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Key #1
Maybe you thought coming into this that you we’re going to find “ninja tricks” to
succeed without effort. You came to the wrong place.
People get so caught up in the little nuances of their plans that they let perfection get
in the way of progress. We've seen it too many times before: people worry about which
supplements to take or the timing of their meals down to the exact minute. Once
something goes slightly 'wrong' (like a missed workout or unplanned meal), they
become distraught and completely abandon the plan.
This "all or nothing" mentality doesn't work because it's too unrealistic and rigid for
life's unpredictability. Rather than obsess over perfection or let conditions control you,
DECIDE to learn from the mistakes and consistently take steps towards your goal.
Remember, it's better to execute your plan imperfectly then risk not doing it at all. So
when in doubt, aim to "get it right" at least 80-90% of the time, and you will always
notice progress.
Progression over perfection!
Key #2
There will be birthdays, holidays, travel plans. That’s LIFE. And we advise
you to live it. Sometimes you can’t control what’s being served at events,
restaurants, etc.
But you CAN control what you consume. Plan around or plan ahead by
preparing your own meals or choosing items that serve your goals.
These are the same measures that avoid the hunger influenced decisions
that are easy to make on the go. The simple decision is always to pack
your own food and snacks with you.
Stressing about what you can’t control doesn’t change a thing. But taking
control of whatever you can is a great way to set yourself up to win!
Key #3
We absolutely love big goals. Firm believers that without a
challenging & inspiring enough goal you have every excuse to stay
where you’re at.
In order to build momentum and succeed you must set smaller,
reasonable goals that are within reach. Stacking these on top of
eachother is what really gets you to believe in the greater outcome. By
building confidence in fulfilling the small promises you make to
yourself repeatedly!
Key #4
Ensure that we’re in it for the right reasons.
We understand that this journey is very much for you. And is a means of
being selfish for personal growth. But in most cases it’s also a matter of
setting a good example for your kids, being healthy for your future, or even
These are all great & healthy reasons! But if you’re doing it just because
you we’re told to, or just because you want to look like someone, you may
want to dig deeper. This is a motivation that won’t last.
Why is this REALLY important..
Key #5
Desire only lasts so long. It’s a temporary emotional state. Understanding
what it is you VALUE (refer to #4 again) is what creates lasting change.
When desire fades after a few weeks it will be tempting to fall back into
old habits. Stay true to your values and the decisions will be made for you.
Giving up will no longer be an option.
There will be days where you don’t feel like it. Many of them. Leave ZERO
option on the table to not execute. Discipline will carry you in becoming
Key #6
It is human to make mistakes. In fact, it is our gifts as humans to honor our
imperfections, learn from them, and adapt.
Rather than let one failure be your reason to give up. View it as a result, a
result to shift your decision making moving forward.
Those are the decisions that make the difference.
KEY #7
Reaching your goals believe it or not is the easy part. The “end goal” is clear, within reach, and in sight.
MAINTAINING the results afterwards is much more difficult. That’s why we spend so much time with our people educating them on maintenance.
And what to be prepared for AFTER the goal is achieved.
Now that we’re here it’s like “now what”. After achieving your goals you will most likely learn that it was the process that you fell in love with more
than anything.
But what’s the process look like now? This is your chance to refuel, recharge, and re-align.
We want long term, sustainable results. That we can carry into our newfound lifestyle. Quick fixes & fads never last.
Below is the transition from a cut into a lean gaining phase (left was first day with Beyond Built)
Look at your body like a car.
No matter what fuel you put in. It's not going to run without the engine it's not going to run.
Everyone wants better shape, definition, & tone.
That is a byproduct of muscle tissue. And muscle tissue is a byproduct of getting better in the gym.
Nutrition supplements your ability to perform at a high level.
And when the attention & focus is on how you can improve with training, the rest will follow!