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BSTM 602
Philippine Popular Culture
Directions: Read and analyze on article 06 Handout 2. Afterward, answer the following question in at least
three (3) to five (5) sentences (3 items x 15 points)
1. Based on your understanding, what does the article imply about popular psychology?
According to what I understand, the popular psychology article suggests that rather than relying
on hearsay or stories about one's own experiences to foster empathy, Filipinos should be more
open to science-based information. When it comes to topics like mental health, our worldview,
and our way of life, we should always use reason so that pop psychology does not take advantage
of these problems to further their own interests. The article also claims that there is a false
antidote, and that truth and actuality are distinct.
2. Do you think popular psychology has advantages and disadvantages? What are those? Explain.
Popular psychology has benefits, such as making people believe they can be better parents,
partners, and leaders. It provides helpful advice and seeks to lessen pain. While the drawback
promotes the dissemination of bogus figures. This may manifest as a widespread
misunderstanding or misrepresentation of data or even the fabrication of statistical myths.
3. Reflect on the article and cite examples of popular psychology you have seen online. Share your
opinion about them.
One of the examples of populat psychology is that they said some people are left brained, and
some are right brainded. There is a popular misconception that logical and analytical people are
left-brain dominant, while the creative and intuitive are right-brain dominant. Although the left
and right brain do have preferred activities they undertake, it does not mean our general
personality is also right or left brain-dominant. For example, the entire brain needs to be employed
for a simple activity of story-telling, which is a combination of creative thinking as well as language
abilities. All parts of the brain interact and work seamlessly to create the experience we call