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Jobs & Gates

Comparative Essay about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
Steve Jobs and Bill gates both revolutionized the technology and business for the
past 25 years and they are different in their approaches in innovating products. It is
an interesting work to find out the common factors between these two iconic
personalities. While Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two very different
businesspersons, they have more in common than what it appears to be.
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are to college dropouts they focused more in one single
passion of developing an idea. Victor Hugo was right when he said that “There is no
greater for than an idea whose time has come” These two young innovators are
destined to conquer the world in the same way but different business direction.
Steve Jobs would start Apple company. He was the founder of this billion-dollar
business together with his friend. They stared a computer hardware that’s going to
be popular in the right time. Bill Gates was also developing a computer Operation
system for Microsoft and this system for personal computer would dominate the
market. There was no direct competition here but just two ordinary guys who were
so hard to make a name for them. They both have great visions and these would
guide the work that they were doing to greater heights and impact. Jobs was a very
patient person, he was involved with the designing and developing products
because he knew from the start what he wanted. Gates saw a great financial
opportunities in being the sole distributor of computer operating system in the
whole world. These two businessmen were also destined to be billionaires in just a
matter of time.
Steve Jobs had a set back in his plans. He was fired at Microsoft for a short period of
time but he managed to comeback and he quickly helped apple to be the leading
company in the US. Bill Gated had his share of failures, too. There were the business
rivals who wanted to replicate his business and there are some groups who wanted
to offer services to the public for free. Open source applications were becoming
popular, like Linux for example.
Steve Jobs came back to office and continued where he left off. Bill Gates was really
bent on developing Microsoft Windows OS. The rest is history.
Jobs revolutionized the music player, personal computer, tablet and smartphone.
The IPhone was the center piece or like the flagship of Apple after the Macbook
computers. Microsoft was like a monopoly, everybody was using windows for
personal computing. You need to use Windows because everybody is using it.
Steve Jobs and Bill gates are products of their own generations and the same life
events had molded them into great innovators in business and technology just like
Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alba Edison. The shared philosophies they implemented in
their work had created benchmarks for business and the advanced world. These two
inventors and industrialist were the same on so many aspects but their influences
are not easy to measure. Time will tell the magnitude of their contribution to our
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