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#13907 Data Visualization

Data Visualization
Data perception is the aspect of using graphics to enhance a better understanding of the
information being displayed. The visualization tools use charts and maps to enable the users of
the contents to understand the data within a short time, hence being able to analyze it. The
essential elements of data visualization include charts. The charts use symbols that represent vast
amounts of data in a simplified manner. The charts come in different variations, including bar,
pie, bubble charts, and others. Maps are also a key component in visualization aid in giving a
better deeper insight into the data that is related to the topography. By using maps, it will be
much easier to understand geology. Maps are more helpful in traveling to new places, aiding in
getting the right directions because the geography is displayed much better.
The fulcrum table is an essential element in data visualization. The table showed large
volumes of data in a simplified manner that is easy to analyze. The data is placed together based
on their similarities in a summarized form. The data is displayed in rows and columns; hence
much easier to understand. The table is essential when dealing with significant numbers of digits.
A word cloud is used to represent data that exists in the form of texts. The words are made
unique hence easy to read and understand with the use of special font sizes and colors. From the
course, I hope to get a better understanding of data visualization, enabling it in different fields
and being that the visualization aspects aid in a better understanding of data in a summarized
form. By learning the course, I will be able to apply the visualization aspect and be more
productive and innovative soon.
Kirk, A. (2019). Data visualisation: A handbook for data driven design. SAGE Publications.