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Keynote Upper-int MC Test

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Read the text and choose the word (A–D) which best fits each gap. The first one is done
for you.
Finding a job
As a new graduate, you’ve achieved your (0) A qualifications and are full of enthusiasm about
starting work. You’re hoping to (1) ____ a great salary and work decent hours for a company which
has state-of-the-art technology and a fantastic location in the centre of town. You’re hoping for job
(2) ____ and are pretty confident that employment (3) ____ are good.
The reality for many new graduates is somewhat different. Many young people start out in jobs
unrelated to their degree for the sake of getting some professional (4) ____ . Some may have already
worked in part-time jobs while studying, either to save up or support themselves through university.
Such jobs include working as sales (5) ____ in clothing stores, or other customer (6) ____ jobs in fastfood outlets or for tele-marketing companies to increase their range of workplace (7) ____ . While
these may not be your ideal job, having any kind of position will automatically make you more
Many (8) ____ of employment have openings for young people with little or no experience, and this
can be invaluable for new graduates. Working as a carer, for example, may not be your personal
(9) ____ , but by demonstrating a desire to learn and showing (10) ____ to a job, no matter what level
it is, will prove to potential employers in fields that you really do want to work in that you’re perfect for
your dream job.
A academic
B education
C student
D learning
A deserve
B collect
C save
D earn
A security
B certainty
C safety
D guarantee
A roles
B opportunities
C circumstances
D occasions
A background
B history
C experience
D tradition
A companions
B assistants
C colleagues
D attendants
A help
B supply
C duty
D service
A talents
B techniques
C skills
D capacities
A areas
B departments
C parts
D sections
A object
B goal
C end
D result
A promise
B obligation
C responsibility
D commitment
Marks (out of 10): ________
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Read the text. Use the correct form of the word given in CAPITAL LETTERS at the end of
some of the lines to fill the gap in the same line. The first one is done for you.
What is success?
For many people, being (0)
means being rich, and not acquiring
a high salary and a wealth of material possessions can lead to feelings of
(11) __________ . In order to be happy, some people believe, you’ve got to have
financial (12) __________ . In other words, have money, and lots of it. However,
this theory doesn’t account either for those who report being rich but unhappy,
or for those who have little money but are content with their lives. In fact,
studies show that constantly striving for more results in people feeling stressed
and unfulfilled. So, if money isn’t the key to (13) __________ , what is?
Ben Richards, who for 15 years worked as a web developer, found himself
feeling tired and grumpy at the end of each day, with little (14) __________ to play
with his kids, preferring instead to sit on the sofa watching TV. ‘My job was
challenging,’ he says. ‘The hours were long, and the work could be repetitive
and dull.’ Despite his feelings, Ben was good at his job, and the company
asked him to take on a more (15) __________ role in management. ‘That’s when
I started thinking about a change of career,’ says Ben. ‘I didn’t have any
(16) __________ to become a manager.’ So, instead of accepting the position, Ben
started looking for a new way to make a living. ‘I’d always been (17) __________
about helping others, and wondered whether I could combine this with my
love of writing and interest in health. I’d always fancied doing something a
bit more (18) __________ , so I resigned from my job and set up as a freelance
writer, producing articles about well-being online. I soon became (19) __________
to my new role, providing advice for readers and being (20) __________ in a
different way. I don’t earn as much now but I’m nowhere near as stressed,’ he says.
‘I’m still helping others, and I have much more time to spend with my family.’
Ben’s story sums up what it really means to achieve success: doing a job
you love, helping people, and spending time with loved ones
Marks (out of 10): ________
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Complete the text with a suitable word in each gap. Use only one word in each gap. In
some cases, more than one word is possible. The first one is done for you.
The pros and cons of social networking
People who are always connected certainly understand the benefits of social networking. Firstly, it’s
fast. Your messages reach the recipient within seconds. (0) If / When you’re planning a party, you
can ask all your friends along in a mass invitation, without entering into the laborious task of
contacting them one by one. You can succeed (21) __________ finding like-minded people around
the globe, who you might otherwise never (22) __________ met, quickly and easily, providing the
opportunity to discuss common interests. You can use your own page to raise awareness of current
issues, or (23) __________ made aware of what’s happening in the world by your online friends. You
can share photos, keep in touch with people, find long-lost friends, and learn about things you never
knew existed. Inspiring status updates might even help someone who (24) __________ going through
a tough time.
There are, of course, downsides to being permanently online. Whereas people (25) __________ once
have picked up the phone or visited someone for a chat, research indicates that there is a reduction in
face-to-face contact, which results in social isolation. Being constantly in touch might make us think
we (26) __________ more connected to the world, but the reality is that we’re spending less time with
other people, not more. There are also psychological drawbacks. It can seem as though everyone’s
having a better time than us, when in reality, many online posts probably stretch the truth. A friend
might boast that they’re (27) __________ to go to the party of the year, when in all likelihood, it
(28) __________ be any better than the last one you all went to.
It has also (29) __________ demonstrated that use of social networking sites can create personality
and brain disorders in young people, and even for adults, seeing other people apparently doing and
acquiring things we’d like for ourselves can be depressing. Switching between multiple pages can
lead to us (30) __________ a short attention span, and we can also become self-centred, thinking
only about meeting our own needs, and immediately.
Marks (out of 10): ________
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Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,
using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and
five words, including the word given. The first one is done for you.
0 More people have mobile phone contracts than ever before.
Mobile phone contracts have become more popular than ever.
Over 200,000 people have downloaded the video we made.
The video we made ____________________ over 200,000 times!
The company doesn’t have a good online presence. If it did, it wouldn’t be struggling to
keep up with competitors.
The company wouldn’t be struggling to keep up with competitors ____________________
a better online presence.
When the economy crashed, the company didn’t do as well as before.
The company ____________________ well until the economy crashed.
I found the drill for a cheaper price online.
I ____________________ the drill for a cheaper price online.
What plans do you have for a year from now?
What do you think you ____________________ at this time next year?
Dan needed an operation to improve the movement in his wrist.
Dan ____________________ an operation to improve the movement in his wrist.
As a child, I used to enjoy sitting and listening to my grandmother tell stories.
As a child, I ____________________ my grandmother told me stories. I enjoyed it.
The fire alarm went off in the middle of a meeting with my boss.
I was ____________________ the fire alarm went off.
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What on earth did you do to get covered in mud?
What on earth ____________________ doing? You’re covered in mud!
I might go out for a run this evening. Come with me, won’t you?
If I go out for a run this evening, ____________________ with me?
Marks (out of 10): ________
You are going to read an article about creating a logo. Ten sentences have been
removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A–L the one which fits each gap.
There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. The first one is done for you.
What’s in a logo?
Logos are all around us and in many cases, instantly recognizable, representing the products we love,
from burgers to perfume to cars. (0) E However, the companies whose brands are promoted via
their logo, do think about them. A lot. (41) _____ Creating a symbol which people will recognize as
yours is incredibly important. One that looks cheap will suggest that the company’s products are too,
negatively affecting its reputation. (42) _____ It therefore makes sense for companies to spend time
(and money) on getting it right.
So, what makes a good logo and why do some logos stand out from the crowd? While a logo is not a
brand itself, it is an important part of it because it’s probably the first thing customers see. (43) _____
It should also encourage them to form an attachment with it, ensuring they become loyal.
This sounds like a lot for a logo to do, but it’s only part of the story. (44) _____ It should also be
instantly recognizable and clear, say experts, as it will appear on printed promotional materials,
business cards, emails, websites, uniforms and anywhere else a company might want to show it off.
Research indicates that colour has a significant influence on customers, particularly red. (45) _____ In
addition, it provokes feelings that make customers feel it is urgent that they buy the product.
(46) _____ Less common colours include yellow, orange, green and purple, which (in order) stand for
optimism and youthfulness, confidence and cheerfulness, health and wealth, and creativity. It is
important, therefore, to select a colour which sends the right message to customers.
Besides choosing the right colour, a good designer will work to understand what the company’s
strategy is. (47) _____ A strong visual design makes a statement. It gets into the minds of customers,
and encourages them to take action (i.e. buy a company’s products and services!). Designers also
recognize that it’s important to be distinct from the competition. (48) _____ Doing something else will
immediately draw attention to a brand. Another key element is simplicity. This doesn’t mean that the
logo can’t have some detail in it, but that only the minimum is required. (49) _____ And a design
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which works just as well whether it’s printed small on a letterhead or viewed larger on the products
itself is also something designers strive for. Finally, a logo which doesn’t date and look old-fashioned
quickly is helpful. (50) _____ Furthermore, classic, traditional designs which stand the test of time
tend to convey strong values, expert knowledge and experience.
A Commonly used in logos, it is often used by restaurants and food companies to stimulate
appetite (think of McDonalds).
B And they’re prepared to spend plenty on having them designed, too.
C It needs to create an emotional response in them, while communicating meaning.
D Once they’ve done this, they will then aim to create a logo which reflects it.
E Most of the time we don’t even think about them.
F It is, however, a good starting point to put effort into creating a logo that is memorable,
simple and striking.
G A single word or combination of words works just fine (think of the FedEx logo), without any
further elements that could confuse the design.
H One that is good quality and eye-catching will do the opposite.
This is certainly a good example of how to get it wrong.
J In contrast, blue creates a sense of trust and calm and for this reason it is widely used for
business logos.
K Many companies in the same industry have similar kinds of logos.
L This means it won’t need to be re-designed in a few years at a large cost.
Marks (out of 10): ________
Listen to an expert called Caroline Hearney talking about the best places in the world to
live. Complete the sentences with a word or short phrase. The first one is done for you.
The best places in the world to live
0 Caroline says that our social environment includes politics, law enforcement and
crime rates .
Caroline uses the word ‘__________’ to describe an economy that is doing well.
Caroline says the __________ to express ourselves is part of a country’s socio-cultural
Caroline believes that having sufficient medical __________ is extremely important for
Caroline believes __________ to be essential for getting ahead in life.
Caroline admits that __________ systems could be made better in many countries.
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Caroline says that the consumer item most people would like to have is a __________ .
Caroline says that housing is much more important than __________ for people.
Caroline says that natural disasters and __________ can make life uncomfortable for
Caroline enjoys having the chance to go to __________ in her recreation time.
Caroline has read research which concludes that the capital of __________ is the best
place to live.
Marks (out of 10): ________
Work in pairs.
Step 1
Your local sports centre wants to offer some new activities for customers. Look at the
ideas and decide which two activities would attract the most customers to the sports
centre. Discuss your ideas together.
yoga and
personal training
sessions with a
fitness instructor
Which of these
activities would attract
the most customers to
the sports centre?
indoor skiing and
scuba diving
lessons in the
Step 2
Now discuss the following questions.
Which of the activities would you prefer and why?
Do you think it’s important for people to try activities they’ve never done before? Why?
Why do you think some people enjoy doing extreme sports and other people avoid them?
Marks (out of 10): ________
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In class you have been talking about first impressions. Now your teacher has asked you
to write an essay.
Write an essay using all of the notes and give reasons for your point of view.
Write 140–190 words.
You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them.
Write about:
1 clothes
2 facial expressions
(your own idea)
Marks (out of 10): ________
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