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Memories with time .
"When all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone ,the things that matter are faith, family" by-Barbar Bush it was during the evening when the young brother Lucas was rummaging through an old box of clothes as their mom in the kitchen preparing dinner.Bro move out of the way because you blocking the TV and move that crammy box too .it looks so ancient.What are you doing anyway?Asked Steve .In Lucas's reply to Steve, he said stop acting like watching TV is the most important thing because this is not some random box I found. it's one of Dad's boxes remember? I'm looking through some of Dad's clothes because I need a tie for my interview on Friday. Steve answered yeah I remember so no need for the attitude.
Bang bang sound was heard on the door an d as Lucas rushed to open ,mum asked who's that? On opening, Rora was standing right outside. With pleasure am here to remind you all that I was vested this house by your late dad and she casted the documents of proof angrily to Lucas's face . It's our step mum , Steve said in a shock .There mother quickly came out of the kitchen, on her surprise it was her late husband's mistress.Rora added making it first to match out would be great. Mum were will we stay then? At your late grandmother's desolate house,mom replied Lucas .After mom and his two sons packing up,they all felt pain as they left behind a house that was filled with memories of happiness, togetherness behind but nothing could be done.
Tough evening it was but thankfully we're done cleaning up this house,mum said .I found dad's tie Lucas added .As she was shading tears ,Lucas said mum don't worry am going to be a lawyer just like dad and I will restore your house with dad because I know how much you miss it . Steve added just because I don't talk about dad doesn't mean I don't understand how you guys feel about leaving that house. There mom hugged them both and said atleast we have each other and if your dad were here right now,he would be proud of you boys ,and "When all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone , the things that matter are faith,family"