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weekly challenge response - Martin Campos

Spend some time this week exploring aspects of mindfulness
1. What mindfulness activity I did this week:
For my mindfulness activity this week, I read. Attempting to improve my focus is
something I have been working on in unison to my goal of exercising more. To help with
this, I decided to begin reading weekly with a daily goal of 20 minutes.
2. How often I did this activity
So far, I have been able to surpass that goal easily each day reading somewhere
between 40 to 60 minutes. I would like to start meeting pages or chapter goals now that
I feel more comfortable with time commitments.
3. How does this mindfulness activity impact my physical, emotional,
and spiritual wellness?
Mentally and spiritually this mindfulness activity helps with relaxing and creating focus in
my mind. Practiced in unison with my guided meditation practices, this has really helped
me wind-down in the evening or during a busy week. I wish meeting my exercise goal
would come easily!
4. What new insights have I gained?
Other than a sense of relief, I can imagine this might be resulting in physical health
benefits as well.
5. Additional thoughts, reflections, and comments
While this has not immediately helped with my focus towards my exercise goal, it has
created a sense of balance for my days and weeks. It has also reminded me of my love
for reading prior to being consumed with the pressures and stresses of adulthood that
we all must meet in today’s world.