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Affidavit-of-Support Sample

I, ARNOLD L. NARVAZA, of legal age, a Filipino citizen, residing at 1656 Bambang Street
Sta Cruz Manila, Philippines, after being sworn to in accordance with law, hereby depose
and state:
1. I am the brother of DONNA AIZA L. NARVAZA with her intent to travel in Canada
for her schooling/studying and has an application for a student visa with the
Canadian Embassy;
2. She will be studying in Bachelor of Business Administration-Marketing Management
at Acsenda School of Management in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
commencing on January 08, 2024 until December 23, 2027 and will be staying for
the duration of her program;
3. I am financially capable of supporting her finances and I am willing to give her
access to all my personal funds to support her schooling expenses, as well as all
other unforeseen expenses which my sister may incur during her entire stay abroad,
if she will be granted a student permit;
4. The financial support that I will provide will come from my salary and from my
savings account. Along with this Affidavit, I hereby attached my Contract of
Employment, Passport, Seaman’s Book and a Bank Certificate issued by BDO
Unibank Inc.-SM Makati Branch which will support my affirmation and declaration to
my sister.
5. I guarantee that she will not be staying in the said country for the period longer than
the days allowed by the Immigration authorities.
Arnold L. Narvaza