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Computer Architecture and Design Outline

Computer Architecture
Name: Mrs. Mariam Farhan
Title: Lecturer in Computer Science and Diploma Information Technology Department.
Email: mariamumin89@gmail.com
Credit Hours: 3H (Theory)
Lecture Room: Sunday 08:45 a.m. & Wednesday 10:00 a.m.
The Computer Architecture course aims to describe a broad range of architectural designs and to
contrast them, highlighting the design decisions they incorporate, and how these design decisions
impact program performance.
Course Objectives
To learn the basic structure and operations of a computer.
To learn the arithmetic and logic unit and implementation of fixed-point and floatingpoint arithmetic unit.
To learn the basics of pipelined execution.
To understand parallelism and multi-core processors.
To understand the memory hierarchies, cache memories and virtual memories.
To learn the different ways of communication with I/O devices.
Students who have not taken Digital Systems will need to do additional background reading on
combinational digital logic and basic programming.
• Chapter 1: Introduction Basic computer
• Chapter 2: Computer Evolution and Performance: The Von Neumann Architecture
• Chapter 3: Inside the CPU
• Chapter 4: The Memory System
• Chapter 5: Basic Input/Output
• Chapter 6: Pipelining
• Chapter 7: Operating System Support.
• Chapter 8: Embedded System
• Chapter 9: Computer Architecture
On Completion of the course, the students should be able to:
• Understand the basics structure of computers, operations and instructions.
• Design arithmetic and logic unit.
• Understand pipelined execution and design control unit.
• Understand parallel processing architectures.
Understand the various memory systems and I/O communication.
Class Policy
A student must reach the class-room in time. Late comers may join the class but are not
entitled to be marked present.
Attendance shall be marked at the start of the class and students failing to secure 75%
attendance will not be allowed to sit in final exam.
The assignment submission deadline must be observed. In case of late submission,
assignment will not be considered.
Must be on your own (assignments will be done individually)
Those who are absent on the announcement date of assignment/test. Must get the
topic/chapter of test/assignment confirmed through their peers.
Mobile phones must be switched-off in the class-rooms.
It is your responsibility!
• Check special announcements in lectures (i.e. quizzes, assignments, exercises,
• Attend lectures
• Read textbook
• Submit Assignments, and attends quizzes, exam
Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance, by William
Stallings 8th Edition, Prentice Hall.
Computer Organization and Embedded Systems by C Hamacher …, 6th Edition 2012
Recommended Website
Student Evaluation: Grading Policy
50% - Final Exam
30% - CAT exam
15% - Quizzes and Assignments
5% - Attendance