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Plagiarism is the act of using or presenting someone else

Plagiarism is the act of using or presenting someone else’s work as one’s own without giving due
credit to the original source. It is widely considered unethical and academically dishonest, and
can have serious consequences in various settings - one such being a business career.Plagiarizing
in the business world can negatively impact a person's career trajectory, especially if they are
found out by colleagues or superiors. In the business world, effective communication and
creativity play crucial roles in building a successful career. However, plagiarism undermines
these principles by suggesting that the individual is not capable of producing original work and
instead relies on the innovation of others.
Furthermore, plagiarism can damage one’s professional reputation and credibility. This, in turn,
can have long-lasting effects on one’s career progression and opportunities for advancement. An
example of how plagiarism can affect one’s career in the business world is the case of Jayson
Blair, a former journalist for The New York Times, who resigned in 2003 due to multiple
instances of plagiarism and the fabrication of stories. Blair’s unethical behavior not only led to
the loss of his job but also severely damaged his professional reputation, making it challenging
for him to find work.