished to be a
blacksmith. The men raised the boys and taught them how to be honorable
strong men. There was no TV or MTV, iPads raising babies, or state-run
schools. Men raised the boys into men, and women raised the girls into
women who the men would want to marry and have families with. The
men were desirable; the women were desirable and were not the type that
men would want to “opt out of’ for a lifestyle of video games and
pornography or a foreign wife from a more traditional society, such as
eastern Europe or Asia.
A boy learned to be a man from other men, and he learned what a man’s
purpose was—his work!
A man’s main purpose in life is to work, whatever that work may be.
To paraphrase the great Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius, “Do the work
of men” and “do the work that only you can do ... as bees make honey, so
you must do your work!” Marcus Aurelius ruled Rome at the height of its
power; he was a great emperor, a warrior, a philosopher, and a strong man.
He understood that men had to do their work, and in his collection of
memoirs—Meditations—his words ring throughout history as an example
of exemplary leadership. His book is highly regarded in the military, in
business, and by leadership around the world today where strength 1s still
The bees are a great example. The bees do not stop; they do not think
about “should I make honey or not?” The bees do not go to Europe to take
a year off and find themselves; they don’t need a guidance counselor at
their high school to help them select a career they would be happy with.
Bees don’t follow the “follow-your-dreams” horseshit advice that we give
to young people today. Instead, the bees just work—every day and every
night. The bees work around the clock to make honey and serve their
purpose, which is their work. The bees do the work that only they can do,
and thus men must do the work that only they can do—the work in front of
their face. The work that the group needs done. The work in front of them
that validates their purpose, builds trust with the tribe, and makes them
capable of serving their purpose—being a man.
Will a man always love his work? Hell no! Work is work; it is not play.
Play is grounded in feminine energy and is reserved for women, children,
girls, and little boys. Play is not reserved for men. In fact, when the ship is
sinking, women and children get the lifeboats, not the men. Nobody
promised that work was going to be fun. Work is not dreaming; it is not
becoming a rock star, movie star, or pro athlete! Those are mostly vain
fantasies that teenage boys have and are not based in reality. Sure, there
are a few rock stars kicking around, a handful of movie stars who have
grinded it out, and some pro athletes who have put in the work. But there
is nothing but work and grinding in this life, and the day you stop filling
your purpose with work as a man is the day you become useless, retired,
and ready to be tossed from the ship of society into an early grave.
Retirement has never really existed throughout history and cultures. You
worked until you were no longer useful or you died, whichever came first.
“There is joy in work.”
Rock stars are a fantasy. I used to want to be a rock star, and today in my
industry, I am an influencer with public exposure, so I could be crudely
labeled as a rock star. But a rock star is a fantasy and detached from
As Slash from Guns N’ Roses says on being a rock star, “A rock star is the
intersection of who you are and who you wish to become.” By virtue of
this definition, a man can never become a rock star because who we wish
to become is always attached to a fantasy. Fantasyland is attached to boyland and is right beside Disneyland as the happiest place on earth. This is
not a place for men; it’s for children, women, little girls, and little boys.
Men do not hang out at Disneyland alone; if you did, they would escort
you out as a potential pedophile and sex offender. Men do not belong at
Disneyland or fantasyland unless they are bringing their family along and
paying the bill. Men live in reality, and reality can be mundane and “suck”
a lot of the time.
Men, real men, do not live in fantasyland.
Real men,
strong men,
do not live virtually in their World of Warcraft
accounts where they fantasize about being a wizard and shooting magical
spells at one another. They are not drowning in video games and
pornography. These are unmanly pursuits. Instead, real men wake up early
in the morning, go to work, and do the work that is required! Even now,
I’m writing this book straight out of bed, because it’s my job, and I am
doing my work! Real men may love their work, and they may love their
purpose; they also may not love their work or purpose. At the end of the
day, no one cares if you love your work or not, and it doesn’t really matter
to the tribe, to women, or to the other men you know. Your feelings do not
matter, snowflake. Men must work to support themselves, their women,
and their families. Your “feelings” about this don’t matter, have never
mattered, and never will matter! Welcome to your life as a man.
“All of this stupid bullshit that children have been so crippled by
has grown out of something called the self-esteem movement ... and
I’m happy to say it has been a complete failure, because studies
have repeatedly shown that having high self-esteem does not
improve grades, does not improve career achievement, it does not
even lower the use of alcohol, it most certainly does not reduce the
incidence of violence of any sort, because as it turns out, extremely
aggressive, violent people think very highly of themselves. Imagine
that, sociopaths have high self-esteem ... I love when these
politically correct ideas crash and burn ... The self-esteem
movement revolved around a single notion, the idea ... that every
child is special ... every child is clearly not special... but let’s say
it's true. Let's grant this ... isn’t every adult special too? ... and if
every adult is special, then that means we’re all special and the
whole idea loses all its fucking meaning.”
My father struggled with the idea of work for years. As such, he never
really had a job. With a small amount of seed money, my father and
mother purchased a promotional products brokerage to sell printed Tshirts, printed mugs, and other promotional products when I was just a
baby. My father was never truly successful in his business and ran it for 16
years sideways. He really wasn’t in business for 16 years; instead, he did
the same year 16 times. No one in my family or friends ever really
addressed the fact that my dad was perpetually sideways with his work and
his business for 16 years. He called himself an entrepreneur for 16 years,
but he really wasn’t. He never raised capital or started a business from
scratch with a product, which is what most true entrepreneurs do. He was a
broker, and to be clear, brokers of anything are not entrepreneurs; they are
salespeople. My dad was a salesperson, a broker of printed materials, a
middleman. He sold shit, as many men do in this life. Sadly, I believe that
my father used his business to live in fantasy and to hide from the fact that
he was unemployable, unable to lead or follow, and incapable of listening
to directions and doing the work. Essentially all the things that real men
must choose to do every day.
My parents divorced when I was 17. At that time, my dad’s business,
which was supported by my mother and her job as a teacher, lost its
financing. My mother made $80,000 a year with the teacher’s union at the
time as a government worker—guaranteed income. My father made
$30,000 a year at his business and didn’t always bring home money to pay
bills. Sometimes he brought home money, sometimes he didn’t, as many
undisciplined, amateur businessmen do. He had unpredictable results
based on unpredictable actions and a lack of discipline.
My mother resented this fact; she hated his lack of manliness in his work.
He did not embrace his work and instead used the fantasy of being a
business owner to avoid the real work of building a business.
When my dad’s company closed due to lack of credit (supported by my
mother and lost in the divorce), my dad never got back up on his feet to
become an entrepreneur again. He never was an entrepreneur, never
worked on his skills of work, never read a book, and never took a class to
improve his work and his purpose.
He drove a limo for 13 years, taking minimum responsibility for his life.
He took pilot lessons because it was his dream, his fantasy, and it made
him happy. He put himself into over $100,000 of credit card debt.
Last April my dad called me. I was in Houston, Texas, going on a real
for rich successful
real estate
and their hot,
beautiful, Barbie doll—looking wives.
My dad says in the receiver, “I owe the bank a lot of money.”
“How much?” I ask.
“Over $100,000 on credit cards, and I can’t make the interest payments;
it’s over 20%,” replies my dad.
I waited for him to say more, but he didn’t. He was ashamed and rightfully
so. He thought that taking pilot lessons for years on the side would
somehow provide him with economic salvation from his money problems.
After the divorce he followed the advice of “go to school and get a good
job,” but this advice had been outdated for years, plus no one wants a
sixty-year-old rookie pilot. Getting a real job with an airline was out of the
question for someone with his age and experience.
I later learned that my dad was driving out of town to fly for a shitty little
sky dive company and got paid $100 to drive an hour out of town to show
up to work and then $5 a flight. He could maybe do two flights an hour if
he was lucky. This was less than minimum wage.
the fuck, Dad? 1 said to myself when I heard what he was making.
poor decision making! You are putting yourself on the poverty
Working at McDonald’s pays better than that, and you don’t have to
fly a fucking plane, or get $100,000 of training to make minimum
“You have to go bankrupt,” I said flatly into the phone. “It’s okay, though.
We live in Canada. There’s no debtor’s prison, and this isn’t Dubai, where
they will throw you in jail for being
Canada loves poor people. This is an
the bank the shitty swamp land you
that’s broken, and go bankrupt. This
ever make in your life.”
“But I don’t want
a deadbeat. In fact, you’re poor, and
awesome country to be poor in! Give
own, give them your shitty old car
is the best financial move you will
to do it,’ my dad protested,
“Well I know, it sucks, but if you could sell that shitty land and car for
$100,000 right now, would you do it?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Good. Go bankrupt then.”
That was effectively the end of the conversation. The bank never should
have given my dad $100,000 of credit; he wasn’t smart enough to use it.
“A man’s capacity to receive another man’s direct criticism is a
measure of his capacity to receive masculine energy. If he doesn t
have a good relationship to masculine energy (e.g., his father),
then he will act like a woman and be hurt or defensive rather than
make use of other men’s criticism.”
My mother divorced my father over his unmanly relationship with work.
My mother’s mother was a stay-at-home mom who was the stereotypical
°50s housewife. My mother wanted to live like her mother and stay at
home and raise the babies; she wanted to live her feminine purpose and be
a mom. My dad seemed like he could pull off his entrepreneur dream, so
she took a gamble on him and married him. She had kids with him, and I
was one of the kids. When the gamble didn’t pay off, my mother was very
angry at being forced into the masculine energy of working and becoming
the breadwinner. She wanted a man to handle the masculine duty of work,
and she could live in the feminine duty of the family and the home.
After my mother announced she wanted a divorce, I moved in with
grandma, my mother’s mother, the seasoned ’50s housewife to get away
from all the bullshit of the divorce at home.
Grandma was amazing!
Grandma, the perfect ’50s housewife, was a relic of a forgotten and better
She cooked traditional homemade dinners every day and set the table with
fine silverware and china every day. She packed a cooler with a “sandwich
du jour” every day (she didn’t want me to get bored with the food as the
working man of the house). I painted houses in the summer, and it was
boring but manly work. Grandma stocked my lunch with pickles,
homemade cookies of the week, sandwich of the day, drinks, baby carrots,
and dip. I couldn’t believe the level of service that working men had in the
’50s and ’60s.
had my
and starched
(I had never
experienced starch until living with Grandma). If I got home late from
work, dinner was waiting in the oven, kept warm with a hand-written note
for me and a table set with silverware and fine china.
Grandma was from the World War II generation. Men were men, and
women were women. My mother wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and do
what she was programmed to do as she saw her mother do. She wanted her
purpose to be feminine and about the family. She needed a man who was
masculine to do the work, make the money, shut the fuck up, and pay the
bills, just as her dad did for her mom in the glorious days of the 1950s,
1960s, and 1970s.
She never got a man; she got a boy in a man’s body—my father. He had an
aversion to work and hid behind a shitty business that wasn’t really a
business. It was a T-shirt brokerage. He played games with money and
never stepped up to be the man.
When I was 17 she said, “Fuck this.”
I walked in on my parents in the kitchen one day at 17 after music school
and saw my 5’4” mother towering over my 6’2” father, who was on his
knees crying and begging her for a second chance. She had just told him
that she wanted a divorce, and he got down on his knees and begged while
she towered over him, hands on hips in a Darth Vader “don’t come near
me” power pose.
While my dad was begging on his knees like a dog for his life, my mother
lost her composure and laughed at him. She didn’t help him, she didn’t
give him another chance, and she betrayed him in his moment of
weakness, as many women would. A woman who must support a man is
forced into the masculine purpose of work. The man is forced into the
feminine, and this is unmanly. Unmanly men are savagely attacked,
discounted, and thrown out by women everywhere. If you can’t fill your
masculine role of work, your woman will divorce you and find a man who
can fill the job description. Those are the rules.
An unmanly man who can’t work and can’t support a family is of no use to
a feminine woman. A feminine woman’s purpose is the family, and she
needs a masculine man to do the work, make the money, and be the man.
My mother had enough, and as a feminine woman forced into the
masculine role as the breadwinner, she metaphorically stabbed him in the
back as a woman always eventually will to a man who fails to fill her
needs to be feminine. She was forced into the masculine role in the
relationship and hated him every day for it. She hated his weakness, and
she hated who she had to become to make it work.
“Fuck him,” she probably thought.
I sometimes feel guilty for my parents’ divorce because one day I came
home from working with my dad at a summer job, and I said to my
mother, “Mom, I don’t get it.” We would secretly complain about my
dad’s business and bash him behind his back. This was a very unmanly
thing to do on my part, but I was 16 and didn’t know any better than to
engage in womanly gossip with my mother. She gossiped about him, so I
did too.
No one had laid down the rules for how to be a man.
“T don’t get it, Mom. Dad goes to work at 10:00 and comes home at 2:00
with a one-hour lunch break. What does he do? How can he be making
My mother has attributed her decision to leave my father to that
information that I let out of the bag. Do I feel guilty for telling her that?
Yes. My mother worked full time as a teacher, and, as teachers often do,
she worked into the night with special clubs, assignments, and marking
exams and papers.
My dad would make lunches for us like a housewife, bring home some
discount groceries from the discount grocery store, and then fall asleep in
front of the TV. He didn’t always bring home a paycheck, and this pissed
my mom off! It angered her to see such incompetence and work avoidance
in a man. Avoiding his purpose and his work, making lunches like a
mommy, and falling asleep in front of the TV like a baby instead of getting
better at what he had to do. He didn’t train, didn’t read, didn’t study, and
he didn’t take a course or hire a coach or mentor to make him great at his
work and purpose. Instead, he avoided the reality that he was shitty at his
work, and his inability to own his problems made him a boy and not a
She wanted a man, but she was forced to become the man, and manly she
became. My mother often said, “I felt like I had three sons and no
husband.” I don’t blame her for this feeling when I look back on how my
father treated his work and purpose.
“Tf a man never discovers his deepest purpose, or if he permanently
compromises it and uses his family as an excuse for doing so, then
his core becomes weakened and he loses depth and presence. His
woman loses trust and sexual polarity with him, even though he
may be putting much energy into parenting their children and
doing the housework. A man should, of course, be a full participant
in caring for children and the household. But if he gives up his
deepest purpose to do so, ultimately, everyone suffers.”
My mother, being forced into the masculine energy and masculine role of
work and supporting the family, became more masculine to become the
breadwinner and man of the house. The masculine energy made her skin
tougher, she grew into a stocky build, she cut her hair short like a man, and
she had to take on masculine qualities, such as assertiveness to do the
work and make the money. She didn’t get the choice to be feminine and
look after the family as she wanted.
If she were free to live in the feminine essence, she could have kept her
skin fair, stayed slim and feminine, kept her hair long, and allowed her
man to be assertive and provide the money. She didn’t get any of that, so
she transformed into a man.
As a consequence,
my father transformed
into the woman.
The roles
Perversely, my dad sacrificed his business to make lunches, drive my
brother and me to school, and take on a stay-at-home dad role. This was
unsexy, unmanly, and a gender reversal that ultimately pissed my mother
off. This unmanly display made my mother lose respect for my dad and
reversed the gender polarity and sexual attraction towards my father. After
they divorced I learned they had not kissed in years and rarely had sex.
All of these problems stem from my father never learning how to live his
masculine purpose and do the work.
“A man must he prepared to give 100% to his purpose, fulfill his
karma or dissolve it, and then let go of that specific form of living.
He must be capable of not knowing what to do with his life,
entering a period of unknowingness and waiting for a vision or a
new form of purpose to emerge. These cycles of strong specific
action followed by periods of not knowing what the hell is going on
are natural for a man who is shedding layers of karma in his
relaxation into truth.”
Years later, when my father phoned me about not being able to pay his
bills, I was 30 years old and a successful entrepreneur. My father came to
me in a sideways way looking for a job and looking for more help.
I was a real entrepreneur with two multimillion dollar companies at the
time and nearly 10 employees in real estate and my consulting businesses.
My dad needed a job, so he had his girlfriend’s daughter help make a
résumé with his last job being from 1985 and a testimonial from 1985, his
last boss from the last century. It was 2017, and he hadn’t had a valuable
job in 30 years. The top of his résumé read “proud father of two great
I looked at this piece-of-shit resumé as an owner of a business and said,
“Dad, no one cares that you have two great boys. That’s irrelevant to work.
No one cares about your last job in 1985. That’s from the last century; it’s
irrelevant. Go get a job at McDonald’s today and start flipping burgers to
get some money, any money. It doesn’t matter, just go, or go on welfare
and forget it all.”
My dad looked at the floor, defeated, terrified, and a little depressed. He
had been running from the reality of work and manly work, mundane
work, work that needed to be done for 30 years.
Miraculously, after my mother left my father, he found a woman exactly
the same as my mother and started to date her. He didn’t marry her, as
would be a manly thing to do. Instead, he “dated her” and will likely date
her forever, but never claim responsibility and marry her.
This woman was 100% the same as my mother. She was the same age, a
teacher as well—in fact a resource teacher just like my mom. She had the
same socioeconomic background, the same European background, lived in
the south part of the city, the same part of town, and had the same idioms,
taste in eclectic design of her home décor, loved the same shops and was
essentially the closest thing my dad could get to my mother—his ex-wife
whom he still secretly loved. This woman’s name was Val. She was cool. I
liked her, and I was happy for them. Everyone needs love.
Val liked that fact that my dad was fun loving and took her in his plane and
on his sailboat. A real playboy—what a show the guy could put on! But
when he moved into her house and had no money to pay for things, shit got
“Val is going to kick me out,” my dad revealed to me in a moment of
shame and weakness.
“What the fuck, Dad?!” I exclaimed. “This is the same bullshit you went
through with Mom! If you don’t change, you are going to be thrown out,
and I’1l have to move you into my basement! Fuck!”
They say that in life the same problems happen over and over again until
you learn your lesson. My dad had not learned his lesson. He still hadn’t
learned to work, do manly work, work that is required, and make money to
support his woman.
“Get a job at McDonald’s,” I said. “Just get some money, get going, there’s
a gas station by your house, just start pumping gas, get going! Go!”
“But I don’t want to do those jobs. They don’t help me get to my dreams!”
my dad protested.
“Fuck your dreams!” I exclaimed
now. What matters is that you
girlfriend that you are a man and
fuck your dreams. That’s not what
to him, “Your dreams don’t matter right
bring some money in to show your
you get it done. Fuck your feelings, and
work is about.”
“But I’d rather start my own business.”
Fuck, this guy was out to lunch so hard I started to lose it.
“Dad, you haven’t earned the right to have your own business. You have to
have a job first and save up some capital. Then you will have earned the
right to be a business owner; you aren’t there right now.”
“Well, I was thinking of a cleaning or painting business. I could start those
fairly easily.”
“Dad, you suck at painting, and you suck at cleaning. Then you have to go
sell that shit and handle the fulfillment, the employees, and the money.
That’s way harder than you think it is. Just get a job.”
My dad looked at the floor. “Maybe I could work for you on one of your
construction crews.”
My dad was looking for a handout. He wanted me to hire him to paint or
clean one of the several homes I was flipping at the time. I didn’t take the
bait. I was smarter than that.
“Go get a job at McDonald’s or go on welfare. You have to get something,
anything. You have to prove that you can do some work.”
My dad was caught in the fantasy of being exempt from work by being an
entrepreneur. What a mental disease that is. I’ve been an entrepreneur for a
decade, and I work two working days on every working day to get ahead.
The reality of entrepreneurship is ten times harder than having a job.
What was apparent in that moment was that my dad was a work-avoidant
boy who did not understand the most basic purpose of being a man—doing
the work even if you don’t like it and support your family. This basic
lesson was lost on him because his father was a drunk and his family
dissolved when he was 12.
A boy is obsessed with fantasy and dreams, but a man understands the
reality of the situation and does the work required from him in front of his
A man builds trust with other men by doing the work and by being good at
his work. A man who is not good at his work is untrusted by both men and
women alike.
In war, deserters are shot; these are unmanly men who run away from their
work and their problems.
In the corporate world, men who don’t work are fired.
Men who don’t work have their women
leave them and cheat on them
behind their backs. These men are ultimately discarded by women in favor
of a man who can be masculine, do his work, and allow women
to be
There is no place in this world for men who do not work, and your place in
the world must be earned every day if you are a man. It is your purpose to
do the work that only you can do. Suck it up, snowflake; no one asked you
what your dreams are. In fact, I didn’t start to succeed in business until I
gave up my dreams of being a rock star, gave up the fantasy, and focused
on building the dreams of others.
As Warren Buffet, the world’s richest investor, says, “What you love about
you is your hobby; what other people love about you is your business.”
Zig Ziglar says, “You can have anything you want in life as long as you
help enough people get what they want.”
A man understands that it isn’t about him, it never was about him, and it
never will be about him. It’s about his group, his tribe, his family, his wife,
his kids—never
leadership from men who are willing to do the work and eat last.
Do the work that only you can do and be a man.
Your dreams can exist, but no one cares; they don’t matter to anyone else
but you.
Do the fucking work.
If you work first, maybe you can have a shot at your dreams.
“I honestly believe that if you’re focused and passionate and
driven, you can achieve anything you want to achieve in life. I
honestly believe that. Because you'll fucking figure it out ... I
never took lessons to play... I just figured it out ... But I would
listen and practice by myself in my bedroom obsessively. And so,
throughout life I’ve always kind offigured that's just how you do
lead singer, front man,
and songwriter
of Foo
Fighters and drummer of the legendary Nirvana.
here is a never-ending conflict in the popular advice for young men.
One side says in regards to a man’s work: do what you love. The other
side says: do what’s required of you. At the end of the day, both of
these statements are true, but there is an order of operations required for a
man to be effective in the world.
A man must have a job, he must have work, he must do something every
day with some sort of purpose. Whatever purpose he puts on his work is up
to him. Is he laying brick or building a cathedral? He decides in his own
Two men are laying
upon another brick
complains about the
bricks laid upon one
sun each day.
bricks. One man is miserable,
hurts his muscles more and
task of laying brick and can
another as his body atrophies
and each brick he lays
more. He whines and
see nothing but endless
and aches under the hot
A second man working next to the first man is excited each day. He knows
he is building a cathedral, and in his mind he can see the most beautiful
structure known to man being built right in front of his face. He is proud
and excited to a part of the project each day. Sure, the sun is hot on his
skin. Sure, it’s hard work laying brick. But the vision, the meaning, and the
spirit of the work allow him to be great at his job each day.
What separates these two men? Simply said, it’s the meaning they place on
their work. Bricklaying may be the highest and greatest value you can
bring to the world as a man, or maybe bricklaying is a stepping stone
towards a greater and bigger vision in your life. But in the end, the only
meaning we have on any experience or event in our life 1s the meaning we
subjectively place upon it.
In his book Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl, who was thrown
into a series of death camps in Nazi Germany, noticed that it was the
optimists who died first. The death camps in Nazi Germany were
miserable, horrific places for all prisoners living there, but there were two
types of people: those who survived and those who didn’t. The ones who
died were the optimists. They would say “we will be free by Christmas.”
Of course, this little lie they told themselves turned out to be false.
Christmas came, and the optimists died of severe heartbreak or depression.
They gave up when the lies they told themselves were found to be false.
The survivors, on the other hand, lived for any number of reasons. But the
survivors all had a reason to make it through. Frankl wrote a book
manuscript; the guards seized it from him and destroyed it. Part of what
kept him alive was the thought that he had to complete his purpose and his
mission of publishing his book.
If a man does not have a purpose or a mission, he will die
Worse, he could simply die. There are countless stories
worked at a job every day of their lives and shortly after
which means “to take out of useful service’—they failed
purpose and died shortly thereafter.
on the inside.
of men who
they retired—
to find a new
First you must do the work that is in front of you. It is unmanly to be
without work and to be jobless. Welfare and the welfare system have killed
the desire and the need for work, as a large portion of men and women in
the United States now live on food stamps. The number of food-stamp
dependent Americans grew each year until President Trump reversed the
trend during his first year in office.
The welfare system is a beautiful idea. It is a safety net to catch those who
fall in society, but it’s an ugly mentality to adopt. The welfare system
promotes a welfare mentality. At the zoo there is a sign that says, “Do not
feed the bears; they will get dependent and weak and will not be able to
forage for themselves.” It’s odd that we understand that feeding the bears
will ruin them, but we don’t think about feeding the welfare humans in
perpetuity. This ruins them and kills the desire to work and produce.
First, a man must have some work. Once he has his basics handled and a
steady income earned by service, then he can focus his energy in his off
time on that which he loves. Only then can he move into a profession of
passion and a labor of love.
Nowadays we have a bullshit idea that it is the labor of love first, and that
is a wrong idea. That is like eating dessert but not your normal dinner. If
you eat nothing but dessert, you will get sick. The same applies to work.
The labor of love is what you earn in your off time; turn off the TV and
work on your passion.
When I decided I wanted to go into real estate, and real estate would be
my calling in life, I had to take four jobs to support myself enough to get
into the industry. From 4:00 a.m. until noon I put chips on shelves for Frito
Lay as a merchandiser. I didn’t really love the job, but it paid my bills and
gave me a chance for credit to get into the real estate game. From noon
until 5:00 p.m. I worked on my real estate deals. From 5:00 p.m. until 7:00
p.m. or so I taught guitar, and from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. I worked on
my debt-buying business. It was a grueling death march for six months
until I quit my day job, but that’s what it takes to get into the labor of love
—it takes everything and much more.
“Success always demands a greater effort.”
Gene Simmons
is an American businessman and rock star known for his
famous rock group KISS. The last time I heard Gene’s annual income, it
was $35,000,000 a year from royalty and business deals surrounding KISS;
not bad for a school teacher from New York City:
“If KISS had not taken off, I might still be a teacher in New York
City, and proud of it. Or I might be doing something different. My
point is I would be doing something, and Iwould be doing it
successfully. Iwould have found a way, because that's what I’ve
always done. I’ve always had a plan B and a plan C because I know
that life is not fair, and when reality takes everything away from
you, you must be ready to start all over again.”
Gene knew that his labor of love may or may not work out for him. That’s
why he became a school teacher and had plan B, plan C, and every other
plan ready to go if his first choice of profession didn’t work out. Gene
swung for the fences and hit a home run. He understood the work ethic that
it takes to get the labor of love off the ground and did not subscribe to the
loser mentality that so many musicians have nowadays.
“So many of my fellow musicians are, pardon the expression, bums.
They are merely lucky that their music took off, because without it,
they would have no recourse in the real world and would likely still
be living in their parents’ basements. I’ve seen people ascend to
the status of international icon, only to blow every last cent on
trivialities and break up their bands over relationships, drugs and
You can be good at your day job, but you can aspire to be great at your
passion and labor of love:
“Find something you never have to take a break from, and you will
find your path to power. And in the meantime, there is no shame in
taking a day job. But your time offfrom your day job should not be
spent sitting around and watching TV. Your free time should be
spent pursuing your passion, the job you actually want to be
Turn off the TV, or better, throw away your TV or give it to the welfare
people who stay at home all day and don’t change out of their pajamas. I
don’t say that to insult people, but I frequently walk through welfare
homes in my real estate career, and the same poverty picture is shown over
and over again: 8 TVs in the house, one in every room, Mom and Dad are
home on a Tuesday afternoon and are still in bed wearing pajamas, their 6
kids are all at home not going to school, they have Xbox and PlayStation,
they have pornography lying around, Cheetos and other salty snacks like
chips and candy strewn about the house. They likely have pets that they
shouldn’t own because they can’t even take care of themselves. On the
stove is a pot of Kraft macaroni and cheese and a pan of bacon frying in its
own grease until it’s crispy. There are 2-liter after 2-liter bottles of Coke,
Pepsi, and other soft drinks and cases and cases of beer and liquor. It
smells like marijuana because Mom and Dad woke up and “lit up a joint”
in the morning to mellow out, and the curtains on the windows are either
Budweiser promotional towels that came with a case of beer or marijuana
flags, as the only political platform they subscribe to is “legalize pot.”
I don’t say my words above to be mean or threaten you in any way, but as a
young man trying to find my way in the world, I kept seeing the same
poverty picture in the same poverty homes over and over again. When you
go home at the end of your work day, it’s your job to not succumb to all of
the weakness and temptation that I described above and work on your
labor of love and passion instead. If you work hard enough on your
passion, it can become your plan A, and you will earn the right to
transition from being good at your work to being great.
I made the transition myself and do not even own a TV; instead, I have a
large library.
Avoid the traps of comfort and the traps of poverty and instead choose to
use your heart and mind for creation, for good, for passion, and for
becoming great at your work. Start with what you are curious about
because curiosity is the base ingredient for all passion. Curiosity, when
followed, will lead to passion and adventure—yjust the thing that all men
need. But when you numb your curiosity and kill your passion with TV,
marijuana, fatty bacon, and Kraft dinners, you can never find the things
that will add the ultimate color and excitement to your life. You will be
stuck in a land of mediocrity, average—or worse, less than average. Do not
trade the greatness of tomorrow for the pleasures of today. Learn to delay
gratification to earn the right to do things that only you love to do!
“You will only be great at things you love to do.”
“This is key to power. When we look at people who have achieved
excellence in a certain field, these are not people who chose their
field haphazardly or due to peer pressure. Whatever industry these
people are in, they’re doing it because they loved it. They also
practiced and worked at what they do. All day long. They did not
take breaks. They did not take vacations. They did not get tired of
it. Because when you love what you do, you won‘ tire of it. You will
get more done, and you will do it better and faster.”
Yes, you read that correctly. Passionate, excited people who enjoy their
work do not take vacations; they do not get tired of their work. I always
get criticized by average people for working too hard. “Take a break,” they
say. “You are going too hard,” they say.
These are the same people who were negative about my choice to pursue
my passions in the first place.
I love the words of Grant Cardone, a $100-million-dollar man. He says to
“be obsessed or be average’”—BOBA for short. I subscribe to the idea of
BOBA, and Grant understood at the young age of around 25 that his drug
addictions, drinking addictions, women problems, and fighting were
merely his obsessive attitude obsessing about the wrong things. If you take
your obsessive attitude and turn it from your vices to your virtues and
passions, you can not only shoot for the moon, but you will become a star
in the process. I share that sentiment with Cardone. If I take my eyes off
the ball and get comfortable, I eat the wrong foods, spend time with the
wrong women, and get into all my vices. As the book of Proverbs says in
the Bible, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” When I focus on bigger
goals, bigger ideas, and bigger passions that are 10 times larger than I
even imagined, the vision is so big and so exciting that I forget about my
vices and work much harder on my passions to hit the next level.
“Passionate work stimulates the mind like a car engine recharges
its battery—by running, not resting.”
As Tony Robbins says, when you are passionate about your work and your
labor of love, you get more energy by spending more energy. Spending
energy is the way to get more. In the words of famous actress Helen
Hayes, “If you rest, you rust.”
You have to take your work and merge it with your labor of love if you
ever want to go from being a good man to a great man. Good is the enemy
of great, and once your basics are taken care of in the field of work, you
can start planning your escape plan into your passions and your dream job.
I work today as an entrepreneur, and my passion is “making things.” I love
writing books, making courses, making marketing materials, etc. I realized
early on that no one would pay me in a meaningful way to “make things,”
so instead I became an entrepreneur.
As an entrepreneur, you will have two years of making no money and
being broke and maybe living on the poverty line. This is okay because
you have to reinvest in your business to become successful. If you survive
five years in business you might be affluent, and if you can make it to ten
years and grow the whole time, chances are you will be rich. It takes 20
years to be an overnight success, and it takes 10 years and 10,000 hours to
be a master according to Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers. I
subscribe to the philosophy of 10 years and 10,000 hours, and that’s why I
say, “Respect the grind.” The grinding never stops, the pushing on the
world never stops, and you have to respect the process of those who have
gone before you. There are no shortcuts, and you can’t skip the process of
paying your dues.
“I was in the same fucking position you are in twenty fucking years
ago. That was it. I worked at a fucking furniture warehouse and I
wanted people to like my music, so I played out as much as I could.
Ifyou are passionate and driven and focused on what you do, and if
you ’re really fucking good at it, people are gonna take notice.”
Dave Grohl’s current band, the Foo Fighters, does over $100 million a year
in sales, and his work ethic is unparalleled and unmatched in the industry.
Is Dave Grohl the best musician? No, far from it, but his work ethic is
what keeps him winning year after year. It is also the main reason why the
Foo Fighters surpassed his original legendary band, Nirvana. Nirvana
burned twice as hot for a very short time with legendary musician Kurt
Cobain as the front man. Grohl is no Cobain, not even close, but his work
ethic and persistence have made the Foo Fighters surpass Nirvana in
longevity and sales. This makes him great on grit, grind, and work ethic
“Whether your industry is making shoes, data crunching, running a
restaurant, or anything else, there is much to be gleaned from
Grohl's work ethic and strategy. He even toured the world with his
band with a broken leg, bound to a chair he had constructed out of
recycled guitar necks, like some rock-opera Game of Thrones. The
actual accident occurred during a concert in Gothenburg, Sweden
in 2015 when Grohl fell off the stage. He announced over the mic
that drummer Taylor Hawkins would lead the band and cover some
of the songs while he was rushed to the hospital. But before he was
carted off in an ambulance, he promised the audience that he would
be back to finish the show. Hawkins carried on, and Grohl returned
an hour later and proceeded to play a further two-hour set,
perched on a chair with a fresh cast on his leg. This is yet another
situation in which it would have been totally understandable to just
take some time off, to rest, to rust, like any normal person would,
like the doctor probably ordered. But not Grohl. This story is a
microcosm for Grohl's life and work ethic. He is someone who
seems incapable of sitting still, of stopping, of giving up. What kind
of person doesn t take time off, even for injury and hospitalization?
The kind who loves what he does. The kind whose vacation is his
work. The kind who succeeds. The kind who seizes power and lives
by his own terms. This is what separates the powerful from the rest,
in any field. Never take vacations. Never take breaks. Unless I am
absolutely bedridden, I work every day. Life is work, and ifyour
work is something you love, it will never feel like work.”
In the movie Fight Club, Brad Pitt plays Tyler Durden. Durden embodies
everything that the modern man is not. He is masculine, rough, an
entrepreneur, a hustler, fearless, a fighter, dresses the way he wants, and
represents everything that men have lost over the years. The narrator,
played by Edward Norton, is the opposite of Durden; he is effeminate,
soft, a corporate bitch, compliant, fearful, not a fighter, wears what his
boss makes him wear to work, wastes his life on meaningless corporate
work, succumbs to the status quo, and represents the devolved version of a
man that we have today.
In the book version of Fight Club, there 1s a key scene in which Tyler
Durden breaks into the back of a convenience store and drags the clerk
behind the desk into the back ally. Durden forces the clerk to the ground
and points a hand gun point blank at his head. The narrator watches in
terror as Durden says:
“A vet, you said. You want to be a vet, a veterinarian.
You could be in school working your ass off, Raymond Hessel, or
you could be dead. You choose. I stuffed your wallet into the
back of your jeans ...
... Go back to school. If you wake up tomorrow morning, you find
a way to get back into school.
I have your license.
I know who you are. I know where you live. I’m keeping your
license, and I’m going to check on you, mister Raymond K.
Hessel. In three months, and then six months, and then a year,
and if you
back in school
on your
to being a
veterinarian, you will be dead ...
Raymond K. K. Hessel, your dinner is going to taste better than
any meal you’ve ever eaten, and tomorrow will be the most
beautiful day of your life.”
The soft person inside of us would say, “Oh my god, what a horrible thing
to do to someone.” But the flipside of the argument that the author,
Palahniuk, is trying to show us is follow your dreams as if someone was
pointing a gun to your head—your life will become beautiful, the colors
will be brighter, and you will live the most beautiful life.
“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.”
Stop the bullshit, stop the fear, stop living the life that everyone else says
you should live. Yes, you must work and do your duty as a man. But if you
fail to work on your passions in your spare time, if you go home and
play video
get drunk, watch
TV, get fat, and get
covered in potato chips, what’s the point of life? Play this game of life to
win. Play as if someone is threatening you with a gun. You will think
differently if you knew you would be dead at the end of this day.
“It is not death that a man should fear, but he
should fear never beginning to live.”
The question you must ask yourself 1s how would you live differently if
you knew you were going to die tonight? Would you sit in that corporate
cubicle as a corporate bitch doing meaningless work? Or would you do
something else?
I often challenge myself with this question. What if it ended all today?
Would I be happy? Would I still go to work? Would I still sit here on my
laptop and pound out 10,000 words in one sitting in one day? The answer
is probably yes. I do what I love; if I don’t love it, I get someone else to do
it for me. My position of power today has come from working at my job
and working on my passion relentlessly at night. As I type this it’s 8:45 at
night on a Sunday, and I started typing the second I woke up in the
I finished one 63,000 word book this month, and I’m furiously finishing
this book, a second book, 148,500 words one week later. I love to write, I
live my passions, and I want to write three books this year. I will do it
because I live as though Tyler Durden was going to come to my house and
threaten to kill me each day.
There was an old story about a young man who came to a seminar and said
to the old guru, “I want to be a success in business, just like you. Will you
mentor me?”
The old guru said, “Sure. Show up at the beach tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.”
The next day, the young man showed up at the beach at 4:00 a.m. in a full
suit, white shirt, and solid color tie, and the guru showed up in swim
trunks and a T-shirt. The young man suddenly felt out of place in a suit; he
thought they were going to talk business.
“Come in the water with me,”
the water, first up to his knees,
his shoulders. The young man
deeper into the water in his full
said the old man as he began to wade into
then up to his waist, and then finally up to
in the suit reluctantly followed deeper and
two-piece suit.
When they were deep enough in the water, the old man ambushed the
young man, forcing his head under the water and holding him in
The young man struggled and flailed around, trying break from the old
man’s grip. The young man fought and fought until finally the old man
sensed that the young man was going to pass out. So he pulled the young
man’s head above the water and said, “What did you want more than
anything when your head was under the water and you felt as if you were
going to drown?!”
“IT WANTED TO BREATHE!” exclaimed the young man, fighting for air.
“Good,” said the old man. “You will not succeed in business or in life until
you want to succeed so badly that success becomes your oxygen and you
want to breathe as though your life depends on it!
“It is honorable for a man to admit his fears, resistance, and edge
of practice. It is simply true that each man has his limit, his
capacity for growth, and his destiny. But it is dishonorable for him
to lie to himself or others about his real place. He shouldnt
pretend he is more enlightened than he is—nor should he stop short
of his actual edge. The more a man is playing his real edge, the
more valuable he is as good company for other men, the more he
can be trusted to be authentic and fully present. Where a man's
edge is located is less important than whether he is actually living
his edge in truth, rather than being lazy or deluded ...
In any given moment, a man’s growth is optimized if he leans just
beyond his edge, his capacity, his fear. He should not be too lazy,
happily stagnating in the zone of security and comfort. Nor should
he push far beyond his edge, stressing himself unnecessarily,
unable to metabolize his experience. He should lean just slightly
beyond the edge offear and discomfort. Constantly. In everything
he does.”
“Life is neither good or evil, but
only a place for good and evil.”
The Way of Men Is the Way of the Gang
Most traditions have viewed masculinity and femininity as
complementary opposites. It makes sense to say that masculinity
is that which is least feminine and femininity is that which is
least masculine,
but saying that doesnt tell us much about The
Way of Men.
Women believe they can improve men by making masculinity
about what women want from men. Men want women to want
them, but female approval isn’t the only thing men care about.
When men compete against each other for status, they are
competing for each other's approval. The women whom men find
most desirable have historically been attracted to—or been
claimed by—men who were feared or revered by other men.
Female approval has regularly been a consequence of male
Masculinity is about being a man within a group of men. Above
all things, masculinity is about what men want from each other.
Jack Donovan, The Way of Men
“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be.
Be one.”
here is a fallacy about men, nice men. Men must be nice; women lie
| and say they want “nice men,” but the truth is that they do not want
nice men.
“Among our structurally closest analogues—the primates—the
male does not feed the female. Heavy with young, making her way
laboriously along, she fends for herself. He may fight to protect her
or to possess her, but he does not nurture her.”
Nice men are not men at all.
Let me be specific about this. There are good men—men who follow
through, they do their jobs, and you can trust them to do their work. Their
word is their bond, they lead or follow other men, and you could trust
them to have your back in a war if you were to fight on the same side.
They could pull the trigger and kill if called upon to do it; they could also
pick up the kids from school if that was what was required for them and
their job at hand.
However, good men can also be criminals in organized crime or soldiers
from an enemy army doing their duty. They could be your enemies, and
you can trust your enemies to be enemies if they are good men.
Being a man is about living to your word and your bond; that is what
integrity 1s. When the words you speak become true, you are a man of
integrity, whether your profession is for good or for evil; a good man gets
the job done no matter what. Men can only trust men who get the job done,
and women crave men who get the job done. Everyone likes a man who is
good at his job or who can walk his walk. This is what being a good man
However, a good man is different from a nice man.
The word nice used to describe “lame” or “stupid” or “ignorant.”
In middle English,
the word nice means
Latin, nice is derived from nescius,
“‘stupid.”’ From
old French and
or “ignorant,” and nescire, which
means “‘not to know.”
No one wants a man who is nice. Nice is bad. Nice is a pushover.
Women are programmed biologically to select the alpha male out of their
tribe and mate with him; this is how women have survived throughout
written and unwritten history. Out of the 50 men that a woman knows, she
usually selects the leader of the pack to be her mate. If her pool of 50 men
changes, she will choose out of the new 50 men.
For example, we all know the prettiest girl in high school, the prom queen,
the leader of the cheerleading squad. The most beautiful girl who has her
choice of any man. In an almost cliché way, this young woman will choose
the most alpha male man she can find out of her pool of high school boys.
Most likely he will be the best athlete of the highest prestige sports team.
This is the way of life in high school—it’s medieval in every way.
Attraction is based on social stature and looks; it’s primitive, much like
medieval times.
When that young girl graduates from high school and enters a new pool of
men in college or university, she will typically break up with her
boyfriend, who is no longer the alpha male in the new tribe, and she will
select whoever the new alpha is: the associate professor, the old man
professor, the new sports team captain, a med student—whoever she
believes the leader of her tribe to be. If she’s a party girl and in her early
20s in bars and clubs, she might find the alpha male to be a DJ, a drug
dealer, a bartender, or a club owner, as those are the alpha males of the
nightclub scene.
When she graduates from university and enters the real world, she will
give up on the losers in the club scene or the still-in-school boyfriend who
has no money and go for a man who can handle responsibility—aka real
money and economic support. Enter the doctor, lawyer, or businessman—
whatever is the new alpha to her.
She will always choose the most alpha male of the tribe. If you are dating
or married to a woman, you must be the alpha male of her tribe or you risk
losing her.
It’s not nice. It’s not fair. It’s just biology.
On the flip side, men are also looking for strong men to lead them.
That basketball captain or football captain in high school is respected by
the men of the high school tribe.
In university,
the professor,
drug dealer, DJ, and
bartender are all respected by men in their own tribes. They are the leaders
of their tribes.
In the real world, the doctor, lawyer, or successful businessman
leader of his male tribe.
is the
Both men and women want the leadership of an alpha male, a male who
can lead the tribe to survival and success. He can bring economic gain to
the men and protection and survival value to the women. This is hardwired
into our biology; men and women both want a strong man to be their
There is a case against patriarchy coming from the feminist camps inside
of our society’s think tanks (universities) that is seeping into our culture
against Strong Men.
Patriarchy, or “to be ruled by the father,” is different from a “matriarchy,”
where a mother or woman is in charge. Humans have been a patriarchal
society throughout history because the environments we lived in were
hostile, violent, and dangerous—we needed strong men for protection.
Even female leaders—if they ever manage to take on a leadership role in
the tribe—take on such masculine traits that I would consider them to be
playing the game of leadership as men rather than women. Such is the
nature of the pecking order and competition for dominance of the tribe. To
lead the tribe is a masculine trait. Women can do it, but they become
masculine in the process.
As the frontier of survival moves farther and farther from us every day, the
need for patriarchs, warrior kings, and Strong Men to protect us has begun
to evaporate. There are no raiding bandits, hostile neighboring tribes
coming to kill the men, rape the women, and cast the children into slavery.
Instead, we have weak men because we have a lack of need for Strong Men
Women blame patriarchy for their problems and for power structures, but
this just comes from having the frontiers of survival close to home. When
there is physical danger, imminent danger, a strong man is needed to
protect the tribe.
A nice man can never be a leader.
As Steve Jobs said, “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader
—go sell ice cream.”
Nice men can sell ice cream and be nice.
Strong men are leaders. They might piss people off once in a while, get
violent in words or actions, be mean, or make decisions that ensure the
survival of the tribe.
A strong man might have dissenters in the tribe killed once in a while as
tribal and country leaders do around the world. He might have to set an
example or instigate a public hanging to scare the tribe and make everyone
act accordingly.
Not everyone will like the leader. He is not nice, but he 1s strong, and he is
a good man in that he serves the tribe and ensures the survival of the men,
women, and children of his tribe.
The real world is not a nice place; in fact, it is generally a hostile place.
In the caveman days, a caveman from another tribe would bash your head
in with a stick and take your woman as his prisoner, concubine, or slave.
This was not good for you or for her.
Today, we have much less physical violence in the civilized world, and as
such, strong men have become less valuable in a physical sense.
However, we have raiders and bandits through the banks, financial
systems, tax systems, educational systems, and health systems. At every
level of humanity there is someone looking to take advantage of you. The
strong always take advantage of the weak, and we still need strong men to
protect us from the frontier of survival.
The men who must deal with the daily decisions that keep the modern
tribe alive are not nice men. They are, however, good men in that they do
their work, serve their purpose, and keep the tribe functioning and alive.
That is what a good man is. Do not succumb to the whining of mostly
women and weak men to be “nice” and become weak yourself.
No one respects nice men. As the old adage says, “Nice guys finish last.”
It’s true in real life as well.
On Being a Good Man
Most men would agree that it is better to be a good man who
stands up to bad men. They would rather be heroes than villains.
Most men want to see themselves as good men fighting for
something greater than survival or gain.
When you ask men about what makes a real man, a lot of them
will get up on their high horses and start talking about what it
means to be a good man.
“A real man would never hit a woman.’
“A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a
real man.”
“A real man takes responsibility for his actions.’
“A real man pays his debts.”
“Real men love Jesus.”
However, if you ask the same men to list their favorite “guy
movies,’ many of them will include films like The Godfather,
Scarface, Goodfellas, and Fight Club.
Was Darth Vader a pussy?
Despite the moral posturing, men are attracted to these
characters precisely because they are manly. Bad guys tend to
operate in brutal, indelicate, and unmoderated boys’ clubs, and
they seem to be particularly concerned with the business of
being a man. Gangsters are status conscious, aggressive,
tactically-oriented, ballsy, brother-bonded men’s men. The loner
hitmen are portrayed as capable but careful smooth operators
who are masters of their dangerous craft. They are not good
men, but they are good at doing the kinds of things that have
been demanded of men throughout human history. They are not
good men, but they are good at being men.
We want our external enemies to be defective and unsympathetic.
Many have written about our tendency to dehumanize our foes.
Emasculating them is another aspect of that—it adds insult to
injury. We also want to puff ourselves up and psych them out. It’s
good strategy. Insulting a man’s honor—his masculine identity—
is a good way to test him. It’s a good way to get his blood up. It’s
a good way to pick a fight.
We want our villains within to be equally unsympathetic.
Portraying bad men as unmanly men is a good way to dissuade
young men from behaving badly. Making your own cultural
heroes seem bigger than life men elevates group pride and
morale. It makes sense to want your young men to emulate men
who champion your people's values, and young men especially
tend to choose the stronger horse.
Jack Donovan, The Way of Men
I don’t want to get nice men mixed up with merciful, kind, or generous.
Those are all virtues strong men and leaders can have. In fact, kindness is
a trait that both genders crave in a mate. Kindness is important, mercy is
important, generosity is important, abundance is important, but none of
this falls under the nice banner, which is pure weakness.
“Don t mistake my kindness for weakness.’
Kindness, mercy, generosity,
of power and strength, not
each other. The more power
men are powerful; nice men
and abundance are all coming from positions
of weakness. Power and need are inverse of
you have, the less need and vice versa. Good
are needy.
Feel absolutely no obligation to be nice as a man, but aim to be kind
Aim to have manners and be a gentleman, but do not mistake kindness for
weakness. To be a gentleman is to be kind and courteous, sportsmanlike
and gentlemanly. This is powerful. To be rude is not necessary manly, but
there are times when a good man will have to be rude and exert force
either verbally or even physically to maintain his alpha position.
“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.”
Be fair, be courteous,
be generous,
be kind, have sympathy,
and have
compassion, but always come from a position and vantage point of power.
Power is the ability to get things done. Never come from weakness, want,
neediness, nicety, or fear. Men and women do not respect those traits; they
never have and they never will.
To be a man is to be strong and powerful. To be weak and nice is an
unmanly pursuit.
Being a good man is about being good at your culture’s idea of manhood.
If you are a man in a primitive jungle tribe, being a man means being able
to hunt successfully. Being a good man in suburban America means
holding down a job to support your family and fixing things around the
house. If you are a single, young man, then it means being adept at
interacting with women.
Being good at being a man is like filling a job description as defined by
your culture’s needs and wants. The jobs your culture wants done will
define what it means to be a good man. A man can fail at his job of being a
man but still be a good person. The word person is important, because it is
gender neutral. What makes a good man and what makes a good woman
are different things altogether, and this creates confusion for men.
Is manliness so flexible a concept that a community can rewrite
the job description however they wish? Not if we accept any
model of human nature that acknowledges differences between
male and female psychology. Over the past few decades,
Americans have transitioned to a service economy and educators
treated boys like naughty girls with attitude problems. Males
have become less interested in educational achievement, less
engaged in political life, less concerned about careers, and more
interested in forms of entertainment that feature vicarious gang
drama—like video games and spectator sports.
Further, if the “job description” of being a man is written in
such a way that the qualities which make a good man are
basically identical to the qualities that make a good woman, then
those qualities are more about being a good person than
anything else. It is good to be honest, just, and kind, but these
virtues dont have much specifically to do with being a man.
Manliness cant merely be synonymous with “good behavior.”
Jack Donovan, The Ways of Men
If we gender neutralize “what makes a good man” by saying “what makes
a good person,” this confuses men even more. The change is backwards
and leads to men trying to live up to a false set of ideals or even finding
meaninglessness in the distinction of being a man versus a woman. It leads
to the reversal of masculine and feminine energy, men trying to act like
women, and general confusion.
Women don’t want other women. They want men—good men, strong men
to lead them and their tribes to survival and a point of thriving.
But what happens when the man who wants to feel useful ends up feeling
used? What happens when the system no longer offers men the things they
really want? How long can we expect men to perform tricks like a dog for
a pat on the head? How long until this neglected, kicked, starving dog
turns on his master?
There is a difference between a nice man, a good man, and a man who is
good at being a man. Being a good man traditionally has to do with ethics,
morality, religion, and behaving productively within the framework of
your civilization. Being a good man may not have anything to do with how
to survive in a survival scenario. It’s possible to be a good man without
being particularly good at being a man. In the past, men who were good at
being men sought the help of priests, shamans, philosophers, writers, and
historians. Men of action needed men of words, and men of words needed
men of action. The philosophers used to be warriors and the warriors
philosophers; both sides needed one another as a marriage between action
and abstraction. Sadly, this relationship has been lost.
Being good at being a man is about being willing and able to
fulfill the natural role of men in a survival scenario. Being good
at being a man is about showing other men that you are the kind
of guy they’d want on their team if the shit hits the fan. Being
good at being a man isnt a quest for moral perfection, it's about
fighting to survive. Good men admire or respect bad men when
they demonstrate strength, courage, mastery or a commitment to
the men of their own renegade tribes. A concern with being good
at being a man is what good guys and bad guys have in
Jack Donovan, The Ways of Men
A distinction forms. To Jack Donovan, there is a good man and there is
good at being a man. A good man will fit into the abstract of his morals,
ethics, religion, and civilization. Then there are men who are good at being
men, which fits into the framework of a survival scenario. A good man, as
Jack Donovan defines it, is more like the way I define a “nice man” above.
Gangsters, criminals, pirates, thieves, and raiders are good at being men,
but maybe aren’t good men. I would argue that human nature knows no
morals and ethics and that morals and ethics are only weapons used by one
tribe to attack another tribe.
One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.
Morals and ethics seem to go out the window in a survival situation or a
dog-eat-dog world, so I’m not convinced that we can include them in the
base definition of a good man. To paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow, you
can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest; it’s the honest ones you
have to watch out for.
Nonetheless, men who are good at being men ensure the survival of the
tribe, fight on the frontiers, and do their jobs. Whether for moral good or
evil, they do their jobs and live their purposes as men.
As a student of human nature, I note that there are no universal morals and
ethics across tribes. We often have moral standards for ourselves that are
vastly different from the moral and ethical standards against which we
measure our enemies.
I separate men into two camps: “good men” and “nice men.” I set morals
and ethics aside because they change from group to group and from
situation to situation.
Donovan separates men into two camps: “good men” and being “good at
being a man,” which separates morals and ethics from the act of survival
as a man. Using either my or Donovan’s framework, there is indeed a
separation between men who serve their purpose, no matter how violent or
dark they must be to fill it, and the idealistic man who has been neutered
to be nice, civilized, or good. Men like that would be murdered first in a
survival scenario when pitted against a man who does his job—survive at
all costs!
To protect the interests of the powerful people who run our highly
civilized, regulated world, men and women have been mixed to discourage
gang formation. The government is the reigning gang, and they don’t want
any rival gangs rising to compete with their power. Feminists, pacifists,
members of the privileged classes know that brother-bonded men who are
survival minded and good at being men will always be a threat to their
power base but forget at the same time that some of these men are needed
for survival of the tribe. There is a call in the United Nations to do away
with outmoded stereotypes of masculinity as if Manhood was last year’s
fashion statement and gender can be easily switched like clothing.
To protect their own interests, the wealthy and upper classes have used
feminists and pacifists to promote a version of masculinity that has very
little to do with being good at being a man and everything to do with what
they call a “good man,” or in my words, a nice man. This version of a man
is isolated from his peers, powerless,
easy to manage,
tactically inept.
A man like this, who is more concerned with being a nice man, or a “good
man,” but is bad at being a man makes a well-behaved slave to serve the
interests of his masters.
There has always been a push and pull between civilized virtues
and tactical gang virtues. However, the kind of masculinity
acceptable to civilized societies is in many cases related to
survival band masculinity. Civilized masculinity requires male
gang dramas to become increasingly controlled, vicarious, and
metaphorical. Human societies start with the gang, and then
grow into nations with sports and a climate of political, artistic,
and ideological competition. Eventually—as we see today—
average men end up with economic competition and a handful of
masturbatory outlets for their caged manhood.
When a
civilization fails, gangs of young men are there to scavenge its
ruins, mark new perimeters, and restart the world.
Jack Donovan, The Ways of Men
What does it mean to be a man?
When you turn 18 in the Western world, you are of the age of majority, and
society starts to treat you like an adult. This is confusing because age is
just a number. Here are some confusing and contradictory ideas that don’t
really go together when it comes to age and whether or not you are a man
in America:
By 10 to 15, you grow pubic hair.
By 12, you are in sixth grade in middle school.
By 13 in the Jewish culture, you have your bar mitzvah and become
responsible for your actions.
By 14, historically, if you lived in a farming culture you could have
been married and have already started your own farm and family.
By 15, you can have a learner’s permit to drive.
By 16, you can have a real driver’s license.
By 17, you can join the US military.
By 18, you can vote, rent an adult movie, and buy cigarettes.
By 21, you can drink alcohol.
By 25, you might be done with post-secondary
reached a level of competency in your career.
school and have
By 30, in the modern world you might be married and have a family.
These ages are all over the place. They are arbitrary and do not really
answer the question: when is a man a man? Certainly, at some point he is a
boy and at some point he is a man, but there is no defining line anywhere
when looking at the ages above.
Some people would argue that you become a man when you lose your
virginity, or maybe when you go hunting and shoot your first deer. In tribal
societies, boys would be cast out of the tribe into the wilderness to survive
alone for some time, and if he made it back alive, he was a man.
We have no such ritual today. In fact, there are hardly any rituals left at all.
aman a man at 13? At 18? 25? Or 30? When is the arrival point?
I have asked myself this question for years, and since there are hardly any
men’s groups anymore that would practice transitioning a boy into a man,
I can only say that to be a man is a philosophical choice. A boy becomes a
man when he chooses to take responsibility for everything in his life.
When he owns his problems, and decides to own the good and the bad and
commit to becoming better every day.
You can never solve a problem that you do not take ownership of. The
trouble is, most boys and men never make the decision to become an
owner of their life and their problems. The opposite of owner mentality is
victim mentality, and too many boys get stuck in the victim trap because
our society allows for such weakness to persist. Victims get extra attention
at school and from the government through food stamps and handouts.
Owners get no such special treatment; in fact, owners pay extra to fund the
victims’ benefits.
The act of taking responsibility and deciding to become the leader of the
household, leader of the family, leader at work, or leader of other men is
often not taken by men these days. Thus, men remain boys.
I would argue that my own father even at age 59 has failed to make the
transition into manhood because he does not own all his problems. He
lives in his girlfriend’s basement, owns no property, constantly struggles
with money and work, and has several excuses as to why things aren’t
working. Real men don’t make excuses; they stare their problems in the
face and own them. They don’t blame anyone when things don’t work out;
instead, they fix their problems.
There are two proven opposite mentalities
mentality and the owner mentality.
in the world:
the victim
In the book Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, there are five levels of
1) Life sucks in general.
2) My life sucks.
3) I’m great and you’re not.
4) We’re great.
5) Life is great
What I love about tribal leadership is that it’s a simple concept of
leadership from stage 1 to stage 5. The first two levels of leadership “life
sucks” and “my life sucks” are victim mentalities. People with victim
mentalities do not own their lives and thus do not do well at work. They
typically have trouble fitting into functioning groups and are found in
prisons, gangs, and other deviant and negative environments.
At stage 3, I’m great and you’re not, is where the ownership mentality
starts to take over, but it’s still a weak ownership mentality because the
leaders in “I’m great and you’re not” are out for themselves and not for
the tribe. This does not help the tribe grow.
At stage 4, the tribe has the mentality “we’re great.” This is where leaders
create other leaders. If the tribe can stay in stage 4, it will transition to
stage 5, “life is great.”
It’s important to note that until a boy takes ownership of every part of his
life, he will remain a boy. Victims—people who can “never get a break”
and constantly blame others—constantly look for scapegoats to pass the
cause of their problems onto.
A real man, a strong man, will always own his problems, and if he 1s a real
leader, he will even own the problems of the tribe as if they were his own.
“Do not make excuses, whether it’s your fault or not.”
Ownership is one of the missing ingredients in today’s families and
today’s fathers. Several modern fathers never had fathers of their own, and
those fathers didn’t really have fathers either. The leadership is gone from
individual families, which breaks down the fabric of society and divides
and conquers the population.
When you look at the richest people in any country, many of these
“people” are not individuals, but instead are very rich families that have
been working on their wealth and influence for generations or centuries.
There are very few individuals who make the list. Sure, an individual may
make the list every now and then, but truly, it 1s a family effort and a tribal
effort, a tribe with good leadership and a strong leader that is able to pass
on its wealth to the next generation, grow the next generation of leaders,
and overall grow the tribe.
With the breakdown of the family, with the eradication of Dad, with the
family being raised by Mom only, young men today do not ever learn to
suck it up and be a man. They don’t learn that they must choose
responsibility because their own father was incompetent, or absent.
It has been said that entrepreneurs do not choose to be entrepreneurs;
instead, they have dead or incompetent parents and are forced to start, run,
or grow a business to survive.
This is true for me; my parents fumbled hard with a divorce, and I became
an entrepreneur by virtue of having no other options. Through the pursuit
of entrepreneurship, I spent nearly $300,000 on courses, trainings,
mentorships, coaches, and flying around the world to meet successful men.
I met with rich multimillionaires and billionaires who taught me the
lessons that I needed to know to take ownership of my life and become a
I drew on dozens and dozens of successful men; I studied them, devoured
biographies and autobiographies on these men, listened to their lectures,
attended their seminars, and came to the conclusion that real men own
their problems—all of their problems. They take responsibility for
everything, even things that aren’t their fault. They own it all, they lead,
and they at some point made the decision to become a man and own it all.
This is honorable, this is right, this is good. Both men and women crave
these types of strong men in work, in love, in the family; just about
anywhere men are needed, these are the type of men who are wanted by
But what do we have instead?
With the destruction of the family over the last 70 years, we have spawned
a zombie swarm of man-boys scattered across the Western world. These
are the toque-wearing, scarf-wearing, fake glasses-wearing, Starbucks
barista, hipster men, who have a degree but can’t find real jobs or
meaningful work. These men often fall on the political left, complaining
about the evils of capitalism, even though they ironically live a consumer
lifestyle with a $1,000
$7 designer
designer jeans, drive a $25,000 Prius or Ford Focus, and have a $2,000
MacBook Pro. These men are confused; no one had the “how to be a man”
talk with them.
I know these men all too well because in my university days, I used to be
one of them with a left-wing victim-communist philosophy. I thought that
I could complain my way to power, fight “the man” and the system,
protest, and somehow make a difference by blaming my problems on other
people. My father had taught me how to complain, but he didn’t teach me
to own my problems.
I didn’t learn to own my problems until I began to study the very rich,
successful, powerful men throughout history—trulers, warriors, leaders,
captains of industry—and I saw a different pattern of thought.
I gave up my victim mentality and took on an owner mentality. This
shifted me away from the communist political left where people complain
for handouts and don’t own their problems. This is not meant to be a
political discussion right now in this book, but I’m showing you where this
victim mentality lives in real life—on the left.
The young men of today are more educated than any other men in history,
and they use less of their education than ever before. They do not have
meaningful work and avoid work in general while they entertain fantasies
about traveling the world and “living the laptop lifestyle as an
the new
everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, coach, or speaker, even though these
man-boys have no idea how hard it is to pull off these pursuits.
They are not winning in the game of money, so they opt for communism
and the political left, which promises them the money of others in
exchange for their votes.
They are not winning in the game of women, so they opt for pornography,
which promises them temporary release from their desire but leave them
empty spiritually.
They are not winning in the game of business or sports, so they play video
games and opt out with promises of feeling a temporary victory driven
dopamine and testosterone rush. But even if you win at video games, you
are still a loser in real life because it doesn’t translate into anything
meaningful in real tribal life.
They are not winning in the game of fitness, so they opt out in exchange
for intellectual superiority and the ability to hide behind internet forums,
YouTube comments, and online anonymity.
They are vegans, but smoke cigarettes, which makes no sense when you
consider that one is good for your health and the other is proven to kill
The philosophy in the minds of these men is Marxist, collectivist,
communist, and socialist. “I don’t own any property, so give me yours. I
don’t have money, so give me yours.”
They are the occupy Wall Street crowd.
They are the 99% who have given up on trying to become a leader in the
top 1%.
They are the anti-Trump crowd who tout success as evil, when in fact there
is nothing more evil than to criticize success. If you criticize success, what
does that make you?
The ideas and philosophy in their mind are the canned crap they serve up
at modern universities. It is mostly cold, reheated communism heated up
with a shared belief in subjectivity, relativism, and feelings over
objectivity and pure reason.
Feelings and political correctness have overtaken rationality and results.
These men seek pleasure and choose the epicurean over the stoic in every
way. The stoic way represented the steady and level-headed lives that were
lived by the men of previous generations—when men had to fight to
survive. Men on the frontier could not afford to be epicurean; there was no
room for pleasure over reason and results.
They say a nation is born a stoic and dies an epicurean. When pleasure and
the seeking of pleasure overtakes reason, rational thought, and results, that
is the weakness that brings down empires from within. That is the
weakness that disables the power and strength that we once had.
To seek pleasure over seeking ownership in life is a serious mistake, and
thus, we have armies, and hordes of man-boys, like hordes of sheep,
unthinking, told to think whatever was served at school.
The weakness inside these man-boys has them opting out of most things it
takes to be a man: they opt out of women in favor of pornography,
homosexuality, or hook-up culture; they opt out of money in favor of
welfare and food stamps, minimalism, tiny house living (which is a
euphemism for trailer park living); or living on a “lifestyle business” that
allows them to travel. They opt out of families and children in favor of
their own pleasure, lifestyle, travel, and spending. They opt out of local
community in favor of the internet. They opt out of religion and God in
favor of atheism, which was also served at the university with the side of
communism for breakfast. Worst of all, they opt out of general
responsibility and choose to play victim instead.
This is unmanly.
These are the men in the movie Fight Club who secretly wish to slip out of
their normal lives to fight like primitive cavemen in dark, concrete, bar
basements to reclaim their lost masculinity and throttled aggression.
“How much can you know about yourself ifyou've never been in a
The men of Fight Club want the tribalism, the visceral reaction
and letting out all their repressed emotions that men had
through violence for so many generations. They want the result
man and want what a man is about, but there is no way to find
of fighting
of being a
it, express
it, verbalize it, or purchase it.
You cannot purchase your masculinity, and you cannot purchase a way to
be a real man. Nor can you buy achievement; you must earn it by doing the
hard work. It’s the only way.
You must decide to become a man, fake it until you make it, and “act as if”
you are already a man. Eventually, you will become real, a real owner, a
man with integrity where your word is your bond and other men and
women can trust you to follow through with whatever you are required for.
In Fight Club, Tyler Durden is like a messiah, a Jesus, a prophet, going
from town to town, setting up fight clubs and later projecting mayhem to
bring down the systems and the mental prisons that have locked up and
neutered the masculinity that lies dormant deep in the man-boy’s heart.
Fight Club spoke to an entire generation of man-boys in the 1990s. The
movie and the book were about the visceral feelings and emotions that are
ripping modern men to shreds from the inside out. Men suffer and struggle
in the captivity of corporate jobs and sterile environments with
meaningless work and purposeless lives.
The only way to save the man-boys is to teach them to own it. Own it all
and reinforce the lessons and the owner mentality over and over again with
A boy runs away from his problems, and his problems run just as fast after
him. A man stays to fight and wrestle with his problems. He may not
always win, he may not overcome his problems, for all men are flawed,
but if he remains persistent and consistent, eventually even the hardest of
problems, his biggest challenges, and his demons can be conquered.
We are all self-made in that we make daily choices that create success or
failure in our lives. I had a computer science teacher who always said,
“Life is about choices.” He was right. Whether we want to admit it or not,
we are self-made because we have made the choices that have created the
sum of results in our lives. Typically, only successful men will admit that
they are self-made men, and the unsuccessful men like to pass on the
blame in a victim-like fashion. But the men who become successful in life
recognize ownership mentality and the power of self over the environment
and their decision making. We all have free will. We can choose to own
our problems, or we can play the victim.
Just as primitive man had to conquer the wilderness, the elements and the
land around him, the man of today must conquer himself, and the battle
within to own his environment—the good, the bad, and the ugly—to truly
be a man of strength, power, and value.
To be a self-made man is not about money but about the unconquerable
soul of man. It’s about having a fighting spirit that owns the situation no
matter how good or how bad and commits to doing the necessary planning,
preparations, and actions to live a better life tomorrow for himself, his
woman, his children, and his tribe.
In the words of the famous general, old blood and guts, General George S.
Patton, a man that the Nazis feared and who is immortalized in history as
being a strong man who stood up for what was right over what was
“It's the unconquerable soul of man, and not the nature of the
weapon he uses, that ensures victory.”
fter World War II, the American Gls—General
Issue—moved back
home to America from the war in Europe. The war was long and
brutal. Much life was lost on the sides of both the Allied and the Axis
powers. Europe was in shambles, and America became a roaring
juggernaut of industrial might. Factories that had been retooled to make
tanks, bombs, bullets, and fighter planes reverted into consumer products
and goods.
Women who took over the jobs in the factories moved home to look after
their men and their families. The men returned to work in the factories and
offices. Victory had made America more prosperous than ever. America
had blown up most of the civilized world and was now the world’s biggest
creditor with the American dollar taking over the world reserve currency.
A new world order was established with America as the center of the
Oil was traded in American dollars; American culture, food, music,
movies, and television were all exported as a new war effort of culture
began. American culture invaded other countries for economic gain, and
this made America a world exporter of not just goods, services, money and
debt, but also culture.
American culture became popular around the world, and especially the
music like rock ’n’ roll, jazz, blues, and country all became sensations
around the world. The popularity of American culture is illustrated in the
song “Americano” as sung by the Brian Setzer Orchestra:
He’s drivin’ a jeep
But he ain’t in the Army
Gets all his cigarette money
From his mommy
Dressed like a rootin’ tootin’
Texas cowboy
But this lone ranger’s
Never seen a horse
He wanna be Americano
Americano, Americano
He wants to drive a Cadillac
Now he’s chasing showgirls
Smokin’ Camels, whiskey and soda
Now he’s never goin’ back
He’s cruisin’ streets for gold
Dressed in designer clothes
Brother if you’re too slow
You'd better not blink
Or you’|l wind up in the drink
Wanna be Americano
Americano, Americano
Gotta buy a diamond ring
’Cause that’s his baby’s
Favorite thing
Okay, all right, yeah man
Wanna be American
Wanna be American
He’s in the land where
Anything can happen
Reach for the stars
Grab that golden ring
Just remember he’s Americano
Well watch it pal
“ause he’ll take everything
He wanna be Americano
Americano, Americano
He wants to drive a Cadillac
Now he’s chasing showgirls
Smokin’ Camels, whiskey and soda
Now he’s never goin’ back
He likes that rock and roll
He’s playing baseball
Loves Marilyn Monroe
A coca cola Joe
And a pizza pie to go
Wanna be Americano
Americano, Americano
Gotta buy a diamond ring
’Cause that’s his baby’s
Favorite thing
Okay, all right, yeah man
Wanna be American
Wanna be American
Wanna be American
Songwriters: BRIAN ROBERT
The lyrics of “Americano” show a non-American young man doing all the
American things that made up American pop culture at different times in
history: Coca Cola, whisky and soda, Camel cigarettes, Jeeps, diamond
rings, Marilyn Monroe, rock ’n’ roll, baseball, Cadillacs, and dressing like
a Texas cowboy.
With all these new exports of culture, there was also a new invention
brewing in America that had never existed before: the teenager.
With the advent of rock ’n’ roll after World War II, America became a
very wealthy country, as happens with most countries that win big wars.
This newfound wealth and surplus of energy and time created a new class
of citizen, somewhere between child and adult—the teenager. Never before
in history had teenagers, as a separate class of citizen, ever existed.
Prior to World War II, there were children and there were adults. This was
similar to Viking warrior culture in which there was no word for woman.
Instead, they always referred to a woman in relation to her man. A woman
was either a man’s daughter or a man’s wife, but there was no free woman
or teenager class for Viking women.
A new role in society opened up—the teenager who enjoyed all the things
in the song in “Americano”—getting cigarette money from his mommy,
having fun, drinking Coca Cola, chasing showgirls, smoking Camels. This
was the American teenager, and a new level of wealth and luxury was
created in America that slowly led to a deferral of adulthood. In the early
1900s, before World War Il, young men and women lived with their
parents until they were married off at a young age, before 20 and as young
as 14, and then the children became adults and left the home. There was no
cumbersome middle step called the teenager—half adult, half child.
The teenager is now an 80-year-old invention and, of course, with the
weakness of our society, we now have a new type of non-adult that takes
place AFTER the teenage years. This new classification of citizen is called
the “emerging adult.”
Starting in 1995, psychologist Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, PhD,
interviewed 300 young people ages 18 to 29 in cities around the
nation over five years, asking them questions about what they
wanted out of life.
Despite stark differences in their social backgrounds and likely
economic prospects, Arnett was struck by the similar answers he
heard from his young respondents.
They shared a perception of “feeling in between”
—knowing they
were pulling clear of the struggles of adolescence and starting to
feel responsible for themselves, but still closely tied to their
parents and family.
They also reported pondering their personal identity, a theme
that surprised Arnett, who thought most would have settled that
question as adolescents.
Working from
demographic indicators, Arnett proposed a new period of lifespan development he calls “emerging adulthood.”
By Christopher Munsey
Monitor Staff
June 2006, Vol 37, No. 6
Print version: page 68
As you can see from the above excerpt, emerging adults are an invention
from 1995—a relatively new invention—and this phase of life takes place
somewhere between 18 and 29. As we get weaker and weaker in our
society, we keep pushing and deferring adulthood later and later. It’s
preposterous to think that adulthood is now deferred until 25 or even 30
years old. Just a little over 100 years ago, in the early 1900s, people died
in their early 40s. Nowadays you are pretty much a child until you are 30.
What happened?!
Five features of emerging adults according to Arnett:
As Arnett describes it, emerging adulthood can be defined
as an:
Age of identity exploration. Young people are deciding who they
are and what they want out of work, school and love.
Age of instability. The post-high school years are marked by
repeated residence changes, as young people either go to college
or live with friends or a romantic partner. For most, frequent
moves end as families and careers are established in the 30s.
Age of self-focus. Freed of the parent- and society-directed
routine of school, young people try to decide what they want to
do, where they want to go and who they want to be with—before
those choices get limited by the constraints of marriage, children
and a career.
Age of feeling in between. Many emerging adults say they are
taking responsibility for themselves, but still do not completely
feel like an adult.
Age of possibilities. Optimism reigns. Most emerging adults
believe they have good chances of living “better than their
parents did,” and even if their parents divorced, they believe
they'll find a lifelong soul mate.
By Christopher Munsey
Monitor Staff
June 2006, Vol 37, No. 6
Print version: page 68
The emerging adult, as per the description above, seems to outline many
of the problems with man-boys. This new class, this new definition of
emerging adults, and I suppose, emerging men (until they are 30) is part of
the problem and certainly not the solution.
Arnett's research shows that emerging adults want a lot out of
life—a job that’s well-paid and personally meaningful and a
lasting bond with a partner. Many might be headed for
disappointment, he says, noting that most employers simply
want someone who can get a job done and almost half of all
marriages end in divorce.
“If happiness is the difference between what you expect out of
life and what you actually get, a lot of emerging adults are
setting themselves up for unhappiness because they expect so
much,” he says.
The unhappiness of the emerging adult is a new concept in history, and as I
have said in other chapters in this book, history has never cared about the
happiness of men. Men did their duty, and it was irrelevant if you were
happy or not.
Through doing your duty, a man may become fulfilled instead of happy.
Fulfillment often leads to happiness anyways. But to chase happiness and
pleasure are a fool’s endeavors that can often lead to disappointment and
lack of fulfillment.
Marriage specifically has had three different ages in which every age
continues to make a satisfying marriage harder and harder to obtain.
In the Victorian era, from 1837 until 1901, marriages were about utility.
You had a farm or a house and needed to marry someone to help look after
the house or farm with you. Happiness was out of the question. This trend
of marriage continued until about the 1960s.
Post 1960s, marriage was about utility plus love. Now young people
wanted someone they could love as well as work with on a daily basis.
Happiness was now part of the marriage equation.
Today, marriage hopefuls seek utility, love, and growth with their partner.
This is extremely hard to achieve, and such high standards for what makes
a marriage are leaving scores of young people unmarried and unable to
find the perfect match. Similarly, some married couples are unhappy and
unsatisfied with their mates because the bar has been set too high by the
new standards set by emerging adults.
Over half of marriages fail, so perhaps we need to forget about growth and
love? These are subjective emotions that come and go over time and take
effort to cultivate. Growth and love don’t just enter the relationship by
default. They take work, loads and loads of work to maintain.
As stated above, the emerging adult is looking to “find himself,” and this
is manifested today with a trip to Europe after high school to go
backpacking and “find himself.”
Sadly, finding yourself is a foolish idea. You can look and look, and look
some more, but in the end, you will find nothing—because there is nothing
to find.
Instead, I propose that you define yourself, make yourself, and create
yourself as you go. Draw a line in the sand, claim yourself, and say: this is
who I want to become. This is how I shall live today. We are human beings not human do-ings. Who are you to be today?
People always ask young children, “What do you want to DO when you
grow up?” This is the wrong question. A better question 1s, “Who do you
want to BE when you grow up?”
In a famous open letter, Bill Gates, the richest man in the world at one
time, gave eleven pieces of advice for gradating college students:
Email Text, February 8, 2000:
Bill Gates’ Message on Life
For recent high school and college graduates, here is a list of 11
things they did not learn in school.
In his book, Bill Gates talks about how feel-good, politically
correct teachings created a full generation of kids with no
concept of reality and how this concept set them up for failure in
the real world.
RULE 1... Life is not fair; get used to it.
RULE 2 ... The world wont care about your self-esteem. The
world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel
good about yourself.
RULE 3 ... You will NOT make 40 thousand dollars a year right
out of high school. You wont be a vice president with a car
phone, until you earn both.
RULE 4 ... If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a
boss. He doesn t have tenure.
RULE 5 ... Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your
grandparents had a different word for burger flipping; they
called it opportunity.
RULE 6 ... If you mess up, it’s not your parents’ fault, so dont
whine about your mistakes; learn from them.
as they
you are.
... Before you were born, your parents werent as boring
are now. They got that way from paying your bills,
your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool
So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of
your parents’ generation, try “delousing”’ the closet in your own
RULE §& ... Your school may have done away with winners and
losers, but life has not. In some schools they have abolished
failing grades; they’ll give you as many times as you want to get
the right answer. This doesnt bear the slightest resemblance to
ANYTHING in real life.
RULE 9 ... Life is not divided into semesters. You dont get
summer off, and very few employers are interested in helping you
find yourself. Do that on your own time.
RULE 10 ... Television is NOT real life. In real life people
actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.
RULE I1 ... Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working
for one.
Bill Gates—one of the richest men in the world—refuted almost
everything that emerging adults believe about themselves. Perhaps Bill
knows something that these young emerging adults do not?
I think Bill has a clear understanding of reality and the rules of real life.
Bill’s accomplishments and success speak for themselves: he is a selfmade billionaire and was the world’s richest man at one time. How can
you argue with that?
I enjoy reading Bill’s 11 rules because you can see that he is grounded in
reality and does not share the idea of deferring adulthood, responsibility,
and reality.
Putting off adulthood only brings poverty, weakness, dependency,
unhappiness, lost time, wandering, lost self-worth, and lost self-esteem.
Worst of all, it creates a person who fails to embrace reality for what it is.
Emerging adults are so busy getting “smothered by mother” that their
teeth and claws have been removed by Mom and Dad.
Unfortunately, these little emerging adult bear cubs need those teeth and
claws to survive in the real world.
Do not try to find yourself, for there is nothing to find; instead, embrace
reality and define yourself. If you get your definition wrong, try again.
Keep trying until you find something that sticks.
Every successful man in history has struggled with his identity at some
point. But every man who embraces reality becomes a man of
responsibility who owns his problems and makes the decision to define
himself in the world. Self-definition means staking a claim to who you are
and what you stand for. Throughout history men have taken ground and
defended it against the elements and the violence of other tribes.
Take your ground, stake your claim against the wilderness, and fight for
your self-made identity rather than going on a quest into the darkness to
find something that can never be found.
Only you can define you.
In the darkness of the abyss there is nothing to find.
Claim your ground, claim your identity, and shape it over time.
A successful man makes decisions quickly and changes his mind slowly,
while an unsuccessful man makes decisions slowly and changes his mind
Choose to be the successful man, no matter how much it may scare you.
ccording to John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are
from Venus, men and women are psychologically wired in different
ways: men are wired to solve problems, and women are wired to
emote and be heard. These fundamental differences are so pronounced that
metaphorically speaking, men and women appear to be from completely
different planets.
Men watch football because it makes them feel like they are solving
problems. A man can sit for hours of a Sunday or Monday, watching
football without speaking. Even with his friends around, the men will sit in
silence and watch the ball, or the puck, or the basketball, move around on
the screen. The men’s brains are watching the ball move around, and they
are (1) in a state of nothingness—thinking of nothing and doing nothing,
they are certainly saying very little and they are okay with that—and (2)
feeling as though they are solving problems.
It’s important to note that the men are explicitly not speaking, they are not
emoting, and they are usually not conversing. They are quiet, mesmerized
by the screen and solving problems in their minds.
The men are not talking while fixing up an old classic car in the garage,
they are not talking if they are starting a rock band in the garage, and they
are not talking if they are building a deck. The men are solving problems.
The men are not talking.
“The first rule of fight club is, you dont talk about fight club.”
In Fight Club, the first rule of fight club is that you don’t talk about fight
club. What could be more manly than not talking about a secret club in a
bar basement where men beat each other up until someone says “stop” or
goes limp?
Fight Club caught part of the essence of what it means to be a man, and
the story, the book, and the movie resonated with men everywhere.
Part of the key to this resonance is that the men do not talk. The fight club
is men only, and no one talks about it.
If women were allowed in fight club, fight club would be talked about
because women love to talk, emote, and gossip.
Men silently solve problems. Women want to talk about problems and not
necessarily solve them, but they want to be heard and understood.
“People used to look out on the playground and say that the boys
were playing soccer and the girls were doing nothing. But the girls
weren t doing nothing, they were talking about the world to one
another. And they became very expert about that in a way the boys
did not.”
This is a masculine and feminine opposite and part of what makes men
and women struggle to understand each other. It’s also what makes the
opposite sex so attractive, alluring, and arousing. The otherness, the
polarity, with masculinity being defined as that which is least feminine
and femininity being that which is least masculine. It’s sexy, it’s
frustrating, it’s attractive, and it works in a functional—dysfunctional way.
Watching sports stimulates the man’s need to solve problems. Video games
do the same. I read several studies on “how old is the average gamer?” and
“how much time does a man spend per week playing video games?” The
answers may shock you. The average gamer is around 30 years old and
spends anywhere from 6 to 18 hours a week playing video games.
Think about that for a moment. Eighteen hours a week is pretty much one
entire day per week of consciousness—assuming you sleep for 8 hours a
night, a man has 112 hours of consciousness in a 7-day week with 8 hours
a night of sleep. If he works 40 hours a week, that leaves him with 72
hours left in the week. If he plays video games for 18 hours of the
remaining 72 hours, that is roughly 25% of his nonworking time. We
didn’t add in commuting time, eating time, talking to his spouse or
girlfriend, etc.
So why are video games so significant and so powerful for men in today’s
As a 31-year-old semiserious gamer myself, I can say I have experienced
the instant gratification that video games provide. So many important
things in life take 10,000 hours of focused effort to accomplish a degree of
Ten thousand hours is a serious investment and a barrier to entry for real
achievement in life.
In video games, the games are designed for instant gratification instead;
you play the game for a few minutes or a few seconds, you achieve
something, and the dopamine hits your brain. Some ingenious games like
World of Warcraft, which is arguably the first virtual reality world ever
invented for the mass market, was released on November 23, 2004. As of
October 2016, World of Warcraft had over 10 million subscribers. That’s a
12-year lifespan of the game, with 10 million people still paying! At about
$14.99 a month for a subscription that works out to $179.88 as annual cost
for a hobby that provides so many hours of entertainment.
But what is the real cost? As a former World of Warcraft player and player
of several video games my entire life from age 4 to age 31 at the time of
writing, I can say the real cost is the cost on your time.
Let’s say you are worth $20 an hour at your job, which is a median salary
in my home country, and you play your video games 72 hours a month,
that works out to $1,440 in lost opportunity cost per month. Annually, that
is $17,280 per year, which is essentially a part-time job.
In my early twenties, I secretly wanted to be a pro gamer, but when the
hours required to invest started to reach part-time and full-time
employment hours, I quit pursuing video games as a serious hobby and
now only play them occasionally.
The real cost is the cost of your time and the unmanly pursuit of taking
you away from your real-life purpose and pursuit of your highest and
greatest self.
Whenever I have done something great or have gone to the next level in
my life, I have uninstalled and deleted all my games. The mind does not
need distractions to go forward and achieve greatness in your life.
Women intuitively don’t like it when their men play video games, because
as intuitive sacred beings, women know deep down inside that video
games distract a man from his purpose and his potential. In the eyes of a
woman, a man who is not working on reaching his potential and living his
purpose, which is generally his work, is unmanly and unattractive. If a
man loses his purpose, he will lose his woman; she will simply find
another man who is taking his purpose more seriously—this is the law of
the jungle and biology.
Games like World of Warcraft are purposely engineered to time the
dopamine hits first in small frequent intervals at the beginning of the
game until you are “hooked,” and then the dopamine and feeling of
achievement becomes exponentially spaced out into longer and longer
When the dopamine hits start to take longer, the “sunk cost fallacy” takes
over, and you say to yourself “I can’t quit now, I’ve spent 50 days of my
life on this, I have to keep going.”
Again, when the time gaming turns into time you could spend on a parttime job or pursing a real passion or starting your dream business or
vocation, these large investments of time into frivolous pleasure can ruin a
man permanently over time.
Women’s brains are wired differently from men’s, and they do not respond
to football and video games in the same way. Statistically speaking in
today’s world, women and men play video games in equal amounts, but
women play different kinds of games; they typically are “less hardcore”
gamers, and I believe they play more for the social aspect and for novelty
than to satisfy the inherent brain-need obsession that men have to solve
problems and not talk.
Women have an inherent need to talk, be listened to, and be heard. They
want to talk to their men and have their men listen to the emoting, but they
explicitly do not want their problems solved by suggestions from their
man; instead, they just want to be listened to and emotionally understood.
This can be frustrating for men, who want to solve every problem in front
of their faces like a puzzle addict, chess master,
or crossword puzzle
fanatic. To men, they are a hammer, and every problem is a nail that must
be whacked down. Women just want to talk about the nail and how they
feel about it; men want to whack the nail.
This is a cause of friction.
Here are some worthwhile endeavors that can be traded for a video game
addiction. Note: all of these endeavors take serious amounts of time to
master, whereas a video game will take nearly 5% of the time to master as
a worthwhile endeavor noted below:
A list of worthwhile endeavors and the time commitment:
1) Building a business takes 2, 5, and 10 years. This business
may take 10,000 hours to master, and 90% of businesses
fail in the first 5 years; 90% of the surviving businesses fail
in the second 5 years. This leaves 1% of businesses
surviving after 10 years. Welcome to the jungle; with such
horrible odds you can see why a young man would just go
for the instant pleasure of a video game and say “fuck it” to
a real-world endeavor like building a business.
2) Becoming a master at an art form like music or painting with
oil paints takes 10 years and 10,000 hours of practice.
Again, the most complex video games take roughly 5% of
that time to master. The long learning curve and delayed
gratification make most men want to go for an easier route.
Recently in Japan, the turntables as an instrument for DJing now outsell the electric guitar. The easier it is to learn,
the more people will be attracted to it. The turntables are
not really an instrument in the same way a guitar is, but
over time everything degrades down to the lowest common
denominator and the lowest levels of intelligence. In
medieval Europe, the Spanish guitar took over from the
lute, which was harder to play. This has been going on
throughout history. The easier the instrument, the more
people will play them.
3) Becoming an athlete takes 10 years and 10,000 hours to
become a master. Plus, becoming an athlete forces you to
face reality, face your weaknesses, and play on your
strengths. Men who do well in athletics usually do well in
business because both endeavors are grounded in reality and
require daily rituals and activities for success over time.
Athletics brings real physical pain, muscles aching, hearts
and lungs burning, and the psychological pain of fighting
against your own weakness. Dealing with teams and other
men is manly, but it hurts physically and psychologically
with winning, losing, and hitting or not hitting your goals.
Men today favor the nonphysical over the physical, simply
because “it doesn’t hurt.” One argument is that men are
evolving to a higher level of sophistication by doing less
physical things, and that argument may be sound in some
ways. But the counterargument is that the lack of physical
exertion in the modern man’s life invites various diseases
and later health problems for men. The body is like
anything else, use it or lose it, abuse it and lose it.
4) To reach the highest levels in World of Warcraft
only 600 hours (not 10,000), which is 25 days
gameplay at 24 hours a day. A man who plays
day will get to a nearly endgame level of play
only takes
of straight
18 hours a
in only 33
“I’ve missed over nine thousand shots in my career. I’ve lost
almost three hundred games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to
take the game-winning shot ... and missed. I’ve failed over and over
again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
Some men are afraid to make a big investment of 10 years or 10,000
hours. It’s daunting, and it’s scary. But the question is, how do you eat an
elephant? One bite at a time!
I love the words of Earl Nightingale on pursing big goals: don’t worry
about the time, the time shall pass anyway. Also, Napoleon Bonaparte said,
“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.”
What does it mean to
really want, regardless
big dreams and big
measuring your spirit,
be alive if you do not reach for the things that you
of cost or the size of the investment? God gave you
goals, because when you were designed, he was
not your wallet.
We all have 24 hours in a day.
Donald Trump, the billionaire and US president, has 24 hours in a day and
so does the bum on the street. The difference is how do we use those 24
hours in a day? For purpose or for distraction?
Thirty-three weeks to master a video game, versus 555.55 weeks to master
a real endeavor like sports, music, the arts, or business. Looking at the
costs of becoming great in your real passions and real purposes in life
shows that it’s no wonder that video games are so popular in distracting
men from their real purpose and work in life:
1) Games give the illusion to men of solving problems, which is
very attractive to the male mind.
2) Games give an instant hit of dopamine on timed intervals to
create the illusion of “fun.” I can guarantee that our Warrior
ancestors didn’t think about fun or happiness often. They
seldom had fun or happy moments, but in reality, life can be
grim, brutal, and hard. Our brains can’t compete with
strategically timed dopamine hits of addictive games, like
addictive drugs our brains get hooked on to which we can’t
say no.
3) The time costs of a real passion or endeavor will take nearly
10 years of real work, effort, blood, sweat, tears, time,
money, and losses to achieve. This is a_ significant
investment, and the reason why so many men never reach
greatness in their lives is that they are unwilling to invest
enough to get there. If a worthy endeavor such as business,
sports, art, music, or anything else takes 555.55 weeks to
master, which is 10,000 hours divided by 18 hours a week,
this gives us 555.55 weeks to become great at a real
passion. A long game like World of Warcraft, however, only
takes 33 weeks of less challenging work to reach the end
game, which is 5.9% of the investment. This makes rational
sense why the men of today choose video games over real
A study some years ago with children was conducted and found to be one
of the greatest indicators of success in young boys and girls. This test was
called the marshmallow test.
Little children, who were 4 years old or so, were placed in a room. These
children were given a marshmallow on a plate and told that if they left the
marshmallow alone and did not eat it until the researcher left the room and
came back some time later, the child was promised two marshmallows as
a reward.
The only challenge was, the little boy or girl had to wait alone in the room
with temptation itself—one delicious marshmallow.
Some children gobbled up the marshmallow as soon as the researcher left
the room. Other children would sing, shut their eyes, look away, lie down,
and avoid the marshmallow all together to “double down” and gain on
their investment.
The children who were found to be the greatest successes as they were
tracked through life were the children who had the self-discipline to avoid
eating the marshmallow. On the other hand, the children who gobbled up
the marshmallow in seconds were followed through life and found to not
reach the same levels of success as the children who were able to defer
Deferring gratification is a major part of being an effective man.
Never before has a farmer gone to his field, planted his seed, woken up the
next day, and looked out the window and said, “I don’t see any crops, must
be a scam!”
Farmers are some of the toughest men around, and they know that farming
takes time.
Farming goes through seasons and cycles.
Farming does not happen overnight, and the discipline that we used to
have to till the barren soil has become lost over time as technology and
civilization offer us easier and easier gratification to feel instantly happy
with our problem-solving abilities.
Again, I will reiterate that video games are an illusion, a distraction from
your true purpose, just like football on Sunday or beer and chicken wings
on a Tuesday. Women don’t like it when men put these activities before
their purpose or do these activities too frequently. Women intuitively know
by using their sacred feminine energy that a man, a real man, a strong
man, must be working on his purpose every day to be masculine and
attractive to her, to ensure her survival, survival of the tribe, and survival
of her children.
“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. ’
Video games do not serve a man’s purpose, and in that way, they are
You can play them, just as you can drink alcohol or smoke pot to a degree,
but if done too much, they can be highly destructive and can wipe decades
out of a man’s life that will be lost forever.
Remember, you can always get money back, but you can never get your #1
resource in your life back—your time. Women know this intuitively.
Listen to the women on this one and stick with your purpose or your
passion. Do not be afraid to invest more than others and hit the 10,000
hours of investment head on and full force. Ten years from now you will
thank me if you stick with this piece of advice.
I have reached 10,000 hours in several endeavors, and it has made all the
difference in my life, my purpose, my passion, and my results.
Stay hungry, stay curious.
Curiosity is the base ingredient for passion, and passion is the path to
purpose. Stay curious, my friend.
“Which is worse: Hell or nothing?”
“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the
hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all.
Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for
the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The
world you desire can be won. It exists ... it is real... it is possible
... It's yours.”
What does it mean to be a man? Specifically, to turn from a boy who lives
with his mother, in the world of women, the world of the feminine of fun,
of games, of play, and then transition into the masculine world with the
men, responsibility, and work?
The Spartans—some of the strongest, most revered male warriors
throughout history, popularized in hit movies like 300—-were renowned as
the best warriors throughout time even by modern-day special forces
because of their unbelievable masculine training programs.
At the young age of 7, a boy was taken from his mother and forced into the
agoge, a state-sponsored training regimen designed to mold boys into
skilled warriors and moral citizens.
The men would beat him and leave him naked with nothing but a crimson
cloak to cover his naked flesh. They would teach the boy about living
behind enemy lines. He would have to sleep on the ground—a simulation
for living behind enemy lines—survive in the wilderness, and steal food
from his own people to survive. If he was caught stealing, the shopkeeper
or his victim was encouraged to beat him mercilessly. Such was the brutal
warrior culture of the Spartans. The Spartans were strong men, and we still
celebrate them today.
We romanticize this male strength in movies like 300 that depict the
famous battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans, King Leonidas’s
personal bodyguards, fought to their deaths in a narrow pass of terrain and
supposedly killed an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 Persians. Ancient
sources claim there were up to one million Persians, but what we know for
sure 1s that there were many more Persians than Spartans. All 300 Spartans
were slain in battle, which immortalized them in history for having a
“death before dishonor” ethos. The Persian emperor Xerxes was stalled
enough at the battle of Thermopylae to delay his Greek invasion. As a
result, Sparta was able to mobilize a real army to fight off the Persians to
defend their homeland.
The Greeks had strong man stories of real strength. Marathons today are
named after the Battle of Marathon, where one man, Pheidippides, ran to
Athens with the news of the great victory his people had over the Persians
at Marathon.
The distance he ran was about 26 miles, and he died after the run.
This is depicted in the 2014 film entitled 300: Rise of an Empire.
These amazing stories and amazing strength show the duty and importance
of a man’s brutal and violent work in history and reinforce the fact that
men have historically lived short, brutal lives as expendable genetic
fodder for the wars of history while women have lived long, brutal lives as
slaves, captured women, and sexual conquests if their men were killed in
battle. We humans have a long history of brutal violence, mutilation, and
enslavement of others. In the last century, we have toned such violence
down in the Western world, but the violence and slavery still exist around
the world today.
Hard times create strong men, and in the violent pages of history are
recorded stories that were hard for both men and women. The Spartan
queen in the movie 300 mentions what it takes to be a “real man” several
times in the movie. She is tough as nails, killing the men who betray her
husband with nothing but a short dagger and her bare hands.
The Spartan women were much tougher than the snowflake men of today.
But life was so much harder in the warrior culture of Sparta.
I will not romanticize the Spartan culture. They were excellent warriors
but also rigid in their thinking, to the point of Sparta’s demise. They would
fight to the death and never retreat. This led to a small city state of Sparta
that could not really expand territory or influence but rather only hold
ground and contract over time.
Sparta was hard to invade, but it could not become the mighty Roman
Empire of the future because of the Spartans’ rigid thinking. Sometimes
strength comes from the ability to bend without breaking, but being able to
flex is much stronger than being brittle and snapping under pressure.
“Tt is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most
intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”
The hardness of the rigid warrior philosophy also led to the demise of
Sparta because their “never surrender” and “fight to the death mentality”
was too one-dimensional, and they started losing wars. The great warriors
of Sparta eventually became irrelevant to modern warfare and history.
Is Sparta a military power today? No.
“A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.”
“Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both.”’
What is a better mentality than rigidly fighting to the death is to be more
like the legendary Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, a professional German
infantryman in WWI and later a field marshal in WWII who was admired
by the Allies and the Axis soldiers alike.
He was one of the most brilliant military minds in history, and both his
allies and enemies knew it during his time.
Rommel was a German but not a Nazi. He was also extremely flexible in
his battle plans and tactics. Hitler would want his supermen, the WaffenSS, and his other military divisions to relentlessly fight to the death like
the suicidal Japanese soldiers. Rommel would ignore those orders in favor
of saving the army so they could fight again another day. A master of
surprise attacks and prompt retreats, Rommel pierced through his
enemies’ lines by surprise, causing confusion, and then promptly
retreated, drawing his enemies into kill zones of flak 88mm antiaircraft
cannons that were meant to shoot down planes, but were just as good at
piercing the armor of enemy tanks.
Rommel was resourceful and used whatever weapons he could find to use
in unconventional ways that the enemy was never expecting. The flak 88
cannons were designed to shoot fighter planes out of the sky and thus had
tinted lenses, perfect for aiming into the sun or at the hot reflective sand in
the desert, and shells that pierced enemy tanks perfectly.
If an 88mm shell missed a tank, it would skip and bounce across the desert
sand and mutilate forces that lay in the shell’s wake. These weapons were
so effective after Rommel prototyped them in the North African theatre
that flak 88 cannons became standard issue on the legendary German
Panzer VI, the Tiger Tank, the most feared tank of the war by the Allies.
Not a single Tiger Tank had its 10cm of front armor pierced from the front
in the entire war. The Germans lost most Tiger tanks to running out of fuel
and abandoned more tiger tanks than they lost in battle. The Tiger Tank
had a horrible fuel economy, approximately 2.75 gallons per mile.
Rommel would push into enemy lines with surprise and deception. He
even would make fake tanks of wood when Hitler would fail to send him
enough material to fight the war. At one point in North Africa, Rommel
had almost no tanks, and a collection of Volkswagen cars instead.
To intimidate his enemies, Rommel
fashioned fake tank chassis out of
wood and paraded his fake tanks in the distance of British camps and
The British would see an overwhelming number of tanks in the distance
kicking up huge clouds of sand and dust, which would terrify them into
surrendering without a shot.
In the Art of War, the perfect warrior wins the fight without violence.
Rommel embodies the skill of the perfect warrior.
In battle and in life, 1t’s much better to be resourceful, and flexible in your
thinking than to be rigid and one dimensional.
Be like Rommel instead of the Spartans. Both are manly, both do their
jobs, but to be strong is also to have the ability to bend and change as the
dynamics change.
Hitler’s forces and the Spartans were losers in history for being too
in their thinking and fighting to the death. Both groups of warriors
incredibly strong and were the best of their time. Both succumbed to
thinking with not enough resourcefulness and flexibility.
If Rommel were in charge of German forces in WWII instead of Adolf
Hitler, who believed his own insane ideas and was borderline delusional,
America and the rest of the world would be speaking German instead of
English today.
The Fable of Becoming a Man
here is a famous story about the transformation from the boy world to
the man world, and that famous story is called “Jack and the
You may know the story, but let me refresh your memory.
The story opens with a young man, Jack, who is poor and lives with his
mother in their small country house. Jack doesn’t have a father; it’s just
him and his mother. One day his mother sends Jack to market to trade in
his mother’s old cow, which no longer provides milk, for something better
that they can use.
Jack comes home from the market and shows his mother with great joy
what he traded for her last old cow—a bag of magic beans! Jack’s mother
is furious that Jack would make such a stupid trade, and she hits him over
the head and throws the magic beans out the window and sends Jack to bed
with no supper.
The next morning Jack looks out the window and sees a huge beanstalk
that stretches far into the clouds. Jack starts to climb the beanstalk and
ends up in a castle in the clouds.
He enters the castle that belongs to a giant. The giant bellows the famous
I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.
The giant chases Jack around the castle, but Jack is able to steal three key
objects from the giant: a singing harp, a golden goose, and a princess held
prisoner in the giant’s castle.
Jack takes the spoils of his raid, and escaping the giant, he begins to climb
down the beanstalk and back to his mother’s house.
The giant chases after Jack by climbing down the beanstalk after him.
When Jack gets back to his mother’s house safely, he grabs an axe and
chops the beanstalk down. The beanstalk tumbles over, and the giant falls
to his death.
Jack, the owner of his problems, now becomes “Jack the Giant-Slayer.”
Jack went up the beanstalk as a boy living with his mother, without a
father, uneducated and irresponsible for trading his mother’s only asset for
a bag of “magic beans,” a very boyish behavior indeed.
While up on the beanstalk, Jack has to face his fear and slay the giant,
which represents the struggle of a boy becoming a man.
As he leaves the castle, Jack gains three pillars that serve as a base for
Jack becoming a man:
The 3 Pillars of Becoming a Man
1) The singing harp: This represents Jack’s vocation and calling
in life—his work and the thing he must do to live his
2) The golden goose: The goose represents a way for a man to
make money and support his women and his family.
3) The rescued princess: This represents Jack’s bride—his
woman and perhaps the future mother of his children.
A man without those three things is hardly a man. He might still be living
like a boy.
Every man needs the three things above in his life: a battle to fight, an
adventure to go on, and a beauty to win.
Jack had all three, which is why Jack’s tale is a great story of what a boy
needs to become a man.
Face the giant, slay your problems within, and earn the right to call
yourself a man.
The 4 Parts of Being an Effective and Strong Man
“May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be
“Stop Hoping for a Completion of Anything in Life
Most men make the error of thinking that one day it will be done.
They think, ‘If I can work enough, then one day I could rest.’ Or,
‘One day my woman will understand something and then she will
stop complaining.’ Or, ‘I’m only doing this now so that one day I
can do what I really want with my life.’ The masculine error is to
think that eventually things will be different in some fundamental
way. They won t. It never ends. As long as life continues, the
creative challenge is to tussle, play, and make love with the present
moment while giving your unique gift.”
It is not enough to just make the transition of boy to man through your
work, your purpose, and your ownership of the good, bad, and ugly of your
life. In addition, a man must take care of the four parts of his being: mind,
body, spirit, and emotions.
Those four parts make up a human being, and so many people just focus
on the physical realm of life through their physical body, material goods,
and anything tangible they can see. But the truth is, the physical realm is a
“printout” or manifestation of the three invisible realms: mind, spirit, and
emotions. Much like a printer prints out the words that exist inside of a
text file or inside of a computer, your physical realm is a printout of your
thoughts, emotions, and spirit.
The invisible manifests into the visible.
A Strong Man Must Have a Strong Mind—The mind is the central
command center of your being, the consciousness that you are on this
earth. Every decision you make in your body, mind, soul, and emotions at
some point passes through the mind. If you lose your mind, you lose
everything. When you see broken homeless people on the street, you
typically see someone who has lost his mind. A strong man’s mind is
constantly looking for ways to improve his life and his environment by
becoming better at everything incrementally. Over many millennia, men
have evolved from living in caves and bashing each other over the heads
with clubs to the great scholars and philosophers of our current age and
beyond. A man with a sound mind will own a library of books in his home
versus TVs in every room.
It has been said that rich people have big libraries, while poor people have
big TVs. To become rich, you must become rich in the mind first, before
you come rich in the pocket. Man’s mind is the only survival tool in the
wild that keeps him alive and allows him to prosper; he has no claws,
jaws, large muscles, teeth, or any other survival mechanisms of the wild
beasts except for his mind.
And blessed be he with such a powerful tool like a sound mind. The
neocortex, the thinking brain of man, is far more advanced than any other
animal brain on the planet and a great argument for intelligent design.
Why are there no other evolved animals with neocortexes or “thinking
brains”? They say God made man in his image. The neocortex, the
thinking mind, the connection to the future and the spiritual realm of the
unseen, in my opinion, is evidence that we did not randomly evolve out of
primordial ooze, and, in fact, there was intelligent design behind man and
his ability to think above all other animals in the kingdom. But I digress
into three types of capital that man must command with his mind.
To separate men from the cavemen of ages old who spent most of their
days digging in the mud and foraging for food are three types of capital.
Capital is the difference between the rich, poor, and middle class. Capital
is wielded with man’s mind and always comes from man’s mind.
Napoleon Hill’s famous manual on becoming rich, Think and Grow Rich,
was written in the 1930s and had the recipe for becoming rich as per his
interviews with the 500 richest men in the world at the time.
Three types of capital that man must wield with his mind:
1) Real capital—cash, credit, and debt
Social capital—his
and _ social
3) Intellectual capital—his inventions, intellectual property, and
specialized knowledge that makes the base of his wealth
A man’s mind will give him his social class in society; however, it is not
always the smartest man with the highest IQ who wins in society. Instead,
it is the man who uses what he has in the best way who wins and
commands the capital he needs to see his dreams and plans come true.
A woman may gain social class through her body, her genes, her DNA, and
her ability to reproduce with a powerful man and provide children to him
and pass on great genes. But a man’s social class is always derived from
his capital: real capital, social capital, and intellectual capital.
A man’s capital is what
the tribe and ensures his
and his offspring. A man
his three types of capital.
gives him a dominant
survival as a man and
derives his class from
As a man, you always
or submissive position in
the survival of his woman
the quality and amount of
want to be moving up to a
better class or a better caste. A man’s social position is his power; his
capital is power, ability to do things.
Power is manly.
A Strong Man Must Have a Strong Body—Throughout history we have
had several ages, including the hunter/gatherer age, when men would hunt
and women would gather. We were roaming bands of nomads living off the
land. Physical strength in the hunter/gatherer age was essential for killing
animals, fighting off other tribes and internal tribal enemies, and carrying
back the dead carcasses of your prey to your tribe and family. In the
agrarian age, which was an age of farming, big strong muscles were
needed to plow the soil and plant the harvest. You had to be physically big
and strong to survive on the farm. This applied to both men and women
because farming was hard work every day, and life was generally hard.
We then entered an age of industrialization when the tribes turned from
small tribes into big national super tribes, and men became specialists
working in offices and factories. The muscles meant less than in the
agrarian age, and today we are in the information age when muscles are
irrelevant to our immediate survival.
Still, in the modern world, man must be physically strong enough to do his
work and be the leader of other men. Physical presence is important.
The rapper known as 50 Cent grew up in the hostile environment of lowerclass America. He had to get big and strong to have an intimidating
presence to ensure his survival while dealing drugs.
It never hurts to have a strong presence. It has been said that when people
are choosing to be led or buy from a man, subconsciously they are
thinking, “Would I step into the trenches of a war with this man? Would he
help me survive or not?” If a man has a strong presence of a leader, which
includes physical strength and height, then these qualities give him power
in the tribe to command, influence, and lead. With a commanding
presence, he can become the leader of other men, which is always
important throughout the ages.
Physical strength and health are also important today to live long enough
to raise and protect your family. Life spans at the time of writing for men
are currently in the 82-87 year range and in the next few decades will
likely surpass the 100-year mark. In the early 1900s, men only lived to be
about 45 and then died. A man must be strong enough to carry out his
responsibilities to his family, his woman, and his tribe. In today’s world,
he must live long enough to provide the economic protection and security
for his family after he dies through insurance policies, investments, real
estate, or just cash. Such is the legacy of being a man.
A Strong Man Needs a Strong Spirit—A man must be spiritually mature
to do what is right, observe the physical and metaphysical laws of the
universe, and have a relationship with God and the divine.
“You are a little soul carrying about a corpse, as Epictetus used to
A true man makes a study of the spiritual realm to see the unseen and
practice faith, usually through practiced religion. There is a general belief
in today’s modern world that religion is a dirty word.
I think this is a wrong idea because what organized religion brought to the
table in the past was a system in which man could study the spiritual realm
and learn in an organized way. People today claim to be atheists, agnostics,
or just spiritual, as they are taught in the universities and school systems
to think.
There has been a societal attack on religion in the last 70 years, and I think
that we as a people are spiritually losing today because of the loss of
Atheism is the most expensive religion because it denies the facts and
laws of the spiritual universe. Physicists today claim that there are 11
dimensions of reality, but we can only see and sense 4 dimensions with our
primitive senses—forward/backward,
time continuum.
side to side, up and down, and the
So what is in the other 7 dimensions?
The other 7 dimensions contain things we
Unseen invisible forces are just as powerful
realm is the realm of unseen forces. Inside
Though the tree is unseen, faith knows that
watering and care. We cannot sense the tree
cannot see with our senses.
as seen forces. The spiritual
a seed is a mighty oak tree.
the tree can come forth with
today, but the information for
the tree is contained in the seed, inside the spiritual realm, the realm of the
unseen. To deny the spiritual realm is a major mistake that men make and
that limits their true creative potential in this life.
A strong man will obey physics and the laws of the spiritual realm. If man
lives by these laws, they will be able to serve man in the realm of the
“unseen” and bring things that are bigger than the man into his life.
This is extremely important and is discussed in major books such as
Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, which is really about command of
the spiritual realm—infinite intelligence (a secular word for God)—to
manifest as real riches.
The spiritual realm is a missing ingredient in today’s world for a man to be
become greater than he is.
Study the spiritual realm, master it, and be able to manifest reality and
bend reality to your will.
Such is the power of having a neocortex and being the only animal on
earth able to understand and connect to the spiritual realm: truly a gift
from our creators and the intelligent design behind humanity, as no other
animal on this planet has this gift.
To deny yourself of the spiritual realm is the same as denying the
existence of your body, mind, or emotions. You cannot see your mind or
emotions, but you know they exist. The same 1s true for the spirit and the
spiritual realm.
A Strong Man Is Emotionally Strong—Emotions are another perilous
topic for men in the modern society and expectations of what a man is.
When I was young, around 17, I only acknowledged my mind and body as
my father, mother, and primitive school system taught me. They left out
the spiritual realm and the emotional realm, and I failed to know the
existence of those two unseen realms until much later in life.
A man’s emotions are vitally important, as human beings typically make
all decisions on emotion, but justify their decisions by logic. A man’s
emotions serve like a software program between his mind and his spirit,
and emotions can be both tremendously creative and tremendously
destructive if not handled correctly.
Most men are taught nothing about their emotions—how to feel, how to
love, how to be angry, how to let the dark emotions be felt and released.
This is sad and has horrible side effects on a man’s mental and physical
health over time.
I can speak from experience. I have repressed all sorts of emotions from
my teenage years and am likely still dealing with the side effects of those
repressions today at 31. Getting professional help on your emotional
issues 1s huge for your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
A strong man’s mind, as 1s suggested by stoic philosophy, must be ruled by
reason and not emotions, able to keep his emotions in check but still feel.
A stoic can feel emotions and can enjoy emotions and pleasure, but he is
not ruled by emotions.
Stoic philosophy is a strong man philosophy that is nearly always in place
when a nation is born, specifically born out of war like Rome or America.
A nation is born a stoic and dies an Epicurean. Where a stoic focuses on
reason, an epicurean focuses on pleasure alone.
We are living in an epicurean time in the modern world where emotions
and pleasure are getting out of control. Reason has been lost on several
important societal topics: money, sex, religion, and politics.
Living in modern civilization is a hostile place for man, his mind, body,
soul, and emotions. Several authors, writers, and thinkers throughout
history have claimed that if a man stayed in city life long enough he would
go insane.
I think this is true and is based on reality.
One way to fix the problems of civilized life is to unplug from it and go
without food and live on only water, to fast alone in nature.
To fast 1s to not eat and to only drink water.
all religions
of the world
of fasting to
rebalance the mind, body, soul, and emotions.
Nearly all ancient medicine used some form of water fasting
people. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek medicine man, of whom
doctors take the Hippocratic oath “do no harm,” used to make
fast. In the words of Hippocrates, “to feed a sick man was
to heal sick
all modern
his patients
to feed his
That is an unspoken part of the Hippocratic oath today. I practice fasting
once a year for a long period of time. Last year I spent 30 days in the
jungle in Costa Rica fasting on water alone. I lost 68 pounds and calibrated
my mind, body, soul, and emotions. I came home to civilization afterwards
and began fixing the problems with my business and my life, as I was able
to gain perspective on things I could not see.
This last year I only spent 18 days fasting in the jungle, but I have had
major spiritual revelations from that time. In fact, in less than 30 days
after returning to civilization, I have written two full books, and I will
produce three published full-length books this year.
The power of fasting to rebalance a man is usually combined with prayer
and was used by powerful men such as Aristotle, Socrates, Jesus,
Mohammad, Ghandi, Moses, Marcus Aurelius, and many others. These
men would fast for up to 40 days on just water, and this was a major
source of their spiritual power, clarity, and reasoning.
Fasting also has major regenerative health benefits and can cure most
diseases, especially chronic ones, and can even destroy tumors. I am not a
medical doctor, and medical doctors do not endorse fasting because there
is no money to be made—fasting is free to any man. That is why modern
medicine does not promote fasting: drugs, surgery, and chemotherapy are
major cash cows for the multitrillion-dollar medical industry. Fasting has
$0 of profit in it, and thus it’s a secret in today’s medical world. Do not
take my words on the benefits of fasting; do your own research!
WARNING: If you want to try fasting, please do it with a professional
and with medical supervision. You can hurt yourself if you do it wrong
and even die if done improperly, so please fast with professional help,
especially on fasts longer than 2 to 3 days.
Why It Is Your Duty to Become a Rich and Powerful
“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the
wealth of nature.”
had the pleasure of going out to dinner with a good friend of mine one
[rien in Ottawa, Canada. My friend was a fantastic public speaker and
ran a successful coaching and corporate training practice. My friend is
one of the best public speakers I have ever seen, a very manly quality
In the ancient world, all
ability to speak to a group
are no different. Men who
highest paid people in the
men were judged on their masculinity by their
of other men and their oration ability. Today we
speak to groups of other people are some of the
My friend was struggling with the conflict that many men feel between
putting more time in at work and spending more time with his kids and
family. He had reached a degree of success and a high income. I didn’t ask
him what his income was, because it didn’t really matter. He felt as though
he had to be around for his kids.
He loved his kids and wanted to be a good father. His assumption was that
he had to be around the house all day to “be there” for his kids.
On the other hand, he told me that if he “pushed it” this year, he could
make a million dollars. But he was struggling with the idea of sacrifice
between a million dollars in the bank at the end of the year and his time
away from his children—a noble dilemma.
I listened to his dilemma and then looked at him straight in the eye over a
fancy upscale dinner and said, “You have to make the million dollars. You
To me the answer was clear: let me explain my logic.
I am not a father at the time of writing, but I do know the role that a father
plays in a household. I got to learn firsthand about what a father is not
from my own parents and my own parents’ divorce.
My own father failed to provide money and income for our family in the
way that my mother wanted. This forced my mother into the masculine
role of being the breadwinner in the home; it reversed the feminine and
masculine energy in the relationship, depolarized the sexual attraction, and
made my mother lose respect for my father as a man.
I got to watch my father struggle with his “business”—and I use that term
loosely because he earned the same amount of money from his business
for 16 years straight. His company had debt that my mother had to support
and cosign for. This scared her and her middle-class conditioning—the
middle class hates debt.
She was making $80,000 a year when she told him she wanted a divorce.
He was lucky if he was bringing home $30,000. The same amount of
money he had made since 1985 when he had a corporate job before I was
born, except this was 2005. Thirty thousand dollars over a 20-year time
span was worth less than in 1985.
This displacement of power, especially economic power, and the reversal
of the masculine and feminine polarity pissed my mother off. It violated
her as a woman and violated my father as a man; he couldn’t play his role.
“Let me tell you something. There is no nobility in poverty. I
have been a rich man and I have been a poor man. And I choose
rich every fucking time. Because at least as a rich man, when I
have to face my problems, I show up in the back of a limo,
wearing a $2,000 suit and a $40,000 gold fucking watch! And if
anyone here thinks I’m superficial or materialistic, go get a job
at fucking McDonald’s, ’cause that’s where you fucking belong!
But before you depart this room full of winners, I want you to
take a good look at the person next to you. Go on. Because
sometime in the not-so-distant future, you’re gonna be pulling
up at a red light, in your beat-up old fucking Pinto, and that
person’s gonna be pulling up right alongside you in their brand
new Porsche. With their beautiful wife by their side, who’s got
big voluptuous tits. And who’re you gonna be sitting next to?
Some disgusting wildebeest with three days of razor-stubble, in
a sleeveless muumuu, crammed in next to you in a carload full
of groceries from the fucking Price Club. That’s who you’re
gonna be sitting next to! So you listen to me and you listen well.
Are you behind on your credit card bills? Good, pick up the
phone and start dialing! Is your landlord ready to evict you?
Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing! Does your girlfriend
think you’re fucking worthless loser? Good! Pick up the phone
and start dialing! I want you to deal with your problems by
becoming rich!”
Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of
Wall Street
Back to my friend and his million-dollar dilemma. “So,” I said to him, “if
you have the opportunity make a million dollars this year, you must do it.
You might not always have the opportunity in your life to make that kind
of money! If your business is relevant right now and you have the chance,
then take it! Most men don’t get that kind of opportunity ever in their
lives. Make as much money as you can in the fastest way possible.
Sacrifice a few years of your life to live in ways people won’t, to live the
rest of your life in ways that people can’t. Your kids, your little girls will
look back on their father and thank you later in life for your sacrifices and
your duty that you carried out so they can live comfortably. It doesn’t have
to be forever, but if you have the opportunity, you must seize it!”
“The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is
because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard
The fact of reality is, making $1,000,000 a year in speaking, coaching, and
consulting is still not easy or guaranteed. I know because I have built my
own company to that point and beyond. It’s a struggle, it’s difficult, it’s
scary, it challenges you, and leaves you on the edge of survival. It’s
something most people don’t have the balls to do because running a
business 1s like riding a lion:
“Being an entrepreneur is like watching a man ride a lion.
People look at him and think, This
brave!” says CEO Toby Thomas. “And
How the hell did I get on a lion,
eaten?” The truth of the matter is that
guy’s really got it together! He's
the man riding the lion is thinking,
and how do I keep from getting
my friend may or may not actually
be able to make $1,000,000 in a year. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and it
takes tremendous effort. My work ethic to reach income levels like that
and beyond has taken me working “two days” for every working day for 5
days a week for 10 years to achieve that level of income. I have always
had at least two to four jobs, even when I was broke. I always had side
hustles or other endeavors or businesses to earn money. | learned the
immigrant hustle from my immigrant father.
However, I will take my friend’s statement at face value. Let’s assume he
can make his $1,000,000 in a year. If he can do it, he must try. He must
ride the lion and be the man who can seize everything that he and his
family might want. Even if he only gets half, he’s still a major success,
even at a quarter of a million dollars, he’s a top 1% income earner in
Canada, even at half of a quarter ($125,000) he’s above the top 1% income
for his age.
Shoot for the moon and you might end up among the stars.
I believe success is your duty. Economic success is your duty. I also
believe that a man should strive to become as rich and powerful as
possible so that he can protect himself, his family, his wife, his children,
and his tribe.
As $100,000,000-man Grant Cardone says: success is my duty and my
responsibility. Cardone has disclosed on several occasions that his new
goal is to be a billionaire, essentially 10 timing what he claims to be his
current net worth of around $100,000,000. The person who suggested that
he become a billionaire was his wife. Now, what are you going to do with a
billion dollars? The answer is probably nothing, but making a million or a
billion is not about the money, it’s about the achievement, it’s about hitting
your potential, finding meaning and purpose in your work and working as
hard as you can to reach your goals and your potential. Your women, your
children, your tribe, will appreciate your success, and you will be able to
give your family the things that only a rich and powerful man can afford.
be a little bitch.”
I find it interesting that Cardone’s wife, actress Elena Lyons—now Elena
Cardone—was the one who saw her husband’s potential and said to him,
“Why aren’t you a billionaire yet?”
In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Hill talks about the importance
of the right woman for a man, and specifically a man’s wife when well
matched and married can be the source of his power and his genius.
Women have an amazing intuition about men, and they can see potential
and intuit all sorts of distinctions that men cannot see. Such is the divine
feminine power of being a woman; men lack such intuition or life-giving
sexual power.
If Cardone were a bachelor, or without such a great woman,
maybe he
would be lazing around on the golf course, slacking off and squandering
hitting his potential. Cardone admits that he reached a point of comfort
before meeting his wife, and he was slowing down and playing too much
Comfort is a killer to success and your ultimate potential.
A woman always wants to see her man hit his potential and become the
best version of himself. The pursuit of greatness in a man’s work is manly,
and women love to see their man push for greatness—it’s a turn-on for
them. All women love ambition in a man, especially the man they choose.
Cardone also has two young little girls, Sabrina and Scarlet Cardone.
These little girls are young, under 10, and in Grant’s books he mentions
that he only spends one to two hours a day of quality time with his kids,
and that’s all they want. I think Cardone is right in this statement.
Do your kids actually want to see their father all the time? Do they want
their dad for more than an hour a day? Probably not. Kids have their own
things to do; they don’t want to hang out with Dad for more than an hour
to two of quality time per day. This makes great sense. When I was a kid I
wanted my father’s support, but I wasn’t attached to him every hour of
every day. In fact, I wanted him to go away and leave me to whatever I was
doing most of the time.
There is an effeminate, unmanly idea that you must be home all day all the
time to dote on your kids and essentially be a stay-at-home husband. This
is backwards; my father did it, and it pissed my mother off because he
wasn’t filling his purpose and reaching his potential. When my father
cried and begged my mother on his knees like a dog for a second chance in
the family, my mother laughed and ejected him from her life. She was
done with him. He wasn’t filling his role as a man, and instead of him, she
chose nothing. She chose to be single and have a dog instead. Tony
Robbins says that if you want love and connection but can’t communicate
well enough for humans, get a dog instead.
Women are ruthless with a man who doesn’t hit his potential. They appear
to be the softer and nicer of the sexes, but make no mistake, women are
ruthless with a man who is not producing. Female power and sexual power
are like money. The second there is weakness or neediness in a man, the
money is gone, the power is gone, and so are the women. This 1s a cruel
fact of life, and some women may disagree with my statement here.
“Only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man
is only loved under the condition that he provides something.”
But ask yourself: all things being equal, would your woman prefer you to
be rich or poor?
All things being equal, I’m sure she would pick rich every time and you
hitting your potential every time!
Women have great expectations for their men and want a man to fill his
purpose and become the best version of himself.
They are generally not attracted to a stay-at-home dad; nobody really
wants a stay-at-home dad—men or women alike. Stay-at-home dads are
avoiding their potential and can appear to be untrustworthy because they
have forsaken their purpose and their work and have slipped into feminine
energy and the feminine purpose of family and the home. This is
confusing to both men and women. No offense to you if you are a stay-athome dad, but it is a strange gender reversal that is not really respected by
men or women, and I will just say that it will lead to problems down the
road at some point when the biology of your woman catches up to her and
says, “What the fuck?! Why is he just hanging out at home all day? This is
not a turn-on.”
Men throughout history have been absent from the home on long work
adventures. If you were a Roman soldier, you would campaign in war for 5
or 10 years at a time, and when you came home from war your kids would
be grown up. The Roman soldiers weren’t at home being stay-at-home
dads. They were out defending the empire, and the women took care of the
house alone for years.
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens illustrates a young man’s desire in
the 1800s to be rich and powerful. In Great Expectations, Pip is the poor
stepson of a blacksmith named Joe. His sister, Mrs. Joe, is cruel to both
Pip and Joe. Pip is the protagonist in the classic Dickens novel (and the
novel is damn long because Dickens was paid per word by his publisher).
Pip is set up to meet and fall in love with the beautiful Estella by a rich
and evil old woman named Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham was not born
evil or twisted, but rather she was destined to marry a man and on her
wedding day, her groom didn’t show up to the wedding, and she was left
alone in her wedding dress, with her wedding cake and a broken heart. She
was so heartbroken that she stopped all the clocks in her house at the
moment she was supposed to get married. Because her heart was broken,
she made it her mission to destroy the hearts of men. Enter Estella, her
gorgeous young stepdaughter. Estella is an angelic young girl, selected by
Miss Havisham to be her weapon against the hearts of men as she raises
the beautiful young upper-class Estella to become a maneater.
maneater as per Urban Dictionary:
An irresistible woman who chews and spits out men after using
it sexual,
When Pip first lays eyes on Estella in Miss Havisham’s garden, he falls
madly in love with her, but he realizes the only way he will ever become a
man in her league is to become a rich and powerful gentleman. He realizes
that he cannot have the upper-class Estella when he is just the lower-class
son of a blacksmith. Pip makes it his mission to become a gentleman to
win the girl.
The opening of the book has Pip wandering the local graveyard visiting his
parents’ graves, and he stumbles upon an escaped convict hiding amongst
the tombstones. The convict threatens Pip and demands “wittles,” which
are little morsels of food, and a file to break his chains. Pip as a young boy
is terrified and goes to Joe’s blacksmith shop to find a file and food for the
When Pip returns to the graveyard, he 1s ambushed by a second convict
before he finds the original convict. Pip hands the food over to the beast of
a man and mentions the second convict. This disturbs the first convict, but
he devours the food mercilessly, cuts his chains, and escapes.
Four years into his apprenticeship, a mysterious benefactor allows Pip to
escape his vocation as a blacksmith and move to London to realize his
dream of becoming a gentleman. As a young man, Pip believes his
benefactor is Miss Havisham, Estella’s adopted mother, and he believes
that she is benefiting him to make him desirable for her daughter. After
moving to London, Pip’s benefactor remains unnamed, and Pip is unwise
to spend his gifted money before he comes of age at 21. His legal
guardian, a lawyer named Mr. Jaggers, points out the difficulties that Pip
is creating for himself, but leaves Pip to navigate his own life.
At age 23 Pip’s benefactor appears in person, and it is the convict he met
in the graveyard as a boy. He learns the convict’s name is Abel Magwitch,
and this shatters Pip’s hope that he is meant for Estella, and Pip feels
disgust, as he knows nothing about what type of criminal this man is.
Despite his feelings of disgust and disappointment, Pip’s sense of duty that
compels him to help Magwitch is a sign of his inner goodness, just as he
had at the age of 7 in the graveyard. After Magwitch dies, the Crown
confiscates his fortune, and Pip at 23 learns that having material
possessions such as good clothes, well-spoken English, and a generous
allowance do not make him a gentleman.
Pip falls ill for several weeks, and his old mentor Joe the blacksmith
comes to care for him until he is strong enough to walk. After Joe leaves,
Pip goes home to find Biddy, the good and virtuous girl he should have
married, is now married to Joe instead. Without any money or any skills or
profession, Pip is struggling to find his place in the world. Herbert Pocket,
Pip’s friend, suggests that Pip get a job at the firm where he works in an
office in Cairo. Pip gets a job as a clerk, Herbert marries his fiancée Clara,
and Pip lives with them as the third wheel. There is irony in this reversal
because Pip used his financial gift at 21 of 500 pounds to get Herbert a job
with the new firm. Now that Pip has lost his funds, he asked Miss
Havisham to pay the money owed, and she does. Joe, in a very manly way,
ends up paying for the rest of Pip’s debt and money that he is unable to
Eleven years later, Pip comes home to England to find Joe, Biddy, and
their new children. He walks the land and finds Estella, and both of them
are changed from their experiences in life. After they reconcile, they hold
hands and Pip sees nothing that can part them again.
True power, true riches—the things that Pip desires to win Estella—are
fake. Pip is a fake, and he realizes that fine words and fine clothes do not
make him a gentleman.
“True power is earned, not inherited.”
Ironically, Joe the blacksmith is the real man in the story of Great
Expectations. He is neither rich nor powerful in a big way, but he is rich
and powerful relative to his potential in spirit, character, integrity, hard
work, real cash in the bank, taking care of his women, his family, and his
children. He proves that rich and powerful starts with a man’s character,
not his bank account.
Joe is the master of his domain, the king of his domain. That is what a man
must be. He may not be the most rich or powerful in the world, but he has
control and power over his domain. He is the king of his own house, no
matter how large or small.
Pip was living a lie. His wealth was a lie, his status was a lie, and the man
who was his benefactor was a convict financing him on stolen money.
Contrary to popular belief, the clothes can never make the man. The man,
the power, and the wealth are only a derivative from the virtues within a
man’s spirit.
Pip’s spirit is rotten and thus, he gets a rotten result. Joe’s spirit is strong
and virtuous, and he ends up with the young virtuous girl that Pip should
have married, a happy family, and money to bail Pip out of his debts.
Strength that is earned from real struggle, real hustling, real grinding, and
real value is lasting and infinite as long as your character is good. A man
who has no substance, or a man who utters words that are baseless in
reality is a liar, and to be a liar is to be unmanly.
Women can lie. Feminine energy is chaotic like a stormy ocean, and a man
may not always get truth from his feminine woman. For example, a
woman who says “I’m fine” is never “fine.” Fine in the female language
means explicitly “not fine.” The words do not match the actions, emotions,
and feelings, and this is okay in the world of feminine energy.
Welcome to feminine energy; feminine energy can lie. But for a man to lie
is unmanly. Masculine energy, unlike feminine energy, is focused in a
linear direction; it’s direct, and a man who lies to his tribe threatens the
survival of the group. A woman’s lies, especially lies made to other
women, do not traditionally threaten the survival of the group. Her lies are
often frivolous and fun. This is feminine and acceptable to the tribe
because these lies are nonthreatening and usually trivial. The difference
between masculine and feminine energy is what allows women to lie
acceptably, but men cannot lie without violating their masculine energy.
Pip was a liar. His wealth was a lie, his status was a lie, and he was not
powerful or manly or the master of his domain.
“People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I’ve
learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one
surrenders one's reality to the person to whom one lies, making
that person one’s master, condemning oneself from then on to
faking the sort of reality that person's view requires to be
faked...The man who lies to the world, is the world’s slave from
then on...There are no white lies, there is only the blackest of
destruction, and a white lie is the blackest of all.”
It is your duty to reach your potential as a man, and you should strive to be
the master of your domain and be as rich and powerful as possible. If you
can make a million or a billion dollars—do it! Seize the opportunity right
now; not every man has the chance or the ability to pull off such a feat for
himself and his family.
It is your duty to reach your potential in power and money, whatever that
potential may be. Everyone loves a man who strives to be better today than
he was yesterday. But most importantly, your wealth, power, and ability to
be the master of your domain must come from your own inner strength
and your own inner virtue. Lying is unmanly, threatening to the tribe, and
violates your masculine energy. Be virtuous and good in your pursuit of
your potential, riches and power, for:
“A tiger can smile
A snake will say it loves you
Lies make us evil.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club
ei yt wi
“Tf you tell a beautiful woman that she is beautiful, what have
you given her? It’s no more than afact and it has cost you
nothing. But ifyou tell an ugly woman that she is beautiful, you
offer her the great homage of corrupting the concept of beauty.
To love a woman for her virtues is meaningless. She's earned it,
it’s a payment, not a gift. But to love her for her vices is a real
gift, unearned and undeserved. To love her for her vices is to
defile all virtue for her sake—and that is a real tribute of
because you sacrifice your conscience, your reason, your
integrity and your invaluable self-esteem. ”
“By all means marry; ifyou get a good wife, you'll become
happy; ifyou get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.”
hen a man types “what women want” into Google, he gets about
5,900,000,000 results. 5.9 billion results—yes, that is billion with a
There is only one thing that women really want, not 5.9 billion things!
To give you some perspective on the number of ideas on what women
want, if you type “porn” into Google you only get about 471,000,000
There are roughly 12 times more ideas about what women want than there
are porn results on Google. Think about that for a moment: The top of the
Google crap-heap of the 5.9 billion results on “what women want” is a
movie entitled What Women Want with Mel Gibson. In the movie,
Gibson’s character has a freak accident, after which he is able to read the
minds of women. He also waxes his legs in the movie, wears pantyhose,
and does a whole bunch of other strange things, including electrocuting
himself in a bathtub with a blow-dryer. The movie sounds stupid, because
it is stupid, and has nothing to do with what women actually want.
“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”
I assure you, women do not want the movie What Women Want. Instead, I
will refer to a half-a-millennia-old story by Geoffrey Chaucer who died in
the year 1400. In Chaucer’s story, The Canterbury Tales, there are several
characters who are on a pilgrimage, and each one of the characters tells a
One of the character’s name is the Wife of Bath.
The Wife
of Bath was
a professional wife, as up until about
1900, a
professional wife was a real career for a woman. Women were either wives
or prostitutes—those were the only jobs for women. The Wife of Bath had
grown wealthy by marrying and remarrying a collection of men, all of
whom died. Each time a husband died, she grew wealthier.
The Wife of Bath is an experienced woman and tells the story of what
women really want.
In her story, there once was a knight, a handsome knight who was riding
through the countryside.
This knight comes across a beautiful virgin in the countryside, and he
thinks she is beautiful, so he rapes her. The knight continues on his journey
after the rape and ends up in the local town where the girl who was raped
has told the queen about the knight who raped her.
The queen orders the knight
found guilty, and the queen
unless he can find out “what
to solve the mystery of what
into the court and holds him on trial. He is
is prepared to sentence the knight to death
women truly want.” The knight has one year
women want, or he will be put to death by the
The game is on.
The knight searches far and wide asking everyone he can in the kingdom
about what women want.
Some people claim that women want money, women want family, women
want children, women want all sorts of answers that do not seem to be
better than the last one.
Finally, the knight is running out of time, and he meets an old disfigured
beggar witch in the street, and she says, “Sir knight, I know what women
The knight is intrigued and asks the beggar witch, “What is it that women
truly want?”
The beggar witch withholds the information but makes a deal with the
knight. She will tell the knight what it is that women truly want, and in
exchange if she is correct, the knight shall marry her after he is saved from
the queen.
The knight is growing desperate, so he agrees to the beggar witch’s bargain
right before his second trial. The old woman whispers into the knight’s ear
as to what it is that women truly want.
The knight arrives in court, and the entire kingdom is at the trial waiting to
see if the knight has learned his lesson or not.
The queen asks the knight, “So, sir knight, what is it that women want?”
The knight proudly walks into the middle of the court and gives the court
the answer that the beggar witch passed on to him.
The queen is stunned at how good the knight’s answer is and pardons him
for his crimes. She had never heard such an answer before.
As the knight turns to leave the court, the beggar witch appears out of the
audience and tells everyone that it was she who helped the knight and
reveals the bargain he had made with her for marriage.
The queen asks the knight, “Is this true?”
The knight sighs and says, “Yes, it is true.”
And so the wedding 1s to commence.
The knight walks down the aisle at the wedding to meet his bride, follow
through with his word, and marry the beggar witch. She is ugly and foul
smelling, and he does not want to kiss her. The knight does everything he
can to avoid the old woman, but finally on their wedding night he is in bed
with the old beggar witch, and he is avoiding his husbandly duties of
consummating the marriage.
The beggar witch wants the knight to kiss her and take her as his bride
officially by consummating the marriage with a kiss and with sex.
The knight is disgusted and avoids her in bed, trying to avoid her at all
But finally, the witch asks sweetly, “Please, sir knight, won’t you kiss your
new bride?”
She leans in for a kiss. The knight realizes he is never going to get out of
this situation without kissing her, closes his eyes, and leans in to kiss the
In the moment of his obedience, upon kissing the witch, she transforms
into a beautiful young maiden, and the knight and the young maiden live
forever happily ever after.
So what is it that women truly want? What was the secret that the beggar
witch gave to the knight to impress the queen and save his life?
What do women truly want?
The answer is “mastery over their men.”
The knight was a criminal for taking the virgin at the beginning of the
story against her will and was punished by the queen in return.
In the end, however, the knight was rewarded for yielding and giving
mastery over himself to his wife, the old beggar witch, who happened to
transform into a beautiful young maiden for him to enjoy.
It’s a simple story, but it’s a powerful story at the same time.
What do women want? Mastery over their men.
To make a woman
mastery over.
happy, she wants a real man, a strong man to have
Chris Rock, the famous comedian, used to say, “Men see something they
want and say, ‘What do I have to do to get me that?’ Women see
something they want and say, ‘Who do I have to get to get me that?’”
In the medieval times, the only person who could tell the truth was the
court jester. Today, it is comedians like Chris Rock who tell us the truth.
Women want mastery over their men, but they want real men, strong men,
not man-boys and not effeminate men who do not take responsibility and
ownership over their lives.
Attraction, polarity, and sexual excitement lie in the denial of what she
She wants
mastery over a strong man,
and to create attraction a
man must deny her such mastery to create tension, while still creating
enough release through moments of temporary mastery. Such is the
tension and push-and-pull nature of polarity and attraction.
If a man is to give in to his woman and give her full mastery, he could
depolarize the attraction and be a guy she can “walk all over.” This is not
what women want. Women want mastery over the most powerful man they
can find, the tribal leader. If you give in to her, you are socially beneath
her, and that will serve as proof that you are not the tribal leader. She will
set out to find a new leader and a stronger man to master. This is unfair,
this is cruel, but this is life and biology. In many ways we are no better
than the apes.
Contrary to popular belief, Women do not want to be #1 in your life;
instead, they want to be #2 after your purpose. Your purpose grounds you
in masculinity and makes you attractive to women.
“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by
lack of meaning and purpose.”
Rule #1: She Doesn’t Really Want to Be Number One
“A woman sometimes seems to want to be the most important thing
in her man’s life. However, ifshe is the most important thing, then
she feels her man has made her the number one priority and is not
fully dedicated or directed to divine growth and service. She will
feel her man’s dependence on her for his happiness, and this will
make her feel smothered by his neediness and clinging. A woman
really wants her man to be totally dedicated to his highest purpose
—and also to love her fully. Although she would never admit it, she
wants to feel that her man would be willing to sacrifice their
relationship for the sake of his highest purpose.”
A man must never sacrifice his purpose for his woman because to do so
would debase him as a man, force him into feminine energy, which is of the
family, and force his woman who typically wants to be feminine into the
masculine role of work. A man’s value comes from his dedication to his
purpose at all costs, and women find this very sexy. It allows them to relax,
live in their feminine energy, and “feel like women.” In so many romance
movies, you will see the female protagonist say, ““You make me feel like a
woman,” which is a woman allowing herself to feel feminine relative to a
man being masculine and living his purpose.
Contrary to the popular narrative of today, the homogenization of genders
is unfavorable with men and women when it comes to sex and attraction,
which is fundamentally based on inequality and complementary and
reciprocal opposites. Sexual attraction and energy come from opposite
forces colliding, not so much from a sterile, homogenous, governmentmandated, gender-neutral slogan. Men and women have attraction through
the oppositeness of their masculine and feminine energies. It’s not about
gender-neutral people and their gender-neutral energy; there is no sexual
tension in that.
Rule #2: Your Purpose Must Come Before Your Relationship
“Every man knows that his highest purpose in life cannot be
reduced to any particular relationship. If a man prioritizes his
relationship over his highest purpose, he weakens himself, disserves
the universe, and cheats his woman of an authentic man who can
offer her full, undivided presence.”
If you make your purpose second to your relationship, you will have gender
neutralized yourself and, in a sense, made yourself into a woman. Women
do not want other women; they want men, and the strongest men they can
find. They want the tribal leader, the alpha, and for you to put your
relationship first before your purpose disqualifies you from being the
leader of the tribe, because women intuitively know that no tribal leader
would put her whims before the purpose and survival of the tribe.
Rule #3: What She Wants Is Not What She Says
“Sometimes a woman will make a request of her man in plain
English, not to get him to do something, but to see if he is so weak
that he will do it. In other words, she is testing his capacity to do
what is right, not what she is asking for. In such cases, if the man
does what his woman asks, she will be disappointed and angry. The
man will have no idea why she is so angry or what could possibly
please her. He must remember that her trust is engendered not by
him fulfilling her requests, but by him magnifying love,
consciousness, and success in their lives, in spite of her requests.’
In spite of your woman’s requests, you must stick to your purpose, which
usually is your work. She might ask you to put her first or her needs first,
but this is a gambit, a ploy to see if you are weak enough to be subordinate
to her. Contrary to popular belief in our current society, women do not want
to be biologically equal with their men. They want a man who 1s the tribal
leader and stronger than them. For her man to succumb to her every whim
and to put her purpose first violates what she wants. She will be unhappy to
find out that her man is not the tribal leader after all and will seek to find a
better man if you violate your purpose.
Rule #4: Women Are Not Liars
“Keeping your word is a masculine trait, in men or women. A
person with a feminine essence may not keep her word, yet it is not
exactly “lying.” In the feminine reality, words and facts take a
second place to emotions and the shifting moods of relationship.
When she says, “I hate you,” or “I’ll never move to Texas,” or “I
don t want to go to the movies,” it is often more a reflection of a
transient feeling-wave than a well-considered stance with respect to
events and experience. On the other hand, the masculine means
what it says. A man’s word is his honor. The feminine says what it
feels. A woman's word is her true expression in the moment.”
Feelings come and go, emotions are fluid, and reason and clear thinking are
direct and often concrete. When a woman emotes, she is saying what she
feels, and feelings are not usually well thought out. She is not lying; she is
being emotionally expressive. Men will be frustrated listening to what
women say—what she says is not what she means. What men say is what
they mean. But a woman says what she feels, and her feelings are fluid and
can appear to be crazy over time. As the masculine one in the relationship,
just stick to reason, stick to your purpose, and let the emotions blow over
like a storm. She wants you to be the rock and the stable one, while she can
emote and be a little crazy.
Rule #5: Her Complaint Is Content Free
“Women are always wanting divine masculine presence in a man,
regardless of their specific complaint or mood. A man should hear
his woman’s complaints as warning bells, and then do his best to
align his life with his truth and purpose. However, if he believes in
the literal content of her complaint, he will immediately go off
course, for the content reflects her present mood more than a
careful observation of his tendencies over time. Her complaint
should be valued as a reminder to “get it together,” and perhaps as
an indication as to how. But more often than not, the specifics of her
complaint do not describe the real, underlying action or tendency
that needs to be changed.”
A woman’s complaints are not actually about what she says. A man must
use a woman’s complaints to recheck his purpose and make sure he is on
course with his truth. What she is complaining about is often not the root
cause of the problem. “You play too many video games” might mean “You
aren’t doing well at work, why don’t you get it together instead?” A man
must not try to decode all of these complaints and again stick to his
purpose and get back on course to make his woman truly happy.
Rule #6: She Wants to Relax in the Demonstration of Your
“A woman must be able to trust you to take charge if she relaxes her
own masculine edge. This is true financially, sexually, emotionally,
and spiritually. The man doesn t have to actually do all the work,
but he must be able to steer the course if his woman is going to
relax into her feminine without fear.”
Again, contrary to what we are told in schools and societies, women want
to relax in the presence of the masculine. They don’t want a democracy
where everyone has a vote. To be feminine, she doesn’t want to have to
make the decisions. That is the masculine energy’s job. Feminine women
want the man to make the decisions and be direct so she can relax into
feminine energy. I remember when I used to take my ex-fiancée to a
restaurant we both liked called Spaghetti Factory. If I picked her up and
asked her where she wanted to go, we would mutually decide on Spaghetti
Factory, and she would be mad that I didn’t plan anything. But if I called
her in advance, told her to dress up and I was going to take her for dinner to
surprise her, made reservations and still went to the same Spaghetti
Factory, she was happy because I made the masculine decision that she
craved and had thought about her in advance. Women want the decision of
the man to protect her so that she can relax into the feminine. She does not
want to be equal voting decision-making partners as our society would now
Rule #7: She Wants the “Killer” in You
“Among many other qualities, a woman wants the ‘killer’ in her
man. She is turned off if her man is afraid and wants her to kill the
cockroach or the mouse while he stands on a chair and watches. She
is turned off if her man wants her to get out of bed in order to check
out the strange sounds in the house to find out if a burglar made the
noise. Fearlessness, or the capacity to transcend the fear of death
for the sake of love, is a quintessential form of the ultimate
masculine gift.”
Women love killers. The human race is violent, and violence is part of who
we are. To lead the tribe, usually the alpha male leader must make life-anddeath decisions. Male leaders throughout history have often been ruthless
killers, and it’s no surprise that women love the killer instinct. If you can
handle the killing, she can handle being a woman. If you can’t handle the
killing, maybe she will have to handle it, and that will piss her off. She will
leave and go find a man who will kill for her instead. Have that killer
instinct, have the edge, pull the trigger, and make the decision to own your
purpose and be a man: this is what women crave.
Rule #8: Never Change Your Mind Just to Please
a Woman
“If a woman suggests something that changes a man’s perspective,
then he should make a new decision based on his new perspective.
But he should never betray his own deepest knowledge and intuition
in order to please his woman or ‘go along’ with her. Both she and he
will be weakened by such an action. They will grow to resent each
other, and the crust of accumulated inauthenticity will burden their
love, as well as their capacity for free action.”
To change your mind for a woman is to make her the tribal leader, and
that’s not what she really wants. She wants you to be the leader so she can
enjoy her own feminine energy and be free from the responsibility of being
masculine. If she changes your mind about something, then make a fresh
decision based on new information. This is normal negotiation practice, but
you must be careful not to be the beta to her alpha. Again, that
compromises the man’s position as the tribal leader and makes your woman
On the chessboard, the queen is the most powerful piece.
influential and the most dangerous piece in the army.
bumbling fool who is fragile and can only move one square
relationship between the chess queen and the chess king
power of women in reality.
She’s the most
The king is a
at a time. This
illustrates the
When men and women pair bond and consummate a marriage, the man
absorbs some of her traits, and the woman absorbs some of his traits.
They say that when a man is in love with
a woman,
she becomes his
weakness, and when a woman is in love, he becomes her strength. This is
called the exchange of power, and women want a powerful man to
exchange her sexual and reproductive life-giving energies for his strength,
masculine power, and energy.
There is an exchange of energy, and traditionally it has been money for sex
and sex for money. Even in Chaucer’s time in the 1400s, several of his
writings and stories observed the money for sex exchange between men and
women. In reality, we can replace money with power. Power for sex and sex
for power.
“Female sexuality is power”’
Or beauty for power and power for beauty.
“Being powerful is like being a lady. Ifyou have to tell people you
are, you aren t.”’
In any event, women want power. The power comes from her man, her king,
and makes her the most powerful piece on the chessboard.
“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about
It’s fitting that Robert Greene, the author of the bestselling book 48 Laws of
Power, also wrote a book on the art of seduction. The book was all about
sexual exchange between men and women and had strong undertones of
power throughout. Greene’s other hit books have been 33 Stratagems of
War and Mastery, which also revolve around power and sometimes sex as
There you have it: power, war, seduction, and mastery all perfectly situated
together as related studies. All of Greene’s books are excellent, but they
contain similar anecdotes and similar lessons. To wield power and to wield
seduction are not that different, which become obvious as you can read
through his published books.
So, what do women really want? Mastery over their men, and not just any
men—the tribal leaders, the powerful men, the men with money, the men
with the ability to do things. They want to exchange their power, their
sexual power, their reproductive power in exchange for real power in the
real world.
The woman will become the man’s weakness in this exchange, and he will
become her strength. More women are interested in this “Strong Man”
book because they want their own men, the men they are exchanging their
sexual energy with, to be stronger and more powerful and to serve their
own whims and agendas. This idea makes sense and is justified. A woman
is only sexually attractive until a certain age, and as Ben Franklin says,
“When a woman grows to be less handsome in appearance, she must focus
on becoming a good woman.”
Women have a peak sexual value at around age 20. This has been proven
with studies conducted by dating websites like Match.com in which men
aged 18-70 chose women’s pictures and profiles who were aged 20 to be
the most attractive.
Women, on the other hand, typically chose men their own age until they
reached age 45 and older, on which at every age after 45 they still chose a
45-year-old man.
The genders of men and women have inverse sexual values. A man has low
sexual value at age 20 and peaks his sexual value at age 45. His sexual
value is derived from “K” value, which means “Carrying capacity” in
German reproductive studies. Carrying capacity is about resources and how
can he provide to ensure the survival of his children. A 20-year-old young
man has low carrying capacity, whereas a man who is 45 has peak carrying
capacity and can even support a first or even second family, which explains
the biological urge for a man to have a midlife crisis (run away from his
aged wife with his hot young secretary) and start a second family. His
carrying capacity is high; he can afford it.
Women, on the other hand, peak at high sexual value at age 20 with high
“R” value, which is reproductive value, and their value slowly declines
until age 45. Reproductive value declines in both men and women as they
grow older because R value is based on physical traits. When you see
young sexy people at the club with toned muscles, sexy outfits, perfect hair,
healthy tanned bodies, thin bodies, tight bodies, and looking gorgeous, that
is an R-value environment. No one is considering the carrying capacity of
anyone in the nightclub. Instead, everyone is just looking at the physical
replication value, and that is how value is judged in that environment.
Interestingly, this all has to do with reproduction and children, where a 20year-old woman has youth and beauty on her side and is able to reproduce
several children in a healthy way. Her “R” value or reproductive value is
very high at 20. On the flip side, a man’s value comes from his “K” value,
which is his carrying capacity. It comes down to money, power, and
economics, and a man who has survived until age 45 is a proven
commodity in the sexual marketplace. He has theoretically raised his first
family at 20 and is ready for his second family at 45. Thus, the built-in
software for the male midlife crisis. Amazingly, young women still find 45year-old men attractive. Even if the man has kids, he is a proven sexual
commodity and able to reproduce and carry his second set of offspring with
resources until they are old enough to be adults. This proven abundance of
resources 1s very attractive to women.
Conversely, a 45-year-old woman with kids is not attractive to men,
because men are looking for “R” value, reproductive value, and a woman at
45 has very little ability to produce more children when compared with a
young, beautiful, fertile 20-year-old. Furthermore, if she has kids from
another marriage or relationship, she is deemed to be less attractive than a
woman without kids. Men of high value do not want to raise another man’s
Is this a double standard?
Is it unfair?
However, this is the reality of life and the way biology was designed for
our survival of the human race.
This explains why older men are frequently with younger women.
In Canada, where I live, men statistically marry women 5 years younger
than them, which is standard in this culture.
Statistically speaking, a man can marry a woman up to 9 years younger
than him, and the chances of divorce are not too bad. If he marries a woman
10 years, 15 years, or 20 years older, the stats for divorce start to become
perilous, and the marriage is unlikely to work out.
Divorce Rate Based on Age Gap
Increase in divorce rate compared to same-age couples
5 years
10 years
20 years
30 years
According to US Census 2012
As far as women marrying younger men, the maximum age gap for older
women and younger men is only 2 years. If the man is any younger than 2
years, the stats for divorce become unfavorable indeed.
Women want the exchange of sexual power with strong men, tribal leaders,
and alpha males. They want to take ownership of these men, much like the
queen on the chessboard, and want to use his power, his resources, and his
money to serve her offspring and her wishes and dreams. This is what
women want. Is it cold? Perhaps. Is it right or wrong? Who knows. But
what it is, is the reality of the sexual marketplace and if you are a young
man wishing to do well in the sexual marketplace, you might as well
understand what women really want and fill the need; otherwise, you will
be singing the “young man blues.”
Young Man Blues
As performed by The Who
Oh, well, a young man
Ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days
I said a young man
Ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days
Well, you know in the old days
When a young man was a strong man
All the people, they’d step back
When a young man walked by
But you know, nowadays
It’s the old man
He’s got all the money
And a young man ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days
I said
Ain’t got nothing
Got sweet nothing
Everybody knows that
Everybody knows that
Everybody knows that a young man ain’t got nothin’Ooh, yeah
Everybody knows that a young man ain’t got nothin’
In the old, in the old days
Oh, in the old days
Everybody stepped back when a young man walked by
They stepped back
They stepped back
They stepped back
They stepped far, far back, yeah
Have pity on the young man
They ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days, I said
They ain’t got nothin’!
They got sweet fuck-all!
“Falling in love is not a choice. To stay in love is.”
hen I was younger, my mother used to give me advice on choosing a
woman. She would say, “Marry your match.”
My father would say, “Find a smart girl from a good family.”
Those are both still good pieces of advice as I type this book out at age 31.
I think they are still both relevant in today’s world.
Being a man and selecting a woman is a hard
choosing a strong man out of a population of weak
good man hard for women, the opposite is true as
woman, a good woman, a “smart girl from a good
in a sea of broken people and broken families.
job these days. Just as
men has made finding a
well. To find a virtuous
family,” is equally hard
I have thought about my parents’ advice on women for several decades
now, and I think my father is 100% right. “A smart girl from a good
family” is bang on. We learn so much from our family of origin, and if you
want to know the fruits, just examine the roots. As said in the Bible, “A
good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good
“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is a secular version of the same
Both women and men take on the traits of their families. The relationship
that your potential woman has with her father is one of the biggest keys to
her relationship with you.
Typically, a daughter’s relationship with her father will give a man hints as
to how his future relationship will be with her. The reverse is true as well;
how men treat their mothers is usually how they will treat the woman they
Children learn how to love from watching their parents’ relationship; if the
parents fight and scream, they become fighters and screamers. If the
parents are openly affectionate, then the children learn to be openly
Examining the parents of your potential woman is one of the most
important things you can and should do before making a major
commitment to her.
My mother’s advice to marry my match is, according to her, from the
Odyssey. The Odyssey is the story of King Odysseus, an eponymous strong
man has married the strong woman Penelope. Although Odysseus is lost at
sea for 15 years after fighting the Trojan War, Penelope remains strong and
faithful by staving off the line up of suitors who want to take her hand to
replace Odysseus as king.
After pondering my mother’s advice for nearly three decades, I think that
“marry your match” is somewhat true. King Odysseus and Queen Penelope
are both evenly matched in that they have strong spirit, but they are not
really equals in any sense.
Odysseus goes out and fights wars, and Penelope stays home and looks
after the house. I would edit my mom’s advice to give to young men to say,
“Marry your complement and your reciprocal.” Whatever you are, marry
the complement, the equal opposite of what you are.
When two people are the same, when two people are equal, one is not
needed. This is one of the glaring problems with marriages today. Men and
women are too equal, too homogenous. The man does not need the woman,
and the woman does not need the man. There is nothing exclusive or
special about either sex today.
In past history, especially pre-1940s, men had specific roles to play and so
did women. The roles were mutually exclusive, and a man desperately
needed a complementary
complimentary man.
and a woman
As per statistics published by Randy Olson in the Washington Post, we can
see 144 years of marriage and divorce in the USA, and some of the trends
in number of marriages and number of divorces.
144 Years of Marraige and Divorce in the US
<—— WWII ends
The Great Depression
1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
First, you can see that the common generalizations are true. As the chart
shows, marriage rates have declined steadily since the 1980s. Today they
are lower than any other time since 1870, including during the Great
Depression. However, divorce rates today are actually slightly down
compared with the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s on a per capita basis.
In addition, you can see that events like World War I, World War IT, and the
Great Depression all had a significant impact on marriage and divorce
Couples rushed to the altar before the wars started, as well as at their
conclusion. As Olson notes, divorces also spiked after the conclusion of
WWII, perhaps because some couples who had married rashly before the
war realized their differences.
The chart also shows an obvious drop in marriage rates during the Great
Depression of the 1930s. Fewer jobs and less economic stability appear to
be a popular reason for not forming new families—a trend we also saw
during the Great Recession.
This second chart shows the raw counts for marriages and divorces (not
adjusted per capita, like the first chart):
144 Years of Marraige and Divorce in the US
1860 187018801890 1900 1910 19201930 19401950 1960 1970 198019902000 2010
As Olson writes, the second chart makes clear that the dip in marriages and
divorces in the 1960s that you see in the first chart is due in part to the
post-war population boom. A surge in Baby Boomers in the 1950s and
1960s greatly increased the population; since the Boomers were almost all
too young to marry, the per capita marriage rate declined. Once the
Boomers got old enough to tie the knot, marriage rates rose back to preWWII levels.
“Many marriages would be better if the husband and wife realized
they were on the same side.”
The chart above, with the raw numbers of marriage and divorce not
adjusted for population, shows the real story that is happening in raw
numbers. We must remove the rash of marriages during WWIH, as people
just wanted to have sex before the war. The only way to have sex was to be
married back then.
The 1960s signaled the beginning of the decline of men, the decline of the
family, the upswing of feminism, and really the mass degradation of our
societal fabric. What is also true from the raw numbers is the current
decline of marriages in raw numbers as men are “opting out” of women all
together, divorce is trending down as well, but it’s in direct correlation with
the downtrend in marriage.
When men and women were complementary, certainly in the 1940s and
prior, the data are clear. Marriage worked in a functional way, there were
families, there were children and population growth, and we had strong
men. America was so strong back then it could win two world wars in a row
and become the industrial giant of the world. It became the dominator of
the world through owning the world reserve currency, had a currency
backed by gold, and entered a golden age in history.
The hard times of WWI, the Great Depression, and WWII created strong
men. The family was needed, men were men and women were women.
Since 1960, we have seen the major declines of strong men, family, and
desirable women. As the graph suggests, we are seeing a decline back into
hard times, which will bring back strong men, families, and a need for
women to learn how to be desirable women again instead of women who
operate as worse versions of men.
“Some of us (women) are becoming the men we wanted to marry.”
You want your reciprocal, not an equal. You want complementary, not the
same. Both men and women know in their hearts and in their emotions that
they all want a reciprocal and a complement, not an equal. Allow me to
explain why.
The basis of all attraction is a polarity of energy as illustrated in a
wonderful book that I recommend for men and women anywhere entitled
The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida.
Deida has studied and, I would argue, mastered the study of what makes a
man’s essence and what makes a woman’s essence. The way he explains
masculine and feminine energy is so clear that it explains every one of my
failed relationships and even my parents’ failed marriage. Whenever I see a
relationship failing between a man and a woman, or even a same-sex
couple, what you see with the loss of attraction is the loss of polarity.
The following is an excerpt from The Way of the Superior Man. He can
explain masculine and feminine energy and polarity better than I ever
Your sexual essence is always attracted to its energetic reciprocal.
Masculine men are attracted to feminine women. Feminine men
are attracted to masculine women. Balanced men are attracted to
balanced women.
About 80% of all men have a more masculine sexual essence.
These men, of which you are probably one, are attracted to all
things feminine. Not just feminine women, but anything with
feminine energy, anything which is radiant, alive, enlivening,
relaxing, and moving. Feminine energy gets you out of your head
and into your body. Music, beer, nature, women,
forms of feminine energy.
they are all
It is not just a visually gorgeous woman who attracts you. If a
woman is free and radiant in her feminine energy, you are
probably attracted; sometimes more attracted, sometimes less
attracted, but always attracted, at least enough to steal a glance at
her form. This attraction is not only natural, but healthy. It is a
sign of polarity, the same kind of natural flow of polarization by
which electricity flows between the positive and negative poles of
a battery. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s why there are men
and women. The nature of nature is polarity, from the magnetism
that flows between the north and south poles of the earth, to the
attraction that flows between your masculine core and the
feminine radiance of a woman.
If you feel uncomfortable with your attraction to women, you are
probably uncomfortable with your own masculine essence. If you
feel it is demeaning for a woman to be the “object” of your polar
attraction, then you have probably disowned your masculine core.
You have energetically emasculated yourself by condemning and
suppressing your native desires. You are negating your sexual
essence, rather than being at home with it.
Any negative attitude you have about your attraction to women is
a sign of fear; somewhere along the line you learned that such
attraction was “bad” or “evil.” Your attraction to women, all
kinds of women, is natural, normal, and beautiful. In fact, it is an
aspect of the same desire that will ultimately lead you toward
spiritual freedom.
If you
are a man with a masculine sexual essence, you will
feel sexual polarity with anyone who animates feminine
You may feel this attraction many times a day, with many
Enjoy it. Women are a blessing! The feminine, even in
the non-human forms of a lush tropical island, a cold beer, or
your favorite tune, could make the difference between dreariness
and ahhh-ing in ecstasy. Our acceptance of sexual attraction, even
with music and places, is at the root of our capacity to experience
bodily pleasure.
About 80% of men have a masculine essence, and to make men and women
the same by social constructs or new social rules that homogenize men and
women is somewhat evil. It takes the good and sacred things that make
women away, and it neutralizes men and makes both sides unnecessary to
the other.
At their cores and essences, men and women
masculine and feminine essence is the energy
attracted to the other.
are very special. The
that makes each side
The polar otherness of women is what men find to be sexy and attractive.
Like magnets, men and women crave that otherness. Just as Jack Donovan
wrote, “Masculine is what is least feminine and feminine is what is least
masculine.” These two energies are the opposites of a spectrum, not equals
on a spectrum, but reciprocal and complementary forces.
Imagine what would happen if we tried to depolarize the earth or depolarize
positive and negative electrical charges. The basic forces that make the
world work would cease to work. The same applies to men and women and
Choose a Woman Who Is Your Complementary Opposite:
If a man is very masculine by nature, then he will be attracted to
a very feminine woman, who will complement his energy. The
more neutral or balanced he is, the more balanced he will prefer
his woman. And, if a man is more feminine by nature, his energy
will be complemented by the strong direction and purposiveness
of a more masculine woman. By understanding their own needs,
men can learn to accept the “whole package” of a woman. For
instance, a more masculine man can expect that any woman who
really turns him on and enlivens him will also be relatively wild,
undisciplined, “bonkers,” chaotic, prone to changing her mind
and “lying.” Still, from an energetic perspective, this kind of
woman will be much more healing and inspiring to him than a
or neutral
is steady, reasonable,
“trustworthy,” and able to say what she means in a way he can
You have probably met a woman who seemed fantastic, only to
discover she has some emotional weirdness that you don’t really
want to deal with. She seemed incredibly sexy, but also a bit
“bonkers” or crazy, saying one thing one moment and another the
next. You have probably also met some very reasonable and
trustworthy women who don’t seem to constantly change their
mind and, in fact, with whom you could have good conversations
that don’t end up frustrating you. Although you may love these
women and enjoy spending time with them, they don’t arouse
your passion as much as the women whose words you wouldn’t
trust to remain true for an afternoon, but who move their body in
a way that drives you wild.
“Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” many men have
wondered. But, of course, it is precisely those ways in which a
woman is least like a man that most attract you sexually, if you
have a masculine sexual essence. A woman’s feminine shine, the
energy that moves her body, her utterly refreshing spontaneity
and mystery, not to mention her delightful smile, are what attract
you. And the more feminine a woman is at her core, the less she
is likely to evidence strong masculine traits, such as speaking
clearly and unequivocally about thoughts and desires, rather than
primarily expressing her feelings of the moment.
A woman with a more feminine sexual essence will say she loves
you one moment, and then, when you have done something you
are not even aware of, she will say she hates you. This is the
beauty of the feminine; to her, the masculine grid of words and
events is less relevant than the fluidity of relationship and
feeling. Thank God for such women, who make no apologies for
their oceanic depth and riptides of emotion.
You are always attracted to your sexual reciprocal. So, if you
have a more feminine sexual essence, you will be attracted to a
more masculine woman. You have probably seen men and women
in couples like this. The man is more radiant and lively than the
woman. The woman is more committed to her direction in life
than the man. The relationship is more important to the man,
whereas the woman likes to be left alone much of the time. These
are signs of a relationship where the man has a more feminine
essence and the woman’s essence is more masculine.
Other men, with more neutral sexual essences, prefer women who
are also more neutral, neither particularly masculine nor
feminine. This kind of couple can talk about anything, and they
like talking about everything. They share hobbies, friends, even
career goals. Though equally loving, this kind of couple is usually
less sexually passionate than highly polarized couples. It would
be unusual to hear about this kind of neutral or balanced couple
yelling at each other, throwing pillows, wrestling each other
down to the floor, and passionately making love right there and
Through lack of understanding, you might have depolarized
yourself and your partner into a relationship that seems neutral,
but actually isn’t. Only about 10% of couples are actually the
neutral or balanced type in their true essence. Another 10% of
couples are made up of a feminine man and masculine woman.
But if you are like 80% of couples, you have a masculine sexual
essence, and your woman has a feminine one. That is, her
feminine way frustrates you, drives you crazy, inspires you, or
turns you on, more often than she is simply your sexually neutral
The false neutralization, or depolarization, of relationships is one
of the main reasons that couples break up. The rejuvenative
charge of sexual loving becomes weak, while all the things that
irritate you and your partner remain just as strong as ever. The
secret is not to try to change your woman’s irritating feminine
ways, but to help cultivate the depth and rejuvenative power of
her feminine blessings.
If you are like most men, you have probably minimized your
appreciation of the full spectrum of your woman’s feminine
energy by numbing yourself to the aspects that most irritate you.
For instance, she doesn’t drive you crazy anymore because
you’ve learned not to take her too seriously. Perhaps you have
learned to seem attentive while not really listening to her endless
chat. Or, maybe you have learned to give her a daily dose of
affection as a way to quell her ongoing need for more intimate
time than you really want to spend with her.
This is the wrong approach. The feminine is an infinite source of
love, inspiration, and power, both physically and spiritually.
Feminine women are connected with the elements of nature in
ways that more masculine people, such as yourself, usually
aren’t. Feminine women may seem wild, untrustable, or even
irresponsible from a man’s perspective, but such women are
simply free of the masculine need to live in a world governed by
reason and control
So, choose a woman who is your complimentary opposite, which
for most men means a more feminine woman. It is only a
feminine woman who can give the gifts that you, as a masculine
man, need. Along with these gifts, however, come the relative
chaos and emotional weather storms that most men dread.
Realize these are aspects of the same energy that turns you on. In
fact, you can learn to be turned on by her dance of anger as much
as by her slinky purr. This capacity is one of your gifts to her. You
can learn to stand free and strong no matter what emotion she
displays. You won’t leave, turn away, or dissociate in disgust. You
can meet her enormous energy and stand full, loving her through
the storm, embracing her complete feminine power, dark and
Deida, The Way of The Superior Man,
Instead of sameness, focus on reciprocals and the complementary, which is
what has held the human race together since the beginning of time. Even if
you are a feminine man or an energy neutral man, still look for your
reciprocal, your opposite, the other half—not the same half!
The exchange of feminine energy, which is manifested as youth, beauty, and
sex for masculine energy—power, status, and survival—is the precise
collision of energy that is able to create life. The energy is reciprocal and
opposite, and as man you need to understand to maintain your masculine
position so that your woman can stay feminine.
When men slip into feminine energy, it forces a woman’s energy to flip
upside down into masculine energy in the relationship. Women can tolerate
this temporarily, but not for long. Eventually she will be pissed off with
taking on your roles, and she will lose all attraction to you. I witnessed this
firsthand in my parents’ divorce. My father fell out of the masculine energy
when he failed to produce at work and he focused on the home, which kept
him away from his masculine purpose—his work. This forced my mother
to step up as the breadwinner, and she hated filling this masculine role. She
filled the masculine role for 20 years, and then she said, “Fuck this” and
got rid of my father and his weakness. We live in a society now full of weak
men who do not understand polarity, and the women hate it. Women want to
be women; they want to be feminine and enjoy their divine energy. When
men fail to be masculine and live their purpose, which usually is doing
their work and earning the trust of the tribe, women get pissed off and go
on man-killing rampages.
The exchange of reciprocal power is what gives men and women power as a
unit: she becomes his weakness, and he becomes her strength. Such is the
exchange of power in a relationship, and to stay with this exchange of
power, men must stay masculine and women must stay feminine to keep
the magnetism and the togetherness.
“You will only be happy in intimacy ifyou choose a woman who is
your sexual reciprocal as a partner.”
“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ”’
S a man, you will always struggle when it comes to women
“what you want” and “what you need.”
The Universal Hot vs. Crazy Matrix—a Man’s Guide to Women is a
popular viral video on YouTube in which a man in his 40s is giving advice
to young men about selecting a woman.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwbK
The Hot Crazy matrix really explains a man’s struggle between “what he
is usually hot-attractive
and “what
he needs,”
which is usually wife material and un-crazy women.
Such a balance is the minefield that a man must navigate when choosing a
woman to be his partner in life. Does he lean more towards the sexual
polarity of hot and crazy women who will excite him with unpredictable
sexual energy and take the risk on the crazy side? Or does he go for a less
hot, less crazy woman whom he can actually build a life with? Every man
struggles with this question at some point, and this is why the Hot Crazy
matrix has gone viral. It’s humorous, satirical delivery of an otherwise
cold hard truth about men and women.
Universal Hot Crazy Matrix
* Every woman is
at least a 4 crazy
Hot axis
it's a guy
The Hot Crazy matrix is a two-axis chart with crazy going from a scale of
4 to 10 on the y-axis, because all women are at least a 4 crazy, and the hot
axis from 0 to 10 on the x-axis.
As arule, men will not date a woman who isn’t at least a 5 hot and above
the “hot crazy line” that creates the “no go zone.” Men do not date women
who are not at least a 5 on the physical attractiveness scale.
Above the “hot crazy line” is the “danger zone.” This is the zone so many
men get trapped by going for “what they want instead of what they need.”
In the video, the man explaining the danger zone gives examples of danger
zone women: redheads, strippers, girls named Tiffany, and hairdressers.
These are the women whom men usually lust after, and they are so hot that
they can get away with being dangerously crazy.
I personally have dated several women in the danger zone, and for a long
time I was addicted to the danger zone. I would classify myself as a highly
masculine energy man, so I usually go after women who are very, very
feminine, highly attractive, and thus, danger zone crazy.
This is dangerous, living on the edge; it’s fun, it’s exciting, but building
something of lasting value with these women is almost impossible. These
women are like fast money: easy come, easy go. Be careful if you are
going to play in the danger zone; it doesn’t really work well for most men
in the long run. Very hot, very crazy women are a liability. They are so hot
that every single guy who sees them in person or online is constantly
hitting on them. In addition, their crazy side makes them unpredictable.
This is generally a bad combination for a stable, long-term relationship,
but it sure is fun in the short term. Beneath the danger zone is the fun
zone, women who are not that hot and not that crazy. You likely will date
these women and have “fun” with them, but you won’t pursue them that
passionately because they just simply aren’t that hot. You know you can do
When you look at the date zone you have women who are a 7-10 crazy and
an 8-10 hot. These are the women you date long term and get to meet your
family, friends, and parents. The holdback is they are just a little bit too
crazy for wife material.
The wife zone is where you want to get to, 5—7 crazy and 8-10 hot. It’s
important to note that your wife might not be the hottest girl you ever
date, but that’s a good thing. It’s normal for men to have a slightly less hot
wife in exchange for a much more stable and less crazy woman. To
illustrate the point, check out this famous article in which a JP Morgan
CEO responds to a very pretty girl’s request to marry a rich man. The
pretty girl notices that rich men often do not have the prettiest of wives,
which I believe to be true.
A reply from CEO of J.P. Morgan to a pretty girl seeking a rich husband
A young and pretty lady posted this on a popular forum:
Title: What Should I Do to Marry a Rich Guy?
I’m going to be honest of what I’m going to say here.
I’m 25 this year. I’m very pretty, have style and good taste. I
wish to marry a guy with $500k annual salary or above.
You might say that I’m greedy, but an annual salary of $1M is
considered only as middle class in New York.
My requirement is not high. Is there anyone in this forum who
has an income of $500k annual salary? Are you all married?
I wanted to ask: what should I do to marry rich persons like you?
Among those I’ve dated, the richest is $250k annual income, and
it seems that this is my upper limit.
If someone is going to move into high cost residential area on
the west of New York City Garden(?), $250k annual income is
not enough.
I’m here humbly to ask a few questions:
1. Where do most rich bachelors hang out? (Please list down the
names and addresses of bars, restaurant, gym)
2. Which age group should I target?
3. Why most wives of the riches are only average looking? I’ve
met a few girls who don’t have looks and are not interesting, but
they are able to marry rich guys.
4. How do you decide who can be your wife, and who can only
be your girlfriend? (my target now is to get married)
Ms. Pretty
A philosophical reply from CEO of J.P. Morgan:
Dear Ms. Pretty,
I have read your post with great interest. Guess there are lots of
girls out there who have similar questions like yours. Please
allow me to analyze your situation as a professional investor.
My annual income is more than $500k, which meets your
requirement, so I hope everyone believes that I’m not wasting
time here.
From the standpoint of a business person, it is a bad decision to
marry you. The answer is very simple, so let me explain.
Put the details aside, what you’re trying to do is an exchange of
“beauty” and “money”: Person A provides beauty, and Person B
pays for it, fair and square.
However, there’s a deadly problem here, your beauty will fade,
but my money will not be gone without any good reason. The
fact 1s, my income might increase from year to year, but you
can’t be prettier year after year.
Hence from the viewpoint of economics, I am an appreciation
asset, and you are a depreciation asset. It’s not just normal
depreciation, but exponential depreciation. If that is your only
asset, your value will be much worse 10 years later.
By the terms we use in Wall Street, every trading has a position;
dating you is also a “trading position.” If the trade value
dropped, we will sell it, and it is not a good idea to keep it for
long term — same goes with the marriage that you wanted. It
might be cruel to say this, but in order to make a wiser decision
any assets with great depreciation value will be sold or “leased.”
Anyone with over $500k annual income is not a fool; we would
only date you, but will not marry you. I would advise that you
forget looking for any clues to marry a rich guy. And by the way,
you could make yourself to become a rich person with $500k
annual income. This has better chance than finding a rich fool.
Hope this reply helps.
J.P. Morgan CEO
Source: https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/a-reply-from-ceo-of-jp-morgan-to-apretty-girl-seeking-a-rich-husband
Also found on several other websites.
And thus, there are two categories left, the unicorn zone, below 5 hot and
8—10 crazy, which the man explaining the hot crazy matrix claims does not
exist. What is unexplained in the hot crazy matrix is that feminine energy
is what drives the “craziness” on the crazy axis, and the men in the video
explains that “unicorns” with 8—10 hot and below a 5 crazy do not exist in
nature. Feminine
energy is too abundant, too crazy, and to have a hot,
depolarized woman who is more masculine than feminine leads us into the
next category.
Lastly is the tranny zone, below 4 crazy and 8-10 hot, which makes sense
because she really is a “dude disguised as a woman,” so we are back into
predictable masculine energy and the feminine energy is gone.
“Women want the most alpha male out of the 50 men they know, and
men want the hottest woman he can tolerate.”
Yes ves!
When the hot crazy matrix is reversed to a woman’s perspective on
choosing a man, it’s much simpler because men are much simpler.
The two axes for women are cute (physical attractiveness) and money,
which represents power in today’s modern world.
Women have a large no-go zone, under 8 cute and no money. So there
really are only two options for women:
1) The fun zone full of cute guys with no money. Think of the
club, the DJs, pretty boys, the dudes who lift weights all day
and go tanning. These men are temporary distractions for
women; they are fun, but women know that they are not
long-term stable options.
2) The husband zone, which is after a certain amount of money,
and it doesn’t matter if you are cute or not—think of gold
diggers. If you are rich and powerful enough, it doesn’t
matter how cute you are. Some people might think this is
sad, but why be sad? It doesn’t really matter. Women are
exchanging their limited sexual and life-giving force for
power, which in today’s world is money. It’s a trade. Why
not get the best trade for what you have? This seems
rational; we all want to negotiate the best deal for ourselves
This chart fits in perfectly with feminine energy wanting masculine
energy. A man’s purpose is his work, which creates money, and women
want a purposeful man. Sure, they can have fun with a pretty boy and have
some sex and go on trips, but ultimately women want a man with a strong
purpose who is living his values and has reached a point of success to
support her and her offspring. This is completely natural biologically. A
man who is living his purpose, doing his work, and monetizing that work
properly will of course have money. He may not have all the money in the
world, but he can be the master of his domain and have enough money to
be a long-term stable partner.
“Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his
valuation of himself. No matter what corruption he’s taught about
the virtue of selflessness, sex is the most profoundly selfish of all
acts, an act which he cannot perform for any motive but his own
enjoyment—ust try to think of performing it in a spirit of selfless
charity!—an act which is not possible in self-abasement, only in
self-exaltation, only in the confidence of being desired and being
worthy of desire. It is an act that forces him to stand naked in
spirit, as well as in body, and to accept his real ego as, his
standard of value.
He will always be attracted to the woman who reflects his deepest
vision of himself, the woman whose surrender permits him to
experience—or to fake—a sense of self-esteem. The man who is
proudly certain of his own value, will want the highest type of
woman he can find, the woman he admires, the strongest, the
hardest to conquer—because only the possession of a heroine will
give him the sense of an achievement, not the possession of a
brainless slut.”
have formatted this section into a checklist that you can use to evaluate
|pe woman on key points that are important for a valuable long-term
What are her top 10 values vs. what are your top 10 values? Do you
share the same values? Happiness is living your values. If you have a
mismatch of values, happiness will be difficult to achieve long term.
Do her virtues match your virtues in kind and magnitude? If you are
opposites maybe you have different virtues; in that case, are her
virtues equal opposites to yours? Virtues are the intrinsic good in a
woman; vices are the opposites of virtues. Choose a woman with
virtue and value besides her body and sex. You can get sex and a hot
body anywhere, but virtue is hard to find in today’s unvirtuous world.
Do you have compatible beliefs on money, sex, religion, and politics?
These are usually explosive topics that can create serious friction if
they are not compatible.
When you do have sex with her, how good is the sex? Good, great,
best? Is it epic sex that you will talk about in the old folks home after
you have lost your mind and can only remember the epic sex you
used to have? If you haven’t had sex with her, will you ever get to
know before you marry her? We live in a “try before you buy” culture
today, and sex is important; know what you are getting into. Note: the
women that I have had the best sex with were bad choices for longterm partners; you certainly don’t want to base your decision on sex
alone, but 8/10 sex minimum is where you want to be. Women who
give you 11/10 sex are dangerous, and you are playing with fire; just
like the hot crazy matrix, 11/10 sex is in the danger zone.
Have you met her mother? Do you think her mother is attractive? She
will look exactly like her mother in 20-30 years. Are you okay with
Do you make more money than her? Having your woman making
more money than you will be a constant source of friction in your
relationship, and she will emasculate you and beat on you if that
problem persists. If she earns more, can you increase your earnings?
You might need to go for a woman who makes less money because
women biologically hate making more money than their men. I think
this is a real factor that people try to deny in today’s world. Make
more money than your woman or you will be emasculated.
Does she push and inspire you to do better in your purpose? A woman
of higher value will push you towards your own higher value and
make you into the best version of yourself. A woman of lower value
will drag you down to her level. Aim for a woman of higher value to
push you towards optimal greatness.
Are you older than she is? Statistics show that men have greatest
success staying married to a woman no more than 9 years younger,
and women have success in staying married as long as their man is no
more than 2 years younger. Obey these rules for the lowest chances of
a divorce. Couples of the same age have the lowest chance of divorce.
Do you connect in the 4 parts of being a human—mind, body, spirit,
O01 Can you live with her weaknesses? No one is perfect. Embracing the
weaknesses of another person is a huge part of any successful
relationship, whether in love or business.
If you want children, does she have the ability and affinity to be a
mother? Is she the appropriate age to bear children if you want them?
What is her education level? Your children’s education typically will
not surpass the mother’s education level. If she is uneducated, so will
your children be. If she is highly educated, so will your children
become. What are your values on education?
Young Women Offer You a Special Energy
“In general, youth in a woman bespeaks radiant, unobstructed, and
refreshing feminine energy. A young woman tends to be less
compromised by masculine layers offunctional protection built up
over years of need. Traditionally, young women were understood to
offer a man a particularly rejuvenative quality of energy. Older
women may maintain, or even increase, the freshness and radiance
of their energy, but it is rare.”
If she already has children, are you willing to take on her children and
be a stepdad? Personally, I will not take on anyone’s children unless
(1) it turns out I’m infertile, or (2) perhaps I would consider a highly
virtuous and faithful widow with children. Women who have children
from divorce or other relational problems are disqualified for me.
They couldn’t hold it together with the other guy, so how are they
going to be different for you? Can you deal with other people
thinking you are a cuck for looking after her kids? It’s a noble idea to
look after someone else’s kids, but nice guys finish last.
Allow Older Women Their Magic
“Men should support older women in their wisdom, power, and
intuitive and healing capacities. Men should not degrade older
women by demanding or desiring them to be like young women.
There should be no such comparison. Each age of woman has its
own value, and the transition from superficial shine to deep
radiance is inevitable.”
Does she have the ability to complement
weaknesses and downfalls?
and offset your
Is there evidence that she is a strong woman with an ability to be
loyal and stick through hard times? Will she abandon you if things
get hard? If she has divorced parents, divorce is an option in her
mind. If Mom and Dad are still together in her family, divorce does
not exist in her mind, and she is more likely to “work it out” with you
rather than jump straight to a divorce.
Does she have a high degree of pedigree? Was she well bred? Who
are her parents? Are they drunk losers beating each other up in a dark
alley somewhere or are they reasonable people who have raised a
good daughter? Does she even know who her parents are? This is a
major question in the modern world. A lot of men and women don’t
know one or either parent well.
Does she have a relatively similar background and upbringing as you?
This is important because it determines what is “normal for her” and
“normal for you.” People always revert back to whatever they think is
normal. If she came from a house with yelling, screaming, beatings,
and drinking, she will want to recreate “the normal” in your home. If
she came from a nice family that was civil and loving, she will bring
that normality into your home. What is normal for her? Does it match
your normal?
Does she remind you of your mother? Men are always trying to marry
their mothers, because your mother represents the original and
perfect woman in your mind. Mother was first; mother is the perfect
archetype; does she match your idea of Mom?
Does she have a history of relatively low emotional pain or trauma
and a low number of sexual partners? The more pain and trauma a
woman must deal with, the more damage and baggage you must deal
with. A long history of sexual partners also brings much more
damage to the table. Do you want to be dealing with damage control
all day? Or would you rather work with a clean slate?
The million-dollar question: are we really meant to be with one woman
forever? Does marriage really make sense in today’s world?
Are we really meant to be with one woman forever? This is a tough
question to answer. As a man you will always want more than one woman;
that is the nature of being a man. There are four parts to a human being—
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—and I think that when you
consider staying with one woman forever, it violates our animal urges in
the physical, mental, and emotional realms. If we let those parts of us
decide how to live our lives, then we will want and act on having multiple
However, I believe the true benefits and value from having a deep
relationship with one woman over time feed the needs of the spirit and the
soul. Going deep with one woman is what will enrich your life the most
and give you the most power with the least amount of problems. This is
why the religions of the world promote monogamy; there is power in it,
spiritual power that brings physical power, mental power, and emotional
power as well. It also brings healing powers through the battery effect
when love, sex, and adoration are mixed.
On the secular side, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill suggests that
much of man’s power comes from the power of love for his woman. Not
his harem.
The Battery Effect
When two people
between both of
emotional trauma,
and bring pleasure
feeling replenished
have sex within adoration/love the heart opens, and the energy
them give and receive. This transfer of energy can transmute
unlock information within your DNA, align you with your higher self,
all at the same time. Instead of feeling drained afterwards, you glow
on a spiritual, physical, and mental level.
“Marriages, not blessed with the eternal affinity of love, properly
balanced and proportioned, with sex, cannot be happy ones—and
seldom endure. Love, alone, will not bring happiness in marriage,
nor will sex alone. When these two beautiful emotions are blended,
marriage may bring about a state of mind, closest to the spiritual
that one may ever know on this earthly plane.
When the emotion of romance is added to those of love and sex, the
obstructions between the finite mind of man and Infinite
Intelligence are removed.
Then a genius has been born!”
From firsthand experience, the most successful times in my life have
either been (1) in a committed loving relationship with one woman, or (2)
single and celibate.
The least successful times, the times of loss, the times of confusion, the
times of stagnant or going backwards in my life came from times of
multiple women and multiple girlfriends.
You can live your life any way you want. You must choose what is most
important in your life: your purpose or your pleasure. Sticking with one
women whom you love for sex, love, and adoration mixed together will
bring you to levels you could never imagine, while loveless sex unto itself
is draining. It’s best to know your purpose and have yourself defined
before you start complicating your life with other people, especially
“To say ‘I love you’ one must know first how to say the ‘I.
Perhaps try both and decide for yourself. Just like touching a hot stove to
know that it burns, to learn firsthand is sometimes best.
You decide; it’s up to you.
“Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the
power of all philosophers. But, in fact, a person's sexual choice is
the result and sum of their fundamental convictions. Tell me what a
person finds sexually attractive and I will tell you their entire
Philosophy of life. Show me the person they sleep with and I will
tell you their valuation of themselves. No matter what corruption
they ’re taught about the virtue of selflessness, sex is the most
profoundly selfish of all acts, an act which they cannot perform for
any motive but their own enjoyment—ust try to think of performing
it in a spirit of selfless charity!—an act which is notpossible in
self-abasement, only in self-exultation, only on the confidence of
being desired and being worthy of desire. It is an act that forces
them to stand naked in spirit, as well as in body, and accept their
real ego as their standard of value. They will always be attracted
to the person who reflects their deepest vision of themselves, the
person whose surrender permits them to experience—or to fake —a
sense of self-esteem ... Love is our response to our highest values—
and can be nothing else.”
Everyone Wants to Trade Up.
“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be
contented with what he would like to have.”’
Sexual Market Value: The Market for Promiscuity by:
Stefan Molyneux
https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=8J59XD9x_Vc
ne Sunday afternoon I put on an episode of Freedomain Radio with
host Stefan Molyneux. A young couple, Mathew and Christina,
called in for some theoretical advice about their relationship.
Christina wanted to practice polyamory, which means she wanted to be in
a relationship with Matthew but also let other men have sexual access to
her. Their question to Molyneux, modern philosopher and adept debater,
was, “Why be restricted to just one relationship?”
This interview shows the state of confusion that young generations have
around sex, love, marriage, kids, and what a family really means. We used
to have systems through religions and protocols for how to start a family.
This interview represents a complete destruction of what has been proven
to work, committed man-woman relationships, and this interview perfectly
illustrates the horrors of what happens when weak men like Mathew are
put into positions of decision-making power while hot and crazy women
like Christina stomp on the bleeding mess that was once his heart. This
interview is the disaster that we are living today in the Western world
when it comes to dating, marriage, and family:
And thus the debate began:
S: So (Christine), Mathew might not be enough for you (sexually
and as a partner)?
C: Yes.
S: Well, if I had the best meal I could have, I’m not saying I
want to go to another restaurant, right?
C: Well, the next day I don’t want to eat the same thing, yes...
S: We are talking about sexual activity here, right?
(Christine skirts around the answer of the question by saying
“emotional and sexual intimacy. ”’)
S: Of course, Mathew isn’t (saying you) can’t have any (male)
(Christine is indeed wanting to have sex with other men besides
S: Forget about friendship, we are talking about sexual access.
That’s where monogamy usually shows up.
Molyneux continues to interview the couple for one-and-a-half hours, and
they debate whether Matthew should allow Christine to have extra men for
sex on the side. Christine’s argument for wanting extra men has some
holes in it, and as time passes and Stefan explores their argument,
Christine’s logical argument for wanting extra men starts to implode on
Christine is being evasive about her motives but claims she wants to see
other men besides Mathew. Mathew says he loves Christine and thinks
she’s great and doesn’t want her to see other men but will support her in
doing so.
S: Do you want to have kids one day?
(Both say “yes we do.”’)
Molyneux then drills down on the downsides of having multiple men
coming over to fuck Christine while Matt is in the same house looking
after the kids.
Molyneux explains that child abuse rates go up 30-32 times with weird
nonbiological stepfathers or unrelated boyfriends in the house. The taboos
of incest aren’t there.
Other outside men
Matt don’t want to have sex with Christine
while the kids are watching The Little Mermaid.
Matthew and Christine go on with some half-baked argument that
Christine fucking multiple men on the side will somehow enhance and
enrich the children’s lives by having multiple fathers.
Christine wants to stay with Matthew to mitigate her sexual downside, but
she wants to explore other men for potential sexual upside at the same
Molyneux takes no bullshit: “No, this 1s about sex. You want to have sex
with other men, not have other people in your life ... There must be some
mismatch. Matthew, you must feel that you have to compromise to keep
your value with Christina. If Christina were like that with me (wanting
extra sexual partners in a monogamous sexual relationship with me), I
would say, “No, not like that, not in a million years ...” Matthew, the only
reason why you are considering this is because you feel you aren’t
bringing enough to the table, so you feel you have to bring other penises to
the table just to keep her interest. I’m sorry for being so blunt and that
other people haven’t told you this, but that’s what you need to hear!”
M: How do you know it’s not in my interest?
S: For your woman to have sex with other men?
M: I have been considering it.
S: There is an imbalance of sexual attraction here. You are
reaching too high up the scale of feminine attractiveness, and
you are willing to let her sleep around to make up for your own
lack of attractiveness ... Do you think that if you were Brad Pitt
she would say, “But I really want to bang some guy from high
school?” There must be some mismatch! Matthew if you are
willing to consider something that goes against your sensibilities
and goes against what you want ... that is why you must feel that
there must be some compromise to make up for your lack of
sexual attraction.
(imagine) She’s walking out the door ... for a sex weekend with
some other guy; and you know it; and your kids are asking you:
“Daddy, where is Mommy going?” How is that not a terrible
Sorry, Mom’s off chasing penis. I hope she’ll be back; she
probably will. Let’s go play hide and go seek ... How is that not a
terrible day?
M: What if he’s my best friend?
S: He ain’t your best friend if he’s banging your wife. I don’t
even know why I need to say these things. But I guess I do,
because he knows it’s going to fuck up your life. He knows it’s
going to make your children cry, he knows it’s going to break
your heart, he knows it’s going to crush your heart like a meteor
from hell on an ant ... which still has more testosterone than you
apparently ...
So there’s no friend on the planet that says “love you, Matt,” and
now I’m going to express it by bending your wife over the sink
M: Well, it sounds like you have an idea of what polyamorous
relationships are ...
S: No man, let’s get back to this, sorry to do this to you, don’t
give me this theoretical crap, you’re just thumbing through a
dictionary of abstract defensiveness ... that man is a bad man,
he’s willing to destabilize a family just to get his rocks off, he is
not a quality individual. There are plenty of guys out there who
will have sex with a woman who doesn’t have kids and doesn’t
have a husband ...
S: Her having sex with other men, how is that a benefit to you?
Forget what she wants, forget what she needs ...
M: It’s not about me, it’s about the children ...
S: Oh, my god, do you have an identity? Do you not know what
is good for you? Explain to me what is good for you for your
wife to have affairs? ... The things I have to say in this show are
incomprehensible to me ...
You know I can see pictures of both of you? We aren’t going to
publish these, of course. What would you rate her on a 1-10
attractiveness scale?
M: We each thought we were a 6 and the other was an 8?
S: It’s not true ... physically she is more attractive than you, she’s
very attractive, she has youth and fertility and more sexual value
than you do; you are just starting out in life. You have to make
up your 7 to her 9 by offering her penis on the side ... “Does me
plus extra penis equal a 9”?
M: Are you saying you want to join our circle? ...
S: There is no amount of money you could pay me to join your
circle ... you are like a short guy and she doesn’t date short guys.
But if you stand on a couple of extra penises, then are you tall
enough? Could you date her if she gets extra penises on the side?
... 90, What you are saying is me plus option penises equals
equality in this relationship?
S: You need to have the confidence to say that you will “not
concede to a position in a relationship that is going to hurt me
... If she really cared about you, she would say, ‘Okay, it’s off
the table, because I don’t want to hurt you ...” but I’m telling you
man, think of her at 250 pounds ...
M: right ...
S: Do you really think at 250 she would say I really want to date
you, but I want to date other guys.
M: Actually, I don’t think she’d be able to get sex ...
S: You don’t think that 250-pound women have sex? Are you
kidding me? ... What you are saying is you wouldn’t be with her
if she were 250 pounds?
M: No, I’m not saying that.
S: So what you are saying is that even if she were 250 pounds
she would be able to demand extra penis on the side? And you
would be okay with that? ... You can do better than to offer up
your future heartbreak to only date a woman ... there’s something
called the shit test. Have you heard of that phrase?
M: Oh, yeah.
S: This is a shit test.
M: Yeah, and actually ...
S: She’s reaching under your kilt and she’s trying to determine if
you have peas or bowling balls under there ... unfortunately you
came out peas. It’s a shit test! She’s giving you an outlandish
request in order to gauge how in lust you are ... (what she is
saying is) ... my outlandish requests measure the value of my
vagina, measure the value of my prettiness... when a woman is
wearing a very expensive purse or very expensive shoes, or she’s
wearing all in white, what she is saying is “hey this 1s what my
vagina is worth,” this is what my eggs are work at market ...
You don’t have the money to buy her stuff, so she gives you
outlandish requests, and if you concede to them it gives her a
glow of value, and it’s exactly what nature intends people to do,
which is to gauge their sexual market value and to get the
highest value possible.
So, if you allow her to have sex with other guys, it’s because she
is that attractive that you are willing to offer her up to other guys
just to get a slice. And that gives her value and pleasure ...
The shit test is ... |wonder what my eggs are worth? ... |wonder
how much power I have over him... he’s willing to share me with
other men just to be with me, damn I must be hot! It’s like the
(hot) crazy (matrix), ... if you are crazy and guys still want to be
with you, you must be really hot. You can be random, you can be
mean, and guys still come swarming back, (saying) “that be hot
baby,” and so these outlandish requests translate into “how
attractive am I?” ... It’s something you listen to patiently and say
“not in a million years, honey... you are looking for the spineless
guy down the street who is going to pant after you like a puppy
M: I have some introspection to do...
S: Sorry, Christina, talking about you like you weren’t here. I’m
doing my best to bring happiness to you guys, if you can commit
and have more empathy to what you guys actually need.
<<Dead air, no response from Christina ...>>
S: Is she off the air?
C: Thank you.
<< End of the call >>
I put that transcription of Molyneux’s show on YouTube in this book to
painfully illustrate a point. It was painful the first time I watched that
video. In fact, I watched it twice because I couldn’t believe the nonsense
coming out of Matt’s mouth.
I listened to it a third time as I was transcribing it for this book, and it’s
unbelievable to see how spineless, how lost, how weak, and how dumb
Matt is. This man is a weak man and a major cuck. It’s hard to listen to.
Urban dictionary defines cuck as: a man who is desperate for
approval, and affection from women. This desperation has
compromise of his beliefs and values, the desecration of his
self-worth, and his inability to stand up for himself and what
as a human being, e.g., loyalty, fidelity, and honesty in
led to the
dignity and
he deserves
a romantic
Example: I know John has always wanted a girlfriend, but since he and
Mary started dating he’s become a cuck. She spends all of his money and
flirts openly with other men. I can tell it bothers him, but he’s so afraid of
losing her that he doesnt say anything.
Cuck is short for cuckold. A cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife.
In evolutionary biology, the term is also applied to males who are
unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring who are not genetically
their own. The word cuckold also derives from the cuckoo bird, alluding to
its habit of laying eggs in other birds’ nests.
The interview with Matt and Christina is a painful display of where we
have come to in society where weak men will become cucks and give their
female sexual access up to their enemies and be okay with losing sexual
exclusivity. A cuck may desire sexual exclusivity with his woman and
usually agrees to abstain from pursuing other women. Matt is horribly
emasculated by Christina, confused, trying to be “nice,” and his woman,
Christina, is destroying him with no recourse.
Women destroy weak men; they do not want weak men. They do not
tolerate weak men. This interview with Matt and Christina is a perfect
example of a woman walking all over and destroying a weak man’s mind,
body, soul, and emotions. She is publicly destroying him and his happiness
and is doing it mercilessly without even realizing what she is doing.
We have entered a cuck culture; the end of a civilization.
In the movie Braveheart, William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, is
subject to a law in medieval Scotland where newlywed women would have
to have sex on her wedding night with the English lord. This was a form of
violence and genocide against the Scottish people.
After a few generations, the Scotts would be bred out, and the English
would be even genetically and politically dominant, effectively removing
purebred Scottish people from the population and utterly dominating the
conquered tribes.
This has happened several times in history where a tribe loses a war and
the men are killed, the women are assimilated by the stronger tribe
through rape while the children are made to be slaves.
Cuck culture is the epitome of weak men, and no strong man would ever
stand for such unreasonable demands by his woman. A man with
confidence would walk out, he would say no, or he would do what William
Wallace does in the movie Braveheart and brutally slaughter every last
Englishman he could find and go on a rampage across the country killing,
torturing, mutilating, and dominating his enemies until they are all dead or
he dies in the process. Eventually William Wallace is captured, tortured,
disemboweled alive, and killed, but at least he took death before dishonor.
He did not allow himself to live as a weak cuck man.
What we are really seeing in the debate with Stefan, Christina, and Matt is
a phenomenon called hypergamy rearing its ugly head.
hi' porgomé/
the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class.
As per google
On Wikipedia:
Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as “marrying up’’) is a term
used in social science for the act or practice of a person
marrying another
Studies of heterosexual mate selection in dozens of countries
around the world have found men and women report prioritizing
different traits when it comes to choosing a mate, with men
tending to prefer women who are young and attractive and
to prefer men
rich, well-educated,
ambitious, and attractive. Evolutionary psychologists contend
this is an inherent sex difference arising out of sexual selection,
with men driven to seek women who will give birth to healthy
babies and women driven to seek men who will be able to
provide the necessary resources for the family’s survival. Social
learning theorists, however, say women value men with high
earning capacity because women’s own ability to earn is
constrained by their disadvantaged status in a male-dominated
society. They argue that as societies shift towards becoming
more gender-equal, women’s mate selection preferences will
shift as well. Some research support that theory, including a
2012 analysis of a survey of 8,953 people in 37 countries, which
found that the more gender-equal a country, the likelier male and
female respondents were to report seeking the same qualities as
each other rather than different ones. However, Townsend (1989)
surveyed medical students regarding their perception of how the
availability of marriage partners changed as their educational
careers advanced. Eighty-five percent of the women indicated
that “As my status increases, my pool of acceptable partners
decreases”. In contrast, 90 percent of men felt that “As my status
increases, my pool of acceptable partners increases. ”
And thus, hypergamy in the simplest sense is “looking to get a better
Matt and Christine are an example of hypergamy because Christine is
trying to limit her sexual downside of possibly losing access to Matt’s
resources by taking a less than ideal relationship with Matt. But she also
wants to be open to the benefits and upside of access to a better man with
more resources in case a stronger man comes along. She is not convinced
that Matt is the best deal for her reproductive eggs, and she is trying to
hedge her bets and play the best of both sides—limited downside with
Matt, unlimited upside with Mr. Right if she can find him.
Matt, on the other hand, thinks Christine is as good as it’s going to get.
She’s a 9 on the attractiveness scale, and he’s a 7. Thus, Christine is not
done shopping and is looking to take an option on Matt, but she will not
commit to buying him today while she shops the store for a better deal.
Matt is in her figurative “shopping basket,” but she is willing to put any
number of men in her “shopping basket” until she gets to the checkout at
which she will throw out the men she doesn’t want and attempt to keep the
best man.
The real question is, when she gets to the checkout, will the best man still
want her?
In order for a woman to flip the female circuitry in her brain and deem you
an acceptable mate, she will need to see evidence that you are an alpha
1) You are the leader of men in your tribe.
2) You are desired by other women.
3) You are the protector of your loved ones
If you can flip those three switches in a woman’s mind and subtly prove
that you are those three things, then she will be open to having sex with
you. In the case of Matt and Christine, Matt is clearly not the leader of
men, and it appears that he is not desired by other women; however, he
seems to want to protect his loved ones. So, he scores 1/3 on the suitable
mate test above, and Christine is looking for a man who is more alpha than
One of the major struggles with sexual power is trying to balance it in a
fair way. Sexual power between men and women is _ perpetually
unbalanced. It is either the man with multiple women, in which the man
has all the sexual power through choice and options with multiple women,
or the woman has exclusivity with the man and has all the power because
she controls the limited amount of sexual supply, aka access to her vagina.
In the case of Matt and Christine, the exclusivity that Matt desires puts
Christine into the power position. If Matt had multiple women, he would
have the power.
The power is never balanced when it comes to sexual power, but the best
configuration is for the man and woman to be exclusive and the woman be
slightly better than the man in sexual value so that he must be on his best
behavior at all times and treat her well. This arrangement is the romantic
love that makes Disney movies and happily-ever-after moments. The man
striving for a slightly better woman, not a woman two leagues above him,
just slightly better so it costs him some pain and effort to acquire her.
In relationships where the woman is of lower sexual value, the man will
torture the woman by cheating on her, treating her badly, forgetting about
her, never
calling her, etc. I know both sides too well from personal
experience. I have lived on both sides of the fence. I have been the one
with no sexual power with a hotter woman than me, and I have also been
the higher value man torturing multiple women who want to be exclusive.
I’m not proud of either position. It simply is a troublesome fact of male
and female sexual power.
Hypergamy comes from the emotion of always wanting to get a better
Hypergamy for women means getting typically an older man with more
power and more wealth and resources to protect her and her potential
Hypergamy for men usually means getting a much younger, hotter woman,
a better woman, perhaps a woman of higher class and status as well. As I
age and acquire more power and money, I also get better access to better
women. Life at 31 for a man is much better than life at 21. A man’s sexual
access goes up until age 45.
The modern world of Tinder, Facebook,
Instagram, text messages,
social media have exposed previously solid relationships to the perpetual
threat of hypergamy. If you are a man and you are dating a woman, there is
an unlimited number of other men texting your woman, liking her photos
on Facebook, or even worse if she has a Tinder account, you are exposed
to an unlimited number of upside for your woman, and hypergamy is
secretly in full force effect. She’s looking to trade up, and the same can be
true with a man quietly looking for a better deal on social media or dating
apps like Tinder.
Hypergamy is evil in nature. Rather than just telling your woman that she
isn’t good enough for you, or her telling you that you aren’t good enough
for her, one or both of you carry on in this perpetual state of trying to trade
up. You could either (1) become better to meet each other’s needs, or (2)
break up instead of engaging in hypergamy. It’s dishonest to the core, and
such is the dating world we live in: cuck culture and rampant hypergamy.
Both are signs of weak men taking over the landscape.
Weak men frustrate women in dating and relationships. There is nothing
attractive about weak men, and weak men are frequently victims to
cuckolding and hypergamy by much stronger and more powerful men. As
normal, throughout this book, I keep showing historical evidence where
weak men are taken violently by much stronger men. This is true in
money, sex, religion, politics, violence, and war. Nowhere is it good to be a
weak man. You must be a strong man to survive the brutal effects of tribal
competition for your own survival and the survival of your genes.
Stop Hoping for Your Woman to Get Easier
“A woman often seems to test her man’s capacity to remain
unperturbed in his truth and purpose. She tests him to feel his
freedom and depth of love, to know that he is trustable. Her tests
may come in the form of complaining, challenging him, changing
her mind, doubting him, distracting him, or even undermining his
purpose in a subtle or not so subtle way. A man should never think
his woman ’s testing is going to end and his life will get easier.
Rather, he should appreciate that she does these things to feel his
strength, integrity, and openness. Her desire is for his deepest truth
and love. As he grows, so will her testing.”
In nature, human men who are cucks are genetically dominated by alpha
males and their tribal leaders. In the world of lions, an alpha male lion is
the opposite of a cuck. When he takes over a territory, he kills all the cubs
to keep the competition down. A cuck man nurses the children who aren’t
his own and spends his life and resources to raise another man’s genes. We
are living in a cuck world now; the big strong alpha male lions are gone.
Cuckoldry and hypergamy are signs of the decline of a strong culture to a
weak culture. If the men are weak and are allowing sexual access to their
women by other men and other tribes into their gene pool, this spells the
end of the tribe as we know it. In the case of medieval Scotland as
depicted in the movie Braveheart, this was planned genocide and one way
to completely wipe out a tribe from the face of the earth. Breed them out
of existence so they can never rise again.
If you are a man and your woman wants to try some cuckold behavior, just
refuse. Walk out the door; tell her no way. When I was younger I was
engaged to a very pretty girl, and she “wanted to try other men.” I let her,
and it was a massive mistake in my life that brought immense pain,
suffering, and heartbreak. It was a cuck move, and I will never do it again.
I had the freedom of sexual access to other women in exchange, and I
exercised it to the fullest of my ability with several women, but the
emotional destruction of knowing the woman I loved was with another
man nearly ruined me. It was paralyzing to my mind, body, soul, and
emotions. I do not wish the sick feelings I felt twisting in bed on a night
where I knew she was with another man. I was psychologically and
spiritually connected to her through a thin thread across the ether, and I
knew exactly what was happening and when it was happening. The
emotional pain was unbearable.
Never allow yourself to succumb to such unmanliness, such weakness; be
the man, be the leader. When your woman suggests some cuck bullshit,
throw it out the window. Either the bullshit goes, or you go. Don’t allow
yourself to fail any of her shit tests or feminine nonsense that she thinks is
a good idea in the moment. Be masculine, use reason and logic, and don’t
allow the inmates to take over the asylum.
As far as hypergamy, again, don’t let it in. If you are with a woman, be
with her all the way. I have new policy—only date women I can marry.
This really changes the game. You need to go for a woman who is a great
deal, not a good deal, as good is the enemy of great.
Do not waste your time with inferior women or women who are looking to
trade up every two minutes. Do not allow yourself to become a weak cuckman of today; instead, become
strong, draw the boundaries and stick to
positions. Strong men have always drawn the boundaries and stuck to
positions when taking new territory or fighting the wilderness, do the
in your relationship with your woman. The survival of you and your
depends on it.
“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have
known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and
have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an
appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding oflife that fills
them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.
Beautiful people do not just happen.”
n 2005, Neil Strauss published a life-changing book for men around the
world called The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup
Artists. The book peeled back the veil on a world of men who were
meeting in online chat rooms and forums to dissect the female mind and
discuss “how to pick up women.” These men called themselves pickup
I remember buying The Game when I was 23, and I read it in one sitting. I
recall staying up till 6:00 a.m. one morning, my eyes bleeding as if I had
been doing drugs or heavy drinking. I’m not a drug user, but Strauss’s
book on how to pick up women was drugs for my mind, and I could not
believe the godly powers that these highly skilled PUAs (pickup artists)
had over women.
These men had meticulously mapped out the female mind; they knew all
of the triggers, the social responses, the statistics of how long it took for a
woman to sleep with you—7 hours, by the way. How many times would
she have to IOI (indications of interest) you before you could kiss her. The
book was fascinating, and I tried almost everything in the book in the real
world—and it all worked like magic!
The story in The Game was of Neil Strauss and his entry into the world of
pickup artistry. He met one of the gurus of the industry—a man named
Mystery. Mystery is the best pickup artist out there. Neil learns from
Mystery, David DiAngelo (real name Eben Pagen), a guy named Tyler
Durden, and an entire slew of men who pick up women for sport.
These men
story goes
their lives.
are addicted to “the game,” and part of it 1s really cool and
that these men can play women like a Stradivarius violin, but
the music stops and the dark side of PUA is exposed. As the
on, you start to see these pickup artists have major problems in
They move into a mansion in LA called “Project Hollywood.”
fall in love with
certain women,
breakups, most men are “found out” by their girlfriends that they aren’t as
cool or interesting as they were made out to be in their PUA routines, and
somehow the coolness of pickup artists starts to unravel like a mummy.
The plot of the true story continues into a death spiral as the men who
practice pickup artistry seem to go through the same in a predicable
1) Nerdy guy can’t get women but wants women.
2) Nerdy guy signs up to become a pickup artist.
3) Nerdy guy learns a few routines, and of course exploiting
women’s brain mechanics for easy sex works just like
turning the lights on with a light switch—mechanics are
4) Nerdy guy has lots of sex, maybe too much sex. Nerdy gets a
girlfriend way out of his league for a short while.
5) Nerdy guy is “found out” to “not be that cool after all” by his
girlfriend who he is now falling deeply in love with.
6) Girlfriend leaves nerdy guy.
7) Nerdy guy collapses emotionally.
8) Step 4,
5, 6, and 7 might repeat a number of times while
guy rips a massive emotional and spiritual hole
of himself that he tries to fill with more women. By
to add more women, he creates a bigger and deeper
emotional and spiritual hole. This continues until Nerdy
guy cannot take it anymore. Nerdy guy is out of energy and
out of money crawling around at the rock-bottom point of
his life, thinking suicidal thoughts and becoming consumed
by the massive hole inside of himself by the loss of the love
of his life, his fake girlfriend that he acquired by fake PUA
9) Nerdy guy quits PUA and turns to spirituality or religion to
repair the massive hole in his heart and spirit. If he does the
work, he will find himself and his character and stay out of
the PUA lifestyle
It was shocking to read that book and see the pattern happen over and over
again to the different pickup artists.
I started to implement the PUA techniques in real life, and lo and behold,
they work. Women’s minds and men’s minds have mechanics and built-in
architecture that can be exploited and manipulated for getting what you
want. This is true in sales and negotiation (which I have written books
about) and also in “picking up” women. I started to go out with different
women every day, date after date. I would end up with eight girlfriends at
once and start to live a degenerate life where they would all fall in love
with me, but I was emotionally unavailable and incapable of opening my
heart to any of them. I had a small hole in my heart and spirit that
suddenly ripped open and became a massive and fatal wound.
I hurt a lot of women in that phase of my life, and I’m not proud of it. If I
could take it back, I would, but I was young and stupid, and I thought that
a few techniques or a cool veneer would change my life. Alas, veneer is
just veneer. Learning techniques doesn’t change who you are; it’s just
veneer—a thin veil of bullshit that gets pierced by the truth so easily.
Years later, Neil Strauss released the 2015 sequel to The Game, called The
Truth. I loved the original book, so I bought Strauss’ second book online
ready to be entertained and enthralled by whatever Neil was going to show
me 10 years later after his first adventure.
What I read in The Truth was disturbing and struck me in the deepest
places of my heart.
Strauss was seriously fucked up at this point in his life and was going to
therapy after therapy for sex addiction. He had trouble pair-bonding with
the woman he loved. He was going to orgies and all sorts of kinky
girlfriend/wife-swapping parties, and he kept trying to increase his
insatiable need for sex and pickup manipulation.
The PUA lifestyle had penetrated through his flesh and into his soul. Neil
had become lost in the game and, like an alcoholic spiraling out of control,
he couldn’t get out. He couldn’t look at a woman without fantasizing about
fucking her in the most demeaning of ways. The woman he should have
loved and perhaps married left him, and he was left alone in a barren
wasteland of orgies and increasingly fucked-up perverts who were wife
swapping, girlfriend swapping, and participating in all sorts of weird
group sex. Neil tried polygamy (dating multiple women almost like
starting a harem like the ancient kings of the world) on many occasions.
He tried having extra women on the side. He was searching for the
alchemist stone that could turn lead into gold—or in Neil’s case—one
decent woman
into multiple pornstar-style-sex-orgy-cum-swappingnymphos just like the kings of forgotten times.
Neil wanted to be the modern king, like the king of the ancient world, with
an “all you can eat buffet” of hot women ready to pleasure him all the
time. The only problem was, Neil wasn’t an ancient king who could rule
with brutality, violence, a standing army, and other things that a king
would need to enforce his power over a harem of multiple women (and
competing men). Neil was just a normal nerdy, shrimpy guy from the
United States, nothing special, just a regular Joe. Neil was not a medieval
king, so how could he pull off a harem of women? The answer is, he
couldn’t and unless you are a medieval king, neither can you.
None of this bullshit worked. He was constantly falling
wiping out emotionally and spiritually. He floated in
repeating the same mistakes over and over again. | felt
artist idol; his story was painful and showed how dark
you took your PUA game too far.
out on his ass and
and out of rehab,
bad for my pickup
things could get if
I also started to feel badly for myself. I was a player, I had too many
girlfriends, I was making the same dumb mistakes Neil was, and reading
his story brought clarity to my own life. Neil’s addiction to women and sex
was like an alcoholic who was drinking beer for breakfast. By reading the
story of this beer-for-breakfast alcoholic, I began to understand my own
Pickup artistry doesn’t really work in the long term and here is why:
1) It’s a system based on manipulation of the mechanics of the
human mind. People who are manipulated into doing
something are just as easily manipulated out of something.
As a professional salesman, I know that if I have to
into a sale, I will have a refund, a
complaint, and although I have the tools and techniques to
manipulate, it is unethical to manipulate someone into a
sale because they will jump out just as fast. This is seen
with pickup artistry all the time.
2) When you run out of “routines” and ways to entertain women,
they will get bored and go somewhere else. Routines are
routines. You are not a monkey in the circus. You are not as
cool as you appear to be when you are running a PUA game,
and when the hot women out of your league realize that you
are way below their league and you are just showing them
some temporary cool shit, but you are intrinsically uncool,
they will abandon you for a guy who actually has his life
3) Pickup artists usually get themselves into a situation of too
many women and thus too many choices. Too many choices
mean no decision at all, and they go through scores and
scores of women hurting themselves and the women in the
process. This is just plain stupid. It’s like going to a buffet
and taking a bite of everything and then spitting it back out
into the buffet so both the piece you ate is spoiled and the
buffet is spoiled for everyone else as well.
4) PUA distracts men from their real purpose in life and wastes
their sexual energy. So many PUAs are losers who have no
money, no jobs, live with their mommies and aren’t real
men. They simulate real men, look like real men,
interesting men in fact, they talk cool, act cool, but are 35
and still live with Mommy. This is like being cool on the
internet. To some you appear to be cool, but you are still a
massive loser in real life.
5) PUA wastes a man’s sexual energy, his creative energy that
keeps him from reaching his creative potential, and takes
his real drive out of life, as he is addicted to the drugs of
bedding new women as often as possible. This is a rush, and
the chase is more important than the kill. I know firsthand
and have been addicted myself. It’s an evil cycle, and a man
can get stuck addicted to the chase like a drug fiend. This is
a bad cycle to get into—avoid it.
6) Many PUAs get stuck in a cycle of a pornography addiction as
well as a video game addiction with an internet forum
addiction, and these addictions sap the remaining energy
out of this poor struggling man so he is again stuck in
another cycle of addiction. They are like the dopamine rat
that is pushing the button on the wall that releases
dopamine in his brain until he is so exhausted he dies. We,
as men, are limited creatures when it comes to addictions to
pleasure. We are no better than that rat if we allow
ourselves to stoop a rat’s level.
7) PUA doesn’t prepare a man for an actual relationship with a
It’s all about the sale, the marketing, the
negotiation but not about the product—you! You are the
product! Rather than personal growth and improvement,
you are sacrificing your own betterment by merely working
on flimsy routines and magic tricks. You become like a
dancing monkey in the circus because dancing monkeys in
the circus practice routines. Instead of a monkey, you are a
man and should be working on becoming a better man every
day and increasing your real value, not fake value. Women
focus on makeup, hair, fake eyelashes, shoes to firm up
their butt and legs, clothes to drape their bodies, and other
fake things to make them more appealing. Don’t succumb
to that level where you are only working on routines and a
shallow exterior. Go deep on yourself. It’s more important
to you as a man, your purpose, your masculine essence and
to your woman and to your tribe in the long run.
“Not my monkey, not my circus.”’
I know these problems because I have experienced them firsthand myself.
I have also read the stories of Neil Struass, who had much bigger versions
of the same problems.
“Whenever you are about to find fault with someone, ask yourself
the following question: what fault of mine most nearly resembles
the one I am about to criticize?”
In my own life, while I was dating too many women, there was one girl I
wanted to have a relationship with. In the perfect vision of hindsight, she
was paranoid about the other women I was seeing, and rightfully so. Some
of these women were hot and crazy, and she was worried that they would
show up and attack her in some way. I now understand her feelings; it’s
totally normal. People do crazy things when they are in love. I even got rid
of the other women on two occasions, all of them, but she didn’t trust me
anymore, and I probably deserved it.
In the end I lost her, the one girl I wanted. I lost two years of my life and
was left lonely, heartbroken, and still unable to learn my lesson. I had
chosen her, but she didn’t choose me because of who I had become by
chasing women, debasing my purpose, and feeding my addictions for the
rush and the chase of pickup artistry.
Choose a Woman
Chooses You
aman wants a woman who doesn't want him, he cannot win. His
neediness will undermine any possible relationship, and his woman
will never be able to trust him. A man must determine whether a
woman really wants him but is playing hard to get, or whether she
really doesn t want him. If she doesn't want him, he should
immediately cease pursuing her and deal with his pain by himself.”
Today, as I type this, I’m 31, and I see families and married people around
me. I see my married and successful business coaching clients raising
children with good wives. I think to myself, “I should be doing that too
right now. I would like to be married with kids right now.” But my actions
have spoken louder than words.
I got caught up in the PUA trap, and thus I am not where I want to be in
my personal life with women right now. As I type this I am single and
celibate, staying away from women for a very long time. It has given me
clarity on the situation, and I own my mistakes.
The thing about making mistakes is you always think you are doing the
smartest and best thing at the time of your transgression. Afterwards you
get to learn the lesson if you choose to accept it.
“A man has only one escape from his old self: To see a different
self in the mirror of some woman's eyes.”
If you own your mistakes and own your situation, that is the only way you
can really learn and move forward.
“You can never solve a problem you do not own.”’
So here I am, eight years after studying PUA, kind of fucked up,
emotionally unavailable, failed with the last girl I really wanted, fasting
my sins out in the jungle, and typing this book out in a moment of clarity.
Would I study PUA again? I’m not sure; it is a highly seductive subject, a
dark art with untold power to a young man who wants women and sex
(which is all young men).
When I consider my time studying PUA and having too many girlfriends, I
realize that it has caused an incalculable amount of damage. I feel as
though I should be married to a woman I love right now and maybe even
have some kids. I feel that those things greatly enrich a man’s life,
empower him, and bring him to higher levels of performance in every way
when done right. I see the evidence all around me. As a successful
business and real estate coach, my best performing clients are married
men with kids. These men are stronger, smarter, and generally perform
at work
and at home.
their wife,
and their kid,
strengthen their power and purpose in life. I see it every day, over and over
again. These men have more power, more resolve, more energy and
strength than single men or men who are dating but not married. The
source of a happily married man’s power is his wife. She heals him, fixes
him back up through the battery effect, and sends him back out into battle.
I played with fire, and I got burned. Do I blame Strauss and Mystery and
all the other guys I studied? Hell no, I own it. It was interesting; at times it
was fun. It’s not their fault; many of them had similar spiritual awakenings
through the pain and suffering of the PUA journey. Would I recommend
studying PUA to young men?
Instead, work on your
women will be attracted
you because of the real
increase your real value
divine masculine essence—your purpose—and
to your real value by default. They will stay with
value you have as a man. It’s a simple concept;
and you will attract real value in return.
I have always practiced this in my business, but not in my personal life. I
own it, and I’m changing it. Writing this book on what it takes to be a
strong man is part of the catharsis and recovery from the mistakes I made
studying and succeeding in PUA.
PUA is a zeitgeist—like Donald Trump as president—it’s a sign of the
times. PUA as a popular movement for men comes from masses of young
men not having fathers to teach them about women, sex, and the courtship
of women, marriage, and families.
“The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know
anything about the subject.”
In times long past, in times of strong men, fathers would teach their sons
how to love women, how to be chivalrous and a man of real value who can
attract a woman based on his real value and keep her with real value. The
fathers are gone, so we have PUA instead. With the fathers being gone
from society, I have written this book to be “Dad in a box” to Peter Pan
and the Lost Boys who are looking for answers to the hard questions in
life: what does it mean to be a man?
My own father didn’t teach me anything about “getting women,” so I
looked for what I could find. I did my best with what I thought was the
best. PUA, like so many popular ideas today, is wrong and leads only to
weakness, waste, pain, and misery. The good side of weakness, waste, pain,
and misery is that if you learn from your mistakes, you can find strength,
resourcefulness, pleasure, and joy. I am learning as all men must—slowly
and painfully. I just couldn’t find someone to help me or the instruction
manual on how to live. This book is to serve as an instruction manual for
you on the fastest path to male success in life.
My very religious friends warned me of evil when I started to study PUA,
and some even claimed it was satanic. I thought that was a little extreme
and shrugged it off. Is PUA satanic? I don’t know, but it certainly is a
waste of time, effort, energy, and money when compared to using the same
resources to increase your real value as a man through personal
development, going to work, and owning your shit—these are the real
things that women want in men!
There are real things in life, and there are fake things in life. PUA is fake.
The men who practice it are fake, the women who fall for it are fake, and
in the end, the public display of fakeness is of no real value to anyone.
Being a man is about bringing real value to the table. Little boys can be
fake, girls can be fake, women can be fake, but not men and certainly not
strong men. You have to be painfully real with yourself, your woman, and
your family and tell the truth for what it is, no matter how bad it might be.
This is manly, and both men and women respect a man who says it like it
PUA is a door to sin, and sin is a waste of energy. I’m not making a moral
or ethical judgment here; it simply is a waste of your resources as a man.
You only have so many resources in this life—time, effort, energy, money,
breaths, heart beats, and
don’t matter. Focus on
bring to the table every
value. The same applies
—really valuable—and
orgasms. Don’t waste your life on fake things that
your purpose, your work, and the real value you
day. Just as I learned in business: money chases
to women; women chase value. Become valuable
you will have your choice of women, better
women, real women of value.
The trouble with being human, however, is that no matter what you know
in advance, no matter what warnings you have, we all must touch the hot
stove and get burned to know that the stove is really hot. We never fully
take in the words and experiences of others or fully learn until we
experience the pain firsthand.
They say that through sin we become pure; growing through your sins is
what it means to be human.
“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the
“Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At
that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him
out of the abyss.”’
eye id)
The Pink Elephant in the Room
“Without women, men have nofuture.’
“Under normal conditions, in their natural habitats, wild animals
do not mutilate themselves, masturbate, attack their offspring,
develop stomach ulcers, become fetishists, suffer from obesity, form
homosexual pair-bonds, or commit murder. Among human citydwellers, needless to say, all of these things occur. Does this, then,
reveal a basic difference between the human species and other
animals? At first glance it seems to do so. But this is deceptive.
Other animals do behave in these ways under certain
circumstances, namely when they are confined in the unnatural
conditions of captivity, the zoo animal in a cage exhibits all of
these abnormalities. Clearly, then, the city is not a concrete jungle,
it is a human zoo.”
In zoologist Desmond Morris’ book The Human Zoo, Morris proves that
when the density of any animal, rats, monkeys, mice, or humans increases
past a certain number, the percentage of homosexual pair bonds increases.
As Morris says, we do not live in a concrete jungle; we instead live in a
human zoo. In the human zoo, Morris explains that in a low population
density environment, men and humanity do not experience the pressures of
being in captivity. This brings on homosexual pair bonds, self-mutilation,
masturbation, murder, attacking their offspring, stomach ulcers, fetishes,
or obesity. These are problems that plague our cities today. The higher the
density of the city, the worse the problems.
Animals live in natural habitats with a certain population density they
need to live and feel free, and so do humans. As Morris points out,
Despite the pressures, however, the benefits (of captivity in a
Zoo) are great. The zoo world, like a gigantic parent, protects its
inmates: food, drink, shelter, hygiene and medical care are
provided; the basic problems of survival are reduced to a
minimum. There is time to spare. How this time is used in a nonhuman zoo varies of course, from species to species. Some
animals quietly relax and doze in the sun; others find prolonged
inactivity increasingly difficult to accept. If you are an inmate of
a human zoo, you inevitably belong to this second category.
Having an essentially exploratory, inventive brain, you will not
be able to relax for very long. You will be driven on and on to
more and more elaborate activities. You will investigate,
organize and create and, in the end, you will have plunged
yourself deeper still into an even more captive zoo world. With
each new complexity, you will find yourself one step farther
away from your natural tribal state, the state in which your
ancestors existed for a million years.
that has
to the feminization
homosexualization of men has been the removal of the needs for daily
survival. In a small, low-density, tribal environment, every man and every
woman was a “food getter” and spent most of their time and energy each
day getting food. Now, however, the problems of survival are almost
In The Way of Men by Jack Donovan, he explains that the frontiers of
survival, the edge of danger and no danger, are so far removed from the
cities now that men, women, and society as a whole no longer even
consider the basic factors of survival. There are no lions, tigers, or bears
invading and threatening the tribe, we are sheltered from the elements,
there is an abundance of food, we have more entertainment and
distractions than ever, and there is an abundance of excess time and
So what does man do with his spare time and energy? If he does not have a
strong work ethic and purpose in life, usually a man will turn his energy
inward and become self-destructive through engaging in all the things
mentioned by Desmond Morris in the opening of this chapter.
“The story of modern man is the story of his struggle to deal with
the consequences of this difficult advance (to an abundance of time
and energy in modern civilization). The picture is confused and
confusing, partly because of its very complexity and partly because
we are involved in it in a dual role, being, at the same time both
spectators and participants.”
I had a coach once who said that if you are a pickle in a pickle jar, you
could not read your own label. That is why we all need a coach to show us
our blind spots. Morris points out that we are blind because of our dual
role: being both spectators and participants in this changing way in which
men and women live. It’s hard to discern causes and effects of things when
you are indeed a pickle inside of your own jar and cannot read your own
To be clear, what men and women do in their own bedrooms is none of my
business. I am not for or against homosexual relationships or marriages or
families; it’s none of my business.
However, the reason I am writing on this is because this book is on being a
man, and a popular choice for young men today is to be gay. You might say
or think that being gay is “born this way” and not a choice. You may
believe that sexual preference is hard coded into a person’s DNA or “just
who he is.” That may be true. However, what I believe to be true about all
of humanity is that we have the power of free will to choose how we live
our lives. We do not leave things to chance and always have the final say
in all decision making; we can own our problems and deal with them in
our own way.
Some people react to problems emotionally, which is weak. Emotions are
frequently wrong, and when emotions go high, intelligence goes low. The
proper way to deal with problems is to pause, think, and respond in a
rational way. Responding is much different from reacting. Responding
allows you to think and use the power of reason and your mind, whereas
reacting lets your emotions take over—your emotions are usually false.
To be clear, throughout history, any society that has had a high enough
density of humans has always had homosexual men and women. How
society dealt with and responded to those relationships, however, has been
different throughout history.
The Kinsey Scale—Are We All Gay?
In the 1940s and 1950s, a man by the name of Alfred Charles Kinsey was
the first official researcher in America to consider the sexual behaviors of
human beings and treat the subject as a science. Kinsey was an American
biologist, professor of entomology and zoology, and a sexologist, which
was new in 1947. He founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana
University, now known as the Kinsey Institute. He is best known for his
work Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948), and Sexual Behavior in
the Human Female (1953), also known as the Kinsey Reports, as well as
the Kinsey scale. Kinsey’s research on human sexuality, foundational to
the field of sexology, provoked controversy in the 1940s and 1950s. His
work has influenced social and cultural values in the United States, as well
as internationally.
Source: https://www.kinseyinstitute.org/about/history/alfred-kinsey.php
Kinsey wrote that
males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual
and homosexual. The world is not to be divided into sheep and
goats. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals
with discrete categories ... The living world is a continuum in
each and every one of its aspects. While emphasizing the
continuity of the gradations between exclusively heterosexual
and exclusively homosexual histories, it has seemed desirable to
develop some sort of classification which could be based on the
relative amounts of heterosexual and homosexual experience or
response in each history [...] An individual may be assigned a
position on this scale, for each period in his life. [...] A sevenpoint scale comes nearer to showing the many gradations that
actually exist.
Kinsey, et al. (1948).
pp. 639, 656
Varying bisexual response
At the time of his research and writing, Kinsey was ridiculed, attacked,
and challenged for his findings on the human animal. Kinsey threatened
the popular view of his time and thus was dangerous. In 1948, to talk about
homosexuality in an open way as he did or to suggest that there was a
scale and that everyone was “a little bit gay” was extremely threatening in
a very religious, intolerant society like America. America is much more
tolerant of these ideas today.
The Kinsey scale shows 0 to 7, with 0 being exclusively heterosexual
responses and 7 being exclusively homosexual responses. This was a new
and threatening idea in the 1940s and 1950s, and today we take it for
granted in the modern world.
When I grew up in high school, the popular idea in the school system was
that 10% of the population is gay; that is a significant number of people in
a modern country or population. It’s hard to determine what percentage of
the population has been traditionally gay, as there is not a lot of statistical
data to measure the validity of the gay 10% throughout history. But what
we do know 1s that sex, sexuality, and homosexuality have always existed
on some level as long as humans have had enough density to support it.
What has changed are our attitudes towards sex and homosexuality.
In some ways, homosexuality is like illegal drugs, prostitution,
bootlegging, pot smoking, hit men, and other “illegal activities.” I put
“illegal activities” in quotes because in several countries around the world,
especially intolerant countries ruled by strong men, homosexuality is
illegal, underground, something that happens, but people don’t talk about.
Several countries ruled by a strong man mentality—specifically Muslim
countries where it is manly to be angry to show dominance, act violent,
and rule with an iron fist—openly kill, torture, and mutilate homosexuals.
Slavic countries in Eastern Europe and Russia openly admit, “We don’t
have gays, we kill them.” I have heard that line said firsthand from several
immigrants I have met from Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, and other
Eastern European countries.
Is it right to torture and kill people? No, but it happens every day around
the world in places where life is much harder than in the Western world.
It’s confusing for young men to have the option of homosexuality. I
remember when I was in my teens and confused. My mother told me that
men just like all women sexually. This turned out be false information. I
have a type of woman that I’m sexually attracted to, as most men do. That
type of woman sexually turns me on more than anything else, and women
who don’t fit my type I’m not really interested in.
Since I tried dating women I wasn’t interested in, and the premise from
my mother was all men like all women sexually, I thought I was gay for a
very brief period until I realized, “I’m just not into this specific woman,”
which turned out to be true.
We all have personal tastes and flavors, and I have taken some mild tests
online and scored “exclusively heterosexual” in my late 20s.
Could all of this change throughout life? Kinsey claimed that as he grew
older, he moved from “exclusively heterosexual” to more in the middle of
hetero and homosexual. That could make sense; your sex hormones change
throughout life, and your testosterone and estrogen balance out. People
change as their hormones change; it makes sense.
What is confusing for young men in the cultural
homosexuality is sold today. It is overrepresented
in public education, and in universities. Thus,
overrepresenting that way of life. What I believe
things for what they are—no more, no less.
narrative is the way that
in the media, in schools,
there is some danger of
to be important is to see
“The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look
things in the face and know them for what they are.”
Are we born gay or made gay? Or is man just “prison gay’?
These questions have been asked throughout history. Are we born gay or
made gay? Or do we choose it? This is a tough question to answer because
it is Somewhat subjective and somewhat objective.
The popular narrative in Western society currently is that to be gay is to be
“born this way.” At other times in Western history it was a choice. I am an
exclusively straight man, so it’s tough for me comment on this, as I have
not walked a mile in an exclusively gay man’s shoes. But what I do believe
is that every decision in life always has an element of choice and reason.
Yes, there are preferences, yes there are tastes, and I prefer a specific type
of woman that I’m not going to discuss in this chapter. Tastes are highly
subjective because, as Warren Buffet says, “taste is personal, you put a
Snickers bar in your mouth, that’s highly intimate. You don’t want to take
a risk with something else.” Buffet is right; taste is intimate and personal,
especially when you are going to put a Snickers bar in your mouth. Your
mouth is an intimate place, and you choose what to put in there!
What is a fact, however, is that when the density of men goes up and there
is a lack of women, men revert to becoming homosexuals or “prison gay.”
Men who are prison gay are men who wouldn’t be gay with women
around, but there are no women in prison. There are no women in prison,
and the men are in a high-density living environment, and they need to get
sexual release somehow. A man generates hundreds of millions of sperm a
day and loads of testosterone; he has to get a release somehow.
This is seen in militaries, submarines, and high-density cities like New
York City. This behavior is shown and proven in rats, as Desmond Morris
points out in his book The Human Zoo.
So density of men, lack of women can create a homosexual
environment, making that lifestyle a product of an environment
and naturally occurring in unnatural environments. If humans
had enough space, enough fresh air and the perils of daily
survival, I would estimate that homosexual pair-bonds would
virtually nonexistent as Desmond Morris Claims. Human density
and the pressures of living in high human density create more
homosexual pair-bonds. Without density, this is not seen in
nature as Morris writes.
Forget Homo or Hetero, What about Just Sexual?
Ancient Greece and Rome had a totally different view of sex than we do.
The ancient Greeks and Romans did not have a concept of homosexuality
as we do today; instead, they were just sexual. There was no concept of
homo or hetero.
This same mental attitude towards sex is shown in the modern world with
“gay porn stars,” several of whom are not gay in their personal lives, but
only on screen. They prefer women, but enjoy rubbing their penises for
pleasure (like all men do) and claim that they are just sexual and not homo
or hetero. That is the same way that the ancient Greeks or Romans used to
view sex—neither homo nor hetero. That idea of just sexual without homo
or hetero,
I believe,
the most
at sex
For a man, sex 1s mechanical; if you rub his penis enough, he will
ejaculate. A robot could be rubbing it, a sex doll, a woman, a man, a dog, a
cat, a sheep, a goat—I don’t think it matters too much what or who is
rubbing a man’s penis as long as it’s getting rubbed. Throughout history
men have had sex with just about anything; this is illustrated in Jared
Diamond’s book Guns, Germs, and Steel, where he believes that Europeans
inherited their plagues and nasty diseases from sex with livestock. If men
and humanity are just sexual and like rubbing their penises generally, then
this makes sense.
Women, on the other hand, I believe, have a more emotional, mental, and
spiritual connection to sex, and they do not have this “penis rubbing”
phenomenon that men have. I also believe that women have been
traditionally conquered by powerful men in history. In small tribes, the
king or the leader would have sexual access to 50% of the women. In a
tribe of 150 people, that’s nearly 37 sexual consorts, assuming 75 males
and 75 females. This sexual and genetic dominance over the group is still
seen today in polygamist colonies, and smaller tribes around the world.
In ancient Greece and Rome—strong warrior cultures—a man was a man;
he had a wife, children, a family, and maybe a little boyfriend on the side
and maybe even a girlfriend too. Sex was sexual, not homo or hetero. But
the Greeks and Romans understood something that we are missing in
today’s modern world when it comes to homosexual pair-bonding.
The Greeks and Romans had a great need for children and families
because they had strong societies, warrior societies. They needed men,
warriors, and children to assert their dominance as empires. The Greeks
and Romans, although they allowed homosexual activity to take place “on
the side,” did not encourage for exclusive homosexual pair-bonds, which
are explicitly destructive to a society.
In the ancient world, the Greeks and Romans would make a man “grow
up” out of boyhood and marry a woman; that was pretty much
nonnegotiable. As a rule, if the newly married man had an older boyfriend,
the relationship had to stop when he got married, and now the newly
married man could get a younger boyfriend “on the side.”
What’s important to look at with the ancient Greeks and Romans is that
they had what I would call “functioning homosexuality” in which the men
of the day were husbands, fathers, warriors, leaders, philosophers, orators,
and from time to time would enjoy sex with a little boyfriend or little
girlfriend. Julius Caesar would dominate his enemies by first having sex
with his enemies’ wives and then having sex with his male enemies as
well. This was how you showed how tough and manly you were in the
Greek and Roman days. But it was not homo or hetero; it was just sexual.
You rubbed your penis and got off. Society had its own set of rules around
families, women, and raising children, and those societies were able to
function and rule the world much longer than our American empire will
last today. This system functioned, it worked, it was strong, and it was
intolerant of exclusively homosexual pair-bonds.
What we have today is different from the functioning homosexuality of
the Greeks and Romans where there were mother-father families, women
as wives, and children being born with strong fathers to teach men how to
fight, philosophize, lead, and be men. Instead, we have a nonfunctioning
boy-type homosexuality that generally leaves women out of the equation.
This is creating a new set of problems for our Western world.
As Jack Donovan (who is an openly gay man) is quoted at the top of this
chapter as saying, “Without women, men have no future.” An exclusive
group of homosexual men, a gang with all male pair-bonds has no future,
no way to reproduce, no way to step out of boyhood and into women,
family, and children. It’s a gang of boys, and without women they are
So why are the religions of the world so violently against homosexuality?
Religions and intolerant strong societies of the past have killed
homosexuals to send a violent message to young men about “how to be a
man.” Why is homosexuality so bad for religions?
First of all, the Romans and Greeks were pagans, and religion in general
follows the governing style of the society. It was a world ruled by several
city-states. For example, the ancient Greeks had several gods who ruled
over local city states such as Athens, Sparta, Phrygia, and Macedonia. This
was philosophically different from an empire mentality. Many city-states,
many gods, many voices, many ideas. This city-state mentality is different
from an empire or one ruler mentality.
An empire is ruled by one king or one emperor. That creates monotheism
god—in religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Those
are the ruling religions of today, and our countries and empires are ruled
by one figurehead of an empire instead of a city-state. A one figurehead
society adopts a one-god religion to work with the power structure and
messaging of ruling over the people.
The third type of religion is totalitarianism, which happened in Nazi
Germany and Communist Russia, and to a point in Imperial Japan in
World War II. These societal setups create the state and the ruler of the
state as a religion unto itself, and there is “no god” in these totalitarian
regimes outside of the state and the figurehead of the state who is a god
unto himself.
So we go from paganism
structures of our societies.
gods there are until there
where the state has become
to monotheism to atheism based on the power
The more the power is consolidated, the fewer
are literally no gods, as in an atheist society
god instead.
What I believe happened in history a long time ago could happen again in
the modern world. Long ago, likely in the desert somewhere near the base
of all religions, the early human tribes probably had a major catastrophe
with a lost generation.
I am convinced that there was a lost generation in Western history caused
by an entire generation of men who decided to say “fuck it” to the
responsibilities of women, family, and children and instead choose a life
of pleasure as a sodomizing homosexual. The men of this generation
formed exclusively homosexual pair-bonds and opted out of women and
families all together.
That one generation was devastating to that civilization because the men
opted out of the reproduction pool, which left a generation of unmarried
women. The lack of families created a lack of offspring, and I’m
convinced that this ancient civilization either (1) wiped themselves out by
having no offspring or (2) nearly wiped themselves out and were
conquered by outside tribes. Either way, the lesson was extremely painful
at some point in history, and as I type these words, our modern world is
trending in the way of the grim story I laid out for you above. In the
biblical texts there is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah that faced the
destruction of fire and brimstone as the people in those cities practiced
homosexuality and thus the word Sodomy or Sodomite comes from the city
of Sodom and means sexual crimes against nature such as: homosexual
sex, anal sex, oral sex, or bestiality.
To allow for exclusively homosexual pair-bonds is to begin to depopulate
and destroy a society from within. Men choosing other men over women
leaves a group with no future, no women, no families, and no children.
This is a plan for depopulation and self-inflicted extinction.
We are in a time when birth rates are negative; it takes 2.1 or 2.2 children
to keep our population level and population growth at 0. Currently in
Canada, where I live, we have a birth rate of 1.2 children per couple. This
is a negative birth rate, and we will go extinct eventually because we
cannot replace our own people. Consequently, we import people from
around the world, some of whom are compatible with our way of life and
others who are incompatible or are even hostile to our way of life. The
new people, the immigrants who move in from Islamic countries, for
example, have 8 babies to our 1.2. We will be bred out of existence, much
like the end of Sodom and Gomorrah, who went extinct in desert long ago,
which served as a warning to the religions of the world against exclusively
homosexual pair-bonds.
The promotion of homosexual pair-bonds in a “nonfunctional way,” which
excludes women, children, and the traditional family as we have today,
was likely a poison that utterly destroyed some groups of people in ancient
times. And thus, the reigning religions of the world are against
homosexual relationships. They know what happens if “every man decided
to be gay and opt out” and know that it spells explicit self-destruction of
the tribe.
If rampant homosexuality can wipe out a tribe, then is it right or wrong in
a rational sense?
“Tfit is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.”’
This is not an emotional argument; remember, being a man is not so much
about your feelings and your happiness. It’s about your work, your duty,
and doing what is right for the tribe and tribal survival.
“Do your duty as you see it and damn the consequences.’
History has never cared about the happiness of men or the fulfillment of
men, or men’s dreams or feelings. Men have usually lived short, brutal
lives that end in violence and death at the service to the tribe or defense of
the tribe against an enemy. Your dreams, your happiness, and your feelings
are not really what being a man is about. Little boys, little girls, and
women can focus on being happy and dreaming; men usually must do the
violent, dangerous, and hard jobs of the tribe, which are usually unhappy
and brutal work.
Being a man is doing your duty to the tribe, which usually means doing
your work and leading, protecting, and gaining the trust of the other men
and women in the tribe.
Throughout history, men have been expendable. The male seed and males
of the species have been sent into wars and killed wholesale, en masse in
huge scores, because one surviving man could repopulate the tribe or the
group easily. After all, a man produces hundreds of millions of sperm a
day while a woman’s body releases one egg a month. If that egg is
fertilized, it takes 9 months to grow a baby and nearly 12 to 18 years of
child-rearing to get the child to become self-sufficient.
Reproduction has always been a greater risk for women, and thus women
have always been held in higher value and were exempt from wars,
because you needed each and every womb to repopulate the tribe. The
wombs were important to repopulate the lost soldiers, the lost men who
died defending the tribe. The sperm and testicles were not needed, so they
were sent into bloody, violent combat.
These biological facts have thus created short brutal lives for men
throughout history and long brutal lives for women. Women have
traditionally led long brutal lives because after losing a war, the men
would be killed in battle, and the women would be raped and thrown into
sexual slavery—treal slavery—along with their children as a conquered
These words sound harsh, but we have to remember that every human
empire was built on slaves and conquered people. I would even argue that
slavery still exists in Africa and in the prisons of America where mostly
black men have their voting rights stripped from them when they enter the
prison system, and they are not paid for their labor while they work for
private corporations in the fastest-growing housing sector in the USA. The
United States is a small minority of the world’s population (5%), but it
represents nearly 25% of the world’s prison population. I would also argue
that minimum wage and minimum tipping wage in America are also forms
of slavery, because if you work the whole year and own nothing at the end
of the year to show for your labor, you are a slave. Recently in 2017, in
none of the 50 states in the USA can someone rent a two-bedroom
apartment on minimum wage earnings. Tell me that is not modern
economic slavery? So is it right or wrong to be homosexual in the rational
sense in the modern world?
Earlier in this book I outlined right and wrong as, “If everyone did it,
would the world, would the tribe be able to survive?” What if everyone
stole, murdered, got drunk, became addicted to drugs, was a pedophile, or
was a rapist? The world would certainly fall apart.
If everyone decided to say “fuck it” to the opposite sex and opt out of
families and babies, we would be wiped out as a tribe within one
By this definition, nonfunctioning, exclusive homosexuality pair-bonds
are wrong. If we adopted the Greek or Roman way of homosexuality,
perhaps it could be right because we could maintain our society and our
birth rates and keep women involved in families and reproduction.
The new question becomes, if we do
homosexuality” today as the Greeks and
children, and families were still part of the
homosexual families work? Can two men
afford them all the benefits they would get
woman raising the children?
not promote “functioning
Romans had, where women,
equation, then do exclusively
raise some adopted kids and
from having both a man and
There isn’t much data on this, because it’s a relatively new idea in the
Western world. Gay marriage has recently been supported by the
governments of Canada and the USA, and that makes sense from a
property and law standpoint.
But can two guys or two girls really raise adopted or surrogate children as
well as real biological men and women?
Let me first say that there is no prerequisite for any heterosexual couple to
have sex and create a child. And thus, we have many stupid people and
unqualified people raising children, abusing them, and essentially fucking
them up very badly. So I’m not sure that heterosexual couples have a great
track record anyways.
In fact, when thinking about it further, I’m amazed that the gay population
has fought so hard to have same-sex marriage, because marriage has a
horrible track record for divorce and pain in the modern world with over
50% of heterosexual marriages ending in divorce. I’m not sure why the
homosexual population would really want to participate in such a badly
set-up union between “God and the government,” but hey, it’s a free
country. You can fight for your rights, no matter how shitty those rights
are, especially in the world of failing marriages and divorce.
From my own personal observations about the homosexual population, gay
men are generally high-quality men—educated, wealthy (or at least
comfortable), smart, good looking—and likely would make a great set of
two dads raising children. I’m not sure what the consequences are of
having absent women or mothers in the house or the divine feminine
energy, but I would say that two high-quality men could probably raise
children effectively and better than some of the mid- and bottom-tier
heterosexual couples.
The track record for parenting isn’t too hard to beat; people mostly suck.
Three men raised three little girls on the hit TV show Full House, so why
not? Although Full House was fantasy and indeed a TV show, it could
work in theory.
The downside, however, is that women are left out of the equation, and
this is where the destruction lies: what do you do with all of these
unmarried women?
The modern problem of homosexuality is that two generally high-quality
men are lost from the reproductive gene pool. This means two women are
lost from the reproductive gene pool who are likely high quality in a
socioeconomic way as well. Two families are lost, and at least four
children are lost by virtue of never being born in the first place. This is
almost like a wholesale abortion of a future generation and could be more
destructive to a society and population than a nuclear bomb if practiced on
a large enough scale.
The argument so far is: there is nothing wrong with wanting to be gay, but
it general is unmanly because you are not looking after the women or
children of your tribe, and this creates problems on a big scale.
These issues are compounded by the fact that homosexuality in today’s
world is trendy, powerful, and cool in the media and the popular narrative
of society. It looks fun; they have parades and gay cruises where everyone
is scantily clad in underwear and dances all night while having sex and
drugs around the clock.
It’s a party, and everyone wants to join
minority with a lot of power, and I would
to promote such a lifestyle to men who are
and thinking about opting out of women
the party. It’s
argue that it’s
“on the edge”
all together.
promoted, it’s a
a little dangerous
of gay or straight
It’s not so much
harmful to the men, but very harmful to the women, to families, and to
children. The issue of homosexuality and women, children, and families is
not really spoken about in the popular narrative of society, where emotions
have taken over all thinking and reason.
The risks and issues of nonfunctioning homosexuality are still discussed in
the churches and religious institutions, but nowhere else. Homosexuality
could turn out to be a major disaster down the road for our population,
culture, society, and way of life. It could bring a very hard time upon us
where the majority of our good and well-built countries become the
minority and we enter a steep decline, violent invasion, or brutal
enslavement by other intolerant groups. Rome fell and entered into a
1,000-year dark age, so could it happen again? Absolutely!
Who could these intolerant groups be? As Rome became tolerant it fell to
intolerant barbarians from the north. Who could the current barbarians be
for America? Perhaps Islam? Perhaps Russia? Perhaps China? Perhaps
third-world African nations? All of the places I listed above are generally
intolerant groups of people relative to tolerant America and certainly do
not celebrate homosexuality as a virtue. Most of the groups above oppress
and kill homosexuals just as the barbarians of the north killed and brutally
murdered the soft Roman men who watched gladiator games all day and
participated in feasts and orgies all night.
Homosexuality also offers benefits in that men can work with their own
gender as opposed to dealing with the complexities of a different gender—
women, who are wired completely differently from men, and this can be
seriously frustrating to a young man.
Today, homosexuality is offered as yet another opt-out tool for men to opt
out of women,
families, children, and the duties of being a real strong
So the last question is: is it manly to be gay?
I believe that the answer is: it depends. The Greeks and Romans practiced
a very manly version of sexuality and homosexuality that I would argue is
very secure and functioning compared to what we have today. I think they
practiced sex in a healthy and manly way, and they performed their duties
as men, included women, had children, mentored and raised them, and had
a boyfriend on the side. It was manly because the men performed their
duty to the tribe.
What we have today is more like a boyish version of homosexuality.
Another Peter Pan escape, another way to opt out of the true
responsibilities of life. You see men marrying men, getting two dogs
instead of two kids, and using all their purchasing power and expendable
on lifestyle, trips, cruises, drugs, alcohol, material possessions,
cars, houses, and whatever else they desire. They have opted out of their
manly duties: taking care of a woman, reproducing natural children,
raising the children, mentoring the children, and creating the next
generation and real value for society. This type of arrangement is not
sustainable and is most damaging to women. I would say that the way
homosexuality is practiced and promoted today is unmanly and boyish.
The Peter Pan version of homosexuality fails to be manly when compared
to the ancient Greek and Roman style of homosexuality where a man could
be strong, serve his duties to his tribe, and still have a little fling with his
boyfriend on the side.
“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the
human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of
circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”’
“If you don t get what you want, you suffer; ifyou get what you
don t want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want,
you still suffer because you cant hold on to itforever. Your mind
is your predicament. It wants to befree of change. Free of pain,
free of the obligations of
life and death. But change is law and
no amount of pretending will alter that reality.”
n the Western world today at the time of writing, there are now 63
genders. For a very long time in history, there have been only two: men
and women. Instead of two flavors of ice cream—chocolate and vanilla
we are now sporting 63 obscure and minority flavors of ice cream, and
I’m not sure if anyone can name all 63 flavors. I cannot even come close,
and I would venture to say that a PhD in gender studies would need to look
at a chart to name all 63 genders. Does anyone really understand all 63
If you Google “how many genders are there?” you will find some sources
claiming 33 genders, some claiming 63 genders, and some claiming
hundreds of genders. Quora lists 112 genders.
Why can’t we just have men and women? Mom and Dad? Everything used
to be so simple?!
So how many genders are there? And how do we choose our gender out of
63 varieties?
This is like asking how many shades of gray there are between black and
No one can really say, but all know black and we all know white.
Only in today’s world, with the frontier of survival so far away
in our cities and civilizations, would we consider having 63
societies that spend most of their time and energy on survival
getting,” there is no time to even consider anything outside
from home
genders. In
and “foodof men and
women; survival is too important, and the tribe must survive and replicate
to keep on going and self-perpetuate.
Throughout history there have always been men and women, and they
were reciprocal; they fit together like puzzle pieces, and they each played
a role. Men had a specific role, and they did what was required of them.
They may or may not have been happy or satisfied with their roles, but it
didn’t matter. The men did their work. The women had a role as well, and
no one asked them if they were happy or if their dreams were being
fulfilled. They played their role and did their jobs, whatever those were at
the time. When
survival was a constant consideration, men and women
simply did their jobs and what it took to survive and perhaps thrive in the
hostile environment around them. Today’s environment is too friendly and
is explicitly not hostile, so man with his infinite creativity has turned his
creativity inward to create 63 genders that are somewhat meaningless and
unnameable to the average person.
Roles are important to make groups of people function. In the group,
everyone has a role that makes sense and ensures the survival of the
Below are some groups that have strongly defined roles to function and
perform whatever is important to the group’s survival.
Imagine an orchestra where everyone played whatever notes they wanted,
whenever they wanted, with no specific instrument players and everyone
switching instruments all the time. The music would sound terrible, and
the orchestra would sell no tickets and make no revenue because of the
cacophony of bad and evil sounds. Eventually this group would go
bankrupt and cease to exist if it could not produce music to entertain an
audience or any ticket sales.
Imagine a hockey team with no positions—no defense, no offense, no
goalie, no center, no left wing, and no right wing. The players would skate
around aimlessly, and this team would lose every game to more organized
teams and never make the playoffs.
Imagine an army with no ranks and no roles. This army would certainly be
wiped out by better organized armies, and the army without roles would
cease to exist.
Imagine a company or corporation where everyone did “whatever they felt
like” every day. The company would quickly run out of money and go out
of business.
This book exists to ask the question, what does it mean to be a man?
The idea of 63 genders is so out of left field relative to “what does it mean
to be a man?” that I’m not sure the two topics are compatible.
What does it mean to be a man is a simple question looking to simplify the
overcomplicated, feminized, gender-neutral definitions of what a man is.
Where a man has been homogenized into a “person” instead of a man.
The prospect of 63 genders dilutes the idea of men to the point of
meaningless complexity. The book of Genesis in the Bible describes the
Tower of Babel. In the story, people conspire to build a tower so high that
it will reach God. Seeing this, God confounded their speech, making the
people speak many different languages. With the words of others no
longer coherent, humanity could not communicate to finish the tower.
They could not function together and had to be scattered across the earth.
Part of the problem and the reason why I wrote this book in the first place
is that it is nearly impossible to define a man in today’s Western world
with the junkyard of ideals that are imposed on a simple creature like a
man. Sixty-three genders, or the need to have 63 genders, further destroys
the simple idea of what it means to be a man and fragments the idea into
pieces that are very difficult to put together in a functioning harmonious
Are 63 genders even enough? What about 120? What about 500 genders?
When do we say “enough is enough” and that we have discovered all the
When I was young in school in the 1990s, we had nine planets in the solar
system. Pluto was the most distant planet in the solar system. Then one
day when I was older, Pluto was no longer a planet according to “science.”
I have recently heard that Pluto is now a planet again—apparently, Pluto’s
official planet status is still up for debate, but I don’t really care that much
to keep track of its official status.
The Pluto approach to planets is confusing. The Pluto approach to genders
is also confusing. When you split into 63 genders the question shifts from
what is a man to what is a gender? We are now heading down the road to
utter meaninglessness. Just like the Tower of Babel, where people could no
longer communicate in a meaningful way, we live in a Tower of Babel
world where there are so many subgroups and minorities with power and
media channels that it seems that there is not one coherent message
anymore. This is confusing to simple people trying to answer, “what does
it mean to be a man?”
We explored homosexual and heterosexual men and deduced that men are
just sexual and that homosexuals were either functioning in their roles of
men or not functioning as men but as boys instead. That makes sense. Just
like the men who are avoiding their manly duties of getting married to
women and starting families but are playing boyish videogames all day
and indulging in porn.
But when you open the game up to 63 varieties of sub-men and subwomen, the question of what does it mean to be a man becomes almost
impossible to answer.
The complexity of 63 genders takes us further away from the simple truth
and functionality that there are men and there are women, and they have
simple attractive roles to play that are complementary and reciprocal.
They form a unit that can have children. They can reproduce, and this is
how humanity has been able to grow and prosper from small tribes of a
few people into the 7 billion people of today who are all surviving and
living because of men and women.
An extreme minority of people would define themselves as one of 63
genders, and extreme minorities are just that—extreme minorities. They
should not be given the same power of majorities because they simply are
a minority.
If something is complex, it means you don’t understand it. I would argue
that no one understands a system of 63 genders, and therein is where a lie
must exist. I would even challenge a “gender studies” professor to name
all 63 genders by heart, and I would love to see all 63 named from
memory without reference materials by a gender studies professor.
On a side note, the Hungarian government recently abolished the subject
of gender studies entirely in their universities, citing that it had no real
value in the job market and that gender studies were taking away
important resources from other university programs and failing to give
http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/08/1 1/hungarys-populistgovernment-abolishes-gender-studies-courses.html
Everyone understands a two-gender system—everyone had parents as a
prerequisite to being born, a sperm and an egg, a Mom and a Dad. Mom
and Dad had sex, which created life, and you were born out of that! The
concept makes sense. The man does certain things, the woman does certain
things, this system is simple, it’s repeatable, it can reproduce and selfreplicate because that is how we were designed.
Success is repeatable. Men and women with roles is the most repeatable
proven system in history. The Tower of Babel fell apart because the people
could not form a coherent unit. Are we becoming the Tower of Babel today
when it comes to gender?
Recently we have violated this repeatable, successful, reproductive, and
self-perpetuating system. As a consequence, our tribe will suffer when we
encounter a tribe of intolerant and violent barbarians much in the way that
the tolerant and weak Rome was sacked by the primitive intolerant
Germanic tribes. Who could these barbarians be? Simply look at the
“more primitive” barbarian tribes that America sees as rivals and enemies:
(1) Islam is in a holy war with the West from their perspective and a war
on terrorism from an American perspective; (2) Russia has historically
been a rival of America since WWII; (3) China who is America’s current
economic rival; and (4) African nations are, by proxy of Islam and being
“have not” countries, are rivals as well. America
has several enemies
worldwide just as Rome had enemies at the fringes of its empire.
When we succumb to weakness and to nonsense, that is where decline
starts. As the weakness grows and exposes bigger holes, that is where the
tolerant group is enslaved or killed by the intolerant group.
Anything successful can be replicated. I’m not sure if people in a 63gender tribe can replicate or reproduce fast enough to have a positive birth
rate or enough cohesion to form a functioning unit over time. Or would the
group just disband like a bad orchestra where none of the instruments ever
really go together to form harmonious music?
If you win the lottery, that’s great for you. You might have $10,000,000
cash in the bank the next day, but you aren’t a success because you can’t
repeat winning the lottery by your own will.
Below is a list of the proposed 63 genders of the modern day:
Masculine Homosexual Man
Masculine Heterosexual Man
Masculine Bisexual Man
Feminine Homosexual Man
Feminine Heterosexual Man
Feminine Bisexual Man
Androgine Homosexual Man
Androgine Heterosexual Man
Androgine Bisexual Man
= oO
Masculine Heterosexual Woman
Masculine Homosexual Woman
Masculine Bisexual Woman
Feminine Heterosexual Woman
Feminine Homosexual Woman
Feminine Bisexual Woman
Androgine Heterosexual Woman
Androgine Homosexual Woman
Androgine Bisexual Woman
Masculine Homosexual Andromale
Masculine Heterosexual Androfemale
Masculine Male-Attracted Androdite
Masculine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
Masculine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
Masculine Heterosexual Andromale
Masculine Homosexual Androfemale
Masculine Female-Attracted Androdite
Masculine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
Masculine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
Masculine Bisexual Andromale
Masculine Bisexual Androfemale
Masculine Bisexual Androdite
Masculine Bisexual Hermaphromale
Masculine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
Feminine Homosexual Andromale
Feminine Heterosexual Androfemale
Feminine Male-Attracted Androdite
Feminine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
Feminine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
Feminine Heterosexual Andromale
Feminine Homosexual Androfemale
Feminine Female-Attracted Androdite
Feminine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
Feminine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
Feminine Bisexual Andromale
Feminine Bisexual Androfemale
Feminine Bisexual Androdite
Feminine Bisexual Hermaphromale
Feminine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
Androgine Homosexual Andromale
Androgine Heterosexual Androfemale
Androgine Male-Attracted Androdite
Androgine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
Androgine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
Androgine Heterosexual Andromale
Androgine Homosexual Androfemale
Androgine Female-Attracted Androdite
Androgine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
Androgine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
Androgine Bisexual Andromale
Androgine Bisexual Androfemale
Androgine Bisexual Androdite
Androgine Bisexual Hermaphromale
Androgine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
I would argue that the same definition of success applies to groups of
and even
tribes made
up of
people who are in the “middle genders” of 63 genders. Can these 63
genders reproduce and become their own tribe of people? I highly doubt it
without the use of an artificial system to promote fertility; there is too
much variation and too many compatibility issues and preferences.
How do you play matchmaker with 63 different genders and preferences?
This is like a menu at a restaurant with 63 types of food, and you aren’t
sure what to order, so you walk out and go to a restaurant that is good at
one or two dishes only. None of the best restaurants in the world are
buffets. Do we need a buffet of genders? Are any of the dishes any good at
a 63-dish buffet? Usually not. But you can have two really good dishes at a
restaurant that focuses and defines its two really good dishes, instead of
trying to make 63 dishes to please everyone and no one at the same time.
It’s common sense that two well-defined concepts will be better than 63
ill-defined concepts. This is true for food, music, art, and business, and it’s
general common sense. Common sense is uncommon, though.
I don’t think 63 genders could form its own coherent tribe. I have seen no
historical evidence of a tribe that survived and grew to be mighty with 63
gender concepts to mix and match to reproduce. But groups of two genders
only—men and women—form mighty nations: Germans are their own
group, the French are their own group, the Chinese, the East Indians, the
Americans are their own groups. Each group can self-propagate, grow, and
prosper in great ideas and inventions. Sixty-three minority genders cannot
self-propagate effectively over the long term. Are there any examples in
history where a group of 63 genders have lasted 200 years? Or 1,000
years? Or do regular men and women take over and the 63 genders are just
an artificial construct that are a temporary idea to be swept away by
permanent truth over time?
If you dropped down an assortment of 63 gendered people into a group in
the forest or on farmland, could you check on them in 50 years and find
that their tribe had grown in number? Or would they be in decline? Could
they maintain a positive birth rate of 2.1 or 2.2 to replace their dead every
To answer that question, men and women in the Western world are only
breeding at a rate of 1.2 children per couple, which is a negative birthrate
and already in decline. That’s regular straight men and women; they are
currently failing at replacing themselves to keep our society alive.
Now imagine we added 63 genders into the mix. We would be wiped out so
fast from our own preferences, “feelings” over reason, and the “need” to
be different.
Chances are, the tribe made up of 63 unique genders would shrink in size
and in a few generations then cease to exist. Furthermore, any children
bred from a 63-gender tribe would likely be just regular heterosexual
masculine men and regular heterosexual feminine women, eliminating the
63 minorities quickly. Sixty-three genders are created out of collecting all
the minority outliers and giving each variation power to the point of
meaninglessness. This is impractical and takes our minds off the real
problems at hand, such as our survival of the tribe. That is why the
government of Hungary realized this and abolished the subject of gender
studies. Hard times are coming, so we will need strong men to bail us out.
We live in a strange world today, where every group and every minority
has a megaphone, a channel, an outlet to scream at the top of their lungs
for special treatment. We are living in the new Tower of Babel. It didn’t
work then, and it won’t work now. In the case of 63 genders, the system
makes very little practical sense, and I’m not sure why we would need 63,
or 100, or 200 genders. Men and women are already not functioning on a
basic level and are already into negative birth rates. Fifty percent of
marriages are ending in divorce, and when divorce occurs, 70% of wealth
is lost. Why complicate an already poorly functioning system of two
genders with an even poorer functioning system of 63 genders? To even
suggest further complication when the system is already failing is
madness and an idea generated from the mind of an insane person. Why
complicate something that already isn’t working more? For feelings? To
be unique and special? To be a unique and beautiful snowflake? It wasn’t
hard enough anyways? To feed our subjective preferences? All of the
above? Or none of the above?
The big question comes down to, does this idea function in real life? I
would say the answer is no. Sixty-three genders is a special luxury that
comes from our tolerant, weak, yet advanced Western society where every
minority has its own megaphone and 1s protected from the harsh realities
of trying to survive each day in the wilderness or against other hostile
tribes. The idea of 63 genders has grown out of the imagination of a
human animal that has too much creative energy built up from not having
to focus on survival, and the frontiers of survival are so far away that we
create nonsense to pass the time.
In our current
of Babel, where
are ruling the roost,
whoever screams the loudest gets attention from politicians to buy the
votes of as many groups as possible for the lowest possible price.
In primitive warrior cultures and intolerant societies like the Muslim
countries of today, I can almost guarantee that if you even think about
saying you are one of 63 genders, you will be thrown into a pit and stoned
to death. Intolerant societies are strong societies, and they usually increase
in power over time until they become empires and then slip into decline
like the Western world.
Our tolerance is our weakness. Their intolerance is their strength. Hard
times create strong men. Welcome to the Islamic countries and African
third-world countries where times are hard. You have to be tough to
Our perpetual good times in the West have created multiple generations of
weak men and tolerance. We are the weakened empire and the barbarians
are at the gates; they are intolerant and they are violent.
So if we have 63 genders today, and if these genders have always existed
but were not properly documented, where were all the nonheterosexual
men and women existing throughout history? What did we do with the
other 61 configurations of men and women in the world if they always
existed? What was the previous procedure for handling these people?
They do not dominate the history books, which would suggest that
throughout history they were not really recognized, marginalized,
intimidated to be “normal,” or simply killed. If these people are here now,
they must have always existed, so where did previous versions of our
Western society put the 63 transgender people if they always existed and
were indeed naturally occurring in nature?
In today’s world, we put the minorities on the big stage, with the big
lights. We give them big microphones with very loud speakers, and we
celebrate how different and special they are. They are snowflakes,
beautiful and unique. We host parades for them, and our leaders, our prime
ministers, and presidents wave and march in the parade smiling and happy
to win the votes of these fringe groups and gain power.
Not long ago, these minority genders were locked up deep inside the
dungeons of mental institutions and were called “crazy people” in the past.
Men who thought they were women were likely thrown into the darkness
of the mental institutions or called perverts and incarcerated into a prison
system. Those men who used to be called “perverts” are now allowed to
call themselves “women” and share a bathroom with a real 11-year-old
girl, and this is just getting strange. How can you prove that the man is a
transgender and not just a crazy pervert? Not long ago he would be in
prison or a mental instruction for the same claims, and now we invite him
into the girl’s bathroom with young girls. This doesn’t seem like a
common sense good idea. Why must we bend over backwards for any
group who screams the loudest?
“The object of
life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to
escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”
In less tolerant countries in the not-so-distant past, these “unique groups”
of people were certainly killed because intolerant groups do not tolerate
variations in men and women. The roles are defined when the group is
concerned with its own survival. Desmond Morris in the Human Zoo
iterated that as the densities and populations of humans grew over time,
that is where abnormal behavior started to show. Put these same people in
the wild, put them in a low-density environment, and would they change?
The evidence is shown in animals, so why not humans?
Another place you would see these transgendered people would have been
in the traveling circus. Have you ever heard of going to see the “bearded
lady” at the freak show? That was likely where some of the transgender
people were before we recently promoted them from the side show to the
main stage in our society. Rome fell when it turned into “bread and
circuses.” The Western world is turning into a circus every day when you
take the side show and promote it to the main act.
Another place you would find these unique creatures would have been the
local eccentric dandies of the time who dressed in the energy of the
opposite sex and likely held jobs as entertainers or something on the
The fringe has always been there in very small numbers. Somehow today,
the fringe is the main attraction, and the previous main attraction—strong
men who used to be the kings, fathers, community leaders, military
leaders, and captains of industry—have lost the spotlight to people who
subjectively redefine themselves depending on how they feel that day.
This is just plain weird. If you were to explain the idea of 63 genders to
people in primitive countries where they focus on getting food for survival
every day, countries in Asia, Africa, South America, or Eastern Europe, the
ideas we have adopted would seem ridiculous and far-fetched because the
primitive, intolerant countries, focus only on food-getting every day to
Such is life and survival.
These people living on the frontier of survival are explicitly not thinking
about which gender they are or how much a sex change would cost. They
are not trying to convince their 4-year-old boy to take hormone blockers
and make him girl. Shame on us for considering that with a 4-year-old
who is barely not an infant.
The 4-year-old can’t make a decision on his gender yet, how could he?
He’s only 4! A 4-year-old can barely communicate and was in diapers not
long ago. He doesn’t even have his adult teeth yet. Letting him pick a
gender is a ridiculous idea. What if he picks wrong and has some surgery
or therapy too early and wants to switch back because he was confused?
That is a disaster. It has lots of downside, with limited upside just to
satisfy his unique and emotional need to be a snowflake.
If you are a man, you must choose to be a man, play your role in society
and stick to it. To do anything else is unmanly, including switching
genders to one of the other 63 options. There is one way to succeed in life
and a million ways to fail. Choose success and ways that are selfsustaining and repeatable over snowflake-ideas based in emotion and
feelings, which turn out to be false at some point anyways.
Stick to reason, stick to common sense, stick to simplicity; often the
simpler the idea, the better. To complicate things just means you don’t
understand it enough.
To be a man is a simple idea; don’t make it complicated.
“Tf you cant explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it
“Teach your son about god, be all powerful and absent.”
ince the 1950s, men have been losing power in the Western world.
Women have been increasing in power, which is not necessarily a bad
thing. Maybe women were underrepresented before? But what has
happened throughout this balancing of power process is that we now have
reached a point of marginalization of the father, lack of strong men, and in
several family cases no fathers at all.
Women are now wondering, where have all the men gone?
The father role has been marginalized mostly by the empowerment of
women by (1) women taking on the masculine role of work; (2) the
welfare state; (3) the divorce laws, family laws, child laws, and sex laws
that favor women and give men almost no rights; (4) even TV sitcoms
where the dads are bumbling idiots. This list could go on, but there are
several attacks on strong men and fathers, and it’s reached a point where
(a) there are almost no strong men or fathers left, and (b) if you are a
strong man or father, there is disrespect, name-calling, and even hate.
Think of what has happened to Donald Trump since he got into the White
House with violent public beheadings of Trump dolls by vindictive, social
justice warrior women televised on TV. I thought this was America, not
Islamic jihad where enemy prisoners are beheaded on TV for intimidation.
The crusade to make women equal and more powerful has had a negative
and backfiring effect where patriarchy has become the enemy, and there is
now a public witch hunt to destroy patriarchy and eradicate strong men in
general in favor of matriarchy and female empowerment.
Patriarchy is a word I heard in college when I dated a girl who took
courses in gender studies. I also had a female friend in gender studies, and
the university was a place where empowered women would walk around
blaming their problems on the patriarchy.
Everything bad in the world apparently came from the patriarchy. The
word patriarchy is of Greek origin, coming from pater, meaning father,
and archy, meaning ruler.
This is like the 16-year-old teenage boy who blames all of his problems in
life on his father. Our society is now the badly behaved teenager who is
blaming all of life problems on “Dad” and the patriarchy. The popular
public and media reaction to Donald Trump as the president is a perfect
example of the popular narrative being so antipatriarchal that it is mind
boggling. The media was actually playing up the “not my president”
movement, which doesn’t even make sense. He is the president; he won,
that’s it, there is no opinion after the election.
In Russia and China, rising countries and rising powers, Trump is
respected and loved by the people. Those countries are on the upswing of
history and are growing more powerful. America, on the other hand, is on
the downswing, heading into decline, and Donald Trump was the strong
man chosen to clean up the mess. However, the popular narrative and
media in the USA are attacking the patriarchal ruler with all of their
female empowerment might. When a society is rising, it rises from
violence and patriarchy; when it falls it’s from pacifism and matriarchy.
Patriarchy has been the structure where men have ruled the family and
ruled society throughout history because men were the leaders and
protectors of their tribes against danger and were in charge of the survival
of the group against (1) the elements; (2) starvation and death by lack of
food; (3) violence or attacks by other tribes; (4) violence or attacks within
the tribe; (5) protection from predatory animals, lions, tigers and bears;
(6) they were the best hunters and later farmers and later workers in the
industrial age who made all the money and the women did all the house
work; (7) they were decisive and aggressive in making choices about what
to do next in the tribe; and (8) they did not have to leave their leadership
posts for child-rearing or family responsibilities as women have to if they
have to make the binary choice of family versus career. Both cannot be
done well, and women are struggling with this idea today in the modern
world by freezing their eggs until 40 so they can have a career and a late
“Men werent really the enemy—they were fellow victims suffering
from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel
unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill.”
Love it or hate it, patriarchy functioned for a long time in history,
especially when the tribe had its survival threatened.
Even today in the USA and Russia, I would argue that Donald Trump and
Vladimir Putin as rulers come from a population that is “feeling
threatened” in its own survival, so the population has chosen strong men
and rulers to be the patriarch of the tribe through hard times. When times
are good we want Mom in charge; when times are bad we want Dad to fix
our problems. Things are getting tough, so we have called out to our dads:
Putin and Trump to come in to fix the hard problems.
In the medieval days, the serfs, the working class, would work the land,
the forest, the mines, and the farms in exchange for protection from the
king or the lord. If a band of hostile
land, the serfs would flee into the keep
strong man king would protect them.
come from strong men in power who
from violence or other threats.
Vikings were to invade or raid the
or the castle for protection, and the
Survival in hard times has always
could physically protect the tribe
In an attempt to equalize the sexes and bring more power to women, I
would argue that we have completely marginalized the fathers of society.
Doing so has brought about some destructive side effects:
Statistics on the Effects of Missing Fathers in Society:
63% of children who commit suicide are from fatherless homes (US
Dept. Of Health/Census)—S times the average.
90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
—32 times the average.
85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from
fatherless homes—20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)
80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless home—14
times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, pp. 403-26)
71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes—9
times the average. (National Principals Association Report)
Father Factor in Education—Fatherless
drop out of school.
children are twice as likely to
Children with involved fathers are 40% less likely to repeat a grade in
Children with involved fathers are 70% less likely to drop out of
Children with involved fathers are more likely to get As in school.
Children with involved fathers are more likely to enjoy school and
engage in extracurricular activities.
75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from
fatherless homes—10 times the average.
Boys without fathers are more likely to end up in jail from lack of
discipline; fathers often must take the role of administering discipline in
the home. I have seen this firsthand in my own divorced family when my
mother kicked my father out. No one was left to discipline my younger
adult brother who would scream at my mother, not pay his rent, and fail to
pay his loans to her. If Dad was around, someone would be around to fight
Boys learn sexuality and how to treat women from their father. Those boys
who did not have a father at home did not have that sexual role model to
learn their sexuality and thus can struggle to establish their own
heterosexuality. Young men learn their sexuality from their father and
learn to treat women in the same way that their father treated their mother.
Boys without fathers have a harder time finding their footing in life. They
have no direct mentor who cares about them, and they don’t learn about
male tactical virtues such as strength, courage, mastery, or honor. These
are things that their father needs to teach them. If there were more fathers
in society left, I would not have to write this book, which is filling a gap
for fatherless men—myself included. I have a father, but a marginalized,
divorced father whom my mother banished from her home. I had to
struggle from age 17 until today to find mentors and have flown around
the world in the last 8 years hiring mentors, strong men around the world
to teach me to become a leader in my business and several of the skills I
should have learned from my father. This has cost me nearly $300,000 to
learn from successful men, but I have made millions since my investment.
The sad thing is, most men without good mentors will never make the
kinds of investments to seek mentorship as I have—I am an extreme
Coming back to the reigning strong man in the United States right now,
President Donald Trump, he started with a $1,000,000 loan from his
father, Fred Trump, a $100,000,000 man in his life. And some people,
weak people and dumb people, will claim that if they started with a
million dollars they would be able to do what Donald did to reach
multibillionaire status. I would argue strongly against that.
Fact: Wealthy families, 2"4 generation, has a 70% chance of
losing wealth
Fact: 3" generation, has a 90% chance of losing wealth
A wealth transfer from first to second generation wealth, so from Fred to
Donald, has a 70% chance of failing. Donald’s kids, Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric,
Tiffany, and Barron have a 90% chance of losing wealth, but I think
Donald and his wives have done a good job of raising their children. I
don’t think there will be a loss of wealth in the third generation of the
Trump family.
The point is this: the real value for Donald Trump was the mentorship he
received from his father, and Donald had to step out of his father’s shadow
and eclipse the empire that his father built. I would argue Donald has
eclipsed his father’s business into the luxury arena, a global brand, into
television and now as the president of the most powerful country in the
The popular media and the popular narrative in society hate this success.
They are jealous, they hate the strength, they hate masculine power, they
hate it when Trump tells the cold brutal truth like a man. This same hate is
the hate that has been destroying fathers since the 1960s. It’s a very
dangerous force and a dangerous emotion to have in our society, and it
destroys the basic fabric of society, which is the family.
“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
Girls without fathers are in an equally bad position or perhaps worse
position without fathers:
Father Factor in Child Abuse—Compared to living with both parents,
living in a single-parent home doubles the risk that a child will suffer
physical, emotional, or educational neglect. The overall rate of child abuse
and neglect in single-parent households is 27.3 children per 1,000, whereas
the rate of overall maltreatment in two-parent households is 15.5 per
Daughters of single parents without an involved father involved are 53%
more likely to marry as teenagers, 711% more likely to have children as
teenagers, 164% more likely to have a premarital birth, and 92% more
likely to get divorced themselves.
Adolescent girls raised in a two-parent home with involved fathers are
significantly less likely to be sexually active than girls raised without
involved fathers.
43% of US children live without their father. [US Department
Census |
90% of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes.
[US D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census]
80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless
homes. [Criminal Justice & Behaviour, Vol 14, pp. 403-26, 1978]
71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father. [U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services press release, Friday, March 26, 1999]
63% of children who commit suicide are from fatherless homes. [US
D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census]
85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders
fatherless homes. [Center for Disease Control]
90% of adolescent repeat arsonists live with only their mother. [Wray
Herbert, “Dousing the Kindlers,” Psychology Today, January, 1985, p.
71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. [National
Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools]
75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come
fatherless homes. [Rainbows for all God’s Children]
70% of juveniles in state operated institutions have no father. [US
Department of Justice, Special Report, Sept. 1988]
85% of youths in prisons grew up in a fatherless home. [Fulton
County Georgia jail populations, Texas Department of Corrections,
Fatherless boys and girls are twice as likely to drop out of high
school, twice as likely to end up in jail, and four times more likely to
need help for emotional or behavioral problems. [US D.H.H.S. news
release, March 26, 1999]
Girls without fathers face a myriad of problems in life. They statistically
are more likely to become strippers, prostitutes, sluts in school, or girls
with Daddy issues who either stay with an abusive guy or psychologically
seek a man to abuse them. Yes, that is a real thing. If women are abused
when they are young, they seek abuse later in life from their lover because
it’s normal to them. We all want normal. Girls without fathers are more
likely to be insecure women, women who are unable to keep a man, and
women who are unable to stay married.
These young girls and women raised without fathers usually have a greater
number of premarital sexual partners. When a woman reaches 15
premarital sexual partners, her chances of being able to have a stable
marriage drop precipitously as per the chart below:
Having a father in the home has major positive side effects, especially
when compared to the negative side effects that we have already explored
on boys and girls who do not have fathers. Homes that have fathers who
are at least present in the home have the following benefits:
Responsible fatherhood research literature generally supports the
claim that a loving and nurturing father improves outcomes for
children, families, and communities.
Women Who Have More Nonmarital Sexual
Partners Are Less Likely to Have Stable Marriages
29.70% 28.70% 29.61%
Number of lifetime nonmarital sexual partners
Marriage Partners Study.pdf
Children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely to
do well in school, have healthy self-esteem, exhibit empathy and
prosocial behavior, and avoid high-risk behaviors, such as drug use,
truancy, and criminal activity compared to children who have
uninvolved fathers.
Studies on parent-child relationships and child well-being show that
father love is an important factor in predicting the social, emotional,
and cognitive development and functioning of children and young
24 million children (34 percent) live absent from their biological
Nearly 20 million children (27 percent) live in single-parent homes.
43 percent of first marriages dissolve within 15 years; about 60
percent of divorcing couples have children; and approximately one
million children each year experience the divorce of their parents.
Fathers who live with their children are more likely to have a close,
enduring relationship with their children than those who do not.
Compared to children born within marriage, children born to
cohabiting parents are 3 times as likely to experience father absence,
and children born to unmarried, noncohabiting parents are 4 times as
likely to live in a father-absent home.
About 40 percent
their father at all
live in a different
living absent their
Children who live absent from their biological fathers are, on
average, at least 2-3 times more likely to be poor, to use drugs, to
experience educational, health, emotional, and behavioral problems,
of children in father-absent homes have not seen
during the past year; 26 percent of absent fathers
state than their children; and 50 percent of children
father have never set foot in their father’s home.
to be victims of child abuse, and to engage in criminal behavior than
their peers who live with their married, biological (or adoptive)
From 1995 to 2000, the proportion of children living in single-parent
homes slightly declined, while the proportion of children living with
two married parents remained stable.
In America, the world’s current empire and the Rome of today, there are
two major groups of men that are under major attack that are needed to be
present in their families and be the strong fathers that are required to build
a free and good society.
The first endangered species of men is the white Christian male. The white
Christian male is being systematically removed from the social discourse.
He was once very important in the decision-making in society. When
America was in its glory days, the white Christian male was very
prominent in society indeed. He was a majority, and I would argue that
America was made great and built on Christian and Judeo values.
The birth of the country and most of the good things that were produced in
America—such as automobiles, freedom of religion, strong families, a
strong military, strong religious morals, a well-defended functioning
democracy, computers, and the internet—made America the richest nation
on earth. Most of the innovation and initiatives came from white Christian
Today, white Christian males
are under attack and labeled as
xenophobes, Islamophobes, and any other severe label to marginalize this
group. This group used to be a powerful majority, and when it was a
powerful majority, America was a very strong empire in the period of
1945-1970. This group is now becoming an endangered minority, and it’s
also a group that has been getting screwed on several things since the
1950s, including families, jobs, money, retirement, power, and influence.
These people are frustrated, and many hail from the interior of the USA.
They represent a major group that came out to vote for Donald Trump, a
strong man, to save them from their problems. This is the group of
“deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton put it, but it’s also the group that built
America and is now being thrown into the trash bin.
The second group that American desperately needs right now is black men.
This group has an even worse deal than the white Christian males and
consists of the black men who are systematically being enslaved. Slavery
never left America; they just repackaged it and resold it under a different
name. Right now, the statistics on black male incarceration in the USA are
appalling. I don’t think that black males are bad men; the black population
in the USA has always received the worst deals from the American
government. America always tries to whitewash its very racist history, and
it likes to forget that America was a major supporter of the Nazis preWorld War II. The Bush family has been linked to helping Adolf Hitler
rise to power, just like the Bush family has been linked to helping the bin
Ladens in the 2000s. In the 1930s and 1940s, Adolf Hitler was celebrated
twice on the cover of Zime magazine and once as man of the year (kind of
like Barack Obama in 2012 was also man of the year). America is home of
the Ku Klux Klan, which still operates today. Ironically, though, the KKK
self-promotes on its website as a white male Christian protection group,
which is the other major group of men under attack. It is ironic to talk
about white Christian males, the KKK, and black males simultaneously
under attack in the same breath, but such is the state of society. Men in
general, white or black, are under attack in the USA.
Statistics of Incarcerated African-American Males
Researchers have been analyzing statistics on the incarceration
in the United States of African-American males as to age,
location, causes, and the impact on children. Approximately 12—
13% of the American population is African-American, but they
make up 35% of jail inmates, and 37% of prison inmates of the
2.2 million male inmates as of 2014 (U.S. Department of Justice,
2014). Census data for 2000 of the number and race of all
individuals incarcerated in the United States revealed a wide
racial disproportion of the incarcerated population in each state:
the proportion of blacks in prison populations exceeded the
proportion among state residents in twenty states.
According to the National Association for the Advancement of
Colored People (NAACP), African Americans constitute nearly
2.3 million of the total 6.8 million incarcerated population, and
have nearly six times the incarceration rate of whites. A 2013
study confirmed that black men were much more likely to be
arrested and incarcerated than white men, but also found that
this disparity disappeared
violence and IQ.
after accounting
for self-reported
https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Statistics_of_incarcerated_African-American_males
The black population in the United States has very discouraging statistics
when it comes
to crime, incarceration, drug use, family statistics, and
education. The deck is completely stacked against black people, as it has
always been throughout history in the USA.
The saddest part about the current system for the black men and fathers in
America is that when they enter the prison system, which is privately
owned and a for-profit system in the USA (this seems corrupt), criminals
in prison are stripped of their voting rights and are forced to work for
almost no pay. This is exactly the same as pre-Civil War slavery in which
black men could not vote and had to work for almost nothing, and
ironically were still bound in chains.
To destroy a group of people, simply destroy the men. This has been the
strategy throughout history in wars, kill the men, rape the women, enslave
the children.
We can see the same pattern happening today in the Western world—kill
the men (marginalize them), rape the women (women are giving
themselves away sexually for free these days due to female sexual
liberation), and enslave the children (children nowadays have a lesser
chance of economically succeeding than their parents). Give the children
worthless and meaningless “McJobs” for little purchasing power.
Minimum wage does not allow you to afford a two-bedroom apartment in
any state in the USA right now. Tell me this is not enslavement of the
children and future generations.
This trend must be reversed, and it starts with fixing the men and bringing
back the strong men.
A group of people, a tribe with strong men to protect them, can protect the
women and protect the children. But if the men are marginalized, dead,
imprisoned, or enslaved, the women and children are exposed. We are
seeing the exposure of women and children to the elements of survival
today, and it isn’t good for women and children.
In divorce, sex, children, or family law, men have absolutely no power.
Divorce today typically favors women over
custody, property, and money. The divorce
women could not work. The laws made sense
from being cast alone into the streets with no
of surviving.
men when it comes to child
laws are from a time when
back then to protect women
money, no skills, and no way
Today women are empowered, have careers, and many can make money
and earn more than their husbands, but the laws still favor women over
men when it comes to divorce. These prohibitive laws make young men
question if they should even get married. I myself am 31, have money,
own property, and severely question the legal and financial downsides and
risks of getting married. It certainly is not an incentive to take the risk on
something with a 50% failure rate and a potential loss of 70% of my
wealth at the whim and emotions of a woman.
Why should my existence and success in this world be tied to the emotions
of one irrational woman? This is a rational argument that many young men
are making today and opting out of women and families all together. Porn
and video games can fill most of the needs instead. To bring back families
and marriages these laws need to be reexamined and brought into the
reality of the modern world and the modern change in the balance of
male/female power.
Another unspoken factor with marriage and divorce is the fact that the
welfare system favors women over men as well. The welfare systems of
the Western world will typically pay per child, and women usually have
the custody of the children. In some ways, the welfare system has replaced
the need for men as a provider, whereas in the past women with children
were in dire need of a man to provide for them. Today there is no need for
men at all. Single women with children can be figuratively “married” to
the welfare system in lieu of marriage to man as a provider, and thus, if
they emotionally don’t like their husband or common-law boyfriend on a
bad day, they can divorce him, attack all his property, money, wealth, way
of life in perpetuity, take his kids, and then go to the welfare system for
survival. Women used to need men for survival. Now they have welfare for
I take business coaching from a company called E-myth created by a man
named Michael Gerber. Michael Gerber wrote the brilliant book on
entrepreneurship called the E-myth, but I found out that he doesn’t own his
company anymore because his wife took his company in the divorce. This
is madness! She can take the man’s life’s work just through the emotions
and whim of a divorce?
This scares me as an entrepreneur and makes me not want to be married.
Why would I risk my life’s work and my intellectual property on the whim
of a woman? How is it that divorce is allowed on merely the grounds of
emotional dissatisfaction?
In the prewelfare days, women needed to stay with men and work out the
marital problems because there was no welfare safety net to jump into if
they wanted to leave their husband. This made women really think about
divorce and splitting up the family because the downside and the risk to
the woman were real.
The major problem with the destruction of the family is the current
divorce rates that hover around 50%. As stated earlier, divorce destroys
70% of a family’s wealth and creates a multitude of problems for both
parents and children. We live in a divorce culture now where if we simply
don’t like our spouse anymore, we divorce them. If we find them unsexy
because they are fatter, older, or balder now, we divorce them. If they have
an affair we take no responsibility for lack of sexual connection and
instead divorce them. If they aren’t making enough money or make too
much money, we divorce them.
The answer to most marital problems is now divorce.
There is a piece of wisdom that says, “never take advice from someone
who doesn’t have what you want,” but a shockingly common practice
today is for people in relationships to take relationship advice from single
people. The single friend who can’t hold a relationship together says: “Get
a divorce.” The therapist who is single and hasn’t been on a date in 10
years says, “Get a divorce.” The message across the board from single
people to married people when times get hard is usually: “Break up, find
another person.”
The costs of acquiring a new marital partner are huge. Dating 1s expensive,
takes a long time, the courtship process 1s a pain in the neck, and if you are
older—30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90—the older you get, the harder dating gets.
Dating was fun in my 20s. I was young and dumb, and so was everyone
In my 30s, dating 1s a waste of time. The women left over who are my age
at 31 are (1) ugly; (2) fat; (3) if they are pretty they have a child from a
previous marriage or boyfriend that I do not want to look after; (4) have a
lot of mental problems from previous relationships; (5) are meaner to men
because they are jaded; (6) in a big hurry to get married and tie up a guy,
especially one with some money; (7) aggressive and want to know if you
are “in or out” right away (rightfully so, they are running out of time); (8)
aging horribly if they haven’t taken care of themselves; or (9) adopting all
sorts of masculine traits from having to survive on their own and make
their own money (some of these masculine energy women seem more like
men than women).
I imagine these problems compound over time the older you get. After her
divorce my mother received an extremely rude awakening at the realities
of dating as a woman at 50.
My mother used to be a “hot girl” when she was 18 and younger.
the alpha male athletes in high school and was pursued by the
hockey players in town. She was engaged several times and
been a prize back in the day. After she divorced my father, she
She dated
local NHL
must have
was in her
50s, had extra weight, short hair, and was entering the dating pool of men.
Women in a study by Match.com always find a man their age to be most
attractive until they reach 45. Beyond that, they always want a 45-year-old
man who is at the peak of his sexual value.
My mother was courted by men who were 60, 70, or even 80 years old!
This was a huge turnoff for her. She was also courted by men younger than
I was, who were 23 and wanting some “sexual experience” from an older
woman. The men her age (the peak sexual value of late forties) were (1)
happily married, (2) dead, (3) gay, or (4) chasing young 20-year old-girls
in a midlife crisis.
My mother didn’t do the sexual math prior to divorcing my father. My
father, on the other hand, is 6 foot 2, Swedish descent, handsome, in shape,
charming, and fun to be with. He immediately got a woman just like my
mother; in fact, his value in the dating market was very high in his late
forties. I would go for lunch with my father, and the 22-year-old waitress
would hit on him with his silver hair over me, a young man her age.
My father also “was a pilot” who would take his girlfriend flying in his
plane, and he owned a sailboat. It all seemed very romantic.
Since his divorce my father has been with the same woman exclusively for
more than a decade. This woman is almost identical to my mother, my
father’s long-term love. She is the same socioeconomic background, lives
in the same part of town where my mother lived, is a resource teacher like
my mother, has children like my mother, decorates her house in an
eclectic way like my mother, shops at the same stores as my mother, and,
ironically, bumps into my mother at teacher conferences.
My father was rejected from one reality for not providing enough money
and support to the family. But at his peak sexual value, he was able to
simply get another woman that he wanted and continued with his life
living out the same patterns he had before.
My mother, on the other hand, divorced my father, lost a lot of her wealth
and assets to him, has been single for 12 years, has tried dating but is
experiencing the cruel reality that women peak in sexual value at around
20 years old. In her late 40s, 50s, and now
60s, her sexual value has
dropped precipitously. A woman trying to date in her mid-40s and 50s
experiences the same dating hardships that a young man in his 20s faces—
she has little or no value in the sexual market. For a 20-something man,
the women his age want older, more established men. Women in their 40s
and 50s find that the men in their age pool want younger and more
beautiful women. Men increase in value from age 20 towards 45; women
decrease in value from age 20 towards 45.
Divorce is not good. No one really wins, except for lawyers and realtors,
who profit off disaster. It’s difficult to reverse a culture that has
mechanisms in place to support divorce like welfare and the divorce laws
that protect the economically weaker person to pillage the economically
stronger person imperviously with no penalty.
As I type this, it has been 12 years since my parents’ divorce, and part of
me sees the reality for what it is and accepts it. The other part of me
wishes they had just stuck it out and worked on their problems.
No one won, everyone lost, and this is how we live in this modern world of
divorce. Fifty percent of our families lose in every way, and I don’t think it
has to be this way. All it takes is a change in mindset to go back to the
values that we previously held in the ’40s, ’50s, and even the 60s.
Part of the issue with divorce today is that there is no support system for
marriage. Previously, churches and religions provided maintenance
systems for marriages, as well as access to a peer group of married
couples who gave the message “figure it out” or “fix it if it’s broken,”
instead of the current sea of single people saying, “Get a divorce.” But
with the decline of churches and religion and support systems for
marriages, the future does not look good for marriage statistics because
today’s culture is openly hostile to marriages through pop culture, adultery
websites like AshleyMadison.com that encourage cheating and even
Facebook, or Instagram or Tinder and other social media, where it’s easier
than ever to start an affair or get attention from the opposite sex.
Child support is another major part of divorce that men lose on in a big
bad way. Typically, men lose the children to the woman in a divorce or
separation, but they are expected to pay fully through child support. This
leaves a strange situation because the laws surrounding this practice were
originally intended for a time when women could not work, and these laws
were to protect an unworking woman stuck with the kids and to punish a
man who would cast his wife and family out into the streets.
The reality today is that women work, and women can abuse
maliciously hurt their ex-man, take the kids, and force him
years. These child-support policies also need to be reexamined
for the modern world if they are to persist with the current
attitudes around marriage and divorce today.
this law to
to pay for
and revised
culture and
The current laws also work to destroy the fabric of society. The nuclear
family with a mom, a dad, and a few kids is the basic atom of our society
and the fabric that makes up what we are as a nation and group of people.
Destroy the family, you destroy the nation. Destroy the father, you destroy
the family because the children, the next generation, end up living much
harder and baseless lives than necessary. The policies, laws, attitudes, and
general popular idea that “we don’t need Dad” or “Dad is unimportant” to
a family are false—dangerously false—but we live in a world that thinks it
doesn’t need a dad. This destroys our current youth and future youth,
which make up the future people of our country.
The weak men and weak ideas that we have prevalent in our societies
today come from an elimination of fathers, masculinity, and discipline
from the basic unit of society—the family. We now leave everything up to
the state: state-run day care, state-run schools, state-run prisons. The state
now serves as a figurative husband to single women with children living
off the welfare system. The state is so powerful and almighty that it has
become its own religion, its own god, eclipsing the religions that used to
provide proven paths on how to live a successful life.
These guideposts are gone now, and we will be entering hard times to try
to find the principles that have worked throughout history again at some
Source on Bush family and nazis: https://www.mondialisation.ca/the-bush-familyslinks-to-nazi-germany-a-famous-american-family-made-its-fortune-from-thenazis/55 12243
Source on American Nazis pre-World War IJ;
American Bund
“The strongest drug that exists for a human being is another
human being.”
The Mass Castration of Divine Masculine Power
n today’s world pornography is the mass castration of divine masculine
power. In Canadian prisons, the inmates are sometimes given “pizza
and porn nights.” Sometimes the public is outraged by this, but I can
see why the prison system would want to sedate the violent, hypermasculine, sexually frustrated, violent, and prison gay population in jails
I have heard that man produces upwards of 100,000,000 sperm a day.
Other numbers on sperm counts as per Google are: a fertile male human
ejaculates between 2 and 5 milliliters of semen (on average about a
teaspoon). In each milliliter there are normally about 100 million sperm.
If the concentration falls below 20 million sperm per milliliter, there is
usually some trouble with fertility.
Dr. Charles Lindemann’s Lab: Sperm Facts - Oakland University
When a man ejaculates, he expends tremendous
energy, sexual energy, and divine creative energy.
You can see the difference in the power of male masculinity and this
divine creative force in the difference between an ox and a bull. A bull is a
strong powerful male cow. He has huge horns, and you can see the
viciousness of a bull in bullfights and at rodeos with how powerful and
aggressive these animals are. A bull is usually the alpha male on the farm,
and his job is to impregnate as many females as possible. In short, his job
is to (1) fight other male cows for dominance and (2) fuck all the female
cows in the population. Very masculine, very dominant, very alpha.
When you cut the bull’s balls off—castrate him and take away his divine
masculine power—he becomes an ox. A big, sedated, easy-to-control
animal. A work animal, not aggressive and not much of a fighter, in fact,
not much of an anything. If the ox could play videogames and order pizza,
he would be living in his mother’s basement playing video games and
staying inside the house all day.
Such is the struggle of being a modern man. Bulls are dangerous and hard
to control; oxen are docile and easy to control. It’s no wonder that
pornography has crept into the popular culture for what I believe to be a
control mechanism over young men to keep them from rising 1n power.
Pornography, which is cheap, free, and abundant on any smart phone,
tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, 1s instant. There are no waiting times,
available in high-definition quality video, and there is literally an
unlimited amount of porn out there for free or nearly free, and a man could
literally die masturbating himself to death trying to watch it all or see
every girl—much like a rat in a cage pushing a button that hits his
dopamine receptors as much as possible until he drops dead from
exhaustion. Rats have self-stimulated themselves to death in studies, and
the modern man is just like the rat—masturbating into a hellish existence
on earth through mediocrity and lack of results. To live a life of
mediocrity is not much of a life at all. You might as well masturbate to
death like the rat!
In human history, powerful kings have had harems of up to a few hundred
women. Alexander the Great had over 450 concubines and several wives in
his different conquered city-states, which he renamed Alexandria. Yes,
Alexander named several cities “Alexandria” after himself; this was very
confusing to look at on a map.
A tribal king in the ancient world would have his wife or wives, then
several concubines. And as the ruler and the king, the alpha male, he
would naturally need guards to keep his concubines and wives safe. So the
king would castrate a few of his guards to make them eunuchs so they
would have no sexual drive to tamper with the women. Just like the alpha
male bulls and the oxen, the king would use castrated men to guard his
women so his seed and his sexual dominance could be enforced upon the
women of his harem and his guards could not be caught sampling “the
Today, with men masturbating into oblivion at no financial cost, what we
have is a mass daily minicastration or a minirape of these men, and the
results are devastating over the long term.
In Napoleon Hill’s legendary book Think and Grow Rich, there is a chapter
on sexual transmutation. To paraphrase Hill as an interviewer of the 500
richest men in the world in the early 1900s, all of the richest men in the
world at the time used a technique called sexual transmutation.
Transmutation is when you deny yourself sexual release and transmute the
desire for sex into money, results, and real power.
Sexual energy—specifically male sexual energy—is one of the most
powerful forces on the planet. It is man’s actionable energy, creative
energy, which allows a man to create like a god, command like a king, and
work like a slave to meet his goals and achieve his whims.
Turn Your Lust into Gifts
“When a man sees a beautiful woman it is natural for him to feel
energy in his body, which he usually interprets as sexual desire.
Rather than dispersing this energy in mental fantasy, a man should
learn to circulate his heightened energy. He should breathe fully,
circulating the energy fully throughout his body. He should treat
his heightened energy as a gift which could heal and rejuvenate his
body, and, through his service, heal the world. Through these
means, his desire is converted into fullness of heart. His lust is
converted into service. His desire is not converted by denying
sexual attraction, but by enjoying it fully, circulating it through his
body (without allowing it to stagnate as mental fantasy), and
returning it to the world, from his heart.”
Usually, the motivation behind sexual transmutation for a man is a woman,
usually the one woman he loves in his heart and mind—hopefully his wife
—but it could also be the “other woman.” A mistress.
Nonetheless, sexual transmutation is important, and I have personally used
sexual transmutation in my most successful times in my life. The first
time I practiced it, I made $42,000 in a week and wrote a book in 30 days.
This book and my previous book, 7he Close, have been written in the last
month by practicing sexual transmutation and celibacy. In the last 30 days,
I have produced over 200,000 words of text, in addition to running two
multimillion dollar companies, planning and executing a national speaking
tour, and managing several internet businesses, plus managing the buying
of one investment property per week.
That may sound impressive to you, it may not, but my production,
especially in the writing arena, is more output in one month than I have
produced in the last 5 years combined. The creative results I have achieved
in the writing arena are a result of saying “no” to random women and “no”
to pornography and keeping my sexual energy to be used on my own
creative and constructive endeavors.
As the famous saying goes:
Create like a god,
Command like a king,
Work like a slave.
If you are masturbating into oblivion and blowing your load every day or
twice a day, you, sir, are an ox and not a bull.
You will instead:
Create nothing,
Command nothing,|
Do nothing,
And be nothing.
You need to have your balls to do things that require balls, which is most
things that are adventurous, dangerous, risky, or exciting in life. The work
of a man is usually dangerous and filled with risk—it takes balls. Don’t
waste your own balls for pleasure; instead, save your balls for the danger,
the risk, the battle, and the adventure.
Ejaculation Should Be Converted or Consciously Chosen
“There are many physical and spiritual reasons why ejaculation
should be converted into non-ejaculatory whole body, brain, and
heart orgasms. But there are also relational reasons. When a man
has no control over his ejaculation, he cannot meet his woman
sexually or emotionally. She knows she can deplete him, weaken
him, empty him of life force. She has won. When a man ejaculates
easily, he creates ongoing distrust in his woman. At a subtle level,
she feels he cannot be trusted. She, and the world, can deplete and
depolarize him easily. This subtle distrust will pervade the
relationship. She will not only doubt him, but actually act to
undermine his actions in the world. By undermining him she
demonstrates and tests his weakness, but she also hopes that
through such tests he can learn to remain full.”
Men have accomplished tremendous feats, explored the earth, gone into
space, created the atom bomb, the cure for polio, split the atom, created
massive bodies of work and literature, built skyscrapers, sea vessels,
submarines, invented cars, combustible engines, 1on batteries, computers,
the internet, and I would wager all of my money and wealth today to say
that those men did it all for a woman (or gay boyfriend) whom they loved.
If You Don’t Know Your Purpose, Discover It, Now
“Without a conscious life-purpose a man is totally lost, drifting,
adapting to events rather than creating events. Without knowing his
life-purpose a man lives a weakened, impotent existence, perhaps
eventually becoming even sexually impotent, or prone to
mechanical and disinterested sex.”
All divine creation, all invention, all innovation—it was all to have an
orgasm with a woman. The original burst of energy that creates life. The
divine masculine energy that is the seed required to create life and other
Women have tremendous power in the world because of their sacred lifegiving energy and ability to create life. But the masculine side is powerful
as well.
I have given great thought to this and some points on masculine sexual
1) Women can have sex even when they are not necessarily
aroused or “turned on.” They have a vagina, which gets wet
or not, but sex is still possible. Because of this, women can
be violated, raped, or penetrated by a man even if they
aren’t interested.
2) A man must have an erection and choose a woman to have an
orgasm. If he doesn’t find a woman sexy, there is no sex;
his impotence will render sex impossible. This is the
reversal of a woman, where she can be chosen or raped
violently by a man’s erection.
3) If a man isn’t into the woman, there will be no erection and
thus no orgasm.
4) If a man isn’t into the woman, he won’t even get fully hard.
5) A man usually ejaculates if he likes the woman enough; if he
doesn’t like her, he won’t ejaculate.
6) A woman may or may not have an orgasm; it’s up to her
mentally and emotionally to handle that, and the man must
last long enough and be present enough for her to reach
8) The male orgasm nearly always happens; the female orgasm
is optional
Everything I have written above 1s modern sexual protocol and especially
from the world of casual “hookup” culture. But it’s interesting to note that
(1) the woman must choose the man to have sex, but (2) the man must
choose the woman to get an erection.
“What is sexual is what gives a man an erection ... If there is no
inequality, no violation, no dominance, no force, there is no sexual
If the man has been masturbating all day, watching too much porn, and has
a million young porn stars in his brain who are all hotter than the girl he is
with, there is no chance of an erection. In fact, he probably isn’t even
going to call a woman, talk to a woman, or go out. He’s going to order
pizza, stay home in Mom’s basement, and play his video games.
This is a violation of sexual transmutation and creative energy.
The man described above cannot invent anything, he has no
energy stored, and he can’t be effective in his work or serve
purpose. He can’t love his woman and has no energy to protect or
family. The base energy that makes him a strong virile man
robbed by himself.
As with all addictions and all sins, sins are
sacred book that relies on you to believe
simply because they are stated in the book.
logic and reason and results. I present the
make your own decisions and come to your
his life
love his
is gone,
a waste of energy. This is not a
my arguments on blind “faith”
This is a secular book based on
logical arguments, and you can
The sins of the world across all religions are simply a waste of energy that
deplete your limited creative life force on stupid things such as lust,
gluttony, greed, pride, wrath, sloth, and envy. They zap your life of its
energy and will bring you closer to death. Sins bring you closer to death,
but virtues bring you closer to life. In each choice we make each day, we
must choose between life or death.
“It is better to waste your seed in the belly of a whore than to
waste in thine own hand.”
Start thinking of yourself like a battery with a limited amount of energy, a
limited number of heartbeats. I have heard arguments for an unlimited
amount of energy and unlimited amount of heartbeats, but that seems
unlikely because we will all die one day. No human is immortal. We all
have a lifespan, much like a battery.
“Do not act as ifyou were going to live ten thousand years. Death
hangs over you. While you live, while it is in your power, be good.”
Do you have a limited number of orgasms? Some would argue that you do.
You will die at some point. Your time is limited by an unknown fixed point
in the future. Between now and the point of death, you have a limited
number of orgasms.
A limited number of breaths.
A limited number of heartbeats.
A limited number of shits.
And in the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, by Mark Manson,
you also have only a limited number of “fucks” to give.
Don’t waste your finite time and energy on this planet masturbating in
your Mom’s basement!
When I was 12, I used to stay up and watch the 18+ shows on late night
TV. Of course, the Howard Stern TV show was on one of the channels on
late at night, and in the 1990s Howard Stern was a challenging public
figure who liked to stir things up and create controversy. Today, nearly 30
years later, he is tame by today’s standards.
Howard Stern made a little side show
trivia, where two degenerate men would
trivia questions. These questions were
guy was in which scene of which movie,
called “porn jeopardy,” or porn
compete to answer the most porn
very specific about which girl or
Now this was the ’90s, when porn was hard to get. If you wanted to watch
porn in the ’90s, you had to get in your car late at night, drive down to the
porno store, walk in, risk your neighbor seeing you in the seedy store, pick
out a movie, stare down the girl who works at the store, let her judge you
on what you are renting, hand her $5 for the movie rental, drive home with
your movie in a brown paper bag, and pop that VHS tape into your VCR,
watch the video, then return it the next day in broad daylight hoping no
one will see you. A great effort compared to the instant, free, easy access
to porn today.
This was a major effort back then compared to the modern world of porn
where you can have 482,000,000 results delivered in 0.27 seconds that
Google offers you on your smartphone at any time of day. (I actually typed
the word “porn” into Google while typing out this book to see how many
results would come and how fast).
So these two men are playing porn trivia, and of course one of them works
in a porno store. He answers every question and wins the gameshow hands
down. The other guy answered roughly a third of the questions correctly.
At the end of the game show, Howard Stern congratulated the winner of
porn trivia, and then he paused for a moment
and said, “No, actually,
you’re a major loser for knowing all the answers to porn trivia!”
Howard was right!
This guy in the 1990s was a major degenerate, and had his 15 minutes of
fame on cable television.
In the ’90s the porn aficionado would have been called a pervert, a weirdo,
a degenerate, or any number of names.
My mother used to warn me against watching porn, claiming that it was
for “weirdos and sickos who couldn’t have real relationships with
women.” The porn epidemic has made it hard for men to have real
relationships with women and has made men opt out. I’m 31, unmarried,
and don’t have a relationship with a woman at the time of writing. I
probably fit into the “weirdo and sicko” category as my mother explained
it, someone who “can’t have a real relationship with women.”
My mother was absolutely right.
Today, I would argue that a vast majority of men consume so much
pornography that they could probably win porn jeopardy because porn is
fast and free today. Anyone can get it in seconds with no cost. We are now
a society of perverts, weirdos, and degenerates.
has seeped into the female culture too with books like Fifty Shades of
being a #1 best seller. This is a real testament to the intelligence
of most women now (the book is written at a roughly grade 7 level
I tested an excerpt online for reading level). Here were the results:
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
Gunning Fog Index
Coleman-Liau Index
SMOG Index
Automated Readability Index
Average Grade Level
If the majority of men are porn-addicted perverts with porn in their
pockets by virtue of a smartphone and books for women like Fifty Shades
of Grey top the bestseller list when it is full of sadomasochism, bondage,
butt plugs, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, and a myriad of other pieces of
kink delivered at an accessible grade 7 level at every library, airport, and
bookstore in the world for young girls, what is going to happen next?
I fear to even peek into the future.
The Romans in their decline had legendary feasts in which the population
would eat until they were full, force themselves to vomit, and then eat
some more. In modern-eating contests, eating until you puke and then
continuing to eat is aptly called “Roman rules.” The ancient Romans
would have a roman orgy, where men and women would just turn into a
massive ball of bodies having sex in every which way.
This was the decline of the once intolerant empire that had become
tolerant. The Romans had become amoral and weak in their decline. Then
the violent barbarians came from the North, an intolerant warrior society,
who stormed the gates of the once world powerful empire and slaughtered
the Romans, and that was it for Rome. The orgy and expense of sexual
energy ended in blood and a reign of massive destruction.
Tolerant societies are usually violently taken or enslaved by intolerant
societies at some point; such are the cycles of history.
Just like the ox, men today are giving up their sacred sexual energy
through porn, which satiates the hunger of a man, the hunger, the drive to
succeed. Too many men nowadays are settling for less, saying, “It’s good
enough for me.”
The minimalism movement is a derivative of the “good enough for me”
The tiny house movement (which are not tiny houses, but trailers) is a
“good enough for me attitude.”
This is an opt out of power, wealth, and success that men need to have to
be men. I’m not saying you should be the most powerful man in the world
or the richest man in the world, but I believe you should always be pushing
for your potential in those areas and opting in to competition and avoiding
giving up.
It’s unmanly to opt out or give up.
A man has to try, try, and try again.
“Forward, forward and forward some more!”
The waste of male sexual energy en masse today not only blocks the
ability to “try” but also blocks the ability to “think and grow rich,” as
Napoleon Hill has titled his masterpiece on building wealth and success in
a man’s life.
“Thinking is the hardest work of all and that is why few people do
Thinking truly is hard work, and most men go through their entire lives
without stopping to think about anything.
“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly
in a room alone.”
The greatest innovations in my life have come from periods of my ability
to sit still. Some men meditate, some pray, some slip into states of
semiconsciousness. I practice fasting. Whatever you do to sit still in a
room and do nothing allows you to think and access the “infinite
intelligence” of the universe, as Napoleon Hill calls it, or God, as the
religions of the world would call it. Porn and wasting your sexual energy
disrupt the energy needed to connect your mind to the spiritual realm to
think and create, and that can only come from sitting still in a room alone.
All great leaders and innovators have had their great inventions come from
periods of sitting in a room alone.
Robert Kiyosaki wrote his hit book, the #1 personal finance book of all
time, Rich Dad Poor Dad, alone in a cabin with nothing but a Macintosh
computer, a tape recorder, and scraps of paper.
Bill Gates planned Microsoft alone in a hotel room with 6 yellow notepads
on which to scribble his thoughts.
50 Cent turned his life around in prison, got his rap career together, made
a decision to get out of drug dealing, and resolved to “get rich or die
trying” by being alone in a jail cell.
Hitler wrote his manifesto in prison and became
visionary while sitting alone in prison.
a great orator and
Nelson Mandela achieved his great work in prison.
Jordan Belfort wrote The Wolf of Wall Street in prison, arguably his best
work of his life. It relaunched his tarnished, broken, and failed career.
Newton discovered gravity alone on his mother’s land after he fled the city
due to a plague that was sweeping the land.
Moses came down from the mountain after 40 days of fasting with the Ten
Commandments straight from mouth of God.
I wrote my previous book The Close: 7 Level Selling in 4 days in Costa
Rica after an 18-day fast and solitude in the jungle.
The list can go on and on forever, but this divine creative energy cannot be
accessed if you are blowing your load every day worshipping the
goddesses of porn and mopping his seeds of creation off your belly every
The religions of the world agree that a man should live in one of two ways:
(1) single and celibate or (2) married.
A single and celibate man can save his sexual energy and pour it into his
craft, his purpose, his endeavors, become a success and attract the woman
of his dreams.
A married man can practice sexual transmutation and the battery effect
with his wife in which love and sex, when mixed, will energize a man, heal
his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds and energize him to
push further into his purpose.
The Three Purposes of Sex
Our sexual center has three potential purposes or functions:
1. Generation (Procreation)
2. Regeneration (Health Creation)
3. Spiritualization (Immortality)
Paschal Beverly Randolph MD was perhaps the most prolific
writer on this subject and termed the spiritualized sex teachings
“the Mysteries of Eulis,” as
Immortality of Love. Freeman
outlined in his book, The
B. Dowd, a student of Dr.
Randolph, summarized the esoteric nature of the sexual forces
this way:
“The creative power of man is due to the sexual nature, from
whence his being is derived... The energy of the soul pours
through the sex nature, and the volume of energy is in proportion
to the capacity of the nature through which it flows, being drawn
from the limitless ocean of energy with which the soul is
connected.” (Regeneration)
The Law of Exchange: Criteria for the One Flesh Union
To obtain the Regeneration and Spiritualization benefits
described above, specific aspects of the sexual embrace must be
met. These criteria include both a physical component and the
emotional (love) intent.
The physical component of the One Flesh Union requires that
intercourse be carried out as God designed: with the male organ
in the vagina of his mate at the time of orgasm, with nothing to
prevent or compromise the exchange of the physical fluids and
resultant spiritual energy that occur during climax. Within the
male and female sexual fluids exist hormones and_ natural
chemicals beneficial to the physical and emotional stability of
both individuals. It is as if the husband and wife were each poles
of a battery and their fluids were the electrolytes that permit the
transmission of energy produced between them.
Science is beginning to confirm the importance of the direct
Physical exchange of male and female fluids during sexual
intercourse. A study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior (2002
June 31(3):289-93) demonstrated that the women who were
directly exposed to semen
during intercourse
interference from condoms) were less likely to be depressed. The
researchers in this study concluded that such a response is due
to the mood-altering hormones in semen that are absorbed
through the vagina.
It is essential that nothing in the sexual embrace prevent this
mutual fluid exchange from taking place in the vagina because
Regeneration and Spiritualization cannot take place without this
exchange any more than a battery can function without its
electrolytes. Any sexual practice that excludes this exchange
diminishes our spiritual potential and loss of soul energy. Such
but are
to, condoms,
masturbation, oral sex, anal sex and (the pullout method).
Both the Old and New Testament biblical writers tried to instruct
the people of their time period concerning the importance of the
law of sexual exchange.
From http://www.soul.org/teachings/sex
If a man can obey the sexual laws of either (1) single and celibate, or (2)
married and in love, he can unlock the vast spiritual power, creative
power, and regenerative powers and become much stronger at an
exponential multiplier than he is alone.
A metaphor used to describe the synergy of men and women who are
married and working together as partners says that “two oxen equally
yoked is equal to 12.” The two become one flesh and synergistically
powerful where | + 1 does not equal 2. Instead 1 + 1 = 12. That is the
power of synergy and unlocking spiritual power through the proper use of
As a business coach, I know from firsthand experience that married men
with children always perform better than single men, single women, two
male business partners, or any other configuration of people in setting up
and growing a business. Married women with kids are also very powerful,
but they usually play the feminine role of wife and mother and send their
husbands in for business coaching or play a support role to him.
Divorced or single women forced into the masculine role will coach with
me, but my clients with the most power to draw on are always married
men with kids because of the reasons outlined above. Spiritual power and
sexual power are what allow man to transcend his physical power and
accomplish amazing feats that are unthinkable or impossible.
“Who you marry, which is the ultimate partnership, is enormously
important in determining the happiness in your life and your
Buffett told Forbes that his first wife Susan Buffett was one of
his “greatest teachers,” along with his late father Howard and
late mentor Benjamin Graham.
“The most important person by far in that respect is your
spouse,” said Buffett in a conversation with Bill Gates earlier
this year. “J cant overemphasize how important that is.’’Buffett
and Susan were married until Susan passed away in 2004.
Notably, she was the 17th richest woman in the world, worked as
a director for Berkshire Hathaway and served as the Buffett
Foundation ‘s president.
Buffett remarried in 2006 when he wed longtime friend Astrid
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett believes that making
money means nothing without having another person, such as a
spouse, to share the wealth with, according to a recent interview
with Forbes.
“It's much more fun achieving things in life with a partner,
it,” Buffett,
87, recently
told the
magazine. “It’s really a huge advantage from a_ personal
standpoint to have a wonderful partner.” “That's true obviously
in marriage, I mean that’s the most important decision that you
make,” he added. “Who you marry, which is the ultimate
partnership, is enormously important in determining the
happiness in your life and your success and I was lucky in that
respect.”’And there is scientific research to back up Buffett's
advice. A study published by Carnegie Mellon University found
that people with supportive spouses are “more likely to give
themselves the chance to succeed.” “There were two turning
points in my life,” Buffett said in the HBO documentary
“Becoming Warren Buffett.” “One when I came out of the womb
and one when I met Susie,” as he called Susan.
The two met when Susan was going to be rooming with Buffett's
youngest sister as a college student at Northwestern University,
she says in an old video clip shared in the documentary.
“So I walk into their house, [Warren] was sitting in this chair
and he made some sarcastic quip,” she recalled. “So I made one
back. I thought, ‘Who is this jerk?’” Buffett told Forbes that
Susan taught him a lot about investing. He also credits Susan
with teaching him to open himself up to the world emotionally.
“I just got very, very, very lucky. I was a lopsided person,’
Buffett said in the documentary. “And it took a while, but she just
stood there with a little watering can and just nourished me
along and changed me.” Though you may not have a choice in
determining how you were born and raised, Buffett said, “You
have something to say about who you marry.”
https://wwwcnbe.com/2017/10/02/warren-buffett-says-this-partnership-will-determine-yoursuccess. html
Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men, has been long married to his
wife, Melinda Gates.
On the flip side, divorce doesn’t just take 50% of your wealth. Divorce
usually destroys 70% of your wealth and also your mental, physical,
emotional, and spiritual self.
A divorce can rob you of all your momentum in life, your purpose, your
business, your company, your children, your family and drag out for 5, 10,
or even 20 years after the marriage separates.
I know several men who had divorces last longer than their marriages.
That is why Buffet, Gates, and Bezos, three of the world’s richest men,
would all say “marry the right person.”
“Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of
trying to be the right person.”’”’
The two ways for a man to live sexually are (1) single
married and in love. This is so important to a man’s
early 1900s the government tried to outlaw bachelors.
men—were responsible for all the drinking, whoring,
and celibate, or (2)
success that in the
gambling, fighting,
violence, rapes, stealing, and crimes. Thus, the government tried to outlaw
Bachelors do not produce as much as married men and usually get into
trouble because of their vices. Throughout history and across cultures, up
until the 1950s when teenagers were invented (as they are an American
post—World War II invention), both men and women went from living with
their parents straight to marriage. There was no perilous middle period of
bachelorhood in which men get perpetually stuck.
Where are all these sexual trends for young men going?
I recently read a collection of articles online that illustrated the utter
destruction of love, virtue, and the proper use of sex. Pornography is now
so rampant and so available that young teenagers, even tweens, like 12year-olds and younger, are watching hardcore porn on their smartphones.
They aren’t just watching softcore porn. They are watching hardcore
gangbangs, anal, BDSM, and crazy things that no 12-year-old could, or
should, ever imagine.
This exposure is nothing but pure evil, and this type of content was never
intended for 12-year-old children. If an adult male was to expose a 12year-old to that kind of content, he would be thrown in jail as a sex
criminal. Why aren’t the companies who expose such content online to
children not treated as sex criminals then? This is wrong on every level,
and nothing good can come from it.
When I was 12 in the 1990s, you would be lucky to get a peck on the cheek
or a little kiss from a girl. According to the collection of articles that are
coming out today on various blogs, young girls who are 12 are now
bartering with young boys, and they are trading blowjobs for their first
This is not the Cinderella story, the Snow White story, or the Beauty and
the Beast story that Walt Disney sold to the little girls. No one is singing
“someday my prince will come” in this scene. Cinderella didn’t blow the
prince for a kiss! But this is where we are today—hardcore penetration of
an orifice in exchange for your first kiss.
Pure evil.
When I read this, my heart broke. It seemed evil and twisted for a young
12-year-old boy to broker a blowjob done in advance, just so that an
innocent little girl could get her first kiss. A kiss is innocent; little girls
want their first kiss. It’s fun, it’s cute.
A blowjob is explicitly adult—it’s sex, it’s penetration,
Those are two incompatible ideas for a first exchange.
it’s hardcore.
But such things are real today; the little girls and the little boys all have
hardcore porn, and sex is no longer sacred. This is fatally damaging for the
fabric of society from the most basic level, and my heart breaks to hear
that this is the level we have degraded to.
“Someone has to be on top, why not you?”
“ ri’KR
Communist until you get rich
Feminist until you get married
Atheist until the plane starts to crash
To Keep Man from Returning to Cannibalism
“The lucky ones died in the blasts. They were spared the fate of
starvation, cannibalism, rape and slaughter. Where a man could
be killed over half-eaten can of corn.”
“Until relatively recently, and with a very few exceptions,
cannibalism would have been regarded as anything but normal. As
a result, until the last two decades of the 20th century, few
scientists spent time studying a topic thought to have little, if any,
biological significance. Basically, the party line was that
cannibalism, when it did occur, was either the result of starvation
to the stresses related to captive conditions. It was as simple as
that. Or so we thought.”
ithout an organized system or a way to live, man would degrade
into an emotional mess of robbing, raping, killing bands of
cannibals. Man needs religion to avoid degenerating backwards to
a cannibal, which has happened several times throughout history,
especially in hard times when men have eaten their dead for survival.
Without religion, man cannot govern himself or delineate the boundaries
in his daily life.
Religion has always played an important role in governing man, training
his spirit, and bringing the tribes together. In fact, I would argue after
studying humanity and the great inventions we have created—cars,
spaceships, the internet, medicine, computers,
irrigation systems,
vitamins, vaccines, and any number of scientific inventions—the greatest
invention to mankind is written religion. Without the base values of
written religion, man is unable to form the base of society to allow for the
other inventions to grow. If man cannot get past fighting in the mud and
warring with his neighbors, he will never go to space. Religion is the
fundamental base of civilization and holds man accountable for his
actions. Religion was the base of the modern legal system and how we
build our entire civilization around a set of values and a way to live.
As I mentioned earlier in this book, religion and governmental power
systems go hand in hand. City-states Bc. in ancient Greece or the Viking
tribes were pagans with several gods because the power of their city-states
was decentralized with several chiefs and several leaders.
Next came the empire, which was seen in Rome, and paganism fell away
to monotheism—specifically Christianity, one god to rule them all.
When the empires get so powerful and so large, totalitarianism sets in, and
then we see movements like the Nazis, Communist Russia, and Imperial
Japan, where the state is all powerful and the state becomes its own
Men are now atheists in totalitarianism and are severed from practicing
the spiritual realm as a new form of control over the population and
keeping men from accessing their true power and growth through the
Atheism is a form of weakness: if the spiritual realm were a road and you
needed to choose a religion to drive down the road, you have several
options to move from point A to point B. You can choose to be a Christian,
a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim,
a Buddhist, or any religion of the world to
explore your spirit, the spiritual realm, how the universe works, and get
down the road quickly and safely. The trouble with atheism as a religion is
that it takes the energy of belief to be an atheist, but there are literally zero
benefits to exploration of the spiritual realm. When you study the 100
richest people in the world, and yes, making money is a spiritual endeavor,
25% of them are Jewish, even though only 0.6% of the world’s population
is Jewish. Several wealthy and rich people are Christians or practice some
other form of religion to explore the spiritual realm.
If you choose to opt out of the spiritual realm, you will receive little or no
benefit or power from the spiritual realm. Man is four parts: mental,
physical, emotional, and spiritual. The spiritual realm is the way for man
to connect his finite self to the infinite. I chose to opt out of spirituality for
many years at the popular suggestion of “science” and the junk philosophy
served in the modern school system and universities. Through this popular
ideology, I became an atheist because science could not prove that there
was a God or even a spiritual realm. During this time when I followed the
atheist belief system, I enjoyed the least power and success in my life.
Studying the spiritual realm through organized study and practice or
religion has brought me greater power and success in my life, just as
countless men have had success with an organized way to study God
throughout history. The spiritual realm is infinite, and it is the most
powerful of the four realms of a human being. The physical realm is
flawed, temporary, and limited. The emotional realm is deceiving, finite,
and often crippling. The mental realm relies on reason and logic and is
also finite in its own limitations—Napoleon Hill calls this synthetic
intelligence, which is limited in power. But the spiritual realm is unlimited
in power, unlimited in reach, unlimited in access, and where man draws
his infinite power from if he learns to access it.
Napoleon Hill calls this “infinite intelligence,” and it is the divine ability
to create.
Man is the only animal on this earth with the ability to create like a God;
no other animal can do that. Infinite intelligence is another word for God;
it is the collective intelligence that binds all thoughts and binds all things
together. Some people call this the universe, a secular name for God. It is
much harder to have a relationship with an abstract like “the universe”
than to have a relationship with a personified entity like God.
“FAITH is the only agency through which the cosmic force of
Infinite Intelligence can be harnessed and used by man.”
To be an atheist is to eviscerate and disconnect yourself from the most
powerful realm—the spiritual realm—and you will be limited in every
way. You will be ruled by fear because you will be limited in faith. Faith is
the ability to leap logic and see the unseen. It is where all creative power
comes from, and if you deny the spiritual realm, you will be only a
fraction of the man you would have been by embracing the power of the
“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement
of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”
To understand the practical power of religion, after the fall of Rome, a
monotheistic empire, to the barbarians, Rome fell backwards into a
collection of city-states.
It was Charlemagne who began to reunite the tribal city-states, and he did
it with religion. In the Dark Ages, religion became corrupt because of
human nature, as all large human organizations eventually become corrupt
with so much money and power. The continental European population was
illiterate, and there were no books or copies of the Bible to read. The
Roman Catholic Church became ultrapowerful, keepers of the written
word, and modified
the translations
of the biblical text to serve their
means. However, the Roman Catholic Church was masterful at uniting the
tribes through religion and promises of heaven. Most importantly, the
church showed the people how to live prosperous and productive lives.
In the 16" century, a man named Martin Luther proliferated the printing
press and began to print his ideas and Bibles for the first time. The people
had never been able to read the words of God or a Bible, as books were so
This lead to the Renaissance and the rebirth of Europe.
After the rebirth, Europe entered into a series of technological and social
leaps, and it was because the average man could now read the written word
of God for the first time.
The barbaric British tribes who had fought back the mighty Roman legions
had become civilized. As civilized Britons, they were raided in the Dark
Ages by the Northmen—the
Vikings—fierce warriors who were
unstoppable at the time with their high-tech ships and navigation abilities.
However, it was the Christ-god and religion that sacked the Vikings, not
muscles and war. The Viking kings decided to convert to Christianity for
trade purposes and to unite their own warring pagan tribes into bigger
The pattern being drawn here is that organized religion civilizes man, and
civilization is the mass control of individual human emotions.
Civilization is good, we love civilization, without civilization we would be
primitive apes fighting and digging in the mud to survive.
You may love or hate religion, but what you must not deny is the
usefulness and ability to civilize man into a useful group of people and in
giving man a portal into the infinite intelligence and the divine creative
energy that he needs to survive and thrive in this world.
Infinite Intelligence vs. Synthetic Intelligence.
I quote Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich in this part of the book
frequently because he is able to bridge the gap between the sacred and
To speak of the spiritual realm in a purely sacred way falls on deaf ears
with a secular audience, and to speak of it in a secular way doesn’t really
capture the essence of the message. Such is the challenge of discussing
religion and spirituality with anyone.
To make things simple, man has access to only two types of intelligence:
1) Synthetic intelligence, and
2) Infinite intelligence
Synthetic intelligence comes from already known facts, logic, other
people’s work, and the things that man can see and sense in his immediate
Infinite intelligence works in a completely different way. Infinite
intelligence 1s where man can tap into the infinite minds and infinite
intelligence that exist outside of his own mind. You might have
experienced infinite intelligence when you are in the shower in the
morning and have a brilliant thought, or maybe first thing out of bed in the
morning you have a great idea. When you sleep and dream, you might be
accessing infinite intelligence, or last thing before bed at night while you
are falling asleep, your mind can access infinite intelligence. Infinite
intelligence is responsible for the “eureka” moments when man becomes
brilliant and makes game-changing discoveries.
Nearly every great man in history who has created something, invented
something, or has become a great success inside and outside of the world
of money has used infinite intelligence to his advantage.
Another word for infinite intelligence is God. People who have a
relationship with God through prayer, organized religion, or church can
access infinite intelligence much easier than people who fail to practice
some form of religion. I make the argument that (1) religion is important
for organizing large groups of people and instructing them on how to live
productive harmonious lives, and (2) religion is important to man as an
individual to access infinite intelligence and reach its full spiritual power,
creativeness, and potential in his life purpose. A man is not a man without
command and mastery over the spiritual realm.
To be an atheist and deny the acknowledgment of the spiritual laws and the
spiritual realm is an expensive choice for yourself as a man and your
I encourage you with every fiber of my being to explore the spiritual realm
through a religion to connect to the divine intelligence that gave you and
all things on this planet life.
Man claims that he knows how the world works through science, but
science 1s primitive because we still cannot create life. Sure, we can clone
animals and build GMO foods, but we cannot create life from scratch.
Life always has to come from a synthesis, something else that was
divinely created, which we still don’t know how to create. Although we are
intelligent, we are not gods yet relying on our synesthetic intelligence and
science to guide us. Only when man can create life from scratch without
any synthesis of other cells or living things will we have reached the true
level of the gods.
Science will always be a form of primitive synthetic intelligence in the
face of the divine powers of infinite intelligence. To think that science has
all the answers today is an ignorant thought.
Science is limited to a synthesis of published past knowledge and data.
Infinite intelligence can shape the future, regardless of past data, and bend
the future to man’s will.
In the past thirty days I have written over 200,000 words, this book, and
my previous publication The Close: 7 Level Selling by using the powers of
infinite intelligence. The words in these books are pouring out of me with
very little revision. To unlock your full power as a man and be a man who
fully lives to his potential and lives his purpose, you must learn to
communicate and work with infinite intelligence in your life to become
the man you were born to be.
Power and the Invisible World
“Fetch me a fruit of the Banyan tree.”
“Here 1s one, sit.”
“Break it.”
“T have broken it, sir.”
“What do you see?”
“Very tiny seeds, sir.”
“Break one.”
“T have broken it, sir.”
“What do you see now?”
“Nothing, sir.”
“My son,’ the father said,
“what you do not perceive is the essence, and in that essence the
mighty banyan tree exists. Believe me, my son, in that essence is
the self of all that is. That is the True ....”
Chandogya Upanishad, vi, 13
Inside the invisible essence of the seed is the power of infinite
intelligence. How does the seed know to become a tree? Such is the power
of the spiritual realm and the encoded plans for seeds to become trees,
sperm to become babies, and eggs to become birds. We can synthetically
replicate these life-creations in labs today, but we still cannot create life
from scratch. We are limited in our powers and our knowledge, but the
spiritual is truly infinite.
Money, the Economic Genocide of the Middle Class
It’s a great brainwashing process, which goes very slow[ly] and
is divided [into] four basic stages. The first one [is]
demoralization; it takes from 15—20 years to demoralize a nation.
Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of
years which [is required] to educate one generation of students in
the country of your enemy, exposed to the ideology of the enemy.
In other words, Marxist-Leninist ideology is being pumped into
the soft heads of at least three generations of American students,
without being challenged, or counter-balanced by the basic
values of Americanism (American patriotism).
The result? The result you can see. Most of the people who
graduated in the sixties (drop-outs or half-baked intellectuals)
are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil
service, business, mass media, [and the] educational system. You
are stuck with them. You cannot get rid of them. They are
contaminated, they are programmed to think and react to certain
stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their mind[s],
even if you expose them to authentic information, even if you
prove that white is white and black is black, you still cannot
change the basic perception and the logic of behavior. In other
words, these people ... the process of demoralization is complete
and irreversible. To [rid] society of these people, you need
another twenty or fifteen years to educate a new generation of
patriotically-minded and common sense people, who would be
acting in favor and in the interests of United States society.
Yuri Bezmenov, KGB Defector in an interview with G. Edward
n our world today, we have a denial of God and a manufacturing of
liFae in our school systems and universities in the Western world. The
school systems and universities are systematic factories that pump the
youth’s brains full of communist propaganda and atheism as a religion.
When America was the greatest country in the world, America’s schools
preached freedom, capitalist ideals, and Judeo-Christian values in the
classroom that were the backbone of our great Western civilization.
We have since torn out the brains of our civilization—the capitalist
philosophy—and ripped out the backbone—Judeo Christian values. Now
we have a spineless, brainless body that runs on communist philosophy and
atheism. This is one of the major sources of our weak men of today. Men
with no fathers, raised by the state alone, who go to school in a communist
factory and worship nothing and believe in nothing.
“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”
To replace God in the new Western philosophy, man now worships new
gods in the Western world. The new gods in our weakened Western society
are: The New Gods of Man
1) Money: fiat currency, fake value, with no real value
2) The government: collectivist, communist philosophy, no real
value to the individual man but rather the collective group 3)
Science: Synthetic Intelligence modified by the universities
for its own agendas, its benefit to an individual man very
little, but rather to further larger agendas 4) Atheism: the
belief in nothing
With the proliferation of these new gods, what we lose in return 1s:
1) Real value: families, loving marriages, children
2) A freedom-based government, where man is free to survive or
fall on his own volition, ownership mentality disappears, and
victim mentality takes over, where man relies on the
government for survival instead of his own brain.
3) Infinite intelligence, God, and man’s relationship with God,
and his power to reach his full potential
4) Judeo-Christian philosophy, aka religion, which has built and
created the greatness of a free America and much of the
Western world “That’s L.A. (Los Angeles)—they worship
everything and they value nothing.”
Like the Native Americans who traded real value—the island of Manhattan
to the white man for a stipend of glass beads, baubles, and mostly worthless
money—we today are trading our real value. We are trading our families,
our matriages,
our children, our freedom,
our infinite intelligence, our
relationship with God, and our proven successful philosophy for a pile of
worthless nonsense: fake money backed by nothing, a _ collectivist
communist government that is systematically taking the good things out of
life, junk science that is manipulated by the universities for ulterior
agendas, and atheism that believes in nothing.
“Only when the last fish has been fished from the river and the last
tree has been cut down will you realize that you cannot eat money.”
A man who believes nothing will stand for nothing, and over time he will
eventually become nothing.
This is the trade that destroys the empire. It’s been slowly subverting
Western society since the 1940s, and like a boiled frog, the temperature on
the water has been slowly turned up one degree at a time, and before the
frog can realize that the water is too hot and jump out, the frog is boiled.
We are very close to becoming boiled frogs in today’s Western civilization.
If the frog was cast into a bubbling boiling pot of hot water, it would shock
his senses, and he would have the sense to reject the boiling water and jump
out to reject the changes. But these social changes are happening very
slowly over 80 years, and we, the frogs, have lost all perspective on what
made us into a strong society and why it worked.
We are entering hard times with
of today are not here because
occurred over the last 80 years
philosophy and beliefs that made
a population of weak men. The weak men
it is their fault. The changes that have
have brought down the pillars of Western
us strong.
We have traded our strength for weakness, and this is our fatal error; it is
philosophical battle, a spiritual battle, not a battle fought on the front lines
with guns, bullets, and bayonets. This is a battle fought within the heart of
each man, and the enemies are invisible, unkillable, and coming from all
“T see in the fight club the strongest and smartest men who’ve ever
lived. I see all this potential and I see squandering. God damn it, an
entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white
collars, advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs
we hate so we can buy shit we don t need. We’re the middle children
of the history man, no purpose or place, we have no Great war, no
Great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great
depression is our lives, we’ve been all raised by television to
believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and
rock stars, but we won t and we’re slowly learning that fact. and
we ’re very, very pissed off.”’
The empire of America became great when the middle class began to
appear and blossom in the early 1900s. One man, Henry Ford, was
responsible for designing the assembly line and essentially creating the
middle class. Henry Ford had the philosophy of paying his workers more so
he could sell more cars; this was a brilliant idea and an idea that made
America into the richest and most prosperous country for a time.
What we have had since 1960 is a systematic destruction of the middle
class. A nation is a first-world nation when it has 3 classes—rich, middle
class, and poor. When the middle class disappears, the same nation
becomes a third-world nation with only rich and poor. As I write this book,
America’s middle class is becoming endangered and will shortly be extinct,
while other countries like China, Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico, and other
emerging markets are gaining middle classes.
The middle class was based on slightly higher wages, higher skilled labor,
and value-added economies. The factories that used to make up America’s
industrial strength were value-added businesses that created real value in
the economy, and America was a major exporter of added value.
Today the factories are gone, and the rising countries mentioned above are
gaining the factories that America lost. When the value-added jobs go, so
does the middle class.
What we have instead now is a service economy where everyone performs
a service, but very little of what we produce is “value added” or product
production. President Trump is trying to reverse this trend, but I’m not sure
he can reverse the decades of damage since the 1970s.
The middle-class dream made America great because an average man could
work hard, make money, be the man of the house, raise a family, own a
home, own a car, raise his kids, and be home from work in time for dinner.
This middle-class dream is gone from America. No longer can an “average
Joe,” a working guy, “make it” in this country. As stated earlier in this
book, a minimum wage worker can’t even afford to rent a two-bedroom
apartment. What kind of message does this send? If you work here, you
can’t afford to live here? This sounds like slavery and the third world
instead of the beacon of hope and freedom that America used to be.
“That which is not good for the beehive cannot be good for the
This trend is moving into
CNBC.com that read: “No
bedroom apartment in any
of 2017. What’s next? The
a very dark place. We now see headlines from
full-time minimum-wage worker can afford a 2US state.” This just became a reality at the end
working people now must live as homeless?
The people cannot even afford to live, and we now have “tent cities”
popping up in America. These are similar to the shantytowns that litter
third-world countries in Africa. The third world is coming to America,
delivered straight to our door, and it’s coming fast.
Here is a list of “tent cities” that are named in the USA according to
Camp Hope, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Camp Quixote, Olympia, Washington State
Camp Take Notice, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dignity Village, Portland, Oregon
Opportunity Village, Eugene, Oregon
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Tent City, Phoenix, Arizona
New Jack City and Little Tijuana, Fresno, California
Nickelsville, located in Seattle
Right 2 Dream Too, Portland, Oregon
River Haven,!°! Ventura County, California
Safe Ground, Sacramento, California
The Jungle, San Jose, California
Temporary Homeless Service Area (THSA), Ontario, California
Tent City (100 + residents) of Lakewood, New Jersey
Tent City, Avenue A and 13th Street, Lubbock, Texas
Tent City, Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Tent City, banks of the American River, Sacramento, California
Tent City, Chicago, Illinois
Tent City 4, eastern King County outside of Seattle
The Point, where the Gunnison River and Colorado River meet
The Village of Hope and Community of Hope, Fresno, California
Transition Park, Camden, New Jersey
Tent City, Fayette County, Tennessee
Camp Unity Eastside, Woodinville, WA
These are just the named tent cities that made it on to the list. Imagine how
many unnamed or unlisted tent cities there are in the USA.
I cannot imagine how anyone would argue that these changes are good for
Western civilization. I can see no benefits to the populace living in tent
cities on the side of the highway. The real problem with the destruction of
the middle class is not a political one, but rather a problem with the
monetary system itself.
Henry Ford—the father of the middle class, the richest, most powerful man
in the world in his time and the main study behind life-changing books
such as Think and Grow Rich—has been attributed with saying: “Jt is well
enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and
monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution
before tomorrow morning.”
What did Henry Ford understand about the monetary system that would
make the nation revolt by tomorrow morning?
Let’s examine money vs. currency to find the answers from history. What
we must understand about money is that the only real money in the world is
gold. Gold has had constant value throughout history and constant
purchasing power in real goods. For instance, in ancient Rome, a gentleman
could take a l-ounce gold coin and trade it for a fine toga, a haircut, and a
pair of sandals.
In the modern world, a gentleman can take the same 1 ounce of gold and
trade it in for a finely tailored suit, a haircut, and fine pair of shoes.
And thus, in real purchasing power, gold has had a historical constant
purchasing power. Gold is the only real money in the history of the world.
All other forms of money are fake.
Until 1971, the US dollar was backed by gold. In August of that year,
President Nixon announced that the US dollar would no longer follow the
gold standard. When America was great, the American dollar was the world
reserve currency, and America had enough gold in its reserves so that
anyone could take an American dollar and exchange it for real gold.
One gold coin (102) = a toga,
a pair of sandals and a haircut
in ancient Rome.
One gold coin (102) = a finely
tailored suit, a haircut, and a fine pair
of shoes in the modern world.
This was a powerful system, a brilliant system, and a real system for which
to store and transfer value.
And then the Vietnam War happened, and countries around the world lost
confidence in the United States, so they began trading in their US dollars
for real gold. The treasury was starting to run out of gold, so President
Nixon took the US off the gold standard and debased the currency.
Whenever a currency becomes debased, its value always reverts to its
intrinsic value—zero at some point.
The Roman people were smart with their money. Roman men and women
traded with real pieces of gold and silver, coins minted out of pure metal by
the government. The Roman people handled gold and silver every day and
knew the intrinsic weights of these metals. The Roman government did not
dare to debase the currency because they knew they would be overthrown
instantly by a militant population if they tampered with the real currency of
the powerful empire.
Emperor Nero, one of the worst emperors in history, was the first Roman
emperor to debase its currency. At a threat of killing the men working at the
Roman mint and all their families, Nero had the middle sections of the
silver coins hollowed out and replaced with an equal weight in lead. Nero
then took the extra silver and built himself a luxurious new palace.
Does this story sound familiar?
In 2008 in the USA, the Wall Street bankers had screwed up their banking
system by trading derivatives on value that did not exist—derivatives
backed by values in homes that were overinflated. They had dug their own
grave by violating the rules of value and sound business.
President Obama should have let the banks fail and let the economy crash
to reset, but instead he robbed the people through quantitative easing, aka
printing money. The government turned on the printing presses and began
to print bailouts for the unethical bankers, the bad banks were saved, the
Wall Street boys made huge bonuses (built themselves palaces), and the
people started to trade a weaker currency, just like in Rome. It’s important
to note that when Emperor Nero debased the currency, that was the
beginning of the major decline of the empire. Obama and his debasement
of the currency in 2008 is a major marking for a decline of the American
A real strong leader should have let the banks fail, charged the bankers with
treason, and publicly shot or hanged them as criminals in Times Square in
NYC. What really happened, however, is the criminal bankers got away—
criminals who robbed the country, robbed the people, robbed the currency,
and got even richer. In America, if you rob a 7/11 you go to jail, but if you
rob the country you get rich!
Here are the effects of gold and currency since 1968. In 1968, the minimum
wage was 31.31.
Price of Gold in USD
Minimum Wage USA
31.45 Hours
174.48 Hours
Hours to Earn Gold
If it took a young man working at McDonald’s with no education, no skills,
no experience 31.45 hours to earn a piece of gold in 1968; in 2014 that
exact same man, still working at McDonald’s with no education, no skills,
no experience, would now have to put in 174.48 hours of labor to earn that
same piece of gold. Assuming a 2,000-hour work year, here is the decline
in real purchasing power for the average minimum-wage worker since 1968
when indexed USD to gold.
1968 Minimum-Wage Purchasing Power vs. 2018 minimum
wage-purchasing power in the USA
40 hours a week of work for 50 weeks of the year, 2 weeks off is 2000 hours per year
Minimum Wage USA
Gold Price loz USD
40-hour work week in
Money $
40-hour work week in
Gold oz
40-hour work week in
USD indexed to 2018
Gold Price
Monthly pay in 2018
purchasing power USD
Annual pay in 2018
purchasing power
So according to the math above, if the workers had continued to be paid in
gold as they were in 1968, right before going off the gold standard, annual
minimum wage should be around $103,328.65 to keep up with the same
purchasing power that a minimum-wage burger flipper at McDonald’s
America was indeed a great country when the lowest-skilled person was
making $103,328.65 per year and getting two weeks off for vacation.
A $103,328.65 annual minimum wage did make America great indeed.
Perhaps Donald Trump’s presidential slogan “make America great again” is
Here are the 2018 purchasing power numbers. A worker today on minimum
wage is only making $13,920.00 and thus can’t even afford to rent a 2bedroom apartment. Do you see the problem with this? This is not a
political power problem. It’s not a Democrat or Republican problem. It’s a
money system problem just as Henry Ford warned us. Hard times do create
strong men; this relationship with purchasing power, gold, and money is
rigged against anyone who works for money.
Let’s examine what kind of job and education you would need today to keep
up with a burger flipper from 1968:
Top 25 best-paying jobs in America in 2018 according to CNBC.com
1. Anesthesiologist
14, Marketing Manager
Mean salary: $269,600
Mean salary: $144,140
2. Surgeon
15. Podiatrist
Mean salary: $252,910
Mean salary: $144,110
3. Obstetrician and Gynecologist
16. Lawyer
Mean salary: $234,310
Mean salary: $139,880
4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
17. Financial Manager
Mean salary: $232,870
Mean salary: $139,720
5. Orthodontist
18. Sales Manager
Mean salary: $228,780
Mean salary: $135,090
6. Physician
19. Financial Advisor
Mean salary: $201,840
Mean salary: $123,100
7. Psychiatrist
20. Business Operations Manager
Mean salary: $200,220
Mean salary: $122,090
8. Pediatrician
21. Pharmacist
Mean salary: $184,240
Mean salary: $120,270
9. Dentist
22. Optometrist
Mean salary: $173,860
Mean salary: $117,580
10. Prosthodontist
23. Actuary
Mean salary: $168,140
Mean salary: $114,120
11. Nurse Anesthetist
24. Political Scientist
Mean salary: $164,030
Mean salary: $112,250
12. Petroleum Engineer
25. Medical and Health Services Manager
Mean salary: $147,030
Mean salary: $109,370
13. IT Manager
Mean salary: $145,740
Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/09/these-are-the-25 -best-paying-jobs-in-america-in2018 html
So the burger flipper guy would have been the 26" best job on this list at
$103,328.65 in 2018’s purchasing power. Keep in mind, the burger flipper
guy has no education, no student debt, no skills; he just shows up to work
and runs the grill. Note that to run the grill at McDonald’s today is much
harder. The menu has over 100 items now. Back then the menu was much
easier to make as well.
So what does it cost to make the incomes above in education?
Below are the average costs of tuition fees at US universities in 2017 and
2018. This is grim.
Average Fees at US Universities, 2017-18
Public two-year | Public four-year |Public four-year | Private
colleges (incolleges (out-of- |nonprofit
state fees)
state fees)
Tuition and
other fees
Room and
Total (per year)
Source: College Board
Source: https:/Awww.topuniversities.com/student-info/student-finance/how-much-does-it-coststudy-us
A student in the US who goes for a four-year degree, which is now
worthless, is going to end up nearly $100,000 in debt after graduation. He
can never bankrupt his way out of—it follows him for life—and because
the money is inflated, he gets taxed at a higher tax bracket than people in
1968. He has to be highly skilled, a smart worker, and perform complex
jobs just to have the same purchasing power as a 1968 McDonald’s burger
flipper. Student debt is a modern bond into slavery; many students can
never get out from under that monetary bondage, not even through
bankruptcy, because of the laws regarding student loans.
This is part of what is crippling the young men in this country and forcing
young women to work alongside men just to live. In 1968 the women could
stay home and look after the family, and their men could pay the bills.
Today it takes a man, a woman, and credit cards just to stay afloat. Such is
the current state of our corrupt fiat monetary system—an evil system that
must be abolished!
So does this trend of purchasing power decreasing over time get better or
worse over time?
The answer is, it will get worse until the average man can’t buy bread.
This story has already happened throughout history in countries around the
world. When the average man is so poor that he can no longer buy bread—a
revolution happens.
In Russia in 1917, the average man couldn’t buy bread, and he was
protesting in the streets. The Russian czar, the emperor, sent his military to
shoot the protestors. The military was demoralized from losing World War
I and shared the sentiment of hardship with the civilian protesters. The
military turned on the czar, and 11 assassins were sent to kill the czar and
his family of 11 people, including women, children, and babies. The czar
and his family were brutally murdered without mercy by those 11
Following the assassination of the czar, the military took over the
government in Russia, and they plunged the country into 79 years of
communism until 1991, when the Soviet Union dissolved. Those 79 years
were a brutal regime, and the death toll in Soviet Russia is estimated at
around 20—100 million, but it’s almost impossible to determine how many
people actually died.
If an estimated 20 to 100 million people were murdered by the brutal
regime in communist Russia, then how many others died under other
communist regimes?
The Black Book of Communism,
Estimated number of victims
“Communist regimes ... turned mass crime into a full-blown
system of government.”’According to Courtois, the death toll
amounts to 94 million. The breakdown of the number of deaths
given by Courtois is as follows:
65 million in the People’s Republic of China
20 million in the Soviet Union
2 million in Cambodia
2million in North Korea
1.7 million in Ethiopia
1.5 million in Afghanistan
I million in the Eastern Bloc
I million in Vietnam
150,000 in Latin America
10,000 deaths “resulting from actions of the international
Communist movement and Communist parties not in power.”
Courtois writes that Communist regimes are responsible for a
greater number of deaths than any other political ideal or
movement, including Nazism. The statistics of victims include
deaths through executions,
hunger, deportations,
forced labor.
Black Book ofCommunism
A plunge into communism happens when the people are sold that
communism is better than their current form of government, usually a
monarchy or tyranny. You can see from the stats above that communist
regimes are brutal, major killers of people, and the countries listed above
are not real producers of value on the world stage. Would you want to move
to any of those countries to live for a long period of time? The answer is
usually “no.”
Communism enriches the people who are in government and impoverishes
the people by stealing from them. Sadly, we are moving towards a
communist regime in our philosophy and current attitudes. This weakening
of philosophy is a cause of the weak men in our society, and if these
philosophies persist in our universities and schools, we will one day have
full-blown brutal communism in the Western world.
Former Soviet-era deception expert Yuri Bezmenov laid out a
blueprint for communist subversion of any targeted nation back
in the 1980s. That blueprint looks remarkably like what Obama
and the radical left just pulled off over the last eight year ... with
the help of the lying mainstream media and cultural subversion
via movies,
TV, Jon
Stewart, fake
false flags,
and an
overthrow of the public education system (Common Core, an antieducation indoctrination / obedience scheme).
Bezmenov is well known for saying:
The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all ... but to subvert
anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time
that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such
an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy, and that your
system, your civilization and your ambitions look to your enemy
as an alternative, if not desirable then at least feasible. That's the
ultimate purpose, the final stage of subversion, after which you
can simply take your enemy without a single shot being fired.
The four stages of subversion—from
KGB subversion expert
Yuri Bezmenov,
1. Demoralization. It takes 15—20 years to demoralize a society.
It includes influencing (infiltration, propaganda, etc.) of
various areas where public opinion is shaped: Religion,
enforcement systems, military and labor-employer relations.
Exploit the people within the society who are ideologically
opposed to the system. Use small groups of agents from foreign
nations. Distract people from real faith and replace it with
artificial faiths in other systems.
In education, distract them from learning something constructive,
pragmatic and efficient. Instead of mathematics, chemistry,
history, teach them sexuality, home economy, anything to distract.
In social life, replace traditionally established institutions with
fake organizations. Take away the initiative from people, take
away the natural links between individuals and replace them with
bureaucratically controlled systems. Establish social workers’
institutions ruled by bureaucracy. Eliminate the family and
replace the main concern with the paycheck from the government.
In government,
replace elected
bureaucrats who control the people.
In the major media like the New York Times, you don t have to be
an excellent journalist. You have to be exactly a mediocre
For the power structure: It is slowly eroded by those who do not
have qualifications nor the will of the people.
Law enforcement: Put into place a slow substitution of basic
moral principles, where someone who used to be a criminal is
now considered a victim.
Labor relations: Destroy the traditionally established links of
bargaining between employer and employee. Obedient workers
follow their leaders.
Democracy is not a system of equality. It is a system where
diverse people of different backgrounds have the chance to
compete and thrive.
2. Destabilization. Destabilize all the accepted institutions and
organizations of your enemy.
There is no crime if a professor introduces
communism or Marxism into a California college.
The radicalization of negotiations between labor and employers.
“Normalizing” violent protests.
The media places itself in opposition to society, to alienate the
Subversive “sleepers” now become leaders in society and
actively include themselves in the political process. Now,
homosexuals make it a political issue to “demand human rights”
and instigate violent clashes. Black against white. It doesnt
matter, it’s about
The sleepers are KGB agents. They become leaders to destabilize
the targeted nation. Thus, the agent is already a respected citizen
of the United States. He even gets money from the government for
his struggle labeled “human rights.”
3. Crisis. The process starts when the legitimate bodies of power
cannot function anymore. Instead, artificial bodies are
injected into society, such as non-elected committees. They
claim power on how to run your life. If power is denied to
them, they take it by force. They are often half-baked
intellectuals from Harvard or somewhere, they think they
know the answers to social problems.
The population at large is looking for a savior to solve the crisis
that has been artificially created. They call for socialist
government, centralized power. A savior is needed. The savior is
then provided as the foreign nation, or the sleeper agents, they
call it a revolution. They say, “I will lead you.”
The two alternatives here are: 1) Civil war. 2) Invasion.
4, Normalization. This stage is to make the subversion results
seem “normal” to the people. “Your country is normalized.”
At this point, the workers dont demand a revolution anymore.
This is stabilizing the country by force. Activists, liberals, social
workers, homosexuals, professors and Marxists are _ being
eliminated because they are not needed anymore.
The new owners need stability to exploit the nation and take
advantage of the victory. The Marxists shoot their own
Once the subverted culture is “normalized,” the only way to
reverse the course of the country is through military intervention.
The most difficult and simplest answer against subversion is to
start it before the “demoralization” stage. Bring back religion to
restore stability to society. (Halt “cultural Marxism” from
marching forward.) As part of normalization, allow the criminals
to have “civil rights” and bring crisis to the country. To defend
against this, do not allow them to take political power... do not
elect them into power. It must be driven into the heads of the
American voters that a person like that is an enemy of the state.
Restriction of certain freedoms would prevent sliding into crisis.
To curb unlimited power of the trade unions would save the
economy from collapse. To introduce a law to stop private
companies of raping public opinions in the direction of
consumerism. No company must have a right to force you into
buying more unless you want.
Demoralization is the easiest thing to reverse. Restrict the import
of propaganda. The unrestrained import of Soviet journalists... it
has to be stopped. They won't be offended, they will respect
America more. My colleague appears on Nightline and Ted
Koppel asks him, “What do you think?” What can he think? He is
a propaganda mouthpiece for the Soviet empire.
The process of demoralization will not start at all
prevents the importation of foreign ideology. You
shoot every foreigner... but when he offers you
disguise of shiny something, you have to tell him,
our own junk.”
if the country
dont have to
junk in the
“No. We have
If the country is strong enough to stop the importation of ideas
which are foreign, then the whole chain of subversion can be
Many societies throughout history collapsed the moment they lost
religion. The idea of human beings as intelligent, moral agents of
God can prevent collapse. But all the technology and computers
will not prevent collapse. No one will fight to defend “2+2=4”
but millions will fight to protect God and religious faith.
The answer to ideological subversion is very simple. You don't
have to shoot people. You simply have to have faith and prevent
subversion ... not to be a victim of subversion. Strike not with
force but with the superiority of your intellect.
So there you have it. We are in stage 3 subversion in the Western world as
outlined by Yuri Bezmenov, Soviet KGB subversion expert. The Western
men have been made weak, the family has been destroyed, women have
been made into lesser men and taken away from their sacred purpose and
jobs, money has been debased, religion has been marginalized and moved
to the fringes, and politics has become a virtual circus. The next steps are
(1) civil war or (2) invasion.
Rome was invaded by barbarians after a civil war and split into east and
History is just the same story over and over again with different costumes.
What is happening in America already happened in Russia nearly 100 years
ago. What is happening in America already happened in Rome. The fall of
Russia and the fall of Rome are just echoes of the same story happening
over and over again to empires throughout history. It starts with making the
men weak and then hard times set in. Good times create weak men, weak
men create hard times, and hard times create strong men.
You might think that subversion is conspiracy theory, you might still deny
the fact that our society is being subverted by outside philosophies and
undermined in values, you might think “that can never happen here,” but
subversion has already been used in North America to wipe out the ruling
group of people and take their land and everything valuable to them.
British Style versus American Style
“Any man who thinks he can be happy andprosperous by letting
the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the
American Indian.”
am Canadian born and bred and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,
the murder capital of Canada. Winnipeg gets a bad reputation from
other Canadian cities because if you go to the downtown core, what you
may see will sadden you and potentially horrify you. On some days, there
are literally bodies of passed out, drug-induced,
drunk, hurt, bleeding,
incapacitated aboriginal men and women lying on the streets. Sometimes
you don’t know if they are dead or alive; their bodies have been twisted by
hard lives, alcohol, fighting, diabetes, and many have lost limbs, toes, or
fingers to disease. Right in the heart of downtown there are several
missions, low income housings, government housings, pawn shops, hotels
and bars where these people live.
It is hardcore.
I have stood on the streets of the south side of Chicago, a notoriously
dangerous “black” part of Chicago with gun violence that is always
advertised in the American national media. It is not as scary, and the black
population in the south side of Chicago is not nearly as messed up as in
downtown Winnipeg, the reigning murder capital of Canada.
I have traveled to all the major cities in Canada, and Winnipeg has the
worst downtown of any major Canadian city because it is scary and sad to
see the remnants of a British genocide floating around in the downtown
core, the Canadian aboriginals.
Canada, like America, is a huge landmass colonized by Europeans, namely
the French and the British, starting in roughly the 1600s. How the
Americans and the British (who later became the Canadians) dealt with the
native populations was cruel, destructive, and genocidal, but each empire
carried out the genocide in different ways.
American Indian genocide stats:
10 million+—Estimated number of Native Americans living in land
that 1s now the United States when European explorers first arrived in
the fifteenth century
Less than 300,000—Estimated number of Native Americans living in
the United States around 1900
5.2 million identified as American
2010 census
Indian or Alaska Native
in the
The Americans wiped out the natives with open war—guns, germs, and
steel—and the old cowboy movies that characterize Americans as cowboy
culture show the same cowboys over and over again slaughtering Indians
or getting slaughtered by Indians. What the Americans did to their Native
American Indians was similar to what Hitler did with the Jews in WWII,
open frontline genocide of a people.
“To establish the American Republic, our forefathers exterminated
Indian tribes. The Indians were no better. James Mooney, a
pioneering ethnologist whom the native Americans of the late 19th
century regarded as a friend, said, ‘The career of every Indian has
been the warpath. His proudest title has been that of warrior. His
conversation by day and his dreams by night have been of bloody
deeds upon the enemies of his tribe. His highest boast was in the
number of his scalp trophies, and his chief delight at home was in
the war dance and the scalp dance. The thirst for blood and
massacre seemed inborn in every man, woman, and child of every
North of the US—Canadian border, the British had a far more sinister way
of doing away with the aboriginal populations of Canada. Rather than open
war—guns, germs, and steel—the British used subversion to destroy the
aboriginals in Canada. This is much more dark and sinister.
They destroyed the Native American religions, raped the women, and stole
the children into British schools to replace their religion with the religion
of the British empire. Families were destroyed, the men were destroyed,
children were ripped away from mothers, sons were taken from fathers,
and today we have the remnants of a British genocide, carried out through
subversion rather than open warfare as the Americans used on their
The British subversion of the Canadian aboriginals followed the exact
same four steps that are happening right now in our own Western culture.
When a group of people or a nation is subverted, there is no need for open
warfare. The people can destroy themselves, marginalize themselves, and
all you do is roll in at the end and rule the broken people.
The four stages of subversion—from
KGB subversion expert
Yuri Bezmenoy,
I. Demoralization. \t takes 15—20 years to demoralize a society.
It includes influencing (infiltration, propaganda, etc.) of
various areas where public opinion is shaped: Religion,
enforcement systems, military and labor-employer relations.
The aboriginals had their religion destroyed first, and the children were
thrown into British schools. The children were sexually abused and taken
from their parents. Intergenerational knowledge from fathers to sons and
from mothers to daughters was lost. This fatally damaged the aboriginal
people as a group. I would argue that this break, this loss of knowledge, is
part of what has made them so broken for centuries. The aboriginal way of
life was lost and poorly replaced with the British way of life.
2. Destabilization. Destabilize all the accepted institutions and
organizations of your enemy.
Demoralization leads to destabilization. The organization of the leadership
and the aboriginal tribes was destabilized, and I would argue it has never
really been put back together again. A once strong and proud people—
strong warriors and strong men who had their own culture and way of life
—was completely destabilized to the point of not being able to revert back
to what they had before. Once weakened through destabilization, it’s
almost impossible to get those traditions of strength back for the
aboriginals or any other group, for that matter.
3. Crisis. The process starts when the legitimate bodies of power
cannot function anymore. Instead, artificial bodies are
injected into society, such as nonelected committees. They
claim power on how to run your life. If power is denied to
them, they take it by force. They are often half-baked
intellectuals from Harvard or somewhere. They think they
know the answers to social problems.
The legitimate bodies of power in the aboriginal community do not
function. The modern native reserves and aboriginal chiefs on several
native reserves have been proven to be corrupt over and over again, and
they steal the money intended for the people. Life on the reserves 1s hell
on earth, as I have seen the people come off the reserves firsthand, with
rotten teeth, addicted to drugs, gas huffers, several addictions, and missing
limbs, toes, and fingers because of diabetes. Some reserves don’t even
have running water or any fresh food. Coca Cola is cheaper than milk, and
there is no healthy nutrition in the processed food that is only available on
some reserves.
The aboriginal bodies of power are gone and have been replaced with
government institutions to “help them,” but these are artificial bodies of
intellectuals do nothing to actually help the people. Government bodies
are only concerned with their own power and how to increase their own
4. Normalization. This stage is to make the subversion results
seem “normal” to the people. “Your country is normalized.”
Normalization is usually where the weakened people are
taken by force and there is no resistance left in the broken
and weakened people. They welcome their enemy as a savior
with open arms and as a real solution to their problems.
After stage 3, crisis, the subverted people become normalized,
and the new way of life becomes the new normal.
This leads to invasion or civil war. I would argue that the Canadian
aboriginals in Winnipeg are in more of a state of civil war with the
murders in the city being in the same part of town and the same groups of
people killing each other over and over again. It’s a very hard and sad life
for the Canadian aboriginals.
In other ways, the aboriginals have been invaded and sent into remote
pieces of shitty land called “reserves” while the British took over the best
land for themselves and became rich in the process.
The Canadian aboriginals were invaded by the British and subverted, and
to this day they still live in a state of civil war, where they fight each other
for scarce resources on far away remote lands called reserves and in the
ghettos of Winnipeg.
Rather than fight, the strong, powerful, proud aboriginal warriors from a
strong warrior culture in open warfare, the British subverted the Canadian
aboriginals instead. They let the native populations succumb to weakness,
took their religion, their education, their strong men, their fathers, broke
up their families, and let them get addicted to amoral activities such as
drinking, drugs, and sex. Once a people like that is weakened, you won’t
have to fight them anymore. They will fight and kill each other, and then
they simply need to be ruled until they wipe themselves out through civil
This is the power of subversion.
Is this right? Absolutely not, but life isn’t fair.
Is this happening to the strong men of the Western world right now? Are
we being subverted? Is this a growing trend since the 1960s?
You decide.
tribes with better technology, guns, germs, and steel are always
invading, destroying, and subverting less advanced tribes.
What is startlingly apparent when comparing the Native American
genocides to Canadian aboriginal genocide is that the Americans used
force—guns, germs, and steel—to take the land from the American
Indians. This was something that the Nazis studied and admired about
America—the mass genocide of the Native Americans by force. In
Canada, the British, with less military man power, used the invisible
forces of subversion, which is much subtler and much darker and brings
about more horrifying results. This is like the Russian KGB subversion
tactics that have been used on America and the West since the Cold War to
break down their enemy. Instead of force in the form of bombs, nukes,
tanks, and soldiers, they have started to subvert the culture and philosophy
and weaken the men so they can never fight back.
The aboriginals you see walking around downtown or passed out on the
pavement in Winnipeg are but a shadow of a once proud and strong
people. They were strong men who took care of their women and their
tribes. I think the Canadian aboriginals were so strong that the British
didn’t wish to fight with them at all. The Apache warriors in the United
States were one of the most savage and feared warriors in history. To fight
Apaches in open combat was risky, costly, and dangerous. The British
chose subversion instead of open warfare with the Canadian aboriginals
out of pure practicality.
Instead of fighting these mighty warriors in one-to-one combat, the British
subverted their culture much like we are being subverted in the Western
world into leftist, collectivist, Marxist, and feminist ideals. This weakens
and eliminates the strong men of society by opening the doors to civil war
or invasion.
Why face your enemy in open combat when you can destroy him from
As the great warrior Sun Tzu wrote about subversion and subduing the
enemy without ever fighting a war or a siege because of the high costs of
open warfare. In The Art Of War, Sun Tzu writes:
II. Attack by Stratagem
1. Sun Tzu said: In the practical art of war, the best
the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter
so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an
destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment
than to destroy them.
thing of all is to take
and destroy it is not
army entire than to
or a company entire
2. Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme
excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s
resistance without fighting.
3. Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy’s plans; the
next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy’s forces; the next in
order is to attack the enemy’s army in the field; and the worst policy
of all is to besiege walled cities.
4. The rule is, not to besiege walled cities if it can possibly be avoided.
The preparation of mantlets, movable shelters, and various
implements of war, will take up three whole months; and the piling
up of mounds over against the walls will take three months more.
5. The general, unable to control his irritation, will launch his men to
the assault like swarming ants, with the result that one-third of his
men are slain, while the town still remains untaken. Such are the
disastrous effects of a siege.
6. Therefore the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any
fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he
overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.
7. With his forces intact he will dispute the mastery of the Empire, and
thus, without losing a man, his triumph will be complete. This is the
method of attacking by stratagem.
The Art of War was written in the sixth century BC, over 2,000 years ago,
but the principles of warfare and destroying your enemies still ring true
today. Technology may change, but human nature does not. Subversion
was an ancient tactic back then and is still being used today. To deny the
subversion of Western culture today is foolish and ignorant. It is much
better to put the issues in the open and solve them like men, strong men
who can identify and solve problems before we become the conquered
aboriginals of tomorrow.
One more thought about subversion: since World War II America has been
entertainment, and way of life into countries all around the world. These
countries have their own cultures subverted when American culture takes
over. Subversion is happening every day all around the world, but it is an
invisible force, not something you can see. Man has trouble fighting an
invisible enemy. A real enemy, a flesh-and-blood enemy, a Hitler to fight
and kill is easy to band men together against a common foe, but an
invisible force that comes in slowly like a poisonous gas is impossible to
Do not take subversion lightly. It is just as destructive, or potentially more
destructive, than an atom bomb. If a city is bombed, you can gather the
people together and rebuild it much like Japan rebuilt after being nuked in
World War II. But a tribe that has been subverted cannot even
philosophically rebuild their philosophy, attitudes, and activities that they
became successful on before. That 1s why subversion is so destructive. A
strong man can stop a man like Hitler with guns, bombs, tanks, and planes,
but not even a strong man can stop a slow subversive force that erodes the
culture from within. Just look at Trump in America right now. He is
attempting to reverse the subversive forces in his own backyard while the
subverted groups of the popular media and popular narrative fight him
harder, more unfairly, and more openly and viciously through character
assassinations and the media. No amount of overt power can stop a
subversive force. It has to be stopped on the basic level: man to man.
Subversion is a war of ideas and a war of ideals instead of a war of muscle,
blood, and steel.
Subversion is a war for the hearts and minds of the people instead of a war
for their land. Win their hearts and minds and they will welcome their
enemies in and give their land away freely without a fight.
Such is the subtle and corrosive power of subversion.
“Science” and Worthless Academia
“Man, whose tool of survival is the mind, does not merely fail to
teach a child to think, but devotes the child’s education to the
purpose of destroying his brain, of convincing him that thought
is futile and evil, before he has started to think.”
‘ cademia,
the universities,
the philosophies
taught, and the entire
educational system in America and the Western world has become a
subversive force to manufacture the weak. These educational systems
are worshiped as the new gods in our Western world with the old wisdom
“go to school, get good grades, get a good job, and you shall live happily
ever after.”
That old wisdom is from 1929 when the Great Depression hit and people
flocked from the farms into the cities to get jobs. In 1940, 5.5% of
American men and 3.8% of American women had degrees.
A degree used to be special and something elite that roughly 1/20 people
would have. It truly was special in 1930 or 1940.
As of 2016, 33.2% of men and 33.7% of women had four-year degrees.
“Distract people from real faith and replace it with artificial
faiths in other systems.
constructive, pragmatic
and efficient. Instead of mathematics,
chemistry, history, teach them sexuality, home economy, anything
to distract.”
The four stages of subversion—from
KGB subversion expert
Yuri Bezmenov, Soviet
The degrees of today are more worthless than ever for several reasons:
1) The subjects that are offered are worthless to a young man
getting a vocation in the world. Here are some worthless
degrees: gender studies, aboriginal studies, art history, art
therapy, music, sexuality, home
and anything
else that doesn’t directly equate to higher earnings or
income, such as engineering, physics, math, chemistry etc. I
know this all too well with a major in English and a minor
in music. Sure, it was fun to read poetry and old stories in
books, but it sure didn’t help me secure meaningful work in
the marketplace.
2) Too many people have degrees today, making the supply of
degrees in the job marketplace devalued. You are better off
to get a practical trade such as plumbing, electrical,
carpentry, metalworking, pipe fitting, etc.
3) The cost of post-secondary education, especially in the USA,
is ridiculous. It makes no sense to spend $120,000 on a
degree to make $30,000 in an office. You cannot pay off the
student debt, and you cannot go bankrupt to get out from
under it. If you can’t go bankrupt on student debt, is this not
a new form of bondage and slavery? The system is broken.
4) To spend four years on a degree is too slow. I would argue that
with modern learning systems, the internet, video, online
video conferencing, coaching, and mentoring, it shouldn’t
take someone four years to earn an undergraduate degree.
My degree took me four years in time, but there was only
six months of content. Considering you can go into business
and become a self-made millionaire in five years, I don’t
see a need to waste 4-12 years in a university to become a
PhD (Poor Helpless and Desperate) or a BA (Barely Able)
to suddenly not find meaningful work. Why not go into
sales and make a career for yourself instead? Sure, that
requires some personal development, but who doesn’t need
to develop new skills to win in this ever-changing world?
5) The workplace and job markets are changing so fast you are
obsolete by the time you graduate.
6) Employers generally don’t care about degrees (I am an
employer, but I never look at anyone’s education). Instead,
employers care about results: what can you do for me? How
can you make me money? There are some jobs that require
degrees, but those are government-regulated jobs such as
medicine, law, and education.
7) Universities often eviscerate the creativity and thinking
ability of men and women, and the people who graduate are
no longer creative and are worth less than people who think
creatively. People who think creatively are ironically the
“uneducated” people who didn’t have their minds destroyed
in a four-year institution to learn to think like everyone else
on the assembly line.
8) Many of the skills learned in university must be unlearned or
relearned in the workplace. I had to relearn how to write
because academic writing is different from writing that
influences and sells. Why get an English degree then? I’m
not sure; to me it was a poor use of time and money.
9) You spend four years without earning money while you go to
university. This is stupid; earn money. It’s a manly thing to
do. So many students don’t bother working in university for
favor of studying. I would argue that working and getting
real experience 1s more important than studying the
obsolete nonsense taught in modern universities these days.
10) The professors don’t practice what they preach; they are
virgin sex therapists. The people who teach business school
have never run a business. They say that those who can’t do,
11) The cutting-edge material available in a university is likely at
least five years old by the time it becomes available to
students. This is because of the publishing and academic
sourcing system. To publish academic papers and make
something a “fact” takes too long. Rather than base your
facts on common sense and “cause and effect,” you must
research, source, get published in an academic journal, then
be taken as fact. This takes several years. This is too slow
for the real world, where every six months, the world has
changed dramatically due to the compounding effect of
faster and better technology.
Percentage of the US Population Who Have Completed Four Years of College or More
from 1940 to 2016, by Gender
Percentage of the population
@ Male
@ Female
“Man is the only animal that cripples his children’s ability to
survive. ”
Students treat the university as if it is God; the university is supposed to
be a storehouse of knowledge and a place for higher learning. Instead,
most universities are a place where creativity goes to die. They are
impractical versions of trade schools and sell things that are outdated and
deliver them in antiquated ways.
In 2005, I signed up for the innovative new program at the University of
Manitoba—jazz. Jazz has not been a relevant music since 1960, yet the
university, being 45 years behind reality, was offering a brand-new subject
of study. How out of touch can you be with reality? I asked my professors
at the time if we could learn sampling or digital music; they had nothing
to teach. DJs were just starting to proliferate in popular music, and live
music was becoming antiquated in the real world of the music business.
Even the business schools are out of touch because the universities rely on
published books and published academic papers to be “truth and good
sources.” This is bullshit in the new world; information moves too fast.
Publishing physical academic papers is too slow. They are reactive and
behind the cutting edge nowadays because of the velocity of technology.
This publishing system is antiquated and manipulated for ulterior motives
when it comes to medicine, drugs, and other studies such as “global
warming.” Science, or what the popular masses deem to be science, is
created in universities to serve an agenda, and not for the real knowledge
of truth of a subject.
“Today's science is tomorrow's laughingstock.”
Our broken education system comes from Prussia, and Prussia no longer
exists. Kindergarten is a German word that means “garden of children,”
and Prussian schools were designed to create obedient workers, soldiers,
and employees. They were not designed to create free thinkers who
challenge the system and the crap that is served to them every day.
Prior to formal schools, the way to transfer knowledge from man to man
was through masters and apprentices. If you wanted to be a blacksmith,
you lived and worked with the blacksmith and you were his apprentice. I
believe that the relationship between masters and apprentices, and mentors
and mentees is the true way to learn. In my own education company, we
coach and mentor students all over north America to learn complex
subjects such as real estate investing with none of their own money, sales,
negotiation, and other hard-to-learn subjects through coaching, mentoring,
and master/apprentice relationships.
People have been learning successfully throughout all of human history in
master—apprentice relationships. Only in the last century have we decided
to violate these important ways to learn with classrooms and industrial
style learning—which doesn’t work well.
I come from an education family—a family of teachers. Last summer
while driving out to the lake, my mother lamented that the kids are no
longer showing up to the classroom in her high school.
I said, “The classroom is obsolete, Mom.”
The kids are smart, they can Google the information, they can use a
calculator, they can watch a video online for free on YouTube. They don’t
have to sit there and listen to a shitty teacher who sucks at teaching go
through some 20-year-old textbooks that have no weight in reality
Kids are smart, the system is dumb, and the system needs to die like the
dinosaur it is and be reworked. Masters and apprentices need to be brought
back, and technology needs to be leveraged to speed up the education
process. The 12-year school curriculum between kindergarten and grade
12 is only 12 years to socially condition the students into obedient workers
and has nothing to do with actually teaching. The purpose of the school
system is to dumb the students down and make them slow and unable to
think on their own.
I explained to my mother that in my education company, the students don’t
show up to my classes anymore. They get their learning over the phone,
one-on-one coaching, online in a video bank, webinars, group coaching,
direct text and email access to their coach and through media consumed at
home with CDs, DVDs, boxed manuals etc. (Yes, I’m writing this in 2018
and we still use hard media like CDs.)
My last classroom session I held should have had 80 students show up, but
only 23 showed up to class. The rest had learned on their own time, got the
results they wanted in real life, and saw no need to come to class.
My education company also doesn’t do tests or mark students; instead,
they do a real live project where they flip a house and make real profit.
Real profit in their pocket is their report card, not some stupid card that
says, “Billy didn’t show up to class or is unengaged.” No one cares about
To create strong men once again, I think we need to see a return to the
historical education system of masters and apprentices, coaches and
mentors. That is the best and fastest way to transfer real knowledge, not
some textbook garbage.
Donald Trump is the reigning strong man in the USA at the time of writing
this book.
He went
to Wharton
of Business,
of the best
business schools in the USA, but he gives very little credit to his success
for his degree from Wharton. Instead, he attributes his success to his
mentor, his father,
Donald to be strong.
a $100,000,000
Masters and apprentices, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, mentors
and mentees, and coaches—that is how knowledge is_ practically
transferred throughout generations. Today, our classrooms and universities
are mostly obsolete and broken.
Statistics on Wealth Transfer and Knowledge Transfer from
One Generation to the Next:
“Wealthy families, 2"4 generation has a 70% chance of losing
wealth 3’ generation has a 90% chance of losing wealth”
To transfer knowledge from one generation to the next is a perilous task,
and that is why wealth is lost from one generation to the next. The same
applies to “how to be a man.” With no father to teach a man how to be a
man, the boy will stay a boy forever. Without proper mentoring programs,
young men will continue to be weak men until they are mentored by a
strong man to learn the skills they need to survive.
Atheism: Killing the Sacred Cows
“All diseases of Christians are to be ascribed to demons.”
he man in the bar and the man in the church are looking for the same
} thing. They are both trying to find God.
I have often stayed up late staring into my computer screen at 3:00 a.m.
trying to find God.
I have swiped my way through dating apps looking at women in the middle
of the night, again hoping to find God.
I have often said that online dating is “staring into the mouth of hell hoping
to find God,” and as dark as it sounds, men in today’s world, weak men, try
to find God in all the wrong places, and this futile seeking in the wrong
places keeps men lost and weak.
“Many societies throughout history collapsed the moment they lost
religion. The idea of human beings as intelligent, moral agents of
God can prevent collapse. But all the technology and computers will
not prevent collapse. No one will fight to defend “2+2=4” but
millions will fight to protect God and religious faith.
The answer to ideological subversion is very simple. You dont have
to shoot people. You simply have to have faith and prevent
subversion ... not to be a victim of subversion. Strike not with force
but with the superiority of your intellect.”
America became the greatest nation in the world in the mid 1900s and was
born a great nation in 1776 because it was founded on Judeo-Christian
values. Religion is a philosophy, a system of organized living, a
fundamental technology of civilization, an ancient way to pass knowledge
from one generation to another, and a way to build on strong values that
allowed empires to be built. Without such technology of religion, man
would be living today digging in the mud, scavenging to live, and roaming
the countryside as bands of cannibals. Religion is the technology and the
system that keeps man from his darkest self and from the darkness of his
own human nature.
We have Saturdays off for the Jewish Shabbat and Sundays off for the
Christian Sabbath. Thus, we have a five-day workweek, with Saturday and
Sunday free to rest and pursue our passions in life.
So many great things in America come from Judeo-Christian philosophy,
and this has led to the abundance of creativity in America. It has allowed
business people the opportunity to try and fail. With bankruptcy, men can
have a second chance to “try again” and avoid debtor’s prison. This was a
new idea in the new world of America versus the old world of Europe, Asia,
or the Middle East.
America (as a nation born of great philosophy and religious ideals) had the
most abundance, religious freedom, economic freedom, the ability to rise
or fall based on your own virtues, and freedom from a caste system like in
India or other countries. The laws are merciful; they will not cut off your
hands if you steal, they will not pour acid on your face if you are a woman,
and they will not mutilate your clitoris as they do in Africa. America is a
great place because of a merging of the Judeo and Christian philosophies.
The Jewish faith is one of the smartest and oldest faiths in the world. The
Jewish faith is a very old technology and has had more time than other
religions to prove its success over time. Places that adopt the Jewish faith
are advanced in technology and are highly prosperous. Israel is one of the
most technologically advanced, prosperous countries on the planet because
of its strong philosophy and Jewish faith.
Age of the Religions of the World
In his book Thou Shall Prosper, Rabbi Daniel Lapin lays down the 10
commandments for making money. The Jewish faith as a technology has
built-in mechanisms for living a prosperous life and becoming wealthy.
These include simple things such as get an education and a high-paying
profession; these are staples in the Jewish culture and philosophy. Many
Jewish people become lawyers, doctors, and accountants because that is
encouraged in the culture. Other simple ideas include never retiring; this
leads to life-long earning and wealth.
There is no magic in the Jewish philosophy, just a set of great ideas that
work and bring success and prosperity. Are the Jewish people really God’s
chosen people? Who knows, but what is known for sure is that their
philosophy certainly makes them achieve great results in business and in
life. What came first? Being great then being chosen by God? Or being
chosen by God and then being great? This is like the chicken and the egg
paradox. What is undeniable is that the Jewish faith and philosophy makes
for very successful people.
The Christian faith is another prosperous faith that practices forgiveness,
freedom, celebrates creativity, resourcefulness, a conservation of man’s
sexual energy, marriage, families, children, and an entire list of other
The blending of the Jewish and Christian philosophies has been the
backbone of what has made America great. If you do not believe my words,
simply look at countries that are not Christian or Jewish in faith and ask
yourself, do you want to move to those countries? If you live in a Western
country, the answer is probably “no.” There is a reason why people from
non-Christian and non-Jewish countries from around the world want to
come to Canada, America, Sweden, Germany, France, Britain, and other
developed first-world nations. They are great places to live and are
constantly at the top of the charts for being generally great places to work
and play.
The reverse is not true, however. People from great countries that have
Judeo-Christian values do not want to move to countries devoid of those
philosophies. You likely do not want to move to Turkey, Syria, Libya,
Afghanistan, Iraq, or Iran. Those people want to come here because of our
values, but we don’t want to go there because of their values.
This is not racism or hate. It simply is that the Judeo-Christian values are
an advanced technology and are progressive compared to the backwardness
of some countries around the world. These countries embrace philosophies
that are 500 years behind, and the Jewish and Christian people have already
grown past those philosophies. Would you want software from 500 years
ago on your computer? Probably not. The newer, more relevant, updated
software is usually what you want, not 500-year-old medieval software. For
example, Islam as a religion is roughly 500 years younger than the
Christian religion. The Christian religion is much younger than the Jewish
religion. The older and more established the religion, the more advanced
and tested its philosophy. In effect, since Islam is 500 years behind
Christianity, they are effectively living with the brutal and violent ways of
life that was seen in the Christian medieval times. If you are 500 years
behind in philosophy, then why would anyone in the modern age or the
Western world want to return to a thinking process from 500 years ago?
The Middle Ages were a hard and violent time, and that is why people from
the Islamic countries want to move to the West. But the people from the
West don’t want to move into Islamic countries.
In our schools and universities, the Judeo-Christian values that built great
countries like America are being subverted in favor of atheism. Atheism
literally means “without god.”
‘aT HE ,izom/
disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.
synonyms: nonbelief, disbelief, unbelief, irreligion, skepticism, doubt,
agnosticism; nihilism
“atheism was not freely discussed in his community”
To fill the minds of the youth and young people, especially “educated”
young people with post-secondary educations with “atheism,” destroys the
base values and philosophy of the country. When you destroy the
philosophy first, the design of fundamental information, everything else in
a culture is destroyed over time as well. This is true for individual people,
companies, countries, or any group of people. Philosophy, attitude, and
activity determine everything in your life. To replace a successful
philosophy with a totalitarian philosophy of atheism where the state
becomes the new god is the ultimate subversive move towards destroying
an empire and weakening the men.
Rome as an empire grew with a stoic philosophy based on cause and effect,
denial of pleasures, and reason. In the height of Rome, stoicism was a
religion based on personal ethics and was against making decisions based
on emotions rather than reason. Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic
philosophy that flourished throughout the Roman and Greek worlds until
the third century AD. Stoicism is predominantly a philosophy of personal
ethics that is informed by its system of logic and its views on the natural
world. According to its teachings, as social beings, the path to happiness
for humans is found in accepting this moment as it presents itself, by not
allowing ourselves to be controlled by our desire for pleasure or our fear of
pain, by using our minds to understand the world around us and to do our
part in nature’s plan, and by working together and treating others in a fair
and just manner.
It was founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early third century BC.
The stoics taught that emotions resulted in errors of judgment, which were
destructive, due to the active relationship between cosmic determinism and
human freedom, and the belief that it is virtuous to maintain a will (called
prohairesis) that is in accord with nature. Because of this, the stoics
presented their philosophy as a religion (/ex divina), and they thought that
the best indication of an individual’s philosophy was not what a person said
but how a person behaved. To live a good life, one had to understand the
rules of the natural order, since they taught that everything was rooted in
nature. Later stoics—such as Seneca and Epictetus—emphasized that,
because “virtue is sufficient for happiness,’ a sage was immune to
misfortune. This belief is similar to the meaning of the phrase “stoic calm,”
though the phrase does not include the “radical ethical” stoic views that
only a sage can be considered truly free, and that all moral corruptions are
equally vicious. From its founding, stoic doctrine was popular during the
Roman Empire—and its adherents included the Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
It later experienced a decline after Christianity became the state religion in
the fourth century AD. Over the centuries, it has seen revivals, notably in
the Renaissance (Neostoicism) and in the modern era (modern stoicism).
Rome died when it began to take on epicurean philosophy and the relative
weakness of Christian values versus stoic values. Epicureanism and
Christianity were incredibly soft in Roman times compared to the warrior
culture and warrior philosophy of the stoics. Rome was born out of war and
combat, which led to a hardness that the Christians at the time did not have
as a young religion. Good times had created weak men once more.
Also important in the history of atheism was Epicurus (c. 300BC). Drawing
on the ideas of Democritus and the atomists, he espoused a materialistic
philosophy wherein the universe was governed by the laws of chance
without the need for divine intervention. Although he stated that deities
existed, he believed that they were uninterested in human existence. The
aim of the epicureans was to attain peace of mind by exposing fear of
divine wrath as irrational.
One of the most eloquent expressions of epicurean thought is Lucretius’ On
the Nature of Things (1st century BC) in which he held that gods exist but
argued that religious fear was one the chief cause of human unhappiness
and that the gods did not involve themselves in the world.
The epicureans also denied the existence of an afterlife and hence
dismissed the fear of death. Epicureans were not persecuted, but their
teachings were controversial and were harshly attacked by the mainstream
schools of stoicism and Neoplatonism. The movement remained marginal
and gradually died out by the end of the Roman Empire.
Atheism is of little or no value to the average man as a belief system
because out of the four parts of a human being (the physical realm, the
mental realm, the spiritual realm, and the emotional realm), atheism denies
the spiritual realm all together and by collateral damage denies the
emotional realm as well. This leaves man with half of his capacities: only
mental and physical.
You are much more than a mind and a body. The modern atheistic view
proclaimed by institutions and universities claims that you only have a
mind and a body. However, that view denies man of the true spiritual and
emotional power deep within his soul. This power is the power that great
men have drawn on to build the great creations of history or lead the worldchanging movements.
If you deny man of his greatest power, it will keep those who have power in
power and will prevent those who do not have power from rising. This is a
gambit to keep the bureaucrats, the rich, aristocrats, the wealthy established
people in power and to keep younger groups of men from rising.
Are We Created or Are We Evolved?
This has been a hot topic in American schools: should we teach evolution
or creation? I have been full circle on the topic of creation and evolution in
my life, and my beliefs have changed as I have learned more about the
world and how it works.
When I was a child, I was taught that God created man; this made sense to
me as a child. Then I grew up, entered the high schools and the universities
with the best-known science at the time, and we were taught about
Darwinism and evolution—which is a religion unto itself. No one really
knows if we were created or evolved. Both theories rely on faith and have
limited evidence, where faith must make up the gaps in the logic. In the
evolutionary theories, somehow single-celled organisms and primordial
ooze evolved into fish, then the fish walked up on land and became lizards,
then the lizards lost out to mammals, etc. The story made sense in school,
and so I subscribed to the religion of science and evolution.
Now I am 31 years old. I have lived life, seen people die, seen people be
born, watched things come and go from the world. I have written several
books, destroyed my first novel (that I wrote at age twelve), created art,
destroyed art, loved women, lost women, led men to success, and led men
to failure. In my limited life experience with all the things I’ve created,
won and lost, I believe in intelligent design.
“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more
The world does not operate in a chaotic thrashing of randomness. That is a
nihilistic view of the world in which there is nothing, no intelligent design,
just randomness thrashing against itself. Nihilism and postmodernism is
Marxist, and what has been pumped into our universities since the Cold
War to subvert the Western philosophies and way of life. Nature is not
random, nor is life random. There is an incredible amount of design in our
world, and we have not been able to find any other intelligent lifeforms yet
in our solar system in our brief history. The earth is very special, and
humanity is unique. We are one of a kind, but who created us? What created
us? What intelligence designed us? The universe is infinitely intelligent,
and the evidence of this intelligence is everywhere and nowhere all at once.
This infinite intelligence is invisible, so some may claim that it does not
exist, but look at the following things we use that are invisible, yet we
know they exist:
1) Radio waves
2) Microwaves
3) Electricity
4) Wireless phones
5) Wi-Fi
6) Sounds that are above 20,000hz that we cannot hear with our
7) Cloud computing
8) Software stored on computers
9) Data stored in hard drives Hard drives
10) Data stored in Microchips
11) Thought
12) Ideas
All of these invisible forces exist; we use them daily, and yet some claim
that infinite intelligence, which is also an invisible force to be used every
day, does not exist. Here are some questions for those who do not believe in
intelligent design and may feel that we are evolved rather than created from
an infinite intelligence:
Some Questions for Evolution that I Believe DO NOT Have
Good Definitive Answers from the Scientific Community.
1) If we evolved from “apes,” then why didn’t all the “apes”
evolve? Wouldn’t we all evolve the same? Are we going to
claim that some apes just weren’t lucky enough to get a
ticket in the evolution race? The scientific answer would
blame the apes that didn’t evolve on “they just didn’t’? Or
perhaps we wiped out our competitors; why not wipe out all
the primitive apes then?
2) Humans are the only animal on the planet with an ultraadvanced brain that we cannot replicate through science, and
we will find out in the coming decades if we can recreate a
human brain or superior synthetic creation through artificial
intelligence. Will we become gods? Who knows. Our human
brain has a neocortex, a thinking brain. We can communicate
in complex language, think into the future, recall the past,
create art, create poetry, write, read, build machines,
build empires. No other animal on the planet has anything
near the capacity to do what we can do with our thinking
brain. Why didn’t the other animals evolve these capacities?
Wouldn’t every animal be evolving an advanced thinking
brain to survive? Why is humanity the only animal that
again won the evolutionary lottery and received such a gift?
Some science people have argued that we wiped out the
competitors ... really? Why aren’t there lizards or fish with
advanced thinking brains who can create tools? Was the
thinking brain genetically added to primitive protohuman
and a gift from our creator, who also had a neocortex and the
ability to create? Several other planets we have discovered
are barren and cannot support life. Why is our planet the
only one we can find that can support life? When we find
other planets with life, will we become the gods and
designers of new life? Or will the new life we find be our
god and designers?
3) In studying the skeletal remains of protohumans and evolution,
there is a massive leap between the humans of today with a
thinking brain and the subhumans. What caused such a
massive leap? Wouldn’t evolution be slow and gradual?
What outside force acted on that primitive animal to make
him into man?
4) Structures such as the pyramids in Egypt were built with more
advanced forms of measurement,
alignment, stone cutting,
stone moving, and stone laying, and they line up precisely
with the constellation Orion’s belt. Our speculative history
tells us that slaves created such structures; this is
improbable, because slaves do relatively imprecise work and
could not have built such structures. We cannot recreate the
pyramids today with the modern tools we have in
construction, so who built them? Who is smarter than man
on this planet to be able to build such structures? Why do
these structures exist all around the globe in different
cultures and different times of history, and yet we have no
real explanation about these structures? What intelligence
did we have custody of as a race at the time that we lost?
Was it human intelligence at all? Was it higher intelligence
of the creators or the gods?
5) Man’s brain is able to connect to the spiritual realm through
the pineal gland. No other animal has such capabilities to
wield the spiritual universe and create. Why didn’t the other
animals evolve such creative capacity? Why is there only
one animal on earth with this capacity? Would there not be
evolved competitors around the globe? Lizards, fish, birds,
wouldn’t they evolve a thinking brain too? If evolution is
is random,
randomly evolving animals who also have thinking brains
like us?
6) Specific fruits and vegetables are shaped to resemble and heal
specific organs in the body. Were these created by the
people, gods, or entities that designed man? It would appear
so; no other food can be digested fully other than fruits and
Digestion Times for Different Foods
Oranges, grapes
20 minutes
30 minutes
ee eal:
40 minutes
nese: Peas,
kidney beans
1.5-2 hours
Picet tomatoes:
cucumbers, celery
40 minutes
White cheese
1.5—2 hours
Boiled spinach,
Chicken without
45 minutes
cauliflower, maize
45 minutes
1.5 hours
1-2 hours
Boiled root
vegetables: carrot,
beetroots, turnip
50 minutes
34.5 hours
on meat,
dairy, bread, and man-made
foods, but eventually we will have diseases and become sick
unless we only eat fruits and vegetables. Is this intelligent
design? Man’s jaw is designed to be an herbivore as
indicated by the ability to move side-to-side and molars for
grinding vegetables and fruits. A carnivore has sharp teeth
and a jaw that cannot move side to side to rip flesh. Our
colon is much too long to digest cooked meat, whereas a
carnivore like a tiger has a short colon. If you feed cooked
meat to a tiger, he dies. If you feed flour to a rat, he dies.
Feeding foods to animals that they aren’t meant to eat kills
them. Is this intelligent design? We are designed to only eat
fruits and vegetables that are shaped like our organs and
specifically heal them. If we eat foods that are outside of our
design, we get sick. This is like putting diesel in a Formula
One race car. The car would not run well, or the engine
would break. Who designed such a system? Did they design
fruits and vegetables at the same time they designed us?
7) The human body can clean itself, regenerate itself, and sort out
nearly all health issues through fasting. Is this intelligent
design or is it just random luck? You can reset a computer by
turning it off and restarting it, as the designers of computers
put into plan. You clean a plumbing system by shutting the
water off and cleaning the pipes, as the designers of the
plumbing system planned. Those are man-made systems
designed to be cleaned and “rebooted” if they become
clogged. We have a built-in reboot system to clean and fix
our bodies when they become sick and clogged like a
computer or a plumbing system. Who designed that? Was
that random? All animals on the earth stop eating and fast if
they are sick, and we are designed to do the same. Who
designed the highly intelligent fasting reboot system?
“Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it
in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the
greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our
medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed
your sickness.”
“Instead of using medicine, rather, fast a day.”
When an animal, such as a dog or cat, is sick, its natural instinct is to refuse
food. When the crisis is over, and the internal healing work has been
accomplished, the appetite will return naturally, of its own accord.
The human organism also has a fasting instinct, just like that of other
animals. Evolutionary adaptation has made our bodies very efficient at
storing energy reserves and drawing upon them when food supplies are
scarce. Fasting is as old as mankind, perhaps even older. As far back as
historians can see, men have been fasting for one reason or another. It
seems to be a universal practice.
The ancient Greeks were great believers in fasting. Hippocrates advocated
in favor of it, as is shown in the above quotation. Plato said that he fasted
for greater physical and mental efficiency. Aristotle, his pupil, also fasted.
Both Galen and Avicenna also prescribed fasts for their patients.
and Purification.
1) This primitive book you are reading had a primitive creator,
and it is a primitive creation. You are a complex creation, so
what complex creator created you? Someone authored this
book; who authored you and the information in your DNA?
Surely there was an author to write your code. Books don’t
write themselves. Nothing is created without a creator. We
can likely agree that a book cannot exist unless someone
created it, so who created the only life-supporting planet we
can find, the animals, the fruit, the vegetables, the trees, and
the humans? Was there not an author to that book as well?
2) As advanced as we are in science, we cannot create life from
scratch. Why not? We can synthetically create life by
splicing genes and grafting things together, but we cannot
create new life from scratch. Is this divine power that we do
not possess? Inside the seed exists a tree. There is intelligent
design in the seed. Inside a sperm and egg exists a human
when mixed. Is there not design there as well? Who authored
such creation? Our science cannot author this creation from
scratch. There must be a higher intelligence who could
create such a thing.
3) How can we explain a soul? Or a spirit? When we die, the soul
leaves the body. We cannot get it back, we cannot create a
soul, we cannot recreate a soul, we are not immortal
perhaps can never be. Who created the soul? Who authored
such a thing that we cannot make?
4) How could something as delicate and advanced as a human
eyeball or human brain, which we cannot currently replicate
or synthesize with our current technology, be an act of
randomness and random evolution? Is there not intelligent
design in such an advanced creation? This book had an
author. Who authored the human brain? Who was the
architect of the human eyeball? Those are advanced
creations. Were these very complex, more complex than
anything we have created so far as a species. Are such
delicate creations as the human eye and brain not designed
by someone or something?
5) Do things change over time? Do animals breed and selectively
choose traits that are more favorable to the environment as
Darwin said in his work? The evidence seems to be there for
evolution and adaptation as animals and humans change with
their environment. Even still, who created the environment
and the animals? There is no such thing as something from
nothing. What caused all the life on this planet to be?
I ask these questions because I am a creator and designer, and I know the
energy it takes to create primitive objects like books. In fact, a book is a
glorified notepad of paper and usually takes two years and a huge team of
people to produce. It is only a pad of paper, not a self-sustaining ecosystem
of life, not a life-sustaining planet, not an autonomous human being with a
soul. This book was authored by an author, but who authored the world?
Nothing is random in the universe; we claim randomness because we
cannot see the greater patterns that are invisible to us.
Humans are wired to see patterns. If we can’t see a pattern we claim
randomness, but nothing is random. The patterns are just too large, too
broad, too invisible, and too complex for us to see. Much like the message
in this book is that hard times create strong men, strong men create good
times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times. That
is an invisible 80-year cycle; it exists, and our problems come from not
understanding the invisible cycle, which is the purpose of this book.
When you attempt to discover the answers to the questions about intelligent
design as I listed above, you may start to study the spiritual realm and the
force that binds all things—the infinite intelligence of the universe or the
God, as some religions personify this intelligence. I am not telling you to
believe what I believe. I am only asking you to think and find the answers
to these major questions for yourself. Think deeper on the mysteries of this
world that we do not have satisfactory scientific answers for but our
primitive and ever-changing university-based religion of “science” claims
to understand.
To teach children in school evolution is like claiming we know how the
pyramids were built. We don’t know, and we don’t even have good evidence
to pretend to know. Some would argue that shoving one religion down
everyone’s throat in school is wrong, but we do it anyway via the worst
possible religion called atheism. It is of no benefit to our people. To have a
2000-year-old technology (Judeo-Christian values) on how to live a good
and productive life and then delete the software in favor of a 70-year-old
nontechnology, aka atheism, is not progressive but regressive. Atheism
eviscerates the spiritual realm from man and by doing so the emotional
realm as well. This weakens the men and denies them of their true spiritual
power, which is infinite power and creative power.
At least when Christianity was taught in American schools the children
learned the values that their country was built on and how to live a
virtuous, moral, productive,
and successful
life. That is powerful
itself. To fail to know the values that your tribe is built on is what will
destroy your tribe in the long run. The Roman Empire had Roman values, a
common religion of stoicism in the beginning, “for the senate and the
people,” and they were a mighty group of strong men and women in history
until they compromised their values and violated their success principles
for pleasure, weakness, and emotions.
I am convinced that written religion is the greatest invention of the human
race. Without written religion, we could have no supertribe. We would be
too busy violating one another to invent computers, the internet, artificial
intelligence, spaceships, food systems, transportation, or any other
invention. Written religion is the base of civilization, and without it the
human race would degrade backwards into cannibalism. If a plane crashes
in the mountains, the survivors turn into cannibals in three days, eating the
dead to stay alive. How long can you live without eating? As a man who
practices fasting, I know that a human being can survive on water without
food until you are 2% body fat. A healthy male is 15% body fat, and a
healthy woman is roughly 24% body fat. If you are obese you might be
65% body fat and can probably survive for a year without food. The truth is
people can live for quite a long time without food, but not long without
water. What remains true is we have time to survive on our own fat and
food-matter stored in our organs before things get dangerous and we starve.
Yet people get emotional and scared and succumb to cannibalism after
three days, why?
Man is weak, ruled by his emotions, if he does not use his mind and use
reason to survive. We are cannibals on an animalistic and physical level.
The only thing keeping us from cannibalism today is the thin veil of
civilization we have dangling in front of our faces and our value systems
that are still loosely based on successful religions of the past. Religion is
the technology to keep man from degrading into an animal, a cannibal, by
harnessing the power of his mind and spirit for greater things in life.
“Man's mind is his basic tool of survival. Life is given to him,
survival is not. His body is given to him, its sustenance is not. His
mind is given to him, its content is not. To remain alive, he must act,
and before he can act he must know the nature and purpose of his
action. He cannot obtain his food without a knowledge offood and
of the way to obtain it. He cannot dig a ditch...without a knowledge
of his aim and of the means to achieve it. To remain alive, he must
“But to think is an act of choice. The key to what you so recklessly
call ‘human nature,’ the open secret you live with, yet dread to
name, is the fact that man is a being of volitional consciousness.
Reason does not work automatically; thinking is not a mechanical
process; the connections of logic are not made by instinct. The
function of your stomach, lungs, or heart is automatic, the function
of your mind is not. In any hour and issue of your life, you are free
to think or to evade that effort. But you are not free to escape from
your nature, from the fact that reason is your means of survival—so
that for you, who are a human being, the question ‘to be or not to
be’ is the question ‘to think or not to think.’ ...
“Man has no automatic code of survival. His particular distinction
from all other living species is the necessity to act in the face of
alternatives by means of volitional choice... Man must obtain his
knowledge and choose his actions by a process of thinking, which
nature will not force him to perform. Man has the power to act as
his own destroyer—and that is the way he has acted through most of
his history.”
Ironically, Ayn Rand, the author of that passage above, was an atheist, but
she created powerfully and harnessed the faith of the spiritual realm
through her work. Whether man denies or confirms the spiritual realm, it
does exist. A woman like Rand could have never created such work if she
did not have faith and understanding of the spiritual world as a creator who
can turn the unseen into the seen.
The human brain is three brains in one: the reptile brain, the mammalian
brain, and the neocortex, his upper brain. The neocortex is man’s only tool
against the elements and other animals. There is a darkness in man when he
succumbs to fear, hunger, envy, hate, and anger. Man can either become a
god who creates, looks after his family and his tribe, and raises his children
to become self-propagating creators and gods themselves, or man can
become a feral animal, cannibalizing his fellow men to live and feasting on
the flesh of the dead.
The Ten Commandments in the Bible outline man’s violent and feral
tendencies to kill, steal, rape, fornicate, and worship false gods (like we do
today—money and government). This old technology has helped man
advance throughout the ages to the next level of civilization:
1) “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any strange gods
before Me.”
2) “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”
3) “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.”
4) “Honor thy father and mother.”
5) “Thou shalt not kill.”
6) “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”
7) “Thou shalt not steal.”
8) “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.’
9) “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife.
10) “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods.”
The fact that man has needed 10 commandments to avoid the darkness of
human nature is indeed revealing about the ten dark things that man will do
first if he becomes a feral, unthinking, emotional animal acting upon his
urges and whims. Man becomes a violent barbarian, killing, raping,
stealing, pillaging, and violently taking that which his unpredictable
emotions dictate.
At some point in history, man was ill-behaved, and the original laws of man
had to be written in the form of 10 commandments to rule man and civilize
the beast into a coherent group. Those commandments grew from a hard
time and created strong men to enforce the commandments from keeping
men from degrading into criminals, adulterers, and, worst of all, cannibals.
With the removal of the technology of religion and the framework from
which to live, there is a risk than man will slip back into his dark feral ways
and become more like an animal than a god.
So what is man’s relationship with God?
Man’s relationship with God has become challenging, especially with the
proliferation of atheism as the reigning religion in our schools and
universities. The “educated” people in the universities have become the
new gods of man with their theories, papers, publications, and science on
what they believe to know based on data, studies, and facts from yesterday.
I would say that the modern man, the weak man, would deny that God or a
creator, an infinite intelligence, a universe governed by design and spiritual
laws, or a central binding force in the universe even exists. To deny that
there is a creator to this world is like denying that you have a mother and
father of your own. You were created—by your own mom
Something created you. There is design to you as a human being!
and dad.
If man’s relationship with God is mostly denial now, then how can we
reverse the trend?
The way to connect to the infinite intelligence and the divine is to clear
your mind of all the noise that is civilization and just listen to the
Some people call this meditation, some call it prayer.
Some people mediate to be with God, while others pray, which is
scientifically proven to trigger the same brain mechanics. Prayer and
meditation stimulate the brain in the same way.
“FAITH is the head chemist of the mind. When FAITH is blended
with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks
up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent, and
transmits it to Infinite Intelligence, as in the case of prayer.”
Some people pray, some people meditate. I fast; I practice fasting, which
indeed connects me with infinite intelligence, removes my weaknesses, and
sorts out my mind, body, soul, and emotions.
To connect with divine power, you need to enter into a dreamlike state. As
mentioned above, your dreamlike state may be through prayer, meditation,
fasting, or several different methods, but the commonality of you
connecting to the ultimate creative force in the universe is through a
dreamlike state.
“Be still and quiet, tune in with the Infinite Intelligence, and
continue in right thought, right feeling, and right action, and you
will arrive at your goal.”
To get the mind into a dreamlike state, you must remove all distraction
from the mind. The mind is most creative and powerful under one or
more of the following mind stimuli as outlined by Napoleon Hill in his
work Think and Grow Rich:
The human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be
“keyed up” to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm,
creative imagination, intense desire, etc. The stimuli to which the
mind responds most freely are:
1) The desire for sex expression
2) Love
3) A burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain, MONEY
4) Music
5) Friendship between either those of the same sex, or those of the
opposite sex.
6) A Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony of two or more
people who
ally themselves
for spiritual or temporal
7) Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are
8) Autosuggestion
9) Fear
10) Narcotics and alcohol
This book, Hard Times Create Strong Men, was written in 11 days by
connecting with infinite intelligence and by communicating through a
dreamlike state.
Your weaknesses, your sins, and your addictions will take you away from
your purpose on this earth and the work that you are here to do. To find
your divine purpose and what you were put on this earth to do, you must
connect to God, to the infinite intelligence, to the force that binds all things
and listen for the answers.
The infinite intelligence has everything you need, but you can never
connect to it if you deny its existence, and you can never connect to it if
your life is full of addiction, fear and distractions. Cut the fat and cut the
extra distractions; less is more.
Men throughout history have had their biggest breakthroughs by stripping
it all away and going into nature, perhaps into a cabin or perhaps into a jail
cell to be alone and one with God. There they find their purpose, their
character and their work much like Jack the Giant-Slayer found his golden
goose, his woman, and his singing by climbing up into the dreamlike state
of the beanstalk.
“Remember, meditation will bring you more and more intelligence,
infinite intelligence, a radiant intelligence. Meditation will make
you more alive and sensitive; your life will become richer.”
“I don't need a priest between me and God.”
I agree with the statement above. You can connect to God, the infinite
intelligence, at any time. You don’t need a priest, but I still encourage using
the technology of organized religion to help you navigate the spiritual
realm to learn faster and become stronger spiritually in a faster way.
You can walk down the road of the spiritual realm without any help, and it
might take you your whole life to find your purpose, your calling, and the
divine information waiting for you in the collective infinite intelligence.
You may have that information instantly, or you can wait and struggle for
your whole life. Which would you choose? You can use proven technology
to take a vehicle and move faster down the road. I encourage the faster way.
Only you can choose the vehicle to explore the spiritual realm. I don’t
recommend any one religion. I have no opinion about which religion man
chooses; it doesn’t matter. But man certainly needs a religion because a
religion will keep him from his darkness, his cannibalistic side. The
technology of religion, any religion, is better than no religion. Are some
religions better than others? Probably, but still in math, 1 is infinitely
greater than 0.
The technology of religion is for you to explore. Throughout history men
have seen success and have connected to the same infinitely intelligent
force the Christians call God in different ways.
“I know this world is ruled by Infinite Intelligence. It required
Infinite Intelligence to create it and it requires Infinite Intelligence
to keep it on its course ... It is mathematical in its precision.”
It’s kind of like connecting to the internet through a Mac computer or a PC.
At the end everyone is connected and on the same internet.
I use the Judeo-Christian words of God and the values here because they
have built the Western world that we live in. The Western world and the
Judeo-Christian technology have been proven to be successful here. In
other places and in other times in history, men have used different names
but the same methods to connect to the same unifying force.
How does man serve the binding force that connects all things?
Man can serve God, the force that binds all things by living his purpose and
reaching his potential. That is your #1 job in this lifetime on this planet. It
might take you time to find out what that purpose is and what your
potential is, or maybe you will never know, but to find your purpose and
your potential, you will find it by cutting away the distractions and
reaching deep inside of your essence when all else has been taken away.
“The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose
everything that you’re free to do anything.”
How Can Man Find God?
You will find God by taking away the distractions in your life. By stripping
away your addictions, getting rid of the porn, getting rid of the video
games, and focusing on what your purpose is. Focusing on service and
giving and becoming a man of production and value rather than a man of
“From Christ on down to Edison, the men who have achieved most
have been those who met with the most stubborn forms of temporary
defeat. This would seem to justify the conclusion that Infinite
Intelligence has a plan, or a law, by which it hurdles men over many
obstacles before giving them the privilege of leadership or the
opportunity to render useful service in a noteworthy fashion. ”’
You can only communicate with God when
prayer, mediations, a dreamlike state from
There is infinite intelligence in the spiritual
whole and make you complete as a man. You
your mind
waking up
realm for
just simply
is clear, through
or going to bed.
you to make you
need to access it.
The first step is to cut the distractions, the parasites, the time wasters, and
the wastes of your vital life energy—your sins. This will leave you free to
connect and see what you truly need to see.
“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will
not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on
the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you
should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will
be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the
memories of your loved ones.”
. &
mie TT
tit i|||
“Politics as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been
the systematic organization of hatreds.”
Men Can No Longer See Their Enemies
“In the land ofthe blind, the one-eyed man is king. In the
darkness, the man with the candle is an easy target.”
he current political climate has destroyed man’s ability to identify
problems and threats in the Western world. We are disabled from our
tools of discernment and judgment.
To question the popular narrative of the media and government today is a
political suicide mission and damning to a man and his social standing.
If a man questions why two men should want to get married, or why that is
part of the popular narrative, he’s a homophobe.
If man questions why a 4-year-old boy is taking hormone blockers to
become a girl, he’s an ignorant, backward hick.
If a man questions why there is a cross-dressing man in the girl’s
bathroom at the same time as his 8-year-old daughter, he’s hateful and
If a man questions why militant and extreme radical Muslims whom his
country is in an official “holy war” and an official “war on terrorism” with
are allowed to enter his country, he’s a racist, xenophobe, and
If a man questions why the Mexican government is dumping prisoners
from jail on his borders and wishes to build a wall to let the official,
chosen, legal Mexican immigrants into his country and keep the unofficial
and illegal people out, he’s a hater of Mexicans.
If a man questions anything to do with women
society, he is a sexist or misogynist.
and women’s
roles in
If a man goes on a date with a woman and is too aggressive, he’s a rapist.
If a man goes on a date with a woman and he is not aggressive enough, she
feels unsexy and thinks he’s gay.
The art of thinking, logic, reason, and debate has been violently cut out of
our society, and anyone, specifically men, who questions any part in the
popular narrative are condemned, labeled, and banished to the fringes of
social relevance.
It happened to Donald Trump in his race to become president. The popular
media story was that Trump was a joke. I have studied Donald Trump
since 2007 (before his run for presidency in 2016) when he was famous as
a real estate celebrity. He’s a self-made billionaire; nothing about him is a
joke. But the media painted him as a joke because he started to call out the
problems in America that were destroying and dismantling the country.
When he spoke out against objective problems identified by reason, the
people subjectively lashed out at him emotionally because their feelings
were hurt.
These same people refused to accept him as their president, saying, “He’s
not my president.” Again, this is not based in reality or reason; it’s just a
feeling of him “not being my president.” I’m sorry, but he did indeed
become the official president.
This is like a little child saying, “Dad, I don’t want to go to bed,” when
Dad says, “Go to bed.” That’s the level of argument happening here. The
child has a feeling of not wanting to go to bed, because he thinks it’s best
for him. Dad knows that for his child to live a happy, healthy, and
productive life, he needs to go to bed now.
Sometimes the medicine of what we need is bitter, and there is no
“spoonful of sugar” to make the medicine go down as Mary Poppins used
to sing about in the wonderful imaginary world of Disney.
In less tolerant countries like China and Russia, those people who oppose
their leader openly in such a way would be rounded up and shot. China and
Russia don’t mess around; they have policies against attacking the leaders.
They are concerned with their own self-preservation and growth as a tribe,
and people who speak out against the leaders are punished and quickly
made public examples of.
We have become so weak in America that even the tribal leader when
attacked can’t fight back with anything more than a Twitter account. Men
cannot question some of the political agendas unfolding in front of their
eyes for fear of harsh character assassinations. Even I fear for my own
well-being by exposing such problems by writing this book. Books that
challenge the popular narrative are threatening and are banned like George
Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Those men told the
truth, and their work was attacked for that truth.
Politics has traditionally been about property, who gets to keep what
property, and what property is redistributed to the poor. Now, politics has
become a subversive force silencing the men who can defend the tribe
from external attackers or invaders. As I mentioned, politics has been
traditionally about property and money. Thus, if you don’t have property,
you vote for the left because you wish to take someone else’s property and
give it to yourself. If you own property you vote for the right because you
wish to defend your property and keep it for yourself. If you don’t really
own much property, you might be somewhere in the middle and take some
of someone else’s property and give away some of your own. It’s all about
power, money, property, and procurement of resources for oneself. We all
vote for whatever benefits us the most.
you have
or do not have
“Tfaperson is not a liberal when he is twenty, he has no heart; if
he is not a conservative when he is forty, he has no head.”
People on the right typically live on the frontiers of survival: they run
businesses, own farms, own real estate, own land; they could lose
everything at any time to disaster, their own ignorance or negligence, the
elements, the markets, or another hostile and invisible force. For the
people who live on the right side of the political spectrum, daily survival
is real and practiced, so they can keep their enterprises and lives running.
People on the left are protected by the state and wish for more protection.
The frontiers of survival are so far away that they use their energy for
pleasure, family, relaxing, or anything other than survival because the state
sends them a check every month to keep the challenges of survival away.
Such is the disparity in philosophy of the left and right, the rich and the
poor. America’s founders rightfully predicted that if they ran a democracy,
eventually the democracy would lead to a race to the bottom, a pandering
for cheap votes from the poor to win public favor and get elected into
power. Politicians have been brokering weakness for power throughout
history. It’s a sad trade and should be stopped, but such is human nature,
and such is the nature of bribes for votes.
The brokering of weakness for power happened in Rome during its demise,
and the same happened in the election of Donald Trump versus Hillary
Clinton, on the left, won the popular vote. But the electoral college—the
second tier of political power—voted for Trump. Trump became president.
The founders of America were smart enough to know that the people are
too stupid to govern themselves. In Rome, the general populace voted for
breads and circuses and free grain for all until the barbarians sacked the
gates and wiped out their civilization.
Can the popular vote be wrong? Yes, and it often is. Whatever the masses
are doing or thinking, stay away and do the opposite.
“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,
and I’m not sure about the former.”
The American founders learned from ancient history from Greece and
Rome and thus created America as a republic with an electoral college in
place to prevent the bottom, the poor, from voting themselves free benefits
out of weakness.
When it comes to voting, I have the extremely old-fashioned view that
only landowners should be able to vote. At least you have a stake in the
country and you own a share. If you own a share, you care about the good
of the country and the group. If you don’t own anything, how can you
really care about the health of the group? There is a vast amount of land to
buy in the country, and cheap land in remote places. Anyone can work
hard, save up, buy some land cheaply somewhere, and get a vote, but I
know this old system that preserved the health of the country is never
coming back in this lifetime.
America is currently practicing the race to the bottom with food stamps,
free abortions,
free healthcare,
free or subsidized
and other
benefits that were meant to be safety nets and temporarily used but now
have now become permanent ways of life for people on the bottom to live.
The only reason why we allow the bottom to live on those programs in
perpetuity is because the politicians need to buy votes with weakness. This
is why democracy cannot last as a permanent form of government.
Bonobos vs. Chimps
Excerpt from Jack Donovan’s book The Way of Men
What would happen if men got spoiled, gave up and gave in to
women completely? How would that society operate?
The evolutionary theory of parental investment suggests that
because reproduction is costly, members of the sex which makes
the lesser parental investment will compete for sexual access to
whichever sex makes the greater parental investment. In humans
and most mammals, females are forced to make the greatest
investment in reproduction ...
Human males evolved to compete for access to females because
female reproductive investment is a valuable prize. Males can
exist in the all-male world of the gang, but females quite literally
represent the future. Men create a perimeter and establish
security. They create a rudimentary hierarchy, order and seminal
culture of us vs. them. To perpetuate the us, they need women. So
they try to figure out how to get women, and how to get “access to
their reproductive investment ...”
The Way of Men is the Way of the Gang, but a gang of men, alone,
has no future. The all-male gang ends with the death of the last
want to be remembered,
they want their tradition to
survive, and they want sex. Ultimately, these psychological
mechanisms and desires will allow them to pass on their genes.
When there is competition for resources—including women—it is
good strategy for a gang of men to create a patriarchal hierarchy,
eliminate neighboring rival gangs, take their women, and protect
the women from rival gangs. This is exactly what many primitive
tribes do. This is the basic strategy of the gang.
What happens
competition for resources
is radically
What happens when women get their way?
Two of our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos,
illustrate some of the differences between the way of males and
the way offemales.
Wrangham and Peterson argued that in spite of cultural
determinist theories and a lot of wishful thinking about peaceful
pre-historic matriarchies—the
historical, anthropological, physiological and genetic evidence
overwhelmingly suggests that humans have always been a
patriarchal, male-bonded party-gang species that engaged in
regular coalitionary violence. This was a brave conclusion,
because both authors seemed to be whole-heartedly against
violence. As self-described evolutionary feminists, they offered
suggestions as to how we might end male violence now that men
have the means to wreak havoc well beyond what their primitive
ancestors could do with powerful arms and simple tools. Aside
from selective breeding to reduce violent alpha tendencies in
males—a program that seems to be underway, albeit accidentally
—and the establishment of one world government, Wrangham and
Peterson suggested that we look to the gentle bonobo apes for
Chimpanzees and bonobos are both close relatives of humans.
Both have much in common with people, but when it comes to
social structures, the chimps are more apt to live in small groups
led by a hierarchical gang of males, whereas the bonobos tend to
live in larger, more stable parties with a greater number of
females and the females maintain coalitions that check male
organize to the benefit of male
reproductive interests, and bonobos organize to the benefit of
female reproductive interests. Chimps follow The Way of Men.
Bonobos follow The Way of Women.
oologists for years have studied different ape societies to see how they
function and to draw parallels between how apes behave and how man
In the ape world, there are the patriarchal, male-ruled chimpanzees who
live in areas with scarce food resources; they hunt and live on the meat of
the smaller monkeys whom they kill and eat. Their society is a maledominated gang culture where the males will be violent towards other
males and females for dominance in the tribe. If resources are plenty, the
male gangs will unite and form alliances into larger groups. When
resources are scarce, they will break into smaller hunter groups to
efficiently hunt the land for survival. Mating is done as the males see fit,
and the male chimps will take the females of their group or of another
group where they have fought and killed the males for mating purposes and
to assimilate into their tribe. The female chimps are not socially dominant,
and the social structure runs around the alpha male, the king. Females are
grouped together, but the males dominate.
The Chimpanzee Way:
Chimpanzees can mingle in larger parties if they are able to make
alliances, and if food is plentiful. Chimps and humans prefer
high-quality foods, and male chimps actively hunt for meat,
especially red colobus monkeys. Chimpanzees compete for
resources when they are scarce, so they break up into smaller
gangs. This is a “partygang”’ social structure because of this
flexibility in party size. Under stress, they revert to patriarchal
gangs run by male relatives and bonded male allies. Females
move (and are moved) from gang to gang. Males compete for
sexual access
to females,
but males
also sometimes
females and escort them away from the stress of male
competition. Females who do not have children sometimes join
males in hunting and raiding activities. Females are subordinate
to males in the chimpanzee social hierarchy, and they are
expected to demonstrate submission. When a young male comes of
age, he will usually make a big show of it, and start pushing
females around until they acknowledge him as an adult male.
After he achieves that, he’ll stop making such a big to do.
However, chimpanzee males do batter females sporadically to
maintain their status and show the gals what's what. Males who
come of age spend a lot of time together, but also spend a lot of
time competing for status with each other. Their contests are
often violent, and on rare occasions two males have been known
to form an alliance and murder the alpha male. Humans might
recognize this as patricide or tyrannicide. For chimps, in-group
competition is less important than competition with other groups.
Chimpanzees and humans are the only two members of the great
apes where males form coalitions to go out and raid or eliminate
members of a neighboring gang. Alpha chimps will occasionally
gather up other males, go out to the edge of their range, try to
catch a member of another gang unaware, and murder him. This
is similar to the “skulking way of war” common among primitive
humans, who also engage in guerilla raiding. Over time, males
will pick off all of the other males of the neighbor gang, absorb
the remaining females into their own group, and mate with them.
Because chimpanzees hunt, defend and aggress as a coordinated
gang, they have to be willing to put aside internecine competition
and maintain close bonds with each other. Primatologist Frans de
Waal wrote:
“.. the chimpanzee male psyche, shaped by millions of years of
intergroup warfare in the natural habitat, is one of both
competition and compromise. Whatever the level of competition
among them, males count on each other against the outside. No
male ever knows when he will need his greatest foe. It is, of
course, this mixture of camaraderie and rivalry among males that
makes chimpanzee society so much more recognizable to us than
the social structure of the other great apes.
Donovan, The Way of Men
Humans have lived like chimps throughout history in violent patriarchal
societies, with violent gang culture. When resources become scarce,
humans have split off into smaller groups to efficiently hunt.
On the opposite end of the spectrum are the bonobos. Bonobos are a
matriarchal ape society where the females rule and the males, with less
responsibilities, become weak. The bonobos live in different territory than
the chimpanzees or gorillas, and their food source is plentiful and
replenishable. They are mostly vegetarians but will sometimes eat meat if
they can get it. The bonobo tribes are much larger and need a replenishable
food source as a base to support the tribe, as they avoid hunting.
The female bonobos run the tribe, male violence is discouraged, and if a
male gets violent at all, the other females will gang up on him to stop the
violence. Food is so plentiful, and there are no major threats, so the females
practice getting the food and the males laze about in the sun all day. They
participate in masturbation and homosexuality with their excess of energy
and time that is no longer needed for hunting, whereas the chimps live in a
hostile environment, cannot afford to waste their sexual energy, and must
hunt to survive.
The Bonobo Way:
Bonobos eat many of the same foods that chimpanzees like, and
they will eat meat when they find it. However, bonobos don't
share their territory with gorillas, so they are able to eat the
kinds of portable herbs that gorillas eat. Wrangham and Peterson
believe that this is one of the key differences between chimps and
bonobos. Bonobos have a staple food source that is easy to find.
They dont have to compete for resources even when many foods
are out of season, so they can more or less relax all year long in a
peace of plenty. The males compete for status, but they seem less
concerned about it because status for bonobo males doesn't mean
much. Bonobos don't compete for mates. Each male just waits his
turn, and the females are happy to oblige anyone who comes
knocking. For the bonobos sex is social, and bonobos have both
homosexual and heterosexual sex. Bonobo males don't know who
their kids are, because any of the kids could be their kids. The
mother makes all of the parental investment. Bonobo males do
know who their mothers are, and they remain bonded to them for
life—they often follow their mothers around throughout
adulthood, and mothers intervene in conflicts on a behalf of their
sons. Males dont spend a lot of time together in bonobo groups,
but females build strong friendships with one another. When
males start trouble, the females band together to put a stop to it
quickly. Bonobo females are in charge. When one group of
bonobos comes in contact with another group, the female bonobos
will be the ones who make the peace, and generally they will start
engaging in hoka-hoka with each other—that’s what natives call
bonobo girl-on-girl action. Then the females will start mating
with the males from the opposite group. The males just sit around
and watch, shrug their shoulders and eventually join in.
Jack Donovan, The Way of Men
So here we have two very different ways of living, and humanity has, for
the majority of human history, lived in a patriarchal, chimpanzee way
where the food was scarce and the tribes had to rely on hunting, resource
gathering, and male dominance for survival. Now, with a much larger
supertribe, the females have taken over, and we live in a bonobo-style tribe
that is almost the opposite of the ways that man used to live throughout his
history. What is the cost of this? Weak men and strong women.
You can still find strong men today in our society on the frontier of
survival. If you go into the countryside on a farm, the men are still strong
and the women are women. But the larger the city, the larger the center, the
larger the tribe, the more bonobo we become, and the weaker the men
become. And thus, it seems as though just like with female and male sexual
power, there never really is a balance when it comes to sex. If a man has
multiple women, he has the power; if a woman has exclusivity, she has the
power. The same is true with matriarchal societies and patriarchal societies
—each have a cost and a benefit and a directly inverse conflict of interest.
The more you have of one, the less you have of the other. Like freedom and
security, the more freedom you have, the less security you have, and the
more security you have, the less freedom you have. Maximum security is
maximum security prison; maximum freedom is living in the forest alone.
A Conflict of Interests:
Bonobos and chimpanzees are adapted to different environments,
and their social structures follow from what those environments
have to offer. Bonobo society favors female interests. Female
coalitions hold sway over politics, and female bonding is more
important than male bonding. Males are bonded to their mothers
and dont know who their fathers are. Females stay together for
life. In chimpanzee society, females are somewhat isolated and
stay with their young when they are children, while males enjoy
both rivalry and camaraderie, and stay with their fathers,
brothers and male friends for life. Chimpanzee society favors
male interests. Wrangham and Peterson believe that bonobos
offer a “threefold path to peace” because they have managed to
reduce violence between the sexes, reduce violence between
males, and reduce violence between communities. In response to
the mass destruction inherent to modern warfare, many men have
searched for ways to abandon the “warfare system” that attends
patriarchy, and they have looked to women for guidance on
coalition building and finding a more peaceful way to live. Those
who believe human warfare is somehow unnatural will find little
objective support for this theory in history or the sciences.
Human societies are complex, and aspects of both bonobo and
chimpanzee patterns are familiar enough. But male aggression,
male coalitional violence, and male political dominance have all
been identified as “human universals’’—meaning that evidence of
these behaviors have been found in some form in almost every
human society that has ever been studied. Scientists only began to
study bonobos as a separate and distinct species in the 1950s,
Chimpanzees have a much larger range, and have adapted to
more diverse environments. Humans and chimps clearly have
more in common in terms of social organization. It is likely that
while humans are smarter and have far more complex social
arrangements than chimpanzees, male bonding and _ male
coalitional violence have been constant features of human and
pre-human societies. The following table shows the differences
between various aspects of chimpanzee societies and bonobo
societies—it shows two ways, two extremes.
Jack Donovan, The Way of Men
The major question I have when looking at chimpanzee vs. bonobo society
is, is the constant of human war the only determining factor between a
patriarchal and matriarchal society?
Does a society shift from a birth out of “hard times create strong men” and
male domination into patriarchy and establishment to create “good times
and weak men” where the women take over and matriarchy becomes the
new system of power? Is brutal and violent war the catalyst that changes
the society in a decline from female driven back to male driven? Must we
be on the edge of survival and oblivion to bring the strong men back?
“As long as man exists, there will be war.”
Male Interests vs. Female Interests
Male interests (Chimpanzees) |Female interests
Variable, sometimes difficult to |Readily available
[Hunting priority
For mating
For pleasure and
Minimal, uncommon
Frequent, common
Political dominance
Shared, but female
coalitions have most
Males- Parent bonding
Father, brothers, patrilineal
Males spend time with mothers
during youth, with males for the
rest of their lives, with females
Male interests (Chimpanzees) |Female interests
Females - Parent bonding
Mothers, females may leave
Males rape females
Mothers, matrilineal,
females generally stay in
— bother?
Females acknowledge male
Intergroup raiding
Border patrols
Source: Jack Donovan, The Way of Men
Wars seem to be constant throughout human history. especially when
resources get scarce. When that happens, humans become violent. In earlier
chapters we talked about subversion of our American society by
communism and that the final stages of subversion of our society and
values end up in
1) invasion (war against the external enemies), or
2) civil war (war against the internal enemies).
Will this time of weak men that we live in eventually come to a grinding
halt when we hit hard times that will be sorted out by war? We might
believe that war will not come onto our own American soil, or that the
violence can’t happen here. We tend to think that violence happens in other
places, but just because the violence isn’t happening here on Western soil
doesn’t mean that it can’t come home.
Wars against men are known to fewer and fewer of us. Mandatory
conscription for the Vietnam War ended the year before I was
born. Since then, the United States has effectively created a class
of professional contract soldiers who do the government's
fighting in faraway lands. Average men know more about
collegiate basketball
than they know about a given overseas
Like the bonobos, we don't have to worry about hunger. We barely
have a reason to get up off the couch. Until the recent extended
recession, Jobs were fairly easy to come by, and almost all of the
men who wanted to work were able to get a job. Welfare and
social assistance programs provide safety nets for many others,
and few American men living today grew up in a home without a
television. True hunger and poverty and desperation, the way
people know it in Africa, is rare even for those who are officially
considered poor. Diseases that wiped out populations in the past
are treatable, and people recover fully from injuries that would
have been fatal one hundred years ago. If anything illustrates the
surreal plenty we live in today, it is the fact that we have
problems like epidemic obesity. People are able to sit in their
homes and eat until they are so fat they can t move.
Jack Donovan
So with the poem that is the premise of this book:
Hard Times Create Strong Men
Strong Men Create Good Times
Good Times Create Weak Men
Weak Men Create Hard Times
Through the hard times of civil war or invasion, the hard times create
strong men again, and the cycle is set to repeat just as history seems to
repeat itself exactly every 80 years or so. Forty years on an upswing, 40
years on a downswing, and 80 years is the magical number because it is 40
times two.
Forty is an important magic number in human history because there is a
saying, “By the age of forty, man has seen all that he can see.” Traditionally
throughout history, men have lived to be roughly 40.
The number 40 is also important in the Bible. Jesus, Moses, and many
others fasted or meditated for 40 days.
Forty years is how long it takes for the pendulum of society to swing
entirely in one direction. To go all the way into good times takes 40 years—
20 years on the way to good times and 20 years swinging back to the
middle, back toward hard times. Then the pendulum swings back into hard
times—20 years getting worse, and then 20 years getting better. The entire
cycle of history looks like this:
Good Times
Create Weak Men
Weak Men
Hard Times
Strong Men
Good Times
Hard Times
Hard Times
Strong Men
Strong Men
Hard Times Create Strong Men (20 years of hard times 1940 to
Strong Men Create Good Times (20 years of good times 1960 to
1980, the start of feminism and the decline of Western strong
Good Times Create Weak Men (1980 to 2000 the proliferation of
weak men and degradation of the original values that made men
Weak Men Create Hard Times (2000 to 2020 back into hard
times, which will force men to become strong again)
Every 80 years, if we want to see the future, all we must do is look literally
80 years back in the past when the swinging pendulum of history was in the
exact same spot as today. As I write this, we are in 2018, and 80 years ago
was 1938, right before America got officially involved in World War II.
We are ready for a major war and a major hard time as dictated by the
cycles of history. Just as sure as the tide moves in and out a cycle, history
repeats on a cycle. Such is the human condition.
In 1940, World War II was just starting to ignite on a global level. That was
when the WWII generation was galvanized by fire, blood, sweat, and tears
into becoming the “greatest generation” through the destruction of what
was sold as the “war to end all wars.” We always think the current war is
the last war, but humanity has a short memory and bad amnesia. Alas, the
cycle of history repeats.
Why is 80 years the magic number for history? And why do we look 80
years in the past to see today? Eighty years is a vitally important number
because it takes 40 years to grow a human generation. One generation
grows up swinging in one direction, and their children will look at their
parents and swing in the opposite direction. To swing one way or the other
takes a human lifetime—40 years for a generation to grow up and swing
society in one direction and then 40 years for their children to grow up and
swing in the opposite direction.
This is illustrated in fashion; whatever is cool today in fashion is usually
old trends from 20 years ago. Literally, 20 years ago is “retro” and “cool”
because the kids of today who are 18 were not even born to see what was
cool 20 years ago. They can’t see the greater invisible force of the
Forty years is relevant because that is where the young people commit to
“doing it differently than my father or mother did.” The children
compensate by going in the opposite direction of the parents, and then their
children compensate by going their 40 years in the opposite direction of
their parents. This brutal tug of war—one direction for 40 years, then the
opposite for 40 more years—is a major part of man and his innate flaws. To
repeat what he already knows to be bad for him simply because he forgot
his hard, bloody, violent past is silly and shortsighted.
We live in a good time today that has created weak men, so I am writing
this book to swing the pendulum back to strong men, because we have been
weak for far too long. I am a student of history and know that the pendulum
is ready to swing back into violent hard times with full force shortly.
Eighty years is a magic number because it is two cycles of 40. Everyone
who was alive 80 years ago, at this exact same part in the cycle, is now
dead. My grandmother, born in 1920, was alive and contributing to the
WWII war effort as a nurse 80 years ago. As I write this, Grandma is
turning 98 years old. She will not live much longer, and of course when we
plunge back into the darkness and hard times of the repetition of history,
Grandma will no longer be alive. The men and women of 80 years ago are
now gone. They lived through the horrors of hard times and had firsthand
experience, stories, and knowledge to warn us against the horrors they lived
through. Instead of being alive to warn us against our own ignorance and
weakness, these people born 80 years ago are (1) dead, (2) disabled and
unable to communicate with us anymore, or (3) marginalized by society
and rotting in isolated old-folks homes.
We no longer listen to our elders and think that our valuable elders have
nothing to contribute, when in fact they are the keepers of the most
important knowledge in society, which 1s firsthand experience. That is why
history is, as Stefan Molyneux pointed out, the “same damn story over and
over again just with different costumes.”
We can’t see or recall what happened 80 years ago, and we think “it won’t
happen to us.” This is a fallacy of human nature; we always think we’re
different, we always think that our situation is different, but it never is!
The violence of history has and always will swing in 20-, 40-, and 80-year
cycles because a lifecycle of a human being is only 40 years. I believe we
are designed to live only 40 years. We have managed to live longer—to 80
or 100 years—with recent medicine and nutrition. That is great, but from
looking at history with all of the problems, wars, famines, and plagues, it
seems that man has only been able to get to 40 consistently throughout
history, and then he is an “old man” at 40 when he dies.
We can see that history moves in cycles. A nation, a society, a tribe is born
out of patriarchy and male dominance because the environment is hostile,
and the hard times create strong men. As the strong men build the
prosperity of the tribe or the nation, strong men bring prosperity and good
times through their sacrifices. Good times create weak men as the new
generations of man enjoy the spoils that their forefathers left behind for
them. Just like a rich kid who becomes useless, unable to fend for himself,
degenerate, addicted to drugs, sex, and gambling, he cannot survive in the
gangster-tribal way that his tough entrepreneurial father or grandfather did.
The first generation makes the wealth, the second generation spends the
wealth, and the third generation talks about the wealth.
The good times become a poison of comfort and excess, a breeding ground
of weakness, and we slip into matriarchy as the women take over. The
physical threats are gone, and the strong men aren’t needed and can relax or
become marginalized. The threats are no longer present, we are not worried
about the frontiers of survival, and through our ignorance of our violent
past and complacency, the tribe allows its enemies to grow within and
begin to circle on the edges of the tribe.
“Anything in excess is poison.”’
This leads our society to one of two options, as we have always had in the
1) Civil war from weakness, resources getting scarce and the tribe
goes to war with itself, like a body fighting itself with an
autoimmune disease, weakening itself for an invasion OR
2) Invasion from an enemy strong man tribe hungrier for
resources, the weak men of our tribe, the weak tribe are
violently killed by a strong man tribe, and the women are
sexually assimilated and children are enslaved.
The real question
throughout history?
dominated societies
external patriarchal,
is, do female-ruled societies survive and persist
Or are they just temporary before a fall? Are female
a sign of the times that will be violently taken by an
strong man tribe at some point?
“Masculine republics give away to feminine democracies, and
feminine democracies give way to tyranny.”
I would make the counterargument, “do male ruled societies survive
either?” The answer is no. Male-ruled societies give away to female-ruled
societies through too much comfort and weakness as the poem of “Hard
Times Suggests”:
Hard Times Create Strong Men (1940, World War IT)
Strong Men
(1960, Height of American
Good Times Create Weak Men (1980, Decline after 20 years of
feminism and comfort creating weak men)
Weak Men Create Hard Times (2000, September 11" terrorist
attack and major decline of America through the crash of 2008
and beyond)
Hard Times Create Strong Men (Present day, 2020)
2020 is where we will begin to get the next generation of strong men
through forced hard times as the cycles of history indicate. I write this book
in 2018 as the pendulum is about to swing into “hard times create strong
Are female-driven human tribes able to persist and survive over time? The
answer is “no.” A group of strong men coming from hard times will
eventually invade, and the institution of war wipes the dominant women
and weak men out.
Is war an institution? Yes, it is always happening. Somewhere on the globe
resources are scarce, and humans are killing each other violently to survive.
You can see this in the poorest ghettos of America. Even in my hometown
of Winnipeg, Canada, the murder capital of Canada, the poor are violent
and fighting each other for survival, in Winnipeg the historically highest
murder rate in my country.
As long as resources are scarce, as long as there are men, as long as men
desire women and a better life, there will be war.
History is full of movements of have-nots rising up against the haves—
young men fighting old men for resources and women. So war will never
leave us as long as we have men. But the strong men, the violence, and the
wars eventually turn to times of peace and stability when the women can
take charge and rule the tribe.
Unfortunately, as illustrated, these are times of decline, and other violent
tribes of men, who are the have-nots of the world, see our abundance, see
our plenty, hate us, and despise us for what we have. They want what we
have, and they will violently take it. Violence took Rome with the
barbarians storming the gates to take what they wanted, women, land,
money, slaves, and power.
Will it happen again to us?
I would argue that the barbarian invasion has already started.
“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand
victories. ”
TT" world belongs to warrior culture.
As the poem says:
Hard times create strong men,
Strong men create good times,
Good times create weak men,
Weak men create hard times.
Such 1s the cycle of history.
The cycle fluctuates between war and peace, war and peace over and over
again. At some point, there is always mass violence, killing, and murder,
and this is just the nature of men.
Peace is unsustainable unto itself, because we live in a world of haves and
have-nots. Inevitably, there is a gang, a group of have-not men out beyond
the frontier. The Romans
called them barbarians,
and these barbarians
eventually show up at the gates and kill everyone for women, land, and
The barbarians are strong men christened by hard times. They are violent,
masculine, and live in a warrior culture. They want the luxuries of
civilization, they want women to reproduce with, and they are willing to
use violence to get it.
Thus, because war is always inevitable with the clash of the haves and the
have-nots, the world belongs to the warrior cultures.
The men of the West were once warriors and farmers. The dawn of
Western culture was born out of intolerance. Societies are born out of
intolerance, and they die when they become too tolerant to function. We
are reaching that point of tolerance in America right now, where we are
getting overtolerant, and every crazy thing brought by any fringe group to
the popular narrative or media is tolerable.
After gay marriage was legalized, the new agenda on the political docket
is to legalize pedophilia with groups like NAMBLA (The North American
Boy Lovers Association) attempting to join in the LGBTQ group. Islamic
immigrants want to marry children as young as 9, as is customary through
their religion in some parts of the world, and now the precedence of gay
marriage has opened up the next frontier: “why not marry kids?” Tolerance
is a problem because it sets a precedent for weakness. The new argument
is: if |can marry a man and I am a man, can I not be free to love whoever I
want? What if I love this child? Can I not marry the child? This is an
actual argument on the fringes of the popular narrative right now, and I
hope that we don’t legalize pedophilia because that is a real step
backwards into the Middle Ages for civilization.
Tolerance leads to weakness and weakness leads to hard times. Hard times
leads to war and violence. War and violence christen men through blood
and flame making them strong men, galvanized against hardship.
America was born as an intolerant nation. The war for independence from
the British empire was born out of an intolerance for the crippling taxes
that the empire was placing on the ragtag group of farmers living in the
Colonies across the ocean. These farmers, the men, became warriors, got
pissed off, and started killing Redcoat British soldiers until the British had
to go home to lick their wounds.
The Americans started as the barbarians, and the British were the empire.
The Americans were intolerant; the British were so big and fat that they
grew to be tolerant. After the Victorian British empire fell, the American
empire rose to power, and simultaneously the Russian empire rose as well.
Two backwater countries of farmers and country boys had become the
empires. These country boys who were too primitive to be a threat rose up
as the world leaders and world’s superpowers post-World War II.
Rome was birthed on intolerance and died after it became too tolerant to
Greece was birthed on intolerance and died after it became too tolerant to
Right now, the rising star in the world of warrior culture and intolerance is
the religion of Islam, which is much more powerful than a nation of
barbarians. It’s a multinational religion spanning over the entire thirdworld with over | billion members. Imagine | billion have-nots pissed off
and angry at infidel Western values in Europe and America. Imagine 1
billion angry men with pulsing testosterone and testicles with over 100
million sperm each ready to spread their seed and take the women of their
slain enemies.
Islam is growing more rapidly than any other religion in the world,
according to a new report by the Pew Research Center that says the
religion will nearly equal Christianity by 2050 before eclipsing it around
2070, if current trends continue. The Pew is a nonpartisan fact tank that
informs about issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world.
“The main reason Muslims are growing not only in number but in share
worldwide is because of where they live,” says Alan Cooperman, Pew’s
director of religion research, said in an interview with NPR. “Muslim
populations are concentrated in some of the fastest-growing parts of the
world.” The Pew report on the matter states that “as of 2010, Christianity
was by far the world’s largest religion, with an estimated 2.2 billion
adherents, nearly a third (31 percent) of all 6.9 billion people on Earth.
Islam was second, with 1.6 billion adherents, or 23 percent of the global
population.” Those numbers are predicted to shift in the coming decades,
as the world’s population rises to 9.3 billion by the middle of this century.
The Pew projects that, in that time, Islam will grow by 73 percent, while
Christianity will grow by 35 percent—resulting in 2.8 billion Muslims and
2.9 billion Christians worldwide.
Islam is spreading like wildfire, and many of the countries that Islam takes
as members of their tribe are from poor third-world nations.
Empires fall when they become too tolerant and too complacent and
comfortable to be able to identify the hostile barbarians at the gates.
History is littered with the carcasses of slain empires that were violently
destroyed and trampled on by a barbarian horde.
China has become a strong nation through intolerance. They used to be
very strict with their policies, but as the Western culture seeps into the
Chinese culture and the incomes go up, China will gain a middle class, and
grow comfortable and tolerant as well.
Why Nazism Failed versus the Success of Communism and
In the 1930s and 1940s, Nazism became a powerful and popular movement
in Germany, and there were Nazis around the world who had belief
systems shared with Adolf Hitler and his religion based on blood. They
believed that Nordic Aryans (a very loose undefinable term but were
thought to be Nordic blonde hair, blue-eyed people) were the master race
and were superior to all other groups of people.
Hitler had a very simple racial ideology (that also branched into other
1) Nordic Aryans were the master race.
2) Slavics were a slave race.
3) All other races were below that.
The idea at the time was embraced by people in Europe and abroad even in
America. Nazism was popular, but it has been whitewashed from
American history after the Nazi death camps and genocides were exposed
after the war.
Whoever wins the war gets to write the history books.
The trouble with the Nazi philosophy based on blood and race is that it is
not exportable to other groups of people. Only northern Europeans with
blonde hair and blue eyes could fit into the blood-based ideology.
Officers in the Waffen-SS lamented turning down great soldiers because
they didn’t fit the strict racial criteria to be in the elite Waffen-SS.
Soldiers had to be 6 feet tall (at least 5 feet 11 inches) with no dental
cavities and a traceable pure Aryan blood lineage back to the 1700s. Sure
they could select a certain type of person, but they could not export this
ideology, or replicate it in other groups of people, and so Nazism was
limited to Germany, America, and a small minority of northern European
Even non-Aryan countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain had to dubiously
claim that they were Aryan, and a questionable system of “Mediterranean
Aryans” was established, where Mussolini, who was not a northern
European and did not have blonde hair or blue eyes, somehow became an
“Aryan.” Hitler himself did not fit the Aryan description either.
So dubious was the racial blood philosophy that for Nazi Germany to
somehow ally with Japan, the Germans had to claim that the Japanese
were “honorary Aryans,’ which completely violates their blood
philosophy and Aryan master race philosophy and shows just how
inexportable the Nazi ideology was. They could not take over the world
quickly because they couldn’t manufacture enough Aryans to do the job.
When the Nazis were taking over Poland and Eastern Europe, they had to
decide out of the mostly Slavic populations which men and women could
be “Aryans” and which ones couldn’t. They didn’t really have a real
system for this, so it came down to “does this person look Aryan or not.”
There was no real science behind it. In the end, Nazism failed.
On the other hand, the exportability
communism so powerful.
could be communists,
of an ideology
is what
the Russians,
the Cubans,
Cambodians, the North Koreans, and on and on. Communism was exported
like a wildfire across the world because it was an easy movement for
anyone to join. It was a convenient way for the have-nots to band together
into a gang and rise up and fight against the haves.
The exportability, the easiness, the stickiness, the adaptability of an idea is
key to the success of it over time, and the easier something is to adopt, the
bigger and faster it can grow.
Islam today is the fastest-growing religion in the world:
Muslims Projected to be Fastestgrowing Major Religious Group
Estimated percent change in population size, 2015-2060
Folk religions
Other religions
432% growth
in overall
http://www.pewresearch. org/fact-tank/2017/04/06/why-muslims-are-the-worlds-fastestgrowing-religious-group/
Islam is an ideology that lends itself perfectly to third-world countries of
have-nots and promises the young, hungry, military-aged men enormous
gains and an upside with a dream of world domination.
This is the same promise that Hitler gave the young men of Germany, but
he couldn’t export his ideas fast enough to other groups of people outside
of his own group. He couldn’t recruit black men from Africa, the Arabs
from the Middle East, or anyone who wasn’t pure Aryan. This was one of
Hitler’s fatal strategic flaws.
The Islamic ideology, like communist ideology, is proven to be widely
exportable, violent, and intolerant.
That is an explosive mix of factors that is mortally threatening to the good
of the Western world.
People who are poor, the have-nots, the frustrated youth of history who
want to seize power, have always attempted to rise up through violence to
take what they have always wanted: a better life, the luxuries they do not
have, and the women of their enemy to reproduce and create offspring.
This haves versus the have-nots has been proven over and over again
throughout history.
The youth versus the establishment has been proven over and over again.
The intolerant taking over the tolerant has been seen over and over again.
The primitive barbarians sacking empires has been seen over and over
This is why the world and the future belong to warrior societies. Good
times create weak men, which always follows with strong men from other
tribes coming to invade.
The barbarians are at the gates. Should we let them in?
“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.’
“Everything not saved will be lost.”’
other nature has a wonderful law, the law of use. The law of use is:
Mbnines that get used get stronger; things that do not get used get
“Anything given to you in life will be violently taken back ifyou
fail to earn it.”
If you do not use your body, it becomes weak.
If you do not use your mind, it becomes weak.
If you do not use your spirit, it becomes weak.
If you do not use your emotions, they become weak.
Strength and being a strong man come from use.
If you use your gifts that are given to you, your gifts shall become
However, anything given to you that you fail to earn over time shall
become lost and will be taken back by the ebb and flow of life.
Part of the problem with men in today’s world is that they are no longer
needed. There 1s virtually nothing that a man can do that a woman cannot
do and thus, this is part of the problem with men becoming weak.
Women have become men, and men have become women. We don’t need
men anymore, so they wither and become weak like an unused muscle or a
mind left unchallenged.
Women can fight wars with guns and bombs and soldiers.
Woman can be police officers and drag you off to jail.
Women can be prison guards and bash your head with a nightstick and put
you in solitary confinement.
Women can be firefighters and drag you out of a burning building on their
Are any of the jobs above ideal for women and the natural strengths and
divine gifts that women have? No, I don’t believe that it’s a woman’s job
to do any of the jobs listed above; in fact, I would wager that women
would do a worse job than men for these reasons:
When it comes to danger and life-threatening decisions, that is where men
and women become defined in their work and their jobs. When survival is
on the line, I want the best man for the job. I don’t want to take a gender
studies class and learn about the theory of how men and women are equal.
Men and women aren’t equal; they are reciprocal complementary
opposites. Equal is homogenous and useless. Complementary and opposite
is a powerful combination where men and women fiercely need each other.
If men and women are truly equal and the same, why not just have sports
instead of men’s and women’s sports? If there was just sports instead of
gender separated sports, there would probably be an extreme minority of
women participating in the mixed gender sports. Generally, women’s
bodies are built differently, and they are unable to compete physically with
the bigger, stronger, testosterone-filled men on the field.
There is no girls basketball in real life. In girls basketball there is a lower
hoop, and a smaller ball, and the girls are shorter and less aggressive than
the 7-foot tall black men in the NBA who will dunk over your head. In real
life, there is only one type of basketball—the NBA. The men come out,
and the little boys and girls go home and take their toys with them. Real
life is reserved for the strongest, the smartest, the fittest for the job. In
fact, as a 6’4” white male, I would be small and never make it in the NBA.
Bigger black males dominate the sport, and rightfully so, because they are
better at the job than smaller white males.
Success in real life is about having the best man
sometimes that doesn’t include women.
for the job, and
Why not put the men and women together at the Olympics? If that were
the case, women would complain: “This isn’t fair. We can’t compete with
the bigger stronger men. Please give us a separate Olympics so we can
compete against ourselves out of weakness.”
Why the case for equality, then? What happened to complementary or
reciprocal? What happened to two halves needing each other? What
happened to having an offensive squad and a defensive squad on a team,
instead of having everyone just chase the soccer ball around hoping to
Men have become obsolete to women.
Women have become obsolete to men.
They are equal and homogenous, and there is no reason to be together
This has come from the equalization of genders, homogenization of
genders, feminism, destruction of men, and the creation of a bonobo-style
weak man society.
Men are no longer needed to serve a purpose, which is to work and
provide. Welfare can take care of them instead. They are no longer needed
in the home or on the farm or in the military. Men are no longer needed—
period. Welcome to the homogeneous mix of a _ gender-neutralized
Perhaps in the future, a theoretical sci-fi future, we will just have women,
sperm banks, and turkey basters of semen to propagate the human race.
Think it sounds crazy? Aldous Huxley predicted in his book Brave New
World that humans would no longer be born in the near future, but instead
would grow in test tubes. We are getting close to that point right now, and
we are indeed entering a brave new world.
In the book Brave New World, a banned book during the author’s time
because it had offensive but truthful ideas, John—called the Savage
because he lived on the Savage Reservation, but also because he was the
only naturally born character in the novel—is brought from savage
humanity, the frontier of survival, into the brave new world of the hightech future. At the end of the book he goes insane and flogs himself just to
feel human again and then hangs himself to end his life. Does John the
savage in Brave New World represent the repressed man and what modern
man has become? Now that man is obsolete, and unneeded, is the answer
to the problem self-destruction and suicide as Brave New World subtly
Instead of men being the backbone of the family or important in the
workplace, they are an inconvenient afterthought.
Not needed.
Not required.
Strictly optional.
The way we treat men is the same way we treat dogs today: when you get a
dog as pet to love and cherish, the first thing you do is cut off his balls
immediately and emasculate him. We do the same with men. As soon as
they start acting like young men with aggression and defiance in schools,
we metaphorically castrate the young men, cut off their balls, and treat
them like badly behaved girls. It’s proven that girls and young women do
better in school because they can sit there and be obedient and listen. The
young men, with 100 million sperm pulsing inside of them and raging
testosterone flowing through their veins, can act like delinquents, convicts,
and challenge authority. The young men are acting out, trying to form a
party-gang to ensure their own survival, and we break them up and put
them in detention; we shame them until they give up their masculine
tendencies and turn into girls instead. There is no room for male-
dominated gang culture inside of the school system today, which is an
official mandate, but it is part of what being a man 1s about.
Men, strong men, once were the center of attention on the stage of society
in the 1940s and even in the 1950s. They were real-life heroes that
younger men wanted to be like. Nowadays, instead of the starring role on
the stage of the play, men have nothing but a cameo appearance. They
show up for a few minutes, say a few lines, they “check in” to pay child
support, or see their parole officer, then they are ushered out the back door
of the theatre.
Employment equity has flushed men right out of certain parts of the
workforce. Whenever I fly in an airport and get patted down by the TSA, I
rarely find a strong white male working in the TSA. Every minority is
represented, every gay man, lesbian woman, black, Hispanic, Asian,
crippled, American Indian, but no white males. The mandate for equality
and for empowering minorities has made the previous majority, white
males, an endangered species.
Gone are the warrior cultures that needed men to survive. They exist
elsewhere in the world, namely in Islamic nations, Africa, South America,
and hard places where men must violently fight to survive. But instead we
have the neutered beta males in the Western world waiting for the gates to
open and barbarians to violently finish them off.
Man is one part banished and one part imprisoned in the Western world
nowadays. He is banished from the home, not needed, especially if he has
a divorce, unless his exwife wants child support. He is banished from
several workplaces through employment equity. He is banished from the
gang-tribe of other men who used to survive and go out and hunt together
and do manly things. Such groups are discouraged today, and he is
imprisoned by the laws, family law, anything to do with sex law, and even
laws around seeing his own children.
To illustrate the cage and imprisonment of the last remaining strong men
in our society, Ill finish with a story: When I was in university I had a
jazz professor who was 6’5”, black, and he must have been a large and
muscular 250 pounds. He was a huge man, bigger than a refrigerator, had a
booming voice, and had made it as a jazz musician. This man, my
professor and mentor, was a strong man, and I admired him. He mentored
me one-on-one in my music career, and I am very grateful for the lessons
he taught me. He was indeed a strong man.
This man was a dominant alpha male. He had made it on the streets of
New York, had served in the American military, fired guns, blown up
grenades, lived to tell about it, lived off his jazz music, and now had
earned a position of power in the faculty of music. He had fought his way
through the lines of survival into the comfort of the institution. He had it
made, almost like earning an early pension.
He was totally different from any of the other effeminate, intellectual,
nerdy men with beards and glasses in the faculty. He was raw, real,
authentic, and had survived in the real world. He was the kind of guy you
wanted to defend you on the front lines, in the trenches of the war, fighting
your enemies for survival. He was tough, but he had your back. He had
been to the frontier and made it back alive. This gave him charisma.
He was strong, and I was young—about 17 at the time—and he was tough.
He didn’t take any bullshit; he walked like the alpha male, strutted like a
gangster, talked like the alpha male, flirted with the young women like the
alpha male, and rightfully so, he was the king of his domain.
Things didn’t work out, and I quit the school of music after a year. I
remember crying out of weakness and having a chat with him backstage in
a service hallway at the last gig I played at. I remember he respected my
decision to quit. He sat and listened, and I cried. I was frustrated. He was
stoic in the moment and respected my quitting, but he warned me to
refrain from talking trash about him or his program, or I would “end up on
the wrong side of history.” It was a very manly thing to say; he was a little
bit gangster, it was intimidating, but he was the tribal gang leader, so it
was fine to me.
I was honorable, so I left quietly and moved on to the next chapter of my
Fast forward 14 years later, and this professor of mine is now caught in a
witch hunt with the media. Students came forward claiming that “he took
my drum sticks away from me,” “he mocked me,” “he was mean,” I “felt
uncomfortable about him,” and of course the media lynched him.
Ironically, he was a big black man, and in the Deep South they actually
lynched black men until not that long ago. The mob would hunt down the
big black men and hang them by their necks from trees if they did
something wrong. Today in the university, the modern institution of power,
they metaphorically hunted my mentor down and lynched him, the big
black strong man, for his crime of being a dominant alpha male in his
Sadly, things don’t really change much in history.
He was a good man—had a wife, kids, seemed faithful enough. His wife
supported him by responding to his press inquiries during the attacks
students were making on him. He was out of the country of Canada and in
his home country of the USA, and he would not respond to comments, but
the lynch mob was out there looking to lynch the strong man.
The same lynch mob has come out looking for Donald Trump for being the
alpha male and the dominant strong man and tribal leader.
My mother sent me articles about the lynching of my mentor. I believed he
was acting normally as he always did, but the times had changed, and you
can’t be an alpha male anymore, especially in a big institution like a
university. I read the articles my mother sent me and the accounts from
students who claimed that he was off-side. Nothing seemed out of the
ordinary for his normal behavior, but he was an alpha male, from the real
world of survival, dominant, intimidating, and all the good things that men
are on the frontiers of survival. I appreciated those qualities about him and
learned from him.
What had changed though was the narrative in society. Female
empowerment had grown in leaps and bounds in the last 14 years, and
Trump was getting smashed in the media every day as a “racist,” “sexist,”
“homophobe,” “Islamophobe,” “Mexican hater,” and worst of all saying
“mean things.” The Harvey Weinstein scandal was just coming out, and
the “me too” movement by women was becoming vastly popular with
every single woman coming out with a rape story or abuse story. My
professor was eliminated because he was no longer needed. He was now
ironically “on the wrong side of history”
change and a sign of the times.
and a victim to an invisible
If we were in a survival situation, he’s the first guy you would want to
handle an emergency or a life-threatening situation. He was a strong man
that you wanted on your team if your life depended on it. But your life
wasn’t in danger, so instead you had him eliminated because he threatened
you. Welcome to the darkness of human nature. Eliminate the threats to
you before they become threats.
As the lion who takes over a new territory, kill the cubs
competitors before they grow up to challenge you.
of your
But in our safe zone, our world of comfort, our world of women, our world
of weak men without any threats from the frontier, my alpha male
professor was obsolete and thrown into the trash bin of society.
I believe he lost his professorship at the university and had his character
assassinated in the media.
Where is he now?
I’m not sure, probably lying low until things cool down.
Men are obsolete now, especially strong men, who have “fallen on the
wrong side of history.”
The Rise of Rome
“Remove justice, and what are kingdoms but gangs of criminals on
a large scale? What are criminal gangs but petty kingdoms? A
gang is a group of men under command of a leader, bound by a
compact of association, in which the plunder is divided according
to an agreed convention. If this villainy wins so many recruits from
the ranks of the demoralized that it acquires territory, establishes a
base, captures cities and subdues people, it then openly arrogates
itself the title of kingdom, which is conferred on it in the eyes of the
world, not by the renouncing of aggression but by the attainment of
impunity ”
Thug life: an excerpt from The Ways of Men by Jack
AS THE STORY GOES, Rome was founded by a gang:
The Romans believed that Romulus and Remus were the distant
descendants of Aeneas, who wandered the Mediterranean with a
small band of survivors after the ruin of Troy. These exiled
Trojans—the few remaining ambassadors of a proud but defeated
tradition—were guided by the gods to Latium, where they
intermingled with the Latin people of Italy. The former Trojans
thrived there and founded the settlement of Alba Longa—ust
southeast of modern Rome.
Many generations passed, and the eldest son of each king took
the throne until Amulius ousted his older brother Numitor.
Amulius murdered Numitor’s sons and forced his daughter Rhea
Silvia to become a Vestal Virgin, assuring that the exiled
would have no heirs to challenge his own.
Rhea gave birth to twin boys, and rather than admit an
indiscretion, she claimed that they were fathered by Mars, the
god of war. King Amulius didnt buy her story. He had her
chained and ordered her sons to be drowned in the Tiber river.
The men charged with this task left the boys exposed in the
swampy shallows of the flooded river and assumed the current
would carry them to their deaths. According to legend, it was
there that they were rescued by a thirsty she-wolf and suckled on
her hairy dugs. The grandsons of Numitor were then discovered
by shepherds who took the boys in and raised them as their own.
Thanks in part to a vigorous country life, Romulus and Remus
grew into strong young men known for hunting and for fearlessly
confronting “wild beasts.” They also gained a reputation for
attacking robbers,
taking their loot, and sharing it with all of
their shepherd pals. The generous twins were also fun to be
around, and their merry band grew. During a festival, they were
ambushed by the bitter robbers, and Remus was brought before
the King Amulius on poaching charges. While Remus was in
custody, Numitor suspected who the twins really were.
Meanwhile, Romulus organized his band of shepherds to
Amulius and free his brother. The shepherds entered the
separately and gathered together at the last moment
overwhelm Amulius’ guard. Romulus succeeded in killing
tyrant king, and after learning his true heritage, he restored
kingship to his grandfather Numitor.
The reunited twins then decided to found a city together on the
land where they were raised. However,
the two men
over its naming and the dispute became heated. The brothers
challenged each other, and in the end Romulus triumphed, killing
his beloved twin brother Romulus and his friends then set to
work organizing the government of the new city that bore his
According to the historian Livy, one of the first things that
Romulus did after making some rudimentary fortifications was to
establish the religious rites that would be celebrated by the
people of Rome. In addition to the rites honoring the local gods,
Romulus chose to observe the Greek rites of the heroic god-man
Hercules, known for his great strength and for his “virtuous
After identifying a constellation of gods and setting a rough
spiritual course for his tribe, Romulus advertised the city of
Rome an asylum where all men, freeborn or slave, could start a
new life. A motley collection of immigrants from neighboring
tribes traveled to Rome, and he selected the best men to help him
rule. These men were made senators and designated “fathers”
(patres) of the Roman tribe. Their heirs would be known as
patricians. With the city fathers, he created order through law.
Lacking women, the men of Rome knew their city would die with
them. Romulus sent out envoys to surrounding communities to
secure wives for his men. Their offers of marriage were refused,
however, because the young men of Rome had no prospects, no
reputations, and were generally regarded as a dangerous band
of low-born
and his men
scheme, and invited the people of neighboring communities to a
festival. During the festival they seized the unmarried girls.
Their parents were furious, and the other tribes affected made
war with Rome, but Rome prevailed over all militarily except the
Sabines, with whom the women themselves helped to make peace
to save both their fathers and their new husbands. The Sabines
decided to join the Romans, and it was through this successful
“rape’’ of the Sabine women that Romulus ensured the future of
his new tribe.
Romulus continued to strengthen and defend his tribe through
calculated military action, and he was loved by the rank and file
of his men-at-arms. These rough men— Romulus’s big gang—
secured the city and made its growth possible. They were Rome's
guardian class, and their unbeatable fighting spirit would
characterize the Roman people for centuries.
One day, as he prepared to review his troops, Romulus
disappeared with a violent clap of thunder. Livy suspected that
he was
at the hands
of his senators,
contentious and tended to conspire, as men close to power often
do. The Roman people preferred to remember Romulus as a great
man of divine lineage who lived among the people as one of
them, who was known for his meritorious works and courage in
battle, and who finally took his rightful place among the gods.
There are many founding myths of cities, and countless myths
that establish a totemic lineage of a particular people. In the
absence of certain recorded history, this is the myth that Romans
chose to believe about themselves. It is the spirit of the tale that
endures, and it can tell us something about The Way of Men.
Romulus and Remus were betrayed and abandoned. They were
left to die and saved by a wolf. Livy admits that the wolf might
have easily been a country whore, but it doesnt really matter—
they were raised wild. Romulus and Remus were raised
“country.” They had practical know-how and they knew the
value of a hard day’s work. They were given a simple upbringing,
uncomplicated by court politics or the soft moral equivocation
that attends urban commerce. They were virile and upright
The early life of Romulus and Remus is a Robin Hood story. They
roughed up other men, seized their stolen loot, and shared it with
their poor friends. They were alpha males, natural leaders of
men. They were tough, but they werent bullies. They were the
kind of men who other men look up to and want to be around.
They were the kind of guys who men choose to lead of their own
free will. They had heroic qualities, but they were as flawed as
any men—and when the brothers fought for status, as brothers
often do, one of them had to lose.
Romulus’ “merry men” were basically a gang. They were a
rowdy bunch of country boys who came out of nowhere to attack
a king and upset the status quo. When Romulus staked out his
territory and announced that it would be an asylum, he attracted
hooligans with little money or status of their own. Some were
former slaves. Some could have been wanted men. They had little
to lose,
to gain,
in the
communities they came from. Rome was Deadwood; it was The
Wild West. Romulus organized these unruly men and established
a hierarchy. He founded a culture, a religion, a group identity.
Like any bunch of young men, Romulus’ thugs had reproductive
interests. Romulus tried the nice route, sending ambassadors out
to inquire about getting his men some wives, but his men were
laughed out of town. No father of means was going to send his
daughter out to some camp to marry a man with no prospects. So
Romulus took the women. The Romans were able to keep the
women and start families because they were strong and effective
fighters. They didnt give in. They fought for a new future, and
they won.
The Roman tribe used violence and cunning to expand its
borders, and men from many tribes became Romans. The
expansion of Rome served the interests of the descendants of the
tribal fathers:
the patrician
class. However,
and military power also benefitted many other citizens and
noncitizens living within Roman territory. Protected by Roman
might, men were able to specialize and live their lives as
laborers, craftsmen, farmer, and traders. Many men were able to
live relatively nonviolent lives. The Roman definition of
manliness expanded to include ethical virtues that were less
specifically male, but more harmonious with a more complex
However, the Romans who rested in the lap of protection still
hungered for the drama of violence. They became spectators of
violence and bloodsport. Gladiators fought each other to the
death to entertain the Roman tribe, and the people crowded into
massive stadiums like the Circus Maximus to watch chariot
races highlighted by gory wrecks. There were chariot racing
“color” gangs who brawled after the events like today’s soccer
of armed
opponents, tenants, and business rivals.
Rome was founded by a gang, and it behaved like a gang. To
paraphrase St. Augustine, it acquired territory, established a
base, captured cities, and subdued people. Then it openly
arrogated itself the title of Empire, which was conferred on it in
the eyes of the world, not by the renouncing of aggression but by
the attainment of (temporary) impunity. Rome slowly collapsed
from the inside as it became a giant, pointless, corrupt economic
machine. The Roman machine, like the American economic
machine, could no longer embody the virile ethos of the small
bands of rebellious men responsible for its creation. Gangs of
armed young men existed throughout its rise and fall, and there
were gangs long after the glory of Rome was left in ruin.
The story of Rome is the story of men and civilization. It shows
men who have no_ better prospects gathering together,
establishing hierarchies, staking out land and using strength to
assert their collective will over nature, women, and other men.
rise out of violence, killing, slavery, and the hard times that
create strong men. For example, the Egyptian empire rose out of violence,
killing, and slavery.
“Militarily, Egypt towered over its neighbors. Its public buildings
were carved with solemn scenes of Egyptian warriors leading huge
masses of conquered peoples off to slavery and beheading the
unruly types who refused to go along with captivity. No one could
challenge the mighty empire. Not if he wanted to live to talk about
it. Like ants in the colony with the biggest territory, Egyptians lived
the good life.”
The Persian Empire rose out of violence, killing, and slavery.
The Persians were unlettered and uncouth. But they loved a good
fight. It wasn’t long before this mob no one had ever heard of
overwhelmed the Assyrians and the Medes—Babylon’s two rival
Then the Persians turned on the isolated
Babylonians. You can imagine who won. The irony came a few
decades later. By now, the victorious Persian rulers had turned
from barbarians to urbane city dwellers. True, they still traveled
up into the hills to eat and drink with the old folks for a few
weeks. But then they went back to their estates, their servants,
their armies of bureaucrats, and their imported luxuries. One by
one they took over the superpowers of the day, finally subduing
Egypt in 525 BC. The Persian superorganism was now the
master of the international pecking order. Of course there were
still dangers. But the Persians knew exactly where to look for
them. Or so they thought. Like the Babylonians before them, the
Persians were blind to the barbarians, and expected trouble only
from nations celebrated for military might. They forgot that the
real threat often comes from a people everyone has totally
dismissed. So the great Persian leader Darius didn’t even bother
with the scarcely civilized yokels who squabbled interminably
on a bunch of islands and rocky coasts to the west. It was a big
mistake. The western upstarts provoked a fight. When some of
the cities under Persian rule revolted, the insignificant foreigners
sent a fleet to help them out. Then these outlanders proceeded to
burn down Sardis, capital of the western segment of the Persian
Empire. The Persians, determined to teach the impertinent
a lesson, ordered a naval detachment
to administer
punishment. Like the group of helicopters once dispatched to
rescue American hostages in Iran, the invincible Persian fleet
ran into technical problems. It was wrecked in a storm. In 490
B.C., the Persians tried again. This time, they sailed off to the
homeland of the upstarts and clobbered one of their pitifully
backward towns into the turf. But the nobodies turned the tables.
They sent the invading Persian troops running and destroyed
seven of the Empire’s momentarily victorious ships.
Howard Bloom, The Lucifer Principle
The Greek empire rose from backwater barbarians fighting the civilized
Persians to a sophisticated empire after defeating the Persians. The Greeks
rose out of violence, killing and slavery:
The Persians had had it. They were determined to make these
half-baked rednecks from a land scarcely marked on the map rue
the day they tangled with Persia. Emperor Xerxes gathered an
armada of mind-boggling size. Its ships numbered well over a
thousand. What’s more, according to Herodotus, the Persians put
together an army of 1,700,000 men, including troops from every
of the
Ethiopia and Libya. Even the distant Indians contributed their
heaviest transport vehicle—the war elephant. The resulting
military force was so vast that it stretched farther than the eye
could see. Provisioning it with food and equipment took four
years and the resources of an entire continent. Whenever the
Persian host marched to a fresh campsite, it literally ate every
available bit of food and drank every potable drop of water in
expanses dozens of square miles in size. Says Herodotus, “There
was not a nation in Asia” the Persians didn’t take with them.
And “save for the great rivers there was not a stream... [their
army] drank from that was not drunk dry.” The folks they were
marching to conquer couldn’t come anywhere near this logistic
But the barbarians the Persians considered beneath contempt
won the war. They were called the Greeks. In the 490’s B.C.,
years before the first major Persian-Greek war, when he was
informed that the burning of Sardis had been pulled off by a
landing party of Athenians, the exasperated Persian emperor
Darius had been forced to ask, “Who are the Athenians?” Now,
presumably, he knew. One hundred and fifty years later a Greek
who even his fellow Greeks called a barbarian would conquer the
entire Persian Empire. His name was Alexander the Great.
Howard Bloom, The Lucifer Principle
The Roman Empire began as a rabble of barbarians and ended up as a
sophisticated empire. At the beginning Rome was built on violence,
killing, and slavery.
The rise of America came from unsophisticated barbarians in the eyes of
the British empire after World War I and America’s ultimate rise to
superpower status after World War II.
America was born out of violence, killing, and slavery in 1776 and rose to
superpower out of the same violence, killing, and slavery through taking
the world currency as the US dollar.
(Alexander the Great rising up as a barbarian to take Persia from
Darius) ... was as unlikely as the Vietnamese turning around and
conquering the U.S. But it happened. In fact, in history it
happens over and over again. It happened in 1870 when the
French were forced to fight a country which just a few years
earlier had been a disorganized clutter of rag-tag mini-states
ruled by comic opera princes. The land of Napoleon was rated by
every armchair general as the mightiest military force on the
Continent. But France lost. Its army was chopped up like ground
round. Its glorious capital, Paris, faced the humiliation of a
foreign army marching down its streets. The upstart nation that
had brought France to its knees was ... Germany. An equally
surprising fate occurred to England when it trained its guns on
the superpowers of its day in two world wars. When the smoke
had cleared, two backward nations of Johnny-come-latelies
ended up dominating the world. These countries, whose
inhabitants had usually been regarded as just one small step
above the primitive, were The United States and Russia. The
moral is simple. Never forget the pecking
Today’s superpower is tomorrow’s conquered
overlooked mob is often the ruler of
underestimate the third world. Never be
order’s surprises.
state. Yesterday’s
tomorrow. Never
complacent about
Howard Bloom, The Lucifer Principle
Although the current American Empire has a “strong moral code,”
whatever that means, and claims to have abolished slavery, I would argue
that slavery was never abolished America; it just put on a different
costume. Look at the prison system for the black population who are
stripped of their voting powers and forced to work in privately owned
prisons for privately owned corporations. Is that not slavery? Look at the
minimum wage slaves who cannot afford a 2-bedroom apartment in any
state, or the middle-class debt-slaves who have to work two jobs just to
pay for their homes. Or how about the mom and dad slaves at two jobs in
the middle class just to pay interest on loans on money that never existed
in the first place. Or what about the “tipping wage” for mostly women and
minorities at $2.13 an hour in some states where these people have to live
on tips to survive. Rome had slave girls and boys. America has slave girls
working for $2.13 an hour to live on tips, which is one level above begging
for money on the street. Slavery is persisting in the United States, but it’s
just packaged in a “happier” and “nicer” way that looks different from
what we tell ourselves slavery is.
The old slaves in America were not allowed to read; the new slaves in
America won’t read no matter what.
The old slaves in America lived on plantations and owned nothing. The
new slaves in America “own stuff’ like cars, TVs, houses, fast food, video
games, beer, and porn. They feel better about their situation, so they don’t
bother rising up. George Orwell said in 1984, “The people will not revolt.
They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s
“The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he
never knows he’s in prison.”
Slavery in the most basic sense is where a person works the entire year and
at the end has nothing to show for it; most Americans fit into this category
in the poor and middle class. Sure, they own some worthless consumer
goods at the end of the year, such as a big screen TV, but those items are
not of real value.
All empires are built on the backs of slaves.
With the demonstrated rise and fall of several empires dating back to the
Egyptians and all the way up to the modern day, with the American empire
losing a war to the barbarians in Vietnam, will the rise of the Islamic
empire be next? Will a new religious empire from Islam be the next wave
of barbarians that swarms the shores of America and Europe to cause
violence, enslave the population, and rape the women?
Will they bring violence, killing, and slavery to our gates?
It could happen.
With the “refugee crises” going on in Germany, Sweden, France, and
several civilized countries, I have seen firsthand footage of hordes and
hordes of young military-aged men. They look like an army coming in to
take what they want. The refugee migrations appear to have a
disproportionate number of men in them when compared to women and
children. Sweden and Germany have had major problems with their
women being raped and their men being beaten by roving gangs of Muslim
refugee men.
To counter this, white-power German biker gangs are also roaming the
streets to unleash vigilante justice on these invaders and beat up any
Muslims they see. I previously stated that the history from 80 years ago is
ready to repeat itself. Roughly 80 years ago, gangs of German thugs
roamed the streets as the Brownshirts bringing a man named Adolf Hitler
to power, who was leading a group of pissed off and impoverished
Germans who had been sacked by brutal war reparation payments that they
could no longer pay. The German men were have-nots and rose up to take
back what they had lost.
Does the street-level violence and “justice” in Germany not resemble the
street-level violence of 80 years ago with the Brownshirts and Adolf
Hitler? History always repeats itself, especially in 80-year cycles.
The major
gangs and
groups and
If history
shifts in a society always start on a street level, with small
units of men, and then they increase into larger and larger
finally into large tribes and supertribes. This is the beginning.
continues the trends outlined above, we could have a rude
from the backwater barbarians who do not even have an
military but instead show up on our soil in primitive boats
claiming to be refugees with nothing but their bare fists, testosterone, and
muscles looking to fight.
Greek mythology tells us the story of Troy and how it was sacked by using
the Trojan horse tactic. After a 10-year long war and eventually a siege,
Greece had surrounded Troy. The walls were impenetrable, so the Greeks
devised a plan. They built a Trojan horse, a beautiful wooden statue as a
gift to give to the Trojans as a sign of peace. The Trojans happily
welcomed the horse as a gift from their departed Greek enemies into their
mighty walls. But when night fell, the elite Greek soldiers led by King
Odysseus snuck out of the horse and brutally massacred the sleeping
Could this same story, with a modern spin, be happening right now?
Except instead of with a Trojan horse it is happening with dingy little
boats and marches of refugees who “come in peace’’?
I will let you decide from the examples in history above.
The popular view in the political narrative and in the media is that “we are
helping the Muslim refugees,” “Islam 1s peaceful,” “we have to have to be
compassionate and let them in.” These are the words of our female
leaders, our bonobo women leaders who would be the first to go if
violence were unleashed from inside of our country or if Sharia law took
over. A record number of Swedish women have been raped by Muslim
refugees as Sweden has grown very relaxed, liberal, and “progressive”
over the years. Sweden is a neutral country in war and used to have a
decent military to defend its borders from neighboring superpowers like
and Germany,
but they have
recently downsized
military. Good times create weak men, weak men create hard times. Now
the women are getting raped from invading refugees from within. What’s
As a Swedish dual citizen myself, I’m afraid to know.
The media does not play tapes or history records the times when an
unsophisticated, violent, desperate group of have-nots with nothing to lose
and everything to gain are unleashed on a “free, peaceful and tolerant
society led by women and weak men?” Those historical records usually
end in slaughter, mass murder, butchery, killing, and rape.
“Kill one man you’re a murderer,
Kill millions of men, you’re a conqueror,
Kill them all, you are God.”
Jean Rostand
“Veni Vidi Vici.
I came, I saw, I conquered.”
Julius Caesar on conquering the once indomitable British
Please refrain from thinking that I am hating on one particular group or
singling out Islam.
The Vikings were barbarians who sacked the Empire—English city-states
at the hands of Ivar the Boneless, who was a ruthless killer.
We love, celebrate, and worship “our” killers like Julius Caesar and hate
“their” killers like Saddam Hussein, who is portrayed as a barbaric butcher
of innocent lives. In the end, a killer is a killer, killing is neutral, it’s a
means to an end. There are no real morals or ethics in war. There are rules
of engagement such as “don’t shoot hostages,” but the winners of wars
shoot hostages just like the losers of wars. However, the winners are never
war criminals. Only the losers are documented as unethical, amoral, and
war criminals. The winners paint over their crimes with white paint and
whitewash their dark war crimes. The winners paint over their crimes with
white paint in the same way that the Americans whitewashed the charred
Whitehouse after the British infiltrated the country and set fire to it. White
paint can cover up a lot when it comes to history.
The hypocrisy on killing is the “us and them” tribal high school football
dynamic taken all the way—this is part of being human. No matter how
hard we try to remove it and have world peace, it’s never going away; it’s a
part of our biology and what makes us human. When it comes to our
there are two
sets of morals
and ethics.
kill it’s
justified and our enemies are subhuman. When they kill us, it’s a crime.
Unsophisticated groups of have-nots have always toppled technologically
and socially advanced haves in the bloody pages of history over and over
Instead of the Ivar the Boneless facing off against Alfred the Great, we
have George Bush sending his crusaders in to fight Osama bin Laden.
Instead of Julius Caesar and the Gallic tribes lead by Vercingetorix, we
instead have Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin blowing up Islamic
fighters together in Syria. It’s the same damn story over and over again,
just with different names and different costumes.
A man’s duty is to do his work. Today we contract out all our society’s
killing to professional killers in the military, but we might have a time
when men are called upon to make killing their work once again. If that
time comes, the men who are strong men will have to step up to their
temporary work as has happened in history over and over again.
Men would be farmers or factory workers in peacetime, and when the war
sirens rang, they grabbed their swords or rifles and marched into battle to
defend their land, women, children, and way of life.
If your tribe, your society, your group required you to kill, would you do
Could you do it?
Do you have the killer instinct that the barbarian on the other end of the
gun barrel has?
He wants to kill you and take everything you have ever loved, cherished,
and valued?
Who pulls the trigger first?
“In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round
in his magazine.”
History is full of
violence, killing,
birthing a nation,
became weak and
examples of sophisticated empires that were born out of
and slavery. Men were made strong in the hard times of
and as they grew rich, fat, complacent, and tolerant, they
docile on the way down.
These empires never considered that the unsophisticated barbarians on the
fringes would ever break through the gates and bring back the violence,
killing, and slavery that their prosperity was built upon.
Primitive barbarians could never hurt us...right? Say the weak men safely
behind the city walls.
“Pride comes before a fall ”
Apartheid was legal.
The Holocaust was legal.
Slavery was legal.
Colonialism was legal.
Legality is a matter of power, not justice.
The Fall of America
The Barbarian Principle: “A thousand men who fear not for
their lives are more to be dreaded than ten thousand who fear for
their fortunes.”
A position at the top of the pecking order is not permanent. Far
from it. Animals who make it to the peak know that simple fact.
They see that yesterday’s adolescents have become today’s
restless adults, and watch warily as these youthful challengers
size up the odds of knocking their elders off the top of the heap.
Dominant beasts remain vigilant. But a strange thing happens to
at the pecking order’s
The dominant
superorganism sometimes goes to sleep. It falls complacently
into a fatal trap, assuming that its high position is God-given, that
its fortunate lot in life will last forever, that its lofty status is
carved in stone. It forgets that any pecking order is a temporary
thing and no longer remembers just how miserable life can be on
the bottom. The results are often an unpleasant surprise. We all
know that Rome was picked apart by peoples any respectable
Roman could see were beneath his contempt. The barbarians
didn’t shave. They wore dirty clothes. They were almost always
drunk. Their living standard was one step above that of a mule.
Their technology was laughable. They usually couldn’t read and
write. And they certainly had no “culture.” What could these
smelly primitives do? They could fight.
Howard Bloom, The Lucifer Principle
When Americans go to the theatre to watch Star Wars or the Hunger
Games, they cheer for the rebels, the have-nots, the young teenagers, the
women. The youth like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia from Star Wars
and Katniss Everdeen, the 16-year-old female protagonist in the Hunger
Games, capture that rebellious essence, the youth, the vigor, the purity, and
innocence of the rebellion. Katniss takes on the evil empire oppressing her
family, and the villain in the movie—an old white man named President
I recently watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and I literally fell asleep in the
middle of the movie because it was neutered by Disney, who now owns Star
Wars. The narrative was: women, blacks, the youth, Asians, the poor, and a
whole bunch of minorities (and some incompetent weak men) against the
rich and old white men in the empire.
It was cliché and such a display of the popular narrative that I fell asleep in
the middle.
They say that clichés are so common they are meaningless. The entire
movie was one big cliché, a story so common in our narrative it failed to
become a distinct or meaningful piece of art.
So I fell asleep in the middle of the movie.
No amount of lasers, robots, or spaceships could keep my interest in
something so blatant and bland to the social conditioning that is happening
today. At least in the 1970s, Star Wars had competent young men fighting
the old-man empire as rebels.
The Last Jedi has almost no competent men left. In fact, the men in that
movie really suck: good times create weak men.
In the Hunger Games, the story is set in an alternate universe based on
Rome in which the story takes place. The alternate post-American futuristic
Roman universe is fully equipped with bloody gladiator games, an
oppressive Roman-style American government, and tribes of poor have-not
barbarian teenagers who wish to overthrow the empire. The story is full of
like Cato and Panem,
is supposed
which is the name
to be a post-apocalyptic
of the nation.
“bread,” which is an allusion to “breads and circuses.”
The gladiator games of Rome were the “breads and circuses” that the
bloodthirsty Romans loved to watch. Fittingly, the oppressive empire in the
Hunger Games loves to watch blood sport as well.
The irony is, we, the Western
world, are the evil empire and not the
We are Darth Vader and the endless waves of Stormtroopers invading
primitive backwater societies and utterly crushing their way of life.
We are the sinister and menacing faceless-foot soldiers in the Hunger
Games from District 2 who are cold-blooded killers and who carpet bomb
women, children, and innocent civilians.
We are the Empire, and we kill and exterminate the disorganized bands of
teenagers running around in the desert who are “freedom fighter” rebels in
both Star Wars and the Hunger Games.
But somehow, we cheer for the rebels. We cheer for the barbarians even
though we are the Empire.
Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. It seems ironic, but ironic is an
We want the rebels to win, but we are the Empire stomping people down
daily across the world and bombing families with robotic predator drones
that are controlled by our young men with Xbox controllers.
The young American recruits had played so much Xbox and had done so
much killing through video games, they didn’t need much actual training to
fly predator drones across the world and bomb the primitive barbarians and
teenage rebels across the world. How clean, how convenient—real killing
done through a TV with an Xbox controller! It might be a good thing that
the men of today are doing so much simulated killing through video games,
because that literally might be how the wars of the future are fought. With
a keyboard and mouse or with an Xbox controller in Mom’s basement with
a real live predator drone blowing up real people across the world.
Why send a man if you can send a machine? Stay in the comfort of your
basement and be home in time for dinner after the killing is done for the
But we go home and watch Star Wars and cheer for Luke Skywalker; yet we
are governed by Darth Vader himself. We think we are the Jedi, but we are
indeed the Sith. We are the bad guys, the evil Empire, the human butchers
on the world stage. No wonder the barbarians of Islam hate us and what we
represent. When you see the evil Empire on the big screen in the movies,
you know they are evil right away, so why is it so hard for us to see our own
evil and our own darkness? It’s because tribally, our killers are good, moral,
and justified.
Their killers are bad, amoral, unethical, and subhuman.
Our killers are defenders of freedom; their killers are terrorists.
They call themselves freedom fighters; we call them terrorists.
One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.
One man’s God is another man’s devil.
This is like the primitive, tribal, high school football rivalry, but with real
This is real life, where the winner plays for keeps. This is live ammo, you
might get shot, and if you get shot, you might die. The Empire doesn’t
strike back. The Empire strikes first!
In the blockbuster movie American Sniper, we patriotically follow Texas
hero Chris Kyle, one of the top 10 most deadly snipers in history, in his
story from being a country boy and learning to hunt deer with his dad all
the way up to his days as a modern crusader in Iraq hunting terrorists and
Islamic barbarians. His rival in the movie is an Olympic Syrian sniper. The
movie depicts the humanity of both sides and the reality that is tribalism
and war. Chris Kyle has his beautiful wife and baby at home, and he’s going
to war to defend his country, his people, his wife, and his baby—all in the
name of freedom!
The Syrian sniper is a mercenary, an athlete, and a top caliber sniper just
like Chris Kyle.
If they weren’t in a war and were just hanging out at the gun club, having
beer, and talking about guns, they would probably be best friends. Their
kids might play together, or their wives might have lunch together once in a
while. The Syrian sniper has a beautiful wife and a baby as well and is just
trying to make a living shooting American soldiers on video camera for
$20,000 apiece and trying to earn the bounty for his family by killing Chris
Kyle, who has a $180,000 bounty for the “Crusader.”
He wants to win for his freedom and to protect his family and his baby.
Who am I referring to in that last line? The answer is both Chris Kyle and
the nameless Syrian want to “win for his freedom and to protect his family
and his baby.” It’s the same story on both sides. Both men want freedom,
but only one man gets freedom in the competition—the one who shoots the
other man in the head and spills his brains all over the walls.
There is only one trophy given out in this contest, and second place is
buried among the dead and wiped nameless from the history books.
I respect both Chris Kyle and the Syrian sniper as men. They are doing
their jobs and protecting their tribes. They are good, trustworthy men who
are doing their best to ensure their survival. But in history, one wins and
one loses. This is not a soccer game where everyone gets a participation
trophy and ice cream on the way home even if they lose.
In the real life of tribal competition, the losers are brutally eliminated from
the gene pool.
“For you to be free, someone else must be enslaved.”
My mother went to Mexico on vacation some years ago, and she wanted to
experience “authentic Mexico.” So she left the resort that has military
soldiers with machine guns, gates, guards, and barbed wire around the
resort to protect the rich, fat, white gringos from the locals.
In her naiveté, my mother stepped out into the hostile frontier of survival
into her idealistic idea of “authentic Mexico” away from the guards (the
men who were hired to fire their guns to protect her) and gets on a bus as an
old, white, heavyset Canadian woman.
The Mexicans spotted the intruder and they robbed her.
Why would they do that? She couldn’t understand why someone would rob
As a government teacher, my mom has lived her life inside the frontier,
inside the safe perimeter, protected and sheltered. She couldn’t understand
what it would be like to be hungry, desperate, and a have-not.
My mother has had a great life; she has never been without.
The Mexicans on the streets in “authentic Mexico” had never had anything,
so they took what they wanted.
“They hate what you represent, Mom,” I explained. “You represent
everything they don’t have. They are the have-nots, and you are the have.”
It’s not personal. It’s just the business and gang culture of human nature.
She was the Empire, and they were the rebels.
She was the bank, and they were the robbers.
Everyone is just looking to survive.
The Western world is great, though; there are marvelous things in the West.
We are not all bad, and we would like to think that we are not so evil. The
West creates, innovates, can build fantastic products and feats of
engineering that even the pharaohs of Egypt couldn’t imagine: a car, a
computer, a cellphone; we build homes, have credit, credit cards, finance,
cheap trips, cheap food, cheap clothes, access to medicine if you get sick,
and we have all the luxuries in the first world. We are sitting at the dinner
table in the first world eating a big plate of sizzling juicy prime-cut steak
while the third world, a hungry dog, is watching us eat our dinner. The dog
is well behaved today and just watching; he’s drooling, and smiling, and
panting as a dog normally does. We think he’s cute, we think he’s harmless,
but if we turn our back for a second, or take our eyes off that juicy steak,
the dog will jump up on the table and snatch our dinner from us.
It’s not racism, and it’s not Islamophobia or Mexican hate; it’s just that you
are the kid eating a cookie on the playground, and another kid is looking at
you, and his mom didn’t pack him a cookie for lunch. He doesn’t have a
cookie, and he wants yours. He’s hungry and imagining how good it’s going
to taste when he puts your cookie, that sweet, chocolatey morsel in his
If the teacher at school goes away or out of sight for a moment, the other
kid might punch you in the face and take your cookie away from you.
Would it be right for him to do that?
No, but we are talking about human nature and not idealistic morals, ethics,
or “the way that things ought to be.”
This is not gym class, where everyone gets a trophy because they ran in the
race, or where everyone gets an “A” no matter how fat he is or how slowly
he runs. We don’t get the ability to opt out of the race altogether and get
your mommy to write you a note to exempt you from gym class. Gym class
is mandatory, and everyone has to run.
In the race of real life, only first place gets a trophy. Everyone else gets
nothing or gets buried for competing. And if you are a loser in the race
game of real life, no one is there to buy you an ice cream at the end. In fact,
if you come in second place in history, as we have seen earlier in this
chapter, second place gets violently murdered, the women get raped, and
the children get enslaved. You don’t want to be second place when it comes
to the frontier of survival.
“The kid on the playground who is always afraid of getting punched
in the face always gets punched in the face.”
“Everybody has a plan until he gets punched in the face.’
When you compare the greatness of the Western world, which has stemmed
from a Judeo-Christian philosophy and values system, and look at the third
world, it’s easy to see why they would want to come here and live in the
luxury that has been built here. It’s truly amazing, and even the poorest
people in Canada or America live better than the kings of ancient Egypt.
is more
and cheaper,
the shelter
is heated
or cooled,
transportation is easier, infant mortality is far less, and the entertainment—
TV, porn, and videogames—provides luxuries that the ancient kings of
Egypt would probably have given it all just to experience.
They want to come here, but the reverse is not true.
We don’t want to go there and live in the world that they have built. The
same woman who emasculates men and claims equality as her highest
virtue, while also claiming that Donald Trump is racist, will also want to
let more Muslim refugees into the country because it’s compassionate, fair,
and equal. Diversity and multiculturalism are her values, and she’s not
considering what happens when a tolerant woman like herself becomes the
unprotected minority to the majority of militant Muslim men.
Will those men from intolerant and violent societies be tolerant
peaceful with her and honor her untraditional feminist ideals that
learned in gender studies class at the university? Will they let her bare
breasts in public? Will they let her dress provocatively in the way
wants? Will they give her equal opportunity in life? Likely not!
Will things be good for her then? Probably not.
Sharia law isn’t very fun for women. She will be forced to cover her body
with a burka. If she acts out, she might get some acid on her face to
disfigure her. She will have her clitoris mutilated to sexually numb her
pleasure so only her dominant Muslim husband can have pleasure from sex.
She may also have her hand cut off if she tries to steal something. If she
cheats on her husband, she will be thrown in a pit and stoned. She might
find this to be a shock, because Sharia law and Islamic countries operate in
a very different way from the ways that the empowered women of the West
are used to. In many Islamic countries women can’t even drive or leave the
house without her husband, father, or brother as protection.
When a tolerant society is met with an intolerant society, the intolerant
society will usually murder the tolerant society. Such is human history.
Just like my mother on the Mexican bus who was robbed and had her wallet
and cellphone taken, I wonder what a majority of intolerant, radical, violent
Muslim men will do to our tolerant, empowered, bonobo women who get
up on stage and talk about “pussy” and “vagina monologues” and
decapitate dolls of their male strong man leader Donald Trump for a laugh.
Perhaps the intolerant Islamic men will become tolerant in a moment of
idealistic compassion? Probably not.
I would venture to say that the intolerant Islamic men will instead
decapitate those Western women as infidels and a disgusting aberration of
what a woman should never be in the world. A disgusting aberration is the
sentiment that they feel towards the Western empowered woman.
The strong men of Islam do not tolerate the nonsense that women have
been pulling off in the Western world since the 1960s.
Is this good or bad? It doesn’t matter.
It’s just how things are; don’t get emotional or idealistic about it.
The irony of the empowered Western women showing up at the train station
in Sweden with signs welcoming hordes of masculine, soldier-aged men
who are 100% intolerant of the liberal Swedish way of life 1s mindblowing. We have become so weak that we cannot even see the barbaric
invasion and war of ideology that are happening right in front of our faces.
We are blind.
The Judeo-Christian values and philosophy have made us, the West, into
creators and leaders in the world.
What does the third world or the barbaric hordes create? Very little.
I’m sure that the Roman government asked themselves the same questions
of the Germanic tribes they were oppressing with crippling taxes. “What do
they make? Nothing! They don’t even shave!” This, of course, would have
been followed by the famous last words, “They are of no threat to us.”
But then those barbaric hordes came over. ...
They came a little closer. ...
Then we let them inside the gates. ...
They butchered us, the Romans, in an epic blood-letting to take Roman
land, seize our possessions, rape our women,
and enslave or murder our
“Mans greatest good fortune is to chase and defeat his enemy, seize
his total possessions, leave his married women weeping and
wailing, ride his gelding (and) use the bodies of his women as a
nightshirt and support.”
“In Shakespeare's The Life of Henry the Fifth, the King promised
his enemies that unless they surrendered, his men would rape their
shrieking daughters, dash the heads of their old men, and impale
their naked babies on pikes. Today, if a military leader made a
promise so indelicate, he would be fired and publicly denounced as
an evil, broken psychopath. I can't call Henry an unmanly character
with a straight face.”
“He butchered three of them with an ax and decapitated them. In
other words, instead of using a gun to kill them he took a hatchet to
chop their heads off. He struggled face to face with one of them, and
throwing down his ax managed to break his neck and devour his
flesh in front of his comrades. ... I... award him the Medal of the
The damage of letting the Germanic barbarians infiltrate the perimeters of
Rome was so great that Europe went into nearly 1,000 years of darkness—
the Dark Ages. This was one of the worst times in all of human history. The
once mighty Roman Empire decomposed into warring city-states, Europe’s
population fell by almost 50%, libraries were burned, knowledge was lost,
people were killed and enslaved, women were raped, and people were
cooped up in city strongholds with high walls to keep out the bands of
roving gangs.
Trump wants to build a wall to keep out the Mexican criminals and drug
dealers who are supposedly illegally crossing the border into the USA.
Rome had several walls to protect the people from the danger of the
frontier. When Rome fell, they needed major walls on their smallest cities
just to survive against the barbaric, raping, killing hordes.
Rome had problems with its borders and with the barbarians on the frontier.
Things do not change throughout history. When Donald Trump announced
his presidential bid, there was talk of walls and protecting the border, much
like ancient Rome that had problems with its borders:
When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at
our stupidity. And now they are beating us economically. They are
not our friend, believe me. But they’re killing us economically.
The U.S. has become
a dumping ground for everybody else’s
Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. When
Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re
not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending
people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those
problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing
crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people ...
It’s coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over
South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably—probably—
from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no
protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s
happening. And it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.
TRUMP: Islamic terrorism is eating up large portions of the
Middle East. They’ve become rich. I’m in competition with them
I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than
me, believe me, and Ill build them very inexpensively, I will
build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have
Mexico pay for that wall.
In that speech, Trump’s presidential announcement speech, Trump
identified several of the problems that Rome faced before and after the fall:
the have-nots coming in and causing problems for the have’s. The solution
back then was to build a wall. The solution today 1s to build a wall.
History does not change, just the costumes; it’s the same story over and
over again.
The amazing part 1s, if people break into your house and you want to lock
your door or put up a wall to keep them out, that’s common sense. But in
today’s popular narrative, when Trump mentions basic protection measures
for the perimeter of the tribe, weakness cries out: “You’re racist,” “You’re
an Islamophobe,” “You’re sexist,” and “You’re a homophobe!”’Dissenters
call Trump names and assassinate his character, but they offer no real
logical arguments against the basic idea of building a wall to keep out the
The most fundamental logical argument lies in the wording of who can
enter the country and who cannot. My father is an immigrant who came
legally to Canada; he has kept his landed immigrant status, and that’s fine
with the government. The fact that America even has to have a debate about
keeping “illegal” immigrants out is ridiculous. There are legal immigrants
who should stay and “illegal” immigrants who should go. I am a 64” white
male from Canada, and they treat me with major scrutiny at the border,
especially if I bring my Swedish passport instead of my Canadian one. As a
non-Canadian European trying to cross into the American border, I have
had to (1) sign a green card visa, (2) declare I am not a Nazi refugee from
1945, (3) declare I am not a Nazi refugee from 1933, (4) declare that I
don’t have AIDS, and (5) be searched with a drug dog sniffing down my
body. I was also thrown in a jail cell temporarily while they ripped my
entire car apart at the land border.
Getting into America is a pretty tough process, and I can see why some
people would want to skip the line and come in illegally. Getting in legally
is a major hassle.
Even though they treat me badly at the border in America if I go in on a
Swedish passport instead of a Canadian one, I understand their policies.
People illegally entering the country is bad; people entering the country
legally is good.
There is no
Sneaking in
country, any
Clinton and
emotional argument here, just who is approved and who isn’t.
or breaking in doesn’t make it right for a person to come into a
country. Here’s what the more publicly popular presidents Bill
Barack Obama said about the same issue and garnered major
In President Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union Address,
Clinton Received a Bipartisan Standing Ovation for His Tough
Rhetoric on Illegal Immigration
PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: “All Americans, not only in the
States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are
rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering
our country.
The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal
immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our
That’s why our administration has moved aggressively to secure
our borders more by hiring a record number of new border
guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever
before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare
benefits to illegal aliens.
In the budget I will present to you, we will try to do more to
speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for
crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace...
We are a nation of immigrants.
It is wrong and ultimately
immigrants to permit the kind
we have seen in recent years,
But we are also a nation of laws.
self-defeating for a nation of
of abuse of our immigration laws
and we must do more to stop it.”
(Bill Clinton, Remarks at State of the Union, Washington, D.C.,
In President Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address,
Obama Called for Putting Illegals “Behind The Folks Trying to
Come Here Legally”
border security, and we can build on the
means strong
progress my
administration has already made—putting more boots on the
Southern border than at any time in our history and reducing
illegal crossings to their lowest levels in 40 years.
Real reform means establishing a responsible pathway to earned
citizenship—a path that includes passing a background check,
paying taxes and a meaningful penalty, learning English, and
going to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here
And real reform means fixing the legal immigration system to cut
waiting periods and attract the highly-skilled entrepreneurs and
engineers that will help create jobs and grow our economy.”
(President Barack Obama, Remarks at State of the Union,
Washington, D.C., 2/12/13)
All three presidents, Trump a Republican, Clinton a Democrat, and Obama
a Democrat, all are giving the same message. Secure our borders. This is
the job of men, securing the perimeter to protect the women and children.
What changes from speech to speech is:
Trump’s language is the strongest, most direct, most matter of fact,
and he is explicitly telling you who is coming into the country,
identifying his tribal enemies, men of other tribes who are coming
here to cause harm to his tribe—drugs, crime, rapists, criminals—and
he is telling you where the enemies of the tribe are coming from:
Mexico, Latin America, and potentially the Middle East. The havenots coming for the haves and the barbarians to America’s Rome.
Clinton makes a similar speech to stop illegal aliens who are coming
here to take our jobs away, use the public services, welfare, and be a
burden to the taxpayer. The enemies are unidentified. Why they may
harm the tribe is simply a money drain on the system. The word
“illegals” protects the tribe from the reality of where the illegals are
coming from. The threat is not really identified.
Obama makes the weakest speech of all in his weak man rhetoric
about “folks,” “illegal crossings,” and background checks, learning
English and bringing in high value entrepreneurs and engineers. His
speech is the most happy-go-lucky, and
enemies or why they are a threat. This
society we live in today. The tribal leader
enemies or threats to the tribe, and this
bad tribal leader.
he cannot
is the way
can’t even
makes him
identify his tribal
of the weak man
identify his tribal
a bad man and a
The same message is delivered in three ways. Clinton and Obama received
standing ovations from both Democrats and Republicans. Trump gets
called a racist. Why is the same issue getting different results from the
same group of people?
We have the weak man message of Obama who cannot even identify his
problems, but this makes the weak popular narrative of the media and the
people happy because there is nothing offensive in his words. His words are
threatening to his own tribe because as a man, he is failing to identify the
nature of the threat on the perimeter and what might happen if the tribe is
infiltrated by outsiders (rape, murder, crime, drugs, other barbaric acts).
Clinton’s speech is focused more on the financial picture and money, which
everyone understands. The people could understand that there is a cost to
illegal aliens, and he’s getting a little more visceral to talk about money.
Money is a visceral subject. Clinton is somewhat identifying a threat in a
way that other people can understand, but he is not showing the cruel
reality of a barbaric invasion.
Trump gives the strong man speech; he tells the people exactly what is
happening and who is threatening the tribe. He doesn’t overtly make any
racist claims. There are no value judgments or prejudices or inherent
emotional “hate” inside of his words, but they are interpreted as “racist” by
the hypersensitive media and the popular narrative of the population.
Trump successfully outlines the problems and even offers a solution—
build a wall.
This strong man message appealed to the people in America who have been
on hard times for a while and are considering the survival of themselves
and their tribe. The strong man message was also threatening to the female,
bonobo narrative of political correctness, and they smeared him as “racist,”
“xenophobic,” and “Islamophobic” merely for doing the job of being a man
who is a leader: identifying threats and protecting the tribe.
This begs the question: if in our modern world, the strong man cannot even
identify the problems and threats that could potentially harm him and his
tribe, how is he able to do his job as a man? How is he able to survive in the
real world when his opponents and tribal enemies don’t care about political
correctness, but the female bonobo preferences of the population bind him
to it? If his enemies are violent, and he cannot meet them with the same
violence because of female preferences and feelings about violence in
general, then how can he protect the tribe?
This is a major philosophical problem, for if you cannot identify a problem
you can never solve it.
If you cannot own a problem, you can never solve it.
Love Trump or hate Trump, he owns his problems and he gets them solved.
That’s why he is a good man and a good, strong leader for his tribe. That’s
why roughly half the country voted for him. It was not popular to vote for
Trump. He lost in the popular vote, but the electoral college, the brains of
the country (as the founding fathers put in place to protect against a
Roman-style “grain for votes” race to the bottom by the populace) vetoed
the popular vote, which is usually wrong anyway, and put a strong leader in
The Human
Race to the Bottom and the Lowest Common
Denominator in Civilization
On June 26, 1931, comparative psychologist Winthrop Niles Kellogg and
his wife welcomed a new arrival home: not a human infant, but a baby
chimpanzee. The couple planned to raise the chimp alongside their little
baby boy.
The experiment worked well in the beginning, and at
ahead of the little baby boy in his development.
something strange happened; rather than the chimp
human, the human baby started acting more like a
roughly 9 months of trying to get the chimp to act like
experiment backfired, and the human started to act like
first the chimp was
But after a while
acting more like a
chimp. Thus, after
a human, the entire
a chimp.
“In short, the language retardation in (the human baby) may have brought
an end to the study.”
This experiment illustrates humanity’s race to the bottom. When people of
high and low value are mixed, the top doesn’t pull up the bottom, but rather
the bottom pulls down the top to the lowest common denominator.
This is how gravity works in real life; it works for people as well.
“Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future,” the old adage says.
When you have five loser, beer-drinking, pot-smoking friends who can’t
get a job, you will be the sixth loser, beer-drinking, pot-smoking friend
who can’t get a job.
Even if you want to get your life together, environment always wins over
It is idealistic to say that we can and want to bring up these other societies
and groups into our own and raise them up to the levels of civilization we
have set for ourselves. What is more realistic is that we will come down to
the third-world level instead of pulling them up to first-world levels. It
simply takes too much effort to pull up. Pulling down is much easier, as has
been demonstrated with barbarian invasions throughout history.
Instead, what we see by letting in the third world, the have-nots and the
“primitive barbarians,” is a degradation and a loss of our own culture that
is relatively advanced and took hundreds of years to build since the
Renaissance and the Dark Ages ended. The Dark Ages were a horrible time
when the barbarians sacked Rome. What followed were 1,000 years of
misery and half the population died. Could the same be happening now?
We see a dumbing down of our own people, our own schools, where we
keep catering to the dumbest person, the slowest person. Trump
understands this, and although he has a self-professed genius IQ, he
publicly speaks at a grade 4 level.
Presidential Vocabulary by Grade Level Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
™ 10
93 94 94
a 7
<gS 6
5ST 46
S 4
ES See 2 ee § EB
‘i a
= |
http://s. newsweek.com/sites/www.newsweek.com/files/styles/embedlg/public/2018/01/08/flesch-scale-trump-use.PNG
I know for a fact that this is a skill learned over time to dumb your speech
down so even the most mentally handicapped person can understand what
you are saying. As a public speaker myself, I am likely speaking at a grade
9 level, and yet I need to bring it down to grade 4.
Sometimes when Trump slips up and uses his true vocabulary, he lets out
highly sophisticated and obscure words that the public doesn’t know.
brag: ga-do-cious
US informal
adjective: braggadocious
boastful or arrogant.
“It sounds braggadocious, but I don’t think I ever dropped a pass in a
This makes the public feel that he is “dumb” for making up a word, but in
fact he is ultrasmart for (1) speaking at a grade 4 level so all can
understand and (2) accidentally letting his grade 4 routine slip and saying a
sophisticated or obscure word that the public does not know.
Words that they do not know, words above their level, threaten the mob.
Do not threaten the mob.
Will the People Kill their Liberator? The Man Who Sets
Them Free?
In ancient Greek times, the philosopher Plato wrote a short allegory of “the
cave.” The cave has been used throughout history to compare the ignorant
with the enlightened and describe how man treats those who try to free him
from his own ignorance.
In the famous work by Plato, The Allegory of the Cave, Socrates is
explaining to his friend Glaucon that there is a group of prisoners chained
in a cave staring at a wall with their back to a fire.
The fire illuminates shadows on the wall, and the prisoners are all
staring at the wall as the light of the fire flickers.
Shifting around on the wall are shadows of stone or wood
artifacts that man has made, some of the shadows are talking to
each other, and some
aren’t as the shadows
flicker across the
And if the prisoners have their heads fixed, they will see nothing
but shadows, and if they are given time to talk it over, they would
regard the fake shadows as real beings.
When they
around the
they would
making the
hear sounds of people walking behind them, moving
objects of wood and stone that project onto the wall,
suppose that the shadows were talking to them or
sounds themselves.
These people have nothing to consider in life but just the shadows
on the wall and the noises that the shadows make.
Let’s suppose one man was freed from his chains and could stand
up, look around, and see the mouth of the cave. If he looked at the
brightness of the fire or the mouth of the cave, he would be blind
to the wood and stone artifacts that projected the shadows on the
SOCRATES: What if this prisoner was told that the things he saw
in the blindness were the real beings and that he is seeing more
correctly compared to the men staring at the shadows on the wall.
Would he believe that the shadows on the wall were more real to
him than the stone and wood in front of him?
The answer is of course.
SOCRATES: And if he were forced to look into the flame of the
fire itself, would it not blind him, hurt his eyes, and he would
want to go back to looking at what was easy and comfortable for
him before—the shadows on the wall?
Of course.
SOCRATES: And what if a liberator, or someone were to drag
him into the light, up the steep and rocky ascent into the daylight
at the mouth of the cave and into the sun, would he not want to go
back and look at what he was comfortable looking at before?
Of course.
SOCRATES: And the prisoner being dragged into the sun, would
he not feel pain and rage and extreme blindness from the glare of
the sun? And would he not be blind and fail to see the things that
have are revealed to him in plain sight?
Would it not take some time to get his eyes to adjust to the light
outside the cave?
Of course it would.
SOCRATES: And as his eyes adjust, would it not be easiest for
him to look at shadows and reflections of people and objects in
Yes, of course.
SOCRATES: And as his eyes further adjust, then wouldn’t he be
able to look at the objects themselves instead of just the shadows
and reflections of water?
Yes, of course.
SOCRATES: And wouldn’t he be tempted to look up into the
heavenly dome called the sky? But it would be too bright for him,
so he would have to start by looking at it at night when it is easier
on his eyes.
And when he was ready, would he not be able to look directly into
the sun and wonder about what the sun was and what sort of thing
it was? Of course.
And after studying the sun, (1) wouldn’t it be apparent to him that
the sun causes both the seasons and the years?; (2) wouldn’t it be
obvious that the sun governs all light of what he sees now?; (3)
wouldn’t it be obvious that the sun is the origin of all the things
that the people in the cave see in one way or another?
And when he considers his journey and transformation that he has
undergone to leave the cave and get to the sun, don’t you think
that this prisoner would think of his fellow prisoners and feel
sorry for them?
Yes, of course!
SOCRATES: However, what if the people in the cave had honors
and awards for knowing which shadow would appear on the wall
at what time? And in which combinations and in which sequence
the shadows would appear next?
And now that this prisoner had escaped the cave, do you think he
would want to return to the cave and compete for the esteemed
honors of memorizing the shadows? Or do you think he would
rather be living above ground “off the land with nothing but his
bare hands” or performing menial peasant work in the sun? I
would think that he would prefer anything but going back to
darkness of the cave.
And if that prisoner were to return to his position as before in the
cave, would he not find that his eyes were once again filled with
GLAUCON: Yes, very much so.
SOCRATES: And while the prisoner’s eyes are readjusting to the
darkness and he is trying to describe the shadows in the dark
again, would he not be exposed to ridicule and criticism by the
other prisoners?
GLAUCON: He certainly would.
SOCRATES: And certainly, they would tell him that by going up
to the surface, he has ruined his eyes and thus it does not pay to
leave the cave.
And if the prisoners in the darkness can get a hold of the liberator
who comes down into the cave and break them free of their
chains and bring them up into the light, would they not kill him if
they could?
GLAUCON: They certainly will...
So will the people kill their liberator? When stuck in the darkness and
watching false shadows glide across the wall in the dark, will they kill the
man who brings them to the light?
They most certainly will.
The modern-day cave is the living room, and the fire and shadows are the
television and the media.
have this exact allegory happening right now in our society. The masses
watching the shadows of the media glide across the cave wall every day,
they believe what they see to be true. But the shadows are manipulated
are man-made messages for a purpose.
When someone comes to take them to the light, to the truth, to reality, to
what is actually happening, they violently fight this liberator as if he is
their mortal enemy.
It is so dark in the cave, it is so comfortable, it is so easy, they have
esteemed awards and honors for knowing the false truths and half-truths of
the media, and they dare not compromise all that they have to risk going to
the surface and learning the real truth.
Weak people don’t want the truth; they want to feel comfortable.
There are four types of people:
1) Those who want to be comfortable
2) Those who want to be right
3) Those who want to be liked
4) Those who want to win
A strong man knows he must face ugly truths to win. It’s part of the job of
being a man, carry out the mission, do your job, whatever is required. But
the people who live for comfort will resist the discomfort of reality. They
will stay in the cave and cling to the false shadows and media messages.
If these ignorant people will try to kill their liberator and try to kill the
truth, then what does that say about being a bringer of truth?
Donald Trump comes to the American people as a strong man and a
liberator, a protector, a father figure with practical solutions, and what do
the people do to their liberator? They would kill him if they could. This
literally has happened on television with female comedian Kathy Griffin
literally beheading a doll of Donald Trump on TV. She is trying to kill her
liberator if she could, and that is power of darkness, the power of
ignorance, and the power of the manipulated shadows on the wall.
The Romans brutally murdered and crucified a preacher named Jesus as he
came with lessons from God on how to live a better life. The Romans
murdered their liberator, the man who was there to show them the way, and
later Rome fell to the violence of the Germanic barbarians.
The messages we see on the wall, the shadows, the media, always have an
agenda, and as we established earlier in this book, the media messages are
subversive, the messages in the school are subversive, the destruction of
religion is subversive, the destruction of the family is subversive, feminism
as a movement is subversive, and all of this is to weaken the protectors of
the tribe and weaken our society to a point so that we can be taken without
war or even without force. We will beg to be taken because the images of
the shadows will have become so strong in our minds. We will see them for
pure truth in our minds, even though they are manipulated and false.
Only when you believe in false truths would you seek to kill your liberator.
To bring truth to the masses is an extremely dangerous business. But as a
strong man, it’s a necessary part of the dangerous job of being a leader. The
survival of the tribe counts on you.
“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is
a perspective, not the truth.”
“Who controls the past now, controls the future now, who
controls the present now, controls the past.”
istory has constantly been manipulated and whitewashed by the
} Ivictors and winners of wars. The losers have always been condemned
and made out to be demonic.
All empires are violent, and empires know that it’s better to “strike first”
than to “strike back” as in the George Lucas Star Wars movies.
Although America was supportive of the German Nazis prior to WWII, the
war was won by America. Thus, America’s Nazi support has officially
disappeared from history, along with many eugenics organizations that
sterilized poor people, black people, and mentally challenged people and
were on the same thought pattern as the German Nazis who proposed the
“final solution” of killing all the undesirables in their tribe.
Cleaning up the history books is a way to strike first as a victorious empire
and avoid having to strike back later.
America committed genocide with the American Indians, and it’s
romanticized by Hollywood as cowboys and Indians instead of the reality
that it was mass murder and robbery of the people who lived here before
us. Nazi Germany attempted genocide with several groups in Europe,
namely the Jews. But Germany lost the war, so they are immortalized as
demons in the history books. America got to repaint over its demons with
a whitewashed paint brush as they whitewashed the charred White House
after the British invaded America and set fire to the presidential house in
the brief War of 1812.
Why strike back when you can strike first?
America has a history steeped in racism. Americans enslaved several
groups of people, including the blacks and the Irish. The US has a violent
and brutal history of conquest, world domination through financing puppet
dictators of the third world, eugenics movements (much like the Nazis),
concentration camps like Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and atrocities by
association like an alliance with Joseph Stalin, the butcher who killed
more than 20 million of his own people during his brutal communist
regime. Stalin killed more people than the demonized Nazis ever did with
their calculated mass killings, but we whitewash communism and Stalin in
the universities. After all, Stalin was our ally, and communism is the
reigning philosophy of the schools and universities in America. This is
part of the problem with the subversion of what made America great in the
first place—a commitment to freedom, free markets, capitalism, freedom
of religion, protestant work ethic, and Judeo-Christian values.
America has a racist and militant history. But today, with the zeitgeist of
Donald Trump, the past actions and policies of America become invisible
to the popular public, and Trump is thrown into the fray as a scapegoat for
current policies that are congruent with past policies.
Trump doesn’t want to let Muslim refugees into the country. The US is
unofficially at war with Islam, and Islam 1s officially in a holy war with
the West. In World War II, America accepted no German refugees and no
Jewish refugees, even though people were being rounded up and taken to
ghettos or gas chambers.
Trump recently barred refugees and people from 7 Islamic nations that the
USA is illegally bombing according to war laws. Instead of supporting this
policy, the people decried this very normal American policy as “racist.”
America is a historically racist and intolerant country, but with the
weakness prevalent in today’s society, Americans call one man, Donald
Trump—a martyr, the one and only racist. I do not believe Trump as a
man is fundamentally racist, sexist, homophobic, or Islamophobic as the
popular media claims him to be. I think he is a good man—not a nice man
—but a strong man looking after his family and his tribe and trying to do
what he believes to be the right thing.
This is just the same as Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode III trying to do
the right thing by saving his wife Padme from death. The road to hell is
paved with good intentions. When Darth Vader tries to save his fated-todie wife from death itself, he converts to the dark side. He kills the young
Jedi, dismantles the Jedi order, and loses his legs and one of his arms as
well as his skin, his appearance, and the man he used to be in order to “do
the right thing” and save his wife.
Darth Vader is the villain—just a strong man who tried to “do the right
thing’”—but he brought hell upon himself by trying to be good and just.
Donald Trump is our Darth Vader; he runs the Empire and bombs those
teenagers in the deserts of Iraq and Syria instead of Tattooine and
Alderaan. He is a villain to the rebels, the women,
nots, and the weak. But in his heart, he is trying
tribe, his family, and his people. Ironically, the
“father.” We live in a society where Dad is bad;
pushed to the fringes of society in favor of Mom
the youth, the have-
to do what is right for his
word Vader is Dutch for
fathers are mean and are
and empowered women.
Trump is the elected official leader of a violent empire that is traditionally
racist, sexist, homophobe, intolerant, and Islamophobic. Thus, he has to
carry the weight of America’s past sins. In the same way that Jesus had to
bear the weight of the cross and the sins of all his people before being
brutally crucified at the hands of the bloodthirsty and barbaric Romans,
perhaps Trump 1s being figuratively—or perhaps literally at some point—
nailed to a cross to “die for the sins of his people?”
I don’t think it is right, but it doesn’t matter what is right or fair. It simply
is. The people are a mob, and they have a vicious and violent mind of their
What will the future of the mob and the Empire who strikes first look like
if the current trends continue?
In the 20th century, two famous futurist writers gave us two versions of
what they believed the future of the West would look like.
George Orwell and his mentor, Aldous Huxley, wrote two very different
versions of what the future would look like, although they were both
George Orwell predicted that we would enter a Stalinist future in 1984,
where men are isolated, there is no family or love, and the government has
thrown the people into perpetual war. The government spies on the people
through technology, fearmongering, media control, revisionist history, the
dumbing down of language and change of language, doublespeak,
doublethink, and never-ending war with three world superpowers to keep
the current government in power through martial law. In this dystopia,
man is left alone to survive in the abyss of the technocracy. In some ways,
the protagonist faces the question “what does it mean to be a man?” as he
is alone in the abyss and darkness of the world that Orwell created in 1984.
All things that made a man
a man—women,
family, children, his work, his
duty, money, privacy, and freedom—have been stripped from him. He is
alone, he is isolated, and he is weak.
In 1984, through manipulation of words, media, and beliefs into twisted
lies upon lies and versions of reality that serve the government agenda for
control, “we ... believe the lie until 1t becomes the truth.”
This book and narrative was extrapolated by Stalinist policies in which the
government would become totalitarian and all powerful and oppress the
people. 1/984 was written in 1949, and some would argue that we are living
in the world of 1984 in modern America. I could see why. The famous
words of George Orwell predicted the future we live in today:
“The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their
screens long enough to notice what's happening.”
ORWELL, 1984
“Orwell didn't have a crystal ball, what he did have was an
understanding of the human condition and its weakness. Apathy.”’
Orwell’s mentor, Aldous Huxley, painted a different picture, a more
American, less Stalinist picture in his book. Brave New World is Huxley’s
1932 dystopian novel. In this American-style future, man has no pain, and
he is not even born by female vaginal birth anymore. There are five castes
of humans, from the tall, blonde, beautiful Alphas all the way down to the
mentally retarded, short, ugly, and barely functioning Epsilons who can
hardly function in the most meaningless tasks. Everything in society is
planned, childbirth is obsolete, and babies are preselected to be Alphas,
Betas, Gammas, etc. The lower classes are mentally retarded with alcohol
to dumb them down to the lower levels and jobs of society. The society in
Brave New World was admittedly a bonobo society with sex orgies
rampantly taking place. Women have contraception, so there are no
accidental vaginally born babies. Every need, every single thing is taken
care of. There is no pain, just drugs called Soma, which is the favorite way
to entertain yourself or friends. Getting high on Soma, participating in
orgies—a painless life of all pleasure and no pain—again brings man to
the question, “what does it mean to be a man?” When John the Savage is
brought into the sleek dystopian world of all pleasure and no pain, he goes
mad and flogs himself just to feel pain and be alive again. John the Savage
has no place in his brave new world, so he hangs himself once he realizes
he no longer belongs.
On some predictions, Orwell was right. In 2018, 1984 has climbed back up
the charts of bestselling books and has become shockingly relevant to the
world in which we live today.
In other predictions, Huxley was right about our drug-induced sex culture,
bonobo-like masturbation, and the meaninglessness of sex. Childbirth may
become obsolete soon when we look at the way families and women no
longer need men for their basic functions.
Where do men fit in with the future of the Empire? It’s hard to say.
In Orwell’s future, men are oppressed, isolated, monitored, and put into
Stalinist “cages,” alone and obsolete. In Huxley’s future, men are high, sex
addicted, and not need for work in the way that they traditionally have
Surely, in both futures, there are men required to be on the frontlines of the
endless war to do the killing and the bombing and to be the storm troopers
for Darth Vader. But in either future, the average man of the Empire at
home—the solo man—is like a rat trapped in a cage. He is denied what
makes him a man. In our current form of reality, we see both traits of 1984
and Brave New World manifesting as reality.
Man is neutered, like a house pet, caged and sedated into a
never known before. He was once the base unit of the Empire,
of the family and the building block of a strong society. The
grown so big and so efficient that it no longer needs him to be
do what he once did.
How long can this Empire last?
role he has
the nucleus
Empire has
strong or to
“You can paint a turd gold, but it is still a turd."
n 2018, Donald Trump was alleged to have asked the following question
behind closed doors in the White House in a meeting with lawmakers:
“Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming
here? Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.”Trump had been
meeting with Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin and South Carolina
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to discuss the visa lottery. One
person briefed on the meeting said when Durbin got to Haiti, Trump began
to ask why we want people from Haiti and more Africans in the US and
added that the US should get more people from countries like Norway.
https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/1 1/politics/immigrants-shithole-countries-trump/index.html
Haiti and Africa vs. Norway
I went to Haiti myself in 2016. I saw a country ravaged by natural disaster
and debilitating poverty. I had donated to a friend of mine’s charity and
had donated enough to build a house for a family of eight people, a mom, a
dad, and six children. When we got out of the airport and loaded onto the
bus, I got to see the disaster Haiti had become.
Literally seas of trash filled the ditches along the sides of the road and
sprawled on for miles and miles. The cities were left in ruins after the
Haitian earthquake in 2010 that devastated the country. You couldn’t tell
the difference between a live-in house and ruins. The people were living in
It was all ruins.
At that time, it was six years since the disaster, and the entire country was
still a wake of destruction—seas of trash and impoverished, very skinny
people wandering the wasteland with nothing productive to do.
Haiti had become hell on earth.
“The road to hell is paved with good intentions. ”’
The American Red Cross raised more than half a billion dollars to bring
relief to Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake, but it grossly
overstated what the money bought. Although the organization claimed to
have provided housing to more than 130,000 people, it actually only built
six permanent homes, according to a report by ProPublica and NPR.
To give you some perspective on what it costs to build a home in Haiti, as
donator to my friend Frank McKinney’s Caring House project, my $5,000
donation was enough to build a permanent concrete dwelling for a family
of eight. So what did the Red Cross do with half a billion dollars to build
six homes if you can build a home for $5,000 in Haiti? Who knows? They
are an NGO—a nongovernmental organization—that lights money on fire
and uses the money for their own corruption and internal expenses. Such
waste should be criminal, and the people running the Red Cross should be
put in jail for fraud.
When I saw the home that my $5,000 built, my heart broke: myself and the
group I was traveling with had collectively donated $250,000 to build a
village. But each home in the village was tiny and was about the size of an
American shed. The people literally slept on the bare concrete floor, with
not even straw to soften the floor, no pillows, and no blankets. They had
no crops, no animals, no businesses, no intellectual property, no
marketable language. The Haitians speak Creole French, which is not
really a language; it’s a bastard dialect of French. With that language, you
can’t even open a call center and employ the Haitians to answer the phone.
No one wants Creole French in the marketplace. The global marketplace
wants American English as a marketable language. Creole French is an
obscure and low value language on the world stage.
The homes we built were in the middle of nowhere. We had to ride the bus
for quite some time to reach the site, but still the homes were an
improvement from what the people were living in before—shacks of scrap
metal, wire, wood, and garbage. Like a bird building a nest, the Haitians
built shelters out of whatever they could find. A concrete bunker house
was a major improvement.
Still, my heart broke, because I saw these people who had nothing to do
and no way to make money.
When Haiti was crippled in the earthquake in 2010, NGOs rushed in to
provide aid. This was incredibly destructive for the Haitians because it
wiped out all local entrepreneurs from restarting the local economy. Tom’s
shoes came in and gave everyone free shoes. They destroyed the local
shoemakers in Haiti because no one can compete with free shoes. Then the
American corn came in, the rice came in, and all these other free handouts
came in to Haitians. This systematically destroyed the farms. Rice prior to
2010 was a luxury in Haiti, and now with all the free rice from the
handouts, everyone eats rice frequently.
At the zoo there is a sign that says, “Don’t feed the bears or they will get
weak and dependent.” In Haiti, they need a sign that says, “No more
handouts for the Haitians, please. Your gifts are crippling them and
destroying their entire economy and society.”
As I write this, it’s 2018 and Haiti is not in a better position than they were
8 years ago; in fact, the generosity of the West has further crippled Haiti.
As the famous proverb says, “Gifts make slaves.” The Haitians became
broken in spirit, broken in language, broken in commerce, and had become
a broken people wandering around in seas of garbage even in the middle of
the night with no lights as I witnessed from the bus as we drove through
the broken cities at night.
What businesses could you bring to Haiti?
Haiti was traditionally a French slave colony from the times of Napoleon.
The people there are black, Africans, and speak a strange Creole French
that I imagine derived from a slave-spoken version of French. The island
is shared with the Dominican Republic. On the Haitian half of the island,
there is the most extreme poverty in the Western hemisphere. But on the
other half of the island—the Dominican Republic—is opulence and luxury
resorts. It’s ironic that such luxury takes half the island, and the other half
is made of broken slaves with an unmarketable language, no industries,
and no hope. Like the Canadian aboriginal Indians, the “generosity” of the
white man has subverted the Haitian culture and turned the men weak. The
weakened men in Haiti no longer need to perform the tasks of survival,
and thus, the culture and the people are destroyed.
Is Haiti a shithole? Yes, it is, absolutely. I have been there and stood in the
dirt and experienced it with my own eyes. Why deny that fact? If you
cannot own the problem or identify the problem, how can you ever fix it?
I am not making a value judgment of the people in the country, but it is a
burning tire fire of a mess that is not going to change unless major moves
are made. One move is to pull out the “generous” NGOs from the West
that have subverted the Haitian men into weakness and destroyed the
culture and man’s ability to provide for himself and survive.
How can these broken men provide value? The answer is they cannot
provide very much.
Trump is right to ask; do we need more Haitians? Do we need more people
from broken and screwed-up countries in Africa? America is_ the
sophisticated empire like Rome. Africa and Haiti are the backwater tribes
of barbarians.
Ironically, Trump asks, “Why don’t we get more Norwegians?”, which is a
country that is consistently considered to be more advanced than America
in many ways, including social programs for the people. It has been seen
in the headlines of the news that “every Norwegian is a millionaire” due to
the government taxing the oil companies in the oil-rich nation at 78% and
then investing the siphoned off royalties to create investment funds that
provide social programs, high wages, and tuition-free university.
In America right now, an empire in decline, the story is much different
from that of Norway. America does not tax its oil to invest and create
social programs for a better life for the people; instead, America has some
of the worst social programs in the world often compared to third-world
nations like Brazil as the USA slips into decline. The wages in America
are going down in real purchasing power indexed to gold, which was
illustrated in an earlier chapter, and universities cripple the youth with
enormous debt and useless liberal arts degrees. These reasons alone make
America look barbaric compared to the socially sophisticated Norwegians.
And thus, is the question, if Haiti is a shithole compared to America, then
is America a shithole compared to Norway? Immigration statistics would
show that not many Norwegians want to move to America relative to
Americans who want to move to Norway. One man’s shithole is another
man’s paradise. What remains true is that the world is divided into haves
and have-nots. The have-nots always want a better life and to join the
haves. The haves do not want to move into have-not “‘shitholes,” which is
human nature. It’s cold, it’s brutal, it’s honest, and what has destroyed
countless empires in history has been the invasion of people from
“shithole” countries into civilized nations. When the “shithole” barbarians
get close to the Empire, they either storm the gates through invasion or
bring the country down from within.
Is America going to be the world’s next shithole? That could depend on
who America lets within its borders. The barbarians are currently standing
at the gates. There are billions of people in the world with nothing. These
are the have-nots who are looking for a better life and to enter the gates of
America to seize all the wonderful things of the American dream.
The have-nots want the world of the haves.
But the haves avoid the world of the have-nots.
The Norwegians avoid moving to America, and many Americans avoid
moving into the third world. Why trade down if you are doing well?
Ironically, it’s okay to avoid moving your place of residence from the first
world to the third world, but if America keeps importing enough thirdworld people, eventually America will turn into an official third-world
nation with broken welfare systems and social services that will burst
from the sheer weight of people riding the system for free.
As in Rome, “free grain for votes” was the exchange of weakness for
power. Today it’s “food stamps and free abortions” for votes. These thirdworld immigrants and refugees are built-in free votes for the politicians
who want to stay in power. There is an agenda to expand the voter base by
bringing these people in because they are dependent on the system and
need the government to survive.
When a human baby and a human chimp are raised side by side, the chimp
doesn’t get smarter and rise to the human baby’s level. Instead, the human
baby starts to act like the much less sophisticated and dumber chimp. The
human’s language becomes retarded as our Western language 1s down to a
grade 4 level now, and it continues to decline into meaningless
abbreviations on the Internet, such as “Lol,” “brb,” “hbu,” “lolz,” “rofl,”
“bb.” The language that took thousands of words to develop is literally
degrading into meaningless nonsense in front of our eyes.
it comes
to society, we
will always
stoop to the most
dumbest, and lowest common denominator. If we do not wish to move to
the third-world shithole countries like Haiti, then why import more people
and bring the third world to your doorstep and into your home?
If you don’t want to visit and eat in a pizza in a restaurant, then why order
home pizza delivery? If you bring pizza into your home, you will end up
eating pizza, and you are going to eventually get fat and sick if you do it
enough times.
If you don’t want to be fat and sick, (1) don’t order home delivery pizza,
(2) don’t go to pizza restaurants, and (3) if pizza finds its way into your
home, throw it out. This is common sense, and we all understand it when it
comes to pizza.
Like getting fat on home delivery pizza, America, when delivering the
third world to its doorstep, will become the next third world because like
the baby and the chimp, the people at the bottom do not elevate
themselves to the higher levels of civilization. How could they with the
broken, trash, American education systems that cannot compete on the
world stage? The American high schools are not competitive for a firstworld country, and the postsecondary education is inaccessible for these
third-world immigrants.
The higher levels of civilization take hundreds or thousands of years to
push through developmentally—traditions, religion, institutions, training,
and education. Instead, the bottom drags down those at the top down
quickly in one or two generations until humanity has reverted back into
the bloody, violent reality of the haves versus have-nots, which is a
constant theme throughout history.
For most of human history, humans survived by digging in the mud. We
will go right back to digging in the mud if we bring in enough people from
other countries who actually dig in the mud all day for survival.
Perhaps it is time to stop ordering pizza and go on a “no pizza’ diet?
Maybe it’s time to order some food that is good for the body?
What happens over time to empires that allow enough barbarians from
“shithole” countries inside the gates of the Empire?
The Fallen Empires of History and Where They Are Today
Greece was once a mighty empire. Under Macedonian control, by virtue
of Alexander the Great, Greek ideas spread all over the known world at the
time. Greece was once a mighty superpower, and then they grew
complacent and were taken by barbarians. Today, Greece is one of the least
relevant countries in the European union. It is riddled with debt and was
invaded repeatedly in the past by Muslim countries. The Greeks were once
blonde like the Germans or the Swedes. Through loss of wars and rapes of
blonde Greeks by dark Turks and other invaders, the Greeks now have dark
hair, and very few blondes are left. Greece has degraded from an advanced
civilization to a marginalized, indebted state with no real military inside
of the EU, begging for handouts as a have-not country in the European
Union. The men don’t work much, and they have early retirement, which
is creating a massive burden for productive countries like Germany and
Sweden, where the age of retirement just got pushed into the 70s to pay for
Greeks who retire in their 50s.
Rome was another empire that spanned the entire known world. They had
great technology, libraries, philosophy, leisure time, low taxes, and life
was great for a Roman in the Roman empire. Today all that is left of the
Roman Empire is Italy. Like Greece, Italy is not a significant player in
Europe economically, technologically, or in any other way. In fact, after
Rome was sacked and the libraries were burned, Rome itself was never
really significant again in history. Italian merchants and traders during the
Renaissance and the rebirth of art, science, and music did take place with
commerce and banking in Italy in the 1600s, but as a fallen people, they
have never really recovered to a world power as they were before the fall.
From barbarian invasions and countries like Turkey coming in through
historic invasions, these people have adopted darker hair, skin, and other
traits from their darker invaders who have violently attacked them and
raped the population over history.
The sun never set on the mighty British empire in the Victorian age, which
controlled 25% of the world’s landmass. Through complacency, comfort,
falling behind in technology, and generally underestimating the
unsophisticated barbarians—the Germans, Americans, and Russians—
Britain lost two world wars in battles with the “primitive” Germans. The
Germans were ultimately defeated, but Britain lost all of its influence to
two backwater societies of mostly farmers and country boys: America and
Britain today still has some influence in the world of finance, but she is a
backwards state compared to the technological and economically superior
empires in Asia or even America. Britain still holds a hand in finance,
which gives them limited power on the world stage, but they have recently
“Brexited” from the European Union and are isolating themselves into
weakness once more. They have lost most of their colonies, and are not
relevant on the world stage economically, militarily, philosophically, or in
any other way other than finance, though the great British pound took a
major hit with Brexit and severance from the European Union. The same
spirit and movement that brought Donald Trump into power—the average
man being pissed off because he is marginalized and weakened by the
government and instructions—voted to go back to the basics and separate
from the policies that have been screwing him for so long. Trump in
America and Brexit in Britain are born of the same spirit, the spirit of the
average man getting screwed and frustrated with the policies that have
marginalized him over the last 40 years.
In the great American Empire, America gained power as a primitive and
“backwards” tribe in World War I. This gang of country boys, farm boys,
and devoutly religious men took the world by surprise with military
superiority in two world wars. By the end of World War IH, America had
seized world domination from Britain and Germany, and it kept Russia’s
spreading communism at bay through proxy wars in smaller countries.
America has had a prosperous democracy for more than 200 years, but
they are making the same mistakes that Rome made back in the day. “Free
grain for votes” in Rome has become “Free food stamps and abortions for
votes.” American culture has turned from manly strength to a genderneutral apathy that is turning into male weakness and destruction of the
once great society. Strong men are no longer relevant in the American
culture, and an air of piousness has entered the American populace in
which the American people believe that they are invincible on the world
stage and can never be taken down.
Across the oceans in an ideological world war, the Islamic barbarians of
third-world have-nots from the Middle East and Africa are the fastestgrowing religion in the world, growing by 70% last year and reaching
membership in the billions. They are the have-nots, the barbarians of
history, and they are looking for ways to penetrate the American Empire,
destroy it, and take the resources, land, and women for themselves.
Every band of barbarians in history has looked at the empire and wanted to
topple it. They have started with small attacks like terrorist bombings and
9/11. They lure American forces into the historical killing floor of the
Middle East to butcher American soldiers and drain the American treasury
with endless wars that are unwinnable against an invisible enemy—
ideology and “terrorism.” I put “terrorism” in quotes because it is an
invisible enemy that can never be defeated. Hitler could be killed, but
“terrorism” is an idea and can never be stopped. “Terrorism” is
manufactured through our own fear and own ideas. Sure there are
barbarians at the gates and have-nots across the world who wish to see
America burn, but the idea of “terrorism” will persist forever because it
exists in our minds.
Invisible enemies—ideas—can never be killed. They can only be fought
with equal or greater ideas and truth, not bullets, missiles, and aircraft
Now the barbarians are sending boatloads of refugees to Europe, marching
large groups of men into continental Europe and attempting to send these
same soldier-age men into America to bring down the empire from the
inside, just like the plots of Star Wars or the Hunger Games. The empire
must be brought down from within. The Greeks, the barbarians at the time,
defeated the Trojans by infiltrating their impenetrable walls with a Trojan
horse filled with young and strong soldiers who mercilessly slaughtered
the sleeping Trojans and made history.
President Trump has been trying to stop his tribal enemies from breaching
his perimeter to get inside and harm the women and children inside his
protection, but the popular media narrative and the popular cultural
narrative are at ideological war with his strong man ideologies.
The war of ideologies and the subversion of American ideology and the
destruction of the invisible ideas that made America great are underway,
and as we saw earlier, the four stages of subversion will end in (1) civil
war or (2) invasion.
America is more divided than ever, and groups that previously weren’t
violent are becoming violent. Women, through groups like ANTIFA (antifascism), and even the social justice warrior women are getting more
aggressive and violent. Democrats and Republicans throw a lot of “hate
talk” around. There are small political riots in the streets. Civil war could
happen, especially if the currency collapsed or there were a severe oil
crisis and the people could not get food.
America is an armed population with over 300 million guns. America has
had a civil war before that split the country in two. Supposedly, this war
was over the moral and ethical argument of slavery, as history officially
claims, but the other story is that the North wanted to unite the states into
one superpower for conquest. A violent uniting of the tribes? That has
happened before several times as well in history.
So which will it be? Death by invasion or death by civil war? Only time
will tell. If America decays enough philosophically, it may be without
slaughter. Instead, the barbarians may simply waltz in and take what they
want from the haves in history as the weak men sit there and watch like a
group of sexually sedated bonobos watch the apes from other tribes fuck
their women and sire offspring that the cuck, male bonobos, will have to
Who cares?
Why bother?
Think of the male bonobos as they watch from afar, like the young men of
today watching pornography and other men fuck women that they can’t
have at home in the safety of their mother’s basement. Pornography is the
ultimate cuck move. Watch another man fuck a woman you want to have.
How is that manly?
In small tribes of 150 people or so, genes were the way to dominate. The
king had sexual access to 50% of the women, and he built his own internal
tribe of many children to protect himself and his DNA. As the tribes grew
into supertribes, tribes that were so large that one man could not maintain
such sexual access, a new way to rule was with ideas also known as
Memes are the keys to world domination, and the battles of the future will
be won and lost with ideas and ideology. The Nazis lost out to the
communists because their memes and ideology could not spread fast
enough. Islam right now as a meme and ideology is spreading through the
third world like wildfire, bringing great promises to large groups of havenot barbarian men who wish to sack and plunder the Western world.
Christianity was a meme that superseded the warring tribes of Europe after
the fall of Rome and united the tribes again under the Holy Roman
One question that needs to be examined when looking at the memes of the
world is, are two ideas compatible or not? Especially in the world of
immigration and especially in the world of immigration of the third world
into the first world or the West. Some people from third-world countries
have compatible memes and ideologies with the West.
I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the third largest Filipino population outside
the Philippines. Each year we receive thousands of Filipino immigrants
sponsored by their families into the new and great country of Canada—a
big upgrade from the streets of Manila. The Filipino people share the
Christian meme with Canadians, and they work hard in mostly hospitals as
nurses or healthcare orderlies. They have families, sponsor in two or three
families, and have communities,
and church events.
I love
working with the Filipino population because they work hard, and their
memes are compatible with the memes that made Canada into a great
country in the first place—Judeo-Christian values.
Other groups that fit in nicely with Western values are Chinese, Japanese,
East Indians, South Koreans,
Polish, Ukrainians, Europeans,
Hindus, Mexicans, Eastern Europeans,
South Africans, and South Americans.
These people from these places have similar memes and similar values
that work and can fit together with the West. These countries have protoIndo-European influences or ties to Christianity that make them
compatible with the West. The northeast Asian countries are compatible
because they are in many ways more civilized and have a higher IQ than
the West.
In Canada we have a “multiculturalism” policy that creates a mosaic of
cultures, and we embrace this idealistic idea as a good thing. It is a good
thing and works when the memes and ideas of the groups are compatible.
It works when the groups agree to “be Canadian” at some point, whatever
that means and work together. It does not work when the memes are
incompatible or violent with one another.
t has been said that a preacher named Jesus died in the year 30 A.D.,
|Pe Christianity took over Europe as the Roman Empire weakened into
tolerance and later fell. The Roman Empire was shattered by Barbarian
hordes, Rome didn’t survive, but Christianity did. Ideas and memes
hard to kill because they are spiritual and of the mind. They do not exist
except in the minds of men.
Mohammad was a warlord and lived at around 570 A.D. and began
spreading his philosophy and religion—his meme—across the Middle
East, Turkey, and Africa. The Muslims were so hungry for territory and
power that at one point the Ottoman empire was a vast, sprawling, Muslim
empire that controlled much of the Middle East until the end of World War
I. Herein lies the rub. Christianity is nearly 500 years ahead of Islam in
ideology, and this is simply because Christianity 1s 500 years older than
Islam and has had more time to grow, explore, and move from intolerant
warrior culture to a tolerant, pacifist, female-ruled culture.
This 500-year gap explains why the Islamic people are so different from
the Christian people. The Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims in their
religious narratives are all somewhat describing the same spiritual laws
and same stories form three different perspectives on one God. They have
different names for the same God and fight to the death about the small
difference in ideology and for small pieces of land in the Middle Eastern
desert. Such is the power of memes.
While Islam covers its women in burkas to hide and protect them from
raiding, militant bandits and rapists, in the early nineteenth century,
Christian women wore bonnets covering most of their heads, much like a
burka, dresses down to their ankles, and were covered up to the neck and
the hands. Not a single piece of flesh was seen on a woman’s body, much
like the Islamic dress of women today.
In Islamic Sharia law, they practice barbarism and medieval things
in the modern
They behead
ceremoniously, pour acid on women’s faces to teach them a
practice female clitoral mutilation to rob women of pleasure, and
that we
cut off
hands, ears, noses, and limbs to teach people lessons in the violent and
bloody Sharia law.
This seems like butchery and barbarism to the West today, but we forget
our own butchery and barbarism of 500 years ago when medieval Europe
was doing the exact same things in the exact same point of their
development. Female mutilation, covering of women for protection and
property, cutting of hands of thieves, public beheadings, and cutting off
ears, noses, and limbs to teach people a lesson.
Julius Caesar was famous for cutting off the arms of his conquered
enemies and sending his enemies running into the countryside with no
arms, bleeding, to run to their doom. He then slaughtered women and
children in sacked states or would sell scores of conquered women and
children into slavery for his own profit and plunder. Caesar got rich off
selling slaves and winning wars.
We celebrate Julius Caesar and love him and study him because he was our
killer and not their killer.
Hitler was their killer. Caesar was our killer.
Saddam Hussein was their killer. George W. Bush was our killer.
Osama bin Laden was their killer. Barack Obama was our killer.
It’s the same idea over and over again.
So does it make sense to mix a people with a modern ideology of
compassion, tolerance, and weakness with a group that is 500 years behind
and in a militant, violent, and intolerant state? I would say no; this is a bad
idea for the same reason that you don’t leave a steak with a dog. If given
the chance, the dog will eat the meat. Can you really blame the dog? It’s in
his nature.
The Scorpion and the Frog
A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion
asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, “How do
I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I
will die too.” The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and
starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time
to gasp “Why?”
Replies the scorpion: “It’s my nature ...”
http://www.aesopfables.com/cgi/aesop 1 .cgi?4&
Should we let the violent, intolerant, militant people from Islam into our
pacifist, tolerant, and weak society from the West? What do you think will
happen? Likely a large slaughter of us or them. In America, the philosophy
is different than in Canada. In Canada, we preach an ideology of
multiculturalism, where other cultures can come in and “have it your way”
like the philosophy of Burger King.
In America, instead of a mosaic, where every group can have it “your
way,” America has traditionally been an intolerant, violent, warrior society
of its own and has had a melting pot ideology where you become
American when you emigrate to America.
The trouble lies in America’s tandem philosophy of religious freedom.
America was born out of oppressed people looking for religious freedom.
There are more than 35,000 sects of Christianity in the world, and to run a
Judeo-Christian nation, you need to have religious freedom to
accommodate all those types of Christianity. However, the new problem
with Islam moving in is that because of their religious freedom, they do
not have to assimilate into the melting pot. The melting pot conflicts with
the religious freedom, and thus the system for dealing with this new kind
of problem is not established.
The founding fathers were worried about the King of England coming back
over the ocean to reclaim his backwater American outpost, so they put
several mechanisms in place, including religious freedom and a right to
bear arms in the Constitution.
They probably did not think of the time 200 years in the future when
America would be fat, lazy, weak and ready to die, bloated on its own
richness, and surrounded by hostile barbarian hordes that were willing to
take it at any moment and that these barbarians would infiltrate the
perimeter through “religious freedom” and “refugee status.”
The founding fathers couldn’t see it coming, like the Trojans couldn’t see
the Trojan horse coming full of young, virile, Greek warriors ready to kill
every last Trojan man and rape every single woman into submission to
take as war plunder for his own tribe and children. The founding fathers
probably didn’t consider that American birthrates in the civilized empire
would reach low levels of around 1.2 children per family, whereas these
religious freedom refugee barbarians would come in and have up to 8
children per family. They probably didn’t consider the welfare system that
would keep those 8 Muslim children alive because infant mortality in
1776 was high.
The balance of society used to be rich people had 2 children, poor people
had 8 children. Infant mortalities and hard lives would kill 6 poor children,
so rich and poor both had 2 surviving children. Such was the balance of
capitalism and the free economy. It also had built-in population control for
the rich and the poor.
Today, what we see is rich Western families having 1.2 children and poor
families on the welfare system having 8 children. Instead of 6 children
dying, modern medicine keeps them alive, welfare keeps them alive, and
in fact gives bonuses to single moms for having more kids. The 8 children
grow up to vote more welfare programs and “free grain” for themselves,
while the 1.2 rich children are surrounded and bred out of existence.
What happens in 50 or 100 years when this trend has gone on for several
generations and the poor Muslim refugees have outbred the Westerners to
a point of majority for them, and a minority for us?What happens when
they can vote in Sharia law and subjugate Western people and Western
ideology to memes and ideas that we grew out of 500 years ago in the
Middle Ages? This would be a very rude awakening in history, but as the
four stages of subversion go, in the end, the cycle ends with (1) civil war
or (2) invasion.
In the case of birth rates, there is no need to invade. Just have enough kids
funded by the welfare system, and in 50 years, you will have enough
voting power to skip the invasion and go straight into enslavement of the
weakened and subverted American people.
“Appeasing of governments which revel in slaughter is an
invitation to worldwide catastrophe. ”’
Our own divisiveness on every single political policy is polarizing the
people of America and truly portraying politics as what it is: “a system of
organized hate.”
Politics today is mostly junk debates that resemble the rhetoric and
intelligence levels of professional wrestling like WWF or the UFC on TV.
A list of junk debates to entertain and distract the people and media from
real issues that need to be solved:
1) Gay marriage vs. straight marriage
2) Abortion vs. abstinence
3) Free healthcare vs. no free healthcare
4) Free university or not free university
5) Free birth control or no free birth control
6) Guns or no guns
7) Legalize pot or not
8) Legalize prostitution or not
9) Transgender bathrooms vs. no transgender bathrooms
Most of these arguments are pointless and do not really matter in the big
picture. The real problems—the real debates that must be had to ensure the
survival of the group—are lost to the stage time of the “Pro Wrestling”
entertainment politics and junk debates, dumbed-down entertainment
debates that mostly have nothing to do with how to run a country
successfully. These are the subversive arguments that the former KGB
agent Yuri Beznemov warned us against. This is part of Stage 3 in the
subversion of a people. The only stage left in social subversion is Stage 4,
“normalization,” which ends in violence, lots and lots of violence until the
society has been “normalized”—a KGB euphemism for saying “shoot
anyone who objects to the new regime.” Instead of talking about how to
create strong men, defend the tribe, defend the American philosophy and
ideology as Trump has been trying to do, the popular media and popular
feminist driven narrative keep bringing us back to the most unimportant
arguments of all and galvanizing people into viscously polarized groups
that hate each other over the most meaningless arguments. Instead of
coming together as a tribe against a common enemy we can see, the
enemies of today are invisible, and thus we stay at home, eating our cheap
and free food stamp food, and forgetting about the real problems that are
going on:
1) The loss of fathers
2) The loss of the family
3) The loss of effective religions
4) The loss of strong men
5) The loss of real jobs in the country
6) The loss of borders and protection
7) The loss of respect on the world stage
8) The loss of strength in our military and integration with the
average man
9) The loss of what it means to be American
10) The loss of what it means to be a man
The divisiveness and the hate that permeates through modern-day America
make me afraid for the future as groups like ANTIFA (the antifascists,
hard-left and communist ideology) go out in the public picking fights with
nonviolent neo-Nazi protestors at the removal of an old relic confederate
The new groups like ANTIFA are made of women, weak men, the
subversive rejects of society who are viscous, hateful, and will attack other
groups sometimes without even thinking.
In the big picture, who really cares about the taking down of an old
confederate statue? The statue is a symbol, a small symbol of an old and
forgotten time, and people are volatile, rioting and losing their minds over
it. What would happen if the country ran out of fuel or food for a few
days? What would the violence look like with 300 million guns on the
The question is, will it be civil war first? Followed by invasion as groups
like ANTIFA and what I believe will be a rise of a new “white power”
group akin to the Nazis to protect the loss of white interests? It happened
in Germany when the Germans were getting screwed by the French in the
post WWI war reparations, and it can happen again.
Just remember that the Nazis were the national socialists. America has
become socialist, and I can see a rise of Nazis once more. These Nazis will
be opposed by equally violent communist groups
end of the day, history has already demonstrated
the NAZI group and the communists in Germany
this again would be just a repetition in the bloody
like ANTIFA, but at the
the mortal hate between
in the 1930s, and to see
pages of history.
“IT would rather die a meaningful death than to live a
meaningless life.”
‘ re women
our weakness
as men?
Man alone is nothing. A group of men is nothing. They need women
to have a future—to procreate, to have families, and to have children. The
sexual value of women is high because a woman produces one egg a
month, while a man can produce 100 to 300 million sperm in each
Men must compete for women, the scarcer and more discerning gender of
the species. But there is a point where men become weak around women.
When a man has multiple women,
compete for the one alpha male,
sex or threesomes with him. This
men try to access through violent
Man has the power and the women
he has all the power. The women must
share him, and maybe even have group
is the masculine, gangster, fantasy that
movies, internet porn, and video games.
are subjugated.
But what happens when the woman has the power? In a monogamous
relationship, the woman has complete control of the sexual access. The
man has hundreds of millions of sperm each day that he has every violent
urge to unload into her womb, and he socially, by the law, by the customs
of our modern world, must have permission and access to her body to get
his release.
“My dear Friend,
I know of no Medicine
fit to diminish the violent natural Inclinations you
mention, and ifI did, I think Ishould not communicate it to you. Marriage
is the proper Remedy. It is the most natural State of Man, and therefore the
State in which you are most likely to find solid Happiness.”
The woman must consent; he cannot rape her, or he is a criminal and goes
to jail. So in a monogamous relationship, where the woman has all the
control over sexual supply, the woman has the power, and this is where the
exchange of power begins.
They say that when a woman loves a man, he becomes her strength. When
a man loves a woman, she becomes his weakness. This is the exchange of
sexual power.
She becomes strong, and he becomes weak.
She becomes
in the sexual
and he more
Without women, there is nothing—no men, no future, no tribe. Men need
women, men desire women, men want sex, and a man is incomplete
without a woman. Men will do stupid and self-destructive things just to
have a chance with a woman.
I have stood in front of a gun prepared to die before for a woman I loved.
I have flown across the country on a whim and urge for a woman several
times on no notice and just put the plane ticket on a credit card without a
promise of anything but to see a woman I loved.
I have spent sums of money equal to the annual salaries of my employees
on a woman I loved in a single year, just to impress her and keep her
I have pursued a woman I loved in spite of multiple death threats left in
my voicemail from her father. We still snuck out to be together anyways.
Love is maddening, and love is madness. Love makes men and women
insane. Men will do insane things for love.
If there were no women there would be no use for money, sex, violence,
conquest, land, or anything at all. Men would just stay at home playing
video games all day, fixing small problems that don’t really exist. Men are
useless without women to win and women to protect.
Paradoxically, are women the destructive force in our society?
Do they make man stupid and weak to a point of his own demise?
Think of cuck culture, where man loves a woman
have sex with another man.
so much he’ll let her
I’m ashamed to say I have experienced giving away a woman I loved into
the sexual free market to have her sleep with other men of her choice. It
broke my heart, but she was my weakness, and I loved her to the point of
compromising my own life and identity for her. This was the wrong move,
but it’s an emotional place that men get to where they lose all perspective
on what being a man really is and what is allowed and not allowed in love.
Do women
bring men to a point of feminine weakness, tolerance, and
compassion when we need masculine strength, intolerance, and stoicism?
Let’s explore three stories famous stories from history that all illustrate a
similar point.
As performed by Donald Trump
On her way to work one morning
Down the path alongside the lake
A tenderhearted woman saw a poor half-frozen snake
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew
“Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I'll take care of you”
“Take me in, oh tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake
She wrapped him all cozy in a curvature of silk
And then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk
Now she hurried home from work that night as soon as she arrived,
She found that pretty snake she’d taken in had been revived
“Take me in, oh tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake
Now she clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried
“But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”
She stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight
Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite
“Take me in, oh tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake
Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake
“T saved you,” cried the woman
“And you’
ve bit me heavens why
“You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
“Oh shut up silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
“You know damn well I was a snake before you took me in!”
The woman opens up her world to the poisonous and viscous snake whom
she compassionately looks after with milk and honey. The viscous creature
turns on her, poisoning and killing her as she is blinded by feminine
virtues like compassion, nurturing, and tolerance.
What Trump recited are lyrics from Al Wilson’s 1963 song, “The Snake.”
The lyrics were inspired by The Farmer and the Viper from Aesop’s fables.
The story of Adam and Eve in the Bible is another story with a woman and
a serpent, who turns out to be Satan himself. Adam and Eve live in
paradise, they know no pain, no childbirth, have unlimited food to eat, the
best fruit, and they are allowed to eat from any tree as instructed by God
their Creator except from the tree of knowledge.
One day, Eve sees the serpent, and he corrupts Eve’s mind into tasting the
fruit of the tree of knowledge. She is seduced by the serpent, tastes the
fruit, and the wrath of God is unleashed upon man.
Eve makes Adam taste the fruit as well, and Adam and Eve are cast out of
the Garden of Eden, paradise lost, and onto the barren soil of the earth,
where they will have to till the barren soil to grow crops and live. They
will have to go through the pain and suffering of childbirth. They will age
and become mortal, human, and flawed in the process.
Again, we have a snake seducing a woman into doing something that is
mortal to her and her man, self-destructive, and generally stupid. But the
woman’s innocence and curiosity, the feminine energy to play and explore
and make friends and be playful and adventurous, lead humanity from
paradise into a painful existence of aging, childbirth, and work on the
barren soil versus a life of pleasure and perfection in the Garden of Eden.
The Greeks had an older version of Adam and Eve’s story. As history has
demonstrated over and over again, “same damn story, different costumes.”
When Zeus was so angry at Prometheus for giving people fire, he was also
mad at the people who had tricked him into taking the wrong bag of meat.
Zeus got back at the people by getting Hephaistos to make a beautiful
woman, whom he named Pandora (which means all-gifts).
Epithemeus and Pandora’s Box
Zeus sent Pandora down to earth and gave her as a present to Prometheus’
brother, Epimetheus. Zeus told Epimetheus that he should marry Pandora.
Also, Zeus sent Pandora with a little box, with a big lock on it. (Actually
in the earliest versions of this story it is a sealed pottery vase.) He said not
to ever open the box, and he gave the key to Epimetheus.
But Pandora was very curious about what was in the box. She begged
Epimetheus to let her open it, but he always said no. Finally one day he
fell asleep, and she stole the key (or broke the seal) and opened the box (or
What Was in Pandora’s Box?
Oh! Out of the box flew every kind of trouble that people had never known
about before: sicknesses, worries, crimes, hate, envy, and all sorts of bad
things. The bad things all began to fly away like little bugs, all over the
place. Pandora was very sorry now that she had opened the box! She tried
to catch the bad things and put them back in the box, but it was too late.
They all flew away.
What Does the Pandora’s Box Story Mean?
But the very last thing to fly out of the box, as Pandora sat there crying,
was not as ugly as the others. In fact, it was beautiful. It was Hope, which
Zeus sent to keep people going when all the nasty things got them down.
The story of Pandora explains why bad things happen to good people, by
telling us that it’s because our ancestors were bad, long, long ago. We owe
a permanent debt because they tricked Zeus with a bad sacrifice. The
Jewish Bible has a similar idea with Adam and Eve eating the apple.
Women, relative to men, are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they
provide men hope with childbirth and a future and an ability expand the
tribe. Women are a source of power for men, inspiration, energy, sex, and
healing. They are a prize to win in battle and conquest and a prize to
defend from other men and other tribes.
But women are also the weakness of men, for they can singlehandedly
destroy a man as is outlined in the three ancient stories above that contain
ancient wisdom.
are creators
and women
beginning of man’s expansion from a gang into an empire. Is the reversal
true as well? Do women also represent the fall of man from an empire into
death or bondage?
In violent patriarchal societies, females move from one group of strong
men to another, as with the chimpanzee culture.
In violent male-driven, patriarchal gangs, women move from group of
dominant men to dominant men. If the men become weak, stronger men
come in and kill the weak men. A variation is also true; if the men are
proven to become weak, the women will join the tribes of the stronger
enemies and abandon or have the former weak men who were formerly
their mates marginalized or killed off.
Cuck culture is an example of this. The woman is more powerful than her
weak man and thus subjugates the weaker man into a slave role to a much
more dominant man who ts better for the woman’s survival in the long run.
The cuck man plays a feminine role; the woman plays herself as the great
creator and destroyer, and the new stronger alpha male plays the
masculine role.
If men become weak, their women will throw them to the wolves.
I saw this happen with my own mother and father firsthand. It was a
painful experience to watch.
Is this a function
of women
life and become
the ultimate
destroyer of life?
If a man is too weak for his woman, she will betray him by leaving him for
another gang, another stronger man, cheating on him and opening up her
reproductive organs to a stronger man who can give her a stronger chance
of survival for herself and her offspring.
In other words, she will join a stronger gang, and her payment to enter the
gang will be sex.
Do women betray their men when the men can no longer prove to be the
tribal leaders or provide the protection they biologically and
subconsciously think they need?
Is this betrayal of women destroying weak men a twisted survival
mechanism of women? If this is performed on a large scale, is it the
ultimate mega-cuck? The ultimate hypergamy?
Betray the man who has become too weak, have him killed, then go find a
strong man? Reproduce and the strongest genes live on?
The strategy seems brutal, but it seems to offer women better survival
options that make sense on a biological level.
No woman appreciates a weak man. Women are always looking for
strength, whatever that concept means to them. They want a leader and
they want to be lead. In a world of weak men, women will do what it takes
to find a strong man, even if it means marginalizing, further weakening,
and even destroying her own weak men to find stronger men to mate with.
“Women encourage killers. They do it by falling in love with
warriors and heroes. Men know it and respond with enthusiasm ...
What have human females gone for in nearly every society and
time? “Courage” and “Bravery.” In short, violence.
“Family means no one left behind and no one is forgotten.’
y dad never had a father.
My dad was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1958
His father, my grandfather, was a young boy in 1942 when the Russians
invaded Finland.
Finland is a raw strip of land between two historically mighty empires:
Russia and Sweden. The Swedes dominated in the Dark Ages and up to the
Renaissance with fierce Viking raids and warriors pillaging all the nearby
lands, including Finland, to kill, plunder, and rape. They were
European barbarians who became rich through the spoils of war.
In the other direction were the Russians, another fierce group of warriors
who are always looking to add another piece of land to their border on the
Stalin and Hitler made a deal in World War II. Hitler would get Poland,
and Stalin would get Finland. And so, the fight was on. The Russians
invaded the Fins. The Fins had to defend their homeland from this
seemingly unstoppable Russian steamroller.
They called it a steamroller because Russia had so many people that they
would send two men into battle with only one rifle. When the first man
with the rifle got shot and died, the second man would grab the bullets he
was given, load up his dead comrade’s gun, and keep fighting. Such was
the Russian steamroller.
The Russians practiced quantity, and the Fins practiced quality. The Fins
fought back with highly skilled Finnish ski troops. White ghosts draped in
white sheets, gas masks, skis, and sniper rifles that would pick off scores
of Russian human fodder with bullets and grenades until they ran out of
ammo or got shot.
Finnish War hero Simo Hayha was celebrated around the world for being
the deadliest sniper in history—over 500 confirmed kills. Simo Hayha was
a farmer from the Finnish countryside, and he butchered Russian troops
with a steel sight, no scope, and snow in his mouth to hide his breath.
His nickname was the “white death,” and he brought the afterlife to any
Russian soldier who was unlucky enough to enter the steel sight of his
My dad’s father was a young boy at the time, 15 years old. His job was to
radio coordinates in the trenches, hop on a little rickety bicycle, and move
to the next position with a new message before the Russian artillery would
find his position and the bombs would start dropping.
As a young man, my grandfather saw a lot of horror—dead people, scores
of them—he saw misery, he saw atrocity, and he saw things that a 15-yearold boy should never see.
He developed post-traumatic stress disorder. At the time, the medicine for
that undiagnosed problem was alcohol. My dad’s father couldn’t sleep at
night, so he would drink until the demons went away.
He also ran a successful business after the war when he was older, and he
had a son—my father. The business my grandfather ran was a Finnish
foundry with 17 employees that made complex bronze statues and works
of art. The employees practiced metallurgy, chemistry, and other advanced
industrial technologies at the time. My grandfather was a brilliant man
when he was sober.
When he was drunk, he would come home and pick fights with my father,
who was only 12 at the time. My adolescent father would barricade his
door in the middle of the night to keep his drunk dad from breaking into
his room and beating him. My grandfather, as an alcoholic, had a slew of
broken promises made to my father. “III take you to the soccer game,” but
he never did. This was how my dad lived when he was 12. The drinking
started to get out of control.
One day, my grandfather had been drinking and driving and crashed his car
in the ditch by his home. The police came and my young 12-year-old dad
with his mom let my grandfather escape the cops before they arrived. The
cops looked at my 12-year-old dad for an explanation.
To defend his father, my dad said, “I was the one who crashed the car.”
The cops looked at my dad skeptically and said, “You drive better than
that.” They had nothing, no evidence, so my grandfather got off scot-free
for drinking and driving.
Eventually my father’s family dissolved. His father reached a point where
he would drink into oblivion. My father moved with his mother to
Stockholm, Sweden, in his teens and later to Yellowknife in Canada. They
followed my dad’s sister, a young 21-year-old, hot, Finnish trophy wife
who was married to a guy so old he could have married either my dad’s
sister or her mother, and no one would have blinked.
My dad later moved to Winnipeg, fell in love with my mother, and in
1986, I was born.
I had a great childhood, and my teen years were pretty good. In high
school things started to unravel, and when I was 17 my mother divorced
my father because he wasn’t doing his job as a man. He wasn’t providing
for himself, for the family, and I watched her humiliate him in the kitchen
of our marital home.
He was on his knees begging for a second chance. She towered over him, a
little 5’4” woman to his 6’2” frame bent on his knees like a prisoner
waiting to be executed, and she laughed at him.
In that moment
of laughter, two hearts were broken, his heart and my
I got to watch the destruction and betrayal of my father by his woman, his
wife; mother of his children; his bride.
He wasn’t producing, and like so many women in history, she
marginalized him, emasculated him. I think she had ideas that she could
get a better deal, a better guy. Maybe she thought she was still 18 and
smoking hot.
But those ideas never materialized. She was alone after she broke his
heart. Today she has a dog instead of a man. As Tony Robbins says, if you
want to fill your needs for love and connection but can’t communicate
well enough for a human—get a dog!
My heart also broke in that moment. I watched my ideal man, my father,
become smashed like a porcelain doll tossed onto cement. She smashed
him for me, right in front of my eyes, and there was nothing I could do to
stop it.
I was helpless in this moment. I didn’t want to see my father beg like a
slave. I didn’t want to see my mother stab my father in the back by
laughing at him in front of my face. But there was nothing I could do. It
was their struggle, it was between them, and it had nothing to do with me.
I remember acting tough about the divorce. I was 17, a man now, I told
myself. I had a hot blonde girlfriend. We had sex; men have sex. I drove a
car. I had little part-time jobs. I had work. I had money. I was a man.
I thought the divorce wouldn’t hurt me, but it hurt me more than I could
ever know. I thought divorce would be easier at 17 than if I had been 3 or
4. My conclusion about divorce from my firsthand experience is that there
is no good age. Whether you are 5 or 50, no matter what age you are, the
pain and the hurt are the same.
The reason why the hurt is the same is because you get to see your idols,
your perfect man and perfect woman, the base of your knowledge, become
destroyed and turn into demons right before your face. If one parent dies,
the survivor immortalizes the dead parent as a saint. My mother lost her
father fairly early in her life from an aneurism. He was an entrepreneur, a
salesman, who worked himself to an early death. He smoked, he drank, he
ate red meat, and he even cheated on his wife with her best friend.
His wife, my grandmother, forgave him, but never forgot.
He died before I was born. I never met him, but everything we heard about
my mother’s father was saint-like. We might as well have named him a
saint, because he was dead, and he was perfect, a spiritual ideal that was
never to be corrupted by the flaws of the physical realm. They say that the
spiritual realm is perfect, but the physical realm is flawed. When you die,
and become immortalized, you become perfect forever, immortalized in
the minds of your loved ones.
My father didn’t die. My mother executed him in front of my face, but she
didn’t kill him. Instead, she shattered the definition and idea of what it
means to be a man. I didn’t recover from this broken hole inside of me—
this gaping wound, this spiritual and emotional abyss—until cathartically
writing this book for you.
I wrote it for you, but in the process it helped heal some deep and mortal
wounds that were driving me to become addicted to sex with too many
women and rich foods that were killing me.
For 14 years those wounds stayed open, until the therapy of writing this
For 14 years my dad wandered this mortal plane wondering what to do
with himself next? Should he commit suicide? That was a real option he
shared with me in one dark moment. He lost his business in the divorce
and took a shitty job driving limos. He started to take pilot lessons and
told me once in a moment of misery that he frequently thought of crashing
the plane and killing himself.
He lost it all, everything that it meant to be a man. He lost his work, his
woman, his family, his ideals, his identity, his social position in a good
upper middle-class neighborhood with good friends. All smashed in an
My father wandered sideways for 14 years, spending more and more
money on pilot lessons until he was nearly $100,000 in credit card debt.
a new
a good
experienced a divorce of her own at nearly the same time. It was a miracle
that he met his new woman because she was nearly the exact same person
as my mother. She was a similar body type, similar age, also a teacher and
specifically a resource teacher. She had the same taste in home décor, an
offbeat eclectic taste that was chic yet rustic, and she had four grown
children of her own.
My father lost his first marriage because he could not fulfill his purpose of
work and produce for the family. My mother punished him for his inability
to be a man, and she was forced into the masculine role of becoming the
breadwinner, and it pissed her off because she wanted to be a feminine
stay-at-home mom like her mother.
Fourteen years later, my dad called me and told me that he might get
kicked out of his new woman’s house because he couldn’t pay his bills.
The pilot debt had caught up to him, at nearly $100,000, and under a
crippling 25% interest, my dad found himself in a bankruptcy position.
“Go bankrupt” I commanded him, an order. I was now 30, had my
economic life together, had become a success financially, and it hurt me to
watch my dad repeat the same mistake again 14 years later.
He never grappled with his purpose of being a man.
The demons
of his father’s PTSD
and the horrors of war that drove his
father to drink had transferred into my father.
My father, a child of an alcoholic, had so much emotional damage from
his youth, specifically when he was 12, that when the pressure was on,
rather than fight or flight, my dad became paralyzed and turned into a 12year-old boy who froze like a mannequin.
He learned to freeze when his dad was drunk and might hit him. If you
freeze, you might not get hit. If you move, the hit would come.
These demons had transferred from my grandfather, to my father, and now
to me. More than 50 years of pain and suffering from unresolved wounds
from war. When would the demons die?
“Live as if Your Father Were Dead
A man must love his father and yet be free of his father’s expectations and
criticisms in order to be a free man.”
My father showed up at my condo shortly after I told him to go bankrupt,
and he had a pathetic resumé with him. He was like a dog with his tail
between his legs, and it was extremely painful to watch. I suddenly
became the father to my father and had to show him what employers
He wanted to work for me in real estate. At that time I had a company with
nearly 10 employees, and I felt bad for him, so I invited him to a
negotiation seminar I was putting on and later hired him in my real estate
acquisition team buying real estate at 40-60 cents on the dollar.
My dad was the 44" best negotiator at the class out of 46 negotiators; the
two who scored lower than my dad in the tournament left early and didn’t
complete the seminar. My dad was the absolute omega male in the room,
the lowest chicken in the pecking order.
I reluctantly hired my father and placed him under my senior managing
partner, instructing my partner to “fire him if he sucks.”
I looked my dad in the eye and said, “I will fire you if you suck, so you
have to do your job.”
My dad learned how to call real estate people and pick the bones of the
market for little morsels of meat.
I treated him like any entry level acquisitions salesperson, paid him a $0
salary and put him on straight commission, barked at him like a dog, and
swore at him when he wasted my time or brought junk deals to my desk. I
was initiating him into the all-male masculinity of the gang, my gang that
had carved out survival and existence on the frontier for years. My gang
had no place for weak men on the frontlines. You hunted, you killed, you
ate what you killed. If you didn’t kill, you didn’t eat. Such is the law of the
Finally, after 6 weeks of calling and nose-down-ass-up work ethic, my
father landed 3 real estate deals in one week.
He was earning his keep, he was doing his work, and he was earning the
trust of the tribe and the trust of his woman again.
My father was on the road to recovery and becoming a man and taking
responsibility for his life.
My father never had a father. He never had someone to teach him the hard
lessons and the ways of men. My father was never initiated into the gang
and brutally abused during the initiation as men are.
The holes that sunk my father in his marriage came from the holes that his
father had stabbed into his heart and spirit at age 12. The holes never
healed, and my dad was wounded, as if he had a physical disability. But it
wasn’t physical; it was an emotional, mental, and spiritual disability, much
more fatal to a man’s survival.
The holes in my father transferred to me when I watched him beg like a
slave in front of my mother. My idea of what it meant to be a man was
completely obliterated and until writing this book 14 years later, I had
wounds, holes, and demons that haunted me every day.
By writing this book and fixing my broken definition of what it means to
be a man, I am slowly closing the holes, and the bleeding is starting to
I have ironically become the father to my father, his mentor, his strong
man to show him how to succeed and make his way in the world against
the hostile forces of the frontier.
It’s backwards, but I’m okay with it.
You can teach an old dog new tricks, and redemption is always available as
long as you are alive.
I get to work with my father every day and study him and study what it
takes to be a man. I have to be the leader of the tribe—lead with masculine
energy and sometimes be violent in my actions and decisions.
I am a good man but not a nice man.
My father was a nice man, but not good at being a man.
I am roughing him up on the front lines of the frontier. He will get some
cuts, scrapes, and bruises, but he will live. It’s part of his masculine gang
I will shape him through my gang culture to show him how to be good at
his work, to earn the trust of the tribe, earn the trust of himself, and earn
the trust of his woman again. He was broken, and I am doing the work of
fathering him, loving him as his father should have, and teaching him the
lessons his father never taught him before the demons and darkness
consumed him and dragged him into the abyss.
Some people ask if I am ashamed to be fathering my father.
I am not ashamed at all; it’s a privilege and an honor to serve him as he
served me when I was young. The things he couldn’t teach me, I can teach
him, and I love him no matter how good or bad of a man he chooses to
He will become strong in my gang, in my culture. On the frontiers of
survival there is no room for weakness. He will either live or die by virtue
of his skills, his work, his effort, and his commitment to his purpose. He
will have to fight back the elements, the land, and gain ground in the
jungle to survive.
“If he sucks, just fire him,” is the policy on the front lines.
In the trenches, it’s, “If he runs from battle, just shoot him in the back.”
The tribe cannot afford a man who cannot do his job; this is the way of
gang, this is the way of the tribe, this is the way of men.
When my father showed up on my doorstep looking for a job, he was a
rough lump of coal.
I took that coal and have applied heat and pressure ...
One day, if he sticks to the honorable path of his work and his purpose,
learns what it takes to become a man and own his problems, he will
transform into a diamond.
It’s never too late for redemption.
“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat
than in his own soul.”
D ear Reader:
I write this book without ego.
This book was explicitly not written for me, or my pleasure. It was written
out of pure necessity, the mother of all invention, to save the weak young
men around me.
Upon some introspection, writing this book “hard times create strong
men” has, in a way, replaced what an ancient boy-to-man ritual would have
done for me if I had grown up in a culture of men and lived on the
frontiers of survival.
In several cultures around the world, the young boy is taken from his
mother by the men of the tribe when he is 12 or so, and taught how to be a
man. At some point, they might put him in the wilderness alone with no
food, no water, very little tools, and he must survive.
The question: What does it mean to be a man came into my mind at age 17
through experiencing my parents’ divorce. To see my father begging on his
knees, crying, and asking my mother for a second chance and her laughing
at him, shattered my father as an ideal man in my mind forever. The truth
became apparent. My father was mortal, not perfect, and not a godlike
being I thought him to be. He didn’t have the answers. He just did his best,
and sometimes he failed—his best wasn’t enough.
He was flawed, he was imperfect—such is the life of being a man.
A lot of my ongoing emotional pain, spiritual pain, mental pain, and
physical pain from that moment lasted for 14 years and has been traced
back to my shattered definitions of what a man truly 1s.
My perfect father was no longer perfect; my mother destroyed him in front
of my eyes, and I was unable to redefine what it means to be a man against
the confusing backdrop and noise of society’s ideas of “what a man ought
to be.” There is a huge difference between what ideals will say “he ought
to be” and “what a man truly is and what it means to be a man.”
In real life, there is no “should” or “ought to be.” There only is what exists
in front of our faces, staring back at us as we examine it.
My pain was coming from my avoidance to examine my definition of what
it means to be a man and examine myself against that definition and judge
my actions and choices according to that code.
At age 23, I was lost and reading The Game by Neil Strauss, trying to fill a
hole inside of myself and trying to weakly answer, “what does it mean to
be a man?” But really, I was a horny young man and just “wanted to get
women into bed” without looking at my own interior problems of the
mind, spirit, and emotions. My definition of a man was shattered at the
time and ill-defined. I bedded many women, I got what The Game
promised me, but I also was left with too many girlfriends, too much sex,
which also led to the women hating me when I didn’t move on to a
relationship with them. Eventually, I found myself facing a spiritual
bankruptcy and a darkness inside of me that I avoided for years.
The hole inside my heart turned out to be a gaping spiritual abyss. I
became engulfed by a blackness and a nothingness. I would spend hours
staring into a computer screens late at night, at 3 a.m. on video games,
dating or pornography websites, struggling to find God like the man in the
bar, staring into his beer; or the man in the casino who stares into the slot
machine hoping to catch a glimpse of God the divine creator.
What I found and what all men find in their addictions and false hopes to
find God in all the wrong places is that there is nothing. Man can only find
the blackness of the abyss in his addictions.
“Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At
that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him
out of the abyss.”
As I write this letter to you on January 29, 2018, only 19 short days ago, I
was fasting on just water, no food, no supplements, in the middle of the
jungle in Costa Rica, literally in the middle of nowhere with no cell
reception, practically no internet, and surrounded by jungle, farms, and
wild beasts. Just myself in my robe, as Marcus Aurelius the great Roman
Emperor must have sat. Like Aurelius in his book Meditations, I too was
alone with my thoughts, my demons, my fears, my weaknesses, and my
Eighteen days of water, no food, and self-inflicted stoic hardship that most
men would never subjugate themselves to was, in retrospect, extremely
important for my life and character development.
I had chosen to fast for health reasons. I gave up seeing doctors years ago,
and instead I prefer to go on a long fast in the winter to clean my body,
and, as I have discovered along the way, my mind, emotions, and soul
became clean as well.
When you starve your weakness in the jungle, you starve your demons and
addictions too. Through sin we become pure, and if you starve the demons
long enough, the demons will die and you shall live. You will become a
pure man with a clean mind, body, soul, and spirit to see the world cleanly
in the way that it truly is; and not warped by your demons, your pain, your
suffering, your fears, your addictions, or your mind-altering substances.
While fasting in the jungle this second time (last year I had fasted for 30
days on water in the jungle), I had a spiritual awakening. One of the
messages that came to me from the divine power of infinite intelligence,
aka God, was “do less,” so this year
I am committed to “doing less.” I
have canceled complex plans that were not important to me as I found
upon true examination, I stopped calling my eight girlfriends I had in
December prior to my fast, and they stopped calling me.
In the space I created for my mind that I have created from “doing less,” I
have written two books in the last 30 days, produced just over 200,000
words of writing (the average novel is 50,000 words), and I am doing my
work as though it were my divine duty and my words are channeling
directly from God himself as my demons have been starved and my mind
is clean to be a conduit for true thought.
This Book Was Created out of Necessity, the Mother of
Writing this book has replaced the boy-to-man rituals that other cultures
used in the past, such as forcing the boy in the wilderness to survive or fast
alone in the elements. I was fasting 18 days in the jungle this year, and I
started writing this book on January 18, 2018, only 11 days ago; it is a
massive work, my magnum opus and over 150,000 words, and
approximately the size of 3 books that would normally be 50,000 words.
But my spiritual awakening and commitment to “doing less” have brought
me the ability to see the truth more clearly and do more of the work
required of me.
When my young male employees said, “You’re mean,” and began to whine
like boys in the bodies of men, something triggered in me, and this book
was written in almost the same way Mozart wrote his music, blazingly fast
and with almost no revisions.
The question “What does it take to be a man?” has been eating my soul for
the last 14 years. At times it seemed as if I was possessed by an evil
demon, and in the last 11 days, I have woken up every morning and fought
that demon and stayed up some nights well past midnight until dawn at 6
a.m. fighting, grappling, and slaying the demon.
Like the boy in the wilderness who is fasting might encounter a wolf and
be forced to fight and kill it until the boy dies or the wolf dies, I have been
fighting the demons within every day until the demons die and I live as a
stronger man than I was before.
If the boy kills the wolf in the woods and survives to find himself, he gets
to come home and be a man and be a part of his tribe.
Slaying the demons in this book have brought a clarity and peace to my
mind that were not there before, and knowing that my clarity can help
other men see the things they could not before closes the spiritual hole that
I have had in my heart for quite some time. Service and duty are man’s
higher purpose. I am happy to have served you in the pages of this book
and wish to continue to be of service to you if I can.
"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your
Writing this book has indeed been a spiritual process. There are hard
questions in this book that I have attempted to answer as best I can. I know
that some of my answers will be strong, and some will be weak. But I am
like any man; I am imperfect, and I am flawed.
Like any man, I do what I can with the tools I have at the time.
I do my work—whatever work is required of me—and I earn the trust of
my tribe by getting them what they need to survive.
It has been an honor to lead you through this book, and I hope you have
been challenged and have benefitted from watching me slay my demons
on the pages of this book, and perhaps you have slain some of your own by
reading my work.
If this is the case, you have become a stronger man in the process.
The boy in the forest would become a man in a matter of days or weeks.
This process of catharsis and spiritual demon slaying has taken me 14
years, from age 17 until 31, going on 32, for me. The revelations in this
book have come quickly over a matter of 11 days, like the boy in the forest
with the wolf might experience, but it might have taken the boy 14 years
to enter the forest.
It took me 14 years to enter my spiritual battleground to fix the wounds
inside of myself and begin to wage war on the spiritual demons that were
lurking inside of me.
I hope this book can help you slay your demons and fill any holes you
might have carried inside of yourself, especially around the question:
“What does it take to be a man?”
So, the questions have been answered, and the demons have been slain.
What can you do now to apply this book to your life?
Be the man who lives his purpose, does his work, and is always striving
for his potential.
Reach out to me any time you need me. You may email me at my office at
support@stefanaarnio.com, or you may phone the office at 204-285-9882.
My assistant will connect you with me.
This is my fifth book I have written, and by the end of this year, 2018, I
will have eight total official publications in print. Each one of my
publications has been to enhance my business of consulting others in real
estate or business coaching. They are simple tools made for other men so
they may do their work better. If I can help you do your work better, that
would be good for both of us.
But this book as of today has no “backend.” I have nothing to sell you. I
have no course on “how to be a man,” although that may come if I get
enough requests from men and women wanting firsthand training on the
ideas in this book. It happened before in history. I wrote a book and ended
up with an accidental training business that turned into a surprise success.
When I started writing books, I wrote a little book called Money People
Deal: The Fastest Way to Real Estate Wealth and self-published it. It
raised roughly $5,000,000 of working capital for my real estate investment
company in one year and also accidentally spawned a real estate coaching
and consulting company that has since done millions of dollars of
Mostly men have followed my work as they wish to fulfill their divine
purpose as men and do their work; 88% of my audience as of today 1s men,
12% are women who are typically forced into the masculine role of
moneymaking through hardship: divorce, loss of spouse, or forced to be
the breadwinner. I have had thousands of people reach out to me over the
years for mentorship in real estate and business. I could envision a similar
thing happening in the “how to be a man” space if this book resonates with
enough hearts and minds as “money people deal” did for men wanting to
make money and do the work.
But as I said in the beginning:
I write this book with no ego.
This book is not about me, it’s about you:
What comes of it, comes of it.
My benefit in writing this book has been the catharsis and slaying of
demons that should have instructed by my father, my original mentor, 14
years ago, but he was ill equipped to bring me from boyhood into
Other men in my supertribe, other books, and my own spiritual awakening
while fasting in the jungle have brought me the answers I have needed to
bring myself spiritual maturity and inner peace.
You may contact me at any time, and I will see if I can help you.
No guarantees.
I’m not sure if I can help you directly or not, but I will try if you reach out.
I understand what it’s like to struggle in life as a self-made man and to
struggle with the questions in this book, as I have struggled in the hardest
ways with the main question and the source of my pain for a long time:
“What does it mean to be a man?”
If you want to see the future, just look at the past.
This book might have begun on my hard drive as an emotional rant about
bitchy little man-boys who weren’t doing their work, but as I began to
inject it with sources and examples of history, it began to thicken into a
nourishing rational soup—a solid argument backed up on rational thought,
not emotions.
The past holds all the clues of what will happen next in the cycles of
I fear for the future because I have seen the violence—the atrocities that
man has committed in the past—by studying the pages of history. Through
my studies, I can see that inevitably hard times are coming for us in the
Western world.
We are Rome, and the barbarians are literally at the gates. We are weak,
cannot even identify these barbarians as a threat, and like every other
empire in history, we will likely fall to the barbarians because of our own
blindness from too many years of Good Times Creating Weak Men.
I believe the hard times will officially start in 2020, perhaps with a war or
major currency or oil crisis. We may not have a bloody war, but we are
living in an economic war today. The 20 years that follow 2020-2040 could
indeed be the hardest of times seen in the Western world, and the men of
my generation may be forced to man up and become strong men like in the
past, or perhaps we may, as men, become killed, wiped out, or thrown to
the side and completely marginalized.
We might have a violent war, and conscription could come back. It has
been roughly 80 years since World War II, and as the pages of history have
taught us over and over again, by the times an event is 80 years in the past,
we are bound to repeat it because as a species, the human race, has
amnesia and can’t remember the horrors we lived through only a short 80
years ago.
Such is the premise of this book, Hard Times Create Strong Men.
What?’s Next for You?
What you must do now ts focus on being the best man you can be. Do your
work, whatever kind of work that is required of you, to earn the trust and
respect of your tribe and your women. You must then pursue your potential
as it pertains to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.
The Western world needs strong men
preparation for the hard times coming.
right now
to be leaders
Do your duty—that is what it means to be a man:
“Everything, a horse, a vine, is created for some duty. For what
task, then, were you yourself created? A man’s true delight is to do
the things he was made for.”
As a man, you have a duty to yourself, a duty to your tribe, a duty to your
woman, a duty to your children. The word duty is purposely kept vague
because men serve a variety of jobs, and depending on what your tribe
needs of you, you must serve.
Marcus Aurelius was the man who ruled Rome at its height of power and
spent his last days on the frontier, leading his troops and fighting the
Germanic barbarians, as was his duty at the time. His book Meditations
has been a powerful book on leadership throughout history, since he died
in his 50s at the peak of the Roman Empire. Such was the wisdom he left
behind on how to be a man that his thoughts are still wildly popular today
through his books, and leaders from around the world seek to emulate him
in business, the military, and in life.
Look to Marcus Aurelius to understand the world, the demons, and the
barbarians around you.
Marcus Aurelius was just a man, no different than you and I, but he was
the leader and emperor of the world’s superpower at the time. Her studied
Aristotle and tested and trained his mind and philosophies to be a sound
and just ruler. You must do the same:
train your mind, body, soul, and
emotions to reach your potential and be a good and just ruler of your
domain. Use your power for good, no matter how large or small your
power is.
Choose wisely because the things you do today compound upon
themselves and vastly affect the results you get tomorrow in bigger and
stronger ways you can ever imagine.
Choose to become a Strong Man, like Marcus Aurelius in his time, a stoic,
a leader of his people, a master of his domain, and a man that other men
would die for and who men throughout history have wished to be.
Choose wisely what you do with your time and your actions, choose
strength over weakness, because your choices today determine your future
in bigger ways than you could ever imagine, for;
“What we do now echoes in eternity.”
You are self-made and you are on a journey. I salute you in the pursuit of
your highest and greatest self.
Respect the Grind,
Stefan Aarnio
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