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Section Ⅰ 知能演练轻松闯关

Ⅰ 品句填词
1.Bill wiped the tears from his face and
(道歉) to another boy.
2.When the runners got close to the finishing line, we all held our
3.When it is boiled, water changes into
4.The ship
(沉入) to the bottom of the river because of bad weather.
5.Be grateful to those who have scolded you, as they reminded you of your
6.Both sides met in order to try to
(解决) their differences.
7.As we all know, Chairman Mao was an expert in military
8.When crossing the street, you should pay attention to the traffic
9.The sheep had got out and were
(不受约束的) on the road.
10.The news shocked the public, leading to great
(担心) about students’ safety at school.
Ⅱ 完成句子
We are glad to do what we can do
Although I failed in this exam, I do not want to
in future.
When you feel nervous, it is good for you to
to get relaxed.
The speaker raised his voice in order to
“I don’t think
that the TV blew up. I just turned it on. That’s all,” said the boy.
Ⅲ 课文语法填空
Ben is a basketball fan but now he is in 1. total mess now. After losing a basketball match,
he thought the team 2
(let) down by one member and told a close friend what he thought.
To his sorrow, the friend shared his 3
(disappoint) with others. Now Ben is turning
Agony Aunt for help. Agony Aunt shared an old saying: “Loose lips sink ships.” She asked
Ben 5.
one of the 7
(apologise) to his teammate first 6
talk to his friend because friendship is
(great) things in the world. And most 8
think about his own behavior. 9.
(fill) with anger, we tend to speak out our minds quickly
without thinking clearly. Agony Aunt suggested Ben raise his 10.
(important), Ben should
(concern)with his team
Ⅰ 单句语法填空
1 . Knowing that the little girl didn’t come to school, I can’t help
(wonder) what
happened to her.
2.He made an
(apologise) to me for his rudeness.
3.People are concerned about the quality of the air they
4.Please forgive me for saying that; I just needed to let
5.He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them
(interest) in his
6.Can you help me
with my maths problem? I really don’t know how to work it
7.The professor wants to find an assistant who is worth depending on and won’t let him
8.He is such a man who is always finding fault
9.Mother reserved her complaint about my
10.More and more people
other people.
(mess) room until my friend left.
(concern) about the traffic safety now.
Ⅱ 完成句子
Don’t worry. I will
For most people, it’s almost impossible to operate a computer without a mouse,
surf the
being late for class.
After the whole morning, we arrived at the top of the mountain eventually and we were
to listen while Mr. Smith announced the results of the exam.